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Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

Oil Change near Atlantic City

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine system and making sure you maintain clean, healthy levels is a simple way to avoid a breakdown or costly service center fees.

At our service center, it’s our goal to empower drivers throughout Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland by providing helpful information to keep their vehicles running at peak performance. So what are the most common signs of low engine oil?

  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Burning oil smell
  • Knocking or banging sound
  • Engine failure

Continue reading to learn more about these basic symptoms of low engine oil and the steps to take to avoid a costly repair.

The Importance of Checking Your Engine Oil

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Inside exists a complex system of moving metal parts, all working together at a high-level speed to keep your vehicle in motion. Motor oil is necessary to lubricate these moving parts and remove any harmful particles that get trapped inside your engine.

If you own a newer vehicle, your owner’s manual will be able to tell you exactly how many quarts of oil your vehicle requires, along with how often you need to schedule to have it replaced. If your vehicle is older or has an odometer reading that’s above 75,000 miles, it’s best to consult with a licensed technician on best practices.

Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

Service Technician near Atlantic City Low oil levels place an unnecessary level of stress on your engine and can result in serious damage, if ignored. If your vehicle completely runs out of oil, your engine will quickly seize, which often is unfixable and will require a full replacement. The good news is that this can all be easily avoided by staying aware of some common warning signs, including:

  1. Oil Pressure Warning Light. This symbol will appear on your dashboard when your vehicle detects its oil reserves have dropped below a safe level. The moment you notice the symbol appear, immediately schedule a service appointment.
  2. Burning Oil/Metal Scent. Low oil levels place a heavier burden on your engine system, causing it to overheat. Often, this heat will create an unpleasant burning scent inside your cabin. The moment you notice this smell, quickly pull over and allow your vehicle to cool down. Schedule a service appointment as soon as possible.
  3. Knocking or Banging. The increase of friction will cause your engine rods to loosen, creating a loud knocking or banging sound while driving. Rods are what keep the engine’s pistons secure, so when they become loose, it immediately lowers engine performance.
  4. Engine Failure. This is the worst-case scenario and can easily be avoided by paying attention to the above symptoms and having regular maintenance appointments.

Schedule an Oil Change Today!

At BMW of Atlantic City, our team of highly skilled technicians is here to provide drivers throughout Atlantic City, Egg Harbor, and Vineland with honest and dependable care to keep your vehicle working at its best condition. There’s no need to ever get stuck with an overheated engine. Simply stop into our state-of-the-art service center or go online and schedule an appointment today!



Low Oil Level Light

Your BMW is equipped with an electronic engine oil level monitoring sensor that will illuminate the image seen above. This light does NOT mean you are due for an oil change that is a common misconception amongst new BMW owners; this light indicates you are AT LEAST 1 quart/liter low on engine oil. Of course there are 3 potential causes, oil leaks, and oil consumption that cause oil loss, and faulty oil level sensors (most common on older models). With BMW’s factory over extended oil change interval there is even more time for the oil level to drop between changes as well. Oil consumption is normal for any engine in varying amounts; BMW usually holds a 1 quart/liter per 1,000miles maximum for “normal” oil consumption, which is still on the high end of consumption. With BMW’s newer turbo charged engine variants oil consumption has increased further due to higher cylinder pressures. To the point a service bulletin was released from BMW for the F01, F02, F06, F10, F12, F13, E70, and E71 fitted with the N63 & N63T, increasing the oil fill/top off amount to extend the amount of time before to low oil level light comes on. When a BMW driver sees the low oil warning light, they should come by Ultimate Bimmer Service for a top off of Original BMW Full Synthetic 5W30 Engine Oil if close enough, or use readily available Mobil 1 Extended 5W30 Full Synthetic oil for topping off. If the low oil light comes on and your BMW does NOT have a dipstick as most don’t since 2006 then add 1 quart/liter of oil and recheck oil level indicator via instrument cluster/iDrive. If your BMW has a dipstick you are lucky and can verify proper fill level visually and add oil accordingly. See our Oil Change Interval Blog for info pertaining to how often you should change your BMW’s oil.

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Originally Posted by S3RIES28View Post
I got this same message on Idrive while running on the highway. First time around, i restarted the car and the message went away. Drove it for a week then, the second time around, i decided to tow it. Upon inspection, my timing guide chains were broken and sitting at the bottom of the oil pan. I ended up paying for a replacement timing chain module and new oil pump. Don't underestimate this low engine oil pressure as these cars have known issues with weak guides and chains. This happened right at 99.6K miles.
There should be an extended limited warranty(ELW) on the N20/N26 timing chain for your car. Go to, type in your VIN and check. If covered just send in your paid invoice to BMWNA.

The important subtle point is, after ELW was issued, any repair must be done at dealer. The reimbursement part only covers out-of-pocket on repairs done before issuance date of ELW.


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E90 Oil pressure light but no apparent reason why?

So, bought an E90 LCI (2010) 318i a few weeks ago. Test drove it and checked it as thoroughly as I could upon purchase and it was absolutely fine and smooth. As soon as I buy the car I get it a full service (it was close to needing one) and then went about using it for my daily commute of 20 miles each way on weekdays. My local mechanic who serviced it even commented on how it was one of the cleanest examples of an E90 he'd seen in a long time after his full vehicle inspection.

Around a week and a half after purchase (300 miles ish) the oil pressure warning light comes on about 30 mins into my daily commute. I pull over and turn the engine off and check the oil level, all good and bang on 'max'. I start the car up again after a little bit and it sounds absolutely fine (as far as I can tell), no knocks or rattles and idles at 600rpm. Also the warning light is gone, so I drive the rest of my commute and call my trusted mechanic who serviced the car a week earlier. He gave me the usual advice to make sure I do not drive it if the light continues showing but was a little puzzled when I said it seemed absolutely fine and wasn't losing any fluids. Tells me to bring it in that evening.

I take the car to him, no warning light on my way back. He drives it around a little and doesn't think there's anything wrong. ECU shows log of the light going off, so he clears that and asks me to keep him posted as he thinks just a bit of muck from the old oil blocked the sensor for a bit.

The next day the warning light goes off again 30/35 mins into my commute, but again goes away as soon as the engine is turned off and on again. The car still performs perfectly, but this warning light always appears around 30-40 minutes into my daily commute (the only drive I make of that length) each way. I take it back to him to leave it with him for the night, and he goes about draining the oil and checking it as well as filters etc.

The next day he says there was a fair bit more of a black carbon type mucky build up on the filter and engine than expected, but no metal or anything at all to indicate engine wear. All the typical failing points such as some o-rings that are known to perish after a fair few miles had been replaced already and were in perfect shape. He thinks it might be some gunk from the old oil just coming through and blocking the sensor occasionally, and said he ran the car for 30 minutes and the light didn't come on. He speculates that maybe the old owner used oil fortifier to thicken up the oil and that might be sticking in parts, but can't be sure. Gives me back the keys and asks me again to keep him posted just in case the light comes back.

That was yesterday, today I go about my commute and sure enough the light pops on right at the end of my trip (seems to come on marginally later now?) at about 40 minutes in. Goes away after the engine is restarted and the same thing happens on my trip home.

I plan to take the car back to him, but in the mean time I want to ask here what anyone might think is causing the oil pressure warning to go off like this for no apparent reason? It's the weekend now so I can't really get back to him til Monday. It is very consistent on when it occurs, but never dependant on how I'm using the car (has happened when sitting still and when cruising at 60). My 20 mile commute is mostly one big A-road where I usually do between 40-60mph as it's twisty in parts so speed varies a bit but is fairly consistent for long periods of time. I want to get this sorted as I'd rather only have the light come on if something was seriously wrong, unless I'm missing something here?

TL;DR My E90 oil pressure light comes on around 35mins into my commute and goes away as soon as the engine is restarted, but at the moment there is zero apparent reason why, and mechanic doesn't see why yet either after doing some light checks. Any ideas on what is causing it?

(By the way, I went for the 318i because of insurance (I'm 18), I'd have gotten a 6 pot if I could haha.)


Pressure bmw low oil

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BMW F10 N55 Oil Pressure Failure

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