Stainless steel stair design

Stainless steel stair design DEFAULT

Steel Stair Design Examples (Carbon & Stainless Steel Metal)

Steel stair designs provide a strong, durable, safe, and flexible solution for any stair project.  Metal stair designs in either carbon steel or stainless steel can fit many different applications and design specifications. Steel staircases can be designed to be both cost-effective and visually appealing. These steel stair design examples show they work for a wide range of designs, from maintenance and service stairs to high-end architectural stairs.

Carbon steel stair design examples

Carbon steel is the most common material used to design metal stairs. It is cost-effective, extremely strong and durable to support complex stair designs, and can be finished with many types of coatings. Lapeyre Stair specializes in designing commercial steel stairs and industrial prefab steel stairs.  Many companies specialize in designing architectural and feature stairs. Below are examples of the different design and finish options for the different components of metal stair design. 

Steel stair tread design examples

Stair treads serve as the walking surface for each step. A durable, non slip surface is the most important safety criteria for stair treads. Stair treads can be purely functional in nature for service stairs, egress stairs, and maintenance stairs; or they can serve as an architectural focal point on monumental stairs. 

Diamond plate stair tread 

Cost-effective for industrial and service stairs

Bar grate stair tread

Heavy duty for industrial stairs

Grip Strut stair tread

Non slip for industrial stairs

Diamond plate stair tread example

bar grate stair tread example

Grip stair tread example


Concrete stair tread

Durable for commercial and residential stairs

Abrasive coated stair tread

Non slip and durable for service and egress stairs

Wood stair treads

For architectural and modern steel staircases

concrete stair tread example


non slip stair tread design example

wood stair tread example


Steel handrail design examples

Handrails are a safety feature of stairs that the user can grab onto in the case of a slip or fall. Handrails can be attached to either a guardrail or directly to a wall. IBC stair codes require two handrails on each stair flight, and OSHA requires at least one handrail. 

Steel guardrail mounted handrail

Serve as the grabrail on the guardrail side of the staircase

Steel wall mounted handrail

Serve as grabrail on the wall side of a staircase

guardrail mounted handrail


wall handrail example


Steel railing design examples

Stair railings act as the guardrail to protect people from falling off the stair. They can be purely functional in nature or serve as an architectural centerpiece. Powder coated steel railings provide a long-term and durable finish to protect the railings.

Stair railings for egress stairs

Functional railings serve as a fall protection on the open side of the stairway. These types of railings are used in service stairwells and egress stairways. While the primary purpose is functional in nature, these railings can be designed to have an clean finish and look. 

Picket railing

Cost-effective for commercial and residential stairs

Mesh panel railing

High-end look for commercial and residential stairs

Multi-line railing

Durable for commercial stairs

Picket stair rail design example


mesh panel stair rail design example

Multi-line rail design example

Architectural stair railings

Architectural railings serve as a visual focal point for modern stairs and ornamental stairways. These railing systems not only can look visually appealing but also provide fall protection on the open side of the stairway. Architectural railing systems are designed and manufactured by companies who specialize in these types of railing systems.

Steel with glass railing example

glass railing design example

Steel stair stringer design examples

Stair stringers serve as the support structure for the stair flight. Stringers can be side mounted to the treads or positioned underneath the treads. Functional stairs for service stairwells and egress stairwells usually have side mounted stringers. Architectural and modern stairs may have stringers positioned directly underneath the treads. A floating stair has the stringer hidden in the wall to make the stair appear floating in space.  

Egress steel stair stringers examples


Steel plate stair stringer

Cost-effective stringer for service and egress stairs

Steel channel stair stringer

Multi-functional stringer for any type of application

Steel tube stair stringer

High-end stringer for commercial and residential egress stairs

Steel plate stringer design exampleSteel channel stringer design exampleSteel tube stringer design example


Modern steel stair stringer examples

Center stringer underneath stair treads
Two stringers underneath stair treads
center stringer design example


two stringers under stair treads


Floating stair stringer example

floating stair design example


Stainless steel stair design examples

Stainless steel stairs are best for architectural stairs and industrial stairs in food production or chemical environments. Stainless steel provides a polished look and is easily cleanable. Because it does not rust like carbon steel it works great for outdoor stairs. Stainless steel stairs are considerably more expensive than carbon steel stairs. 

Industrial stainless steel stair treads

Stainless steel diamond stair tread

All-purpose stainless tread

Stainless steel bar grate stair tread

Heavy duty and drains easily for wet environments

Stainless steel grip tread

Added slip-resistance for wet or slippery environments

stainless steel floor plate design examplestainless steel bar grate stair tread designstainless steel grip tread design example

Stainless steel alternating tread stair tread

Slip resistant tread for space-restricted applications

Stainless steel alternating tread stairs


Stainless steel railings

Stainless steel railings are rust-proof, easily cleanable, and have a polished finish. Stainless railings are best for high-traffic areas in commercial buildings and for wet or chemical industrial environments. 

Architectural stainless steel railing

For high traffic areas in commercial buildings and egress pathways. Great for outdoor railings.

Industrial stainless steel railing

For wet and chemical environments. Great for food applications that have stringent cleaning requirements

stainless steel railing design example


stainless steel railing equipment design

Need steel staircase design for your project?

Lapeyre Stair's team of designers can help you design a steel stair to meet your application. We specialize in industrial stair designs, service stairs, and egress stair design. Our stair design team has advanced knowledge of building codes and stair engineering requirements to guarantee a safe, code-compliant stair design.


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Stainless Steel Stair Parts

Stainless steel is a truly versatile construction material that may be incorporated in any building projects, may they be residential, industrial, medical and even transportation. Stainless steels projects resilience and elegance, matching perfectly all the interiors these will be installed in. in the process of perfecting the stainless steel, scientists and metallurgists forged it in such a way that it will not corrode, rust nor stain and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Stairwarehouse takes great pride in its selection of elegant, durable and sustainable stainless steel stair parts. Their elegance and simplicity will perfectly fit any interior design, minimalist or otherwise. Their durability ensures that they would last a very long time yet still retaining its original shine like the day they were first installed. These stainless steel stare parts are safety tested and guaranteed to withstand heavy load and pressure. Only the highest quality of materials was used to produce these stainless steel stair parts to ensure our products� superior quality. These stainless steel stair parts are highly sustainable and almost % of our stair parts are recyclable and may be repurposed to something else. Now that is a great way to become environmentally responsible. What a great way to show Mother Earth that you care about the environment by using stainless steel parts to complete your home.

Make Stairwarehouse a part of your home. Give us a call at and we will gladly assist you in all your stainless steel needs.

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Stainless Steel Staircase

A stainless steel staircase lends a sense of modern sophistication and style to a commercial space or home. Both durable and aesthetically pleasing, our stainless steel staircases are available in limitless designs and styles, and our innovative team is capable of bringing your unique vision to life.

With over 30 years of experience and clients from coast to coast, we have developed proven, turn-key process that result in top quality products and smooth construction processes. We support our clients through all phases of design and delivery, and our team makes the design process simple by walking you through each phase:

  • Guiding you in the style selection process
  • Helping you to select a handrail system to complement your stainless steel staircase
  • Discussing installation services and determining which option best fits your needs
  • Ensuring that your staircase is code compliant

Our company possesses the experience, skill, and capabilities to construct the highest quality stainless steel staircases, complete with handrail systems. We are proud to deliver quality products with cohesive design and flawless fit and finish.

Getting Started

We make the process of ordering stainless steel staircases and handrail systems simple.Contact Us, tell us a bit about your project, and we will begin construction preparations. If you have a specific design in mind, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. If you are seeking inspiration or ideas, we will help you to explore your options and make the best possible decision for your style and needs.

Our reputation speaks for itself, and client satisfaction is our highest priority. From inspiration to installation, our team is committed to delivering the highest quality products.Contact ustoday to discuss your staircase needs.


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Stair stainless design steel

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