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[[There is a screen, and a chap standing in front of it pointing at one of the images on the screen. The screen contains 3 maps, each with a title under them.]] [[A heat map of the USA, with red spots on larger cities.]] Our site's users [[A heat map of the USA, with red spots on larger cities.]] Subscribers to Martha Stewart Living [[A heat map of the USA, with red spots on larger cities.]] Consumers of furry pornography Chap: The business implications are clear. Pet Peeve #208: Geographic profile maps which are basically just population maps. {{Title text: There are also a lot of global versions of this map showing traffic to English-language websites which are indistinguishable from maps of the location of internet users who are native English speakers.}}

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It’s probably no surprise that the Bay Area, proudly home to every kink, fetish, and subculture imaginable, also boasts one of the country’s densest concentrations of furries. How do we know? Because a Good Samaritan on Reddit combed data on 7,500 furries worldwide to create a heat map of their locations.

For those not in the know, furries are adults who dress in animal costumes and give themselves anthropomorphized “fursonas.” Although sex isn’t always involved, there’s a whole genre of furry porn called “yiff,” as well as plenty of invite-only parties devoted to fursuit sex.

In San Francisco, the Stud bar on 9th and Harrison hosts a monthly furry-themed party called Frolic — which, judging from the photos, is equal parts adorable and unnerving. There’s also a Bay Area furries mailing list; a furries Facebook group with 381 members; a furries Meetup with 897 members; and furry conventions, including one in San Jose in January that flooded the city’s downtown with 3,000 costumed partiers.

According to WikiFur, the Bay Area could very well have the world’s largest population of furries per square mile, which may be due to the intersection of furries and Silicon Valley during the Internet’s ascension in the ’90s. That intersection may also explain the overlap between furries and gamers (last year Frolic was the official afterparty of Gaymer X, the queer video game convention).

Like any community, furries band together. Many of the posts on a Bay Area furry LiveJournal (remember LJ?) are housing ads, including a 2010 call for roommates to share a 3BR apartment in Santa Clara (“there are about 400 dragon statues within the apartment in curios”). Another post, from 2011, sought people to join regular animal-drawing excursions at SF Zoo.

The heat map of furry locations shows vibrant communities across Europe, especially in Germany, while stateside New York, the Pacific Northwest, and Florida compete with the Bay for furry domination. A question worthy of academic analysis: How has SF’s astronomical rents affected the furry community? I bet it’s not easy storing those suits in a studio apartment.

[h/t CityLab; image courtesy of ThinkStock]

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Florida Furry Map Version 9


This map shows where some local groups in Florida are. If anything about it is incorrect or out of date, please comment!
I want your help, to remove both dead/inactive groups, and add new, active groups.
Also, check out my journals: there are many ways this profile can help you, if you let me know. This profile also re-posts local events, so, +watch us to be notified!

In this update, we have the addition of:
Missing logos, now not missing!

I'd like to thank everyone and anyone who helps give me information. Thank you. I'd also like to thank everyone who helps create and run local groups.
I also hear a lot of people would be grateful if someone created a group for Palm Beach county!

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Map furry

Map of selected furry conventions

The circles scale such that the area of any circle grows linearly with the attendance of a convention. They are colored according to the time of year they happen (at least, the time of year of the most recent iteration of a convention). Specifically, they are colored such that cons at very different times of the year "look" more different from each other; roughly, early January is red, early May is green, and early September is blue, with times in between being mixtures of these colors.

The map also includes something I dub the "surprise index" of any con. The surprise index is a cobbled together way to say how "surprising" a con's success in its location is. The bigger the number, the more surprising. For more details on how it is calculated, please see here.

To editorialize briefly, what this map really shows is that, if you want to start a convention in the continental US, there's simply not a lot of unmet demand. There are not many places in the continental US where both of "getting to a convention is currently difficult" and "there are large population centers nearby that can logistically support a convention" are true. Keep in mind, while a (potentially large) furmeet is a good setting for locals to meet up, you probably need at least some nonlocals (not from the immediate metropolitan area of the city you would place a convention in) to keep a fur con afloat. There aren't a lot of places, for example, overflowing with artists to fill your DD and AA, that don't already have a convention.

There are a handful of places in the US (NOLA, Kansas City, etc.) that seem like they have large enough populations to support the logistical needs of a convention (airlift/road accessibility, convention space, hotel space, etc.) while not already having a convention nearby, but there are of course other factors as well. In particular, I can't comment on the relevant local communities and their desires for such an event. With this in mind, then, one might reasonably guess that to place a con in the continental US at this point in time, you will likely need some sort of gimmick. Camping cons are one example, other attempts include "waterpark" and the upcoming kink-specific furry con in Las Vegas. It is, of course, still prudent to involve any local communities in planning from the beginning if you were to attempt to newly start even a gimmick-oriented convention.

For more information on the logistical needs of a convention, see this report from Ontario's Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport. While several years out of date, the beginning of section 5 ("Demand") and most of section 6 ("Key Success Factors") remain relevant (and are not completely irrelevant to non-North American audiences). Additionally, if you are serious about starting a furry convention, getting in contact with the Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable would be a very wise thing to do. Though founded in the US, it is an international organization with a wealth of experience who may be of some assistance, and also who attempts to assist in avoiding geographic and temporal conflicts where possible.

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Stronger Than You -COMPLETE- [Steven Universe Cat AU MAP]

Goodbye and thanks for your support during all these years!

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