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After 33 revisions, Rickie Fowler and Cobra perfected his new irons—and now you can play them, too

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Consumers can now play the same iron as Rickie Fowler, the Cobra RF proto blades with a eye-catching copper-colored finish. The entire set is designed around a 7-iron appearance, Fowler’s favorite iron shape, and boasts distinct sharp edges on the toe and topline area that suit Fowler’s eyes.

PRICE: The limited-edition RF Proto Irons are available in right-hand only and ship in a custom box, complete with a card of authenticity, stamped by R&D and autographed by Fowler. The standard set is 4-iron through pitching wedge and sells for $2,499. Available for pre-order through starting Jan. 25 and will be available at retail Jan. 29.

THE DEEP DIVE: Rickie Fowler has been using his RF proto irons since last year. Better players who drooled over the sleek, copper-colored sticks now have an opportunity to play them, too. Cobra is making a limited number of sets available to consumers starting Jan. 29 at select retailers and

Fowler, who first put the irons in play at the TaylorMade Driving Relief skins game at Seminole and had them in play (5-iron through pitching wedge) at The American Express, was heavily involved in the design of the irons—a year-long process that saw Fowler and Cobra go through 33 revisions before arriving at the finished product.

The irons employ some similarities and some significant differences from Fowler’s previous Cobra MB irons. “The clubs from a playability standpoint that a player would feel—sole, sole width, blade length—those are identical,” says Ben Schomin, Cobra’s PGA tour rep who worked with Fowler throughout the process. “The shape, bounce, camber we worked on years ago and he continues to like it. We didn’t want to mess with that.”

The entire set is designed around a 7-iron appearance, Fowler’s favorite iron shape, and boasts distinct sharp edges on the toe and topline area to suit Fowler’s eye. Each iron is forged two times from a soft 1025 carbon steel then machined using a CNC milling process. According to Cobra, the entire milling process takes a total of 155 minutes per iron.

Still, there are significant differences from Fowler’s previous irons, starting with the color. The new irons boast an eye-catching copper color. “Rickie wanted a unique look that hasn’t been used recently,” said Schomin. “He had used black irons previously, but he really liked the copper look.”

Also noticeable is the lack of offset. Fowler’s previous irons didn’t have much offset, only about 40/1000ths of an inch due to a tapered hosel. But the new irons feature a parallel hosel that eliminates all offset. Additionally, the topline at address is ultra-thin thanks to a chamfer that slims it down while not altering the sound properties of the iron.

On the back of the club is stamped RF on one side and REV33 on the other—an homage to the 33 revisions it took to fully dial in the clubs to Fowler’s liking.

“It was fun to do,” said Schomin. “Rickie had a vision, and when he shared it with me, I could see what he was talking about.”

The limited-edition RF Proto Irons are available in right-hand only and ship in a custom box, complete with a card of authenticity, stamped by R&D and autographed by Fowler.


Fowler's new blades feature a unique PVD finish and will make their first appearance at TaylorMade's Charity event this Sunday

Rickie Fowler To Debut New Cobra Rev33 Irons

This Sunday, some of golf’s biggest names will be back playing live on our television screens for the first time since the first round of the Players Championship back in March.

Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Matthew Wolff and Rickie Fowler will be teeing it up at TaylorMade’s Driving Relief charity event at Seminole Golf Club in a refreshing skins format with no caddies.

Fowler, who plays the TaylorMade TP5x Pix ball, will also be using a new set of irons in the bag for the event. They’re called the Cobra RF Rev33 irons and get their name from the fact that 33 revisions were made to the design before Fowler was content with the end result.

This season, Fowler has been using a set of RF prototype blades with a chrome finish, but the new irons feature a bronze-gold coloured PVD finish, chosen from a choice of 30 metal swatches and unlike anything else on the market.

McIlroy is one player that commented on social media about the compact look of Fowler’s RF prototype irons, especially in the longer irons. In fact, the overall concept came from Fowler’s love of the look of a bladed 7-iron and how he wanted all the other irons in the set to look similar.

“I remember him telling me, ‘I really love the 7-iron, it’s the best-looking club in the set,’” Ben Schomin, Cobra’s tour operation manager, told

“But to him, everything below the 7-iron didn’t look nearly as good in the address position. So we built the set around that one club in particular, trying to give those clubs in the bottom of the set a similar look.”


Other distinguishing features are the completely flat topline and the lack of any visible offset.

The lack of offset comes from a parallel hosel transition that differs from the standard tapered transition where the hosel is thickest in the upper section and thins out going into the grooves.

Fowler is also know to have used tungsten weight plugs in previous irons and they also feature within his Cobra Rev33 irons.

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COBRA launches limited Rickie Fowler Proto irons

The RF Proto irons are a replica of the head design that Fowler plays to provide golfers with an opportunity to experience what it feels like to play the same Tour-calibre irons trusted weekly by one of game’s most popular players.

The design is the result of multiple shape and spec revisions that evolved over the span of 12 months to get the perfect iron. The process involved COBRA engineers and long-time Director of Tour Operations, Ben Schomin, working with Fowler every step of the way, applying his design direction, turf-interaction feedback and aesthetic preferences to the overall design, which underwent 32 iterations before arriving at the final version, hence the Rev33 stamp.

Interestingly, the entire set is designed around a 7-iron appearance, Fowler’s favourite iron shape. Atypical of most iron sets, which feature progressively rounded edges as you transition from the long irons to short irons, each RF Proto iron (4-PW) is designed with distinct sharp edges on the toe and topline area to suit Fowler’s eyes. They also deliver zero visible offset by ensuring that the hosel was developed with no taper.

Perhaps the most striking feature of these irons is their distinctive, head-turning copper finish that was hand selected by Fowler after considering dozens of finishes.

“We have been working with Rickie on these irons for quite some time, and we feel they represent a fitting tribute to our decade long partnership,” Schomin said. “We worked closely with Rickie to determine his favourite features of several of his previous sets that we were able to combine into one very sleek package. These are a must own for better players who appreciate the finest of iron craftsmanship or Rickie fans who would jump at the opportunity to own the same sticks their favourite player uses.”

Like any Tour player, Fowler demands perfection when it comes to shaping. With the RF Proto irons, COBRA delivers the ultimate precision iron, fit for a Tour player or better golfers. Each iron is forged two times from a soft 1025 carbon steel and is then machined using a 100 percent CNC milling process. The entire milling process takes a total of 155 minutes per iron and produces the most precise shape and specs without any inconsistencies.

Like Fowler’s gamers, this CNC milling process is used to deliver the most exact specifications and shape that Fowler designed. To aid in pure shot making and offer some added stability, the RF Proto irons, like his gamers, utilise a tungsten weight that is positioned out on the toe to better centre the centre of gravity (CG), per Fowler’s request.  The result is an iron that delivers superior feel and precision throughout the set.

For the collectors, the limited-edition RF Proto Irons are shipped in a high-end, custom box, which celebrates the partnership between Fowler and COBRA, complete with a card of authenticity, stamped by R&D and autographed by Fowler, for an unboxing experience like never before.

The standard offering features KBS C-Taper shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN grips equipped with COBRA CONNECT. A full selection of custom shafts and grips are also available.

RRP: $3,999 (4-PW). Available January 29.

For more information on all of COBRA’s innovative new products, visit and follow @cobrapumagolfau on Instagram

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33 cobra rev

Cobra RF proto REV 33 Retail release

Jun 7, 2019
Reaction score
Reno, NV
750 set in the us. Even though he is no longer playing them I think it is an absolutely fantastic looking iron. I am not sure the price i was given is worth it but I would love a set of these. .

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4-PW Cobra King Forged CB
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FIRST LOOK: Cobra’s limited edition Rickie Fowler “RF Proto” Rev33 irons

By: Andrew Tursky

Rickie Fowler is currently using some of the flashiest, and most intimidating-looking, sets of irons in the game. His Cobra RF Proto irons are unique for many reasons, but most of all, Fowler helped design the irons himself.

Since showing up with the custom irons at the 2020 TaylorMade Driving Charity Relief event in May, fans of the clubs were left wondering whether they would ever hit retail. Well, Cobra has officially delivered. The company announced today that it’s releasing limited edition Rickie Fowler “RF Proto” irons to the public, and the heads are designed to match Fowler’s gamers.

As previously reported, Fowler worked directly with Cobra’s team for over a year to develop the eye-catching, copper-finished irons exactly how he wanted them; and it took 33 revisions (thus the “Rev33” stamping) to get them just right.

“He had a vision in his head of what he thought would be really cool, unique and pleasing for him to look at,” Ben Schomin, Cobra’s Tour operation manager, told

The RF Proto irons are clearly blade-style constructions, but there’s a lot more to them than just thin shapes and a cool color scheme. During the designing process, Fowler mentioned to Schomin that he prefers the look of his 7-iron to the other short irons in the set.

“I remember him telling me, ‘I really love the 7-iron, it’s the best-looking club in the set,’” Schomin said. “But to him, everything below the 7-iron didn’t look nearly as good in the address position.”

Therefore, the irons in the set are designed around the look of Fowler’s 7 iron. Cobra describes the look as having “distinct sharp edges on the toe and topline area to suit Fowler’s eye.”

Here’s how Schomin describes the irons: “If you look at the 7-iron at address, it’s like, OK, that looks kinda crazy. It’s got no loft to it, looks pretty square and has a flat topline. But it’s not outrageous or out of the ordinary. Then you get down into the 8, 9 and pitching wedge and you can tell it has a very unique look to it. But that’s what he was envisioning, wanting the rest of the set to look kind of like the 7-iron.”

Looking down from address, you’ll also notice the drastically reduced offset and extremely thin toplines that Fowler prefers. Remember, these irons were made for Fowler, a five-time PGA Tour winner, so they’re a far cry from game-improvement irons made for average players.

Like Fowler’s set, the retail RF Proto irons go through a rigorous construction process. The heads are forged two times from 1025 soft carbon, and then they’re CNC-milled for an exact build. Cobra says the milling process takes 155 minutes, per head, to complete. Additionally, each head has Tungsten weights in the toe section, helping position CG (center of gravity) directly behind the center of the faces.

Cobra’s new RF Proto irons (4-PW; right-hand only) will sell for $2,499 per set, and they come equipped with KBS C-Taper shafts and Golf Pride Tour Align grips that use Cobra Connect technology. They’re currently available for pre-order and hit retail on January 29. Also, the limited-edition sets come in custom boxes, with a card of authenticity, stamped by Cobra R&D, and signed by Fowler himself.

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