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1. Find a location

With 3 locations and a Food truck, we are here to serve YOU in Orange County!

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2. Build your tacos

Make your perfect tacos with the help of our friendly taqueros. You will have industry leaders with over 30 years of experience helping YOU make your perfect taco.

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3. Enjoy your tacos and Smile

Finish with our legendary Hoysioso® salsas and a refreshing Agua Fresca!

People love TAQUERIA HOY!

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“The service was very warm and friendly. As a bonus, you can get your food pretty quickly, as they assemble it very quickly. A variety of meats from carne asada to lengua to buche is available. We split a wet burrito with cheese and it was stuffed with cabeza (so tender), beans, rice, and onions/cilantro. There's a red and green salsa available - I'll definitely be back!”

Shanelle S.

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Great place, greater service but even better absolutely the best tacos! I'm an UBER driver I know when a good taco test like! I eat in many places but this is one of the fewtrust me!”

Luis Antonio L.

“DELICIOUS! And amazing customer service from the overnight crew. I think there's a location closer to where I live but honestly they made both I and the customers in front of me feel welcome. I was Postmating and I happened to pick up a delivery from here. 10/10 customer service, 10/10 food quality.”

Erin P.

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Our process was designed with you in mind.


Simple Ordering

Our process is quick and easy thanks to our taco experts with over 30+ years of experience and thousands of tacos served. We are there to serve YOU at every step.

Simple Menu

It’s easy, tacos and burritos! We want to give you quality over quantity with hand made tacos and fresh ingredients made by experts. Smile with every bite.

Simple Guarantee

With locations always open, no matter what time of day, we will always be there for you 24/7 WITH A SMILE

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Sours: https://www.taqueriahoy.com/

Taqueria de Anda is a family-owned chain of six quick service restaurants in north and central Orange County. The Fullerton location can be found at the corner of Valencia Drive and Highland Avenue. In many areas outside the southwestern United States, people often think oftacos as having a crunchy, deep-fried shell and filled with seasoned ground beef, iceberg lettuce and shredded yellow cheese. Genuine tacos are actually small, soft, hand-sized tortillas filled with meats like carne asada (chopped steak), al pastor (spit-roasted pork) or pollo (chicken), and garnished with lime, cilantro, onions, salsa and Cotija cheese – these are the kind of tacos you’ll find at Taqueria de Anda. You can tell that a taco stand hasn’t been overly Americanized when they offer taco fillings like lengua (beef tongue), cabeza (beef head) and buche (pork stomach). Being curious, I had to try all three (as mentioned earlier, the tacos are rather small). The buche had a slight organ flavor that I did not find off-putting. The lengua and cabeza were both very beefy and flavorful; I would definitely order them again. My family members were quite happy with their carne asada and al pastor tacos and burritos. The service was efficient if not overly chatty (English is a second language for many of those working here). The dining room, though tidy, seemed a bit dingy; it may have had something to do with the lighting. Whatever the reason, it wouldn’t stop us from returning as the tacos are definitely worth the visit.More

Sours: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-gdReviews-Taqueria_de_Anda-Fullerton_California.html
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Include rice, beans, salsa, onions and cilantro. Make it wet and add cheese for an additional charge.

Carne Asada Burrito

Choose a salsa: red salsa (hot), green salsa (mild). Choose a style: plain, cilantro, onions and cilantro, onions.

Choose a style: plain, cilantro, onions and cilantro, onions. Choose a salsa: red salsa (hot), green salsa (mild).

Include rice, beans, salsa, onions and cilantro. Add cheese for an additional charge.
Choose a style: plain, cilantro, onions and cilantro, onions. Choose a salsa: red salsa (hot), green salsa (mild).

Choose a salsa: red salsa (hot), green salsa (mild). Choose a style: plain, cilantro, onions and cilantro, onions.

Plain cheese and flour tortilla.

Includes tortilla chips, beans, onion, cilantro, cheese and salsa. Choose a style: plain, cilantro, onions and cilantro, onions. Choose a salsa: red salsa (hot), green salsa (mild).

Choice of flavor. Chosoe a size: medium + $, large + $ Choose a flavor: horchata, Jamaica, tamarindo, pineapple cooler.

Choice of flavor. Chosoe a size: medium + $, large + $ Choose a flavor: Pepsi, Sierra Mist, orange crush, Diet Pepsi, dr pepper.

Sours: http://places.singleplatform.com/taqueria-de-anda/menu

After 4 decades, the family behind Taqueria De Anda aims to keep it simple

Consider the Mexican street taco, superior in its simplicity.

“Our concept is very basic and simple,” said Jaime De Anda, partner at popular Orange County taco chain Taqueria De Anda. “Onion, cilantro and salsa.”

The distinct characteristics of Taqueria De Anda’s authentic Mexican tacos make them a favored meal that can be found across Orange County at any of its 12 locations.

But Taqueria De Anda’s style of street taco wasn’t always so plentiful.

When Jaime’s father, Rafael “Don Rafa” De Anda migrated to Fullerton in the s, he learned the traditional flavors he used at his taco cart back in Jalisco were not as easy to come by in Orange County. So Rafael and his wife, Guadalupe “Doña Lupe” De Anda, decided to bring their tacos to the Fullerton community.

Rafael “Don Rafa” De Anda and his wife Guadalupe “Dona Lupe.”

(Courtesy of Gary Apodaca)

Jaime said his parents always knew they wanted to open a business.

“So the first idea was to save up a little bit of money and buy a lunch truck,” he said.

By , the family had a truck parked near the corner of Valencia Drive and Highland Avenue in Fullerton that served a simple menu of tacos and agua frescas.

“Our original menu was carne asada, al pastor, cabeza, lengua and sesos,” said Jaime.

Doña Lupe would spend weekends preparing meat and making her signature salsa with tomatillos at home, while Don Rafa would work the truck.

“During the week he had his regular job, and on the weekends, he worked the truck,” said Jaime.

But soon the demand for tacos led Don Rafa to quit his day job at a cement factory to pursue the restaurant business full time. After less than a year, the family bought a brick-and-mortar location near where they parked their truck. It was a small square-foot space with just enough room for four tables.

The family moved the truck to a new location on 4th Street in Santa Ana where a following grew. A small store in La Habra followed.

“The growth came little by little,” Jaime recalls. “If we find a good location, then we jump on it.”

Today, Taqueria De Anda’s sleek corporate office stands where the original location once stood, overlooking its flagship Fullerton location across the street.

Jamie and siblings, Marcella, George, Lourdes and Juan are all partners in the business, and they are committed to continuing their traditions alongside their parents.

Though Jamie admitted it isn’t always easy. “We are constantly trying to evolve but also maintain the same quality,” he said. “We want to make it better, but we also don’t want to make it too different.”

Taqueria De Anda’s menu offers a variety of tacos, burritos, rice and beans created with a traditional lineup of meat options like al pastor, carnitas, carne asada, buche, pollo and lengua. All tacos are topped with the same three simple ingredients — cilantro, onion and salsa.

Al pastor nachos at Taqueria De Anda.

(Kevin Chang / Staff Photographer)

The restaurants still use the same recipes Doña Lupe used, and the recipe for her signature salsa remains a closely guarded secret. (Only immediate De Anda family members are allowed to craft the salsa at the restaurant chain’s headquarters.)

Instead, Taqueria De Anda has found other ways to evolve.

The locations in Lake Forest and Mission Viejo for example, are considered Taqueria De Anda Grills. The Grill restaurants have more menu options, such as high-quality angus beef, chorizo, bacon breakfast burritos and shrimp tacos. They also serve beer.

Jamie said the work ethic his parents demonstrated inspired him to work just as hard.

“Working alongside my dad in the restaurant, I used to admire the way he would talk to the customers, with such respect,” Jaime said. “The business is what would pay our rent and pay our bills, so we owe everything to the business. We owe it all to our customers.”

Jaime De Anda stands at the entrance to the original Taqueria De Anda in Fullerton. The restaurant evolved from a taco stand started by his immigrant parents in this same parking lot. The chain has since grown to 12 locations throughout Orange County. A 13th location is planned to be opened in Huntington Beach.

(Kevin Chang / Staff Photographer)

It is the customers and their love of Taqueria De Anda tacos that has kept the tradition going for the last 40 years, an anniversary Jaime said will not go uncelebrated.

“We wanted to do something last year, but we couldn’t because of COVID, and this year we are still limited in what we can do but we might wait another year,” Jaime said. “Definitely next year.”

More immediately, fans can look forward to Taqueria De Anda’s 13th location, set to open in Huntington Beach in October with a menu of the same simply delicious tacos.

To find your nearest Taqueria De Anda, visit taqueriadeanda.com.

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Sours: https://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/entertainment/story//tn-wknd-me-taqueria-de-anda

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