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Nursing Jobs You Can Do From Home

Remote work and telehealth gained traction during the pandemic, and patients and healthcare providers embraced its convenience and accessibility. Remote work and telehealth appeals to work-from-home nurses, particularly parents, who need to maintain a work-life balance and require flexibility.

Telehealth can have different meanings depending on the provider, but in general it is the long-distance delivery of healthcare that relies mainly on electronic communication like video conferencing or online platforms. Remote work does not necessarily include delivery of healthcare services but can include other nursing-related jobs such as freelance writing.

A nationwide shortage of nurses has led to job growth rate projections of 7% for registered nurses (RNs) and 52% for nurse practitioners (NPs) from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Individuals in rural areas and elderly, home-bound patients benefit from telehealth services, leading to increased demand for telehealth professionals.

MSN programs take years to complete, and typical application requirements include a BSN, an RN license, a GPA, GRE scores, and years of nursing experience. Each licensure applicant must pass a national examination in their specialty area from an organization such as the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Nurses Credentialing Center, or Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can RNs do from home?

RNs can find remote work in telephone triage, legal consulting, nurse education, freelance writing on nursing topics, and nursing informatics. Other positions include checking insurance claims for coverage, overseeing clinical trials, and recruiting healthcare staff. Telehealth options include seeing patients during virtual visits or preparing them for physician consultations.

Can nurses do telemedicine?

Work-from-home nurses often provide telehealth services, such as scheduling appointments, providing referrals, and consulting with and advising patients through phone and video calls. Patients can log on for face-to-face visits with their practitioners to discuss physical and mental health concerns.

How much do telemedicine nurses make?

According to PayScale, telehealth nurses earn an average base salary of $64, as of June Nurses in the lowest 10% salary bracket make an average of $43,, while the highest 10% earn $78, Experience pays for telehealth nurses, and those with more than 10 years on the job can see a significant climb in their incomes.

How do I become a virtual nurse?

Telehealth nurses must possess an RN license, which requires an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and a passing score on the National Council Licensure Examination for RNs (NCLEX-RN). Virtual nurses undergo training in telecommunication, including video conferencing, email, and messaging. Most practice for a few years caring for patients in person before transitioning to telehealth and earning telehealth certification. Depending on the state and telehealth company, the RN may need to be licensed through a multistate or compact license agreement.

Requirements for Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

Most work-from-home nursing jobs require an RN license, along with an ADN or a BSN. These undergraduate programs prepare graduates to pass the NCLEX-RN for state licensure.

Nursing school applicants typically need high school diplomas or GED certificates, a GPA, and coursework in anatomy, biology, physiology, and statistics. Students develop skills in patient care, critical thinking, and healthcare resources. An RN looking to advance their career can pursue a master of science in nursing (MSN) to specialize in specific patient populations and areas like healthcare education and administration.

MSN degree-holders experience significant pay increases in more job opportunities. Many become advanced practice registered nurses, a licensure category that includes NPs. NPs perform many of the same duties as physicians, particularly among underserved communities and areas with high patient loads.

MSN programs take years to complete, and typical application requirements include a BSN, an RN license, a GPA, GRE scores, and years of nursing experience. Each licensure applicant must pass a national examination in their specialty area from an organization such as the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Nurses Credentialing Center, or Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

Popular Nursing Jobs You Can Do From Home

1. Telephone Triage Nurse

According to Lina Velikova, M.D., Ph.D., "Telephone triage is becoming more prominent since it allows doctors to manage their time better and tend to patients with more severe conditions, while nurses assess symptoms and advise patients over the phone."

Telephone triage nurses recommend whether a patient should go to the emergency room or urgent care immediately. They may also suggest that the patient schedule an appointment to see their physician. Though data is limited, PayScale reports that they can earn $29,$74, as of June

2. Nurse Case Manager

Case management involves communication with patients, care providers, and insurance companies regarding services needed and coverage eligibility. They may also communicate with employers for work-related injuries and conditions.

"Case management can turn into a lucrative career path for nurses who desire to work remotely," Velikova says.

PayScale data indicates that case managers earn an average salary of $73, as of June

3. Insurance Claims

Nurses working in this field can find employment in hospitals and insurance companies. Like case managers, they check patients' insurance policies for coverage of the required services. They also recommend care adjustments to clinical review boards.

Insurance claims nurses usually have RN licenses and backgrounds in clinical nursing and administrative work. As of June , these professionals earn an average salary of $71,, according to PayScale.

4. Legal Nurse Consultant

These specialists assist attorneys working on medical cases. While the job does not require formal legal training, nurses need medical chronology and case analysis skills. Some universities offer MSNs with a concentration in legal nurse consulting.

Kealy Hawk, RN, says, "They primarily work from home and can assist lawyers in a variety of ways because of their medical training. They can consult with lawyers over the phone or internet."

PayScale figures indicate that legal nurse consultants make an average salary of $79, as of June

5. Freelance Nurse Writer

"Nurses who have a passion for writing can pursue careers as medical writers and work from anywhere in the world," suggests Velikova. Freelance nurse writers need "extensive knowledge of medical terminology and procedures," she adds.

Medical writers also need the versatility and skills to write for various audiences, including healthcare professionals and patients. According to June data from PayScale, freelance writers earn an annual average salary of $40,, while medical writers average $73,

6. Nursing Informatics

These work-from-home RN jobs require a background in clinical nursing and experience with electronic health records. These nurses maintain medical software and hardware, train medical staff to use patient care applications, and perform system updates and troubleshooting.

The job requires a minimum of a BSN, but many employers prefer candidates with master's degrees in health informatics, healthcare management, or quality management. Nursing informatics jobs pay an average salary of $79,, according to June PayScale data.

7. Online Nursing Instructor

Virtual instruction has become a popular online nursing job. These professionals teach classes and design curriculums for online nursing programs. Clinical educators provide nursing staff training, develop continuing educational materials, and evaluate clinical staff performance.

PayScale data indicates that, as of June , clinical nurse educators earn an average salary of $77,, while college instructors earn an average salary of $50,

8. Healthcare Recruiter

This work-from-home nursing job ensures adequate staffing in hospitals and medical centers. Recruiters conduct telephone or online candidate screenings and interviews, submit qualified applicants, and serve as liaisons between job seekers and employers in the hiring process.

Healthcare recruiters earn an average base salary of $47,, according to June data from PayScale.

9. Remote Disease Intervention Specialist

In this work-from-home RN job, public health nurses promote awareness and provide advice on understanding communicable diseases, treatment options, home care procedures, and resources.

Nurses identify at-risk communities and groups, and the job may require some onsite visits. As of June , disease intervention specialists earn an average salary of $39,, according to PayScale.

Virtual Clinical Trial Manager

BSN-level and MSN-level nurses with management experience can find positions overseeing clinical trials, recruiting participants, and developing protocols. These professionals also monitor progress, budgeting, and reporting. This online nursing job from home may require some travel and, as of June , pays an average salary of $98,, according to PayScale.

Where to Find Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

  • Anthem

    Headquartered in Indianapolis, Anthem ranks among the largest healthcare companies in the U.S. and offers work-from-home RN jobs in insurance claims.

  • Carenet Health

    Offering telehealth and clinical support from its San Antonio headquarters, Carenet hires work-from-home clinical care advisors and care coordinators. Carenet commonly offers signing bonuses for some positions.

  • Conifer Health Solutions

    Conifer provides managed health services from its offices in Frisco, Texas. The company hires remote coders, clinical supervisors, and personal health nurses. These roles may require some travel.

  • CVS Health

    CVS hires telephonic RNs to help patients and caregivers with medication education and support. RNs work from home, providing advice over the telephone.

  • Inland Empire Health Plan

    Based in San Bernardino, California, this health insurance company's RN work-from-home opportunities include insurance claims nurses, quality assurance nurses, and care managers.

  • Nurse Telephone Triage Service

    Located in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the RN-owned NTTS hires telephone triage work-from-home nurses with experience in intensive care, pediatric intensive care, and emergency room nursing.

  • Professional Dynamics

    This Folsom, California-based managed care service company hires work-from-home nurses as remote case managers and telephone advice nurses.

  • RPM Healthcare

    Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, this company offers reimbursable remote patient monitoring and hires nurses as care coaches to conduct telephone outreach and patient care and check-ins.

  • UnitedHealth Group

    This health insurance company in Minnetonka, Minnesota, employs work-from-home RNs in case management, care advocacy, and clinical analytics.

  • Wheel

    Austin, Texas' Wheel provides telehealth services and hires RNs and NPs with experience in family medicine, primary care, urgent care, emergency care, or pediatric care.

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Roles Beyond the Bedside: Remote Nursing Jobs

Working remote nurse jobs as a healthcare provider is not a new concept. Telehealth, for example, has been used as far back as the s. Due to COVID, there is an increased need for remote nursing. With the expanding demand for healthcare, aging patients and rural areas without access to care, remote nursing is growing. In this article, we discuss what a remote nursing job is, the pros and cons of remote nursing work and offer tips for how to find a remote nursing job.

What is a remote nursing job?

A remote nursing job is a nurse who works full-time or partial time, not in an office setting. This work is typically done from home. A remote nurse can have various responsibilities, including:

  • Evaluate patients over the phone
  • Coordinate care among different specialties
  • Nursing Informatics or IT work
  • Health coaching
  • Medical writing
  • Billing and coding
  • Nursing research

Remote nursing responsibilities

Work-from-home nursing jobs aren't for everyone. Many jobs can't be performed outside of a hospital or clinical setting. For some nurses, like Eunice Gonzales, BSN, RN, working from home has been a blessing. "I was interested in leaving the hospital when I started having children because I worked the night shift on the telemetry floor for nine years, and I wanted to spend more time with them."

Eunice is a nurse care manager at an insurance company and has been working from home for the last eight months. Her current caseload is patient care service (PCS) members. As a nurse care manager, Eunice's job responsibilities include:

  • Calling members at home for follow up
  • Providing assessments over the phone
  • Reviewing doctors ordered
  • Reviewing home care requests
  • Offering Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS) to her members
  • Offering assistance to search for news agencies
  • Monitoring if the members' patient care services are active

Due to COVID, Elizabeth Townsend's MSN, RN, office shut down, and she was assigned to work remotely. "It has been almost a year that we began working from home." Elizabeth is a mental health counselor and a care manager for a substance abuse prevention and control program. Elizabeth's job responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing request from providers to provide substance use disorder treatment
  • Reviewing charts and making sure medical necessity is met
  • Providing additional information if a decision is rendered-approval, denial, or pending


Remote nursing job earnings per year vary. Salary depends on location, experience, education level, and the company you work for. For an online nurse educator, the national average salary is $85, For registered nurse case managers the national average salary is $72,

Pros and cons of remote nursing jobs

There are pros and cons to working remotely as a nurse. Both Eunice and Elizabeth enjoy:

  • Lack of a commute
  • Increased work/life balance including having enough time for family activities like to preparing dinner, more family time and getting laundry done
  • Saving money

Eunice likes the fact that she's "saving money on lunch." Elizabeth loves that she's saving money on gas. "I fill up my gas tank maybe one time a month or less!"

However, working remotely does have its downside. Eunice feels like she doesn't have enough quiet time to speak to her patients, especially with her children at home. "I have to set a time with myself to call members, usually during the baby's nap time."

Elizabeth feels like working remotely has decreased her activity. "I feel like I'm not as active being home. That has been the most difficult. I feel that physically, I'm not as active as I was when I worked in the office setting."

Unexpected benefits of working from home

According to a Gallup poll, about two-thirds of remote workers want to remain working from home. Eunice was surprised she actually could do her job from home. "When my job sent us a work bundle with necessities like a headset, phone system, laptop, extra monitor- I learned I can do my job completely from home."

When asked if she would go back to the bedside, Eunice was enthusiastic that she would. "I miss the patient-nurse interactions and feeling good after taking care of my patients!" For now, Eunice will work from home, "[I'll go back ] when the children are grown and independent."

Elizabeth used to commute an hour and a half to and from work. She doesn't miss her commute. "I think this will be for a while until covid is under control. Then hopefully, if we do have to return to the office, it will be working from home, half of the time."

Types of remote nursing jobs available

When searching for remote nursing jobs online, consider using a combination of keywords including remote work terms + your nursing title. For example, your search term might read virtual+remote registered+nurse. To find remote job postings on Indeed, create a free account and then enter keywords like remote, work at/from home, home-based, telecommute or cyber commute plus your desired role title in the what box.

Common remote nursing jobs include:

  • Nurse case manager
  • RN admission nurse
  • Registered nurse educator
  • Field assessment nurse
  • Medical reviewer nurse
  • COVID contact tracing nurse
  • Telehealth nurse
  • Behavioral health LPN/RN
  • Home health care LPN/RN
  • Diabetes care specialist LPN/RN

Caring for patients remotely

Although Eunice works remotely, she still has to follow up and evaluate patients. Eunice's patient care work happens over the phone. "I also [call to ] do a reassessment on each member every six months of an assessment on members taken by a field nurse. This also ensures the member receives the necessary amount of hours of aide service with a tool used during the assessment." Other remote nurse jobs use video conferencing to evaluate patients, such as telephone triage nurses.

Experience needed to be a remote nurse

According to Sadie Glisson, RN and founder of The Remote Nurse, it's not impossible to become a remote nurse without remote experience&#x;especially if you are going for a case management (CM) or utilization management (UM) position. "You don't always need experience," she says, "however, they often want at least three+ years acute care experience at minimum."

Amanda Guarnieri, NP and founder of The Resume RX says, "Remote positions are very competitive these days, and many companies want to know that candidates have skills that make them qualified for the role." Sadie advises to be specific with your qualifications and make sure they align with the job description.

According to Sadie, here are what most companies are looking for based on specific remote positions:

  • Case management (CM) and Utilization management (UM): Have at least three+ years of acute care, transplant, or behavioral health experience.
  • Telephone triage: Have ambulatory, primary care, urgent care, emergency department, pediatrics, hospice, or home health care experience.
  • Data abstraction: Have direct experience in clinical registries. The clinical registry is collecting information on a patient's health and entering it into a database system.
  • Billing and coding: Some jobs require a nursing license, certificate in coding, and two years of coding experience.
  • Online nurse educator: Master's in Nursing or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree required, and teaching experience in nursing education. For example, Med/Surg, Pediatrics, Critical Care.

Licensing requirements and qualifications for remote nursing jobs

Depending on the position, remote nursing jobs require, at a minimum, an active license as a licensed practice nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN). Licenses are also specific to the state. However, you can apply for a compact nursing license. This license allows you to work in more than one state.

How to find a remote nursing job

It is not impossible to land a remote position. You should be focused and strategic. Sadie has been finding remote positions for nurses for over two years. Here are a few of her tips:

  • Use keywords found in the job listings in your resume
  • Include whether or not you have a multistate license or compact nursing license
  • Include a professional summary at the beginning of your resume to quickly summarize why you are qualified for the specific position
  • Create several different "dummy" resumes and cover letters that highlight skills needed for those specific roles

Join online remote working groups

There are online remote nursing groups that you can join. These groups allow communication and discussions about remote nursing jobs. It is a place to find community and like-minded nurses.

Search using remote-specific keywords

Sadie also points out that many remote nursing jobs use an applicant tracking system (ATS). "[ATS ] is a computer system that scans your resume and gives it a match rating. So make sure to target keywords or phrases in your resume.

Keywords or phrases should match the position's qualifications list. For example, if the position lists strong research background , make sure to add this to your resume. "You obviously can't lie," Sadie says, "but if you have a skill they are looking for, but you are using a different term to describe it, the ATS may not recognize it."

Ensure your resume is specific to remote nursing

According to Amanda, when applying to a remote nursing position, your resume should reflect the skills and qualifications the position is looking for and include parts of your experience that are relevant to the job. She points out, "If you are applying for a case management position, [you ] might include in [your ] resume- &#x;Exposed to various aspects of case management through my current position on the unit; eager and interested to develop this knowledge base in a future role.&#x;"

Working remotely as a nurse can be a great way to obtain a work/life balance. It also requires planning if it is something you want to do short-term or decide to do it for the long haul. Either way, if working remotely interests you, start preparing by taking jobs that will lead you in that direction.

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11 Companies That Hire for Remote, Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

Work-from-home nursing jobs are much more prevalent than before. These 11 companies commonly hire. Also included are 10 common nursing jobs from home.

Working remotely as a nurse may have been more of a pipe dream in the past. But because of technology and the quickly growing acceptance of virtual work in many industries—along with the global pandemic highlighting the vital importance of healthcare positions—work-from-home nursing jobs are more prevalent than ever.

Remote nurses provide telephone support, advice, and follow-up services to patients, and they can also work in case management and recruiting. Remote nurses help make it easier for elderly and immunocompromised patients, as well as patients living in rural areas far from healthcare facilities, to access care. The majority of remote nursing positions on FlexJobs are a combination of remote work and travel and may have location requirements.

If you&#;re a FlexJobs member, click each company name to see its currently available jobs and to apply directly with that employer. And be sure to check out our nursing jobs category to find even more positions with a variety of flexible work options.


FlexJobs is the longtime leader in helping job seekers find the highest-quality remote, work-from-home, hybrid, and flexible jobs. You can sign up for a free trial or for premium-level access to our database of hand-screened job listings, as well as job search and career webinars and many other great resources! Learn today how FlexJobs can empower your job search!

recruiting icon Companies That Hire for Work-from-Home Nursing Jobs


As one of the nation’s premier healthcare benefits companies, Aetna offers a wide range of health insurance services and products—including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, disability, and group life plans—to more than 50 million network members. Aetna serves groups and individuals in all 50 states.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Case Manager Nurse
  • Senior Clinical Strategist
  • Appeals Nurse Consultant

2.Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. serves one-in-nine Americans and is recognized as the nation’s largest for-profit managed healthcare company. Serving nearly 73 million members across the United States, Anthem, Inc. and its affiliated companies deliver services and products that enable its members to receive the care they need to live a healthy life.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Clinical Quality Program Administrator
  • Manager I/II Case Management
  • Telephonic LTSS Service Coordinator &#; RN Clinician

3.CVS Health

CVS Health is a leading healthcare company and the nation’s largest provider of healthcare services and prescriptions, fulfilling over 1 billion annual prescriptions. Operating CVS Specialty, CVS Pharmacy, CVS MinuteClinic, and CVS Caremark, CVS Health serves an average of 5 million customers every day.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Nurse &#; RN &#; PAH Educator
  • Nurse Health Management Rare

4.EK Health Services

EK Health Services offers a range of national workers&#;​ compensation healthcare management solutions for employers, insurance carriers, state agencies, municipalities, and third-party administrators. Services include case management, utilization and peer review, medical bill management, Medicare set-aside, and medical provider network strategies.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Bill Review Nurse Specialist
  • Triage Nurse


Founded in , Healthfirst is a nonprofit managed care organization. As one of the most rapidly expanding health plans in New York, Healthfirst serves more than 1 million members throughout Long Island and New York City, with nearly 3, employees and 25, healthcare providers.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Utilization Management RN, LPN
  • Case Manager
  • Pediatric Care Manager


Humana is a leading healthcare company that offers a variety of health, wellness, and insurance products and services designed to provide an integrated approach to lifelong well-being. Founded in , Humana now represents over million medical members nationwide.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Registered Nurse Care Manager
  • Utilization Management Nurse
  • Care Manager, Telephonic Nurse 2

7.North American Partners in Anesthesia &#; NAPA

Founded in , North American Partners in Anesthesia specializes in anesthesia management services. NAPA works in partnership with hospitals, surgical centers, and physician groups nationwide to improve surgical outcomes, patient and doctor satisfaction, operating room efficiency, and revenues for its clients.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Quality Nurse, West Region
  • Quality Improvement &#; RN

8.Oscar Health Insurance

Oscar Health Insurance combines technology, design, and data to revolutionize the healthcare industry by creating a health insurance solution centered around the patient. Oscar Health Insurance offers personalized, individual, and family plans, business plans, and Medicare Advantage plans.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

9.UnitedHealth Group

A worldwide leader in improving the health system and helping consumers lead healthier lives, UnitedHealth Group provides benefits services and healthcare coverage to clients and consumers worldwide. It serves clients in all 50 states and in countries around the world.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Prior Authorization &#; Registered Nurse
  • Discharge Care Manager Registered Nurse
  • Telephonic Registered Nurse Case Manager

Vatica Health

Vatica Health is a healthcare technology company with a platform that represents next-generation risk adjustments, quality of care, and quality of coding. Vatica Health connects healthcare stakeholders, removes administrative and technical burdens, provides compliant clinical documentation solutions, and enhances member and provider engagement.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  •  Registered Nurse &#; Clinical Consultant

Walden University

Established in , Walden University is an accredited online university based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Walden University offers programs in psychology, counseling, social work and human services, public administration, education, technology, management, nursing, public health, and public policy.

Recent remote work-from-home nursing jobs:

  • Faculty, Contributing &#; Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Science Nursing
  • Faculty &#; School of Nursing &#; Master of Science Nursing CBE Program
  • Clinical Instructor &#; Master of Science Nursing, Nurse Practitioner


health icon 10 Common Remote Nursing Jobs from Home

Registered Nurse (RN)

Average salary: $63,

Remote RN jobs are becoming more common. A registered nurse typically observes and records patient behavior, performs physical exams, collects patient health histories, provides treatment plan education, and more. An RN must have a bachelor&#;s or associate degree.

Nursing Instructor

Average salary: $61,

Nursing instructors teach nursing students, help them prepare for exams, and support academic needs. An RN license and experience is needed, but some roles seek candidates with a master&#;s or doctorate.

Clinical Appeals Nurse

Average salary: $60,

Clinical appeals nurses can work remotely to review denied insurance claims and conduct appeal reviews. This role will generate a report with final decisions made and may follow up with payors.

Clinical Coder

Average salary: $50,

Licensed nurses can work as a clinical coder to review clinical information, assign appropriate and accurate codes, and perform documentation. Knowledge of ICD or HCPCS coding is typically needed.

Nurse Abstractor

Average salary: $55,

Nurse abstractors review patient files to abstract key data. They may also identify record deficiencies and enter results into a system. Keyboarding skills and experience with healthcare software is usually required.

Nurse Auditor

Average salary: $65,

At-home nurse auditors audit financial statements for hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies. They check for accuracy and compliance with government regulations. Experience as an LPN or RN is often required.

Nurse Case Manager

Average salary: $71,

The duties of nursing case managers can involve ensuring access to health services, conducting health assessments, and coordinating and implementing healthcare plans. A nursing license is a must for this role.

Nurse Practitioner

Average salary: $93,

Nurse practitioners use advanced medical training to help diagnose patients for illness and treatment. These professionals are qualified, beyond a registered nursing credential, to treat illnesses and prescribe medications.

Telephone Triage Nurse

Average salary: $69,

This work-from-home RN job will assist patients via phone to determine if they need medical attention and educate them on injury or illness management. An RN license is needed.

Utilization Review Nurse

Average salary: $69,

Utilization review nurses will determine if treatments fall within the coverage parameters of a patient’s insurance. They help determine medical necessity, level of care, and length of stay. A bachelor&#;s degree is required.

data entry icon Finding Nursing Jobs from Home with FlexJobs

FlexJobs&#; listings are updated daily, so finding a remote work-from-home nursing job can be just as easy as keeping up to date on current postings. Stay connected to the best companies for flexible medical jobs and find remote nursing positions at a variety of employers.


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