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Need help with Stihl FS45 trimmer (weedeater)

Sorry to hear about this coppermouse. I have an FS46, and EVERY spring, regardless of winterizing method, I pull the lug and clean it, and the air filter too, but this is never enough to get it going. I ALWAYS have to give the inside of the carb a good douching with carb cleaner, pour the cleaner back out of the carb/plug hole, and and leave the plug out until things dry. Then, and only then, will it start and purr like a kitten. It's been this way since year one, and works every time. I'm sure it's not the "recommended" method, but I go with what works! :lol:

I've had great luck with this Stihl unit. I'll never again go cheap on a string trimmer.

I hope you're able to get yours up and running well.

FYI...I looked this up the other day, while trying to recall my oil mix ratio. There are a couple of carb mixture setting directions.



Stihl FS45 String Trimmer

The Stihl FS45 is a gas string trimmer. It is designed to handle standard trimming applications around the home. You can find this model for an average price of $150. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that this trimmer offers.

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One of the best features of the Stihl FS45 is its Easy2Start system. Thanks to dual-spring technology, you won’t have to waste time jerking and pulling on the cord. one simple, slow pull is all it takes to start the engine.


The trimmer isn’t equipped with an ultra-powerful engine. It has a 1.01 hp, 27.2 cc displacement engine. It isn’t a professional model by any means. As stated before, it is just for normal usage around the home.


The Stihl FS45 is a two-line trimmer that uses .080 diameter line. The bump head will automatically advanced a certain amount of line whenever you tap it on the ground. You will also like the fact that the head is easy to fill with line. You won’t even need tools to insert new string. You should be aware that the head doesn’t swivel around so you can use the tool as an edger though.



The Stihl FS45 is pretty lightweight, as it only weighs 11 pounds. The large handle is easy to hold and is also adjustable for maximum comfortable. One problem with this package is that it doesn’t come with a shoulder harness. So, you’ll need to buy a support strap separately if you want one.


This gas trimmer holds 11.2 ounces of fuel. The fuel tank is translucent. This means that you should be able to tell how much fuel is left.



The Stihl FS45 is fitted with a spark arrestor muffler. This helps reduce the amount of sparks produced. The muffler will also help reduce noise that the trimmer generates.

If you’re looking for a trimmer for normal use around your home, then the Stihl FS45 should be just right for you. It’s 1.01 hp, 27.2 cc displacement engine should provide all the power you need. The bump head will automatically advance a specific amount of string whenever you tap it on the ground.


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How do you change a fuel filter on a Stihl FS 45 Weedeater?

Stihl filters are available through Stihl authorized dealers and home improvement centers.
  1. Search for the sparkplug and plug wire on your Stihl gas trimmer.
  2. Twist the fuel cap counterclockwise and remove it from the fuel tank.
  3. Look inside the fuel tank for the fuel line laying in the bottom of the tank.

Click to see full answer.

Herein, how do you adjust a Stihl FS 45 carburetor?

How to Adjust the Carburetor on a Stihl Weed Eater

  1. Turn the high-speed screw, marked 'H' counterclockwise until it stops.
  2. Tighten the 'L' screw all the way, then turn it one turn counterclockwise to open it.
  3. Start up the engine and allow it to warm up. The cutting tool will rotate.
  4. Press the trigger of the machine to rev the engine.

Furthermore, how do you clean a fuel filter strimmer? How to Clean a String Trimmer Fuel Filter

  1. Place the gas can on a flat, stable surface and insert the funnel.
  2. Remove the gas cap from the string trimmer and turn the trimmer over slowly, draining the gas tank into the gas can via the funnel.
  3. Locate the rubber fuel line that enters the gas tank and remove it.

Furthermore, how do you clean a chainsaw fuel filter?

Brush the air filter gently with a soft brush or wash it in warm soapy water then dry it. Do not use compressed air to clean it – compressed air can blow holes in the filter, allowing dust and debris into your carburetor.

How do you change the line on a Stihl FS 55?

Loading new line in the Autocut trimmer head first involves accessing the spool inside the trimmer head.

  1. Place the Stihl FS 55 trimmer on a level surface.
  2. Hold the body of the trimmer head with one hand.
  3. Press down on the spool and rotate slightly to the left then pull it straight off the trimmer head.

FS45 Stihl Parts


Denso Spark Plug W22MP-U. Replaces NGK BPM7A, Autolite 2794 & Champion CJ7Y



Spark Plug DENSO W22MP-U SINGLE PLUGSpark Plug DENSO W22MP-U SINGLE PLUGStihl Choke Shutter


  • DENSO: W22MP-U
  • NGK: BPM7A



Stihl Collar NutStihl LeadStihl Collar NutStihl Lead



Stihl Lockout TriggerTorsion SpringStihl Lever choke Stihl Lockout TriggerTorsion Spring

Stihl Lockout Trigger Torsion Spring



Stihl OEM Carburetor C1Q-S58AStihl Original Air Filters (5 Pack)Stihl OEM Carburetor C1Q-S58AStihl Original Air Filters (5 Pack)

OEM Stihl Carburetor Use Primer Bulb PZ04 Use Carburetor Kit RB-89




Stihl Original Washer (ignition Module) (2 Pack)Stihl Pickup BodyStihl Original Washer (ignition Module) (2 Pack)Stihl Pickup Body





Stihl Tank VentStihl SupportStihl Tank Vent



Stihl Update on FlywheelTorsion SpringStihl Update on FlywheelTorsion Spring




Echo One Gallon MixFuel Filter OEM Zama ZF-5 1/4" Nipple IDEcho One Gallon MixFuel Filter OEM Zama ZF-5 1/4" Nipple ID

Echo one gallon mix. Put this in your Gas / Fuel Can and fill to one gallon to get a 50 to 1 Mix ratio.

 ZF-5 Zama Fuel Filter Used on Stihl 2 Cycle Equipment 1 5/8" Long 3/4" OD



Husqvarna 1 Oil Fuel MixKit Stihl BHusqvarna 1 Oil Fuel MixKit Stihl B


Kit Stihl B Includes

Stihl OEM Carburetor

Stihl OEM Air Filter

STihl OEM Fuel Filter

Stihl OEM Fuel Line

Densco Spark Plug




Poulan 1 Gallon Fuel MixRyobi 1 Gallon MixPoulan 1 Gallon Fuel MixRyobi 1 Gallon Mix


Ryobi one gallon mix. Put this in your Gas / Fuel Can and fill to one gallon to get a 50 to 1 Mix ratio.



Stihl Original Bearing Housing 4140Stihl Original Drive Shaft CableStihl Original Bearing Housing 4140Stihl Original Drive Shaft Cable

Stihl Original Bearing Housing 4140

Used on Curved Shaft Trimmers including but not limited to :

FS38 FS45 FS40 FS46 Models Call if your Model is not listed


Stihl Original Drive Shaft Cable FS38 FS45



Stihl Original Loop HandleStihl Pan Head Self Tapping Screw IS-P6x26.5 (each)Stihl Original Loop HandleStihl Pan Head Self Tapping Screw IS-P6x26.5 (each)

 This is a Direct Stihl Replacement Handle for Your FS38 FS45 FS45 FS40 FS56 KM55 KM56 FS70 . It is a better handle and better supported, and completely made and manufactured by STIHL

One (1) Stihl Pan Head Self Tapping Screw IS-P6x26.5



Stiihl Original Hose Clamp 4140Stihl Scrench T25Stiihl Original Hose Clamp 4140

Stihl Scrench

A Wrench on one Side a Torx T25 on the Other

Wrench Works on Bar Nuts and Spark Plugs

Stiihl Original Hose Clamp 4140 (Holds the Shield On)



Zama Carb Kit   RB-161Gatorline .080 Donut 206'Zama Carb Kit RB-161Gatorline .080 Donut 206'

Zama Carburetor Kit   RB-161

Oregon Best Trimmer Line, Mainly for Curved Shaft Trimmers 206 Feet of Double Layered Plastic Line Resist Breakage Because the outer Layer protects the inner layer from getting Brittle Professional Grade, Professionally Used Gatorline



Stihl OEM Felt Air FilterPickup BodyStihl OEM Felt Air Filter Pickup Body

Air Filter One Original Stihl Felt Air Filter



Stihl Original Screw IS-D5x20Stihl Original SpacerStihl Original Screw IS-D5x20Stihl Original Spacer



Stihl Spacer Flange 4140 121 1605Stihl Original Starter Cup 4140 195 0601Stihl Spacer Flange 4140 121 1605Stihl Original Starter Cup 4140 195 0601



ORIGINAL Stihl Complete Rewind Starter (Recoil)Stihl EZ Rewind StarterORIGINAL Stihl Complete Rewind Starter (Recoil)Stihl EZ Rewind Starter

Ths is a  OEM Original Stihl Complete Rewind Starter for many different Stihl Units including but not limited to:

FS38 FS45 FS46 FS55 MM55 FC55 HL55




Stihl Fuel Line Hose 4140Stihl GasketStihl Fuel Line Hose 4140Stihl Gasket

Stihl OEM Fuel Line Hose 4140



Stihl Gasket CarburetorStihl Ignition Module (Coil) 4140 400 1308Stihl Gasket CarburetorStihl Ignition Module (Coil) 4140 400 1308

Stihl OEM Ignition Module (Coil) used on but not limited to:

FS38 FS45 FS46 FS55 MM55 KM55 HL45 HS45



Stihl Muffler FS Trimmer USA AUS CDNStihl OEM Carburetor  C1Q-S186Stihl Muffler FS Trimmer USA AUS CDNStihl OEM Carburetor C1Q-S186

Stihl Complete Muffler USA AUS CDN

Used on :FS38 FS45 FS46

Stihl Original Zama Carburetor



Stihl OEM Fuel TankStihl OEM Throttle TriggerStihl OEM Fuel TankStihl OEM Throttle Trigger

Stihl OEM Throttle Trigger



Stihl Original Lockout LeverStihl OEM Stop Switch 4229 430 0203Stihl Original Lockout LeverStihl OEM Stop Switch 4229 430 0203

Stihl OEM Lockout Lever FC56 FC70 FS40 FS50 FS56 FS70 HT56 KM56 FS38 FS55 and many others



Stihl SupportThrottle CableStihl SupportThrottle Cable



Zama Primer BulbStihl Original  ShroudZama Primer BulbStihl Original Shroud

Shroud Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM), Stihl




OEM Stihl Original ClutchStihl Original Clutch Drum 4140OEM Stihl Original ClutchStihl Original Clutch Drum 4140

Original OEM Stihl Clutch



Complete OEM Stihl Engine Cylinder with PistonStihl 5-2 AutoCut Head TrimmerComplete OEM Stihl Engine Cylinder with PistonStihl 5-2 AutoCut Head Trimmer

Complete Stihl OEM Original Engine Cylinder with Piston 

Used on Trimmers FS38 FS45 FS46 FS55 Kombi Systems KM55 Tiller MM55

Complete Original Stihl 5-2 Trimmer /Mowing Head  TYPE D

Simply tap the AutoCut® head to feed the double nylon line. 

For Stihl Curved Shaft Trimmers including FS38 FS45 FS46 FS40 FS50



Stihl Curved Shaft DeflectorStihl Drive ShaftStihl Curved Shaft DeflectorStihl Drive Shaft

Stihl OEM Curved Shaft Trimmer Deflector


Original New Drive Shaft for Curved Shaft Trimmer (not the Straight Shaft)



Stihl Starter DriverStihl Original Drive TubeStihl Starter Driver



Stihl Engine Housing With Trigger & SpringStihl Gas Cap (Filler Cap)Stihl Engine Housing With Trigger & SpringStihl Gas Cap (Filler Cap)

Engine Housing

Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM), Stihl

Filler Cap

Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM), Stihl



Stihl OEM Filter Cover 4140Stihl Original Filter Housing 4140Stihl OEM Filter Cover 4140Stihl Original Filter Housing 4140

One Stihl Original Filter Cover 4140



Stihl Flywheel 4140 400 1200Complete Stihl Fuel TankStihl Flywheel 4140 400 1200Complete Stihl Fuel Tank

Stihl OEM Flywheel Stihl has a update on this Flywheel Click Here New Number is 4140 400 1202

Stihl Complete Fuel Tank Comes with: Cap, Fuel Line, Fuel Filter




Gas stihl trimmer fs45

Warning To Any Potential Stihl FS45 String Trimmer Buyers

mine's not more than a year old yet, but it runs and starts flawlessly. haven't taken it apart to see the carb, cause nothing seems amiss. maybe I'll do so now, but i have really been enjoying it. I know it's at the low end of their trimmer line, but it's still wayyy better than the crappy Weadeater brand ones I had been using.

I'm not actually sure when I bought it, but I'm pretty sure I posted about it here, let me see if I can find that thread.

edit: bought mine in early July of last year. So just one year of light duty work. my yard isn't that big. Still hopeful that yours is not the rule, and more the exception. Pursue warranty and report back.
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Stihl FS 45

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Now discussing:

The Stihl FS 40 Vs. the FS 45

By Evan Gillespie

The Stihl FS 40 and FS 45 are both consumer-grade string trimmers.

The Stihl FS 45 and FS 40 C-E are gasoline-powered string trimmers designed for use by home gardeners. The FS 45 versus the FS 40 C-E is a lightweight but capable trimmer positioned as a step-up from the low end of Stihl's trimmer product line. The FS 40 is a more fully featured trimmer, with power comparable to that of the FS 45 but with the addition of several engine-related enhancements.

Engine Size and Power

Both the FS 45 and FS 40 C-E are equipped with a 27.2-cc two-cycle engine. The FS 45, however, coaxes just a little bit more power from its engine, producing 1.01 horsepower as compared to the FS 40's .94 horsepower. These power ratings put both models in the middle of Stihl's consumer-grade gas-powered trimmer line; at the low end, the FS 38 delivers just .87 horsepower, while the FS 50 and FS 56 models feature a 1.1-horsepower engine.

Size and Weight

Despite its mid-range power the FS 45 is the lightest of Stihl's gas trimmers. At an even 9 pounds, it's almost a full pound lighter than the FS 40, which weighs in at 9.9 pounds. Even the low-end FS 38 weighs 9.3 pounds, and the FS 56 C-E is a relatively bulky 11.5 pounds. The FS 45 also boasts a bigger cutting radius than the FS 40; the FS 45 can cut a path 16.5 inches wide, while the FS 40's trimming width is 15 inches.

Starting System and Efficiency

While the FS 45 is equipped with a basic prime-and-pull recoil starting system, the FS 40 features Stihl's Easy2Start system, which the manufacturer claims reduces the effort required to pull the recoil cord and start the engine, and an advanced throttle lock and stop switch that simplify the engine's starting and stopping procedures. The FS 40's engine also incorporates Stihl's stratified charge technology, which increases fuel efficiency and decreases engine emissions.

Comfort Features

The FS 40 and FS 45 both feature an ergonomic loop handle and handle-mounted controls that put the engine stop switch, throttle trigger and throttle lockout lever within easy reach without requiring the operator to move his or her hand from the handle. The FS 40 is equipped with a shock absorbing, anti-vibration system that reduces the amount of engine vibration that is transmitted to the trimmer's handle during operation.


Writer Bio

Evan Gillespie grew up working in his family's hardware and home-improvement business and is an experienced gardener. He has been writing on home, garden and design topics since 1996. His work has appeared in the South Bend Tribune, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Arts Everywhere magazine and many other publications.


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