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SureSeal Pressure Bandages, Large (Box of 100)

Facet Technologies SureSeal® Pressure Adhesive Bandage 1"x 2-3/4" Large

SureSeal® pressure bandage consists of a cellulose sponge pad on an adhesive strip. The adhesive strip surrounds the pad on all four sides, securely sealing the wound site. The pad expands on contact with blood which exerts pressure on the wound site and assists with controlling bleeding. SureSeal pressure bandages are typically used for access site closure and protection following dialysis in hemodialysis units.

Features & Benefits:

  • Expands to apply pressure continuously.
  • Seals and isolates site securely on all sides for assurance compared to traditional gauze dressings.
  • Versatile – can be used in all venous and arterial dialysis and blood sampling sites.
  • More effective alternative to gauze dressings.
  • Fast, positive-acting post-dialysis wound dressing allows patients to ambulate in less time than traditional tape-and-gauze bandages.

SureSeal Pressure Bandages (Size Large) (Box of 100)

SureSeal Pressure Bandages (Size Large) (Box of 100)


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Pe•• ••ll

August 11, 2021

Sure seal best bandaid for dialysis patients

I am on dialysis and a blood thinner, these bandaid stop the bleeding after treatment the best. A must buy if on dialysis.

Al•• ••ex

January 17, 2021

Best product of its kind for me !

I use these everytime in kidney dialysis after my treatment is over to stop the bleeding from the dialysis needles. Works every time, quickly and the clot doesn’t stick to the dressing. Great product, awesome prices!! Well worth shopping here. Far more reasonable than the local pharmacy store.

Jo•• ••th

December 18, 2020


I like this product it help me with my patients to stop bleeding

Ca•• ••t

November 8, 2020

Dialysis help

Husband uses for dialysis. Very good.

Je•• •• B

July 28, 2020

Stops bleeding fast.

A must have if you are a dialysis patient.

Ba•• ••rb

June 27, 2020

Dialysis Patients

A must for dialysis patients.

Ma•• ••st

February 28, 2020

It works

After dialysis, in case when I remove my bandage I start bleeding.

di•• ••ki

February 25, 2020

pressure bandage

good product

Ro•• ••st

February 9, 2020

They work

Works great just like they’re supposed to.

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SureSeal Bandages XL, No Latex #85200, Pack of 2 Boxes (200 bandages), Sure Seal



Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2021

Works Really Well For Dialysis Patients!

These bandages come highly recommended by the dialysis nurses. I purchase these for my mom. These bandages stop the bleeding extremely well after treatment. I am grateful to Amazon and the company that sells these. I know that my loved one is in good hands because the bleeding stops!... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2021

Great Bandaid for easy bleeders!

This bandaid was introduced to me at a medical facility as I bleed easily and profusely. It works great and it helps to stop the bleeding almost immediately!! Will definitely buy again. Bandaids were shipping a timely manner and well protected in the package.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2020

For Major cuts, punctures! Not worth the price for small cuts!

These are really great bandaids.I use them after my dialysis treatments to cover the catheter sites. They stop the bleeding pretty darn quick! Only need to hold in place a few minutes as opposed to 10 minutes or more.I buy them myself, my center doesn't always have them, and they carry only large. I prefer the extra large. It's worth it to me!Buy them, you won't be disappointed!!... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2020

A MUST for people on blood thinners

I got started with these when my husband was on dialysis 2003. These are like tiny tourniquets pressing against the wound to stop bleeding.The clinic was paying $1.00 each for these (which was outrageous for the volume they were buying) so switched to something less effective. I got online and bought them and he would take his own in to use.I’ve come to love them myself .... they STAY STUCK ....even if you have it around your finger. If you take blood thinners these are a must.You might me concerned that the pad is relatively small compared to other bandaids. These are pressure bandages and if you use ointment with them use it sparingly and center the pad. They really are designed to stop bleeding more that service a booboo.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2019

I use these bandaids because I use heparin in my treatments.

I can't seem to find a clotting product that is a affordable that can stop bleeding fast.That is until I found this SureSeal band aid. These come in different sizes, I prefer the XL, as I can cut the clotting paper out of the bandaid into 6 pieces for my clotting needs.These bandaids are a bit pricey, but if you use heparin, or have a hard time stopping your bleeding, I recommend buying this product.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2019

Best "bandaids" ever!

Though the size was Extra Large they are in fact very small, especially the padded part. But they stick and stay put! I had a small open place on the back of my neck which needed an antibiotic ointment on it. Nothing, I mean nothing would stick for longer than a couple of hours until I got these. They stuck until I took them off and they came off easily. They did not irritate my skin. Love them!... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2019

Quality product

My husband is a dialysis patient, three times a week. Initially the dialysis center used these bandages on the 2 insertion sites after the procedure to help control bleeding at the sites. Due to cost constraints, they were no longer provided by the center. We have been purchasing them for some time now so he can take them with him for use. They work wonderfully, are delivered in 2 days (PRIME), and we both appreciate the ability to continue using this great product.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2017

Great for dialysis sites.

Came with full instructions, which my tech appreciated. Just place on, as needles are removed, as you would 4 x 4 gauze squares. Way better than Davita gauze and tape pressure bandage (they used to use these). I'm out of there in 2 minutes with the Sure Seal vs 6 mins with gauze/tape.... Read more...



Sureseal XL Made of two parts: • Latex Free adhesive hypoallergenic plastic support; covered by paper for easy removal of the protective layer, without leaving residual parts on the patient’s skin. • A highly biocompatible cellulose fibre sponge-swab which expands itself in contact with liquids increasing its volume up to several times. The soaked sponge pressure determines the haemostasis. Haemostatic plaster alternative to traditional fistula-pressing plaster. Pad for arteriovenous fistula sealing after dialysis. It is also indicated as after apheresis medications. Elastic, hemmed, self-adhesive and self-locking bandage with a pad with absorbent part in TNT. Resistant and a-traumatic, it adheres to itself and not to skin or hairs. It considerably reduces the possibility of tardive bleeding. It allows professionals to avoid contact with blood of patients at risk.

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Product Description

Sureseal Bandages are Sterile, Discrete, Comfortable Self-activating Pressure bandages and useful for patients undergoing dialysis. Most of the Dialysis centres world wide are using this as post dialysis wound dressing. The cellulose pad expands to several times its original size on contact with blood. It can reduce pressure time over the traditional tape and guaze plus seals and isolates the site securely on all sides. They are versitile and may be used on most venous and arterial dialysis and blood sampling sites. Sureseal Bandages are suited for people with sensitive skin or latex allergies. Each box contains 100 bandages. Available in X-Large size.

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Sureseal Pressure Bandage No Latex XL Size

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East India Industrial Supplies Private Limitedis based in Hyderabadand the prime source provider and Exporter of health, safety and clean room products. It is trusted brand and holds a dominant position in this domain due to its belief to offer high quality, secured, protective and comfortable products of international standards. We have a wide distribution network with strong presence in India, Europe and North America. They allow us to be close to our customers to provide fast delivery and outstanding service.
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Before removing needle, the health care practitioner should peel off one of the two release papers from the adhesive portion of the SURESEAL Pressure Dressing.

The puncture/gratt site should be covered with the cellulose sponge portion of the SURESEAL Pressure Dressing, securing the first side of exposed adhesive to the skin next to the site.

The healthcare practitioner should remove the needle while at the some time covering the puncture site with the cellulose sponge portion of the SURESEAL Pressure Dressing. Be caretul not to put too much pressure on the site while the needle is still inserted as this may cause the gratt to be punctured or damaged by the needle.



Once the needle is removed,the healthcare practitioner should immediately apply direct downward digital pressure to the cellulose sponge while removing the second peel-otl release paper. The second adhesive portion of the dressing should be firmly attached to the skin.

All sides surrounding the cellulose sponge should be smoothed down to help ensure complete sealing around puncture site.

The healthcare practitioner should continue to apply steady digital pressure to the sponge tor l-2 the minutes as the sponge fills and expands. The patient should then continue to apply digital pressure tor an additional period of time until the that the bleeding is under control.The patient is not to leave the bandage on tor over 8 hours.


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