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Why is IAM AMAZING PURE ORGANIC BARLEY the best? Because it's produced from Australia. Based on study, Australia has an enviable reputation for producing a reliable supply of high-quality barley in a contaminant-free climate. Australian barley is highly sought after by the malting, brewing, distilling, shochu and feed industries world-wide and is well known for its low moisture content and low foreign material. Health benefits of barley grass include relief from ulcerative colitis, prevention and treatment of cancer, strengthening of immune system, cleansing and detoxification of the body, protection from radiation and cellular damage, ability to fight addiction and regenerate damaged cells and tissues. It maintains healthy skin, acid-alkali balance, contributes in the bone metabolism, promotes agility and exerts rejuvenating effects on the entire body. HOW DO YOU TAKE PURE ORGANIC BARLEY POWDER? Since this is a food supplement, there is no limit to the amount taken. There are no side effects or contra-indications. Amazing pure organic barley powdered juice drink may be taken along side any prescribed medication. Safe for pregnant women and may be taken by all ages. For sick or recovering people: 1 sachet of amazing pure organic barley powdered drink 30 minutes before meals, 3 times a day. If daily maintenance only: 1 sachet of amazing pure organic barley powdered drink 30 minutes before breakfast daily. Mix this with 200ml glass of either cold or room temperature FR-4000001490976

Sours: https://shopee.ph/Amazing-Pure-Organic-Barley-Powdered-Drink-10-sachets-i.34362123.2240155210

3G X 10SACHETS *This product is organic. Color, Flavor, smell and texture may vary due to season of harvest. Benefits: Antioxidant Ulcerative Colitis Detoxification Boost Immune System Fights Cancer Protection from radiation and cellular damage Fights addiction Acid-alkali Balance Rejuvenating Effects DIRECTIONS: Drink our Amazing Barley Powdered Drink on an empty stomach 30 minutes to 1 hour before a meal. Mix it with 160ml to 180ml of water. Stir for 30 seconds until all contents are dissolved. Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink is a daily supplement that is made from barley grass. Barley Grass is the 21st-century superfood that provides every nutrient necessary for survival, including proteins, all 8 essential amino acids, highly alkalizing minerals, and a whole range of vitamins. It is an easy path to loading up on youth-enhancing muscle building and immune-strengthening ingredients. How does the Amazing Barley Powdered Drink process? Our Amazing Barley Powdered Drink is made from organically grown Barley grass in Australia without using any chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. The plants are harvested when the leaves contain the widest spectrum of nutrients, and low-temperature processing is used to convert the barley grass into concentrate Barley powder. This AMAZING Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink helps in the treatment and prevention of cancer. It has anti-diabetic content and helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol level. It helps prevent hypertension and arthritis. Barley is also a source of relief from ulcerative colitis. It strengthens the immune system and regenerates damaged cells and tissues. It promotes agility and has rejuvenating effects on the entire body.

Sours: https://shopee.ph/I-AM-Worldwide-Amazing-Barley-Pure-Organic-AUTHENTIC-i.62342085.2734576686
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9 Impressive Health Benefits of Barley

Barley is rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds.

It’s available in many forms, ranging from hulled barley to barley grits, flakes and flour.

Almost all forms of barley utilize the whole grain — except for pearl barley, which has been polished to remove some or all of the outer bran layer along with the hull.

When consumed as a whole grain, barley is a particularly rich source of fiber, molybdenum, manganese and selenium. It also contains good amounts of copper, vitamin B1, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium and niacin (2).

Additionally, barley packs lignans, a group of antioxidants linked to a lower risk of cancer and heart disease ().

However, like all whole grains, barley does have antinutrients, which impair your body’s digestion and nutrient absorption.

Try soaking or sprouting the grain to reduce the antinutrient content. These preparation methods make barley’s nutrients more absorbable (, ).

Soaking and sprouting may also increase vitamin, mineral, protein and antioxidant levels (, ).

What’s more, you can use sprouted barley flour for baking.

Summary Whole grain barley contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds. Soaking or sprouting your barley can improve absorption of these nutrients.
Sours: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/barley-benefits

Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule: Health Benefits, Recommended Use, Side Effects, and Testimonials

Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule is a daily supplement that is made from pure organic barley grass.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about barley grass – including where it comes from and what health benefits it can provide. We also discuss the recommended use and possible side effects of Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsules. You can also read some first-hand testimonials from Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule users.

Barley Grass: Where Does It Come From?

Barley grass, sometimes referred to as barley green or barley leaves, is obtained from the young leaf of the barley plant (Hordeum vulgare). Barley grass is rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll, and also contains ferulic acid, vitamins, minerals, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

Today, barley grass is used as a natural ingredient in many different products, including Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink and Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsules.

Health Benefits of Barley Grass and Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule

Here are some of the health benefits of barley grass:

  1. It reduces cholesterol levels.
    During a clinical study of the effect of barley grass on type 2 diabetes, researchers discovered that it not only lowers blood sugar, but it also lowers cholesterol levels. Moreover, the study showed that after 70 days of taking barley grass every day, cholesterol levels decreased by 5.1%. Type 2 diabetes, as well as cholesterol, is actually slowed by antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, which barley grass has in abundance. So, if you have high cholesterol, consult your doctor about taking Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule, a daily supplement made from pure organic barley grass.
  2. It can help boost your immune system.
    A strong, healthy immune system can help you fight off infections and prevent the development of chronic inflammatory diseases. If you are looking to strengthen your immune system taking Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsules may be right for you. Studies show that barley grass can boost the immune defense mechanism of your body. Regular consumption of barley grass provides the required nutrition which is essential for balancing the ideal production of immune cells in the body.
  3. It can help detoxify and reduce toxic buildup in the body.
    Barley grass is a powerful natural detoxifier. The detoxifying ability of barley grass is even effective in eliminating accumulated harmful heavy metals including lead. The major contributors behind the act of detoxification are the trace elements copper, selenium, and zinc found in barley grass. Furthermore, barley grass is rich in beta-carotene and chlorophyll which stimulates the eradication of waste materials like crystallized acids and mucus. Barley grass also promotes metabolic processes and aids in detoxifying and strengthening the liver.
  4. It has anti-cancer potential.
    Barley grass has been experimented with and studied thoroughly for its anti-cancer potential. One study found that barley grass extract caused apoptosis of prostate and breast cancer cells. With the results of the study, researchers concluded that barley grass may be useful during therapeutic interventions and for cancer treatment. However, while these results are promising, the anti-cancer properties of barley grass have yet to be fully explored and studied.
  5. It can help reduce signs of aging.
    The consumption of barley grass is a natural way to stimulate the regeneration of cells without side effects – and help reduce signs of aging. Vital barley grass components such as chlorophyll, iron, vitamin B, and phycocyanin (a blue pigment in barley grass) can help improve the bone marrow and promote the production of red and white blood cells. This invigorating effect of barley grass also helps reduce the signs of aging by rejuvenating the aging cells and helping to maintain healthy, youthful skin.

Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule: Recommended Use

Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule is a daily supplement that is made from pure organic barley grass. There are no contra-indications or side effects, and may be taken alongside any prescribed medication.

Take three to six capsules early in the morning on an empty stomach. Take it at least twenty minutes before your meals so that your body can absorb the nutrients better.

For those who are not feeling well or are sick, it is advisable to take Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsules three times a day before every meal.

Potential Side Effects

The consumption of barley grass (even in capsule form, such as Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule) is likely to be safe.

If you have a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, avoid any barley grass products that are not labeled gluten-free. Why? This is because while hypersensitivity to barley products is normally associated with the seed and not the shoots or green leaves, patients with celiac disease and other sensitivities to barley may experience unwanted side effects.

The high levels of certain minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin K, phosphorus, and potassium in barley grass may not be suitable for people with certain conditions, such as those on dialysis. Furthermore, it may not be suited to those who are taking certain medications, such as insulin or warfarin.

Due to a lack of scientific research on the effects of barley grass, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it.

If you are considering trying Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsules, consult your doctor to discuss whether it’s right for you.

Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule Testimonials and Reviews

Who better to convince you of Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule’s benefits than our ever-valued customers? Find out what customers have to say about our product by reading the testimonials and reviews below.

“This is what I have been using now as my supplement since I’ve discovered about its benefits to the body. I don’t take vitamins anymore because it got all the vitamins already I needed. What’s great about this is it’s very easy to drink because they are just in capsules, very handy and I can just take anywhere, especially I’m always on the go as a medical representative.”

– Jeany Parilla

“Prayers granted! Thank you Lord God for this amazing blessing that you have given us. Nakaka amaze pag ikaw na palang ang magtetestimonial, dati taga post lang ako, at taga share ng pregnancy testimonial ng iba, but after some negative pregnancy results, I realized na why not itry ko din ang IAM barley. Walk with the talk as they say! Be your own product! And God is amazing! After less than 3 boxes, nagpositive PT ako and yesterday I had an ultrasound and saw my baby with a beautiful heart beat. Thank you so much Lord God! We are forever thankful. Pati husband ko nakiinom din ng Barley. Kaya mas lalong express ang result.”

– Anonymous

“Good news talaga ang pure organic barley mam, for the first time bumaba yung blood sugar nang tatay ko since Sunday 300, Monday 279, Tuesday 240, Wednesday 140 na this morning. Super amazing mam very thankful ako sa result. Godbless for the team.”

– Anonymous

“Salamat sa Diyos. Guminhawa ang pakiramdam ko sa dibdib at gumanda ang tulog ko nawala ang insomnia ko at benign ang result ng thyroid ko dahil sa barley super energetic ako magtrabaho hindi ako nakakaramdam ng pagod at gutom at bumaba ang cholesterol ko. Kaya naman naproud ako at nakilala ko ang distributor ng IAM worldwide barley napaka effective talaga salamat sa Diyos at salamat sa barley.”

– Cathy Daguio

“She is Imelda Duan Calipay and she was diagnosed last November 2015 with Diabetes Miletus, Type 2. While having her Insulin Treatment due to high blood sugar level, she also had a surgery for Myoma and had a complication and was diagnosed for another disease called Pnemonia. Until she met IAM Worldwide and started using The Amazing Barley. After a month and a half, all her laboratory results were all good. Watch this full video to witness how our products amazingly worked for her.” 

– Imelda Duan Calipay

“Meet Eunilyn Narcisa, she had an amazing testimony on how The Amazing Barley really work for her mom who’s supposedly having angioplasty surgery but decided to take The Amazing Barley instead. Not only our products can help you gained your health back but also can prevent you from spending too much for hospital bills and surgeries.”

– Eunilyn Narcisa

“She is Princess Patsy. The Amazing Barley helped her cyst shrunk in size from 1.9cm to 1.1cm. For parents like us, we really need to take care of our health as we wanted to see our children grow and be successful and be part of their lives until we can.” 

– Princess Patsy

“Meet Ate Mimi, an OFW from Kuwait. She had a Stage 4 Cancer and after 3 months of taking The Amazing Barley, all her lung nodules were gone that even the Doctor couldn’t believe with her amazing results!!” 

– Mimi

“No more sickness because of this product. Thank You IAm Worldwide!”

– Jane M.

Sours: https://amazingbarley.org/amazing-pure-organic-barley-capsule-health-benefits-recommended-use-side-effects-and-testimonials/

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