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Xisuma shares the current Hermitcraft SMP Series 6 Datapacks and extra Datapacks for Minecraft 1.13+ on his website: https://xisumavoid.com/vanillatweaks/.  He also posts instruction videos about them on his main You Tube channel Xisumavoid and his second channel Xisumatwo (along with awesome Hermitcraft videos in his main channel, tutorials and news about Minecraft updates and more).

These are my notes and instructions recorded while watching X’s datapack videos, with added results from my tests and information from other sources.  (This began from me typing notes of the commands in the videos for my reference, but noticing a need for it, expanded into these instructions.  I’m sharing this to help the community.)

This shouldn’t replace X’s videos, isn’t endorsed or checked by him nor the programmers (Multiplayer Sleep by Plagiatus, Customizable Armor Stand by Phssthpok, Everything else by MSpaceDev) who made the datapacks.  This info may not be 100% correct.  Let me know any corrections, I’ll try and keep these up to date as further updates occur.  Refer to X’s videos, linked below, for the best information.

Datapack Files

The datapacks this season are designed to be downloaded individually, instead of being altogether in a singular Hermitcraft data pack (the Hermitcraft datapack shown in Video 1 was out of date compared to the individual data packs and later removed).

From Video 14, all the datapacks (excluding the resource packs) zip file downloads and labels have been renamed with a version number added to their filenames and listed on the website. As X said, this will make it easier for server administrators to keep datapacks up to date with the website if they change in the future.

The new version numbers have a 3-digit number structure:
x.x.x. meaning: major content update, bug fixes, minor update (e.g. typos), for example, “More Stairs Version 1.0.0”.  He suggests  minor updates won’t make a difference to how they work and aren’t essential to download and update.

NOTE: The datapacks are for Minecraft version 1.13+ only. On the bottom of the “Vanilla Tweaks” website linked above, there are many Vanilla tweaks.  Those are yet to be updated and are for Minecraft 1.12, as are “More Mob Heads” linked to in the left menu (there’s a datapack for 1.13 below replacing those).  https://www.reddit.com/r/HermitCraft/comments/9it0vd/mob_heads_datapack/

Structure of This Page

This page is structured with information about each datapack combined under each datapacks’s heading, linking to X’s videos where the datapack was updated or changed over time.

Below begins with:

  • How to install the datapacks,
  • List of all X’s datapack videos, (also linked to all through these instructions).
  • Information about each datapack under their name heading in order of the datapack’s introduction.

The datapacks are broken into two sections;

  • Datapacks from Video 1 (in use on Hermitcraft Server) – where Xisuma explains the datapacks being used in Hermitcraft at the time (11 August 2018).  Any additions made to them in later videos are noted within the same section.
  • Later datapacks added (some not in use on Hermitcraft Server) – X didn’t say whether all of these are being used on the Hermitcraft Server.  Some, he shared due to public request, for example, the “Giant Phantoms” and “Anti Ghast Grief” and “Anti Creeper Grief” packs, which I don’t think are being used on Hermitcraft  (the latter two could be taxing on a large multiplayer server).

How to Install the Datapacks

NOTE: your world must have cheats enabled for the datapacks to work.  These are for Minecraft Java Edition only and can be used in singleplayer and multiplayer server worlds.

How to install changed in Video 2, Video 4 and on the website since then, current instructions are:

  1. In the Minecraft main menu, click “Singleplayer” or “Multiplayer” as applicable.  Select your world, then click “Edit”
  2. Click “Open World Folder”
  3. Double-click to open the “datapacks” folder in the ‘My Computer’ window that opened.
  4. Copy the datapacks you downloaded (zip files) into that folder.

In Video 4 and in the notes on his website, the installation was simplified and now no commands need to be run with no teleporting required!
Except, if the game server or singleplayer world is running when you replace or add a resource pack, run the “/reload” command.

I add, if you find your /trigger commands aren’t working say for “Multiplayer Sleep” or “killCod”, run “/function #main.init” as X said to do in Video 2 – that made the /trigger commands work for me.

List of Datapack Videos (as of October 26, 2018)

This is all the datapack videos sorted by date published, giving each a reference number, for easy reference during these instructions.  I’ve linked to each video when mentioned in the text as well.  Watch X’s videos for the best instructions.

  1. Minecraft 1.13 Hermitcraft Datapack & More – Aug 11, 2018
  2. Minecraft 1.13 Hermitcraft Datapack Update – Aug 24, 2018
  3. Minecraft 1.13 Multiplayer Sleep & Rotation Wrench Datapack Updates – Aug 29, 2018
  4. Minecraft 1.13 Redstone Rotation Wrench Datapack Updates – Aug 31, 2018
  5. Minecraft 1.13 Renewable Coral Blocks & Datapack Updates – Sept 5, 2018
  6. Minecraft 1.13 Age 25 Kelp Tops Resource Pack – Sept 18, 2018
  7. Minecraft 1.13 Gem Villagers DatapackSept 20, 2018
  8. Minecraft 1.13 Track Essential Statistics (170+) Datapack – Sept 24, 2018
  9. Minecraft 1.13 Back To Blocks (Data Pack) – Sept 27, 2018
  10. Minecraft 1.13 Naturally Spawning Giant Phantoms (Data Pack) – Oct 1, 2018
  11. Minecraft 1.13 Kill Cod (Datapack) – Oct 3, 2018
  12. Minecraft 1.13 Craftable Gravel, 4 Bark, 12 Trapdoors (Datapacks) – Oct 4, 2018
  13. Minecraft 1.13 Anti Mob Grief (Data Packs) – Oct 13, 2018
  14. Minecraft 1.13 Mini Blocks (Data Pack) – Oct 17, 2018
  15. Minecraft 1.13 Player Graves (Data Pack) Multiplayer Friendly – Oct 21, 2018

Datapacks from Video 1 (in use on Hermitcraft Server)

AFK Name Changer 

When players stop moving their names go grey on the server scoreboard (set on Hermitcraft to press TAB to display list of players online and selected scores (see “Track Stats” and “Track Raw Stats” packs below).

Anti Endermen Grief

Stop Endermen from picking up blocks in your world.  This pack changes block they can pick up to a structure block only (you won’t see that block in survival).

Customizable Armor Stands 


As seen on Hermitcraft S6, the player needs to click a command block button (or use another redstone device) to activate the command block and obtain a custom armor stand book called “Statues V2”.  Using their custom armor stand book, a player can change poses, visibility and many attributes of an armor stand.

(It’s important each player uses the command block to obtain a book rather than getting one from another player, as the command block does other things in the background to enable the system for each player.)

Shortcut – there’s an easier way to set it up, rather than customising a command block.  Using Xisuma’s version, just type: “/function as_statue:place_shrine” then a custom, smooth stone block with button on top (see pic below), will spawn at your location with a command block surrounded by bedrock underneath pre-programmed with the command needed to give the armor stand book.

The same custom command block is produced in the “ArmorStatuses v2.1” pack by the original author, after you run the setup function, as below.
Discovered this thanks to “Anacide’s” post on Reddit.


Original setup steps shown in Video 1:

  1. Make a command block “/give [yourPlayerName] command_block” (A command block will appear at your location)
  2. Right click the command block and type this command into the command block console command box “/execute as @p run function as_statue:enable”
  3. Click Done to close the command block interface
  4. Add a button to activate the command block, (or another redstone mechanism to activate it)
  5. Activate the command block (press the button) to get your book

There is also a standalone version available, different to the modified Hermitcraft one, directly from the developer MCPhssthpok.  He has a demonstration video here: “Updated ArmorStatuses v2.1” and more info from the programmer on this Reddit post.

In the demonstration video, MCPhssthpok says to run “/function as_statue:setup” command which will make appear a pre-built custom command block under a grey stone block with button (see above).  Each player then clicks the button to get their “Statues v2” book

(My testing: I tried “/function as_statue:setup” with Xisuma’s version but it didn’t work.  The books stack together and are interchangeable between both datapacks.  Not sure if the developer one works well with the other Xisuma datapacks though.  I did some function “/as_statue:uninstall” and reinstall etc and swapping between the two versions.  At one point the scoreboard stopped working too until I ran “function as_trigger:trigger.”  After all of that “/datapack list” displays nothing, though the datapacks appear to be working.  Just as well it was a test world!)

After my testing above, I suggest if using some of the other Xisuma datapacks, stick with the Xisuma armor stand datapack for compatibility.  Do check out the author’s video for more info on how to use the pack and thank and support them).

Double Shulker Shell

Killing a Shulker will drop 2 shells instead of 1.  (Designed to make Shulker boxes less rare on multiplayer servers.)

NOTE” there have been reports of incompatibility with “More Mob Head Drops” datapack and I’m not sure that’s been fixed.  Reports are in comments on Video 1 on YouTube and “Aurum MC” on Video 3, also on Reddit of Shulkers dropping heads but not double shells or vice versa, depending on which datapack is loaded by the game first.
The Shulker’s loot tables are altered by both packs.

Work Arounds:

  • For those who got the first Hermitcraft datapack before it was removed for download, apparently you can replace the Shulker JSON file with the one from the hermitcraft entities folder.
  • Or perhaps, manually edit the Shulkers loot tables file as you wish, making it the same in both datapacks.
  • Or choose to only use one of those datapacks.
  • Helpful “AngryK9” in one of the videos comments offered their file for download with instructions: Remove the /data/minecraft/loot_tables/entities/shulker.json file from both of the HC packs and replace one of them with this file https://angryk9.com/mc/shulker.json

Craft Double Slabs

(Filename is “double slab crafting v1.0.0.zip”)

New blocks were added in creative with 1.13 (Smooth Sandstone, Smooth Red Sandstone, Smooth Stone, Smooth Quartz).  With this datapack, players can craft the new smooth variants out of red sandstone slabs, sandstone slabs and stone slabs.

No recipe is included for Smooth Quartz, there’s no need.  Two quartz slabs placed on top of each other, looks the same as Smooth Quartz  (unlike the other textures, e.g. two stone slabs placed on top of each other has a line in the middle).

Crafting recipe: 4 slabs in a 2×2 square at the bottom of crafting table, crafts a smooth block of equivalent slab, e.g. 4 sandstone slabs crafts 2 Smooth Sandstone.

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Dragon Drops Elytra

Useful in multiplayer servers where there can be a shortage of elytra.  (Caution: the elytra may drop straight into the portal and be teleported back to the overworld.)

More Mob Head Drops

Applies to every mob that doesn’t normally drop its head, as below.  With this pack there’s a small chance a head will drop when you kill mobs (doesn’t apply to killing players).  A looting sword will increase the chances of a mob head dropping.

This datapack doesn’t drop heads from wither skeletons, skeletons, zombies and creepers.  Those heads are still obtained via the usual methods; wither skeletons by player kills and zombies and creepers – death by charged creepers (read it on this Reddit post and checking the datapack files confirmed this).

NOTE: This is designed for players using automatic farms as it will decrease mob drops from farming, e.g. less beef dropped from cows as mob heads partly replace the usual drops.

See “Double Shulker Shells” above as there are reports of incompatibility between these two packs.

Eight Stairs

Craft with six blocks as usual, and get double the stairs (8 instead of the usual 4).


Multiplayer Sleep

Stops all players on the server needing to sleep at the same time to set the time to morning and clear the weather.  It works on an editable percentage, e.g. if set to 50% then half of the players in the overworld (rounded down to whole players) need to go to sleep at the same time.

For the Hermitcraft server the command was changed to: “scoreboard players set requiredPercent ms_count XX” (XX number is percentage of players required and will be rounded down to whole players (Comment by Plagiatus on Video 1 and testing confirms this)

Xisuma showed the command in Video 1 to set the percentage of players needing to sleep as “scoreboard players set requiredPercent multSleep.count XX”, but that command is for the original datapack by Plagiatus, as below.

People found bugs with the Hermitcraft version after Video 1, in Video 2 the datapack was updated.

In Video 3 the Multiplayer sleep pack was updated – adding a notification system.  To warn players not to sleep, any player can type: “/trigger ms_warn” to toggle the warning (on or off).  When the warning is toggled on, as a player begins to sleep a message is displayed “a player doesn’t want people to sleep” then the player can cancel sleep activation.  (In Testing, I got an error “you cannot trigger this objective yet”.  Running the command “function #main.init” fixed it though, as in Video 2 installation instructions)

The original author, Plagiatus’s version is available on github with a readme.
(it doesn’t include the warning other players not to sleep and uses the original command to set the percentage required to sleep as X said in Video 1(as above).

Plagiatus also has an active Reddit post with more information added on weather modifications it makes and more.

Silence Mobs

Apply a nametag you have named “silence me” to a mob.  The mob’s name will change to “silenced” and it won’t make any sound from then on.  (As used in Hermitcraft S6 by ImpulseSV to silence his tree farm Wither).

(Terracotta) Rotation Wrench


In Video 1, X shows the custom crafting recipe to make the wrench with 1 iron and 3 gold ingots (see pictures).  That will produce a “Knowledge Book”.  When you add it to your inventory it will change into a “Wrench” with a carrot on a stick texture (see above pictures).  Even though it looks like a carrot on a stick, the “Wrench” can rotate glazed terracotta blocks via Right Click.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In Video 2, “Rotation Wrench Resource Pack” was added – this changes the texture of the “Wrench” from a carrot on a stick to the nice custom wrench texture pictured above.


How to install the “Wrench Resource Pack”:

  1. Copy the zip file into the games’ “resourcepack” folder.
  2. In the Minecraft main menu, click “options” then “resource packs”,
  3. Under available resource packs it should show “wrenchrp.zip”.
  4. Press the arrow on top of the resource pack to add it into the right-hand list of “selected resource packs”, to activate it (see screenshot above).

In Video 9, X stated that both rotation wrench datapacks and resource packs were updated.

(In early videos, it was just called “Rotation Wrench” (later “Terracotta” was added to the name to differentiate it from the later added “Redstone Rotation Wrench”.  Both packs can work together and with the same wrench, see notes under “Redstone Rotation Wrench”)

Track Stats

(filename: “track statistics v1.0.0.zip”)

Track swim km shown, elytra km shown, play minutes shown
“/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar xxxx
xxxx = [hc_elytraKmShow, hc_playTimeShow, hc_swimKmShow]”
(they will show up as autocomplete commands in-game)

My testing:

  • To disable the sidebar showing statistics. Run same command as above but leave xxxx command blank after sidebar.  That makes the sidebar blank again.
  • To make it show a score in the middle of the screen when people press TAB (like they do with stats on Hermitcraft most of the time) replace the word “sidebar” in above command with “list” followed by the statistic to display, e.g. hc_playTimeShow.
  • (I read there’s a way to make scores under players names too, replace “sidebar” with “belowname”)

Later, Xisuma added another datapack “Track Raw Stats” (see below – which adds 170 statistics being collected to the game), plus he added a custom statistic, tracking the number of Phantoms killed for October Halloween competition.  (In my testing both datapacks work together and alone).

In Video 11, “track stats” has been updated.  There was a scoreboard command that would display the player time in the list if you pressed tab in game.  On pack or world reload, it kept resetting to the player time. They have removed that scoreboard command.

Treasure Gems

Adds 5 pretty gems to the games’ loot tables, made from modified player heads:

  • Ruby (red)
  • Sapphire (dark blue)
  • topaz (yellow)
  • amethyst (purple)
  • aquamarine (cyan)

The gems may be found in approximately 1/2 of all loot chests in up to two different gem types at once.  There are chances to find them in: abandoned mineshafts, desert pyramids, end cities, igloos, jungle temples, nether fortresses, dungeons, strongholds, villages, woodland mansions.

This pack works along with the “Gem Villagers” datapack allowing you to trade with custom villagers – treasure gems for custom Hermit heads and later more decorative items.


Universal Dyeing

Glass panes, glass and terracotta can be re-dyed (and glass made clear again) after having been dyed already.

You can use Ice (tested: not Packed Ice, nor Blue Ice) to remove the colour from glass, glass panes and terracotta, e.g. ice in middle surrounded by coloured glass panes on a crafting table, will produce clear glass panes.

Any colour wool can be dyed and re-dyed to the colour you want, with the dye placed next to the wool in the crafting bench (normally only white wool can by dyed and usually once only).

In Video 5, X showed the datapack has been updated and the bug of recipes not appearing in the menu has been fixed.

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Later datapacks added (some not in use on Hermitcraft)

More Bricks Crafting

Added In Video 2, along with updates for many of the packs.  Four clay smelts into 4 brick items as usual. Those 4 brick items, with this datapack, can be crafted into 4 brick blocks (bricks) (usually only crafts into one brick block) (try saying that out loud!) ;-).

This datapack will reduce clay scarcity on a multiplayer server, stopping clay being located further and further away and reduce the grind to get clay from rivers and swamps, smelt and craft bricks.

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Redstone Rotation Wrench (not on HC)

Added in Video 4, includinh a datapack and resource pack for the wrench texture (same as the one used for Terracotta Rotation Wrench see above).  With this you can rotate redstone blocks (not used on the Hermitcraft server, they are using the terracotta wrench one though).

With this datapack and a Wrench crafted, you can rotate:

  • repeaters,
  • comparators,
  • droppers,
  • pistons,
  • sticky pistons,
  • dispensers,
  • observers and
  • hoppers.

To use:

  • Right Click on a will rotate the above-listed blocks without inventories or right click interactions; pistons, sticky pistons, observers.
  • Shift-Right Click on blocks with right-click interfaces; droppers, dispensers and hoppers.
  • Also Shift-Right Click to rotate: comparators and repeaters.  (While doing this on camera Xisuma discovered a bug, the set ticks on repeaters subtraction modes on comparators were lost after rotation – the bug was later fixed, as below).

In Video 5, bug fixes have been made:

  • Fixed the bug where if there was an item in a device with inventory (e.g. hopper), those inventory items would disappear once the item was rotated with the wrench.  Now it will display an error message in red, “you cannot rotate a block with items inside” and won’t let you rotate items if they contain items.
  • Also Fixed comparators and repeater rotation, after being rotated they will now keep their current state e.g. ticks set and subtraction mode.


In Video 9, X states both rotation wrench and resource packs have been updated.

(In testing, found out the same crafting recipe produces the same wrench for this and the rotate Terracotta datapacks.  Both datapacks can be used simultaneously.  If you remove this datapack and put in the terracotta wrench datapack instead, you rotate terracotta with the same wrench – this pack seems to be based on the terracotta one).

Renewable Coral Blocks

With this datapack coral blocks become renewable and can be farmed by growing coral fans and corals using bone meal.  Coral blocks can be crafted on the crafting bench from 9 coral fans or coral horns of the same colour, e.g. Fire coral fans and fire corals can craft fire coral block (not sure if this is used on the Hermitcraft server?)

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Age 25 Kelp Tops

Added in Video 6.  To help you farm kelp, this pack makes the top of the kelp change to a pink flower when the kelp age reaches 25 (after which the top tip will not grow any more).  This makes it easy to see which kelp tips to prune for the kelp to grow taller again.  (Before this pack, you would have to use F3 looking at only the kelp tip to check the age of each kelp).

In the comments X said, after posting the video, the resourcepack texture had been updated to the same colour green as the rest of the kelp.

Screenshots demonstrating the pack and how only the tip of the kelp shows it’s age in F3, and below segments of kelp don’t show the age here.

Gem Villagers (original version)


Added in Video 7.  This pack works together with the “Treasure Gems” pack (which adds treasure gems to the games loot tables).  This pack adds two custom villagers to trade treasure gems with for custom player heads.  In his Hermitcraft episode “Hermitcraft VI 738 Hermit Heads”  Xisuma showed how to create the custom villagers.

To add the Hermit player heads X used the online “custom heads generator” on https://minecraft-heads.com.  (It creates the command to creating the custom head for you to to copy, with the required texture embedded in the command to reduce server load).
X also used https://mcstacker.net to create two custom villagers with custom trades.  You specify the traits your villager should have including: invulnerable, glowing, persistence, health, silent, AI or not, profession, in the trade window, rewardExp yes or no, maxUses, then copy the custom player head commands (copying the custom head code from https://minecraft-heads.com) into the relevant traits, to place the custom heads on the villagers. (X recommends Notepad++ for the nested command editing required)

This datapack incorporates the custom /summon command with all the code generated above, to summon the custom villagers.  Just type in the simple commands below and the custom villagers X setup will be summoned.

“/function gem_villagers:gem_collector”
“/function gem_villagers:hermit_heads”

The above commands create two different custom villagers to trade with:

  • “Gem collector”: buys gems for blank player heads (one gem buys 3 blank “player_heads”).
  • “Hermit heads”: buys blank “player_heads” for the Hermits custom player heads added as above.

This datapack will be updated in the future as he adds more trades and villagers.

Gem Villagers Version 2.0.0 (updated Oct 17, 2018)

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In Video 14, the datapack has been updated to version 2.0.0 adding more villagers with new trades.
It still includes the original ‘gem collector’ and ‘hermit heads’ villagers, from version 1, as above.  X is planning in future to add a second hermit heads villager selling secondary skins, like Worm Man and EvilX.

Version 2.0.0 of this pack adds 5 new villagers selling head-sized decorative blocks of different types directly for treasure gems.  The Villagers are named for the type of decorative blocks they sell (as below).

It’s under discussion among the Hermits whether the extra 5 villagers will be added to the Hermitcraft Server, their trades may yet be altered before they are added.

Blocks they sell are head-sized decorative blocks, some based on Minecraft textures and others everyday items for decoration.  (NOTE: The ores and diamond blocks etc. are just modified player heads for decoration and aren’t actual ores or blocks.  Like the hermit heads and treasure gems, their block type in game is actually “player_head”).

  • ‘Plants’ for Ruby (red) sells: potted plants of; rose, salvia, daffodil, camelia, azalea, and white vases, pink vases, blue vases, Chinese ming vases, pine cones, cactus flowers.  Spawn with /function gem_villager:plants_vases
  • ‘Blocks’ for Topaz (yellow) sells: stone, cobblestone, dirt, grass, sand, gravel, obsidian. Spawn with /function gem_villager:stone_soil
  • ‘Ores’ for Amethyst (purple) sells: ores of; diamond, gold, iron, emerald, lapis lazuli, redstone.  Blocks of: diamond, gold, iron, emerald, lapis lazuli, redstone, and packed ice.  Spawn with /function gem_villager:ores_blocks
  • ‘Food’ for Aquamarine (cyan) sells cherry, apple, strawberry, purple grapes, green grapes, lemon, coconut, tomato, cheese, ham, turkey.  Spawn with /function gem_villager:fresh_food
  • ‘Lights’ for Sapphire (dark blue) sells: lantern, Japanese lantern, Chinese lantern, brass lantern, brazier, headlight, candle, unlit candle, red candle, unlit red candle, water bucket, mail box, toilet paper (don’t think these ‘lights’ give out light in game, they’re just decoration).  Spawn with /function gem_villager:lighting_decor

Xisuma added in the Video 14 comments, you spawn the villagers with /function  (I added the commands from my testing above.)


Track Raw Stats

(filename: “track raw statistics.zip”)

Added in Video 8, different to the “Track Stats” pack.
This great new pack has been added onto Hermitcraft, adding 170 statistics into the game.

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar xxx

Xxx = ts_AnimalsBred, ts_Aviate, ts_BreakBow, ts_BreakPick, ts_BreakShears, , ts_Brewing, , ts_CakeEaten, , ts_ChestOpened, , ts_Climb, , ts_CraftBeacon etc!
(includes deaths to different creatures, creatures killed, not counting deaths to all entities and mobs that can’t kill you.  How long played, players killed, minerals etc. you have mined, enchantments and heaps more)

Xisuma has made a spreadsheet listing many of the statistics and the commands to add them to the scoreboard (then you can display these in a server-wide scoreboard.)

Tested this pack along with the other statistics datapack and they both work simultaneously together and also alone.

Back to Blocks

Added a new pack in Video 9.  This allows you to craft slabs and stairs back into full blocks to unclutter your inventory.  e.g. two slabs next to each other crafts back to its original block.
Four stairs will craft back into 3 blocks.

  • If you don’t have the “Eight Stairs” pack installed (that crafts 8 stairs instead of the usual 4 out of 6 blocks) you will lose half of your blocks from the overall conversion process (6 blocks crafts 4 stairs, 4 stairs crafts 3 blocks).
  • With “Eight Stairs” installed you won’t lose any blocks in the conversion (6 blocks crafts 8 stairs, 8 stairs crafts 6 blocks)

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Giant Phantoms (not in HC)

New pack added in Video 10 (posted on on Xisumavoid channel not Xisumatwo). You can add more challenge to fighting the new, 1.13 hostile mobs.  Phantoms have tags in game that can be accessed using commands (when summoning a phantom using a command block).  The default size is 1 but you can spawn giant phantoms naturally using this datapack.  The longer the time since the player last slept, the bigger and more challenging to fight the phantoms get.

The player needs not to sleep for three days for a chance for Phantoms to spawn (see the wiki, chances increase the more days a player stays awake).  With this pack as they get larger, they also get faster, more health, stronger attacks and can track the player from further away.

  • Normal: 3 – 6 days (Health: 20, Speed: 0.7, Follow: 16, Attack: 9, Size: 1)
  • Stage 1: 6 – 9 days (Health: 25, Speed: 1.0, Follow: 20, Attack: 11, Size: 3)
  • Stage 2: 9 – 12 days (Health: 30, Speed: 1.3, Follow: 24, Attack: 13, Size: 5)
  • Stage 3: 12+ days (Health: 35, Speed: 1.6, Follow: 28, Attack: 15, Size: 7)
  • Stage 4: 100+ days (Health: 50, Speed: 2, Follow: 32, Attack: 20, Size: 20)

(Health is the phantom’s health, Speed is their movement speed, Follow is the range from which it can follow the player from, Attack is generic attack damage).

He shows further in the video, how you can edit the datapack’s second.mcfunction file text to give custom amounts of time and traits to your giant phantoms.

Kill Cod

Added in Video 11.  Addresses the current 1.13.1 issue of AI cod schooling causing memory leaks and slowing down the server and the game.  This command removes all the wild cod in the world (that haven’t ever been placed in a bucket).

“/trigger kc_killCod” (any player can run it)
Then a yellow status message is displayed “All naturally spawned cod have been removed”

Result: The cod appear red for a split second.  Then they are teleported 300 blocks into the void without dropping anything in the world e.g. no cod fish are dropped.

(Three others and me commented on YouTube the /trigger command didn’t work, giving the error message ‘You cannot trigger this objective yet’.Running the command “function #main.init” fixed it for me though, as in Video 2 installation instructions)

Found in the text files of the datapack, the main command is as below, so we can always just type that in as needed:
“/tp @e[type=minecraft:cod,nbt={FromBucket:0b}] ~ ~-300 ~”

Craftable Gravel

new pack added in Video 12.  You can now craft four flint (a 2 x 2 square) into gravel – gravel is usually not craftable.


4 Bark Blocks

new pack added in Video 12.  E.g. Four Dark Oak Wood logs will now craft 4 Dark Oak Wood (bark blocks) – usually crafts 3.


12 Trapdoors

New pack added in Video 12. Craft 12 trapdoors from 6 planks – you usually only get 2 trapdoors from 6 planks!


Anti Creeper Grief  (?not in HC)

Added in Video 13. Like the Anti Enderman Grief datapack, a creeper exploding will still damage the player but now, won’t damage the blocks in the world surrounding the player.  This command detects a Creeper in explode mode (when it has an extra NBT tag) and stops it causing damage to blocks.  They take over a second to explode so this command checks for a Creeper with the explode mode NBT tag every 1 second, making the command run less frequently and be less intensive than running on every game tick.

Anti Ghast Grief (?not in HC)

Added in Video 13. Similar to the above datapack, this stops fireballs shot by Ghasts from destroying blocks around you, but you will still be damaged. The command will run in the background every ½ a second and searching for a shot fireball.  Usually players far away from Ghasts and the fireballs take a while to travel to them.  However, if you happen to be close to a Ghast where the fireball will take less than ½ a second to hit, then you may want to edit the datapack to make it check for fire balls more frequently.

Player Graves (not in HC)

A new pack to download for multiplayer servers, demonstrated in Video 15.  When you die, this pack stores all the items you have in your inventory, armour and weapon slots into a small grave which only you can claim the items back from, after you respawn.  It will do this for every player on your server.  To claim your items, hold Crouch (Shift) over the grave and the grave will disappear and drop all the items you had on you when you died.  Testing and looking in the code confirmed just shift works, no need to hold jump (spacebar) and crouch (shift).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

According to comments on the video by X, works in Nether and the End but not if you die in the Void.  If the keep inventory gamerule is enabled there will be no grave as no inventory items drop when you die.  A grave is only made if you have items in your inventory, e.g. you die holding nothing on your way to your grave, no second grave.

It’s possible to have multiple graves to claim later if you die on the way to your first grave (I verified this).   They never despawn or expire.  They do disappear after you claim your items, except I found some graves rarely left behind a Podzol block rarely.   Sometimes me and another user on YouTube rarely gained some rails we never had in our inventory from our gravestone, (probably leftover from the minecarts and hoppers in the program that claim your items.)

In my testing, XP drops as it normally does and isn’t stored in the grave.  When I died jumping into a ravine the grave was placed at the top of ravine where I’d jumped but XP was at the bottom of the ravine.  Another time cliff diving the grave was at the bottom of the cliff or part way down.  As X did in the video, if you die in lava build a scaffold under your grave before you claim it to prevent the items dropping into lava when released.  When building scaffolding under a grave made in mid-air, I noticed the grave has 2 x 2 invisible blocks under it where no other blocks can be placed (see screenshot above).  If the grave is in the ground it sits flush (as above).

It perfectly keeps the NBT data of your items.  It keeps armour stand books, written books, enchanted items exactly as they were before death.

The grave is immune to TNT and other players cannot destroy them or claim the contents of your grave.  If you don’t have precious items, it may be cool to leave them around as a memory of random happenings in Minecraft and derpage lol.


“/trigger pg_deathmessage” toggles a death message on or off, which displays the location of your death to all on the server, e.g. Grave Location ( X:xxx | Y:xxx | Z: xxx ) as in screenshot above”.  (That’s clever, if you’re on a PVP server maybe you don’t want people to know where you’ll be heading again after you respawn!)



Another hilarious custom villager from the “Gem Villagers” datapack.  I like Xisuma’s sense of humour and thank him,  MSpaceDev and other datapack programmers for sharing these great datapacks!


Sours: https://dbusybee.wordpress.com/

Armor Statues is a data pack made by Muki Tanuki and Phssthpok available in Vanilla Tweaks[1] and CurseForge[2]. This data pack allows one to modify the settings and pose of armor stands using a book with clickable links. This data pack also adds a unique book that allows you to alter the properties of armor stands in survival.


This data pack uses a book of clickable links to modify the settings and pose of armor stands. Once the data pack is installed, use "/trigger as_help" to see how to obtain the book. (By default this is by clicking a link in the help text but this can be changed in the admin settings.) Admin settings are available using "/function armor_statues:admin" command and include:

  • Creating and removing a particle shrine for obtaining the book.
  • Enabling and disabling a crafting method for obtaining the book.
  • Enabling and disabling the link in the help text for obtaining the book.
  • Removing unused armor stands; ones that are invisible and do not hold or wear any items.

The help text will be amended to show the selected method(s) of obtaining the book The help text also includes options to have notification messages in either the action bar or in chat.

ZombieCleo is an expert at using the book. She made a full in-depth showcase of the book.




Season 7

Season 8


"The back of the mansion is still unfinished..."- Grian

This section is a work-in-progress.
Some information might be incomplete. You can help the Hermitcraft Wiki by adding missing information.


Sours: https://hermitcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Armor_Statues_Datapack
  1. Return camera to amazon
  2. Product design intern salary
  3. Tcl digital audio out
  4. Time warp sheet music

ARMOR STAND BOOK TUTORIAL - Beginners guide - Minecraft 1.15

hello everybody welcome to the beginner




and when I say beginner I mean absolute beginner as in I don't actually really know much of anything because I'm going to be going through how to get the




and what each page does so if you're a bit ahead of that there might be some stuff in there that you don't know but you know it's it's there's another


coming food just another one it's fine I'll see you over in the future so

armor stand book tutorial   beginners guide   minecraft 1 15

the first thing you need to know is how do I get the data pack on my server in the first place the first thing you need to do is to go to the vanilla tweaks website and that is vanilla tweaks dotnet as you can see up here and you want to pick and choose your data packs and make sure you've got the latest version that you're on at the moment of recording this on one 1.15 I'm sure at some point it's not immediately released okay so you there's a lot of prep work to be going in

so you might not get 1.16 immediately when we switch over but at the moment 1.15 is there and it works okay and the one you want is this one you can pick any of these by the way that's that's entirely up to you I don't it's your choice you're allowed to do whatever there is you want to do so but this one is the one that you need and I would probably pair it we've probably play head drops and then you just download them okay and then once you've downloaded them or make

sure you've got all the files you go to a little installation process and I'm not going to say it's easy but it is step by step and they do talk you through it I'm not going to go through each and every one of these steps all the instructions are they're all all the sources are there just make you sure you do whatever it is you're supposed to be doing now before we go any further there is one thing that you guys need to know and that is that this



8 pack will

never work on bedrock or Pocket Edition ok there are some



posing stuff in bedrock but sorry guys you're on your own I'm afraid this is purely a Java driven date back now the first thing you're going to need in your



journey is the


now you need a writable


and you need to put ningún in in there or whatever you choose to write in your




this will disappear so don't worry about it being stupid okay so sign that and then you capitalize

that shoes and when you sign and close there you go you get your statues version to put six now do be careful to capitalize it because if you don't capitalize it you'll just get a lowercase


titled statues really important the capitalization is in there I'd like to take a second to thank all the people that are responsible for the


without this my life would have been so much less interesting thank you very much this is the point where people start getting confused

they've got the


it's all installed it's fine and then they look at it and they go I can't do this because of look at all the numbers and all that I don't know what's going on here and there are pluses and minuses and XYZ values and I know those are important but I don't know why that's what this video is here to help you with now one helpful trick for


that I only recently learnt is that lectins can be used with the


and it still effects any



s you're using it on just as it would as if it was in your hands and here is our first



we shall call it Percy the penguin no I'm not that much of a troll it's Percy the parrot we're fine we're fine okay and so I'm gonna go through page by page bit by bit step by step so the very first page of the


this doesn't really tell you much however you can flip over to a page if you really want to so if I wanted to go for example the mirror flip page I

would just do that and it would take me automatically to where I was however oh yes and these these purple circles tell tell you what's going on if you get confused or you forget now the one that I do use regularly on the front page is this green check target button because if you press it it will tell you what



you're currently going to be using and that's a function of where you actually are in the physical world so if I for example had another



here and I was

stood here I don't know which one of these two Oh I'm affecting currently check target is this one okay so anything I do while


ing here will affect this one but not this one however if that one moves away slightly that sometimes gets affected so now I'm now I'm affecting this one because I've pushed that one slightly further away tends to be that the closer you are to an arm


the more likely you are to affect it all right so the second page and second page is where

it gets interesting and a large proportion of your time is going to be sent on page two now the first bit is every single arm


whether you move it up or down or not turn gravity to no and the reason is if every time the world loads your



it has to constantly check where it is if you've turned gravity off it cannot fall therefore less calculations have to be done around its position so just turn by default turn every arm


piece gravity off but we'll get to locking like

right at the end but locking is very important if you haven't locked every single



you're causing lag so show baseplates so that's this thing down here and you can turn that off on anything that's organic you want to turn be turning that off okay because obviously show arms yes show the arms um arms are good particularly your home things that have arms okay so I think those are very self-explanatory but a small


know is you keep it this size and then this size this

is the main way that you can change the sizes of objects because you can force people to have things in their hand like so and when they and that's it it's small and then you can in big in the object that they're holding but I'm gonna take that back now my pork chop all right gravity I've already said should be no on everything and the reason why is because you can then start nudging things up and or down but we'll get some x and y values in a minute


visible yes no

no turns invisible only things it's wearing and holding and its head will then be visible so all the woody bits of the arm


so all of those bits will disappear if you choose no and so will the base plate so you don't have to click off the base plate and then click off the wood you can just do that we're just making it complete visible display name yes no so if I have not if I had a name tag I could then name it and because it won't automatically display its name so you have

to give it the permission to display whatever name that you choose and that's the first page done that was easy doesn't it the nudge inning this is the nudge page now this page terrifies people and I can under


why because it involves maths concepts and graphing concepts and that's just scary but okay the way I deal with it is to know where you are in the world and for that you require f3 and now if you go in that second block of text and you go down to facing okay and it tells

armor stand book tutorial   beginners guide   minecraft 1 15

me I'm facing towards negative X now I know that this direction is negative X which means that this direction has to be positive X so if I want to move it in negative x I sit I send it this way positive XR send it that way I've also got here as positive Z shut up I know all right so here's Percy now if I wanted to push Percy towards negative X which I know is that way okay I would then go here and on this top bar only I would push him negative X and that pushes him about half a block

now if you look at the numbers here each of those numbers is how many little cubes here it's pushed now if you go across here there are 16 little cubes in a block you can see them in the texture okay so eight is half a block so if you push it eight you pushing it a half a block if you pushing it three you're pushing it those tiny little three there and if you're pushing it one you pushing it one of those little blocks that's what those numbers mean they're not arbitrary

numbers they are actually the pixels on the block that you push it okay so that's what those numbers mean so you don't have to worry about that and try and figure it out anymore that's what it means okay now I would also push it positive Z is to the left and I pushed it positive Z so you can usually see by its feet if I put it push it one one thing back to push it to negative Z brings it one little square across you see it's it's it's on logic it's much more logical

you think now that is the absolute position okay so that is where it is in the world and what directions it will go in okay now there are easier ways to do this now I'm going to give you a secret I ignore relative exact because I myself am NOT a hundred percent sure what it does now what it says is relative aligned I don't know you know what I just can't so I'm just gonna tell you what I know okay the the relative exact I ignore entirely because I don't under


it relative

aligned is easier now the X and the y value the Y value is obviously up and down okay as if we were with graphs and the relative aligned now this is where things get a little bit wacky okay this is related to where you are in relation to the



I am in front of the arm


I am facing it I want to push it to the side to my left now that is the x-axis so you've got negative X to make it to push it to your left and then positive X to push it to your right now the way I remember it is

that X is a cross so the statue moves across okay left and right so if I do that so that's negative x it moves left however if I turn to this side and I want to make it move left see that one I think is easier to under


because it's in relation to you this one gets confused if there is a lot of arm


s present so you need to be very careful on how you use this but tailing things left and right is easy because it's a cross so if I wanted to make it go right there if I wanted to

make it go right from behind I would walk up behind it and I would make it go right okay so the X app give me my


the x-axis is based on where you are next to it and it will go to your left or to your right and fortunately it lines up with what's in the


now the z-axis is slightly trickier to comprehend now negative axis pulls it pushes it away from you like so and the positive access axis positive z-axis pulls it towards you like so and that is the same again whether you are on the

side now the way I remember this one because it is all about little mnemonics and if you're very negative if you're very negative people want to move away from you if you're very positive people want to move towards you that's how I remember how to do that so it's a very weird thing but you know what you get used to it after a while and I would arguably use these as a beginner then use this because this one is a lot more complicated to use and you have to know which direction

is which however as you get more into our


s you'll be losing using the top bar a lot more of course you always have to use the top bar if you're doing there the y-direction now page four confuses people outright because it's to do with rotation and it's not just to do with rotation of the



it's to do with rotation of all the bits and pieces of the arm


let me demonstrate I'm gonna turn the rotation angle to 45 degrees easy then I'm going to use

this button to turn my



45 degrees to the left like so and then what I'm also going to do is I'm going to adjust rotation to 15 okay and you'll say angle set step to 15 and then I'm going to turn it to the right now that's a good trick to know moving your



where you want it to go is a really really important thing because people aren't just at a diagonal or facing a direction they they they have these little weird poses as well it's a way to get

things more lifelike now I said things were going to get weird and they're about to get weird okay I've skipped ahead a couple of pages but I wanted to demonstrate rotation as it affects every single body part so this is what they look like right now I'm going to do something to the legs now remember our angle of rotation is 45 degrees now let's put the writer leg up X so that's what a 45 degree rotation looks like now what I'm going to do is I'm going to change to it

to 15 degrees and I'm going to do something oh by the way it's as if it was its leg that's how the


refers to it so it's right leg and it's left leg not as if you're looking for looking towards it okay let's move the left leg up by 15 degrees you can see it actually changes the degree of rotation depending on what you look like so if you're going well why can't I get the fine details chances are you've not picked the right rotation okay so you must

make sure you've picked the right rotation now pointing is something that I don't use okay but you can you can point the head to the head or apparently the heads to the feet this is a quick way to get to get your



looking a little bit weird but let's try it on a clean arm


okay so there are uses to this and I have used it on occasion I tend not to though if I wanted to move my arms quickly in big motions I want to push my right arm towards the head and it quickly

moves it up towards the head now if I give me my


back that is a real hazard by the way if you're wondering and then if I wanted to put that arm back towards the feet it will put it down towards the feet all right so page five this is a fun one okay this is the one that you might be this is one I actually still come back to even when I'm making my own poses so this is important because it lets you choose what you want your arm


to look like now I tend to use these as bases for

armor stand book tutorial   beginners guide   minecraft 1 15




creations but you can just use these flat out as as you like so for example let's do winning so there's this guy it's a nice little pretty set it's even move the head a lot of them don't move the head so if I wanted to do something like let's go for my favorite which is lazing which is a nice sitting position this is my favorite and it moves the head okay and then I can move that down and have it sit in a chair or what I like and then I can fiddle with it

afterwards now this one is walking this is the one I tend to use for most of my things that are moving around but you'll notice that the head is kind of dead on okay so what I tend to do is I tend to move the head because the head is much more expressive if it's tilted slightly or looking up or looking down okay this just looks a bit like a robot and people are going how'd you get your solo life and move the head that's literally it all right pose adjustment this is the one that

people hate okay this is the one that froze people continuously and it still throws me now the important thing is if you for example let's do it with the head because it's pretty obvious to see if you don't like what you've done to it okay so I did a positive X so it's moved the head up if you don't like it the opposite will bring it back down to how it was that is the most important thing now this thing is trial and error okay and people are going do you just spend time

just messing around with it yes that is exactly what I do it takes a long time to figure out how each of these things are fixed cuz I'm not gonna lie to you each of these XYZ coordinates hang on let's find it affects each body part differently this is what I'm going to do I'm gonna go through the X&Y position for the head the body an arm and a leg okay now the things you need to know for an arm and a leg that sometimes these are switched it's not consistent okay well

I'm assuming it is consistent but not in a way that makes sense to everyone okay so that is genuinely trial and error okay which is at this point is when I would recommend you to have the lectern pose going on so let's put down so negative x for a head makes it go down positive Y makes it look to the left negative Z tilts its head one way and positive Z tilts it the other way now this is where the body is where things get a little bit wacky because the legs don't follow the body now

if if we could do that we absolutely would but this is where you have to start using



s in pairs okay and I will talk about that in the sort of intermediate





that's not the place where my advice for you is don't mess with the body unless you've got five degree rotations or less on okay so yeah so a- moves it forward a positive we'll move it back the y-axis twists it I probably would recommend again body positions five or less degrees okay and only

once and V does this I've never seen a body do this so I tend not to use it but again you can you can use it anything I'm saying you can do but again if you want it to match the legs and sometimes you might not want that to happen but if you want it to then five or less degrees arms are similarly wacky so X is forward and back so negative X goes back positive X goes forward okay it might be difficult to see the difference this one is negative Y so it's all twists it around its axis

this one is just normal so the y axis is for twisting and the z axis lifts it out to the side that's all it does or lifts it or puts it inside the body it depends on which way you want it to go but it's basically like your up-and-down joint on your on your arm and those axes are the same for the legs pretty much so that's X we'll turn it back to attention attention is a really good like neutral pose it's not the exact neutral pose but it's it's close enough and then Y

spins it and then said lifts it to the side but you'll notice in combination it looks a bit odd like that and it does affect what plans - the clothes and everything so like I say sometimes it takes trial and error sometimes you find you just can't do it and there are days where I find that I I genuinely just can't do it either so don't feel bad if you just it's just not working some things just don't and you have to be accepting of those things all right so now comes the

fun page of the


this is the page that I spend most of my time on okay it's really good if you end up being a sculptor you need this page so we're gonna give it a


we're gonna give it some arms and we're gonna give it a block okay so now you can change the size of that block that block there by changing the size of the


okay I'm going to get into different sizes of blocks and how you can change it more a little bit in the future and a little bit in the

intermediate section okay so but we don't want that we don't want that just right so we're gonna go No now what I want is I want that block on the sacrum on the surface now if I instead change that block to I need to actually get rid of something in my inventory you mean thank you and change it for a thing same deal for a chest but if I wanted a little chest to hide my valuables in for example now all you do is you go to the page and you do block on surface and that's it and that

poses that I under


exactly how it is required for being a block surface but what if I wanted a smaller box now this is where it gets funny now you remember I said gravity no always this is why now if I wanted leave a small box I can make it a small


and then I would have to start budging this up in how you want and then you'd have to sort of start messing with like nudge position downwards make it tiny to make it sit on the surface but you wouldn't have it sit on the side now

if you get stuck and you're not sure all you need to do is you need to one check target shows you the position of the arm


and to


visible you cannot destroy your


whilst it's invisible if you need to get rid of something it has to become visible okay and then you get way stuff that important thing to remember this this actually works for wool - okay wool is counted as thank you wool is counted as a block it slightly let me show you let me show you okay so block on surface

it's counted as a block however you'll notice it slightly above the surface because it's basically if I put it into the


it's counting the carpet as being here okay now these next ones people get excited about I'm going to give it an object and I'm going to give it specifically a top of some description now what we are going to do is we are going to put that item on surfing alright so this is what you want to do if you want your arm


to be straight up as if it

maybe were propped up on a shelf for example this is what you want if you're showing your wares if on the other hand you wanted a nice meal and the food lying flat down you want item flat on surface because they go it's just a nice flat item what more do you need and it's the same deal if you wanted your tool to be flat on a surface let me show you just tall flat on surface tada my pickaxe is now there and I can swivel it around however much I want now this next one you have to be

careful of and use incredibly sparingly because once it goes up it gets sealed and you cannot get it back okay you just can't it's impossible so what we're gonna do is we're gonna put a trip work tire or trip hook what you know what I meant shush we're going to no no no it's got me directly underneath and this one I think is actually a really useful thing that you need to actually do it properly okay so show arms give it my sword and then I said Tudor there we go you just

hit the tool rack button and then as you can see it becomes there and you can actually take this in and put it away but you can't ever get rid of that almost and now it's locked it's actually sealed in place we're gonna go on to sealing and locking in a sec all right so this next page is less tweaking and more big changes okay so this is the the Percy in a much cooler lazing pose I suppose okay so what I'm going to do is I am going to mirror the arms so I can copy the left

arm position to the right arm position and you can see it's now mirrored that one and if I do the legs I can change the right leg I don't know I can I can change the left leg to the right leg position and you can see it's just mirrored it okay let's get him back to lazing all right now say I didn't want him facing this way I wanted to pose on the other direction all you do is you just flip everything flip one side to the other and now he's doing that isn't that cool I

think that's a reef just thinking no I need that on the other side but I don't want to have to pose it myself you just flip it and then and then if you don't mind it just flip it back however if I like this pose so much I could copy this pose copied easy and then I can put down another arm


with a different I just put that myself dinner with a different head and then I can just paste and it's identical and on this one if I really really wanted to I can make it slightly

different and flip it that's what the copy and paste function is now the paste function doesn't work obviously over logins but also what you need to be very aware of is you can't copy locked arm


s let's talk about locking locking is very very important now whatever I do to this one for example if I just had to be up a bit more that's fine if I'm working on an arm


here I can accidentally mess this one up and this is the thing that I think a lot of people have

overlooked when I'm doing my statues people go how do you pick what



you're working on it's very very easy now I can check my target and it lights up what I can do is if I want to keep it like that and in fact if I'm working on a big project you lock your



after you're finished with everything look it's now locked now if I were to go for example get really really close to him and I want to move the left leg up it won't affect and also if I check

target can't target that one so people ask what the difference between locking and ceiling is this is the one that's in creative mode in this one if I were to use a piston or put a bucket of water down it would move if you seal it it can't be moved it's it's there forever it can't do anything about it unless you're in creative mode so if you're a creative server great you can use ceiling and your arm


s will never move again and that includes creeper attack

they won't get blown up or anything they don't get shot by skeletons either which is one that's happened to me before but locking all those things can still happen to it but the position won't move so don't get your arm


s wet there like gremlins that way and that's a basic overview of the


and what each command does now obviously there are tips and tricks that I haven't gone through and I'm thinking I'm going to do that in another


in the

future so it's enough to get most people started I think so good luck and happy armour



Source : ZombieCleo

Sours: https://youtuberead.com/armor-stand-book-tutorial

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Stand book armor minecraft

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Vanilla Tweaks Armour Stand Book Overview + Tutorial

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