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Testimonials / What our clients are saying about us

  • I wanted to let you know the UnderDeck product installed beautifully and has worked flawlessly through a number of rains and snow melts so far this fall. We also were able to wrap and gutter the triple joist with no problems or leaks. I’ve had a number of friends take a look at what I did.  Who knows, they may become future customers for your company.

    One piece of advice is you may want to recommend that people order one extra piece for a few of the items in case they make a mistake.  It may cost a bit extra but it saves time and money in the long run if you have to do a second order like I did.

    Thanks for all of your support.

    Mark, Homeowner in MN

  • I am quite happy with how the systems have performed over the last 10 yrs. I was skeptical at first that the material would "hold up" in our Colorado, high mountain climate. We also had to paint the entire system prior to install due to strict Design Review Board guidelines, but it has performed extremely well. I now have 3 different clients that would like to purchase a system.

    Jeffrey, 10th Mountain Builders, Colorado

  • Great product! My Customer loved it and it was easy to install. I just gave your name out to another contractor that was looking for a waterproofing system. I will be using UnderDeck The Original again. Thank You!

    Don, Contractor, Harrisburg, PA

  • UnderDeck The Original installation was pretty easy to work with and everything we needed was provided in one shipment. It looked great, and we have had some very serious rain showers since it was installed. My customer has had no complaints. I would definitely recommend FehrMark's under decking again on future products!

    Chad, General Contractor, Mechanicsburg, PA

Sours: https://underdeck.com/

Enjoy outdoor living above and below your deck

New construction or remodel

Finished beadboard look

Low maintenance

Durable water-diverting vinyl channels

Adaptable to most deck shapes and configurations



Our NEW Quick Install Track makes UpSide Deck Ceiling installation even easier


UPSD-10QIT_w-HW_Quick Install Track w Hardware_RGB.jpg
UPSD-STS_Starter Strip_RGB.jpg
UPSD-GC_Glide Clip_RGB.jpg
UPSD-ET_Edge Trim_RGB.jpg
Installation Components.jpg
Sours: https://upsidebycolorguard.com/
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Deck Accessories Ceiling & UnderDeck Kit Underdeck Kit w(10'x16')

Ceiling Kw!k underdeck paneling system will revolutionize the way you currently use your outdoor space. Complete the look of the unfinished space underneath your elevated deck in a single day with these easy to install panels. An exclusive offer from BuildDirect, we deliver this innovative product in easy to assemble kits that minimize measuring and prep work on site. Offering two size options, our kits provide you with the materials needed to cover the underside of either a 10'x12' or a 10'x16' deck. Order, measure and cut accordingly to easily accommodate the dimensions of any other deck sizeask our friendly product experts for more information. The panels included in each kit easily zip into place with the use of a few basic tools, and can are easily maintained by semi-regular cleaning with a simple detergent solution. Crafted from resilient PVC into flat non-corrugate washable panels, this under deck system offers the highest quality in its class, and begs only minimal maintenance

Sours: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Accessories-Ceiling-UnderDeck-Underdeck-10x16/dp/B00MCLUQUE

Here’s a quick way to gain dry storage or living space under a raised deck: Retrofit a system that channels runoff toward a dedicated gutter. Even better, the ceiling systems highlighted below are suitable for DIY installation.

EPDM rubber panels from DEK Drain ($5 to $6 per sq. ft.) drape between the lower edges of deck joists to form sloped, water-diverting troughs that resist heat, wind, fire, and UV rays. Adding the gutter—and a ceiling to conceal the drainage system—is up to you.

Interlocking vinyl panels that clip to under-joist supports create a sloped catchment and finished ceiling in one. While most vinyls are vulnerable to heat and high winds, Zip-Up UnderDeck ($7 to $8 per sq. ft.) has a Class A fire rating and passed hurricane tests.

There are also coated-steel or aluminum panels that hang from under-joist supports for an attractive ceiling that is sturdier and more heat resistant than vinyl. These must be isolated from treated wood. Metal systems usually require a pro installer, but Under Deck Oasis ($6 to $9 per sq. ft.) offers an aluminum DIY kit with gutter and downspout—and good online how-to videos.

Sours: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/decking/21015666/add-a-drainage-system-under-raised-decks

Ceiling kit deck under

You’ve seen the beautiful pictures of what’s possible beneath a second-story deck. Just look at an inspiration gallery, and you’ll soon be searching for more information on under deck drainage systems!

Whether you want a fully finished sunroom or screened porch beneath your elevated deck, or an organized place for storage year-round, a pool house, an office, more entertaining space, more dining space, a hot tub spa room, or a playroom for the children, it all begins with waterproofing beneath the deck. With a high-quality drainage system such as Trex RainEscape, you can accomplish any and all of these goals.

If you’re using this under deck space for storage, you may be done, but if you want to create a finished living space, you’ll want to add an under deck ceiling to complement your style. There are several options, but you probably first want to know the cost. So let’s get to it.

What is the Cost to Install an Underdeck Ceiling?

The cost to install a ceiling under your deck will depend on the material you use in the ceiling, lighting and electrical options, whether you choose a contractor or want to DIY the project, and, of course, the square foot area of the room. Where you live will also contribute to the cost as local labor prices can vary widely.

You can save about 22 percent by providing your own labor, according to the Chicago Tribune. The article suggests hiring a professional installer to build an underdeck ceiling below a 14-by-20 foot deck will cost $2,436. Because the installation is relatively easy, you could also purchase the materials for $1,750 and do the project yourself.

For most underdeck ceilings, you’ll need a few tools. If you don’t have these, you’ll need to factor them into the cost of a do-it-yourself ceiling.

  • Ladder
  • Circular saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Drill bit set
  • Safety glasses
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You might opt for a pre-made under deck ceiling system— which you’ll still need to cut to size — or start with large ceiling panels. Of course, always use materials for an outdoor ceiling unless you are entirely enclosing the space. Explore your options: a zip-up ceiling system or vinyl or aluminum panels are just a few of your options.

Underdeck ceiling: Available options

There are a few different material options to choose from when designing an underdeck ceiling. Most homeowners choose an aluminum or vinyl / PVC ceiling because these are less costly and easy to install. Here’s a quick comparison.

Aluminum benefitsVinyl benefits
Superior durability that will not rot, chip, crack, or rustVery low maintenance
No repainting requiredResistant to insects
Highest ventilation efficiency of any productLess expensive than most other options
Easy to clean and maintainVery versatile – lots of choices in colors and textures
Highly flexible and less rigid than vinylHighly durable – will not rot or corrode over time
Water and fire-resistantWater repellant
Can withstand most weather conditions

Your preferences for color and texture will also inform the ceiling finish you choose. Some homeowners prefer a beadboard look, while others desire a more smooth ceiling.

Waterproof First

As noted earlier, before considering a ceiling, the first step is installing a quality under deck drainage system. You don’t want any water touching the wood on your substructure (the joists, beams, and posts supporting your deck boards). That’s why you need to install an over the joists drainage system.

While some DIY websites recommend adding a deck roof to an existing deck, this allows water to drip through the deck boards, over the wooden joists and beams, getting the wood wet over and over again. This roof under the deck will create wood rot, especially in more humid climates.

In just 8-10 years, moisture can significantly damage your wooden substructure. Check out this video.

Further, suppose there’s moisture trapped between your deck boards and the roofing or ceiling. In that case, adding electrical wiring for ceiling fans, light fixtures, or utilities becomes quite dangerous.

Four Things to Look ForCreate a downspout and gutter system that will waterproof your substructure during the construction of your deck. There are several systems on the market, including Trex RainEscape, Under Deck, DrySpace, Dek Drain, Zip Up, and TimberTech. Check out this comparison before you buy. Along with pricing, be sure to consider ease of installation, material, and warranty.

What are the Benefits of an Underdeck Ceiling?

Whatever your fun — or functional — plans for your new outdoor living space, you’ll enjoy these benefits with an underdeck ceiling:

  • It makes your backyard and home more attractive
  • Increases your home value, with more useable dry space
  • It eliminates the rafter space where wasps and spiders love to breed
  • It fights mold growth and makes it easier to clean

Building out your deck area with an under deck oasis or savvy storage is a smart investment. Along with a beautiful design and decking and second level deck amenities such as pergolas and deck roofs, be sure to add an underdeck drainage system and ceiling to your deck construction plans. Cook, play, work or entertain to your heart’s desire!

Sours: https://trexrainescape.com/resources/how-much-does-under-deck-ceiling-cost/
My Under Deck Roof Part 2

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