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Precious Mushroom

Truffles are a genus of delicious mushrooms with underground tuberous fruits. There are hundreds of their varieties, but the most expensive are black ones from Périgord in France and white ones from Umbria and Piedmont in Italy.

The black type is distinguished by a strong, persistent and very distinct aroma and slightly nutty taste. So if you buy black truffles, be sure that your dish will acquire a stunning flavor.

The white one is a rarer species. That is why it is the most appreciated among mushrooms. Externally it is similar to Jerusalem artichoke, it has a brown peel and a light flesh with red veins. White truffles have even more pronounced aroma than dark ones.

The high cost of these fungi is due to the specific conditions for their growth, the method of their collection, storage and, of course, the refined taste and aroma.

However, if you are looking for where to buy truffles, then you should definitely pay attention to Marky’s. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Here you can buy boletus of popular varieties such as Morel Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Porcini Mushrooms and Shitake Mushrooms. Beware that mushrooms price for all positions are proven and most affordable. Please note that for the preparation of such oils, the white truffle is usually used. Dishes with fish, vegetables and meat receive extra flavor when adding olive oil with truffles.

Pay attention to the collection of precious Black truffles. Also we are pleased to offer you Italian White Truffles and numerous specialties such as Truffle Cheese, Truffle Oil and Truffle butter.

Marky's cares about its customers. That is why you have the possibility to buy truffles at the best price. Just order a product that you like and we will deliver it in a convenient place for you!

Truffle cultivation remains essentially empirical and small-scale: truffles are neither sown nor planted. They spring up spontaneously when the fungal spores encounter the rootlets of an oak tree (or another symbiotic species) and form a mycorrhiza, which takes its nutrients from the tree; the truffle itself is the fruiting body of the fungus. For gourmands world-wide, truffles are considered to be the rare diamonds of one’s kitchen. They impart their exquisite flavors to any dish and enhance the natural essence of the food which they accompany. During cooking, their aromas are further intensified.

This product has a short shelf life. Therefore, to appreciate the uniqueness of the taste, it is worth trying fresh. Marky’s gives you the opportunity to buy truffles online, but you need to make a pre-order for this. The time of your expectation will be completely compensated by the great gastronomic impression of the consuming of this delicacy.

Where Can I Buy Truffles?

Our shop offers black and white truffles, the price of which is quite acceptable to fans of the original dishes. If you want to diversify your usual cuisine with new recipes and taste tones, products with truffles will be an excellent choice. Not every store is ready to offer this to you, but it's not about us. Our shop guarantees you an excellent purchase with a world-class guarantee.

Black Truffles vs. White Truffles

So what else distinguishes the black truffle from the white one, except for their color? By the way, speaking of color, the blacks are rather the color of graphite, while the whites are more ivory.

In the table below, you can see the main differences between the two types. Take these specifics into consideration when you decide to buy truffles, so you know for sure what you’re paying for.

 The BlackThe White
Region Originally, France and the Mediterranean. Also, the US, Australia, China. Italy.
Harvest season October-November to March for the winter variety. May to August for the summer variety. September to January.
Depth of soil Up to one foot. But the whites typically grow deeper.
Specifics of appearance Have a natural protective layer, so are a little easier to transport. Don’t have the protective layer.
Aroma and taste Prized for richer flavor. Prized for strong, pungent smell.
Can be frozen? Yes. No.
Shelf-life (for fresh truffles) Up to two weeks from the day it was dug out of the soul. If frozen, up to three months. Up to ten days from the day it was dug out of the soil.
Can be cultivated? Yes. No.

As you see, the characteristics of black truffles can explain why they are normally more affordable than their white counterparts. Still, the price of truffles is a whole other story. Let’s dig deeper into it.

Why Are Truffles Expensive and Still Desired?

What adds to the price tag of the truffle? How has the mushroom that looks like a potato got onto the list of the world’s fanciest products, like caviar and foie gras?

These facts about truffles can stand for the eloquent reasons.

  • Wild truffles are challenging to collect. Well-verged truffle hunters with their faithful well-trained dogs spend days in the oak woods, sniffing and digging the precious fungi out of soil with their bare hands and paws.
  • Although cultivating black truffles is possible nowadays, supporting the truffle orchard isn’t easy. Even under ideal conditions, which are quite difficult to set, it takes at least six-seven years to grow quality truffles.
  • The harvest season and shelf-life of truffles are short. So the faster they must be delivered to the restaurant or store, the higher their selling price.
  • Wild truffles are still considered the masterpiece of Mother Nature that can hardly be copied by humans. However, loss of woodland and climate change have already been proved to decrease the population of these fungi in the wild.

Worthy and Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Truffles at Marky’s

The truffle is something you’ll eat in very small portions. Usually, it’s shaved atop pasta or risotto, but in small quantities that may unpleasantly surprise you at first glance.

But the strong and complex flavor of the fungus makes a few shaves absolutely enough for you to feel how heavenly your dish is.

Of course, nothing can be as perfect as the fresh truffle from the wild. And yet, there are a few healthy, delicious, and pocket-friendly alternatives.

  • Mixes with champignons or porcini mushrooms as sauces or purees will make fragrant dips for your appetizers or condiments for pasta dishes.
  • Pastes and mousses should be accompanied only with slices of crusty bread to please the most discerning taste buds.
  • Truffle juice is an unexpectedly versatile ingredient to flavor up any dish where you want to smell and taste truffles.
  • Truffle butter will lift your mashed potatoes to the culinary level of Michelin-star chefs.
  • Cheese with truffles will be the king of your party cheese board.

At Marky’s, the whole collection of truffles and truffle specialties is available for sale. Make your order right now to enjoy the unique delicacy or to present it to someone special as a gourmet gift.


Truffles for sale – Extra refinement in each serving

If there is the most delicious addition that can enhance the taste of your dish, it must be a truffle. Its musky, pungent flavor, coupled with juicy and slightly savory notes, is the pride and joy of any chef or home cooking enthusiast. But the reality is that finding the sought-after truffle for sale is not the easiest thing to do if the idea of splashing out thousands of dollars for a few grams doesn’t sit well with you.

Are you on the verge of abandoning your greatest recipe ideas due to the lack of affordable truffles? Let Terra Ross help you keep them alive! As a globally operating, Bulgaria-based mushroom truffle wholesaler, we take pride in serving individual buyers as well as retailers all over the world. Browse our selection to discover reasonably priced, top-grade products that are hand-picked to elevate cooking.

What makes up Terra Ross’ assortment of truffle mushrooms for sale?

Those with discerning palates need immense culinary diversity to satisfy them. At Terra Ross, we provide it right in our range of delicacies:

  • Fresh truffles. Want to unpack the full nutritional profile of mushrooms that are currently in season? Then buy truffles of this type. Black or white, A- or C-grade – we’ve got them all at their best.
  • Frozen truffles. Carefully kept in cold storage, they preserve their unique natural taste for a long time. We apply the latest blast freezing techniques to make sure their nutrients are retained.
  • Dried truffles. When dehydrated, they become a lasting delicacy ready to be used at any time. You can either slice dried truffles or add them to spaghetti or some other dish as they appear.
  • Truffle products. Go for pre-minced mushrooms, sauces, and many other truffle-infused yummies, such as oil, butter, etc. Treat your guests in a special way by complementing your dishes with these products.

Order truffles online at the click of a button

Whether you want to diversify your everyday home meals or your restaurant menu, grab the best truffles and derived products from Terra Ross. We deliver worldwide using DHL services and ship orders within 2 days. To ensure the highest quality upon arrival, we utilize temperature control containers for fresh and frozen truffles (visit the Delivery page to learn more).

Let this website take you to the world of superb cuisine. Choose from dozens of mushroom varieties and buy truffles online at Terra Ross!

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Fresh Truffles

Round, warty, and irregular in shape, what fresh wild truffles lack in appearance, they more than make up for in taste. Pungent white truffles and more subtle black truffles can be shaved raw onto salads, pasta or eggs or they can be added to meat, poultry, pâtés and stuffing for deep, aromatic flavour.

Freshness is key to the unique truffle experience

The wonders of truffles are best enjoyed fresh; shortly after they have been harvested. They are collected seasonally, usually using trained dogs or pigs. Because of their flavour and rarity, chefs have treasured them for centuries.

The seasonal splendors of truffles

The Alba white truffle (tuber magnatum pico) is an object of desire for gourmands. It comes from Italy's Piedmont region and is harvested only between October and December.

To mark the start of spring we fly in the albidium pico white truffle from Northern Italy and Eastern Europe. It has a very delicate taste and an aroma that varies from very strong to medium.

The Perigord or black winter truffle, harvested from November through to March, has the strongest black truffle flavour, and is very highly regarded. We fly in only the freshest truffles from Umbria, known in Italy as ‘il tartufo nero di Norcia’.

With a long season, black summer truffles are the most common and are available from May to September. They have a delicately mild fragrance and flavour, so we highly recommend them for truffle oil or truffle butter.

Black autumn truffles have a delicate aroma and hints of hazelnut and woodland flavours. In contrast, spring black truffles have a strong nose and intense nutty flavour. Try them with other spring delicacies like white asparagus or morels.

The garlic aroma of the rare Smooth Black Truffle (Tuber Macrosporum) is comparable to the fresh white truffle with a distinctive, pungent taste. Try shaving it over pasta, risotto or on toasted bread with a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

For something quite different, the honey truffle is rare and unusual with crisp, white flesh. Its sweet flavour adds depth to ice creams, cakes or mousses. For a delicious savoury-sweet combination, try it with goat's cheese or goat's curd and honey. 

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