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Top 5 Best Walmart Mattresses

Selecting The Best Walmart Mattress

As you probably already know after already visiting the huge retail giant, Walmart offers a ton of different products meant to be priced affordably. Among their huge product catalog are bed in a box mattresses, and we’ve tested a good number of them to discover which ones we liked the most.

Like the other products stocked on Walmart’s shelves, these beds are priced affordably and shouldn’t put a big hole in your pocket.

We’ve tested and reviewed over 175 different beds including each Walmart mattress mentioned on this list. We don’t mean to brag, but we are very knowledgeable about beds and what different varieties have to offer. As such, we are able to make these recommendations to the folks who come to our site and (hopefully) connect you with your perfect mattress match.

Compare the Best Walmart Mattresses

Allswell The Luxe

Allswell The Luxe

Allswell Luxe is a comfortable soft foam mattress with coils for added support.

People looking for a budget mattress

If you just want a comfy bed

Sleep Positions

Back, Side and Stomach

allswell mattress review the luxe hybrid

We call Allswell Luxe a “Medium” on our soft/firm scale. That means that it’s no extra soft nor firm, but rather somewhere in between. It should be good for all sleeping positions and especially good for people that rotate sleeping positions at night.

If you take the firmness rating together with Allswell Luxe’s soft foam feel, you get a bed that’s highly comfortable and accommodating. We should mention that while it’s a nice option for various sleep styles, it’s not your best option if you’re a strict back or stomach sleeper that needs an ultra firm mattress. Remember, it’s in the middle in terms of firmness.

Why Allswell Luxe made the list — To be quite frank, this is a really nice mattress. We were surprised to see that it retails at Walmart, and at such an affordable price point. This is a 12″ mattress with pocketed coils, poly foam, gel swirl memory foam, and a quilted cover. It has all the trappings of a $1,500 mattress, even though it’s around $650 for the queen size. You can check for the current price.

Allswell Luxe Mattress Review

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Kelburn II

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Kelburn II

Sealy Posturepedic is a memory foam hybrid mattress that measures 13″ thick. It has a soft and fluffy feel.

Consumers seeking a hybrid mattress from a big name brand

If you like a soft, fluffy memory foam feel

Sleep Positions

Back, Side and Stomach

sealy posturepedic mattress review performance hybrid

Design — You’ll notice that the bed we have, pictured above, looks a bit different from the one on Walmart’s website. It’s primarily the same mattress, according to its construction, but different retailers will have beds with different aesthetics. In any case, a look inside this mattress reveals that it has pocketed coils for support, gel memory foam, and a plush pillow top.

Overall, you’ll notice that the Posturepedic Performance mattress has a soft, sink-in feel. It’s incredibly comfortable and best for side sleepers that need a lot of pressure relief. You do sink in, especially with the pillow top, but you also get the support from the underlying coils.

Why you should consider Sealy Posturepedic — Sealy is one of the largest bedding brands out there. They make boxed mattresses, traditional retail store mattresses, and everything in between. At Walmart they have a number of different models from which you can choose, but the Response Performance is the one we like the most. This is a 14″ mattress with a plush pillow top and coils for support.

Sealy Full Posturepedic Review

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid

If budget is your primary concern, the Linenspa 8″ Memory Foam Hybrid mattress is a fine choice, particularly if you like a firmer innerspring feel.

If you need a cheap bed

People that like shopping on Amazon

Sleep Positions

Back, Side and Stomach

linenspa mattress review gel memory foam hybrid

We think the overall look of the mattress is a little funny, but it does have plenty of the materials you’d see in a more expensive mattress. For starters, it has 8″ coils, 2″ of gel memory foam, and a pillow top.

That said, there’s nothing overly special. It doesn’t have an organic cotton cover nor does it have any cooling properties. It’s just a plain and simple memory foam hybrid.

We’ve noticed that this particular bed is in short supply on, but we do prefer it much more than the 8″ model.

Discussing firmness with a memory foam bed is a little difficult because memory foam tends to be softer in a warm room/climate and firmer in a cold room/climate. With that in mind, we’d consider this to be closer a “medium” so it can accommodate all sleeping styles.

Why you might like this bed — If you’re a fan of memory foam, you will have that in spades with the Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid. It has a deep, sink-in feeling that you’ll immediately recognize is memory foam. But it’s not just about the comfort layers, the bed also has coils for support.

See Linenspa Mattress Review



The Allswell is hybrid mattress that sells for a surprisingly low price and still comes with free shipping and returns.

Budget shoppers

If you want an innerspring mattress

Sleep Positions

Back, Side and Stomach

allswell mattress review hybrid bed for heavy people walmart

Allswell Mattress starts with 6″ pocketed coils (aka innersprings) similar to what you’ll see on Allswell Luxe, Sealy Posturepedic, and Linenspa’s Memory Foam Hybrid. These coils add bounce and make the bed more durable than it otherwise would be. It also has a layer of memory foam that acts as the main comfort layer for the bed.

We would be doing you a disservice if we did not mention the price of this bed—it’s that great of a value. Last we checked on, The Allswell is around $300 for the queen bed. We may have other beds on this list that are cheaper, but you’ll notice a considerable drop off in quality from The Allswell and those beds. For the money, this is probably the best option.

We rate this bed as somewhere between a “medium” and “medium-firm” so it is on the firmer end of the spectrum. As such, you’ll notice that back and stomach sleepers will be most comfortable on The Allswell.

Why is this a great Walmart mattress in a box — If you don’t get Allswell Luxe, for whatever reason, you should next turn your attention to The Allswell mattress. This is an incredibly affordable mattress that’s way nicer than the price tag would suggest.

See Full Allswell Reviews

Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam

Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam

If you need a cheap mattress, Lucid Gel Memory Foam is worth exploring further. It comes in multiple firmness options and is more affordable than most beds you’ll find online and in-store.

People that need a cheap bed

If you like memory foam

Sleep Positions

Back, Side and Stomach

lucid 10" gel memory foam mattress review

Lucid is a popular Walmart mattress that usually sells for around $250 on their website. for the queen size. It’s hard to beat a sub-$300 price point for a queen size mattress. That said, for around $50 more you can get The Allswell mattress, which objectively is a nicer bed.

One interesting feature about this bed is that it’s available in a Plush, Medium, and Firm. Most budget-tier beds come in just one firmness option, but with this particular model you can choose the firmness level that best fits your dominant sleeping style.

Unsurprisingly, the Lucid 10″ has a memory foam feel. It might be a little more expensive than the Zinus mattresses, but we do like that you get less of a “stuck” feeling with Lucid.

Why we chose Lucid — If you’re working with a very limited budget, the Lucid 10″ memory foam mattress is definitely worth considering. It’s available in three different firmness options so you can accommodate your sleeper type, and it’s comfortable if you like the feel of memory foam.

See Full Lucid Bed Review

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How We Selected The Best Walmart Mattress

Picking the best Walmart mattress in a box was not as simple as just taking the five most popular beds from and calling it a day. We’ve tested and reviewed over 175 different mattresses, including several that sell through Walmart.

We took our broader list and made selections based on what consumers are searching for. As an example, we have noticed that consumers are looking for innerspring beds at Walmart, so we made sure to include several of those. Same things goes for twin mattresses and larger sizes such as a full, queen, and king.

Buying A Mattress At Walmart

In contrast to shopping directly with a mattress brand, Walmart is a little funky. Most of the time, they offer free delivery and a 100-night test period. A lot of times mattresses on come with 2-day free shipping. They also have something called “Hassle-Free Returns,” meaning they will send someone to pick up the mattress in many cases.

Having said all of that, the shipping and return policies do change depending on who’s actually selling the mattress. If you see “Sold & Shipped by Walmart” then you’re most likely getting free returns. If you see another name such as “DropAir” the shipping/return policies might be different.

Additionally, all of the beds listed in this review come in major American mattress sizes. For instance, the most popular mattress size is a queen. We made sure all of these beds come in a queen. Same thing for the twin, full size, and king.

The Best Walmart Mattress In A Box

Allswell Luxe was chosen as editor’s choice best Walmart mattress in a box. One reason being that Allswell Home is actually owned by Walmart. If you look at the bottom ribbon of Walmart’s website, they usually list Allswell Home as a house brand.

Allswell Home, however, doesn’t just sell mattresses through Walmart. They actually have their own online retail store (, which is how most people get their bed in a box mattresses. So, when you search for a Walmart mattress in a box, Allswell is technically both sold by and owned by Walmart.

Second, Allswell Luxe is the best mattress in a box sold at Walmart, for all of the reasons we mentioned above. It’s just flat out a really nice bed in a box. Additionally, it’s available in a twin, full, queen, and king size.

Walmart Memory Foam Mattress

One of the most common types of bed in a box Walmart is a memory foam mattress. These beds typically have a viscose feel, meaning you slowly sink into the mattress. According to our recent survey (the same one we mentioned above), around 88% of people are “just fine with” or “love” memory foam.

Keep in mind that memory foam comes in different firmness levels, thicknesses, and densities, so not all memory foam mattresses will feel alike. If you were to go to Walmart and pick two random beds, chances are they would feel different even if they both included memory foam.

As an example, the Lucid 10″ has memory foam and so does the Sealy mattress, yet they feel nothing alike. Sealy has a feathery, fluffy feel, while Lucid has more of a traditional dense memory foam feel. As such, when you’re shopping for a memory foam mattress at Walmart, be mindful of the fact that they’re not homogenous in terms of feel and firmness.

Walmart Foam Mattress

Walmart sells numerous foam mattresses, though most of them are memory foam mattresses. One bed that you’ll see at certain retail Walmart stores is Tuft & Needle, which is one of our favorite soft foam beds. It has a neutral feel and is able to accommodate all sleep styles.

When searching for a foam mattress at Walmart you just need to pick which type of foam you prefer, whether that’s memory foam, latex foam, poly foam, etc.

Does Walmart offer free shipping?

In almost all cases with a mattress you will get free shipping through Walmart.

What is the best Walmart mattress brand?

That’s hard to say, but you will see brands such Sealy and Allswell sold on Those are among our favorites.

How much do Walmart mattresses cost?

They are typically highly affordable. For instance, the queen size Allswell mattress is under $600.

Walmart does allow you to make returns, but that’s not always the case. You should read up on the individual bed that you’re interested in.

How long will my Walmart Mattress last?

The durability of your Walmart mattress depends on the type of mattress you select, and your level of use once you begin using it. Generally speaking, cheaper mattresses don’t last as long as mattresses with higher price points. Budget mattresses tend to last around 4-5 years or so.

Will I get to test out my Walmart Mattress?

Yes! Most mattresses sold by the retailer come with a 100-night trial period.


Best Walmart Mattresses

How to Buy a Mattress from Walmart

Walmart works to make it easy to buy a new mattress on their website. With just a few clicks, you can browse their mattress selection, pick out your top choice, and make a purchase, all from the comfort of home.

Though the process is straightforward, it can still be helpful to know how it unfolds.

  1. Choose Your Mattress. If you’re going with one or our top picks, you can go right to that product page. If not, you can browse other mattresses and find useful shopping tips on the Walmart Mattresses & Accessories page.
  2. Choose Your Preferred Mattress Size. On any product page, you’ll see the available sizes. Once you select the size, it will show you the price as well as a preview of your shipping or pick-up options.
  3. Add the Mattress to Your Cart. If the price and delivery information look right, simply add the mattress to your cart. The cart icon in the upper right-hand corner will now display the number one, indicating that one item has been added.
  4. Shop for Any Needed Accessories. If you need a bed frame, bedding, pillows, bedroom furniture, or any other items, you can shop for those and put additional products in your cart.
  5. Checkout. Go to your cart and start the checkout process. Confirm that all the details of the products are correct. If you already have an account with Walmart, you can log into it at this stage. You can also create a new account or checkout as a guest. During checkout, you’ll select how you want to receive the mattress and provide payment information.
  6. Save Your Order Confirmation. Keep the order details, which should arrive by email. You may need this information if you have any issues with shipping or pickup or if you need to make a return or warranty claim.
  7. Setup and Try Your New Mattress. Once you have your mattress, get it set up in your bedroom and try it out. Keep track of the date so that you know when your 90-day return window ends.

What Types of Mattresses are Available at Walmart?

Walmart offers innerspring, hybrid, and foam mattresses. Their current selection does not include any all-latex mattresses or airbeds. A wide array of brands are offered, including well-known companies like Sealy, Casper, Lucid, Serta, and Beautyrest.

Knowing a bit more about the types of mattresses that are sold by Walmart can help you whittle down your options. Remember, though, that not all beds in a category are created equal and performance can vary for any individual mattress.


Definition: To be considered a hybrid, a mattress must have a support core that is coil-based along with a substantial comfort system. The coils are normally individually wrapped (pocketed) coils, and the comfort system can have one or more layers of latex, foam, micro-coils, or fibers.

Complementary Features: Because a hybrid utilizes both coils and other materials, it can generally capitalize on the benefits of each. As a result, most hybrids deliver a comforting blend of bounce, conforming, motion isolation, and temperature control.


Definition: The principal component in an innerspring is its coil-based support system. If there is any comfort layer, it is quite thin. When included, that comfort layer is most often made of a fabric like cotton or polyester.

Budget-Friendly: The primary benefit to innerspring mattresses is their wallet-friendly price. Although they may lack in pressure relief, one option is to purchase a low-cost mattress topper to put above the innerspring.


Definition: None of the layers in a foam mattress use coils. Instead, all of the layers are made with memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and/or fabrics like cotton, wool, and polyester. A high-density polyfoam is virtually always used for the support core with more conforming foams in the comfort system.

Dependable Pressure Relief: Few materials can conform to the body in the same way as foam, especially memory foam, and this enables these mattresses to stand out when it comes to pressure relief and promoting spinal alignment.


A mattress in a box is one that has been tightly compressed within plastic packaging for easier shipping. Once sealed in plastic, the bed is put in a cardboard box that can be sold on store shelves or delivered to your front door. Once the packaging is removed, the mattress expands to its full size.

Walmart mattress-in-a-box options include a number of their foam, hybrid, and innerspring models, which makes for more convenient and often quicker shipping. Compressing the mattress in a box does not damage the bed or harm its quality.

Tips for Buying a Mattress from Walmart

As with most retailers, Walmart has its own set of policies related to returns, warranties, shipping, and product pricing and availability. Knowing the lay of the land and what to look out for can make it more likely you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

Sleep Trial and Returns

A sleep trial is a chance to try out a mattress in your home for a fixed period of time with the option to return it for a refund. For most mattresses, Walmart offers a 90-day sleep trial, and if you decide during that time period that you don’t like the mattress, they will pick it up from your home.

Be aware that the sleep trial and return process is different if you purchase from Walmart than if you buy directly from the mattress manufacturer. The length of the return window may be different, and if you buy from Walmart, you’ll need to coordinate all return or other service issues with them rather than with the mattress company itself.


The warranty is issued by the mattress manufacturer and varies depending on the brand and model. In most cases, the Walmart site lists the length of the warranty in the product description. The warranty length is normally the exact same when buying directly or from Walmart.


In most cases, you will not have to pay for shipping. Depending on the model, Walmart offers three options for getting your mattress:

  • Mattress-in-a-Box Shipping: This involves sending a mattress, compressed inside a box, to your home. It tends to be the fastest option when available.
  • Freight Shipping: For mattresses that can’t be compressed, freight shipping means the mattress is brought to your home already at its full size. It typically takes up to a few weeks longer.
  • In-Store Pickup: You can pick up most mattresses at a nearby Walmart location, and the bed normally arrives quickly after an order is placed.

For any mattress, you can see a preview of the shipping options on the product page and can confirm them when you checkout and finalize your purchase.

Availability and Pricing

For some mattresses, the size options may be limited, especially for closeouts and other deals. The product page for any mattress provides the greatest detail about current availability.

Pricing at Walmart is very competitive, and you can search and sort options by price if you are working with a specific budget. Larger mattresses generally cost more, and you can see the different prices by size on a mattress product page.

What Else to Look for in a Mattress

If you’re about to kick off your mattress search and want to go about the process as efficiently as possible, then it helps to know the most critical factors that influence how likely you are to be satisfied with your purchase.

Because there is a lot of marketing hype in the mattress world, you can sharpen your focus by concentrating on these key considerations and deciding which among them are your top priorities.

  • Price: The best mattress for you has to fit within your budget. Walmart is known for low prices, and though that’s reflected in their selection, they also carry luxury beds. You can find queen mattresses from around $150 up to over $3,000.
  • Quality Materials: High-quality materials in a mattress improve its nightly performance and longevity. Some bargain-basement mattresses are made with weaker components and simply won’t last. Among the affordable Walmart mattresses, the in-house Allswell brand offers excellent quality for the price.
  • Firmness Level: Firmness is essential to overall comfort. It is rated from 1-10 with 10 being the firmest, and Medium Soft (4) to Firm (7) is the most popular range. Side sleepers typically need a softer bed compared to back and stomach sleepers.
  • Pressure Relief: Every sleeper has parts of the body that put more impact on the mattress surface. A mattress with good pressure relief can accommodate and cushion those areas to prevent pain and support spinal alignment. Foam, and in particular memory foam, is best known for pressure relief.
  • Motion Isolation: Motion isolation keeps movement on one part of the bed from being detected on another part of the bed, and it is most useful for people who share a mattress. Among mattress materials, memory foam tends to have the best motion isolation.
  • Edge Support: The weakest area of most mattresses is around the edge, and that can be problematic for those who like to sit or sleep close to the perimeter. Hybrid and innerspring beds usually offer better edge support than all-foam options.
  • Contouring: The ability to hug the body is known as contouring, and it can offer both comfort and spinal support. Too much contouring, though, can be problematic for sleepers who don’t want much of a feeling of sinking into the bed.
  • Temperature Regulation: Certain mattresses can cause heat to collect around the body and in the layers of the mattress itself. When that happens, it can cause a person to “sleep hot.” Memory foam has the reputation of sleeping warm while hybrids and innersprings usually have better temperature control.
  • Ease of Movement: If you frequently change sleeping positions or want a mattress that’s good for sex, ease of movement is an important characteristic. Responsiveness, also known as bounciness, best contributes to ease of movement, and it’s more easily found in hybrid and innerspring beds.
  • Mattress Type: A handy way to categorize mattresses is by their type, and if you are sure that one type  appeals to you the most, it can go a long way in trimming down your options and allowing you to focus only on a few specific brands or models.
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Walmart Mattress Reviews

Browse Walmart Customer Reviews

Arrived a day early

Arrived a day early! I purchased two of these mattresses and as soon as I took them out of the boxes and began unrolling, the mattresses started decompressing. I waited forty-eight hours like the instructions said before putting on any sheets but to be honest, the mattresses had grown to their full size within only a few hours. There was a strong smell the first two or three days but as the week went on, the smell subsided. Not anything overbearing or too powerful but it is a very noticeable smell, especially in the first couple days after removing the mattresses out of the box. I was a little cautious about purchasing mattresses online but I am amazed! They are comfortable and look great on my son's beds. Just the right size for young boys! I was a little cautious about purchasing mattresses online but I am amazed! They are comfortable and look great on my son's beds. Just the right size for young boys!

View More Reviews

This mattress is very messy

This mattress is very messy. It leaves lint balls on everything it touches. All the sheets used on this mattress is no longer smooth it is filled with lint balls that are stubbirn and not removed with lint brush. My son also wakes up with lint all over his head in his hair (picture). If you dont want to have to painstakingly go thru your hair picking out every singke white lint then this isnt the mattress for you. MAYBE MINE WAS A DEFECT?! If your sheet slips and your hair comes in contact, its over "lint head" lol. Mattress is good sleeping matress but MESSY!!!. MY BOYS SLEEP WILD SO WE WASH THEIR HAIR EVERYDAY AND PICKS THE LINT THATS ENTANGLED THERE. ** I have the option to send back but how do I flatten the mattress that inflates to a full size mattress? Now I'm stuck with this mattress and I didnt anticipate a problem so the big bulky original packaging is thrown away. Defect or hiw it comes..i dont know but Im stuck with it!

Please don't buy this mattress

Please don't buy this mattress. It STINKS like chemicals. The smell is unreal. The whole room we set it up in now carries the smell, even with the window open. I bought this for a bunk bed but I wouldn't sleep on this mattress myself, let alone have a child sleep on it. A few months back I purchased 2 spa sensations mattresses from Wal-Mart. They did not smell like this! It's only been 3 days but the smell has not even slightly subsided. I got a headache from the fumes just setting it up. Wish I would have done more research before I purchased this bed.

Purchased this mattress for my toddler

Purchased this mattress for my toddler who uses a twin bed. The mattress came in a very small compact box. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I opened it anyway and was pleasantly surprised. As others have mentioned Iran vacuumed packed new so be careful when opening. Once you get to a certain point in removing the plastic the mattress with “pop out” and inflate itself to its full 6” height. Laying on the mattress I found it to be very firm and comfortable (I like firm mattresses). For the money, this mattress cannot be beat

I have had great experience shopping with Walmart

I have had great experience shopping with Walmart. But now although I hate to say it - this bunk bed mattress is a nightmare. When I opened the box and packaging material, the mattress gives an awful solvent smell that was irritating to my eyes. The smell was so bad that I had to move it to the outside. After a week in well ventilated walkway outside my garage, the smell is finally reduced to a tolerable level but you can still smell the chemicals if you get close to it. This is completely unacceptable. I cannot imagine how one can allow this product to be sold with such an awful chemicals smell, given that this is for a bunk bed, to be used by children! I could not comment on the firmness or robustness of the mattress, but I am not risking my health and my children's health on this product.

Got here on time

Got here on time. Product came in perfect condition minus the smell. It’s been over a week and it’s still strong. Kind of smells like mold or chemicals. Other than that it fits perfectly in a twin size Ikea frames I bought for my daughter and son.

My boy loves this bed

My boy loves this bed the only thing is the smell from packaging I can't get the smell to go away and it is strong

The price made the decision for me

The price made the decision for me, so I was surprised the mattress was fairly comfortable. The only drawback is, when I opened it the mattress was curled up in the small box, so it popped open and threw me against the wall! that was very startling, but no injury. Be careful when unpacking!

The mattress smells really, really bad

The mattress smells really, really bad. And apparently, I'm not the only one who has had this experience. We've had it for about a week. I had to try and air it out in the garage for a couple days. Still stinks. The smell is not as intense as it used to be, but is still bad. Please don't buy it.

This mattress smells horrible

This mattress smells horrible like a chemical mildew after a week it's still bothering my asthma. I've tried air purifier,febreeze, Windows open. But my daughter said it's comfortable. Didn't raise much in 48 hrs. I wouldn't purchase again. Got the 8 inch slumber 1 for my youngest daughter no smell at ALL more comfortable.

mattress is crazy cumfy

mattress is crazy cumfy. when it came out of the box it was like magic lol how it came to life and it's very firm. With such a such an AMAZING price you can't go wrong I think it's a steal!! We shopped ALL OVER and this price was 40$ less and a great mattress.

Terrible chemical smell

Terrible chemical smell. Return it to the nearest walmart.

they came in a small box

they came in a small box all rolled up ad flatted out. after opening and taking the plastic wrap off it popped up and looked like a normal mattress at first I was worried when they got here jugging by the boxes but would buy again and recommend

Couldn't be happier

Couldn't be happier. This is a firm mattress which I prefer. I opened it carefully and it reached its full depth almost immediately. No odors. Sure beats an air mattress. Along with the folding metal box spring it is wonderful. Also purchased the metal frame which requires NO TOOLS. Bada bing bada boom, it's done. Delivery to your doorstep is wonderful! Very pleased.

So far we've purchased 6 of these beds

So far we've purchased 6 of these beds. 4 Full Beds for adults and 2 Twins Beds for kids. I was able to purchases 6 Beds (Mattress, Box Springs and Frames) under 1200. We also purchased 6 foam mattress toppers for a little more comfort. We love these mattresses!

Extremely comfortable

Extremely comfortable. I use this mattress on a daybed trundle. It's more comfortable than I could ever expect from a mattress only 6" thick.

Easy set up

Easy set up, no smell as others have stated.very nice firm mattress. Great for my back. And I'm in my 50's! Not a kid! Highly recommend

The mattress is shipped in a small bundle

The mattress is shipped in a small bundle, I love the compact shipping pack which makes my life easier to move it to the kid's bedroom. When I open it, I was amazed. The quality is very good, very firm and very comfortable. You can tell it is made from great material. It doesn't have the smell of the cheaply made mattress, so I put it on my kid's bed to let him to use it immediately. My son seems to like it a lot, no complaints at all. I personally believe this mattress is great value in terms of the price and the quality. I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review.

Glad I Made this purchase

Glad I Made this purchase....super comfy for a bunk bed...I recommend this product 100 stars

I got this mattress for my toddler

I got this mattress for my toddler. I checked it out and it was actually comfortable unlike many other inexpensive, spring mattresses I’ve tested. Very happy with this purchase.

I bought two of these

I bought two of these for my toddlers to move them from a toddler bed and crib into twin beds. I needed something quick and affordable. They were both of those things. They arrive vacuum packed in a narrow box. They have an off-gassing period of roughly a week to 10 days and the initial odor is very strong. I could still smell it after nearly two weeks, but it wasn’t nearly as bad after the first few days. These are fine for a small light weight child, my kids actually love them because they’re bouncy. But I’m only 130 pounds and when I laid down with my son, the mattress gives a lot, it creaks and the springs are super noticeable. Every time you move the springs creak and pop and shift. And it’s super uncomfortable as an adult. Maybe it’s because I haven’t slept on an inner spring bed in almost a decade, but it was terrible. Worse than I ever remember.

I purchased this mattress for a trundle bed

I purchased this mattress for a trundle bed I have. I choose this one after reading the reviews. I must admit it is a great mattress for the price! It arrived on time and in excellent condition. My only drawback would be not having the instructions taped and rolled into the plastic. haha Not a bad thing but you have to unroll the mattress to get to the instructions.

Bought two mattresses

Bought two mattresses from here one hasn't risen to it's full position. And both of them have horrible mildew smells! If they still smell I'm taking them back!!! It's always something with walmart!!!!!

it would be perfect

it would be perfect if it did not have that weird super strong smell, right now I have it sitting in a room with windows open to see if it goes away, if not i would have to return it to walmart :(

It was nicely packed

It was nicely packed. Just be careful when you open it. It's vacuum sealed so when you open it pops up and folds itself out. Comfortable, nice mattress if you are on a budget. Nicely packed if you need to carry it through small spaces. Great quality for the price. Recommend!

A full grown adult buys a kid's mattress

A full grown adult buys a kid's mattress and gives a bad review that it wasn't comfy. LOL genius.

Great buy

Great buy. Great for bunk beds. My kids said they feel comfortable. Tested them myself and the mattress is firm. Skeptical at first since it comes in a box but works just fine.

I was pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived so soon. That's where the pleasantries ended. The mattress is really firm and I can feel the coils all night long. Will be returning.

Decent mattress

Decent mattress. For the price I have no complaints. Firm enough. If 0 is plush and 10 is extra firm, I would rate it a 9, very comfortable.

This mattress is well made

This mattress is well made. I absolutely would purchase this product again. I was very happy with the coil at the bottom and the soft padding on the top. You get bang for the buck, so to speak! The mattress came in a box and plastic. Be very careful when you cut the plastic because it pops out with force! I would recommend this product to a loved one, friend or stranger especially those who are on a budget. Wow... so happy with this purchase! Thank you Walmart and Slumber 1!

I ordered this bed

I ordered this bed for my kids bunk bed. Great mattress especially for the price. Nice and firm, can't feel the springs, feels comfortable and the kids like it. Gets the job done! Would recommend.

Just bought 3 of these mattresses

Just bought 3 of these mattresses for some new beds I bought. They are soft and comfortable, my daughter's (9, 9, and 11) said they are better than their old ones. I am very happy with these!

Pros: inexpensive and packaging

Pros: inexpensive and packaging. Cons: basic spring mattress. For the price, we got what we paid for. If I knew that our bunkbed would take an 8 inch mattress with some modifications, I would have gone for an 8 inch mattress. This 6 inch spring mattress is very basic. It reminds my husband and me of a dorm room mattress. We both can feel the springs. Our four year old son and two year old daughter don't mind it. It beats sleeping on the floor. I'd rather pay the extra forty dollars for a comfortable mattress. I weigh 110 pounds at 5 feet tall...or short...I can feel the springs just from sitting on it. I also suffer from low back pain and those dorm days were uncomfortable. So, no thank you for this 6 inch mattress.

I recently purchased this mattress

I recently purchased this mattress for my 5 yr old, and wow it is pretty comfortable! I waited 36 hours to use it after unpacking it (it recommends at least 24 hours) It reached the full height after only 8 hours but I wanted to make sure. Some reviewers mentioned a bad smell but this one had no odor. This bed it even comfortable for an adult (I'm 130 lbs) and I slept very comfortably.

I was afraid when I heard

I was afraid when I heard that this was rolled up in a box. I didn't want one of those mattress in a box things. Turns out this one is vacuum sucked flat and rolled into the box, once you break the seal the mattress pops out. Looks exactly like in pictur s

We bought 3 of these for our boys'

We bought 3 of these for our boys' twin bunk bed with trundle. We smelled the chemical smell that many of the reviews talk about when the mattresses were inflating, but the smell was FAR more subtle than others made it seem. It only lasted a short time and was not that bad at all. The kids love their new beds. So we are very happy with our purchase!

I bought this for my daughters new day bed

I bought this for my daughters new day bed and a slip cover. I thought if it came in a box it wouldn't be that great, but it is wonderful. if you like next to firm mattress, i would recommend this. I have laid on it a few times and slept real well. Looking to buy another, but had sold out.

Shipping was fast

Shipping was fast, open box un wrap plastic off mattress and it aired itself up

sleep has been very good

sleep has been very good; but even after letting it sit 52 hrs before 1st use, it still has smell a week later.

Quality of the product

Quality of the product is great for my 4year old son and his first bunk bed. I ordered a 8inch for my daughter!

Very comfortable mattress

Very comfortable mattress. Bought for my toddler's racecar bed. Was shocked that it came on such a small box but it expanded nicely.

It ships in a tall box

It ships in a tall box and folds open. We bought it for our young boys. They LOVE it and it's sooooo comfortable:) A Must for a children's bunkbed:) Definitely have told my friends and family!!!

This mattress is very flimsy

This mattress is very flimsy and had a chemical smell that is still in the air after a week of letting it just sit in my guest room with windows open. I guess you get what you pay for things. I am buying a 4" mattress foam topper and a box spring and it should be fine then.

The reviews are true

The reviews are true! It stinks something awful. While the mattress is great for a child and seems comfortable it’s smells something awful! We’ve had it for several weeks now and it still smells. You can’t smell it as soon as you walk in the room. Next sunny day I’m letting it sit out side for the day.

I would give this 5 stars

I would give this 5 stars but the smell is horrible. We have aired them out in the room with the window open for over a week now and the smell is still there. I'm sure it will go away but man!! Very comfortable though.

I was a little afraid

I was a little afraid to buy this because of some of the other reviews, but I am very pleased with it. When it arrived it was in a very tall kind of rectangle box which was confusing since it was a mattress and when I opened it, it was rolled up so I took plastic off and it unrolled and inflated itself but all in all it’s a real legit mattress and my kids are happy with it. I laid on it myself and it is very comfortable for the price. I do recommend this mattress if you are looking for something for a bunk bed. It is perfect size. Shipping was fast I ordered it on a Sunday and received it by Thursday.

Excellent quality for the price

Excellent quality for the price and size!!!! Came in a slim box, in a vacuum sealed bag so no dirt or debris was on the mattress. It immediately rose to size, and was slept on that night!

It has a funny smell

It has a funny smell i hasn’t been out for 24 hrs yet so we’re still waiting hopefully the smell goes away bt it looks nice hopefully it’s comfortable when my son sleeps on it

I bought three of these

I bought three of these for my kids bunk bed and twin bed and they came packaged tightly and was really cool to open with the kids seeing it form into a real mattress. It isn’t super comfortable for them and I tested it my self and it is! It’s perfect size and shape as well. Great mattress! I’m extremely happy I purchased these!

So comfy

So comfy! Mine arrived quickly (next business day). Good mattress & excellent deal. I got a mattress topper for extra comfort. I'm sleeping & feeling better now. Thanks again Walmart!

Barely lasted 3 years

Barely lasted 3 years. The top was worn to the point that the springs were jabbing me everywhere. You get what you pay for I guess.

This mattress is well worth the purchase

This mattress is well worth the purchase. It was larger and thicker than I thought it would be or as it appeared by the size of the box. But after opening it and giving it some time to inflate, It turned out to be a great mattress for my kids bunk beds.

The mattress came in a timely fashion

The mattress came in a timely fashion, There is a little factory warehouse smell but that is typical being that it had to be shipped but nothing overwhelming, the smell has gone away though, the mattress is nice for my girls bed.

The mattress came in a timely fashion

The mattress came in a timely fashion, There is a little factory warehouse smell but that is typical being that it had to be shipped but nothing overwhelming, the smell has gone away though, the mattress is nice for my girls bed.

This was perfect

This was perfect for my 3 and 5 year old daughters' bunkbeds. They say it is comfortable unlike when they had toddler beds, they never wanted to sleep in them due to discomfort of the mattresses.

Bought this for my son

Bought this for my son and it came with bed bugs. As soon as we seen them, we took outside of our home. That's freaking nasty. Can't get money back as we threw the package it came in away already. Very disappointed. Will never buy from Wal-Mart again.

Four our children

Four our children these mattresses are awesome. You can only use them one direction though. There is only padding on one side so no flipping the thing if it starts to get uneven. Other than that though all four kids love their bed.

I was skeptical at first

I was skeptical at first because it came rolled up in a box! But after opening it and letting it "inflate", this is a great mattress at a great price! Definitely worth the buy!!

Very, very pleased

Very, very pleased to install the 6" Bunk Bed Spring Mattress (twin). Needed mattresses for the bunk bed and checked prices at several other sources. These are very affordable and will work just fine for the weekend visits of grandchildren. Nice and firm. Delivered by Fed Ex in boxes and once they were unpacked, they took their shape and fit perfectly. So happy that I purchased them and strongly encourage others who need to replace bunk bed mattresses.

Bought them for bunkbeds

Bought them for bunkbeds. Can't feel the support bars threw the mattress. Very pleased

Very comfortable

Very comfortable and perfect. Did not experience any smell that was reported on some reviews. Love these mattresses

Great mattress

Great mattress for the price...don't freak out when it arrives in a little box. When you open it up it inflates like a life raft. Really weird but cool.

Nice and firm

Nice and firm. Came all rolled up and surprised me nicely. The manufacturing smell was over powering first. It goes away. Would get another one.

Great bed

Great bed...exactly what was described and delivered. There was no smell and yes we did not lay on it for 24 hours (I believe it states 72 hrs but all the springs and everything seemed fine as soon as it was opened) will order again if ever needed.

I actually like it

I actually like it. I had a thin soft mattress and needed something a little firmer. This bed definitely did the trick. Now I sleep like a baby lol

My children love the comfort

My children love the comfort of these mattresses and so do I. They were perfect for the twin over full bunk beds.

My girls had so much fun watching

My girls had so much fun watching it when we took it out of the box . Very comfortable even for my weight of 120lbs

Good enough for a toddler

Good enough for a toddler to sleep on for a little while. Definitely not a sturdy mattress.

they are so comfortable

they are so comfortable my babies love going to sleep in their own beds now.

Super comfy for the price

Super comfy for the price. I like firm mattresses so this is excellent for me.

Was a little worried

Was a little worried when it came in a small box, but once you let it rise this mattress is amazingly comfortable and firm! I bought it for my 4 year old son for his first big boy mattress and he loved it!! I even joined him for a nap one day! I’ll be buying two more for my other kids as well!!! You CAN NOT beat the PRICE!! There was a small smell when first opened but I used a fabric spray after 24 hrs and it was fine!!! Enjoy :) shipping was fast and straight to my front door, what is not to love about that!!!

I got 2 for bunk beds

I got 2 for bunk beds- fit perfectly! This was way neat to see unfold! You can hear the Springs uncoil. It went to original size quickly. My kids have said it’s very comfy. There was a smell to it but nothing awful. I just didn’t like how flimsy it was when you lift it up.

Great mattress

Great mattress! My kids love it and it fits perfectly onto the bottom full size bunk. Getting the package open was a little bit of a struggle but once I got it open the mattress just folded out into its form! Pretty comfy also :)


Excellent item better than description

Nice worth price

Nice worth price better than expected comfy expands instantly after taking out of box and wrap

Cheap, convenient, and surprisingly

Cheap, convenient, and surprisingly comfortable. Perfect kids beds, or college dorm beds.

Very nice beds

Very nice beds for the price and very comfortable. The price is well worth it.

Comfortable mattress

Comfortable mattress for the price!

Bought this for my kids

Bought this for my kids bunk bed they love it.

It's a nice bed my 4 yr old

It's a nice bed my 4 yr old loves her new bed and sleeps very well on it and the price was nice as well.

Purchased this

Purchased this for my five year old's junior loft bed. Fits perfect, comfy for him. No complaints.

I was super unsure

I was super unsure about these mattresses but they are fantastic!! All my kids love them from the teens to the tots!!

I purchased this

I purchased this for the top bunk bed. So far it seems like a great Mattress. I assume it may not last as long as a better quality mattress. However, it's perfect quality right now. Because it's on a bunk bed there are no box springs and it's sitting on wood planks. I plan to get a thin sheet of plywood to put underneath so that it will not sag through the planks over time.

It's amazing

It's amazing! Came in 32 hours, took it out of the box and it aired up into a thick, comfy mattress! I would pay more than I did for such a great mattress!

Just got the mattress today

Just got the mattress today. It STINKS!!! Not sure if we'll be returning it or what. Since it needs a couple days to fluff itself up, I might give it time to fumigate itself. Not sure if I want a kid sleeping on it and breathing it in.

I purchased 2 of these mattress

I purchased 2 of these mattress for bunk beds that I got for when my grandkids visit. I think they will work for many years on these beds. Good purchase at a great price.

Great buy for the price

Great buy for the price the mattress has just the right amount of firmness not too hard not too soft then I take long for it to rise

I bought this mattress

I bought this mattress for my sons first big boy bed. I was skeptical when it came rolled up in a box but so far it has been great. He loves it. I wouldn't use it for an every night bed for an adult, however it makes a great kids bed or possible guest bed.

It came pretty quickly

It came pretty quickly. And it was pretty comfortable. Used it as an extra bed for my niece and she loves it. Great bed, great price and good quality.

We are very happy

We are very happy with this item. It was bought for a day bed. Hopefully we are buying another one , as soon as it get available to Walmart.

Don’t buy this mattress!

I read reviews that said this mattress was good quality and very comfortable. Compared to the floor, it might be. Most importantly, the buyer can not tell how it will expand or ultimately be without unboxing it and letting it do its thing. Therefore, when, in our case, it doesn’t even measure out to be the measurements it said it would, and for a full size is then way too small, there is absolutely no way to return it it in its original packaging. That’s how they say it’s returnable. How else would you know? Also, speaking of the packaging, it’s a guarantee that the box will be absolutely destroyed by the time you finally get it open. One needs a bone cutter almost. Careful, you might cut yourself. The packaging almost seems as though it is the industrial freight box that should have been removed for individual sale. I thought I’d give it a try to see if we could keep it and after ten minutes my back was killing me. Just poor quality all the way around. So, the saying really holds true here. You get what you pay for. It’s nit worth the headache or the backache.

Love this bed...

Love this bed. Its amazing. Better then expected. heavier then I thought too. Lol have two people to move it


Absolutely love this mattress. It's very firm.

Very firm...

Very firm. I couldn't even make it through one night. To be fair I suffer from back pain

Very beautiful...

Very beautiful and comfortable!

This is the most comfortable mattress...

This is the most comfortable mattress I've had in years. I've had good nights sleep from night one.

Greeeeeeat mattress!!!

Greeeeeeat mattress!!! I will order my king size when I need to replace the one I currently have.

the mattress

the mattress is very comfy!!!

I ordered this mattress for my daughter

I ordered this mattress for my daughter, and she loves it (I do too)! It is very comfortable. I have back problems, and the one night I did sleep on it, I had no issues. It was quite comfortable; firm yet soft, but not too soft. I am going to be ordering this same mattress very soon for my husband and I.

Omg sooooooo soft

Omg sooooooo soft no more back problems

Great mattress

Great mattress, great value! Had for over a year now and its still perfect. The mattress is hot while sleeping so it definitely needs a mattress pad to help keep cool.

bought one for our teenage daughter a queen

bought one for our teenage daughter a queen and she loves it last year we loved it so much we had to get one the California king is the biggest bed we've had and it's great!well worth the price fully expanded and had no problems with either one would recommend to anyone


Comfortable and supportive. Great value.a

I love my bed...

I love my bed it decompressed quickly no smell either that other reviews talk about worth the money my new favorite mattress like sleeping on a ☁️


Backaches gone very comfortable

Comfortable asf

Comfortable asf, like sleeping on a frigging CLOUD!

Inflated to full size...

Inflated to full size within a few hours and had apsolute no oder.Very comfortable

This is my second mattress in a box

This is my second mattress in a box. The first one was a zinus interspring, and it only was good for a year. I took a gamble and ordered a memory foam, thinking springs were not the way to go with these bed in a box beds, and the foam would be better. The reviews on this matress are very good. I read them for days. I ordered one in January. I was happy to get it, the first bed in a box experiment failed, and I wanted a good nights sleep. I gave the bed in a box concept one more chance. It's a beautiful bed. It filled out nicely; the cover is pretty and feels good. Then you lay down. Now, I did read the occasional one star review, and there were people who said the same thing. Feels like hard compacted sand or dirt. I've never slept in a sand trap, but that what it sounds like when your body hits the bed. Sounds like a hard shot dropping in wet sand. I know temperature affects the gel, and I do suspect my drafty Michigan attic bungalow bedroom does said gel no favors, but this bed is hard as a rock. It's supposed to be plush. For a side sleeper, I wake up feeling like I got into a fight with myself, lol, someone boxed on my arms all night, or for the few hours at a time I can stand. Arms get numb, that asleep feeling. Horrible! Can't return these things without a huge hassle. Especially during Covid days. I am awaiting delivery of a serta, from a real store that sells real mattresses. My bed in a box experiment is over. I am still so perplexed as to how many people LOVE this bed. I don't understand.

This Mattress is perfect!

This Mattress is perfect! The only problem that I had, was that as soon as the plastic wrapper had a whole ( that i made) it inflated so fast that i barely had time to put it on the bed! My back pain is less frequent than before... The only thing that i would say is that I wish is that it didn't come wrapped in plastic but other than that it is PERFECT! No smells since the moment i opened (because of essential oils ) But if you are looking for a good and cheap mattress this is it... The Mattress is nice and firm, i don't even feel my husband move at night its so stable, it has a nice firmness to it but weirdly soft at the same time. I know weird but its true. I am very happy with this purchase. I will definitely refer this mattress to anyone who needs a new mattress. Also the delivery was super fast it got to my house 2 days before estimated delivery day.

Love this mattress

Love this mattress. Sleep like a baby. With back problems,it's everything Ineeded for a great night's sleep.

This mattress is great

This mattress is great. I bought it for my son, who has issues with sleeping. He now sleeps through the night

Contura iii mattress

I have had my mattress on my bed for 5 days and it is not even close to being the 12 inches it is suppise to be. I didn't sleep on it for 48 hours, have been sleeping on it ever since, even used an electric blanket aand it is not helping. I was excited aabout getting a new maattress but have been very disappointed in it.

I purchased this for my grandson...

I purchased this for my grandson, and he absolutely loves it! Great buy!!

Great mattress

Great mattress! Great price too!

Got this for my daughter's loft...

Got this for my daughter's loft bed and she loves it. Super comfortable and great quality. Would definitely buy again!

Great mattress...

Great mattress for kids room or guest bedroom! Recommend

Very soft and squishy

Very soft and squishy. Got this for an 11 year old and no complaints at all. Cutting open the plastic and watching it grow was awesome!! The springs were cracking and it was just so cool to watch. Very good buy. No smell or anything out of the ordinary

came a week earlier than said...

came a week earlier than said. easy to open up. came vacuum sealed so box was small. kids love them, I ordered to replace the 50 dollar bunk bed mattresses. these are 2 inches thicker and have the inner springs so more support.

Thought it would have even support...

Thought it would have even support from side to side, it has the most support in the middle which makes it feel like you'll roll off the edge WAY before you even get to the edge. It's fine for my toddler, but hopefully with time it levels out flat from side to side

This mattress was perfect...

This mattress was perfect for my granddaughter's bed


Fabulous! We bought this for our trundle bed in the kids room and it was so easy to unroll. We didn't have a smell like some reviews mentioned.

Great product!

Great product! very sturdy, awesome bang for your buck!!!!!!

I was so surprised...

I was so surprised how much work you had put in for unwrapping it wow but it was easy to put on the bed

Comfortable and soft...

Comfortable and soft. Fits the bed frame really well. Sleeping a lot better.

I didn't want to spend alot of money...

I didn't want to spend alot of money. This was perfect for my son's bunk bed.


Fleas start living in my bedroom

Perfect for a bunk bed for children...

Perfect for a bunk bed for children. Arrived on the day it was supposed to. Great Price.

This mattress...

This mattresse is very comfortable! So glad I ordered 2 of them!

Great for a kid...

Great for a kid. Would not recommend for an adult

I sleep like a baby...

I sleep like a baby every night!

Everything I expected...

Everything I expected and More (happy Dance )

i was impressed with this mattress...

i was impressed with this mattress, for the price its really good. its comfortable and it looks well made. i was surprised to see how it came, rolled up vacuum sealed in a plastic. the kids loved to open it and see it pop up to its original form.


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