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Moka Fang. (PHOTO: Moka Fang's Weibo screenshot)

Chinese model Moka Fang, who's also known as Mrs Aaron Kwok, recently posted a short vlog on her Weibo account on 11 July, documenting her latest flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai, this time with her two daughters. It appears that Fang and her daughters were taking the economy-class flight in her video, gaining praises from netizens for her down-to-earth choice.

It is believed that the trio took the trip to visit Kwok, who is currently filming his latest movie, The White Storm 3, in Yunnan province in China.

The post with the video was captioned: “Moka’s mini vlog. Documenting the two babies’ first flight. We will begin quarantine when we arrive in Shanghai. So in the near future, we will share the everyday occurrences, both happy and tiring, quarantine diaries.”

Fang, who was rumoured to have joined a Chinese “training camp” that taught ladies how to attract megastars, was touted as a gold-digger by netizens. The model posts expensive goods that she uses daily, branded goods featured in her #OOTDs, and upscale dining meals on her social media platforms regularly, cementing her luxurious image in netizens’ minds.

In recent months, however, Fang’s social media platform has taken a turn away from her usual branded goods; there are now more photos of family outings and daily interactions with her daughters.

Asking her eldest daughter in the video, “You are finally taking a flight, right?”, Fang’s daughter replied with an innocent voice, “Yes, and also the bus!”, tickling netizens watching the vlog.

Keen-eyed netizens also noticed in her recent vlog that Fang and her daughters were seated in the economy section of their flight to Shanghai based on the seats that appeared in the video. Many were surprised with her choice, sharing comments such as “You are flying economy? Wow!”, “Going low-profile? I am applauding your choice,” and “Your daughter sounded adorable. I hope they have a safe flight!”

Some netizens were unfazed by Fang’s choice, stating that “the flight between Hong Kong and Shanghai is very short. Taking the economy class is nothing for people to be raving about.” Regardless of opinions, many netizens also commented that they would be looking forward to Fang’s quarantine vlogs with her daughters in the upcoming days.


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Aaron Kwok’s Wife Posts Photos Of Her Lounging On A S$27K Chanel Paddle Board On Chinese Valentine’s Day

Guess Chinese model Moka Fangreally isn’t bothered by those outrageous rumours that she snagged her husband, Hongkong singer-actor Aaron Kwok, thanks to a ‘pickup artist training camp’ for women who want to marry celebs.

Ever since she married the year-old Heavenly King three years ago, Moka, 33, has been living a life of luxury, frequently posting photos of herself in branded goods and hanging out with other tai tais like Pace Wu. Needless to say, her expensive habits have earned her a reputation as somewhat of a gold digger, but does she care? Nope. In fact, we can only say she’s giving a well-manicured middle finger to all the haters with her latest post, which was shared on Chinese Valentine’s Day yesterday (Aug 25).

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Hong Kong &#; It may not happen very often but even Heavenly Kings cannot resist the urge to show some online PDA once in a blue moon. On August 5, Aaron Kwok, 55 took to his Weibo to celebrate his wife Moka Fang turning

“Happy birthday, my wife. Love you forever”, wrote the Heavenly King in a surprisingly public display of affection from the famously private star. Fang&#;s birthday is actually on August 6 so Kwok was actually early in wishing her. It has been reported that Fang, who is originally from Shanghai had recently returned to her home city with their two daughters, Chantelle, 3 and Charlotte, 2 so she could not celebrate her birthday with Kwok.

That is probably why Kwok, who stayed back in Hong Kong had to post a photo taken at Fang&#;s birthday celebration last year, as reported by 8days.sg.  There was a previous report about Fang flying back to Shanghai where netizens praised Fang for being thrifty for flying on economy class.

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Some netizens deemed it fit to criticise Kwok for being &#;too stingy&#; to splurge on first-class, or even business class seats for his family. It even led to ridiculous speculation that it was a sign that the couple’s marriage was breaking down.

Based on Kwok&#;s latest Weibo post, those netizens are probably eating their words right now.

Born on October 26 , Aaron Kwok Fu-shing is a Hong Kong singer, dancer and actor. Active since the s, Kwok is known as one of the &#;Four Heavenly Kings&#; of Hong Kong. Dubbed the &#;God of Dance&#;, Kwok&#;s onstage dancing is influenced by the late American performer Michael Jackson. He has released over 30 studio albums in Cantonese and Mandarin, with most of his songs are in the dance-pop genre, with elements of rock, R&B, soul, electronica and traditional Chinese music.

Concurrently with his music career, Kwok started as an actor with a role in the TVB television drama Genghis Khan (), followed by Twilight of a Nation (), Man from Guangdong (), Heartstrings (), and Wars of Bribery (). /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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Aaron Kwok, who is currently filming his latest movie, The White Storm 3, shared a recent photo of himself on 21 July, looking haggard and tired.

The year-old, who is in Yunnan province in China filming his latest film, captioned the photo with “getting into character, the cup is hot.”

Within seconds of posting his photo, his wife Moka Fang commented, “Hahaha, you got tanned.” The sweet exchanged received attention from netizens, along with comments such as “Wife is here, she is worried for her husband!” and “Teach Kwok how to take care of his skin!”. The actor replied to his wife’s comment with a smiley face.

Kwok looked visibly thinner since his last update on set, causing some of his fans to be worried.

The White Storm 3, an upcoming Hong Kong action film, is directed by Herman Yau and will be starring Kwok and veteran Hong Kong actors Louis Koo and Sean Lau. The film is a sequel to the film, The White Storm 2: Drug Lords. Production was originally supposed to begin in July but was delayed by COVID and only begun in June

Earlier the month, Kwok’s wife had also posted a vlog of her and their daughters going to China, supposedly to reunite with Kwok, who had been away from home for the movie.

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Moka Fang Reveals What A Day In The Life Of Being Aaron Kwok’s Wife Is Like

Aaron Kwok’s wife, Chinese model Moka Fang, became famous overnight when she started dating the Heavenly King in  Since then, netizens have scrutinised her every move, checking out what she eats, wears, and does.

On April 15, the year-old shared a series of photos on her Weibo chronicling her daily life, and the seemingly mundane photos have once again captured the attention of netizens for more than one reason.

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方媛約姐妹聚會一人完成一桌菜 網民發現更接地氣一面

Moka Fang, the wife of singer Aaron Kwok, has dismissed talk that she is part of a "training camp" for women who want to marry superstars, along with Will Pan's wife.

The online allegations arose after Taiwanese-American singer Pan, 40, announced in July that he had married Chinese air stewardess Luna Xuan,

Some claimed that Xuan and Fang were part of a group of trainees carefully coached by a specialised agency to get near to celebrities, with the eventual aim of marrying them.

Fang, who turned 33 on Wednesday (Aug 5), was asked by a netizen on Weibo if the rumours were true.

The Chinese model did not respond directly but posted an art illustration of an elderly man looking at the rain, with the Chinese characters for "rumours" among the raindrops.

It was accompanied by the caption: "Keep calm and don't follow blindly. The rumours will collapse by themselves."

Kwok, 54, publicly acknowledged Fang as his girlfriend in late , and they married in They have two daughters - Chantelle, who turns three in September, and Charlotte, one.

As for Pan, his agency said last week that he will pursue legal action against anyone who continues to spread libellous comments about him and his wife.

Sours: https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/moka-fang-aaron-kwoks-wife-dismisses-talk-that-she-was-part-of-training-camp

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