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This article is about the disease Vampirism, in particular the effects it has on the player. For NPCs who are vampires, see Vampire.

Facial image of a Vampire

In Oblivion, vampires are people infected with Porphyric Hemophilia, an unusual disease. You can become a vampire—either by choice or by accident—and can subsequently be cured. In addition, vampiric NPCs will be encountered, both friendly and hostile.

Effects of Vampirism[edit]

Unlike previous Elder Scrolls games, you can pass as a living mortal; citizens and the Imperial Guard will not attack you on sight if you are known to be a vampire. Yet, also unlike previous Elder Scrolls games, there are only two quests relating to your vampirism, one in which you become a vampire and another in which you obtain the cure for vampirism. There are also no vampire clans that you can join, nor can you associate with or avoid being attacked by vampire antagonists. However, you can perform The Order of the Virtuous Blood quest while you are a vampire.


Regardless of your level of vampirism, you acquire % disease resistance and % resistance to paralysis. The other advantages and liabilities of vampirism vary depending on how long it has been since the last time you fed on another humanoid.

Time Since Last FeedingVampirism
Skill Bonus
to Fire
Resist Normal
Sunlight Damage
Ability Gained
hours (first day)25%+520&#;%5&#;%0Hunter's Sight
hours (second day)50%+1030&#;%10&#;%1Vampire's Seduction
hours (third day)75%+1540&#;%15&#;%4Reign of Terror
72+ hours (fourth day onwards)%+2050&#;%20&#;%8Embrace of Shadows

Unlike most skill boosts, these skill increases are implemented as abilities and therefore they increase the base value of your skills. One effect is that you gain skill perks, such as the ability to cast more powerful spells. See the section on skill boost abilities for other advantages.

The abilities gained are:

  • Hunter's Sight (Lesser Power, FormID ) - Night Eye for 30 secs on Self, Detect Life ft for 30 secs on Self. Costs 5 Magicka; can be used repeatedly.
  • Vampire's Seduction (Greater Power, FormID ) - Charm 50 pts for 20 secs on Touch, once per day. This skill can be used to bypass the huge disposition penalty that comes with being a high level vampire.
  • Reign of Terror (Greater Power, FormID ) - Silence 20ft for 60 secs, Demoralize up to lvl 6 for 60 secs on Touch, once per day.
  • Embrace of Shadows (Greater Power, FormID ) - Night Eye for 90 secs on Self, Invisibility for secs on Self, once per day.


A Redguard NPC with a lightened complexion
  • Sun damage is the most obvious disadvantage of being a vampire. At 50% vampirism and higher, you will continually take damage whenever you are outside during the day ( am to pm).
    • The amount of damage increases at higher levels of vampirism.
    • To prevent sun damage, you need to return to 25% vampirism by feeding; as long as you do not sleep (or wait/rest) after feeding you will remain at 25% vampirism and be able to travel safely.
    • The level of damage depends upon how bright it is outside; damage reaches its peak of twice the base magnitude at midday.
    • Cloud cover reduces the damage you take from sunlight, but does not eliminate it. Being underwater has a similar effect.
    • There is no sun in any of Mehrunes Dagon's Planes of Oblivion, therefore vampires do not suffer from any sun damage while in Oblivion. The unique weather that appears in the Planes of Oblivion also manifests outside the Oblivion gates, so proximity to a gate also results in no sun damage, although it takes a few seconds for the weather to change. However, you should take caution in Oblivion planes as many enemies will use fire attacks and there are numerous fire obstacles.
  • Whenever you are taking sun damage, you are unable to Fast Travel.
    • Fast Travel is only possible if it is initiated during the night time, when no sun damage is being taken. You will not receive damage from travel that is done during the day when using fast travel. However, if you arrive somewhere during the day, you will begin taking damage.
    • You can fast travel during the day from any of the houses that you own, except the one in Anvil.
  • You cannot wait outside during the day. At night you can use the wait function, but you must stop waiting before sunrise if you are outside. If your character continues waiting while exposed to sunlight, your character will take damage and will eventually die.
  • Your appearance will change significantly, and will remain so until you are cured. Your character will age by about twenty years, acquiring a wrinkled and pale complexion. If your character has an unusual skin color, this may be changed radically. Others will notice and comment on your appearance if you allow yourself to go beyond 25% vampirism. Your eyes will become a pale red color. You may also lose your eyebrows and facial hair. When you are a full vampire, people may refuse to speak to you, citing your obvious vampirism. This can be countered by raising the NPC's disposition to at least , for example using Vampire's Seduction.
  • Guards may refuse to accept yields at the fourth stage of vampirism, forcing you to run away or fight them to the death.

Stages of Vampirism[edit]

Becoming a Vampire[edit]

There are three ways to become a vampire in Oblivion, which are detailed below. You can only become a vampire once: if you become a full vampire and are then cured, you cannot become a vampire again.

Vicente Valtieri during "Darkness Eternal"
  • Complete all the contracts given to you by senior Dark Brotherhood member Vicente Valtieri, and he will offer you the gift of vampirism (available through Darkness Eternal).
  • In the Mehrunes' Razordownload, eating the Beating Heart taken from Msirae Faythung will infect you with Cannibal's Prion and Porphyric Hemophilia. Be sure to let the vampirism take hold first before you use Cure Disease to get rid of the Cannibal's Prion. You can also use the Beating Heart to make a Potion of Porphyric Hemophilia, if your Alchemy skill is
  • Contract Porphyric Hemophilia from a vampire during combat. Each time you are struck with a vampire's melee attack, you run the risk of contracting the disease. Locations where vampires may be encountered are listed at Vampire Dungeons. If you are subsequently unable or unwilling to cure the disease, you will eventually become a vampire, as detailed below.

Once initially contracted, Porphyric Hemophilia will not take effect until three days have passed, at which point sleeping will trigger the full change into a vampire.

  • After your first rest/night of sleep (72 or more hours after contracting the disease) you will have strange dreams/visions. You will obtain some vampire skills.
  • At least a day after your first rest, a second rest/night of sleep will cause more strange dreams/visions, and you obtain some more vampire skills.
  • At least a day after your second rest, a third rest/night of sleep will cause even more strange dreams/visions, you obtain all vampire skills, and you become a full vampire and highly vulnerable to daylight.

Note that at least for the first night of sleep, if you are also due to level up, sleeping will only trigger vampire skills. A second nap will be necessary to increase your level and increase your attributes.

Preventing Vampirism[edit]

For the first 72 hours after being infected with Porphyric Hemophilia, the condition is subject to the rules which govern any other disease, and can be cured in the same fashion. If you become infected and do not wish to become a vampire, you must drink a potion, eat an ingredient (e.g. Mandrake Root or Shepherd's Pie), or cast a spell which cures disease. Alternatively, you could go to the nearest temple and receive a blessing at the chapel altar. If you do not cure the disease within three days, however, you can no longer be cured. At that point, the only way to prevent becoming a vampire is to avoid sleeping for as long as possible.


Vampire feeding on a sleeping target
Rona Hassildor in her coma

In order to feed, a sleeping humanoid must be found. Feeding on an awake, stunned, paralyzed or dead person is not possible. To feed, simply "activate" the person. Doing so while not sneaking will give a choice between feeding and talking; doing so while sneaking gives a choice between feeding and pickpocketing.

If someone else witnesses a feeding, it will be reported as a crime with a bounty of 40 gold (it is treated as an assault). Being caught by someone else while feeding also wakes up the victim. Feeding does not kill or harm the person, and they are not turned into vampires. One thing to keep in mind is that NPCs will not be awoken by your presence if you are not trespassing. Public areas such as guild halls are a great place to feed because you can simply walk in without fear of being chased away. Being stealthy while feeding will rarely result in the humanoid waking up, with the exception of Imperial Guards. Guards seem to often be woken up to the feeding and attempt to arrest you as a result. Guards can be avoided as they offer no special feeding bonuses; feeding on any humanoid will garner the same results.

Do note, however, that feeding on other vampires is impossible. Attempting to feed on another vampire will not get a feeding dialogue box, but instead the vampire will simply react as though feeding was never attempted. They will wake up for conversation if you are not sneaking, or you will enter the pickpocketing screen if you are sneaking.

Some easy ways to feed are:

  • Preying upon one of the beggars that go to sleep around the towns at night. They often sleep in hidden places and guards don't usually go near them. Also, you don't need to break into anywhere.
  • Feeding on fellow guild members, especially in the Mages Guild which exists in every city. The Fighters Guild works less well, because the porters follow you around. Dark Brotherhood members do not care if you feed on other members. While Cloud Ruler Temple is an option, this is not recommended as the Blades all sleep in the same area.
  • Inns are another source of sleeping people.
  • Break into a house and feed on the owner. This has some risks: some people do not spend the whole night in their home, or the owner might be awake and report you to the guards for trespassing. (However, the risk of being caught breaking into houses can be reduced through use of % Chameleon (Which gives invisibility that does not end on performing an action.)
  • The Great Chapels—although seemingly unlikely—are great places to feed. Every city has one, and the chapel residents routinely go to sleep at the same time in every chapel.
  • If you own Rosethorn Hall and have the Servants Quarters, you can feed on Eyja between midnight and 7am.
  • If you have the Vile Lairofficial download installed, you can feed on the sleeping prisoner in Deepscorn Hollow at any time.
  • The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal can be worn when feeding; the assault is then attributed to the Gray Fox rather than to you if you are caught.
  • Arkved is always asleep within the final room of Arkved's Tower, no matter what. He is part of the bandit faction, so it will not be considered a crime.

Advancing Through Stages of Vampirism[edit]

While you are a vampire, you are always at least at 25% vampirism. To see this, you can open your Journal, select the Spells/Abilities section and then select the far right Active Effects tab. There should be an effect labeled Vampirism and its number should be at a minimum of

You advance through the stages of vampirism during sleep or waiting. After 24 hours without feeding, you will advance another 25% in vampirism the next time that you sleep/wait. You need to sleep or wait to trigger the advancement - the fundamental passing of time is not enough. Note however, that you do not have to pass time in order to trigger the advancement. In other words, if ≥24 hours have passed since your last feeding, you can just start the wait and cancel it immediately.

The effect of spending long periods of time without feeding, waiting or sleeping has its downsides. Even if you feed, the next time you sleep or wait you will still advance in vampirism (as if your advancements in vampirism were queued-up). This game of catch-up does not seem to last very long, however. In theory, if you were to stay awake a month or just a week and not feed, the catch-up time would be the same either way. In any case, you can simply counter this problem by repeatedly feeding on the same person several times consecutively until you're clear again.

As you progress through the stages of vampirism, you become more and more light-sensitive. You will notice that light glares more and more, especially when there is a great deal of light around you. At night or in the dark, this can actually help you to see things better if you have a video card with the supported shaders. However during the day this can make it difficult to see the details of anything except when underwater.

Note: After reaching % vampirism (not drinking blood for 72+ hours and then sleeping), you will still revert back to 25% vampire if you drink blood. You will lose the abilities granted by full vampirism but retain the abilities of one being 25%. You will lose a considerable Strength bonus, so exercise caution if you are close to your maximum encumbrance limit. This cycle can be repeated as often as necessary.

Curing Vampirism[edit]

In the base game, curing vampirism involves a lengthy quest. Once cured, it is not normally possible to become a vampire again (except via console commands), even though Melisande says that her services will be available if needed in the future. You still can contract "Porphyric Hemophilia" normally after that, but it behaves just like any normal disease then - drain fatigue 5 until cured, without any special effects from sleeping.

The Vile Lairofficial download has a Font of Renewal that can cure vampirism much more easily than going through the Vampire Cure quest. Just like with the standard vampire cure, you cannot become a vampire again after using the Font to cure your vampirism.

Becoming a Vampire Again (After Being Cured)[edit]

Although it is still possible to contract Porphyric Hemophilia after being cured, a character can never become a vampire again without the use of a mod or the console. This is due to the fact that either method of being cured of the condition sets pcvampire and vampire.hasdisease to Since you cannot have porphyric hemophilia twice at the same time, this value can never reach 1. Prior to being infected they are both set at 0 and this is what allows the transformation to take place. There are several mods that change this, and different ways of doing it via the Console.

Console Commands of Use[edit]

Console commands can be very useful when dealing with vampirism. The console can be used to infect you with vampirism, cure the disease, or simply fix your facial features. Below are some of the most useful console commands; More detail is provided in the Console Command Tutorial section Vampirism and the Console.

Curing Vampirism With the Console[edit]

Give yourself the Cure Vampirism potion by typing the following Console command:

This will make you immune to reinfection through normal means though, so if you plan on getting reinfected it's advisable to use a different method from Console Command Tutorial Section.

If the potion does not remove your abilities see the appropriate Console Command Tutorial Section.

Becoming a Vampire (Again)[edit]

In order to become a vampire again through being infected with Porphyric Hemophilia simply type the following into the console, and . Thereafter you will be able to become a vampire through any of the normal means within the game.

To infect yourself and become a vampire more immediately, enter the following commands into the console: and . After you sleep or rest you will be at 25% vampirism the same as if you had been infected normally and waited 72 hours.

Fixing Facial Problems[edit]

Female players can fix their gender by using the Console to enter the command twice.

If this does not work as is the case with the bug where using the command will cause the head to disappear altogether instead of reverting to female, enter the command into the console. Adjust your characters appearance to female and then save the game before hitting "done". Load the game you just saved, and your female pc will look female again.

Fixing Other Problems[edit]

If your vampire breaks (e.g. frozen progression, extra powers, infinite dream loop, etc.) it can usually be fixed by entering the following into the console:

After entering the above, feeding will reset your powers to 25% vampirism. If this doesn't help cure and then regain vampirism as suggested in Console Command Tutorial Section, Method 2 for both.

Vampire Nightmares[edit]

As you progress through the various levels of vampirism (25%, 50%, 75%, %) you will have nightmares. The first nightmare you experience (changing from non-vampire to 25% vampirism) is always the same. At any other transition you will randomly experience one of ten possible nightmares:

  • First nightmare: You dream of someone sleeping peacefully in his bed, when a shadowy, gaunt figure silently enters the room. Approaching the bed, the figure leans down and sinks its fangs into the sleeping person. After a few moments, the pale figure rises, blood dripping down his/her chin. As color flows back into the vampire's face, and his/her features fill out, you recognize the face as your own. You awake screaming.
Random NightmareDream
#1You dream of long days spent basking in the sunlight of your native lands. You feel the warmth and the heat, and feel your body become refreshed. Then you awaken, knowing it was but a dream.
#2In your dream, you see a beautiful young woman holding an infant to her breast. It is only as you draw near that you realize that the woman is a desiccated corpse and the child is purple and bloated, dying of plague. As mother and child crumble to dust, you awaken.
#3In your dream, an old wise-woman treats you for burns on your hands. As she applies a salve to your skin, you feel the tingle of magic as the pain begins to subside. But as you watch, the flesh of your hands begins to bubble, crack, and split, falling in chunks to the floor of her hut. As the wise-woman smiles, you wake up.
#4In a dream from your childhood you remember playing hiding games with your young friends on a warm summer afternoon. You hide in your parents' barn, sure you will not be found. Soon, the sweet smell of hay is replaced by a darker, sickly smell. You move deeper into the barn, only to stumble on the rotting corpses of your parents, their throats ripped out. You try to scream as your parents rise and pull you into an embrace.
#5You dream of a sumptuous banquet spread out before you. You feast on a particularly choice cut of roasted meat, and its aroma makes your mouth water. It is only as you cut into the last portion that you see the larvae squirming inside. You cough blood as the larvae begin eating their way out of your stomach.
#6You lay on your back, with a blissful feeling of peace swirling through your brain. Your every muscle is relaxed. There is no tension in any part of your body. You feel completely at ease. As your vision comes into focus, you notice others standing around you. As a man leans towards you, you recognize the robes of the Necromancer, and you see a glint of light from his scalpel as it begins to cut through your flesh.
#7A warm, gentle breeze causes a tickle on your face, but as you go to brush it off, you find you cannot move your arms. Looking at your skin, you realize that it has turned to a brittle, green glass. Standing perfectly still, you breathe in shallow gulps of air, knowing that moving would cause your skin to shatter into thousands of pieces. The tickle on your face worsens, and you know that you are about to sneeze. As your skin shatters, you wake up sweating.
#8In your dream, you open your eyes to a beautiful blue sky. The sun is bright, but you feel cool, even a bit damp. You draw a breath but begin to cough, as you expel blood and dirt that you've inhaled into your lungs. As you try to draw another, you see a shovel of dirt being emptied onto your face. The sunlight grows fainter as you view it through the soil that covers your body. You would scream, but your mouth fills with dirt before you can make a sound.
#9In your dream, you approach a vampire ancient. Having just completed a perilous task for him, you swell with pride, sure that he will now bestow even greater power upon you. The entire clan's eyes are upon you. Walking towards the dais where he stands, you realize that your task for him is actually unfinished, and that all of your vampiric powers have left you. You cry out as the clan descends upon you, and the ancient's fangs rip into the flesh of your throat.
#10You dream of walking through the cool night air. Your body cries for blood, having not fed for days. Weakly, you stumble to a small pool. As you bend down to it, you see that it is not water in the pool, but warm, fresh blood, steam rising off of it. You lower your head to drink, but cannot open your mouth. As you realize in horror that your lips have been sewn shut, a pair of cold, white hands reach out from the pool and draw you under.


  • It is important to remember that until you actually wait or rest, the changes won't be triggered. If you do not want the powers and bonuses of being a full vampire, then it's much better to use spells or potions to heal yourself, and fast travel around the map to consume time instead of waiting/resting. Although this will in theory allow you to prevent changes indefinitely, you will eventually need to rest in order to level up. In that case, the easiest thing to do is to go to an area frequented by beggars such as the Imperial Waterfront District. Wait in one hour successions until all your changes are complete, then feed on the sleeping beggars. This might be somewhat tedious in the length, though, especially fast traveling to pass time.
  • The attribute bonuses from vampirism behave similarly to attribute bonuses from birthsigns. For example, if you have 80 base Strength and full vampirism, your total Strength will be , and you will not be able to increase your Strength if you level up. However, if you feed before leveling, you will only have a +5 attribute bonus, allowing you to increase your base Strength. At % vampirism you can max out your Strength, Willpower and Speed at If you raise these attributes before becoming a vampire, then you can bring these to at full vampirism.
  • If you are planning to become a vampire, one good race to choose is Dunmer, because the 75% Resist Fire will offset the vampire's weakness. Conversely, the Altmer is a race to avoid because of its extra 25% Weakness to Fire.
  • If you are concerned about your character's appearance, feed frequently so that you do not go past the first stage of vampirism. Your character's face will stay relatively normal, e.g., you will look nearly the same as you did before the vampirism. This can also be achieved by loading another save prior to loading the vampire save, (similar to the sexchange bug workaround, above) which results in the character's face being similar to their pre-vampire appearance, without any wrinkles or aging, but retaining the red eyes. After being cured, your face will lose the monkey-like features of the final stages of vampirism, but it will be wrinkled and withered, similar to signs of aging.
  • Eating Garlic actually does not harm you if you are a vampire. The only vampire affected by the substance is Vicente Valtieri. If he is carrying any garlic (he doesn't have to eat it), he is afflicted with Damage Strength pts, Damage Endurance pts, Weakness to Normal Weapons %, and Weakness to Magic %.
  • At 50% vampirism and above your character will actually begin to smoke when taking sun damage, though hardly noticeable. If you look close enough on a dark background you can see wisps of white smoke coming off your waist and shoulders. Your skin may also darken and return to pale while taking sun damage.
  • Hostile vampire NPCs (such as those found in abandoned forts, mines, caves, and Ayleid Ruins) will still attack vampire players.
  • Some of the vampire dreams are very similar to those experienced in Morrowind.
  • The Vampirism effect itself only changes the character's appearance - the other effects are implemented via extra magic effects and scripts. Even so, it only works if implemented as an ability - creating a custom enchanted item with vampirism in the Construction Set and wearing it will not change the player's appearance. The command controls the player's appearance - setting it to in the console without being a vampire will cause the player to appear gaunt as if you were a stage 4 vampire, albeit without eye color change.


A female victim of the elderly male face bug (starting face; vampire face; bugged vampire; remains bugged when cured)
  • PSpng If you are playing on the PlayStation 3 Game of the Year Edition, you cannot cure vampirism. See the quest page for more details.
  • When loading a vampire character save from the main start screen, your character's face may be altered to the default face. Female vampires may have their face changed into that of an elderly male vampire (although the rest of the body remains female).
    • To avoid/fix this bug, load a non-vampire save from the main start screen (e.g. a save from before your character became a vampire), and then load your vampire character save from the in-game load menu. Alternatively, load the desired save, cure your vampirism, then reload.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch; the fix is implemented as a separate and may not always work, although the solutions listed here will still work with this installed.
    • PC Female players can fix their gender by using the Console to enter the command twice.
  • The statue of your character in Bruma—which appears after the Great Gate quest has been completed—will always have the default face if your character is a vampire.
  • The counter for the incubation time is not reset after you cure yourself of Porphyric Hemophilia before becoming a vampire. The result is, next time you catch the disease you will have only 72 hours minus previous incubation time to cure yourself before becoming a vampire.
  • Advancing the base level of a skill past a perk breakpoint (25/50/75/) while that skill is boosted by vampirism may prevent the perk dialogue from being shown, e.g. if you have 25% vamprism (+5 Sneak) and your true Sneak skill is 49 (54 displayed) you will not be told about the perk when you next advance your Sneak skill.
  • If you equip both a bow and a shield, after feeding, you will be able to see the shield and bow equipped on your character at once (as opposed to seeing the bow and having the shield invisible, and not giving you an armor bonus). There are known cases where you will receive the armor bonus as well as having your bow equipped.
  • Occasionally, the feeding animation doesn't play and your character simply stands still. This does not influence your feeding. You will still receive the feeding message and you will go back to 25% vampirism.
  • Saving outside while taking sun damage then reloading will cause the game to crash and the save can no longer be used.
  • You might not become a vampire even when you sleep after three days or more.
  • Occasionally, your vampirism level may increase the first time you wait, fast travel, or sleep after feeding, regardless of whether 24 hours have passed. See the talk page for more discussion. ?
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Oblivion:Vicente Valtieri

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Vicente Valtieri in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Vicente Valtieri is a Bretonassassin and a member of the Dark Brotherhood. He is your first contract giver in the Guild. He was stricken with vampirism while he was in an expedition to Morrowind, and after he deems you worthy he will offer to pass you the "dark gift".

Before you have spoken with him to get your first assignment, he will spend the full day waiting patiently for you in his Private Quarters, without ever eating or sleeping, but once he has introduced himself he will resume his normal schedule. Every day he sleeps in his Quarters from 6am to 10am. Once he has woken up, he will find a suitable spot where he can sit and read one of the two books that he is carrying. After a reading period of six hours, he will leave his Quarters to stroll around the rest of the Sanctuary for the rest of the day, until his bedtime.

His attire consists of a few rare pieces of clothing: a dark shirt and a pair of black wide pants, both of which are zero weight items, along with a pair of leather boots and a gold necklace. He is armed with a leveled longsword, which can be enchanted, but he also carries an unenchanted longsword and an extra enchanted claymore, both leveled. He also possesses a copy of Guide to Cheydinhal, a copy of The Five Tenets, the key that unlocks the abandoned house, and a leveled amount of gold. As a vampire, Vicente possesses all relevant abilities.

Upon first approaching him after having spoken with Ocheeva, he will kindly welcome you, "Ah, here you are. So good to finally meet you." Upon talking, he will warmly greet you while explaining some of his duties in the Sanctuary: "Warmest greetings to you. I trust you've already spoken with Ocheeva? I am Vicente Valtieri. I provide assignments for all new family members. Please do not let my appearanceunnerve you. The needs and Tenets of the Dark Brotherhood come before my own needs as a vampire."

When you leave conversation with him, his dialogue depends on his disposition. If it's above 70, he'll say, "Spill some blood for me, dear Brother/Sister." If it's between 30 and 70, he'll say, "Farewell, Brother/Sister." If it's below 30, he'll say, "Blech! I would not feed on you if you were the last warm body in Tamriel!" This pattern also applies when you approach him. If he likes you, he'll say, "You are like a dark gift from the Night Mother herself. Please, tell me how I can help." If his opinion on you is mediocre, he'll say "Hello, my Brother/Sister." If he hates you, he'll say, "Were I not ordered to assist you I would forego the Tenets and feast on your blood!"

Being a vampire, he has been a member of the Sanctuary longer than the other members, and will tell you some background history if you ask him about the current Speaker watching over the Sanctuary, Lucien Lachance: "When I first joined the family, this Sanctuary was controlled by another Speaker. Lucien took over when she was killed while fulfilling a contract." On the Night Mother, he tells you what she does: "The Night Mother speaks to only one member of the Dark Brotherhood the Listener of the Black Hand. And when Our Lady speaks, death follows." He'll also tell you about Sithis: "Sithis is the darkness of time immemorial. He is no Daedra, and dwells not in the realm of Oblivion. No, Sithis is something altogether different." Ask him about the Sanctuary, and he'll give more background history: "This Sanctuary has been here since before even I joined the Dark Brotherhood, and that was two-hundred years ago."

Vicente also seems to know the Count of Skingrad's dark secret, as he will tell you if you inquire about some rumors: "The Count of Skingrad is not all he seems. Let's just say I'm not the only one who enjoys his evenings" Also, if you inquire about how he became a vampire he will tell you his story and even hint about your future: "I was stricken with vampirism three-hundred years ago, while on an expedition deep into the Ashlands of Vvardenfell. For nearly a hundred years I hunted in secret, until the Dark Brotherhood found me. Now I have a family that accepts and even values my unique gifts. Perhaps in the future, when I feel you have earned the right, I will offer you a chance to become a hunter of the night."

Vicente is your first contract giver in the guild (see this section for details), but once you have finished your contract for The Assassinated Man quest, he will stop giving you contracts and will direct you to Ocheeva instead the next time you speak with him, and will also offer you an invitation to the ranks of the undead: "Well now, you are an ambitious one, aren't you? I'm afraid I have no more contracts for you. Our time working together has come to an end. Instead, you must report to Ocheeva, here in the Sanctuary. She will be providing all your contracts. Before you go, however, I intend to make good on an offer I made some time ago. As a vampire, I may pass my gift on to others as I see fit. You have served me well, and I choose now to extend that gift to you." However, he will still give you pieces of advice for your next contracts, depending on his disposition:

  • The Lonely Wanderer:
    • "The Elves of the Imperial City are a fairly close-knit community. One of them will have at least heard of Faelian. You should ask around."
    • "I look at you and wonder how you're still alive, considering your utter incompetence as an assassin. With any luck, this contract will be your last."
  • Bad Medicine:
    • "These mercenary groups tend to be fanatically loyal to whomever leader they follow. Roderick's people will likely fight to the death. Be cautious."
    • "Roderick is a mercenary leader, and his people are fanatically loyal. They will cut you to ribbons if they see you. And they will see you."
  • Whodunit?:
    • "The key to successfully completing this contract is effectively blending in with the other guests. So for Sithis' sake, do not wear your hood"
    • "So, it's to be five against one, is it? The odds are against you. With any luck, you'll be dead within an hour."
  • Permanent Retirement:
    • "Phillida may be retired, but he'll likely have a bodyguard, probably a member of the Leyawiin City Watch. You may have to dispose of him as well."
    • "What madness has stricken the Black Hand, that they would trust such an important task to someone so very useless?"

And after receiving the "special contract" from Lucien Lachance, he will advise you to complete it, unaware that he is one of the targets: "Lachance would not have selected you for a contract unless he had the utmost confidence in your abilities. Best not let him down."

When attacked during the special contract, he will exclaim, "Why, Brother/Sister?"

Quests Given[edit]

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When accepting your first contract he will provide you with information about what a contract is: "A contract is a pact one enters into with the Dark Brotherhood. They provide us with the gold, and we remove someone from existence. A contract is fulfilled by a skilled assassin such as yourself, who keeps the Dark Brotherhood's end of the bargain. So it has always been. While carrying out a contract, you may have the opportunity to earn a bonus if certain parameters are met." If you inquire more about the bonus topic he will tell you that: "Some contracts are straightforward. Find the target, eliminate them, then return to the Sanctuary. No time limits or complications. However, many of our clients request that their contracts be carried out in a specific manner. A certain place, a certain method of elimination. We try to honor this requests whenever possible. After all, the Dark Brotherhood's reputation has been built on providing good service. Any Brother or Sister who can complete a contract while fulfilling a specific request will receive a valuable bonus, oftentimes a powerful magic item."

He will provide you your first contracts for the Guild, and will also offer you some advice for successfully completing a contract while filling you in with the information of the target:

A Watery Grave[edit]

If you deny the contract, he will say: "Pity. I'm eager to see how you fare on your first assignment. Well, the contract will still be here when you're ready." Once you accept the contract for the quest, he will explain the situation to you: "Excellent. Here is what you must do. Go to the Waterfront District of the Imperial City. There you will find a ship named the Marie Elena. Board the ship and find its captain, Gaston Tussaud. He'll be in his cabin. Eliminate Tussaud in any manner you see fit. The pirates have been moving a lot of cargo onboard lately. You may be able to smuggle yourself on board in one of the packing crates. Oh, and one more thing. Get into the habit of asking your fellow family members about any current contract. Their insight may prove invaluable." Valtieri will also provide some info about Tussaud if you ask about the contract, "As a pirate, Gaston Tussaud has certainly spilled his share of blood. Someone wants revenge, and they've hired us to extract it." If you talk to him before Tussaud is killed, he will remind you: "Let's not waste time on pleasantries. Gaston Tussaud is still alive, and it's your job to remedy that. I suggest you tend to your duties." Once you have fulfilled the contract, he will congratulate you by saying: "So, the pirate has been eliminated. Excellent. No one will mourn his passing, and Sithis has been appeased."

Accidents Happen[edit]

"We need you to stage an accident. Kill the target in the manner specified, and you'll receive a considerable bonus." If you decline, he will be say: "Well then, I suggest you get your affairs in order and return to me as soon as you're able." Once you accept the contract, he'll say: "As I expected. Good. The target is a Wood Elf named Baenlin. You will find him at his home in Bruma. Enter secretly and avoid his manservant, Gromm. On the second floor is a secreted door leading to a crawlspace. Inside are the fastenings of a mounted head that hangs over Baenlin's favorite chair. Loosen the fastenings any night between pm and pm, and the head will surely fall on Baenlin as he relaxes in his chair, as is his custom. If Baenlin is eliminated in any other manner, or if the manservant Gromm is killed, you will forfeit the bonus. Now go, and may Sithis be with you." If you ask him about the contract again, he will repeat himself: "You are to travel to Bruma, enter the house of the Wood Elf Baenlin, and kill him. It should look like an accident. I'm sure you can handle it." If you try to talk to him again before Baenlin is killed, he will urge you on: "Every moment that Baenlin draws breath is an affront to Sithis and the Night Mother. Fulfill the contract and honor the Brotherhood as you should."

If you didn't kill Baenlin in the way you should have, he will be disappointed and tell you: "Baenlin is dead, yes, but you did not fulfill the contract precisely as directed. I will grant your reward of gold, but the bonus is forfeit. Despite this misfortune, you are ready for advancement. I appoint you Slayer for the Dark Brotherhood. Now go, and continue to serve Sithis well." However, if you did kill him in the proper way, he will say: "So, the accident has been staged, and Baenlin lies dead. Well done! You have more than earned your reward and bonus. I present to you this dagger. It's an enchanted blade, known as Sufferthorn. Its prick is deadly, I assure you. Yes, you are quite an asset to this Sanctuary. In fact, I believe you are ready for advancement. I hereby appoint you Slayer. Well done! Now go, child of Sithis. Go and rest. You'll need it."

Scheduled for Execution[edit]

"Back for more? It just so happens I have another contract available, one that requires an expert in infiltration."

If you decline his offer for the contract, he will be disappointed: "Hmm. I thought you'd jump at the opportunity to infiltrate the most heavily fortified prison in all of Cyrodiil. Maybe I overestimated you after all." When asked about the contract again, he will tell you the job: "Ever broken out of jail? How do you feel about breaking into one? The Imperial Prison, to be exact. We need a prisoner silenced. Can you do it?" Once you have accepted the contract he will fill you in with the details of the target: "As always, you fail to disappoint me. Your target is a Dark Elf named Valen Dreth. He thinks he's safe in prison. He is tragically mistaken. A prisoner recently escaped from the prison, using a set of secret tunnels connecting to the Imperial City's sewer system. It's a perfect way inside. Just outside of the Imperial Prison is a grating that leads to the sewers. It has recently been tightly locked, but I will provide a key. It should be easy enough to locate Dreth in his small cell. Besides, I think you know the way, hmmm. He he he he he. Valen Dreth has been imprisoned for many years. His tongue is sharp, but his body is limp and frail. He will prove an easy, pleasurable kill. You will receive a bonus if you fulfill the contract without killing any of the prison guards. Now go, and may the Night Mother go with you." If you ask him about the contract again, he will simply repeat: "You must infiltrate the Imperial Prison and kill Valen Dreth, a Dark Elf. He should be easy enough to eliminate, once you actually get inside." If you approach him again before Dreth is dead, he will urge you on: "Why does Valen Dreth still live? Breaking into the Imperial Prison is difficult, I know, but the contract must be fulfilled."

If you return to him without having fulfilled the parameters specified he will say: "Valen Dreth lies dead, but why the unsanctioned bloodshed? You seem to lack discipline. Here is your reward, but I'm afraid the bonus is forfeit." However, if you killed Dreth in the manner specified he will congratulate you by saying:"So, you infiltrated the Imperial Prison, eliminated Valen Dreth, and killed not one guard. Most excellent! In addition to your standard reward, I present to you this bonus. Behold, the Scales of Pitiless Justice! While carried, the scales will magically enhance your Strength, Intelligence and Agility but diminish your Personality. A powerful tool indeed."

The Assassinated Man[edit]

"I have a special contract that needs fulfillment. In truth. I don't wish to offer it to any other family member. I've come to rely on your abilities. We're usually called upon to take a life, but not this time. This contract requires us to stage the assassination of a marked man."

If you decline the contract, Vicente will be disappointedly remind you: "As you wish. Just remember, had I issued a direct order, you would not have been able to refuse. So say the Tenets. Consider what I have said." Once you accept the assignment he will explain you the details of the contract: "You must go to the city of Chorrol and break into the house of Francois Motierre. Inside you will find Motierre waiting for you. Do not kill him! You see, Francois Motierre is a marked man. He owes a considerable sum to the wrong kind of people. So, they have sent an enforcer to kill him. This is an unusual contract, Motierre had to make a special arrangement with us before it was approved. I trust in your professionalism." If you inquire about how they agreed to this unusual contract, he will explain you how it was approved: "The Dark Brotherhood is not in the business of staging deaths, no matter how much gold is offered. Sithis demands blood, and blood must be paid. In order to accept the contract, we demanded a life. Motierre offered his mother, and we accepted. Lucien has already taken care of that detail." If you also ask him about the blade, he will either say: "The knife I gave you has been coated with a rare poison called Languorwine. You need only cut Motierre once, and he will appear to die." or "The blade has been coated with a rare poison called Languorwine. One drop in a normal human bloodstream will mimic the effects of death immediately. I have provided you with a vial of antidote, which will be used to revive Francois Motierre after you successfully stage his death. You should also know that there's only enough Languorwine on the blade for this one contract. After Motierre is sliced, the knife will be useless."

If you return to him after having failed the quest he will have two different lines of dialogue. If you failed the quest by killing Motierre he will say: "So, Francois Motierre has been killed. He hired us, sacrificed his own mother's blood, and we could not even fulfill our end of the bargain" and if you killed Hides-His-Heart, he will say: "So, the enforcer Hides-His-Heart has been killed. He was to bear witness of Motierre's death, and report back to his superiors." Either way he will conclude with: "By failing to fulfill this contract, you have brought shame upon us all. Leave me now, and contemplate your uselessness as a member of this family." However, if you succeed the quest, he will pleased, "Ah, so Motierre has escaped? Well done! As payment, I am pleased to award you this amulet, Cruelty's Heart, as well as another advancement in rank. I hereby bestow upon you the title of Eliminator. Your blood is cold, your heart hard. You exemplify everything the Dark Brotherhood stands for. I present to you now this key. It unlocks the well behind the Abandoned House above. Use it to gain hidden, quick access to this Sanctuary."


  • Vicente has a scripted "Weakness to Garlic". If he is carrying any garlic, he is inflicted with Damage Strength pts, Damage Endurance pts, Weakness to Normal Weapons %, and Weakness to Magic %. Since garlic is a zero weight item, it can be reverse pickpocketed onto Vicente if you wish to dramatically weaken him.
    • In Vicente's desk in the Cheydinhal sanctuary, there is a note addressed to Ocheeva. The note amusingly berates Antoinetta Marie for her horrible cooking, and then goes into detail about Vicente's garlic "allergy". It also mentions that other vampires are not in fact affected by this weakness. This note is likely meant as a hint to let you know about Vicente's Weakness to Garlic.
  • Vicente's AI package () target during his schedule from 4pm to 12am is set to M'raaj-Dar in a radius of ft. Since M'raaj-Dar spends his day changing from location, Vicente will follow him, always trying to get as close to him as possible.
  • Vicente mentions being inflicted with vampirism in Vvardenfell, which should make him an unofficial member of one of the three bloodlines there (Berne, Aundae, or Quarra). However, the type of vampirism he gives you is the same as all other vampires in Cyrodiil.
  • Vicente Valtieri also appears in the Jaws of Oblivion card expansion for Legends, as the card Brotherhood Vampire.
Sours: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Vicente_Valtieri
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Oblivion: Everything to Know About Vampires

By Arron Kluz


One of the more dramatic things that can happen to players in Oblivion is becoming a vampire, and here's everything to know about it.

Oblivion is a game all about the player's choices and the consequences of those choices. Players customize the abilities of their characters, resulting in having to approach situations in a particular way or not being able to access certain parts of the game. Players can also roam out in any direction in all of Cyrodil, stumbling on various points of interest or quests in reward of their curiosity. However, the consequences of one's actions in Oblivion can also change their character dramatically. The biggest of these is becoming a vampire.

Vampires have appeared throughout The Elder Scrolls series, and have primarily been portrayed as cursed individuals who suffer under the burden of having to drink human blood, although some do enjoy their existence. Throughout the series, however, vampirism is passed to others through the disease known as Porphyric Hemophilia. The disease can be transferred from a vampire to any humanoid race simply by the vampire attacking them, whether it be with their claws or their fangs. Of course, people can also be turned by some of The Elder Scrolls' more secretive vampires feeding on them in the night.

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Vampirism in Oblivion

Throughout a playthrough of Oblivion, players come across numerous vampires in a variety of positions and conditions. Many vampires, like Janus Hassildor the Count of Skingrad, are well integrated into society and keep their affliction a secret. Others who are unable to feed for prolonged periods of time go feral and viciously attack the player upon seeing them. Vampires make up some of the most memorable NPCs in all of Oblivion, which can make some players curious to know more about what being a vampire in Oblivion all entails. The disease does have some advantages for players who contract it, such as a skill increase to Acrobatics, Athletics, Destruction, Hand to Hand, Illusion, Mysticism, and Sneak, as well as an attribute bonus to Strength, Willpower, and Speed.

Becoming a vampire also grants players % protection from diseases and paralysis as well as a handful of powers that can be used once a day. These powers give players the ability to turn invisible, charm others, become silent, and see in the dark, which are extremely useful. However, there also are a number of disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage vampires have is that they take constant damage while out in the sun. Players can avoid this by feeding on an NPC, but it can be difficult to do and also limits the benefits players get from the disease. Another disadvantage is a weakness to fire dame, which can be particularly impactful when closing Oblivion's wide variety of Oblivion Gates. The vulnerability to the sun also stops players from waiting during the day, can make fast traveling difficult, and the altered appearance of the character makes talking with NPCs much more difficult.

How To Become a Vampire in Oblivion

Becoming a vampire in Oblivion is not always an event of the player's choice. Players frequently have to fight vampires when playing through the game and will likely contract Porphyric Hemophilia at least once. However, the disease does take a full 72 hours to set in and turn the player, so there is time to avoid turning if the player does not want to play as a vampire. Once the 72 hours have passed, however, players are fully inflicted with vampirism and the process to free oneself of it is much lengthier and more demanding. Luckily, for players that want to try and contract vampirism the old fashion way, or perhaps want to avoid it and consider becoming a vampire in Oblivion a mistake, there are a number of quests in Oblivion that feature vampires, including the Mage Guild's quest Information at a Price, the Thieves Guild quests Lost Histories and Boots of Springheel Jak, and the Daedric quest Azura.

However, there are also ways for players who definitely want to try out being a vampire to do so. One of the easiest ways to do this is to complete a few quests for the Dark Brotherhood, which most players should do anyways because Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood is the best version in the entire series. After completing a few quests, however, a vampire member of the guild will offer to turn the player into a vampire if they wish. Players can also turn themselves by consuming the Beating Heart found during the Mehrunes' Razor DLC quests, although players will also contract the disease Cannibal's Prion. The Beating Heart can also be used to brew a potion that will turn the player into a vampire without Cannibal's Prion, but only if the player has an Alchemy level of

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How To Cure Vampirism in Oblivion

For any players who accidentally become a vampire or who just got sick of not seeing the sun, there are luckily some ways to reverse it. The easiest way to cure it is to drink a potion of cure disease before the 72 hours have elapsed. Players can also consume ingredients like Shepherd's Pie or Mandrake Root to cure the disease as well. Another easy way to cure the disease before it takes hold is to visit a temple in any of Oblivion's cities and receive a blessing at its altar. However, if the player fails to prevent the disease from setting in, the only way to cure it is through a very lengthy quest, but its completion will keep the player from ever turning into a vampire again.

The quest is started by talking to Raminus Polus at the Arcane University on the southern side of the Imperial City. After discussing a cure for vampirism with Raminus, the player will be told to talk to the Count of Skingrad, Janus Hassildor. Janus will reveal they are looking for a cure for their wife and will send the player to Melisande. The quest is then comprised of the player having to gather ingredients for Melisande, including five empty grand soul gems, two shoots of Bloodgrass, six cloves of Garlic, five leaves of Nightshade, the blood of an Argonian, and the ashes of a powerful vampire. After delivering the ingredients to Melisande, the player will be given two Potions of Cure Vampirism, one for them and the other for Janus' wife. Of course, players who don't want to go through a lengthy quest for a cure can also download one of the many mods available for Oblivion to make the process much simpler.

Oblivion is available now on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox

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Call of Duty Releases Statement Against Cheating, Reveals Big News is Coming

As the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard and the integration of Warzone approaches, an anti-cheating statement is made by Call of Duty.

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