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How to fix Valorant error Are Valorant servers down?

Valorant players around the world are encountering the error 43 as the game is stuck at the login screen. In addition to this, the message ‘There was an error connecting to the platform’, and due to this, players are unable to enter the client to play matches.

It means that the Valorant client is having connectivity issues, and it could happen due to a bunch of reasons such as server issues, internet issues and more. So, here we have listed the potential methods that you can try to fix the Valorant error

How to fix Valorant error 43 - There was an error connecting to the platform

Here are the official fixes described by Riot Games to solve the error code If none of these work, you are most probably having internet connection issues, and you need to contact your ISP.

Check Valorant Server Status

Riot Games Service Status Website

You can check if Valorant servers are down by visiting the official Riot Games Support’s Twitter handle or at the Riot Games Service Status website. If the servers are down, you need to wait till Riot fixes the issue that’s preventing them from working properly. In addition to this, Riot might have scheduled a maintenance break to push out an update or make other changes to the game.

Restart Valorant client

Restart Valorant Game Client

In case of error 43 or ‘There was an error connecting to the platform’ issue, Riot suggests you restart your game client. You can do it by clicking on the quit (X) button or pressing Ctrl+F4 and relaunching the client. In addition to this, you can also force stop Valorant client via Taskbar by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

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Valorant: how to fix server’s down or not available

Despite the fact that Valorant takes a few days has many errors, so today we will tell you how to fix the inactive or not available server.

What is server inactive or not available error in Valorant.

This error is not recent, it takes a few days and occurs when players try to access the game without success because the servers are down, but it is a complex error that fortunately has a solution.
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  • How to fix server down or not available in Valorant.

    The first thing you have to know is that so far there is no exact reason for this problem, but it may be because

    an update is pending or in progress, the server is down for maintenance, or a simple server is being made.

    If you want to make sure that the problem is not on your side, we recommend checking your internet connection and making sure that it is stable enough.

    In case the above has not worked we recommend you be patient because the solution is out of your hands and you will have to wait for the developers to solve it, so be very attentive to the developers' Twitter.

      This is how we finish this article on how to solve the inactive or not available server in Valorant that we hope has been very useful and you have managed to solve this problem as soon as possible so that you can continue playing normally.


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    Valorant server&#;s down or not available, what to do?

    Players of the new team shooter from Riot Games, Valorant, sometimes meet with the fact that the game servers are turned off. This is really a significant problem, but fortunately in this article we will try to help you and tell you what to do if the game servers are down.

    Why servers in Valorant do not work and are not available – what to do.

    We don’t know what specific problem you’re encountering, but we do see a few reasons for the problem connection to the servers:
    An update is in progress;
    The server is down for maintenance;
    A simple server is being made.
    Unfortunately, the kind of error that you get is basically giving you nothing. The point is that there is nothing you can do about the fact that the servers in Valorant are not working, except wait for them to turn on. However, during this time, you can make sure that the problem is not on your side – check your Internet connection.

    How to check the status of your servers

    However, if you encounter Valorant servers being shut down, you can check their status and find out when they will turn on. You can check the status of the servers in your Twitter account and official Riot Games site or on the official Valorant site.


    Sours: https://gamexguide.com/valorant-servers-down-or-not-available-what-to-do/

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