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Chameleon Paint Pearls

Color-Shift or Chameleon Paint Pearls

  • Our Chameleon Paint Pearls and Flip Pearls will give you a long lasting color shift effect.
  • Mix into automotive paint, epoxy resin, silicone (for mermaid tail paint or aquatic taxidermy), cerakote (for firearms coatings), fiberglass, powder coatings, and even hot glue or plastics.
  • Some of our Chameleon Paint Pearls are transparent, but look white in the bag, letting the base color shine through. Some competitors describe them as “Alien”. Even white is a good base color for these “Ghost Chameleons”.
  • Look for them by checking that the part number ends with a 59 or a 79.
  • Paint With Pearl has been selling these Chameleon Paint Pearl Pigments since 2008, give them a try!

Color Change

These color changing Chameleon paint pearls offer up to 6 color shifts, depending on the pearl pigments that you choose for your custom paint.  It is very important to remember that our Chameleons are virtually identical to all the other brands of “Colorshift” pigments out there, but at a much better price.  We literally use the same manufacturers as the larger companies, but have sacrificed our own profits to provide a better price to the consumer.

Our 4739CS on a wet car hood.

Paint With Pearl is the original seller of pearl pigments on the Internet. We have been around since 2005, and have upheld an amazing reputation as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. You can always count on speedy shipping, great customer service, and when you call us, you will always talk to an owner of the company. Never any need to ask for a manager. We have been around for 10 years and are on our second web site. Check out our old site if you like.  Don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel.  As usual, thank you for shopping with us!

Sours: https://www.paintwithpearl.com/shop-custom-paint/chameleon-paint/

Kustompearls.com has been providing pearl paint, candy paint colors, metal flake and chameleon paints to our users for the last 13 years (as Paint With Pearl).   Our business started on Ebay in 2005 and we started by selling paint additives for pearlescent paint effects, discount chameleon paints,  candy paint colors and metal flakes in mostly automotive applications.  We have learned a great deal since then, and in 2008 started selling pigments for all kinds of jobs including car paint,  epoxy pigments, nail polish, fiberglassing, and concrete contracting, and have consistently upheld a great reputation in the coatings and car paint world.

Our pigments are sold all over the world, and to some of the largest companies in the world.  We have done business with some of the most popular companies internationally,  and have consistently strived to make paint pigments and custom paint affordable for the average consumer.  People do not want to pay a lot of money for coatings and we have made it easy for the “average joe” to create a spectacular custom paint job using our pearl paint, chameleon paints and candy paint colors.

For years we have been selling metallic paint pigments, pearl paint, chameleon paints, candy paint colors, and Thermochromic Pigment for your epoxy pigment projects and custom paint jobs.

Use In Any Clears

All of our products work with car paint and are key to a great custom paint job.  Our full line can be used as epoxy pigment on tables and in resin applications. Pearl paint pigments and Candy Paint colors are very versatile and easy to use in any clear paint application.  Give them a try!

We at KustomPearls appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. Our Candy Paint colors, Metal Flakes,  Chameleon paints, Thermochromic pigment, Glow In The Darks and all other paint pigments are truly custom paint and are used in almost any application. There are so many options with our products! Photos, Videos and testimonials are a great way to show off the capabilities of our additives. If you find the opportunity, send us some great pics and a small testimonial about what you did with our products and we will send you a gift for the website. We love to show off the work that our wonderful customers are doing. Contact us and send us your work!

Shop with us…the leader in paint and Pearl Pigments Since 2005

Be sure to check out our products on Amazon Prime!

Sours: https://kustompearls.com/
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4312 Pearlized Purple

Pearlescent Colors

Pigmented, pearlescent graphic colors that cover semi-opaque.
Made with lightfast, automotive-grade pigments and a durable, exterior-grade acrylic resin.

Apply over AutoBorne Sealer 6001 White for bright colors, 6002 Black for darker pearl colors.

Mix & Spray Basics:

  1. Add 4030 Balancing Clear 10% per vol., then
  2. Thin with 4011 Reducer :
    • Spray-Gun: 5% - 10% per vol., 1.2 – 1.3mm tip ~ 20 psi inlet
    • Airbrush: 10% - 25% per vol., 0.5mm+ tip ~ 27+ psi

Refer to Auto Air Tech Data Sheet for more.

2017 Auto Air 4100 and 4300 Series Color Chart
Watch Product videos
Sours: https://autoaircolors.com/pearl-and-metallic-colors/pearlescent-colors/4312.html

Violet Candy Pearls – A Light Purple Metallic Pigment

Violet Candy Pearls ® for Coatings

How Much Do I Need? Click Here.

Treats 1 Quart of sprayable (32 oz) clear base or binder.

Check that you have the correct ratio of pigment to clear base and ALWAYS spray a test panel first!

This 25 gram Bag of Violet Candy Pearls ®  pigment powder is a great pigment for creating your very own tinted clears in paint or powder-coating applications. This mixes well with any clear paints or tinted candy paints.  This has temperature threshold of about 400 degrees fahrenheit. It is a very fine powder and will spray well through airbrushes, powder guns, and HVLP paint guns. Pearl is very light, so it stays well mixed in paint without settling too fast in your gun.  It can make great tinted clears for light to heavy effects (it’s your choice). One 25 gram bag of Violet Candy Pearls ® treats from 1 to 2 quarts of clear.  We sell to hundreds of different types of coaters, including dippers, nail polish manufacturers, Theme Park painters, and custom shoe designers, to name just a few.

Try this in epoxy resin, polishes, sealers or other coatings for a great custom effect!

Remember, if you want your paint to take on the actual color of the Violet candy pearl, we suggest painting it over a black base coat. If you already have a black car, you can scuff it up to make a good surface to paint on. 

Candy Pearls

We have seen our violet candy pearls paint pigment used in many industries, including powder coating, plastic manufacturing, custom airbrush art, nail polish and gel coating. They work just as well for beginners as they do for professionals. One common mistake that beginners make is that they buy our candy pearls when they want to create a “ghost” pearls ® paint job.  These candies will change the overall color of your project.  Please keep that in mind! Remember to visit our tips pages for other useful information.

Not only do all of our candy pearls work great in liquid wrap or other coatings, we were the first company to supply the coatings community with its pigments.  If you have any reservations about whether our products work in any other coatings, don’t!  We are the pioneers who introduced Plasti Dip Pearls to the world.

We recommend using 1 bag per quart of sprayable clear for an opaque metallic like paint.  For a more translucent candy type of paint mix 1 bag to 2 quarts of sprayable clear. These starting ratios can be adjusted for your specific job.  If you have any questions you can always contact us or visit our FAQs page.

Shop with us…the leader in pearl paint and Pearl Pigments Since 2005

Check out our products on Amazon Prime!  We now accept Amazon Pay!

Violet Candy Pearls – A Light Purple Metallic Pigment

Our Violet Candy Pearls are great for use in Paint, Dip, Faux Finish, Powder Coat, Leather Paint and Polish, Concrete Sealer. 400 Degree Temperature Limit.

Paint With Pearl

Manufactured by: Paint With Pearl



$9.00 New

Sours: https://www.paintwithpearl.com/shop/candy-pearl-paint-colors/metallic-paint-candy-pearl-paint-colors-candy-pearl-paint-colors/violet-candy-pearls/

Car paints purple

Top 10 Shades Of Purple Of All Time

I was scrolling DriveTribe looking for some inspiration for another post and I came across my colleague Mustafa's article about the Top 10 Green Cars of All Time, which is a great list of vehicles, but as I sat there and looked through the list, I thought to myself, "Purple would make these cars really stand out." So I set off on a quest to find the Top 10 Purple Cars Of All Time.

1. Bentley - Azure Purple

Azure Purple will kick off this list because it can be had on any of Bentley's current models. Azure Purple is such a deep purple that it can almost look blue or black from the right angles. There's nothing quite like rolling up and stepping out of a big purple Bentley, not that I would know, but I can't imagine anything feeling as cool.

2. Dodge - Plum Crazy

There are no words to describe Plum Crazy besides "The Best". This color has been saved for only the fastest cars in FCA's long, purply history. From the 1969 Challenger R/T to today's Hellcats, Plum Crazy continues to be the ultimate symbol of blue-collar success, and I'm ready to go to war in the comments section because of it.

3. Porsche - Amethyst Metallic

So here's a weird one for you all. Porsche runs this custom color service where they'll paint any car in their lineup with whatever you want for about $12,000. The interesting thing is though, is that they don't offer all of their colors across their range. At the moment, to the best researching and fiddling that I could do with Porsche's model configuration service, the only model you can get in Amethyst Metallic without custom ordering it, is the Panamera line. Here, this elegant shade of purple can be had for a crisp $3,310.

4. Lamborghini - Viola Parsifae

Lamborghini makes a mean purple, and Viola Parsifae isn't the only purple the company makes. Their other shades include Viola 30°, from the 1994 Diablo SE 30th Anniversary Edition, and Viola Aletheia which is so dark it almost looks black. I personally love the color from Viola Parsifae because it stands out, and matches the absolutely ludicrous performance that only a Lamborghini can provide.

5. Chevrolet - Majestic Purple Metallic

The interesting thing about this shade of purple is how it blends elements of gray into it. I'm typically not a fan of lighter purples, but I have a friend with a 2006 Cobalt SS in the same color and I absolutely love it. It was also featured on several Pontiac and Cadillac models of similar model years.

6. Mercedes-Benz - Galactic Beam

Mercedes-Benz's are typically found in any color on the gray-scale spectrum with the exception of their AMG models, these are where Mercedes-Benz designers are allowed to go crazy and create some very interesting colors such as this incredible chameleon purple on purple called Galactic Beam. They also have a shade of purple called Northern Lights Violet which is available on the CLA and GLA. There's also images of a custom-ordered AMG GTR with Galactic Beam as well. It's a beautiful shade of purple from another incredible company.

7. Rolls-Royce - Twilight Purple

Rolls-Royce is no stranger to incredible, bespoke paintwork, the company's Twilight Purple and Belladonna Purple are no exception. Both of these shades of purple accent the beauty of Rolls-Royce's vehicles, but Twilight Purple is a bit brighter than Belladonna Purple, so naturally it will represent Rolls-Royce here. It's simply stunning against the large amount of chrome on this Dawn, and across the range of other Rolls-Royce vehicles as well.

8. Lincoln - Tahitian Pearl

Lincoln's Tahitian Pearl excited me when I saw it in the reviews when this generation of the MKC was making its rounds through the Press. It was a great shade of purple that was available in a mass-market vehicle, which is a great way to show off to the other luxury SUV buyers that you were better than them, because you bought a purple Lincoln. Sedate, but oh so extravagant.

9. Jeep - Xtreme Purple

We've all seen an Xtreme Purple Jeep before, and we've all been envious of the drivers of those Xtreme Purple Jeeps. I know I am, because I personally love the idea of iconic vehicles like the Wrangler being painted in funky colors. It's as much an experience for the drivers as it is for the passersby. I think that this is a shade that needs to be offered on the JL Wranglers, because it is a rite of passage for a dude-bro to own a lifted purple Jeep.

10. Buick - Earl Purple

This one saddens me, because this is a new color, for a new facelift, for a car that is sadly no longer with us in the US. Earl Purple is a brighter version of Black Cherry which is available on today's lineup of Buick models. Perhaps we will see Earl Purple as an option on the Avenir models that we still have in the US, one can only hope. For now, China, Buick's largest market will get to enjoy this, while I add the 2020 LaCrosse Avenir to the cars I will import when the time is right.

The Takeaway

Purple is better than Green. I spent way too long searching through paintref.com, to prove that point. Purple is a great color, whether it be for pure enjoyment, or the flamboyant supercars that populate this list, every vehicle should include a purple in their list of available colors. It's also my favorite color, so it's obviously the best. Duh.

Also, I know that I forgot to add Nissan's Midnight Purple, and I have decided that I would cut Chevy's Majestic Amethyst Metallic from the list if I was to redo this list.

What are your thoughts on purple cars, besides the fact that they're the best? Did I miss your favorite shade of purple? Comment Below!

Sours: https://drivetribe.com/p/top-10-shades-of-purple-of-all-KExlsB9PSiqYhqwUpCFnrA
HKS PURPLE PAINT JOB - RB26/30 240SX S14 Build Part 4

So, manufacturers haven't been making them, and with the notable exception of Jeep lots, dealerships tend to shy away from stocking many of the vibrant, sometimes polarizing colors in automakers' catalogs. Even finding press photos of cool purple cars to include with this article was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sad!

The nostalgia factor right now is real, with things like the Ford Bronco revival, Radwood-era cars and cool factory continuations and restomods making big headlines among car folks. A bright purple doesn't just pop on a screen—it feeds back in to the nostalgia machine and looks awesome. 

We're also holding on to our cars longer now, as cars have gotten more reliable over the years. Last year, the average age of vehicles on the road in the U.S. hit an all-time high of 11.6 years with 25% of cars in the U.S. being over sixteen years old, reports CNBC. If you're going to hold on to a car longer anyway, what's the point in buying a boring color for resale? Is it really going to matter that you bought a plum car a decade from now when its resale or trade-in value will most likely be a small fraction of what you paid for it regardless? 

Now is the perfect time to let some other color have the least popular spot for a while. It's time for more purple. 

Correction: Saturday, January 30, 2021, 8:03 p.m.: Feyer owns the Feyer Auto Group dealership, not Crystal Coast Graphics as originally noted. This has been corrected above. 

Got a tip? Send us a note: [email protected]

Sours: https://www.thedrive.com/news/38999/purple-has-been-the-least-popular-car-color-in-the-u-s-for-years-and-i-want-to-know-why

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