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The Best Types of Coffee Makers

Find the right coffee maker for your needs

Best drip coffee maker: Automatic but coffee-shop quality

Who this is for: Anyone who wants a solid drip coffee maker that will make a pot of great-tasting coffee that stays hot for hours. If you already own a great grinder (which is the most important part of any coffee setup) and pay a premium for gourmet beans, this machine will get the most out of them.

Why we like it: The OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker is fast and convenient, with features like a programmable start time and an automatic pre-infusion cycle (which briefly wets the coffee before brewing, for better extraction). In our tests for the best drip coffee maker, we found that the coffee was pleasant and much better than the coffee we made with some of the competitors. The coffee maker has a handsome design, with a well-made thermal stainless steel carafe that pours easily and keeps coffee hot for hours.

A close up of the OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker.

The OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker can make a full pot in just under 7 minutes. Photo: Michael Hession

A close up of a person turning the dial on the OXO coffee maker.

The OXO’s digital interface is sleek and easy to use once you get the hang of the single-button system. Photo: Michael Hession

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The OXO’s unintuitive interface means that programming the timer without reading the manual can be difficult, but it’s pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. In our years of long-term testing, we’ve also noticed that the lid on the OXO’s carafe tends to trap old coffee; even a good rinse isn’t enough to flush everything out. Another thing to note is that the OXO is tall at inches, so you may have an issue fitting it under your cabinets—especially because the lids for the water tank and the grounds basket need an additional five inches of clearance to fully open. (For comparison’s sake, our also-great pick, the Bonavita BVTS Connoisseur, is only inches tall.)

The OXO was beaten in our taste tests by the Bonavita BVTS Connoisseur, which you should consider if you prioritize flavor over all else (the Bonavita lacks some convenience features, including a timer). Lastly, if the OXO’s $ price seems a bit steep, consult our budget coffee makers guide.

Dimensions: 15 by by inches
Capacity: 9 cups
Brew time: under 7 minutes

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Best gear for making pour-over coffee: Better for boutique coffee beans:

Who this is for: People who want a manual and inexpensive method to make great-tasting coffee. It’s also for people who want more precise control of the different variables in making coffee.

Why we like it: Pour-over is simple and makes for delicious coffee. By having more control of the brewing process, you can hone each variable to get the most flavor out of the beans. In our guide to the best gear for making pour-over coffee, we have recommendations for drippers, grinders, kettles, and scales. Our favorite dripper is the Kalita Wave because it produced the most consistent, even, and flavorful cup of coffee among all of the drippers we tested.

The Kalita Wave dripper with a filter inside of it.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: In comparison with an automatic drip coffee maker, a multistep, gear-intensive method of making coffee can be a bit complicated, especially if you are groggy first thing in the morning. Also, our dripper pick, the Kalita Wave Dripper, has proprietary filters that are more difficult to acquire than standard Melitta filters. They are, however, available on Amazon or at specialty coffee shops.

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Best cheap coffee maker: Decent coffee for under $50

Who this is for: Someone who wants a good but inexpensive coffee machine with minimal fuss. If you don’t grind your own coffee, something like this will prepare preground coffee just as well as a more expensive drip machine at a fraction of the cost.

Why we like it: The Mr. Coffee Easy Measure made the smoothest, most balanced cup of coffee among the models we tested. It was the only model that succeeded in brewing an adequate, just-strong-enough pot of coffee from the recommended tablespoon dose. It has an appealing, compact footprint and a simple interface that lets you know in half-hour increments how long it’s been since the last brew cycle. It was also a no-brainer to program, which is great for shared kitchens.

Our pick cheap coffee maker on a counter

The Mr. Coffee Easy Measure. Photo: Sarah Kobos

Our cheap coffee maker pick's button interface

Clearly labeled buttons make it easy to program the Easy Measure even without consulting the manual. Photo: Sarah Kobos

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Although the Easy Measure’s $40 price tag weighs in its favor, it’s mostly plastic, and it looks less sturdy than some of the other models we tested. It’s also a brand-new model, so we can’t look at reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to see how it may hold up over time; we’ll continue using it while keeping an eye on other reviews. We also found some slight discrepancies in brew times and coffee output between batches, but we expect any cheap coffee maker to be less precise per pot than a higher-end model.

Capacity: 12 cups
Brew time: about 11 minutes

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Best cold-brew coffee maker: Low-acid iced coffee

Who this is for: A cold-brew coffee maker is for people who want to make better iced coffee. Compared with refrigerating hot-brewed coffee, cold-brewing with a slow exposure extracts fewer bitter flavors, so you’ll get a sweeter, milder-tasting coffee.

Why we like it: The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker is our pick for the best cold-brew coffee maker because it’s easy to use and well-designed, and in our tests it produced a more consistent, flavorful cup of coffee than other models. It made cold coffee with balanced acidity, a stronger aroma, and a cleaner finish.

Our pick for best cold-brew coffee maker sitting on a wood cutting board on top of a kitchen counter.

The OXO brewer makes a flavorful concentrate, looks good on a counter, and is easier to use and store than any other pick. Photo: Michael Hession

A close up of a person pouring water into the OXO brewer.

The “rainmaker” lid on the OXO brewer evenly saturates the grounds below, ensuring full extraction and saving you a stir. Photo: Michael Hession

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some of our testers thought the Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer (our runner-up) made a smoother, mellower cup of coffee. But others liked the stronger, bolder flavor of coffee from the OXO. Plus, we found our pick easier to use than the Filtron, which is a bit more cumbersome.

Dimensions: by by inches
Capacity: 32 ounces (4 cups)

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Best espresso setup for beginners: Be your own barista

Who this is for: People who like good coffee and want to make quality espresso (or espresso-based drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, and americanos) at home.

Why we like it: The Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine stood out in our tests for the best espresso machine, grinder, and accessories, pulling consistently great-tasting espresso shots more easily than other machines. It was also the simplest to use, featuring the best documentation and most user-friendly design. When it came to making milk drinks, the Bambino Plus’s steam wand was by far the best we tested. This model comes with a lot of accessories and a place to store them. And it’s available for a reasonable price.

In making espresso, a good grinder is just as important as a good espresso machine. Our coffee grinder picks, though great for grinding coffee for the purposes of drip or pour-over, lack the finer, more precise settings that are needed to make the best espresso. The Rancilio Rocky accurately produced fine espresso grinds. In our tests, it performed best in its price range.

A double shot of espresso being pulled by the Bambino Plus, our pick for best espresso machine for beginners. Next to the machine, a high end coffee bean grinder is visible.

The Bambino consistently produced rich, tasty shots. Photo: Sarah Kobos

A close view of a person's hand holding a glass of espresso from the Bambino Plus espresso machine, while steamed milk is poured from above in a design.

Pouring latte art takes practice, but producing silky milk froth on the Bambino Plus does not. Photo: Sarah Kobos

A person's hands holding a stainless steel pitcher of milk being steamed using the Bambino Plus espresso machine's wand.

The Bambino Plus’s steam wand is fast and powerful when used manually. Photo: Sarah Kobos

Flaws but not dealbreakers: In our tests, the Bambino Plus made the most consistently good espresso but it did not make the absolute best (the more expensive Breville Barista Touch won that crown). The preprogrammed double-shot setting on the Bambino cut off the extraction too quickly during our initial attempts. But it was easy to reprogram the shot volume using a phone timer. Finally, the Bambino lacks the hot-water dispenser that’s included with other Breville models.

Dimensions: by by inches
Water filter: yes
Water reservoir capacity: liters

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Best Nespresso machine: Espresso with convenience

Who this is for: Nespresso is for people who need convenience and speed, as it’s the fastest, most effortless way to make an espresso-like drink. All you have to do is pop a capsule into the machine and press a button.

Why we like it: The Essenza Mini is our pick for the best Nespresso machine because it’s small and mighty, capable of making the same espressos and lungos as any other Nespresso machine in its line. We’ve determined that all of the machines make identical drinks, so the least expensive one is your best bet. We don’t love the flavor of Nespresso, and it’s more expensive than a full cup of drip coffee. But taste is subjective, and the real appeal of Nespresso is its ease, speed, and consistency (though if you want to make real at-home espresso, we recommend these beginner setups).

A red Essenza Mini nespresso machine with a white espresso cup sitting on it.

The Essenza Mini’s slim, tidy frame takes up less space than a hot water kettle. Photo: Michael Hession

A close up of a white mug under an Essena Mini.

The Essenza Mini has a removable drip platform. Photo: Michael Hession

A close up of the Essenza Mini waste container filed with used capsules.

The waste container can hold up to six used capsules. Photo: Michael Hession

A close up of the LED buttons on the Essena Mini nespresso machine.

The LED brewing buttons light up when the machine is heated. Photo: Michael Hession

Flaws but not dealbreakers: In exchange for its compact size, the Essenza Mini has a ounce water tank and a reusable tray that can accommodate just six capsules, the smallest of any Nespresso machine. But then again, both are easy to refill and empty. The Essenza Mini did struggle slightly in our testing after brewing dozens of back-to-back espressos. This may be a problem if you plan on churning out lungos from your Essenza Mini for a large dinner party. But if the machine sputters or stops, letting it rest for a minute should make it good to go again.

Dimensions: by by inches
Water tank capacity: ounces (enough for eight espressos)
Used capsule capacity: six

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Why we don’t recommend Keurig machines

We hate to break it to you, but after more than 20 hours spent researching and testing Keurig machines, we don’t recommend them for anyone. Keurig machines brew expensive coffee that we didn’t find particularly strong or tasty. And they often break within warranty, all while taking a toll on the environment. A Keurig also doesn’t save you much time, shaving just a few minutes off of the time it takes to make coffee using other single-cup brewing setups. If you absolutely must get one, the Keurig K-Classic was the best model we tried. But you don’t really need a Keurig machine. We go into further detail in our full review of the machines and their environmental impact.

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Best coffee grinder: Crucial for the best brew

Who this is for: If you want to take coffee seriously, the most important item in your brewing setup is a good quality burr grinder. Unlike blade grinders, which randomly chop coffee beans into smaller and smaller pieces, burr grinders pulverize coffee beans between two sets of burrs and deliver a way more uniform grind, which leads to better-tasting coffee.

Why we like it: The slim and trim Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder is lower-priced than most of the competition—about $ compared with about $ for anything else in its echelon. In our testing for our guide to the best coffee grinders, the Encore performed as well as or better than any home grinder we tried. It grinds beans quickly and evenly, is simple to use and adjust, and is easy enough to clean and maintain that you’ll use it for years to come. The Encore makes it supremely easy to produce a great cup of coffee.

The Baratza Encore coffee grinder on a kitchen counter surrounded by a bag of coffee, mugs, and kitchen utensils.

Photo: Michael Hession

The adjustment ring of the Encore, with tick marks every few millimeters and markings that say "10, 20, 30" etc.

Grind settings on the Encore. Photo: Michael Hession

The pictured dial, confusingly, has four positions: "off" at top left," "on" at top right, "off" again at bottom right, and "on" again at bottom left. It appears one could turn the circular dial's indicator from "on" to "off" or vice versa in either direction at any time.

The Encore’s amusing on/off/on/off switch. Photo: Michael Hession

The pictured burrs, outside in, look like an outer metal ring with shallow notches fanning around it every few millimeters, a small space for grounds to travel, an inner spinning hexagonal augur with grooves to guide the beans, and a wing nut on top holding it on.

Looking inside the conical burrs of the Encore. Photo: Michael Hession

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Encore is a very simple machine: It has only an on/off switch, so it doesn’t allow for a timed grind. (The Baratza Virtuoso+, our upgrade pick, does.) It can take a long time to grind on a very fine, espresso-like setting. And like all of the machines we tested, the Baratza machines can be messy when grinding coffee, spreading dust and chaff over the counter.

Dimensions: by by inches
Grind settings: 40

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Best electric kettle: Hot water at the ideal temperature

Why we like it: The Cuisinart CPK PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle bested all of the competition in the tests for our best electric kettle guide (it’s been our pick since ). It’s got a winning combination of speed, accuracy, and ease of use. The handle has buttons with preset temperature settings, which is pretty useful because different coffees and teas require different brewing temps. In addition, if pour-over coffee is your jam, you’ll appreciate the precise aim of the gooseneck spout on the OXO Brew Pour-Over Kettle. It had the most accurate temperature controls among all of the models we tested.

Our pick for best electric kettle.

The Cuisinart CPK remains our top pick for the fifth year in a row. Photo: Michael Hession

A close up of the temperature settings on our top pick for best electric kettle.

Our top pick has six preset temperature settings as buttons on the handle ( °F, °F, °F, °F, °F, and Boil), plus a Start button and a Keep Warm button. Photo: Michael Hession

Water from the OXO kettle being poured over coffee grounds.

The OXO pours in a steady, controlled stream ideal for making pour-over coffee. Photo: Sarah Kobos

The temperature adjustment knob on the OXO electric kettle.

The dial on the OXO allows you to easily adjust the temperature to the degree. Photo: Sarah Kobos

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Although the Cuisinart CPK had better accuracy than most of the other kettles we tested, we found that it wasn’t as accurate at hitting lower temperatures, measuring 8 degrees over when we set it to °F. Because this model has a slew of other noteworthy features, we’re willing to forgive its minor temperature variances at the lowest setting. We’ve received feedback from some of our readers about this Cuisinart model breaking down after about a year, including rusting screws and lid issues. We haven’t experienced these issues ourselves; several people on our staff have owned and used this kettle for years and haven’t encountered any problems with it.

As with most gooseneck kettles we tested, the OXO’s lid doesn’t open at the push of a button—you have to pull it off manually, which can be tricky when the kettle is hot. Also like most gooseneck kettles we tested, the OXO lacks a water-level window. And, although a handful of Amazon reviews complain of durability issues, it’s important to remember that electric kettles tend to have a shorter-than-average shelf life compared with other small appliances. That said, the OXO comes with a two-year warranty, which is more generous than the one-year warranty of your average kettle, and we’ve found OXO’s customer service to be very responsive.

Cuisinart CPK
Dimensions: by by 12 inches
Capacity: liters
Temperature settings: 6 preset heat settings

OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle
Dimensions: x x inches
Capacity: 1 Liter
Temperature settings: adjustable in one-degree increments from °F to  °F

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

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The 14 best coffee makers of

So which coffee maker is right for you? And how should you even get started shopping for a coffee maker? According to coffee experts we consulted, the answer lies several steps ahead of brewing the coffee itself. A “good cup of coffee” from a home coffee brewer should be “flavorful, of the proper strength and non-astringent, or dry on the tongue,” said Scott Rao, a coffee consultant and author of “The Coffee Roasters Companion.”

“You may be surprised, but I would recommend investing more in a quality grinder than a brewer,” he said. “A great brewer can’t fix a bad quality grind.” Rao argued there are four descending qualities that “impact the quality of the final cup."

  1. The quality of the raw coffee beans
  2. Their roast quality
  3. The coffee beans' grind quality
  4. And, finally, the coffee maker's brew quality


Coffee maker types: Automatic, manual, pour-over and immersion

You’ve likely seen coffee makers at coffee shops and offices, and might have one at home. Most coffee makers fall into one of a handful of categories: manual brewers, drip brewers, and single-cup brewers. Whether you go manual or choose an automatic drip machine is up to you.

When it comes to manual brewing, there are a few different styles to choose from. Jessica Easto, author of “Craft Coffee: A Manual,” noted that pour-overdevices “require a bit more technique and some work best with special kettles, but there are tons to choose from at a bunch of different price points.” If you enjoy the ceremony and ritual of making coffee, a pour-over brewer might be your best choice. “Most pour-over devices are shaped like cones, which are set over a cup or carafe,” Easto explained. “You add a filter and the coffee, and then pour water over it — hence the name.”

People who drink both coffee and tea will be more familiar with the full immersion style. “Full immersion divisions let the coffee steep in the water for the whole brew cycle, like tea,” she explained, adding that the most popular example is the French press. “It's super easy and you don't really need special equipment to use it, so I always recommend it to people trying to dip their toe into manual coffee,” she said.


Best coffee makers

Here are Easto’s top picks for best coffee makers, as well as options for those who prefer manual or automatic brewing. They fall into a wide range of prices, though both experts agree the grinder is where you should invest more of your cash. And, of course, the best coffee maker for you depends on how you plan to use — and how often, given the investment.

Best automatic coffee makers and brewers

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

You can get this brewer from Breville with a glass carafe (the BDC model) or a stainless steel thermal carafe (the BDC model) — which is the one you want. It features a ‘gold cup’ preset mode that automatically adjusts the water temperature and brew times to meet the standards set by the SCA. When the carafe is not in place, the steep-and-release valve automatically holds the water in contact with the coffee for brewing a small cup.

Bonavita Connoisseur One-Touch Coffee Maker

Bonavita’s automatic coffee maker brews eight cups at a time and uses a thermal carafe, as well. This highly-rated coffee maker boasts it can brew those eight cups' worth of coffee in about six minutes. Its pre-infusion mode can mimic the pour-over approach to brewing but in the much easier machine form. The watt water heater helps maintain the optimal brewing temperature of degrees to degrees Fahrenheit. The showerhead design and flat-bottom filter basket are meant to provide uniform flavor extraction. The carafe lid, filter basket and showerhead are all dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

Cuisinart PurePrecision 8-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

This Cuisinart Coffee Brewer is also meant to give you the pour-over approach in an easy-to-use machine. It does this by pre-wetting the grounds, allowing the coffee flavors to “bloom.” Choose between mild, medium and bold flavor strengths and hot or extra hot temperature control. The coffee maker also has a self-clean feature and can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance. The SCA has certified this coffee maker an exemplary home brewer.

Technivorm Moccamaster KBTS Coffee Brewer

This automatic drip coffee maker is on the pricey side, but it hits all the key points like proper brew temperature, sustained brewing temperature and thermal carafe. It sports a 9-hole spray arm that evenly disperses water over the entire grind, and the copper lining along the spray arm helps to keep the water temperature consistent. With just the press of a button, the Technivorm Moccamaster can brew 40 ounces in under six minutes. Easto uses one of these brewers in her own home and approves of anything from the Moccamaster line.

OXO 9-Cup Coffee Maker OXO 9-Cup Coffee Maker

This automatic drip-brewer from kitchen-favorite brand OXO gets SCA’s stamp of approval. Thanks to the double-wall carafe, you can take your pot to the breakfast table to ensure your coffee stays hot for longer so that, as Easto explained, the compounds that give your coffee the flavor you love don’t get destroyed on the hot plate. If you’re brewing a cup just for yourself there is a single-serve function that makes enough for just one mug. The OXO model also features an intuitive LED interface that not only indicates the status of your brew but the freshness of the coffee as well.

Best manual coffee makers and brewers

Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

Here is a simple set for those who are ready to try pour-over brewing at home. It comes with a 6-cup carafe, a pour-over cylinder, a coffee scoop and five coffee filters. Although you may need to invest in a special kettle to regulate your water temperature, this is one of the most affordable options for the serious coffee home brewer. The brand makes another set with a thermal carafe to keep coffee warm.

Chemex Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker

The Chemex has always been a solid choice for crafting pour-over coffee. There is a special art to wetting the filter — if you want to get really fancy — and the brand suggests buying their filters, which they claim are percent thicker than the standard kind. The wood collar and leather tie serve as an insulated handle and can be removed to place the glass in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Decanter

Easto counts the Hario V60 among her favorite pour-over coffee brewers for consistent results at an entry-level point price. The silicone band is cool to the touch for easy handling and can be removed for cleaning. The coffee decanter comes with the glass pot, dripper and a 40 count of filters. Hario recommends pouring the water quickly for a delicate body or slowly for a heavier flavor.

Bestselling coffee makers at Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, Wayfair and more

To give you an idea of the vast array of coffee makers out there, we checked into the bestselling models across major retailers.

Amazon bestselling coffee machine: Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

This model runs at just under $40 and sports a star average rating from more than 28, reviewers on Amazon. You can program your brew up to 24 hours in advance and auto-shutoff will keep things safe. There is also an auto-pause feature that will stop the brew cycle if you need a cup sooner. The glass carafe that's included can hold up to 12 cups and is dishwasher-safe.

Wayfair bestselling coffee machine: Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach Cup FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker

This flexible coffee maker can either help you brew Keurig's K-Cups or brew up to 12 cups of coffee into the included carafe. You can program the coffee maker to make your brew fresh in the morning and it also has an automatic shut-off feature to protect the machine. More than 2, Wayfair reviewers left FlexBrew a star average rating.

Walmart bestselling coffee machine: Ninja

Ninja cup Programmable Coffee Brewer

The Ninja Coffee Brewer allows you to choose between two custom brew strengths: Classic or Rich. It also has a hour programmable delay so that you can wake up to a fresh cup of coffee already made. You can brew a full carafe but if you’re looking for a little less coffee use the small batch function to make sure your coffee is not diluted. The adjustable warming plate will keep your batch of coffee warm so you can enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up. The Ninja Coffee Brewer has a star average rating from over Walmart customers.


How to shop for the best coffee maker

Easto prioritizes three qualities when shopping for coffee makers:

  1. It’s able to reach “proper brew temperature,” generally between degrees and degrees.
  2. It “sustains the brew temperature for the length of the brew cycle.”
  3. And it “ensures the water is in contact with the coffee for the right amount of time.”

“Generally speaking, a typical coffee maker brews too cool or hot, has wild temperature fluctuations throughout the brew cycle and doesn't have a long enough brew cycle,” she argued, noting most coffee makers fail to meet her qualifications. But that’s also a lot to look for, she admitted, and potentially a heavy load of research on the shopper. If you’re planning to shop for an automatic coffee maker, Easto suggested consulting those certified by the SCA, which tests a range of automatic home brewers. “Look for a machine that brews into an insulated carafe, as opposed to brewing into a carafe that is kept warm on a hot plate,” she advised, especially if you plan to brew large batches.

“Yummy flavor compounds are quickly destroyed over a hot plate,” Easto said. “To retain the taste of larger batches of coffee, it's better to never let the coffee cool in the first place.”

Coffee makers and coffee beans

“As for coffee beans, like any food product, there is a range of quality out there,” said Easto, adding that they directly impact your coffee, even if you have the best coffee maker. “Since coffee is only made of two ingredients (coffee and water), the ‘quality in’ is directly related to the ‘quality out.’” Even a skilled brewer can’t fix bad beans. Coffee is graded on a scale of — and specialty coffee beans, which she suggested you buy, must score an 80 or above on a quality scale set forth by the nonprofit Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCA).

Roasting is a complicated process but shopping for the best roast for you is not. Easto said that “the best roasters spend years perfecting their craft to learn how to evenly roast beans and unlock the flavors they want to unlock.” The level of roast comes down to personal preference. “With darker roasts, you are tasting more of the process of roasting coffee — those dark, smoky flavors associated with cooking,” she explained. But you may be trading strength of flavor for complexity.

Easto said that “lighter” roast profiles actually “allow the unique flavors of the bean itself to shine.” So choosing a lighter roast could open up your cup with a larger variety of flavors, which can range from “fruit flavors to nutty flavors to chocolate flavors, commonly served at craft coffee shops. “Don’t pigeonhole yourself,” Easto suggested, recommending you try new roasts and flavors. “After a while, you’ll get to know what you like.”


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Gifts at Home Depot Part 1 - Men

Home Depot is America’s favorite hardware store. At Home Depot men (and women) in hard hats who love DIY and home improvement do their shopping.  A crazy question came to mind, can you buy great gifts at Home Depot?  The answer is yes. Not only can you buy great gifts at Home Depot, but with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save money at the same time.  So, in part one of a three part article we will look at some great gifts you can buy at home depot starting with gifts for men.

Gifts for men is really quite simple at Home Depot, the store is an Alladin’s cave full of dream things that men absolutely love. We could simply stop at Home Depot and say go wild and the gifting from $10 to $ would be done.  But men do like gifts to be bought for them so here are a few they may love.

A New Drill

Men and there power tools are something that cannot be described.  Home Depot has a superb selection of surprisingly affordable drills.  A drill makes a superb gift and a drill with all the drill bits and some add-ons will be something any man will truly appreciate as a gift.

Barbecue Tools

When it comes to outdoor cooking Men are very much in charge.  The barbecue, sexist or not, is the man’s domain and this makes is a gift giving area.  A set of barbecue tongs and equipment is an affordable gift that any man will appreciate. Home Depot stocks a wide range of barbecue related items so you can mix and match or simply buy a set.

Tool Box

If you know man who has lots of tools all over the place then he is a  candidate for this Home Depot gift. A tool box makes an affordable and very practical gift. Home depot have a massive selection of high quality tool boxes and storage equipment that can tidy up the tools for any man.

A Coffee Machine

Away from the tools and the barbecue men have been known to enjoy a good cup of coffee.  A coffee machine, especially one that makes an individual cup of coffee, makes a very considerate gift for the man in your life.  Coffee machines come in all shapes a sizes and whether it is a machine for the kitchen or his man cave he will be happy with it.

A book

Home Depot has a great selection of books on DIY and how to make things. Books are always wonderful gifts and a book from Home Depot is something any many will love.

We have covered gifts for men, in the next blog we will cover gifts for women at Home Depot followed by gifts for kids.

Sours: https://wearecoupons.com/gifts-at-home-depot-partmen

Machine home depot coffee

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I Bought A Coffee Machine From Home Depot... And I Kinda Like It

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