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Steam sale dates: When is the next Steam sale?

Steam Sale start dates are a guarded secret at Valve, but they always seem to slip out before the sales actually happen. Information is shared with developers and partners, but if customers knew exactly when a sale was going to drop, many would simply wait for the discounts. 

Fortunately, Steam sales happen fairly consistently across the year, making them fairly easy to predict. Even amidst Covid delays in , Valve's sales were full steam ahead. The same has been true so far in

The seasonal sales offer the broadest and deepest price cuts, and they tend to occur during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. As it does every year, Steam's big summer sale has kicked off with thousands of games on sale, more items to buy in the Points Shop, and a meta adventure with stickers to earn.

When is the next Steam sale?

The next Steam Sale will be the Halloween Sale running from October 28 - November 1.

When is the next Steam Next Fest?

The October version of Steam Next Fest is now over, running from Friday, October 1 - Thursday, October 7,

Steam Festivals (now called Next Fest) aren't sales, exactly, but they're another way to play games for cheap. Since , Steam has been running regular festival weeks where hundreds of upcoming games offer free demos for you to play. It can be a daunting list to sort through, like sales are, but it's a great way to try something you've had your eye on. 

When do Steam sales usually happen?

Steam sales (usually) occur at regular times of the year. By looking back at Steam sale dates from the last few years we can guess approximate dates for  

Steam sales tend to start at at 6pm BST/1pm EDT/10am PDT on the third or fourth Thursday of their respective month, with the exception of Autumn/Black Friday sales, which have landed on Wednesdays in the last few years.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale February 11th - February 15th,

Steam Golden Week Sale April 29th - May 6th,

Steam Spring Sale May 27th - 31st,

Steam Summer Sale June 24th - July 8th,

Steam Halloween Sale October 28th - November 1st,

Steam Black Friday/Autumn Sale Likely November 24th,

Steam Winter Sale December

How long do Steam sales last?

The Summer and Winter sales are the big ones. They tend to last two weeks (ish). Other sales like the Lunar New Year sale and Black Friday sale last about one week. 

Which is the best Steam Sale?

We tend to see the biggest discounts in the Summer and Winter sales, and the Summer sales tend to be the best. Autumn and Winter sales tend to be a bit too close to the Fall release season to allow for significant discounts on new releases. By the following summer you can get great discounts on relatively new games. (Here's how long it usually takes for games to get cheap on Steam.)

In the past, when we've rounded up the best Steam deals ever, we've seen some remarkable discounts. Valve's Portal 2 went from $50 to $5 in the Summer Sale a year after release.

Steam sale tips

Use your wishlist

Whenever you see a game you might want, add it to your wishlist. You will receive notifications when wishlisted games are on sale and having a list makes it easier to resist buying unlisted games for the sake of it on impulse. If a game is not on your list, do you really want it?

Looking for a way to quickly fill up your wishlist? Check out our round up of the top games you can play on PC today. Here are other smaller games judged by algorithm to be the best hidden gems on Steam. And these are the best PC games we recommend right now.

Keep an eye on publisher bundles

Publisher bundles can knock lots of money off entire series or catalogues. If you want to buy an individual Hitman game then you might want to check for a series bundle—chances are you could get all of the games for not much more.

Snap up expansions and DLC

Expansions can often feel a little overpriced, especially if they're only adding a few hours of new stuff to your game. In Steam sales you can pick up a lot of DLC for just a few bucks and reinvigorate games in your back catalogue.

Stock up on indie treats

You can get big percentage discounts on big budget games in the major Steam Sales, but even with a hefty trim those games can still cost 20 or 30 bucks. If you want to maximise the amount of play time you get out of a Steam sale, quality indie games go down to dollars, and even cents. If you need more storage to hold them all, these are the best SSDs for gaming right now.

You can always wait for another sale

If you're not going to play a game before the next big Steam sale rolls around, you might as well wait. Chances are the discounts will increase as the annual sales roll by, all while you're clearing your backlog.

It's also much easier to wait on a purchase these days because there are no daily or flash deals. If you see a discount, you know that's going to be stable until the end of the sale so you can wait a few days to make a decision. Maybe that'll give you time to upgrade to one of the best gaming PCs, or pick out a new graphics card if you need to upgrade.

Check on weekends for publisher or themed sales

It's not uncommon for a publisher to showcase all of its products on sale during a weekend, an event which is usually marked by a homepage takeover of sorts. Look out for these if you're after a blockbuster game at a better price.

Consider Steam resellers if you don't want to wait for a sale

Check out our guide on where to buy PC games, if you want more places to shop around.

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Sours: https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-sale-dates/

The results of a weeklong deal on Steam

Human Extinction Simulator was released on January 21st and isn't exactly a bestseller on Steam. Reviews are good but scarce and like many other indie games most people simply don't know it exists.

Awareness is the most difficult challenge indie devs have to face but even when your game is not hugely popular Steam can make an interesting difference. HES (as well as other games) was in the previous weeklong deal on Steam and here are my thoughts about this experience.

The search for visibility

My initial plan was to not use discounts for a very long time. Even if it's far from being a blockbuster I figured that making about $ a day wasn't the worst thing that could happen to me. I still have a day job so this additional revenue was nice even though I eventually hope that one day I might be working on games full-time.

Unfortunately this situation didn't last and that $ a day became $50 and then $20 and then too frequently $0. Even with 85 million users games do die on Steam. The discovery update on Steam might be a success but there's a limit to what it can accomplish.

I made it a bit above 30% of my initial objective of selling 1, copies of Human Extinction Simulator at full price (over a year) before things got really quiet. Thanks to the fact that I'm selling the game at $20 it still means I made some money but I had to revise my good thoughts about why indie devs should not discount their games too soon. HES is now hard to find on Steam and direct sales are atrocious so I needed to do something about this.

So Steam has 85 million users but a fraction of this number know that HES exists. The fix? Put the game in front of these users through any mean available, the first one being the weeklong deals.

The results

I've put a 10% discount on Human Extinction Simulator starting from March 23rd to March 29th which is a very low discount that most people probably expect from a new release on Steam (HES was released without a release discount). During that period I made more money than I did during the 2nd complete week after the game was released on Steam (it was released on January 21st so the 2nd complete week is from February 2nd to February 8th). 

Now you can say that this 2nd complete week must have been terrible but the way I see it is that I made more money during that week from my game than I did from my day job which is enough to call this experiment a success.

How many people bought the game during the weeklong deal? Not a lot but since HES is sold for $20, even with a 10% discount it still means interesting money for someone who is not making a living only out of game copies sold. How many people who had HES on their wishlist bought the game with the 10% discount? None from what I see but over persons added the game to their wishlist.

Weeklong deal with a single day visibility window

The thing with weeklong deals is that they happen every single week so they are not really events and are barely advertised. They are announced and featured on the front page on Monday but then they are quickly replaced by some other promotion. This is why the best results from my experiment were seen on Monday, a day I did better than some of the days during the first week after release of the game.


You can see above the traffic on the game's page. The green line is traffic coming from the weeklong deal page so you can see that by Wednesday it was all over. Sales kept coming during the rest of the week though so at that point it was really just the discount itself that was driving traffic.

There was games in the weeklong deal but as I'm writing this there is a total of games sold with a discount on Steam. Because so many games can be discounted at the same time and because of the initial boost in traffic I'd still recommend linking your discounts to weeklong deals.


Even with a 10% discount the previous week was the second most profitable period for Human Extinction Simulator, only beaten by the first week following the release. So the answer to "will you discount HES again later" is definitely yes but if you're waiting for the 50% or 75% discount then you might wait for quite a while.

I consider the results good and there are still many people who are not even aware the game exists so sticking to low discounts seems the right thing to do for now. Eventually I will try to convert people who put the game on their wishlist into buyers with possibly deeper discounts but I'm not in a hurry.

It's neat that with a 10% discount I made more money than the previous weeks. The discount paid itself because of the additional visibility. You can put a discount on your game only every 8 weeks so considering the results of this first weeklong deal I don't see the day I will put a huge discount on HES if history repeats itself. I still have a long way to go before I go through the 85 million users of Steam.

I wish I could have stick to my idea of not applying discounts for a much longer time but as it often happens things didn't go as planned. Between a 10% discount two months after release and not selling any copies several days in the last two weeks the choice was obvious. As much as I'd like that game devs were not discounting their games so frequently there comes a point when you have to pay the bills and if using discounts is one way to get it done then so be it.

About the author

My name is Dave Toulouse and I'm a solo independent game developer (operating under the name Machine 22) who worked on a dozen projects in the past 7 years. My last project is the turn-based strategy game Human Extinction Simulator.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Over00
Blog: http://www.overcom/

Sours: https://www.gamedeveloper.com/business/the-results-of-a-weeklong-deal-on-steam
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Discounting can be a valuable tool to help grow your audience and extend the life of your product on Steam.
We encourage you to participate in sales and take advantage of discounting tools where it makes sense for your product.
In general, we've found that there is a customer at every price point, and an effective discounting strategy can contribute to overall long term success on Steam.

As always, this advice is generalized for a huge variety of products, developers, and customers, so take your own product and community into account when making decisions.

Configuring Discounts

Required Permissions

Discounting requires the "Manage Pricing & Discounts" permission for the relevant product. In addition, you must be a member of the Steamworks partner that is getting paid for the product you are trying to discount.

How to Configure

1. Navigate to the landing page for the product you intend to discount by selecting the product from your Steamworks home page.
2. On the landing page, you will see a section of store packages listed near the top. Select the package you wish to discount.
3. On the package detail page, click 'Edit discounts' in the package pricing section.
4. Click "New Discount."

Repeat these steps for each package you wish to discount.

Discounting Rules

  • You can run a launch discount, but once your launch discount ends, you cannot run any other discounts for 6 weeks.

  • It is not possible to discount your product for 30 days following a price increase.

  • Discounts cannot be run within 6 weeks of your prior discount, with the exception of Steam-wide seasonal events or other specific Valve-organized sale events.

  • Discounts for seasonal sale events cannot be run within 30 days of releasing your title or 30 days from when your launch discount ends.

  • You may not change your price while a promotion is live.

  • It is not possible to discount a product %.

  • Custom discounts cannot last longer than two weeks, or run for shorter than 1 day.

Types of Discounts


Partners are able to create and manage the following discounts on their own.

    Launch Discount

    Launch discounts start once your title is released on Steam and will last for 7 days. Generally launch discounts should be around 10% to 15%. There is a limit of 40%. Launch Discounts are optional.

    Weeklong Deals

    Weeklong Deals begin every Monday morning at 10AM Pacific time and run for 7 days. Participating titles are featured on the Weeklong Deals landing page and included in a Steam News Post, which is syndicated to Twitter and Facebook. To participate in a Weeklong Deal, you will need to opt in at least two hours before that deal begins.

    Custom Discounts

    You can configure your own custom discounts to align with special events like a major update or the anniversary of your products's release. You can schedule a custom discount to begin on the following calendar day.


The following discount types are created and managed by Valve. When selecting titles to fill these front-page promotional slots, we try to be as fair as possible and select titles that we feel customers are most interested in and will result in the most happy customers. While there aren't strict rules, as a base guideline we tend to focus on the top % selling games on Steam that are positively reviewed and have otherwise proven to be successful. If your title qualifies for an upcoming curated slot, we will contact you with details.

    Daily Deal

    These promotions run for 48 hours, starting at 10am Pacific time. Daily Deals are featured on the Steam homepage for 24 hours. See Promo Spot: Daily Deal for more information.

    Weekend Deal

    Weekend Deals run from Thursday at 10AM Pacific time until Monday at 10AM Pacific time, and are featured on the Steam homepage during that time.

    Midweek Madness

    Midweek Madness promotions run from Monday at 10AM Pacific time to Friday at 10AM Pacific time. Midweek Madness deals are featured on the Steam homepage from Monday 10AM Pacific time to Thursday at 10AM Pacific time.

    Free Weekends

    Free Weekends are promotions where customers have temporary access to your game. Users can try out the game for free, but lose access when the time period expires. This kind of offer is used strategically for certain types of games or circumstances, and is usually paired with a discount to help convert trial players to paying customers. Learn more here.

    Seasonal Sales

    There are several sale events per year, which you may have the chance to participate in. Some of these, like the Summer Sale or Winter Sale, are open to all partners. Some may be only open to products of a certain category, like Anime or VR. You will receive announcements about these events ahead of time, as well as instructions for submitting discounts for your products.

Discounting Best Practices

    Stairstep your discounts

    It's typically best to ease into discounting, and increase the level of discount over time. For example, a title might move from 33% to 50% to 66% to 75% and beyond, over the course of a year or more. Rushing into a 50% or 75% discount weeks after your launch, or releasing with a very high launch discount sends a bad message to customers who bought at full price and undermines the value of your title.

    Time discounts to content updates

    When figuring out your discounting plan, try to make as big an event as possible, ideally tying to content updates as well. While the discount can attract interest, it's even better to show you are committed to your community by improving your product with content updates.

    Take your sales decay curve into account

    It can be tempting to use small discounts in an attempt to climb the Top Sellers list or gain more exposure, but look carefully at how many customers are purchasing your product at full price before entering a discount. It's important for customers to feel good about their investment, so it's probably best to use discounts once you've settled into the tail of your sales curve.

    Discount all associated packages (DLC, Deluxe Editions) at the same time

    If your product has multiple editions or DLC, discount them all together. Discounting only part of your product, orputting the base game on sale this week and the Deluxe Edition next week, dilutes your exposure and prevents you from taking advantage of all the network effects of Steam that happen as more users get excited about your product at the same time. You might not want to match the discount on every package. For example, if one DLC is a year old, and the another just came out, it probably makes sense to choose a different discount percentage for each.

Note: Discount Stacking
If a discount is already live on a product, any additional discounts besides those applied via Bundles will not affect the price of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How are promotions scheduled? Can we bring ideas to Steam?
    A: Scheduling promotions has typically been a conversation between you and Steam. We may come to you with ideas, and if you feel you have an idea of a unique Curated Promotion, please contact us. But you can also set up your own discounts whenever works best for you, or you can opt into the regular weekly sales.

  • Q: Are promotions mandatory on Steam?
    A: No. We might invite you to take part in a special event or promotion, but there is nothing that you are required to participate in.

  • Q: How are discounts approved?
    A: For Curated Promotions, Valve will come to you with an idea for your approval if we think your title is a good fit for one of these promotions.

    For Self-Serve Promotions, once you set up your discount using our Discount tool, then your game will automatically go on sale at the date and time you specified.

    For detailed information about best practices with discounts, see Discounting Best Practices.
  • Q: Can I update a discount?
    A: Yes, if your discount is not yet live, then you can edit or delete it.

    If you would like to adjust your Launch Discount, you can do so by going to your game's landing page and clicking the box next to the launch discount you have entered currently.

    If you would like to change a discount for an upcoming weeklong sale, custom discount or Steam-wide seasonal sale, then you will need to go to the staged discount, delete it and enter a new one.

    1. Navigate to the landing page for the product you intend to discount by selecting the product from your Steamworks home page.
    2. On the landing page, you will see a section of store packages listed near the top. Select the package you wish to discount.
    3. On the package detail page, click 'Edit discounts' in the package pricing section.
    4. Click the Delete button next to the discount you would like to remove.
    5. If you would like to enter a new discount to replace the one you just deleted, you can then click "New Discount"

  • Q: Can I participate in Steam-wide seasonal sale events if my product recently launched?
    A: Generally, you cannot submit a discount within 30 days of release or 30 days from when the launch discount ends. However, if you submitted a launch discount and your product releases within 7 days of a Steam-wide seasonal sale events (like the Steam Summer Sale, for example), Valve can help you extend that introductory launch discount to last through the sale event.

    There are always future opportunities to put your game on discount, so you shouldn't feel pressured to change your release date for the sake of a seasonal sale event.

    If you decide you would like to extend your launch discount so that it lasts through a Steam-wide seasonal sale then please do the following BEFORE YOUR GAME IS RELEASED:
    • Make sure your game's release falls within 7 days of a Steam-wide seasonal sale, if it does not, then this option does not apply to your game.
    • Complete all the necessary steps to releasing your game on Steam. See Release Process for more information.
    • Enter your launch discount.
    • Enter the Steam-wide seasonal sale discount. This can be done by either going to the Apps & Packages drop down menu > Sale Approvals and entering the discount(s) in the correct column, or following the process outlined in the How to Configure section of this documentation. Select the intended Steam-wide seasonal sale in the "Discount Type" dropdown menu.
    • Make sure the launch discount and Steam-wide seasonal sale discount are the same.
    • Submit a ticket and confirm that you would like your launch discount to be extended into the Steam-wide seasonal sale. If we confirm that we can make this adjustment, then go ahead and launch your game on its intended release date.
    • Reply to the ticket once your game has been released as we cannot extend the launch discount prior to the game being released.

  • Q: Can I run a launch discount when transitioning from Early Access to fully released?
    A. You may run a launch discount and participate in the Steam-wide seasonal sales events when transitioning from Early Access to fully released, unless you have increased your product's price within the last 30 days.

    For more information, please see Early Access documentation.

  • Q: How often can I discount my game?
    A: Custom discounts must be spaced at least 6 weeks apart and at least 1 month after the release of your product on Steam. Custom discounts don't affect eligibility for Steam-wide seasonal sale events. Note that the day cool-down for new releases and price increases will still apply for the Steam-wide events.

  • Q: What happens if my discount time period overlaps with another discount?
    A: Overlapping discounts will not get combined. If you do run a custom discount back-to-back to another sale, we do ask you to offer the same discount percentages.
Sours: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/marketing/discounts

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Steam week long deals

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Steam Weeklong Deals! - 5 Great Games with Great Discounts up to 90%! - June 1 - June 7

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