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Roblox Royale High Codes 2021

Roblox Royale High game will take you to a magical dream world. You have to roam around the land in order to explore the hidden secrets. Roblox Royale High provides you with a wide range of customization options, you can customize your character as you like. Take the right books to school and complete your homework to level up in the classroom and earn different rewards. Buy special items from the game’s shop with the help of diamonds. 

Active Codes

Currently, there are no active codes.

Expired Codes

August Door Code: area51

How to Redeem codes in Roblox Royale High ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Roblox Royale High:

  • Enter into the game and find the Codes button at the top of your screen. 
  • A new screen will open with a caption “Enter Codes”.
  • Input your code in the text box. 
  • And click the “Redeem” button to get your desired reward. 

Intergalactic Trading Hub

Introduction date

March 23, 2020


Go for a UFO ride into outer space and be dropped off at the intergalactic Trading Hub Space Station, where-out-of-this-world trades take place between beings from all planets and kingdoms.

The Intergalactic Trading Hubis a realm for players to use the tradingfeature. It was released on March 23, 2020. The realm can be accessed on Earththrough a UFO near the cinema; The player will go through a cutscene before teleporting. Additionally, on June 17, 2020 a teleport icon was added on the map. This realm is only available to those level 75 and over. Additionally, players will be able to trade with each other there.

As of June 17, 2020 players level 75+ can now teleport to the realm with the Teleportation Scepter. Players that live in South Korea or The Netherlands are unable to trade due to country laws that disallow trading in video games, and therefore cannot teleport to the Intergalactic Trading Hub.

This realm was mainly built by callmehbob. Reddietheteddy and Beeism helped build and design some of the models while Ironclaw33 scripted the majority of functional items.



The player will be scanned at the entrance and will be opened to the second floor. A newer update, included an agreement showing you the terms and conditions. The player must accept this or they will not be able to proceed into the trading hub. If "I decline!" is pressed, the player will be teleported back to Earth.


In the elevator, the player can travel to all three floors. Players can also click on a button named "Panic" that will explode the player, respawning them.

Second Floor

The player can relax at some of the lounges and can select drinks from the bar; despite the variety of drinks, none seem to do any in-game effect to the player. There is also another bar in which the player can make ice-cream from by clicking on their desired flavor, then putting it under the "nitrogen" dispenser.

In between the second and third floors, there is a command center the player can access. The player can click on buttons however they don't have any effect and is just for fun. If you press a lot of buttons fast you will be respawned.

There is a door on the second floor that leads to ladders the player has to go up in order to enter a lounge that is quite frankly, high. It is surrounded by creatures that are possibly aliens and has few couches the player can sit on while enjoying the view.

Third Floor

Players can go upstairs to the third floor, using the escalator or elevator. On each side, there are sleeping chambers for male and female. On each side, there are sleeping pods where the player can gain energy from. Every sleeping pod has two buttons: one to change the light color and one to trigger a door. Towards the back of the third floor, players can see a passage where a pool and small waterfall is in.

Ice's Secret Room (First Floor)

On the first floor, the player will be blocked by a secure passage that requires a code. Originally, at launch the code was Inginging. However after a few hours the door required a different code which is area51. Cracking the code will award the player a badge.

In the center, there is a chest that has a special accessory: Ice's UFO. Downstairs, the player can also brew a pot of fresh slime in which they can pour in a cup of slime they can drink from. Just like every other drink, it has no effect on the player. Inside the secret room, you will also find multiple pictures and cutouts of David Baszucki, Roblox's CEO.

The player will need to click a button on the door to exit.

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Roblox Royale High Code Door

The are presently no legitimate or operating codes, best Royale High Door Code.

Last Updated on 04.07.2021

Do you need a few loose rewards in your favorite Roblox Game, then hold reading…

  • Puppy Quest Code (New December 2020): Watch the video (Below) because requires to find it
  • August Door Code: area51

There aren’t lively or operating codes yet. But as quickly because the builders upload codes to the game, we are able to be including them to the listing. So be patient, and are available returned to test our codes listing to look if the are new codes to redeem

There aren’t professional Twitter or Discord channels, so in case you need to search for codes through your self you may should seek them in youtube

Expired Codes

There aren’t expired codes, due to the fact the codes gadget has by no means beed implemented. So we go away this segment here, however to date is empty.

How to Redeem Roblox Codes?

As we informed you the codes gadget isn’t always lively. So there isn’t any technique to redeem codes yet. But as quickly because the builders encompass the codes, we are able to train you the way to redeem them.

If you want to see constantly updated roblox codes, check here:


Last Updated on 1 October, 2021

All the valid Royale High Codes in one updated list – Roblox Games by callmehbob – Do you want some free rewards for your favourite Roblox Game, then keep reading…

Royale High Codes – Full List

Do you want some free rewards for your favourite Roblox Game, then keep reading…

Other Royale High guides:

Valid & Active Door Codes

Do you want some free rewards for your favourite Roblox Game, then keep reading…

The are currently no valid or working codes, only Door Codes

  • Puppy Quest Code (New December 2020): Watch the video (Below) because requires to find it
  • August Door Code: area51

There are not active or working codes yet. But as soon as the developers add codes to the game, we will be adding them to the list. So be patient, and come back to check our codes list to see if the are new codes to redeem

There are not official Twitter or Discord channels, so if you want to look for codes by yourself you will have to search them in youtube

Royale High Expired codes

There aren’t expired codes, because the codes system has never beed implemented. So we leave this section here, but so far is empty

Royale High – How to Redeem?

As we told you the codes system is not active. So there isn’t any method to redeem codes yet. But as soon as the developers include the codes, we will teach you how to redeem them

How to play Welcome to Bloxburg? Roblox Game by callmehbob

Welcome to Royale High, your ever-growing dream world!

Use your Teleportation Sceptre to fast-travel across magical lands, with secrets to explore & fun games to play!
Games earn you the valuable currency Diamonds, increases your level, & challenges your knowledge and skills!
Spend your diamonds in the shop, which sells special items during real-life seasons.
Dress your character to suit your mood & personality~ free makeup, hairstyles, & thousands of unique outfits for any occasion!
Level up at Royale High School by attending classes! The higher grades you receive, the more rewards you earn!
Make sure to bring the right book to class from your locker, and turn in your completed homework!
Try to balance your studies and socializing, as many best friends have been made within these halls

icons by @ixchoco_ & @sparklingsrblx

More Roblox Codes – Other Games

You can’t claim free rewards in Royale High. But there are tons of roblox games with tons of codes to redeem and rewards to claim:

We have tons of updated lists with active codes for most of the Roblox Games here.

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Trading code high royale

All New Roblox Royale High Codes (October 2021)

If you want to know how to redeem Royale High Codes of October 2021, all of the codes listed below are working and active. Use these codes to get additional spins for absolutely free. Make sure to read the rest of this article to know all about Royale High Codes.

All Royale High Codes

There are no new codes added in the month of October 2021.

  • There are no working codes at this moment.

At the moment only the door code is made available to the players while other codes haven’t yet been generated. We will be updating this guide as soon as more valid codes are made available.

all royal high promo codes

Expired Codes

  • There are no expired codes.

How To Redeem Royale High Codes

To redeem Royale High Codes, all you have to do is look for the Codes button on your screen, click on it and you will be able to enter the Royal High Codes there. These codes will open up a ton of possibilities by opening doors and giving tons of resources to players.

This is all there is to know about all Royale High codes, make sure that you keep checking this page as we will update this as and when new codes are made available.

Want more codes? We have got you covered.

That’s everything you need to know about the Royal High codes. While you are here, be sure to check out other Roblox Promo Codesat Gamer Tweak.

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