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How to create DIY individual cupcake boxes

Are cupcakes your passion and are you looking for the right packaging to increase the value of your creations and start selling them? In this blog post I will shortly explain how to create DIY individual cupcake boxes in a quick and simple way.

Firstly you have to define the internal dimensions of your package. Once muffins, toppers and design are ready you can measure the final sizes of your product. Being do it yourself products they are slightly different from each other, for that reason I suggest measuring various cupcakes. In this way you can find the right sizes to contain all your sweets, regardless of slight variations.

Once set the dimensions, you might choose the shape of your DIY individual cupcake boxes. Packly offers a selection of basic models that could be easily customized both in sizes and graphic design to create bespoke packagings. Once chosen the box type, you only have to enter the internal dimensions previously defined, choose the material depending on the cupcake weight and you are done. The online application will automatically generate the dieline of your bespoke cupcake carrier in real time and you might download it as vector PDF. The die-cut template is the cut and fold 2D drawings of the box and it is essential to create your graphic project.


6 Creative Ways to Package Your Cupcakes

Everyone loves cupcakes. Scratch that. Most people love cupcakes, but everyone loves a prettily presented cupcake. A simple crafty gesture, such as putting your cute cupcake in a sweet little box, cup, or wrapper, can go a long way in terms of visual appeal. Here are creative ways to package your sweet treats.

DIY Cupcake-Shaped Box

No one will have to guess what’s inside of this homemade container, topped with clay “frosting” and real sprinkles. (via Club Crafted)

DIY Cute Kitty Gift Box

Embrace your inner cat lady with this crafty container, complete with cat eyes and whiskers. (via DIY Candy)

Bun in the Oven Box

Retro paper ovens keep the treats inside nice and safe (but not warm!). (via Etsy user claudine hellmuth)

Laser-Cut Boxes

Tie your boxes closed with matching silky string for a cute and colorful homemade touch. (via Etsy user stylecharming)

Clear, Ribbon-Tied Boxes

These black and white boxes are classy and versatile, making them useful for any occasion worthy of a dessert (that is, all occasions).
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Packaging Cupcakes Individually Wrapped

Happy to have another opportunity to serve them, I decided to make the delicious Vanilla Bean Cupcakes for today’s Bake for Japan event.  But I wasn’t thinking.  This was a bake sale not a school party, and at the last minute it dawned on me that I needed the cupcakes individually wrapped.

vanilla bean cupcakes

Packaging Cupcakes in Clear Cups

Uh oh. Not wanting to spend a crazy amount of money on ready-made cupcake boxes (though they are very cute), I came up with this idea. Of course others have already had the idea and I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me until this morning, but Todd brought home a pack of clear plastic cups from the grocery store and we combined those with the treat bags to do this.

individually wrapped cupcake

The cups were Hefty Crystal Clear 9 oz and were the perfect fit for a standard size cupcake. The treat bags were a brand called “Celebrations” which we found at Michael’s, and they fit snugly around the cups holding the cupcakes.

cupcake packaging and clear cups

You just stick the cupcake in the cup, gently turn the cup on its side (it’s good to frost the cupcake in a way where there’s a rim of cake between to frosting between the paper and the frosting), slide the cupcake into the bag and tie off the end.

packaging cupcakes individually wrapped

Because of the big twisty tie tops, I only fit 12 cupcakes in the top level of the carrier, which I didn’t even really need to use since the cupcakes fit so securely in the Hefty cups.  I could have just thrown them all in a box!

cupcake courier

As for the bake sale, I have lots of photos to post and will share them a little later. While you might think one bake sale wouldn’t do much, proceeds from our bake sale combined with other events going on around the city and country, make an impact.


Have you ever been stuck in the quandary of wanting to give someone a cupcake or two as a gift, only to find yourself at a loss for how to package said cupcake(s)? Well. I gotchu! Here are seven different ways to package cupcakes for gift-giving.

1. Single Cupcake Boxes & Containers

single cupcake giftThis is the most obvious method, of course, though perhaps not the most practical because these are a little tough to find. I’d still recommend purchasing some just-for-cupcakes boxes or containers and keeping them on hand because they come in handy more often than you’d think!

You have two options here: boxes + inserts, or clear plastic cupcake containers. I’ve had success finding boxes at Michaels and Mr Take Out Bags, and clear containers at Amazon. You can also check out specialty cooking/baking supply shops like Orson Gygi in Salt Lake.

Note: When ordering containers onine, you might want to consider teaming up with someone to share, say, a bulk case of 200 containers. You’ll save tons of money that way!

2. Makeshift Cupcake Insert

single cupcake gift

This is a variation on 1. Perhaps you don’t have special cupcake holder inserts, but you do have a cupcake-sized box on hand. You can create a makeshift insert with card stock by cutting and folding it to fit, cutting an X in the middle for the cupcake to sit in.

3. Clear Cup + Clear Gift Wrap

single cupcake giftThere are these certain short, clear disposable cups you’ll see around stores that are just about the right size for a cupcake. Pop the cupcake in, add some clear gift wrap, tie it off, and you’re done. Mine are these fancy looking ones from BJs, I believe, but you can also find clear plastic cups on Amazon. (I think those would work.)

4. Take-Out Box

single cupcake giftYou can get these for cheapat Michaels. They have a size that is just about perfect for a cupcake, so with these you can probably get away without making an insert for the cupcake to sit in.

5. Cake-In-A-Jar

cake jar

I talked about this in this post about baking cake in jars. Check out the method there, then decorate your jars to your heart’s content.

6. (Parfait-Style) Cake-In-A-Jar

cake in a jar

This is especially great for when your cupcakes don’t come out quite as pretty as planned, as I talked about in this post about salvaging sub-par cake and cupcakes. Simply layer bits of crumbled cake with some frosting to create a parfait-like treat. Ha, I’d definitely decorate the jar a little and label it before giving it away because it looks kinda weird otherwise.

7. Box-From-A-Cup

single cupcake giftGuys. I saw this on Pinterest, and it totally works. (I would totally cite the source if I could, but I kept hitting dead ends with a bunch of Chinese characters.) Find a paper cup whose base is around the same size as that of a cupcake. Cut off the top rim, cut equal-sized strips all the way around, and then fold them all down to secure. See?

single cupcake gift

Whew. Ok, that’s all of them. Do you have any go-to methods for single cupcake packaging? I’d love to hear ’em! Shoot me a comment below.

Love, Maurine




Packaging ideas cupcake

7 Creative Solutions to Your Cupcake Packaging Problem

There’s no one that doesn’t love a fluffy, frosting-topped cupcake and just thinking about it is enough to make your mouth watering.  When selling cupcakes, however, there’s more than just the taste to think about and bakeries will, of course, also want to come up with some creative cupcake packaging to make their delicious cupcakes stand out from the crowd.  It’s not just about throwing them in a box they way donuts come, cupcakes can be displayed in so many creative ways, utilizing everything from ribbon ties to designer cups, reversible wrappers, and even specially designed housing.  Here’s just some ideas for creative cupcake packaging that will have them flying off the shelf.

Customized Box Shapes & Designs

Probably the most creative and intense packaging to be done with cupcakes is completely customized packaging.  There are a myriad of creative designs on the internet for box shapes.  Cupcakes can be put in boxes that look like little houses, flower shops, bird houses, tiny cars, retro ovens, and many more.  These designs are widely available online as digitally downloadable printables.  After purchase, all you need to do is print, fold, drop in a cupcake insert to keep everything in place, and add the perfectly baked cupcake.

Logo Printed Boxes

For bakeries that already have a logo, coming up with a custom box label can be creative way to house cupcakes.  Getting creative with printed boxes is easy.  A bakery might choose to get a generic printed box they use for every cupcake or go niche and create packaging for a variety of occasions or change box designs depending on the season or special promotions.

Plastic Cup Treat Bags

An easy way to make a cute, creative, and inexpensive cupcake housing is inserting the cupcake into a clear plastic cup, covering it in clear or translucent colored plastic wrapping, and closing off with a ribbon.  Plastic cups can also be decorated a number of ways, using paint, glitter, colored paper, or any number of other crafting materials.

Reversible Wrappers

Reversible wrappers can be a great creative way to package cupcakes because it’s a two for one deal.  There are two beautiful patterns to display those specially baked goods.

Clear Boxes

If you’ve made a particularly beautiful cupcake, why hide it in a bunch of packaging? A great way to display the cream of the crop is in clear boxes or containers.  There’s plenty of clear containers available online, many that come with cupcake inserts included.  With a simple, clear container it’s also possible to add some very small touches to the box like a ribbon or sticker.

Ribbons & Minimalist Touches

One of the simplest ways to spruce up cupcake packaging is to add simple touches.  Ribbons can make great additions simply because there are so many different types of ribbons to choose from already.  They can add a splash of color to a very simple white box or further enhance and designer box.  You can choose a single ribbon, multiple ribbons, add bow-ties, and many other options.  Stickers can also work great, as they are easy to place and already come in many different designs and themes.

Mini Cupcake Packaging

A creative way to house mini cupcakes is to place them in the egg slots of old egg cartons.  These slots make a perfect, snug fit for mini cupcakes and can be further decorated in any number of ways you wish.  There’s also plenty of specialized mini cupcake packaging as well as mini cupcake inserts available online.

For all your cupcake packaging, baked good containers and food service to-go box needs, turn to the experts at Home of the largest in-stock selection of food service packaging items on the web, is guaranteed to be your one-stop shop for all your company needs. Check out their selection today and get on your way to better packaging.

(license) photo credit: Brooklyn Blackout Mini via photopin(license)

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Cupcakes have exclusively been the most loved delights world over. Not only are these mini cakes cute but scrumptious to bits. If you make cupcakes at home or at a bakery you need to not only work on a unique recipe but also on effective packaging techniques.We now have so many innovations and packaging solutions in the packaging industry that helps in providing the best packs at affordable price. Custom cupcake boxes look super attractive and are considered as a cost-effectiveway to generate great business revenues.

7 Cool Cupcake packaging ideas

Since cupcake boxes are indeed a tactful taskto pick from, as they need protection from getting squished while delivering and the box needs to be perfectly suitable for these small cakes. More effort and attention is needed to design these boxes as they have to look eye-catching at the same time.

  1. Plastic boxes

Plastic cupcake boxes are inexpensive and they work out just fine for packaging purposes. Such packs help in keeping these mini treats safe and fresh for a long period of time.

  1. Cardboard boxes

This is another hack to cost-effective packagingsolutions. Cardboard boxes often come with cupcake holders which are useful in holding the cupcakes in place.

  1. Kraft boxes
If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging, well then Kraft boxes are ideal. Again they cost less and since the material is made out of stiff layers of paper. The packaging ensures safe delivery and retains the freshness of the cupcakes plus you can put insertsto give each cupcake its own place to keep the topping intact.

  1. Custom printed cupcake boxes

  1. Shapes

 Other than designing, intrinsically shaped boxes are always wonderful; to look at. Dye-cut boxes, oval and round shaped boxes look unique and are suitable for various occasions.

  1. Flashy colors

Your cardboard box does not need to be that plain brown one.You can paint it! Yes staining your cupcake boxes with flashy eye-appeasingcolors looks amazing and seems like a must-have. You can paint them with acrylic or poster paints. Many manufacturers produce colored cardboard boxes in bulk. This amazing cupcake packaging looks remarkableand leaves a positive first impression on buyers!

  1. Accessorize 

We often forget how much the detailing matters,a small ribbon or a bow on your cupcake give a personalized look to the cupcake box and it looks wonderful.Often glitter and sequences can be used on custom cupcake boxes which looks creative and artistic.

Often customers are attracted to such brands which look cool and classic. You need to work on the image of your cupcakes. The packaging matters more than you think. Cupcake boxes wholesale are the most cost-effective way by which you can let your creative ideas flow by spending more on them!

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40 DIY Cupcake Boxes -

Cupcakes can turn any situation into something pretty special, but when packaged in eye-catching, adorable, or quirky boxes, it takes this humble treat to a whole new level.

Today you’ll find 40 of the most amazing DIY boxes to store your sweet treats in. The best part? We’ve really thought ‘outside of the square’ with this one, so you’ll find cupcake boxes in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit just about any occasion.

free cupcake box printable

Activida des Familia has provided readers with a free printable template so that they can recreate these colorful and fun cupcake boxes. These would be perfect for your next set of party favors, don’t you think?

baby shower favor box

If you or a friend is having a baby shower any time soon, you may want to consider creating these free printable cupcake boxes, courtesy of All Things Handmade. They come in yellow, pink and blue too!

cupcake gift box

Learn how to make these beautiful cupcake designs by following this insightful tutorial from Better Life Bags. You can even substitute these with your own favorite patterns.

zombie cupcake box

How fun is this DIY zombie cupcake box, courtesy of the talented Bren Did? This design is available as a free printable so it’s as easy as cutting it out and folding it all up!

egg carton cupcake box

This is a thrifty and affordable way to package cupcakes from Casa di Falcone – simply use an empty egg carton! You can jazz it up as much as you want too.

cupcake box carrier

Isn’t this wooden cupcake carrier magnificent? Cherished Bliss will show you exactly how to recreate this handy (and simple to create) container.

cupcake container

If you want a top-of-the-range cupcake container that you can print and fold yourself, why not purchase this template from Claudine Hellmuth via Etsy? It’s affordable and fun to make!

camper cupcake box holds

Speaking of fun and affordable cupcake boxes, here’s another brilliant template on offer from Claudine Hellmuth’s Etsy store. While there are plenty of free cupcake boxes available online, you have to admit that this one is pretty special!

printable cupcake boxes

These printable cupcake boxes are from Craftaholics Anonymous and they’re the perfect printable to use next time you want to give a loved one a special, sweet treat.

calorie-free cupcake

How about making a calorie-free cupcake that can also be used to house a calorie-packed cupcake? Damask Love actually created this DIY design to store all sorts of things in, so get creative with it!

valentine paper box

This cupcake box from Gaia Marfurt has a beautiful design and the good news is that you can also download this template for free, ready to print it out and fold it up yourself. Brilliant!

paper cup cupcake holders

These cupcake holders have actually been made from paper cups – isn’t that thrifty? Gedane will show you how she folded hers to look this amazing.

polka dot cupcake holders

Blue and pink polka dot cupcake holders are sure to win over all of your guests! Gi Det Videre has an insightful tutorial to create these, so be sure to check it out.

birthday cupcake boxes

Package some birthday cupcakes for a special boy or girl with these awesome DIY boxes from Hello Cupcake. We love the see-through lid which allows people to see the sweet treats inside too!

DIY cupcake box idea

This is a very budget-friendly DIY cupcake box idea from It’s Always Autumn! You simply use a paper plate and fold it according to the tutorial’s directions.

Valentines Day cupcake boxes

Simply find a box (or print your own template) and adorn it with these gorgeous printable tags from Jenny Steffans. She’ll show you how to create this wonderful cupcake container from scratch.

diy cupcake box

“When in doubt, eat cake” – such wise words from the amazing Kikki K! Recreate these much-loved cupcake containers by following this step-by-step tutorial.

DIY oven cupcake box templates

How adorable are these DIY oven cupcake box templates from Made by Marzipan? They’re free to download and print, plus they’re a breeze to assemble together.

teacher appreciation printable box

Celebrate a great teacher with a delectable cupcake gift, and while you’re at it, you should also package it in this DIY ‘A+’ design from Make Bake Celebrate. Too easy!

pretty cupcake box

With a simple box (already bought or folded yourself) and some colorful washi tape, you too can make this pretty cupcake box, just as Making the World Cuter has done!

dainty little cupcake box

This dainty little cupcake box is courtesy of Miriam’s Scrap – isn’t it lovely? It’s the perfect accompaniment to a girls’ tea party.

mini cupcake box

If you’re thinking of giving cupcakes on Valentine’s Day, don’t look past this gorgeous DIY box from My Little Craft Blog! It’s adorned with hearts and is the perfect packaging for any sweet treat.

cupcake box tutorial

Here’s another thrifty and crafty DIY idea, this time from Myrtle and Grace. It’s the perfect way to package your cupcakes when you’re giving away a large number of them!

cupcake carrier

Keep your cupcake safe by turning a glass jar into the perfect cupcake carrier, just as Nellie Bellie has done. It’s also a really cool way to gift your sweet treat to a loved one.

DIY Valentines Day cupcake box idea

Spread the love with this DIY cupcake box idea from One Charming Party! Simply print the labels and decorate your own container to instantly add wow-factor.

valentines cupcake box

This would have to be the most adorable cupcake (or sweet treat) packaging we’ve ever seen! The best part is that this little guy is actually free to print from Packaging of the World, so all you have to do is assemble it yourself.

mini cupcake box

Here’s a wonderfully creative DIY cupcake favour box from Paper Loving for you to add to your collection. This would go down a treat at a girl’s birthday party or even at a baby shower!

cupcake carrier on a budget

Carry your cupcakes in style, thanks to this DIY cupcake container idea from Parties for Pennies. You’ll love how she easily transformed a plain box into this masterpiece!

printable birthday favors cupcake boxes

This awesome printable from Print This Today is pretty straight forward – simply print and assemble before dropping your cupcake into it! The cute cupcake design is sure to turn heads too.

DIY printable cupcake box

Print This Today has done it again with another stunning DIY printable cupcake box in a yellow, floral print. What occasion will you use your packaging for?

owl cupcake box

This beautifully designed cupcake box is from Sarah’s Ink Spot and it even features an adorable owl! Children and adults alike are sure to love this one.

floral cupcake boxes

Is this one of the prettiest floral cupcake boxes you’ve ever seen? Split Coast Stampers will show you exactly how it’s done – exciting!

printable cupcake box

Make everyday a cupcake kind of day with this printable cupcake box label from Stamping Country. It’s perfect for whipping-up cupcake packaging in little to no time!

beautiful cupcake box

This video tutorial from Sweet Bio Design will teach you how to make this extremely beautiful cupcake box – how sweet! This is perfect for those special occasions.

wooden cupcake carrier

This wooden cupcake carrier is super easy to create, thanks to this tutorial from That’s My Letter! It’s the easiest and safest way to transport your cupcakes too.

fancy wooden cupcake carrier

Here’s another fancy wooden cupcake carrier which will keep your cupcakes safe until you reach the party! It’s also a breeze to make, as The Home Steady will show you.

mini cupcake favours

The Party Girl reminds us all that we should “treat yo’self”, especially with a delicious cupcake packaged in this DIY box! This crafty project will also make the perfect gift for a loved one.

lego brick treat box

If you love LEGO, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also combine that love with your affection for sweet treats, thanks to this DIY box found via Hale Grafx. Amazing!

cupcake box tutorial

Here’s another cupcake box that you can create through following this detailed tutorial via Samantha Lee Walker. Isn’t it gorgeous?

carrier for your cupcakes

Here’s a quick and easy way to create a carrier for your cupcakes…in style! What is in the Fridge has a great step-by-step tutorial that you’re going to love.

Ta-da! We hope you enjoyed those crafty and clever DIY ideas for cupcake boxes. Which ones were your favorites? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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