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Advanced Quarterback Stats (2021)

What are advanced QB stats?
Advanced stats offer insight into a Quarterback's performance beyond the standard box score. These statistics provide a detailed view of how a QB accumulates passing yards along with the defensive pressure he faces. To view standard stats, check out our QB Stats reports.

1Patrick Mahomes II (KC) 513519569%1,4797.68244.257157412.2719212932828109
2Tom Brady (TB) 514922566%1,7677.91,0384.675275212.39111348431039109
3Lamar Jackson (BAL) 511216767%1,5199.19915.958249502.6131215552292499
4Josh Allen (BUF) 511418362%1,3707.59445.2511910522.5521253332838105
5Justin Herbert (LAC) 513920767%1,5767.68824.363207412.39251749291229105
6Kyler Murray (ARI) 512416575%1,5129.18845.3532111212.4104233014428111
7Jalen Hurts (PHI) 511818265%1,3657.57053.954165322.4101128572082692
8Matthew Stafford (LAR) 511717268%1,5879.29575.6582210742.441384633727116
9Sam Darnold (CAR) 512018365%1,3667.47464.154185222.4142022503082085
10Dak Prescott (DAL) 512216574%1,3688.38024.954177302.291287119425116
11Daniel Jones (NYG) 510115764%1,2827.88815.651156212.5814185323101592
12Russell Wilson (SEA) 59012572%1,1969.66965.644177442.21312233018210120
13Kirk Cousins (MIN) 513319170%1,3967.38724.556184112.39203666281016104
14Derek Carr (LV) 513120564%1,6057.89804.864258222.51516265834112593
15Taylor Heinicke (WAS) 510215964%1,2087.66844.350166222.651318322481695
16Jameis Winston (NO) 57011660%8927.75594.83695432.691613502571599
17Joe Burrow (CIN) 510414572%1,2698.86784.749168422.31413123716710107
18Aaron Rodgers (GB) 510716366%1,2417.67294.551196422.3101618303332699
19Matt Ryan (ATL) 514120469%1,3326.57923.952142102.382717603243497
20Ryan Tannehill (TEN) 511017364%1,2517.27244.262132112.3202245231102691
21Carson Wentz (IND) 511317365%1,3227.67354.252177412.51227195629622100
22Jared Goff (DET) 513119667%1,3036.66133.151193202.5142221473562191
23Baker Mayfield (CLE) 59714567%1,2408.36394.448147412.513315373121496
24Trevor Lawrence (JAC) 510417559%1,1466.57494.344154322.481221383961773
25Teddy Bridgewater (DEN) 510414970%1,1807.97935.350155112.51115275522420103
26Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) 512419564%1,2866.66773.545156532.21120163835122088
27Mac Jones (NE) 513519071%1,2436.57584.051162002.4112710631872389
28Jimmy Garoppolo (SF) 47811866%9257.85074.33594212.26128311391298
29Jacoby Brissett (MIA) 510315865%8585.45593.530112102.41214223923121267
30Zach Wilson (NYJ) 59817157%1,1176.57864.643186322.61812335138111465
31Trey Lance (SF) 4254852%3547.41743.61541112.53671493476
32Davis Mills (HOU) 4599661%6697.04114.32665212.21191028123880
33Tyrod Taylor (HOU) 2314470%4169.52565.81583212.115714828128
34Justin Fields (CHI) 5377251%4586.43074.31862112.4149629211766
35Taysom Hill (NO) 53475%123.030.8000002.4000110222
36Tua Tagovailoa (MIA) 2173155%2156.9993.21032002.3431863160
37Andy Dalton (CHI) 3375073%2705.51713.51300002.24121742497
38Geno Smith (SEA) 1101759%1317.7633.7630002.6013350378
39Mike Glennon (NYG) 1162564%1967.81134.51021002.6043931668
40Mitchell Trubisky (BUF) 322100%94.531.5000002.1000000060
41Drew Lock (DEN) 1122157%1135.4693.3411002.4345861352
42Marcus Mariota (LV) 1000%00.000.0000000.000000000
43Blaine Gabbert (TB) 233100%4113.73110.3210001.5000000159
44Ryan Fitzpatrick (WAS) 13650%132.271.2000001.8121011056
45Jordan Love (GB) 25771%689.7507.1211002.4100310251
46Feleipe Franks (ATL) 2000%00.000.0000000.000000000
47Nathan Peterman (LV) 1000%00.000.0000000.000000000
48Jacob Eason (IND) 12540%254.0183.6200002.8010011017
49Josh Rosen (ATL) 1020%00.000.0000002.4002110040
50Case Keenum (CLE) 1000%00.000.0000000.000000000
51Colt McCoy (ARI) 1000%00.000.0000000.000000000

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Air Yards: 2021 NFL Stats For Fantasy Football

What are Air Yards?

Air Yards data has become one of the most important tools for fantasy football players in recent years — but what exactly are ‘Air Yards’?

Air Yards are simply a measure of how many yards the football travels in the air, from the line of scrimmage, regardless of whether the pass was completed.

So if the ball is snapped at the 50 yard line and the receiver is at the 40 yard line when the ball arrives, that’s 10 Air Yards — even if the pass was incomplete.

Why Air Yards matter for fantasy football

Air Yards have a strong correlation with actual yards. For example, among WRs in 2020, Air Yards were correlated with actual receiving yards with a linear r-squared over 0.85.

In simple terms, this means that Air Yards alone do a very, very good job of representing actual yards gained. And you can use this to your advantage to win in fantasy football.

But why not just look at actual yards gained, if that’s the stat we really care about? That’s where Air Yards becomes so important.

Knowing that Air Yards is a fantastic proxy for actual yards, we can reasonably predict players for a “breakout” if their Air Yard production is not resulting in actual yard production. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but Air Yards are a tremendous guide. You can use this information to buy low on players that your league mates have given up on.

What is the FTN Air Yards tool?

The FTN Air Yards tool is packed with all of the tech and data you need to win your fantasy football league. The tool is customizable, letting you filter by season, week, player, position, team, stat minimums (such as targets, receptions, yards, etc.) and more.

The tool features all of the stats you need and none of the ones you don’t, including:

  • Targets
  • Receptions
  • Receiving Yards
  • Air Yards
  • Average Depth of Target (aDOT)
  • Yards After Catch or Reception (YAC)
  • Touchdowns (TDs)
  • RACR, which is a ratio that divides receiving yards by Air Yards
  • Team Air Yard Market Share, which represents the percentage of a team’s total Air Yards that went to each player on that team (e.g. 100 out of 1,000 is 10%)
  • Team Target Market Share, which represents the percentage of a team’s total targets that went to each player on that team (e.g. 50 out of 500 is 10%)
  • WOPR, a weighted averaged incorporating each players’ share of Air Yard market share and target market share
  • Total fantasy points scored (PPR)
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Air yards definition: How this stat can help in betting, fantasy football

By Avery Zimmerman, The Action Network

Tribune Content Agency|

Sep 15, 2021 at 2:19 PM

Air yards are defined as the amount of yards the ball traveled in the air on a passing play, from line of scrimmage to contact point. If the quarterback throws the ball at the 25-yard line and the pass is caught at the 20-yard line, the amount of air yards on the pass was five yards.

Air yards is a statistic that can be measured for multiple positions, mainly wide receivers, tight ends and quarterbacks. It is a statistic that is primarily used for players that engage in passing attempts on a consistent basis, though they also encompass anyone that catches passes, such as running backs.

The leader in air yards from the 2020 NFL regular season was Tom Brady. Calvin Ridley led the NFL in air yards for wide receivers. The top-10 leaders in air yards from the season for quarterbacks and wide receivers are listed below.

Because air yards account for both complete and incomplete passes, they give you an idea of how many passing yards or receiving yards a player could have garnered if 100% of the passes were completed. Of course, this does not account for yards after catch, but in theory, if every NFL pass was completed without the receiver gaining any yards after the reception, air yards depict what passing yards and receiving yards would look like.

Because of this, air yards can give you an idea of what numbers a quarterback or receiver may generate. This statistic can be used in congruence with WOPR, which can serve as a metric that combines targets and air yards, two important fantasy football metrics.

Can Air Yards Help Me With Betting?

Realistically, air yards is a statistic that is going to help you far more with fantasy and daily fantasy games than betting on teams in a point spread or moneyline fashion. It’s far more of an indicator of how well an individual will score in a fantasy setting than a team will score in a competitive game situation.

Seven of the top 10 average fantasy quarterback scorers are in the top 10 of air yards. The same comparison is listed for wide receivers in a standard scoring league below.

Only five of the top 10 leaders in the league for air yards are in the top 10 of average fantasy output for wide receivers.

As you can see, there is no direct correlation between air yards and points, but it can be a helpful statistic in predicting the output of a player for fantasy purposes.


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