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US Commemorative Gold Coins

Commemorative coins are very popular among precious metals coins issued by nations all over the world, since their first release by the Greek and Roman civilizations. However, US Commemorative Coins are considered to be the most diverse collection within the US Gold coins available on the gold bullion market, having outstanding and unique designs. During each year, the United States Mint manufactures several impressive commemorative gold coins that honor significant figures, events or places in American history. This is why these coin series are very appealing to passionate collectors and numismatists.

Commemorative $5 US Gold Coins

Starting with the year 1986, the United States Mint produced over 90% of its Gold Coins portfolio which consists mainly of Commemorative $5 US Gold Coins that celebrate important American places, events and people, including: Olympic Games, the Constitution, the Statue of Liberty, the Mountain Rushmore, President James Madison, Jamestown’s 400th Anniversary, the 50th Anniversary of WWII, the American Bald Eagle and many more. Each year these coin series receive a new design and are minted in brilliant uncirculated or proof conditions, as well as certified options by NGC or PCGS.

One of the most popular Commemorative $5 U.S.Gold Coin is the Mark Twain Gold Coin. It was released to celebrate the educational and literary contribution of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, known as Mark Twain. The obverse of the coin features the portrait image of Mark Twain while the reverse side of the coin is a depiction of a steamboat on the Mississippi River. The coin also contains the regular inscription of the gold coins minted by the US Mint and it’s backed by the US Government.

Commemorative $10 First Spouse Gold Coin Series

A very popular design among Commemorative $10 US Gold Coins is the First Spouse Gold Coin Series, released in 2007. These coin series are minted annually and carry the depiction of the First Ladies that relate to each president depicted on the annual Presidential Gold Coins. The obverse side of this coin features the portrait of the First Lady, along with her name, presidential order and term years during which she served as a first spouse. The reverse side of the coin features an emblematic unique image from the spouse’s work and life. When the Presidential Gold Coins is released featuring one of the few presidents that served without a spouse, the First Spouse Gold Coin series bears the image of the Lady Liberty on the obverse and the image of the president’s life on the reverse side.

Commemorative Centennial Gold Coins

The year 2016 celebrates 100 years from the release of the three most important gold coin designs: the Standing Liberty Quarter, the Mercury Dime and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. To commemorate the centenary anniversary of these remarkable coins, the US Mint will release during 2016 the Commemorative Centennial Gold Coins series of the above-mentioned coin designs. All these three numismatic coins have been redesigned in 1916, the Gold Mercury Dime Coin and Gold Walking Liberty Half Dollar by Adolph A. Weinman and the Standing Liberty Quarter by Hermon Atkins MacNeil’s.

Browse our collection of US Commemorative Gold Coins and choose your favorite unique piece of  U.S. coinage history. If you have any questions, call us at 800.852.6884, send us a message or connect with us via our live web chat.

US Commemorative Gold Coins


About $5 Modern Commems

Modern commemorative gold $5 half eagles were first issued in 1986 with the Statue of Liberty Centennial program and have been offered during most years since. While $5 gold commemorative coins are issued at much higher retail prices than their half dollar and silver dollar counterparts, they nevertheless enjoy brisk sales from the onset. However, many $5 gold issues eventually suffer from lack of interest in their secondary sales channels months and years after their releases. This is not much unlike the marketplace situation experienced by other modern commemorative coins, which have been subjected to largely sluggish market conditions in recent years.

Several $5 gold commemorative coins are surprisingly tough in uncirculated condition, as most people who bought these coins originally seemed to prefer proof specimens. This leaves many MS $5 gold commemoratives scarcer on the whole than their proof $5 gold counterparts. The scarcest MS $5 gold pieces include the 1995-W XXVI Stadium and 1996-W Cauldron Olympic $5 gold coins, 1997-W Jackie Robinson $5 gold, 2001-W Capitol Visitor Center $5 gold, 2013-P 5-Star General $5 gold coin, and 2014-W National Baseball Hall of Fame gold $5 coin.

Proof specimens are much more common across the board, though the 1997-W Jackie Robinson $5 gold proof and 2014-W National Baseball Hall of Fame $5 gold proof are strong performers. All $5 gold coins graded MS70 or PR70 tend to sell better than lower-graded specimens, and spotless $5 gold coins in original government packaging also in demand.

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Please note that the picture is an example only and this listing is for 1 (one) $5 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin.

The United States Mint is well known for the production of the American Eagle coin series, featuring silver, gold, and platinum issues, as well as the America the Beautiful and American Gold Buffalo. However, the mint strikes numerous other commemorate and bullion offerings each year. Today you have the chance to purchase $5 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coins from varied years, BU and proof specimens, online from JM Bullion.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in original US Mint capsules.
  • Coins come largely from mint years of 1986 to 2011.
  • Contains .24187 Troy oz of actual gold content.
  • Face values of $5 (USD) are fully backed by the US government.
  • Obverse and reverse designs vary, featuring President James Madison, the Statue of Liberty, and Star Spangled Banner, as examples.
  • Available in uncirculated and proof versions.

Since 1986, the US Mint has produced commemorative gold coins featuring 90% gold content. The coins are the same size and weight as the traditional $5 Liberty Gold and $5 Indian Gold coins, with each design celebrating a different iconic moment or person from American history.

In this unique product listing you have the opportunity to purchase $5 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coins. JM Bullion guarantees these coins will be in either BU or proof versions. A BU coin has no signs of wear and tear, though you may notice a range of minor flaws including breaks in the luster, spotted surfaces, or contact marks from the production process.

The gold coins available here today come from varied years of production, generally ranging from 1986 to 2011. JM Bullion cannot guarantee exactly which coin youll receive with your purchase today. The obverse and reverse design of the coin you get, as well as its status as a BU or proof specimen, is dependent upon the availability of coins in our warehouse when your order is processed for shipping.

Available designs include iconic people and moments such as the Statue of Liberty, former presidents, and the Star Spangled Banner. The Statue of Liberty is a design that features on countless American coins, and depicts the nations memorable symbol of freedom as it stands in New York Citys harbor.

The United States Mint is the official sovereign mint of America. Founded through passage of the Coinage Act of 1792, it started with a single building in Philadelphia and has grown and shrunk over the years. Today the Mint has four coining facilities: San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia, and West Point. The bullion depository at Fort Knox is also part of the United States Mint and the Department of the Treasury.

Please feel free to contact JM Bullion with questions. You can reach us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email.


Commemorative US Gold Coins

Buy Modern US Gold Commemorative coins and enjoy beauty, art, and history, while making a sound investment.

Provident Metals is proud to offer our customers the opportunity to invest in collectible Modern U.S. Commemorative Gold Coins that celebrate America’s heroes, her important and memorable events, and her honored institutions. Shrewd investors will also appreciate how cost effective it is to purchase bullion through these $5 and $10 modern U.S. commemorative gold coins because each coin is sold at extremely low premiums over the spot price– some at ONLY $25 Over Melt. In addition to their investment value, many of these coins are highly prized by collectors because they were all released on a limited basis to honor a specific event or person, sculpted by some of our greatest modern artists, and struck with great care by the United States Mint. Investors can rest assured that each commemorative gold coin is produced to the stringent standards of the U.S. Mint, and buyers will also appreciate the diversity of options available. The aesthetic grandeur of American Modern Commemorative Gold Coins makes them an investment that is pleasing to the eye. Each gold commemorative coin investment will likely increase in value as the number and availability of mint-condition coins from each limited release naturally decreases with time.

We offer modern American commemorative gold coins in two investment levels: five or ten dollar gold coins that correspond to about 1/4 or ½ ounce of fine gold respectively. For a representative sampling of the coins you may receive, know that all commemorative gold coins celebrate some of America’s proudest moments and people including the Atlanta and Los Angeles Olympic games, important American institutions such as the Smithsonian, and heroic acts such as the Wright Brothers first flight, and baseball player Jackie Robinson’s influence. Many recognizable figures such as astronauts, presidents, and generals grace the obverse of many commemorative coins. Because of all the events’ significance, each beautiful commemorative coin was authorized by the United State Congress. Each also carries the United States Motto: In God We Trust. The coins are worth much more than their five or ten dollar face value and were not circulated as legal tender, and therefore, most are in excellent condition. Each Modern American Commemorative Gold Coin offers the opportunity to increase your wealth, diversify your portfolio, while at the same time celebrating great American causes and people.

Please use Provident Metal’s secure online ordering system to order your commemorative gold coins today, and you will appreciate the most cost-effective and secure shipping available, as well.


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