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They are SALES reps NOT hair Experts

Let me tell you about my first disappointment, I scheduled for in person consultation, as they give you two options with your consoler. I arrived there on my appointment date to have a Teams call with the counselor???
They could mention when they confirmed my visit that it would be virtual. DONT waist your time to drive there.
Second disappointment, those people are not hair expert. THEY ARE SALES for cheap, not worthy products and could harm you more than you think.
I don't recommend you go with high hopes to solve your hair issue, cause you will leave upset for wasting your time and emotions.

Chaya Elizabeth

This hairclub on King st west Toronto

This Hair Club business in Toronto's branch are CLASSLESS & UNPROFESSIONAL regarding their booking system, they treated me like a BEGGAR, I WAS GOING TO PAY!! they don't keep their word. By cancelling me the appointment what I was going to have this coming Thursday October 7th @3pm, are UNACCEPTABLE!!! If their booking system is worst, what about the rest?..IF you are the manager seeing my review,please, don't write back with your "sorry" because it DOESN'T FIX ANYTHING!!! Now is WAY TOO LATE!!
Updating: OF COURSE YOU GOT MY FILE, you are a LIAR with your replies!!as I was the FIRST TIME CUSTOMER enquiring!! DON'T TRY to COVER UP THE SUN WITH A FINGER!!, you want proofs about your sudden cancellation?? I will show it in THE COURT & I emailed it to you!!. I won't erase this feedback. Again, your company is lack of professionalism regarding the booking system!!

I am unable to find your name in our companywide database, please contact me. [email protected] Thanks, Chase | HairClub corporate office

Edit: I understand Covid is causing issues

Edit as of 9/
Appreciate the fast response and working on my issue. Thank you for the call Candace. Would like to thank Amber and Holly for being such professionals and working with me over the past week to resolve my issue. Very happy with the service rec'd.

Original review:
I understand Covid is causing issues. However, I went for my service today and was told my new system wasn't in and that they would need to use my old one again. Not satisfied with this. The system quality over the past year isn't as good as in the past. Way too much hair falling out. I almost have a bald spot in the system and I have to use it another month or more? They couldn't even tell me if I will have the new system next month. I pay WAY too much for this. I have been a client for 30 years. Very disappointed. Maybe a little forethought should have been done to avoid this. No offer of a refund either. If the quality was better, it wouldn't be an issue. Corporate needs to get back to producing a quality product. The local team is great. No issues with them.

Thanks, Mike. We appreciate this feedback. - Warm regards, Chase [email protected]

Barbara Harris

I would like to post another review &#;

I would like to post another review after the one I posted 2 days ago. After posting my review I received a email from the corporate office at HC and he made me feel like a client that they cared about. A client that had been a customer for over 20 years. He made everything right, and I am happy. Thank you HC for caring. This is the company I remember. Thank you regional manager. You know who you are. Mr. A. I am happy now. To other clients out there. Give HC a chance to correct your issue, if they can they will. Thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you, Barbara! We appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. Feel free to reach out to me anytime. Thanks again - Chase :-) [email protected]

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Coeburn Sparks


manange for awhile , they hired a new Stylist in july , her name is MORIAH , so i got her to do my hair one time and i was shocked as she did a tremendous job , i could not believe my eyes , best stylist i have ever had do my hair so i always got her all the time because that is who i wanted , Moriah is the only one to outdo Brittana ,, i was shocked , MORIAH can style ,cut hair so good and i was always percent satified , then in april Maddison was trained for menangment to run lexington ky center everthing was fine , MORIAH doing my hair and getting right on the money , then in march covid hit shut everything down , but center shut down for 3 months i still paid my bill in good faith and not getting any service it did not bother me , until Aug , when gov. ok to reopen may everthing was fine i still had my hairdresser MORIAH , then in aug Maddison said i could not have MORIAH anymore , i told Maddison i only wanted MORIAH , so on so on ,things were getting bad , Maddison said i have to take who she gives me or i dont get my hair done then i started getting treated like a piece of crap ,, aug, sept , oct , nov got so bad and because the way they was treating me i was forced to go to a competitor in dec i was so emotionally hurt over this ,, i was owed some hair BUT Madisson was holding my hair hostage unless i paid her ,i told i havnt been there for 2 months , just to make this short the regional mgr lied to me ,about getting me exact duplicate of my hair i received in dec , last contact with todd was july said he will look into it , got lied to they will lie

Hi Coby,
We are sorry to see this feedback. The regional director will call you soon to address these concerns.

surendra matta

On the name of free consultation wasting time

On the name of free consultation, these guys are wasting the time.

I drove almost 40 mins once i arrived they are saying it&#;s canceled then i scheduled it for next then they scheduled it in the morning 6 AM that is ridiculous after that i changed to 9AM , when i arrived they told it virtual and simply saying Sorry.

If you guys are sending the reminders for the appointment then why can&#;t you send the changes prior to us instead of wasting our time.

I am really fed-up with these guys

Theresa Slana

Hair Club - Wauwatosa, WI

I was visiting from Kansas City for 2 months, and had the great opportunity to have Karen as my hairdresser! She is so superb, kind and caring and does a phenomenal job with my hair. I so wish I lived in this area so I could have another appointment with her.

Sunshine Komaransky

I would really appreciate you or anyone&#;

I would really appreciate you or anyone reading the reviews to have a look at my review From Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, this place is truly a scam they have no interests in genuinely caring or helping people like us out! All they care about is Money! I am so very sorry to see and read all the damage that they&#;ve done to the people who&#;ve given them a business! I had originally came in there for some help with my situation and mine was different than usual clients, I had surgery gone wrong and they had said they could help me, as vulnerable as I was looking for a solution for myself, they said that this device is the only way, so until I received this so called device I wasn&#;t sure what it was until I received it! It turned out to be a cut out of a wig they glue on your scalp!?! Very nasty, to say the least! I had a full head of beautiful gorgeous hair minus the scar I had from the surgery gone wrong, they glued this ugly smelly piece on my head then very slowly each appointment I had hair cut shorter and then shaved so this ugly device they call it would be covering that area that had no hair! My daughter said why are they doing that?! I truly trusted them at that time which clearly was a huge mistake! So in order to get out and away from this nonsensical non realist place I found a way to remove that device myself and she wasn&#;t happy to hear I had done that, my hair after working with these people had no chance! So I had to shave off all my hair and go back to wearing wigs which I haven&#;t needed in quite some time! I tried to get in touch with someone higher up and the lady offered me a head piece which I was clearly so extremely upset with, I couldn&#;t believe how she handled this circumstance it was completely unacceptable and unfounded!!! I would have been grateful to receive a refund due to all the damage and anguish they had caused me!!! I strongly don&#;t recommend this facility to anyone please do your homework before committing yourself to this fake facade! Don&#;t be fooled by this fools, of their foolishness!

I'd like to address your concerns, but I don't know how to contact you based on this information you provided. What you describe is not acceptable, and we'd like to make it right. Please email me. [email protected] I hope to hear from you. Thanks,
Chase | HairClub corporate office

cheryl prince

Question I would like answered

I have been a hair club client for 2 years, I love my hair and can't really imagine being without it.
I have a question and can't seem to get a good answer from anyone. We pay a lot for our hair systems, why aren't we allowed to keep them? Don't they belong to us? I repair and make dolls, and would like to keep my hair for this reason. Please let me know why I haven't been allowed to keep my hair. Thank You for your help.

Hi Cheryl,
We are happy to hear that you love your hair! Thanks for this feedback. Yes, you can purchase individual heads of hair that you keep. Please contact me, I will be happy to explain and address your individual situation. Thanks - Chase | HairClub corporate office [email protected]

I was told that I would receive a Refund

July 5,
I was told by the area manager of PA that I would get a refund from Hair club as soon as they reviewed my paperwork/services. I spoke to the manager by phone in April, I signed a contract at the Bala office on Feb, and lost all of my hairline. I also received scalp burns from my hair being dyed with the unit on my head. I have since spent hundreds in visits to the dermatologist/prescriptions. I received services from the Bala Cynwd, Montgomery county office for a full year. I sent pictures of my hair and a certified letter in March, to that office. I sent the before and after pictures of my hair. I received a call from the manager there asking if I would consider coming back. I stated no way! I called the corporate office and was told someone would return my call. I spoke to the area manager in April, he asked if I wanted to receive services either in Elkins Park or New Jersey locations. I explained I did not want to have any more services done by Hair Club. I explained that I just wanted my money refunded. I have to wear wigs/head wraps. The manager lied to me and stated that he would get back to me about a refund. That was in April, I spoke to Alex. I also called , , Hair Global Headquarters. I have been given the run around. I have experienced emotional stress due to the condition of my hair. I have spent money on hair products, wigs etc. This company has shown no empathy or professionalism. This is my second review on this site. Norma Rhine

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Cheryl Degnan

Keep paying with no product??

I visited my local Warwick hair club over a year ago . I explain to the gentleman how much I could afford each month. He set up a plan for me which included less hair analysis visits to accommodate my plan but that was OK with me. Everything was going fine I was paying my monthly payment I was getting my products every month, my hair was getting better. But after like 15 months went by I realized I was still paying. I called up to pick up my product they told me I had no more product to get? I called..The gentleman told me that it was a 12 month plan and free interest for 12 months I assumed I was paying for 12 months. As I looked further into my paperwork I realize I&#;m paying for 24 months. I guess that was his way of lowering my payments. His response was &#;if you add up your payments you can see it does not add up&#;! Why should I have to add up the payments that should&#;ve been forthcoming. So for the last 12 months of my contract I will get no product and no services. I feel that this was deceiving. I would not have a problem paying if I was still getting product but the fact that I have to pay for almost another year and get no product/services? He keeps telling me that&#;s the issue with the lending company. But I&#;m telling him that was not clearly explained by him. HE gave me the contract and HE decided on the term, that&#;s how he was able to get me to agree to my budgeted payment. Yes I should have read the contract better but I trusted him . Mistake !

Hey Cheryl We have reached out to you to address your concern with your 24 month financing. Thank you for providing us with your feedback.

All promise - No delivery

HC has totally broken our service agreement contract. My hair is literally shredded. Replacement is 6 months past due. Salon has no solution to offer. I did get one proactive call - to ask me for a new credit card so I can continue to pay for *nothing*.

Thank you for providing us with your contact information via Trustpilot. I have requested that the Regional Director, Tina give you a call ASAP. Thank you - Chase | HairClub corporate office

Jacksonville Hair Club the Best!

I had hair and style treatment on June 3. Due to my recent back surgery, I had difficulty walking and sitting in the stylist's chair because of the back brace I am required to wear. The entire team went out of their way to help me be comfortable and feel safe that I would not fall.

Kim (the receptionist), Dani (the stylist), and Whitney (the manager) were all professional and deserve a 5-star rating. They are the best!

Thank you to each of them for their concern and caring.

Thank you, Mike. We appreciate this feedback.

This is a professional staff of the&#;

This is a professional staff of the first order. Jacqueline (Jackie) my stylist is attentive, creative, with a friendly and polite demeanor. I appreciate the staff Liz and Diane who try to help whenever they can.
Thank you, Judith

Thank you, Judith. We appreciate your feedback.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

I've been a HairClub member since and it truly changed my life.

While the initial system that was put on was a bit daunting at first (puffy, dry), I tried to quickly learn how to style it and maintain it myself and HairClub was very helpful along the way. YouTube videos online are also very useful. It was a learning and took a lot of work but, it was better than the alternative of being bald.

It's a partnership &#; HairClub can make sure you're satisfied before you leave their offices, but it's up to you to take care of the hair and to be careful with how you sleep, and be mindful of how often you're washing it etc.

Think of it like thisthe second you leave the office, everything you do will play a role in the system coming up. Exercise, swimming, bike-riding, sleeping, brushing, washing. That's the nature of a system that is attached to your head with glue and tape.

It's expensive. And at every turn, they try to persuade you to go to a higher level (more frequent hair services, better quality hair, better quality bases etc. &#; all inconsistent from club to club, member to member, so it seems).

At the end of the day, it's a business that needs to make money. In order for the business to make the most money, they need their customers.

Some of the employees are wonderful. Very friendly, helpful, polite, and talented. Other employees have proven to be deceitful, dishonest, and unprofessional.

When the global pandemic hit, all of the members were expected to continue paying for services despite the centers being closed. Individual arrangements were made and discounts varied from customer to customer.

I understand the pandemic was out of their control (despite some stylists feeling that the virus was a hoax, that's another story), but how are members expected to throw hundreds to thousands of dollars out over the months that the centers were closed and get nothing in return?

I understand that they did what they could to survive (virtual assistance, shipping out pre-cut hair) but it just didn't work out.

I found other options and, despite having paid for a few months (at a slightly discounted rate), I had to leave HairClub.

I was able to buy hair from freelance stylists and do my own maintenance and the only issue I would run into was the skin systems shedding quicker than I was used to with the HairClub lace systems.

HairClub happened to reach out to me in April of with new pricing discounts and an incentive to come back with skin systems every 6 weeks and they caught me at a bit of a crossroad since the system on my head was shedding badly.

I was told the price-point, I was told I would get skin systems, and I was told I'd get them every 6 weeks.

Upon signing, I got in the chair and the stylist examined my thinning skin system and then the frontal hairline was snipped to show me how we could shorten it as the hair thinned. Unfortunately for me, this system was now unusable and I was relieved we would be applying a new system.

I was then informed that there is an extreme backorder on hair but that HairClub had 2 of my old lace systems that hadn't been used in-house. I was told I wouldn't be able to do skin systems and that new hair could take months to arrive!

I was confused and frustrated and I felt deceived. The current system on my head had been snipped and now I was tricked into signing a year long contract when hair might not even arrive for a year. And forget about the skin systems. I wasn't getting those.

I took a deep breath and just allowed the stylist to put the older lace system on. It was fine. Not great, just fine.

However, when I got home, the lace system was too small. Having gone to different stylists, my "template" had changed and this lace system is too small. Shouldn't someone have checked this before applying? Where did things go wrong?

When I reached out to cancel the contract again and request that final system be mailed to me, I was met with anger and more deceit. I was told that my recollection of events was wrong and that I now broke two contracts.

I thought I could have that final system and be able to somehow sew the two together and have it cut properly to fit my head but I was told that I couldn't have that final system.

I also felt I was owed something since I had paid for months without receiving any service or any hair - HairClub did not agree to that.

At the end of the day, pre-pandemic, HairClub was fine. It was an expensive solution to a hair loss problem.

I've yet to work with a stylist who actually wears the systems themselves so no one is truly informed on the day-to-day scenarios that you deal with and a lot of the "issues" are explained away as a fault of the customer.

Life will go on.

Now someone will reply to this review saying that it's not an accurate portrayal of what happened so it will my word against theirs.

At the end of the day, I am standing in my truth.

This is a follow-up to my review 5 days&#;

This is a follow-up to my review 5 days ago. The company posts a response that they will reachout to me directly to discuss the concerns. They sent a request through this website, Trustpilot to get my contact info, i provided and never heard from them. Perhaps, it requires my attorney contacting them to get a reply.

Hi Ross I tried to contact you but your voicemail is full. I emailed you my office phone. Please call me when you can. I will be happy to help. Thanks, Chase

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I have been a client for over ten years&#;

I have been a client for over ten years and things are just getting worse. Lately it seems my terms of my contract keep changing and now my services and number of new styles are on the chopping block! Supposed to have set amount of appointments with certain amount of weeks in between. I know they are trying but I&#;m paying a for a service that is getting worse and worse. I don&#;t want to leave but may have no choice if I want to keep a full head of hair. During the COVID mess I wasn&#;t able to come in for my visits because they were closed but still kept taking my money every month. The most recent goings on is now there is longer durations between visits and less new hair? What gives, tried chatting with corporate but got turned back to the local office!

Wish I have never started this system,

Thank you for sharing this feedback. We will reach out to you soon to address these concerns.

Adriana Sanchez

I have medical issues

I have medical issues, that are incurable. I have been taking steroids since my twenties . I started with the Hair club 10 years ago. I have had what I call my angels . I had a very demanding management position in health care if it wasn&#;t for the love, support, and kindness, I don&#;t know where I would be. In a decade I have had only 2 complaints that&#;s a good track record in 10 years . I can say from the CEO to regional direct Ricky were incredible. My stylist Rachel and María customer manager..Always found a place for me when I was too sick to goti WPB. I live in Vero Beach. I call them my angels because no matter how busy, they always found a spot for me . And made sure I was satisfied. I cannot drive from Vero to WPB anymore, my sister is my caregiver the last 3 years . Hair Club has been incredible. I do not go because of extensions or to look pretty . I go because I have multiple medical conditions . If I was not satisfied they would find a way whatever it was to take care of me. I&#;m happy to report in 10 years or a decade I have had only two complaints and these were during the Covid pandemic. Both were taken care of in a very short amount of time. I would recommend the Hair Club to any one that looks at themselves in a mirror and says who is that person? And wants to cry . No crying for me . They are awesome . Not just upper management but my stylist for 10 years , and other management personnel . All I can say is they try their best to make the customer happy . I have had excellent customer service experience, you will get a prompt call back every time . Thank you from myself when I consider hair is most important they have always come through. Thank you Hair Club for making so many happy customers when we have medical conditions that impede our lifestyles

Thank you, Adriana! We appreciate you sharing your experience with HairClub. We are happy to hear that have been there for you and your love your hair.


About Hair Club

Hair Club Review

Hair Club markets healthy hair solutions for those who experience hair loss, via three avenues: regrowth, replacement, and restoration

The company employs over 1, licensed cosmetologists and hair loss experts to create unique hair products and services. To prove just how effective these products are for customers, the brand has over 18k followers on Instagram. 

This Hair Club review will offer a comprehensive look at the services that the company offers, as well as customer reviews to help you decide whether Hair Club is for you.

Overview of Hair Club

Hair Club Review

Hair Club was founded by Sy Sperling in after he started losing his hair at the age of When he discovered that the hair-loss solutions currently on the market were overly generic and of poor quality, he set out on a mission to “help people get the hair they love.” 

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Hair Club has now been on the cutting edge of hair loss solutions for over 40 years. Originally targeted at men, the company expanded its services in to include customized solutions for women experiencing hair loss as well. 

According to the company website, Hair Club has helped more than , men and women restore their hair

On the Hair Club blog, you’ll find information and tips to practice healthy hair maintenance at home, including posts like “Hair Club Hard Water Hair”, which explains how the water you get from your shower can be damaging to your hair and what you can do about it.

This Hair Club review will now look at the pros and cons of the company and its products to give you a sense of what to expect.


  • Hair loss solutions targeted to men and women 
  • Free consultation with a hair loss expert 
  • Hair Club centers located all over North America
  • Online store for at-home treatment products
  • Free shipping in the US on orders $49+


  • Expensive services
  • As the company is a chain, some customers express concerns about the degree of personalized service provided by Hair Club experts
  • Hair Club cancellation policy requires 90 days notice
Hair Club Review

Hair Club offers several immediate and long-term solutions for hair loss that range from aesthetic and non-invasive to surgical and restorative. Hair Club packages vary in price and commitment, so you can find the one that works best for you. 

Each treatment is intended for a certain degree of hair loss and accommodates people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities with varying hair volumes and textures. 

On the company’s website,, you can consult either Hair Club for women or Hair Club for men to start finding the solution that is best for you. 

Hair Club also offers a free consultation service: simply click “learn more” under any treatment, enter your name, zip code, and email, you will be redirected to a page where you can schedule a free, personalized hair health consultation at a Hair Club center near you. You can also call () to learn more. 

To gain access to at-home treatment products or long-term services, you can sign up with your email for a Hair Club Gold Membership. Membership contracts typically stipulate a month commitment, and cancellations are possible with 90 days notice. 

Hair Club Hair Systems Review

Hair Club Review

There are several Hair Club products and services which will be outlined in this Hair Club review, organized into the three categories of Hair Regrowth, Hair Restoration, and Hair Replacement

Hair Regrowth treatments offer non-surgical, non-invasive methods to regrow your hair, prevent further loss or thinning, and promote hair health. Hair Club offers the following regrowth services: 

  • EXT Extreme Hair Therapy®
  • Laser Hair Treatment

Hair Restoration is a minimally invasive surgical option for helping you grow back the hair that you’ve lost. Hair Club offers three methods of hair restoration:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • BioGraft®

Hair Replacement solutionsarefast, convenient, non-invasive ways to combat hair loss by covering thinning areas with newly created hair that blends with your own. Hair Club offers four hair replacement options:

  • Xtrands®
  • Xtrands+®
  • RestorInk™
  • Extensions

To determine which method—regrowth, restoration, or replacement—is best suited for your needs, you can schedule a free hair health check-up at your local Hair Club center. 

There, you’ll receive a detailed hair and scalp analysis using TrichoView® micro-magnification, and a private meeting with a hair health expert to help you customize your solution plan.

Hair Club EXT Extreme Hair Therapy Review 

EXT Extreme Hair Therapy is a comprehensive, non-surgical program that combines in-center consultations with at-home products to maximize hair regrowth. 

The in-person consultations occur once a month so that you can digitally track your progress with a hair-loss expert. You’ll also meet with a Hair Club stylist on each visit for a deep conditioning treatment, followed by a cut and style. 

The at-home regimen is a five-step system consisting of shampoo, conditioner, scalp cleanser, supplements, and Hair Club’s hair regrowth rejuvenator, which contains Minoxidil—the only FDA-approved topical ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair and slow further loss. 

To boost your treatment, Hair Club also provides you with a waterproof scalp massager that is designed to increase blood flow to your hair follicles and promote scalp health, and an at-home laser light therapy system that is 90% effective when used as directed.

Hair Club Laser Hair Treatment Review

With work, family, and social obligations, your schedule may be too packed to allow for in-person consultations. If you’re looking for a DIY hair regrowth option, then Hair Club’s Laser Hair Treatment may be the solution for you.

Designed for at-home use, this laser therapy system uses medical-grade, FDA-cleared lasers to deliver safe, low-level laser light to your scalp. This speedy and convenient system has proven effective in stimulating hair growth, preventing further thinning, and promoting overall hair health.

Hair Club FUE Hair Transplant Review

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and is a one-day, outpatient hair restoration procedure ideal for people who are experiencing minimal hair loss. This is a great option from Hair Club to regain receding hairlines by using your healthy hair to replace thinning areas.

The procedure is performed by a physician who specializes in surgical hair restoration. Before you qualify, you’ll have to meet with the physician so that they can examine your scalp, determine the degree of hair loss, and decide on the healthy donor areas. 

On the day of the surgery, the physician will apply a local anesthetic to numb the scalp and remove the individual follicular units (which contain 1 to 4 hairs each) from the designated donor areas. 

The healthy units will then be gently grafted onto the thinning areas, with the units containing hairs applied to the front hairline in front while those with hairs are used on the top and back of the head. The transplanted hair follicles will begin to heal quickly, as will the donor area. 

The advantage of FUE over other hair restoration options is that scarring from the follicular removals and reapplication is nearly undetectable, even when your hair is cut quite short. You’ll likely start seeing growth within months, and you can expect full coverage within months.

Hair Club FUT Hair Transplant Review 

Like the hair restoration option described above, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is another one-day outpatient procedure. It is a more involved process recommended for people experiencing genetic hair loss and is ideal for achieving maximum hair density

After you have been approved for the procedure, the physician will numb the scalp and extract a strip of tissue containing multiple follicular units from healthy donor areas. Individual units of 1 to 4 hairs are then removed from the strip, and placed in your thinning areas in the same direction and growth pattern of your healthy hair to ensure seamless blending. 

As with FUE, follicular units containing hairs are applied along your hairline, while those with hairs are placed on the top of your head to create greater density and thickness.

FUT can often be completed in less time than other surgical hair restoration techniques, and you will likely see your transplanted hair beginning to grow in months. As with FUE, you can expect complete results in months.

Hair Club BioGraft Review

Sometimes BioGraft combines a surgical hair restoration procedure with Hair Club’s non-surgical hair replacement solution Xtrands+ (see below) to give you the best of both worlds—natural growth and invisible enhancement.  

The process begins with either the FUE or FUT procedures described above, in which the physician transplants healthy hair from donor areas to the thinning areas. Then, you’ll meet with a stylist who will create new hair that matches the exact qualities of your existing hair and then blend the two seamlessly together with a precise, strand-by-strand process.   

This is a great option for people who don’t only want to restore their hair, but also transform it. Even as you watch your hair grow back in, Xtrands+ gives you the ability to experiment with any number of styles, and change your look on a dime.  

Hair Club Xtrands Review 

Available exclusively at Hair Club centers, Xtrands is a hair replacement solution designed to add fullness and density to thinning hair. Hair Club recommends this solution for people who are in the early stages of hair loss; male customers can refer to the Hair Club Norwood Scale to help classify the stage they’re at.

Your stylist will start by examining your hair to select the right color shade for you, and then use an application wand to knot strands of new hair onto your designated host hairs. Just like a regular follicular unit, each of these new strands contains hairs, which will provide you with an immediate increase in volume after your first hair wash. 

The best part about Xtrands is that you can treat them just like your real hair— you can color, wash, brush, blow-dry, and style as usual. 

After you receive the initial application, you’ll need to visit your local Hair Club center once every two weeks for the first month. After that, schedule an appointment every four weeks to receive new applications, which will maintain your volume and thickness.

To start taking advantage of Xtrands, schedule a free, personalized hair health consultation at a Hair Club center near you.

Hair Club Xtrands+ Advanced Hair System Review

For customers who are experiencing moderate to advanced hair loss, Hair Club has developed their advanced Xtrands+ treatment. This is a transformative hair replacement solution that uses a unique strand-by-strand process to create new hair that will blend seamlessly with the unique qualities of your existing hair.

First, you’ll meet with a stylist who will examine your hair and then design your new hair to match its color, style, texture, curl pattern, and density. Your stylist will then apply your new hair using a medical-grade, skin-compatible adhesive. Finally, the styling team will give you a cut and style that will combine your new and old hair into an undetectable blend. 

To get started, book a free consultation with a Hair Club expert through 

Hair Club RestorInk Review 

RestorInkis a quick, affordable hair replacement technique that is a great alternative for people looking for a non-surgical solution to hair loss. It can be used on any area where hair is thinning, or give you a cleaner and more defined hairline. 

The process uses a technique called scalp micropigmentation, in which a pigment that is specially mixed to match your hair color is applied to the scalp with needles by trained practitioners. The thousands of tiny impressions across the scalp, combined with the richness and depth of the pigment coloring, creating the appearance of real hair in thinning areas.

This is a convenient and semi-permanent procedure that can offer full results in as little as two sessions. Hair Club recommends scheduling a touch-up procedure every three to six years after the initial application depending on your desired look.

Hair Club Hair Extensions Review 

Hair Club’s Hair Extensions offer the brand’s female clients a simple, effective, and durable hair replacement solution. They come in either halo or tape-in style, are made from % cuticle-intact human hair, and are customizable in color and length up to 16 extra inches.

These extensions are super-secure, so don’t worry about washing, blow-drying, curling, or straightening—just treat them like they’re your hair. You can get them applied at your local Hair Club salon, and head back every weeks so that your stylist can clean and reapply them. Make sure you get them replaced every 3 months to keep your hair looking its best. 

Extensions are your easiest option for increasing your hair’s volume, length, and texture, and the application is non-damaging to your hair. Choose whatever color works for you, and try out a whole range of styling choices. 

Hair Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hair Club Review

On, the company has a page dedicated to customer success stories. Clients of all genders, ages, and ethnicities are depicted with before and after photos of their hair loss journey, with brief Hair Club reviews describing their satisfaction. You’ll find more examples like this on Hair Club’s social media under the hashtag, #regrowmyhair.

On external sites, however, customer reviews demonstrate more skepticism. For example, while Hair Club is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company receives only 1/5 stars based on 9 customer reviews on the site, many of which are harshly critical of Hair Club’s products and customer service practices. 

However, you should take under consideration both the small number of reviews that contributed to this rating and the fact that BBB’s specific purpose is to act as a forum for dissatisfied customers. 

On Trustpilot, Hair Club has been rated with /5 stars from reviews. Five-star ratings made up the majority of the reviews (40%) and came from both new and long-term clients. Customers praised not only the company’s products but also its personnel. One customer commented of his stylist: 

professional, personable and takes great care to make sure each customer leaves feeling taken care of and happy.” 

Among the negative reviews, complaints include claims that Hair Club treatments didn’t produce the promised results, or that customers’ orders were delayed or never fulfilled. These reviews are all responded to by Hair Club, which says that they will reach out to help the customer address their concerns. 

Is Hair Club Worth It?

Hair Club Review

All things considered, this Hair Club review has determined that the services and products provided by this company work for some, but not for everyone. If you’re experiencing hair loss and looking for solutions, it is worth considering Hair Club as an option. You can take advantage of the free consultation and see what services are available. 

Keep in mind though that some customers feel the company is asking too much for services that are not % guaranteed to work. If you’re looking for a transformative solution, it may be best to consult multiple professionals before putting down thousands of dollars.

To skeptics who ask, “Is HairClub real?” this Hair Club review can answer yes. The company is BBB-accredited, has a notable track record of success, and has received rave reviews from both new and long-time customers. 

However, It is not guaranteed for all users, and the effectiveness of the treatment (and customers’ treatment by Hair Club staff) may vary from person to person. 

Hair Club Promotions & Discounts 

Hair Club Review

While some external sites appear to offer discount codes for Hair Club services and products, these codes are not verified by Hair Club. As outlined in this Hair Club review, your best bet is to take advantage of the company’s free, in-person consultation before purchasing anything.

Hair Club also offers a 10% discount on your first purchase when you sign up for their email newsletter.

Where to Buy Hair Club

Hair Club Review

You can shop for the services outlined in this Hair Club review as well as additional at-home products at, or any Hair Club center. 

Hair Club has centers across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada; to find the one nearest you, enter your zip or postal code here.


Hair Club Review

What does Hair Club actually do? 

As outlined in this Hair Club review, the company offers a variety of hair loss solutions to help people regrow, replace, or restore lost hair. 

Rather than just offering products, they place great emphasis on in-person consultations so that their hair health experts can assess each customer’s needs and recommend a customized treatment.

How much does Hair Club treatment cost? 

Hair Club treatments range anywhere from $39 to $1, as an initial cost. As outlined on, professional salon services start at $39, while certain solutions require both an initial application and ongoing maintenance, like the Xtrands+ hair replacement system. 

Those options start at $ per month, whereas a treatment like surgical hair restoration has a one-time cost between $ and $1,, depending on the extent of the treatment, and may require multiple visits. 

What is Hair Club’s Shipping Policy?

Hair Club offers free standard shipping on any US order over $49. Shipping to Canada and Puerto Rico is subject to standard shipping rates. 

Products are delivered within business days from the date of purchase. As soon as your order ships, you should receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information. You can also track your order here.

What is Hair Club’s Return Policy?

Hair Club offers full refunds for products returned within 30 days from the date of purchase, provided that you pay to ship the items back. To start the return process, you can contact [email&#;protected] and inform customer service of the reason for your return. Use the subject link “Return Request.” 

Once your receipt has been acknowledged and your return is approved, Hair Club will send a “Return Authorization” to your email. The return will be processed within 72 hours of the order being received. 

How to Contact Hair Club

On, you can use the live support chat box to talk to a Hair Club customer support representative. For more in-depth inquiries about the services outlined in this Hair Club review, you can email [email&#;protected] or call ()

Looking for more haircare options? Check out these brands below:





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Hair Loss Success Stories

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HairClub’s EXT Extreme Hair Therapy’s topical EXT® Regrowth Treatment with Minoxidil, an FDA-Approved ingredient that has been shown to regrow hair when used as directed.

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More than large promises and a product or two, HairClub's EXT Extreme Hair Therapy is a comprehensive program that combines in-center visits with at-home products to maximize your results. Would you attempt to lose weight without diet or exercise? HairClub is like having a gym, personal trainer, and dietician for your hair.

Your treatment begins at a local HairClub center where your Image Consultant will conduct a free, point hair health checkup and give you a detailed analysis of your current hair health, including pictures of your starting point. Your journey to the hair you love continues with monthly check-ins that keep you apprised of your growth through digital progress tracking. This essential step encourages program compliance and measures your progress, which is integral to your success. Without it, it's much like trying to lose weight without a scale. During your visits, you'll also enjoy professional salon services, including haircuts and styling. With EXT Extreme Hair Therapy, there's no need to go to another salon or barbershop.

Your at-home treatment is comprised of HairClub's five-step system consisting of shampoo, cleanser, conditioner, supplements, and a rejuvenator, which contains Minoxidil. Minoxidil is the only FDA approved ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair and slow further loss. In a third-party observational study, more than 63% of male participants found Minoxidil to be effective or highly effective in hair regrowth.1

We also provide you with the EXT Spa, a state-of-the-art, rechargeable, waterproof scalp massager. This handheld device is specifically designed to increase the blood flow to your follicles by relaxing the scalp and neck muscles. The EXT Spa releases toxins and pushes excess oil out of the follicle, promoting the most favorable scalp health. The added punch in your treatment is laser light therapy you do at home. Lasers have been shown in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to be effective with over 90% of users when used as directed.2

Our hair revitalizing complex supplements nourish your hair from the inside-out, increasing your hair's shine, volume, and manageability.


Club reviews hair ext

Hair Club Reviews: Your choice for hair restoration, regrowth, and replacement?

Last Updated: Aug 31,

Losing your hair is not a pleasant experience. It makes many people feel old and less attractive and can even become a constant reminder of your mortality. There is hope for the millions of people who suffer from androgenetic or chemotherapy-induced alopecia or whose hair is thinning for another reason altogether.

Hair Club offers a variety of comprehensive techniques designed to restore, replace, or regrow hair. They rely on clinically proven medical interventions and innovative salon treatments that can transform your hair in as little as a few hours. Take a tour through our complete guide to Hair Club to find out which approach is right for you.

  • Suitable treatments for men, women, and children
  • Surgical and non-surgical options
  • Wide range of available products
  • Over 45 years of expertise
  • Third-party financing is available
  • Clinically proven regrowth products
  • Saw palmetto as an oral supplement
  • Some procedures yield same-day results
  • Innerbody readers receive a Free Hair Health Checkup
  • Not enough treatment centers nationwide
  • Prescription finasteride not available
  • Surgeries can be prohibitively expensive
  • Slow online customer service
  • Pricing can be unclear

Hair Club’s in-center treatments offer a variety of options that create natural results in as little as a few hours. We highly recommend the Xtrands and Xtrands+ approach to anyone who lives close enough to a center. It’s fast and effective, and it falls in one of the more reasonable price ranges for treatment with such dramatic results. Surgical therapies are pricier, more dangerous (though marginally), and slower — after a transplant, you still have to wait for your hair to grow in. Their lines of hair care products that can slow hair loss and even boost growth are great if you live too far from a center for in-person treatment, but you can also get comparable products from other companies for competitive prices.

Our Top Picks


A veteran in hair loss treatment, HairClub continues to provide a unique and potent variety of options.

Unlike many competitors, there is something at HairClub to suit a wide spectrum of tastes and goals, whether it’s ongoing cosmetic care, newer laser regrowth options, or surgery.


Reviewed by Innerbody Research

EXT Extreme Hair Therapy

Reviewed by Innerbody Research

Laser Hair Therapy

Reviewed by Innerbody Research

Regrowth Haircare Products

Reviewed by Innerbody Research

Innerbody Research recently celebrated its year anniversary online. Over the past two decades, we have helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions involving staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles.

We extensively test each health service we review. We try our best to give you, our readers, an unbiased exploration of at-home health services, free of marketing jargon or gimmicks. We evaluate the service based on our adherence to quality, the latest medical evidence and health standards, and a simple question: would we buy the product or service ourselves if it weren’t part of our job, and would we recommend it to family and friends?

Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, this review was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy.

Founded in , Hair Club (originally Hair Club for Men) is a multiservice company dedicated to helping people suffering from hair loss. They’re an ideal choice for just about any type of hair loss, including androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium, among others. They offer topical treatments, surgical and non-surgical replacements, and salon services to help hair appear fuller. Men seeking prescription finasteride to help them combat hair loss should know that no one in Hair Club’s network of specialists can provide you with such a prescription.

Hair Club’s hair loss intervention methods fall into three categories: regrowth, replacement, and restoration.

  • Regrowth - With the help of products like minoxidil, laser therapy, and specialized hair care products, customers should see a reduction in hair loss and potentially a reversal of the process.
  • Replacement - These services utilize either natural or synthetic hair to add thickness and length. Customers can select clip-on extensions or invest in a process that ties new hairs to individual strands already on the scalp.
  • Restoration - These are the more invasive options, two of which surgically transplant either individual follicles or entire follicle grafts. The other option is subtler and resembles tattooing to even out thinning hairlines.

One of the best things about the regrowth approach is the variety of options available to you. Not only will you be able to try different things to see what works best, but you can also combine many of these treatments to increase your chances even further.

Hair Club’s Extreme Hair Therapy is an all-inclusive non-surgical course of action that combines in-center visits with the company’s most effective hair care products. The visits include scalp massages and laser sessions, as well as deep conditioning treatments and salon services. The included at-home kit comes with shampoo and conditioner, minoxidil, a scalp cleanser, a scalp massager, and supplements. Specialists at treatment centers provide you with expert advice and motivation, and you can digitally track your progress with their Trichoview scalp analysis.

Shown to be effective in plenty of clinical studies, minoxidil (the main ingredient in Rogaine) effectively reduces the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the scalp. DHT is the primary culprit in androgenetic alopecia, and studies show that minoxidil and other DHT blocking agents allow follicles to recover from its damage. That means hair loss can slow to a stop, and growth can begin again.

While they may seem like high-tech snake oil, laser treatments show comparable efficacy to minoxidil in most studies. That’s because the lasers in use emit a precise nm frequency that increases circulation to the scalp and stimulates hair follicles. They’re an excellent choice for anyone skeptical of chemical or pharmaceutical intervention. Still, they are among the most expensive treatments if you wish to own a laser device in your home. In the short term, laser treatments appear to be safe, but long-term effects are still unknown.

Hair Club offers several lines of hair care products designed to reduce the presence of scalp DHT, condition and protect hair, and cleanse your head of follicle blocking dirt and oils, and make your hair appear thicker and fuller. Of the ranges Hair Club has for sale, their EXT line is among the most powerful, and you can purchase it whether or not you enroll in the complete EXT program.

Dietary supplementation against hair loss shows promise as a helping hand in your overall effort, but it may not be sufficient on its own for most patients. Common supplements include biotin and saw palmetto. Biotin is a protein that boosts the health of hair, nails, and skin. Saw palmetto performs well in hair loss studies when taken orally and has a significantly lower side effect profile than prescriptions like finasteride.

Hair replacement is a non-surgical intervention that takes time-tested techniques and brings them into the 21st century with advanced methods and materials. You can approach replacement in a few different ways depending on your goals and your stage of baldness, but there’s a form of replacement that should work for just about anybody. That makes it an especially good choice for individuals whose baldness might not stem from androgenetic alopecia.

Ideal for anyone in the early stages of baldness, Xtrands is a process in which a technician meticulously ties strands of natural or synthetic hair to your existing hairs. You’ll have the opportunity to select the hairs from a wide assortment of options, ensuring a close match for thickness and color.

Because the process is so involved, it can take quite a while, but in the end, you’ll have hair that looks just like your own covering any thin spots on your head. Once it’s in place, Xtrands hair can withstand anything regular hair can, from frequent washing and styling to swimming. If you live within striking distance of a Hair Club center, it would be wise to return for any future haircuts, as their salon stylists will know exactly how to cut your Xstrands hair to keep it looking just right.

If your hair loss has progressed to the point where the basic Xtrands approach would be insufficient, Xtrands+ fills the gap. It still uses the technique of tying new hair to existing strands, but it combines that with the addition of a full head of natural or synthetic hair that attaches to your head with a medical-grade adhesive. To ensure a proper attachment, technicians will shave the top of your head if you still have some hair up there. That will allow the bond to last as long as possible and give the techs a specific point to blend your new hair into any existing hair.

In addition to selecting features like color and thickness, you can also match for density and natural whirl or shoot for an entirely new look altogether. This matching makes Xtrands+ a viable option for anyone who wants to experiment with a wildly different hairstyle than their natural hair might allow, whether or not they suffer from any hair loss.

Maintaining an Xtrands+ look is as simple as keeping normal hair healthy. You can wash it, style it, cut it and do just about anything else you like with it. However, it will require a few trips to a Hair Club center each year since natural hair growth and time can slowly interfere with the adhesive. Because of this regular maintenance, you’ll pay monthly for Xtrands packages, with prices starting around $/month.

For some people, hair loss manifests itself as a general thinning that doesn’t appear too obvious on the scalp but can leave a head of hair looking flat and lifeless. Some folks also simply want to get their hair looking longer and more luscious in short order, and for either group, hair extensions are a viable option. Hair Club’s extensions don’t differ too significantly from clip-in extensions you can get at just about any salon. However, their decades of experience and wide, high-quality hair selection does make them an excellent place to go if you aren’t sure who to trust for the job.

Try Now

If you want a solution that doesn’t require regular trips to a Hair Club center, prescriptions of any kind, or an extensive array of products, hair restoration may be the right choice. The most common procedures are surgical, however, so they bear some increased risk compared to other methods. Hair Club restorations are a joint effort between Hair Club and Bosley.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the less intense of the two surgical options and would work best for patients whose hair loss hasn’t progressed too far. A surgeon will evaluate your scalp and select a donor area from which they will remove individual follicles to implant them in areas of baldness.

The surgery can last up to eight hours, though recovery time is short, with many patients resuming normal activities in a day or two. The cost, however, is high, with procedures ranging anywhere from $4, to $12, depending on the extensiveness of the surgery.

Biograft utilizes follicular unit transplantation (FUT) for patients with more severe hair loss, which can be a better option than FUE since the technique can remove larger grafts of follicles with each incision. The technique also utilizes Hair Club’s Xtrands+ replacement methods, effectively combining a proven surgical solution with an effective non-surgical approach to thoroughly blend your transplanted hair with your natural hairline.

Because Biograft is a more advanced surgery that includes a reliable non-surgical procedure, it will cost you more than the basic unit extraction would. Modern methods of FUE and FUT are refined enough that there is usually no risk of scarring.

This process isn’t designed to give you a full head of hair, but it’s a maintenance-free solution that can look something like an intentional buzz cut or a full shave that’s had a little time to grow back. The RestorInk process is more or less a tattoo on your head that resembles tiny hairs. Up close, it might not be the most convincing option, especially for those in advanced stages of hair loss, but it can get the job done for many, and it’s ideal for straightening out hairlines that have begun to recede.

Hair Club centers are vital for access to just about all of their services and are especially important for EXT and Xtrands customers who require frequent visits. There are just centers nationwide, so they can get pretty spread out, even in big city areas. Los Angeles has only two centers within a reasonable range for its residence. Denver has only one. There are three in New York City, including the five boroughs, but only one in Manhattan. The website offers an interactive map feature that can help you find the center closest to you.

If you need to travel a good distance to reach a Hair Club center, keep in mind that you’ll likely need to make more than one trip. Many procedures are time-intensive and can require the company to order specific hair to match yours. That means you’ll need at least one trip for your consultation and another for your procedure, plus any necessary follow-up visits.

It’s also worth noting that Hair Club operates on a franchise model, so their centers are owned and operated by individual entrepreneurs. Hair Club has its standards and practices they impose upon their franchisees, but it’s not easy to gauge how strictly they enforce them. If you have more than one center within your reach, be sure to look at reviews to compare them.

For added convenience, Hair Club centers are open Tuesday-Saturday, so folks with a regular hour workweek can still find time to address their hair loss needs.

While androgenetic alopecia is not a common cause of hair loss in children, the phenomenon is far from unusual. Causes can range from endocrine problems and nutritional deficiencies to alopecia areata and even ringworm.

You could easily consider Hair Club for Kids to be the organization’s charitable arm since any qualifying children between six and 17 will receive treatment free of charge. More often than not, those treatments come from the Xtrands family of replacement techniques. Hair Club does not perform surgical hair restoration for children.

Hair Club offers a wide range of services, and the degree to which any one of them will apply to you depends mainly on the nature and severity of your hair loss. Someone who’s just begun to notice thinning hair around the crown of their head or a receding hairline will likely need less intensive treatment and pay less for it. On the other hand, those with advanced hair loss may find that surgical solutions and even Xtrands options may be too expensive for them.

It would be cynical to conclude that Hair Club has a vested interest in providing you with minimal pricing information, preferring instead to get you on the phone or in person where they can sell you harder. But we can’t deny that discovering concrete prices for any of their services beyond the product they have to sell is a challenge. If you ask their live chat to give you the most straightforward range of possible prices, they instantly pivot the conversation and start asking about your hair loss without answering your question.

The company does list a few starting prices or ranges on their site, but with no way to evaluate how your specific hair loss needs will affect those prices, you’re left hoping things won’t get too expensive.

To recap some of the pricing details we’ve discovered:

Haircare and regrowth products range from $16 for basic shampoos and conditioners up to $3, for top-of-the-line at-home laser treatment devices. If you choose to utilize the company’s EXT service and receive regular treatments at one of their centers, those packages’ prices start at $/month.

Replacement options include Xtrands treatments and hair extensions. Both Xtrands and Xtrands+ are monthly subscriptions that include styling and maintenance services starting at $/month.

Restoration is the most expensive treatment range, with RestorInk treatment starting at $1, and surgical FUE treatments starting at $4, Those surgical treatments can range well over $10, in some cases.

Hair Club centers accept cash and major credit cards, and they offer third-party financing, but centers are free to partner with whichever financial institutions they see fit. That means you could get the same treatment for the same price at two different centers and end up with disparate payment terms. Those can include higher interest rates, additional down payment requirements, stricter penalties for late or missed payments, and more.

Don’t expect Hair Club to take your insurance, HSA, or FSA, as virtually every insurance company denies any claim related to hair loss. There have been a few exceedingly rare circumstances in which a company granted some coverage. But to put it in perspective, insurers will not even pay for treatment if you’re going through chemotherapy and lose your hair. To them, that’s still a cosmetic concern. It couldn’t hurt to ask, especially if you have medical documentation surrounding your hair loss, but don’t get your hopes up.

For many people who struggle with hair loss, no amount of money would be too much to stop the process and get their hair back. But there are only so many of us for whom money is no object. For the rest of us, it’s worth considering which of Hair Club’s offerings deliver the most value.

In short, their regrowth and replacement options are very much worth it. Regrowth products and Hair Club’s EXT system contain ingredients and methods that show promise in study after study. And replacement is an instant, low-maintenance, and natural solution for many customers. Both replacement and the EXT experience require repeat visits to Hair Club centers, however. The farther away you live from your nearest center, the less valuable the proposition becomes, especially if you have to hop a plane or drive for hours on end to reach your destination.

Whether Hair Club’s surgical options suit you is a more personal question, as the process is minimally invasive but far more permanent. Xtrands allows you to choose a hair type that matches your own or to experiment with something new — new colors, textures, shapes, and more. But after surgery, you’re left with what your body produces. Of course, Hair Club’s Biograft combines surgical transplantation with Xtrands to get the best combination of natural hair and durable, versatile results, but this is by far the most expensive option.

Ultimately, you have to decide how much money, time, and maintenance your hair is worth to you. If that number is low — particularly for anyone whose hair loss has only just begun — you might want to stick with essential hair and scalp care products. Hair Club sells these, and you can get comparable products from companies like Hims and Keeps at prices that rival Hair Club.

Hair Club admittedly partners with marketing firms, data brokers, and other third parties that may have access to your identifying and non-identifying information gleaned through their platforms. They don’t get into specifics about their privacy protection practices or specify how they safeguard personal financial information.

Since the company does not deal with insurance providers, you don’t have to worry about your social security information or medical records falling into the wrong hands, but that doesn’t mean the system is impervious to bad actors. The safest course of action when it comes time to make any purchases will be to do so at a Hair Club center if you have one conveniently nearby.

How we evaluate home health products and services

At Innerbody Research, we customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related service or product. For health products and services, we have five areas that we use for our evaluations, including:

Quality: How well does the company deliver its core service(s) to the customer? For testing services, does the company adhere to the latest and most advanced testing technologies and achieve a very high degree of accuracy? For non-testing telehealth services, is the quality of the service high enough that we would recommend it to loved ones without hesitation? If not, why not?

User-friendly: How intuitive and user-friendly is the service? Does the device, program, app, or website achieve a good degree of user-friendliness for its customers?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Privacy: If health data is stored, will your data be stored securely? Are payments secure?

Customer support: Particularly in situations where ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t make sense, how well does the company help to make the service ideal for you?

Hair Loss in Your 20s - There is a solution [ Hair replacement transformation ]

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