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The Magic Flight Launch Box, or “MFLB” to aficionados, runs off a tiny convection oven inside of a hand-carved wooden frame. The design of this device evokes the classic dugout of a bygone era, while integrating the modern science of vaporization to create a device that is often imitated but never ever duplicated.


The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a convection vaporizer which features a 2 inch trench and a sliding lid to keep your leaves secure while in transit. As opposed to virtually all portable vaporizers in the same price range, the Launch Box utilizes a glass draw stem so the vapor is clean and pure. Everything about this vaporizer stems from extreme attention to detail and an ethos of emanating kindness to the earth while improving the health of the users. The Launch Box requires users to press a rechargeable battery into the side of the unit, where it makes contact with a node, thereby activating a convection current that heats the material at roughly degrees Fahrenheit. This results in a wispy vapor that is pleasant to inhale and enjoy.

There’s absolutely no waiting for this vape to heat up; simply shred your material, load them into the mesh trench, close the sliding lid, and when you press your fully charged NiMH battery into the side of the unit, you activate the convection current which sends hot air through and around the material. You will know it’s heating when a little orange light illuminates under the trench. After you see the light come on, start sipping gently for about seconds for non-irritating, aromatic vapor that is as clean as it is potent.


Measuring roughly inches tall by inches wide by 5 inches long, the MFLB is the smallest portable vape ever conceived. The Launch Box weighs barely half a pound, making it easily portable and easy to cup in the hand for convenient vaping action anywhere and everywhere you go. But size isn’t all that matters. The Launch Box options for unparalleled customization. First you’ve got the wood used to make the box itself; Magic-Flight makes Launch Boxes out of Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. Secondly there are options for the Etch Lid. If you want a clear lid, that’s fine. But if you want a neat design on your lid, Magic-Flight offers the following intricate designs to personalize your MFLB: Metatron’s Cube, Tree of Life, Star Knot, Flower of Life, and Labyrinth.


We love the MFLB because of its indelible design, its nearly instant heating and its efficiency at vaporizing and conserving material. Another great thing about the Launch Box is the warranty. Magic-Flight guarantees every Launch Box with a Lifetime Warranty, so that no matter what is the matter with your vape, you can contact them and they will send you a brand new one. You can even use this vape if it’s crazy windy outside which makes it an ideal vape to take to the beach, music festivals, or on a camping trip.

All products shown on this website are intended for aromatherapy purposes to relieve respiratory symptoms.


Review by Nathan on March 9,

"This is my first vaporizer and I'm pretty satisfied with my choice. Since it's so small, it's a perfect solution for medicating in public places. I wish the vapor production was a little better, but it's still pretty good for being so small. The batteries could also last a big longer."


"Different - but cool."

Review by Alexsy on March 9,

"I'm happy I decided to get the Magic Flight. I'll be honest, it looks a little strange, and it's smaller than I expected, but I think that's what makes it kind of cool. Even if somebody saw you using it in broad daylight they probably would have no idea what it was. I'm not a huge fan of the way it looks, but it's really simple to use and has a lifetime warranty. You really can't beat that! The only thing I don't like is having to recharge the batteries all the time. Other than that I like it a lot."


"MFLB great for starters"

Review by bill on March 9,

"This is a perfect unit for a vaporizer beginner. Easy to use. Vapor quality could be a little better (sometimes combustion) but overall a solid unit. I wish it took regular batteries, or came with more of them. "



Review by Patrick on April 10,

"It got here pretty quick with the free shipping. Works great."


"Free Shipping!"

Review by Penny on April 24,

"Great price for the launch box on this site, and free shipping! Couldn't think of a reason not to buy it here after I heard so many good things about it. Looking forward to receiving it soon!"


"It's Okay, but it's not stealthy and it needs serious improvement"

Review by Steve on May 6,

"Maybe I got a bad one, but my MFLB's battery set up is very poor. For one thing, the metal ring that acts as one of the two battery terminals is only exposed on the very bottom portion of the round hole. Because of this, very often the battery does not make contact with the metal ring, and consequently, it doesn't heat up. For another thing, it takes too much pressure on the battery to get it to make contact with the second battery terminal. I've taken to keeping the battery caps on the ends of the batteries to cushion my hands as I squeeze. Other than the troubles with both battery terminals, the only complaints I have are that they could have finished the wood so that it doesn't dry out your lips and the product is just not stealthy at all. Sure, it is small, and sure, it doesn't give off much smoke, but you have to hold it in an awkward position -- upright, in front of your face, with your hand making a fist. Nothing stealthy about that set up. Unlike a pen vape, you can't sneak it up to your mouth. You must hold it upright and in front of your face as you make a fist to squeeze the battery. I did buy this so I could use it in my yard without drawing attention from my neighbors. It doesn't work so well for that purpose. They may be 50 yards away, but it is quite obvious that I am constantly making a fist in front of my face. Maybe they don't connect it with vaping, but any cop would, and I don't feel like going to jail for betting that my neighbors are stupider than cops. I gave it one star for quality because of the problems that I found and because it wouldn't let me post my review without giving at least one star. On the other hand, I gave it three stars for Value because the batteries are easily replaceable. I'll use this until it breaks. If I decide to get another vape pen, I'll look for something with replaceable batteries, and something stealthy, and something easy to use. In other words, I'll be looking for the same features that I expected from the MFLB. But I certainly won't be getting another MFLB because other than the replaceable batteries, I didn't get what I paid for."


"I'm a fan"

Review by Robert on May 18,

"Good vaporizer. I've taken it on several trips and it always comes in handy. It is not the most discreet portable vaporizer but it is still highly portable. The other thing that is great about the MFLB is that it offers great value at a decent price. Meaning good quality vapor per dollar. The best thing about this vaporizer that I've found is durability. While most vaporizers that I've had (especially portable ones) break within a matter of months, I've had this one for over a year and is still going strong. I would recommend it if discreetness is not one of the major things that you're looking for. "


"It's an ok vaporizer"

Review by Jerry on June 3,

"I got as a gift for Christmas. So far, it hasn't broken down on me like many of the vaporizers that I've had in the past but there are some things that I feel this vaporizer can be better. For one I had a hard time getting a hang of how it works. When I first opened up the box, I thought it looked super cool and different from the plastic and metal vaporizers I've had in the past. It's got that hippie feel to it. I am now able to vape but the herb sometimes gets combusted/burned. Overall, I am satisfied with the performance and value, but if you want something that doesn't combust at all, you need to spend a little bit more money. "


"Beautiful Design and Lifetime Warranty "

Review by Vape Lord on July 3,

"The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer combines elegance with simplicity and a lifetime warranty, Is there any room to complain? The small wooden vaporizer features an alkaline battery heating source which can be removed when not vaporizing Simply pressing the battery into the slot will produce vaporizing temperatures in 5 seconds. Fitting in the palm of your hand, this vaporizer is a great portable option at a competitive price compared to other portable vaporizers on the market. Either the glass draw stem or hole directly on the box can be used for inhalation and the vapor comes out smooth. For design, lifetime warranty, and ease of use the Magic Flight is an excellent portable vaporizer at an affordable price. "


"Small but packs a punch!"

Review by Jean S on July 3,

"I got this as a gift for my buddy and he was not impressed when he just looked at it. It's small and requires some work, but when he got it down, he was VERY happy! I was very happy with the price, times are tough! But the Magic Flight makes everything better :)"


"big hassle"

Review by eddy on October 3,

"The batteries make this thing a hassle plugged in batteries/ light turned green then they became too hot to handle. I don't want to launch a spaceship just needed a hit. Disappointed and thought i was into a good thing, thank god for my old pipe and lighter, it does not ask me to jump through hoops for a small toke."


You're reviewing: Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Launch Box

This is the Magic-Flight Launch Box, a portable herbal vaporizer made in the USA, and it&#;s quite unique. This model is for use with dry herb, but Magic-Flight also makes a similar-looking box called the Muad-Dib that&#;s specifically made for concentrates.

This was my second vape purchase ever (first was the Volcano) and to this day I still consider it one of the best portables I&#;ve reviewed.

Design / Build Quality

So it&#;s basically just a wooden box and there are three main wood types to choose from: Maple, Cherry and Walnut.

Carved into the box is a trench (herb chamber), draw hole, air intake hole, and battery port. There&#;s a stainless steel mesh screen inside the trench area connected to two metal rods, and those make contact with the battery when you press it in which heats up the chamber.

I has an acrylic lid attached that you slide open and closed over the herb chamber, and an acrylic stem or mouthpiece is also included that you insert into the draw hole on the front.

What&#;s pretty unique about this one is that you use a single AA rechargeable battery to power it. The base kit includes two batteries and a charging dock, as well as rubber caps for the ends of the batteries and a good quality cleaning brush.

Even though this thing is really simple it does feel like a well-made product, and it definitely took a lot of hard thinking to make a vaporizer with no electrical components vaporize so effectively.

It&#;s a fairly inexpensive vape, but it doesn&#;t feel cheap or cheesy, and I think for the price it&#;s well worth the investment. It&#;s also still one of the smallest, lightest and quickest vapes I&#;ve ever reviewed.

MFLB Maple Cherry Walnut

Performance / Usage Tips

The Launch Box does require some technique to get the best results from it, but after just a few uses you&#;ll get used to it and it&#;ll become second nature.

Very important: You need to grind your herb super fine for the best performance. Grinding fine increases the surface area of your herb which helps this vape do a better job of producing vapor.

This vape is very efficient, and it works great with amounts as low as g (just a pinch). The idea is that you can control and custom tailor your vaping experience by how long you heat your herb for and how quickly you draw from it.

The two main ways I use mine are by either taking one long draw or by taking a bunch of small pulls in a row.

For a single draw you basically just engage the battery and then very slowly pull from the mouthpiece for seconds. If your material overheats you didn&#;t draw fast enough, and if you get no vapor at all you may be drawing too quickly.

The other method is to engage the battery and take small &#;sips&#; from the mouthpiece every few seconds, letting vapor build up inside the trench between each draw.

Vapor quality is good from this one but isn&#;t really what I would consider top-shelf, it&#;s just about average. More specifically, the taste and smoothness might not be as good as some other vapes, but it&#;s still actually potent which proves how effective it really is.

What&#;s also very important with this vape is that you need to mix your material up in between draws, or at least every other draw. They include a nice brush that you can use the back end of to gently mix your herb up, or you can keep the lid closed and give your box a shake to mix it all around. If you do this just make sure you get all your herb back down into the center trench before vaping again.

When using just a pinch of herb (~g) you should be able to get roughly draws from it, but it does depend on how you use it.

Bottom Line

Yes there are better vapes out there, and yes this thing looks stupidly simple for the price, but believe me when I tell you it works like a champ.

I personally feel it works best as a quick vape for taking just a handful of light draws at a time, but many people use this in a variety of scenarios and are extremely satisfied with it.

This is one of those vapes that everybody needs in their collection because of how unique it is.

Stay up!

My original video review that I made many many years ago can be found here, and below is a transcription of that video:

Video transcription:

What&#;s up, guys? This is my short review of the Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. I have a few other videos about how to clean this thing if you&#;re interested, if you want to check those out, but right now I&#;m just going to tell you about what I like and don&#;t like about it.I love it. It&#;s a really good product. It&#;s really well made as far as vaporizers go for the price. I think now it&#;s $ You&#;re not going to find anything better for even $ or $ I think this beats the $ vaporizers. That&#;s just my opinion. I also have a Volcano, which is obviously my first choice. That is, bar none, the best vaporizer out there.

It&#;s really expensive, but it&#;s worth every penny if you can get your hands on it. But this is my number two choice, because this thing is fantastic and it&#;s super easy. I&#;m not going to go through all the details now and show you how to use it because it comes with directions and hopefully you already know how to use the thing.

I will tell you that I&#;ve had it for about six months, and the thing I like about it the most is how quick it is. You take this battery, put it in and in ten seconds you&#;re vaping. That&#;s pretty quick. Even with the Volcano you&#;ve got to wait 30 seconds or a minute or whatever it is for it to heat up first before you could use it. So, this thing is pretty much instant. You can carry it anywhere. It&#;s pretty tiny.

I&#;ve got big hands, but it&#;s really small. It fits in your pocket. It&#;s awesome. The other thing is that you can use it if it&#;s windy somewhere, which you can&#;t do with any other kind of piece or anything. You could use this thing in a wind tunnel and it will still work and that&#;s kind of cool.

Now, there&#;s probably some other things, too, that I love about it, but they are obvious things. What I don&#;t like about it is this thing. All right, now I don&#;t know, it might just be me. I&#;m sure other people are going to agree with me. It comes with this rubber type gasket looking thing inside this hole here where you&#;re supposed to put the battery.

It comes in there when you first buy this, and it&#;s pretty much in there so that when you stick the battery in, no matter how far you push it, if the battery is just in there and if you&#;re not putting pressure on it, it&#;s not going to engage the heating element. It&#;s sort of like a safety thing, I guess, but I found it incredibly annoying how hard it was to keep it pushed in.

Especially because of how often I use this thing and I just started to get a mark in my hand from how hard I had to hold it down, so I just went in there with a pair of needle nose pliers and I pulled this little thing out. The way I use mine now is if you just stick the battery in, it will engage and you don&#;t have to hold it.

Now, this is awesome and super easy, but you&#;ve got to be careful because you can&#;t forget about it in there or otherwise the battery could obviously overheat and who knows what could happen if it&#;s in there for a really long time. So, you&#;ve got to be really careful. You can&#;t zone out if you&#;re going to do this little modification. You&#;ve got to pay attention.

The only other thing that kind of bothers me a little bit about this is the herbs that you put in the trench area here. It really only works super good if the herbs are ground up like really fine. It&#;s kind of hard to do that. Even the grinder that they give you, the one that comes with the Launch Box when you first buy it, it doesn&#;t really even grind the herbs up small enough for this thing to vape it to its maximum capability.

If you put in big little chunks and stuff, it doesn&#;t really work at all. It&#;s going to take you a long time. You&#;re not going to get a lot of vapor. It&#;s not going to be strong hits or anything. I&#;ve just found that the finer you can grind up your stuff, even if it&#;s on a little bit of the drier side it might even work better. It seems to not like really moist stuff too much.

Even with these small flaws, this thing really is still amazing. So, I highly recommend it. If you don&#;t have one, you should definitely grab one as soon as you can. It&#;s pretty cheap. When you do decide to buy one, go to and it will redirect you right to where I buy all my stuff. It&#;s a really great store. I talk about it in all my videos because it&#;s a great place for multiple reasons.

So, check it out and also, like I said in the beginning of this video, if you want to see how to clean this thing after you&#;ve had it for a few months, I have a few tutorials on how to do that, too. All right guys. So I hope this helps, and take it easy.

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Magic-Flight Launch Box

Launch Box&#; organic diffuser

  • - Select and load your own dried herb. NO combustion by-products!
  • - Diffuse % pure plant material only. NO cartridges = NO additives!
  • - A solid wood diffuser, impact resistant and anti-microbial
  • - Stainless steel heating element, hygienic, can be sterilized. NO off-gassing!
  • - Beautiful, one-of-a-kind, crafted from hardwood, finished with food grade mineral oil
  • - Diffuses in less than 5 seconds! Maximizes your herbal material. NO waste!
  • - No plastic inner moving parts or circuitry to break. Built to last!
  • - Proven design, 10 years of quality. Tried and true!
  • - Uses safe Ni-MH rechargeable AA batteries. NO lithium risks!
  • - Durable and dependable. NO lighters, NO butane!
  • - Hides in the palm of your hand, just ” in length by ” wide by ” tall
  • - Silent, effective and discreet for use inside or outdoors
  • - Use your ABL (Already Been Launched) material in batter, sauce or butter
  • - By world-renowned, exceptional customer service

About the
Launch Box&#;

The Launch Box&#; is a solid wood diffuser, designed for dry herb, to leverage the medicinal properties of plants for your well-being and benefit.

Our Launch Box&#;, a pioneer in the market place with its patented technology, has always been free of heavy metals.

customer reviews

  • "WOW! I just 'launched' for the first time. MY GOD! I'm a 76 year old great grandpa that has arthritis and other aches and pains. I have NO COUGH! I'M RIPPED! Thanks for your product! I told the wife when she cremates me to toss in my Launch Box! Never can tell who ya might meet on the other side!" -Jerry


Magic-Flight™ proudly offers to all purchasers of the Launch Box&#; diffuser our industry leading product support. Please see our warranty page for more details.

Launch Box

All Content © ™ Magic-Flight The diffuser and its brand name are copyrighted, trademarked and patented.Website Design: Binary Jungle


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Box magic cheap flight

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