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Loop Fly Rod Reviews

Loop is one of the better-known fly fishing brands on the market today and they make great fly gear from fly rods to reels, lines, and accessories.

flyfisherpro-table__imageBest Of The BestLoop 7X Series
  • Excellent Power
  • Light And Easy To Cast
  • Great Accuracy & Presentation
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest FreshwaterLoop Opti Series
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Top Casting Performance
  • Accurate
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest ValueLoop Q Fly Rod Series
  • Great Quality
  • Easy Casting For Beginners & Pros
  • Quality Cork Handle
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Loop Fly Rod Series

Loop 7X Series

loop 7x fly rod series

Available at:

Best Of The Best

Tech. Specs

  • Types: Single-Handed, Double-Handed, Switch
  • Weights: 3-12 weight
  • Length: 8.8-13.2 feet
  • Action: Fast
  • Pieces: 4


The Loop 7X Series fly rod is designed by the company to be their best, and it doesn’t disappoint. The Loop 7X rod is made to provide top performance in all aspects of fly fishing.

It’s a lightweight fast action rod and comes in every size/type you could dream of so anglers can have the right model in their hands no matter what species they are in search of, whether it’s trout with a 3 weight or a tarpon with a 12.

This Loop fly rod is extremely efficient to cast with and you can feel the power transfer all the way from the butt to the tip section. This gives the rod a great feel, it loads with ease, plus you can throw a line and hit 90 feet with all kinds of flies if you have the skills.

The fly rod is also pretty powerful, tough, and durable and it gives anglers the ability to handle larger fish species with confidence.

The rod is built with top-quality components, from the reel seat to the cork handle and of course, the blank. One point to remember is that this rod does cost a lot and has the highest price of all the Loop rods available.

  • Excellent power transfer for maximum casting efficiency
  • Great accuracy and presentation
  • Top performance for types of casts
  • Light and easy to cast with all day long
  • Durable, well made, with a great feel

Loop Opti Series

loop opti series

Available at:

Best Freshwater

Tech. Specs

  • Types: Switch, Double-Handed, Single-Handed
  • Weights: 3-10 weight
  • Lengths: 8.8-15 feet
  • Action: Fast/Medium Fast
  • Pieces: 4


The Loop Opti Series is a bit of a freshwater champion fly rod. It’s available as a single-handed, double-handed, or switch fly rod and each of the models is designed specifically for a fly fishing situation.

The single-handed options include a trout euro-nymphing option, a delicate version for dry fly presentations, one for streamers, and another for still water too, all depending on the weight rod you choose.

You can also see our reviews for the Best Dry Fly Rods here.

As with all Loop fly rods, the build quality is excellent all the way from the blank and the cork handle to the wraps on the guides.

The rod comes as a quick or mid-fast action and provides anglers with enough feel and power to make a smooth, delicate, and accurate cast. It’s perfect for fishing mid-distance for trout like 40-50 foot and has limited flex so when fighting a fish, you have control over the fish and can stop it running up or down the river.

It’s a great value fly rod too with a mid-market price that’s half of a Sage but you’ll barely notice the difference.

  • Great range of fly rods for euro-nymphing, streamer, and Spey
  • Excellent build quality that’s light for long fishing days
  • Top casting performance, accuracy, and delicate presentations
  • Limited flex for efficient energy transfer in the cast
  • Decent power for pushing through the wind

Loop Q Fly Rod Series

loop Q fly rod series

Available at:

Best Value

Tech. Specs

  • Types: Single-Handed, Double-Handed, Switch
  • Weights: 3-10 weight
  • Action: Fast/Medium Fast
  • Pieces: 4


The Loop Q Fly Rod Series is Loop’s entry-level fly rod and it’s an excellent choice for anyone fishing on a budget or if you’re just starting your fly fishing career.

The Loop Q rod is lightweight, has a lovely feel from butt to tip in the cast, and comes in every action bar slow. The Loop Q rod is forgiving to cast while retaining excellent performance making it a great choice for learners and pros alike.

You’ll find the Loop Q in every weight and style for all freshwater applications and even some lighter saltwater ones too, maxing out at a 10wt.

Each Loop Q rod is made differently depending on which fly fishing situation it’s built for, whether it’s streamer fishing, dropping delicate dry flies on a gin-clear river, or throwing 60-feet of line across a lake.

If you’re looking for a Loop rod to start learning with or a great budget rod, the Loop Q is the one to go for.

  • Great quality at a competitive price point
  • Easy casting for beginners and pros with a forgiving feel and action
  • Versatile range of models for every casting type and fishing situation
  • Quality cork handle and aluminum reel seat
  • A range of actions from fast action to medium to match each fly rod model

Loop Evotec Cast Series

loop evotec cast

Available at:

Tech. Specs

  • Types: Single-Handed, Double-Handed, Switch
  • Weights: 3 – 10 weight
  • Lengths: 8’6 – 15 feet
  • Action: Fast/Medium Fast
  • Pieces: 4


The Loop Evotec Cast Series is one of Loop’s original fly rods and it’s all about consistent performance when pushing line all day long in freshwater.

The idea behind the rod’s design is to maximize efficiency while reducing fatigue so you can fish from dawn to dusk without taking a break while in search of that trophy fish.

These rods feature a medium-fast action, load with ease, and you can push a decent line with them too. You can feel the power transfer through the rods all the way to the tip giving you all the distance your need and the delicacy to present dry flies with the power to turn over big flies like streamers too.

The Evotec rods come in a range of options to suit all kinds of fly fishing from pike, and trout to Spey casting for salmon, and they are quite affordable too.

  • Excellent power for fighting fish with
  • Great energy transfer for a long-distance cast
  • Top performance and accuracy for immaculate fly presentation
  • A model to suit everything from nymphs to streamers, trout to pike and salmon
  • Good feel for efficient and accurate casting
  • Light, durable, and lovely to fish with

Who Is Loop?

who is loop

Loop is quite an amazing company that strives to protect the future of fly fishing while making amazing gear. They are based in Sweden, have been in the game for 40 years, own and manage their own salmon rivers, invest in conservation, and are always trying to do good for the sport. They are a great organization to support and follow.

Are Loop fly rods good?

Yes, they are great. Every product, from a large arbor reel to a fly rod Loop produces is designed by fly fishermen for fly fishermen and is rigorously tested by them too. They use the best materials to ensure the best performance on the water.

Where are Loop rods made?

All Loop fly rods are made in Korea, in the same factory as Hardy rods. Once made, they are sent to Sweden for testing before full-scale production and are then distributed globally out of Scotland.

Do Loop fly rods come with a lifetime warranty?

All of Loop’s rods come with a one-year unconditional warranty and a lifetime manufacturer defect warranty. This means that even if you slam your rod in the car door in the first year, you’ll get a new one which is pretty awesome. After that, if your rod should fail at all due to a defect, you’ll also get a new one.

Does Loop have a repair service?

If you break your rod and it’s not covered by warranty, Loop has a fantastic repair service that you can use. Once shipped back to them, they will fix your rod or replace the section and send it right back to you.

It doesn’t matter where you live, the service is global, so even if you spend your life running around the streams of Patagonia, you’ll still be able to get your rod fixed.

Which is the best fly fishing rod?

loop fly rods

Now that we know all about Loop’s rods, which ones are the best? The clear winner in my eyes, and the most expensive, is the Loop X. This rod is top-of-the-line and outperforms all the others in every category form casting to strength in the fight.

The next best is the Loop Q in my eyes. The Loop Q is amazing value and performs brilliantly making the Loop Q an ideal choice for anyone on a budget or a learner wanting to improve their skills for the future.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and now have the confidence to choose the right Loop rod for you. They’re all excellently made, so it’s hard to go wrong. Until next time, tight lines.

Sours: https://flyfisherpro.com/gear/rods/loop-fly-rod-reviews/

Loop 7X Fly Rod Review


Loop has shaken up the fly rod market with what may be the greatest innovation we’ve seen in the current century. The 7X rod series delivers a heptagonal blank design for performance like we’ve never seen. The 7X tracks beautifully with lightning-fast recovery speeds and laser tight loops. Top-end componentry makes the 7X incredible at shooting line and standing up to the elements. Structural support makes this rod one of the strongest on the market for increased durability and extreme power. If you’ve been waiting to purchase your next fly rod, wait no longer. This rod may be the biggest engineering feat we’ve ever seen from Loop.

Trident Fly Fishing is a full-service fly shop. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing reviews to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success.  We are not a blog or a review site. 100% of our funding comes from your gear purchases, so if this blog post helps you on your next fly fishing adventure, please support us by buying your gear from us.


Loop 7X 9' 5wt Fly Rod
Lamson Litespeed Fly Reel
Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Fly Line

Fit & Finish


Loop paid extra attention to the componentry on the 7X. After all, what's a revolutionary blank design worth if componentry limits performance? The 7X has Torzite-style titanium stripping guides and titanium snake guides that accommodate any fly line and stand up to years of wear-and-tear. The reel seat also carries the 7-sided design and is a combination of anodized aluminum and carbon fiber with a 7X logo for easy rod identification. High-quality cork forms a comfortable rod handle and a Grey/Black blank color keeps the 7X stealthy and stylish. Like all high-end fly rods, the 7X comes in an aluminum rod tube for protection during transportation and travel.


Not the lightest, not the heaviest... although the 7X feels really light in hand. The 5wt has a swing weight of 64.5 and a total rod weight of 3.00 oz. This isn't as light as rods like the Zephrus Ultralite but it's not necessarily a rod designed to be incredibly lightweight.


This isn't the best distance rod on the market. There are more powerful rods out there with ultra-fast actions that can accurately deliver a fly at 80 feet. That being said, the 7X wasn't designed as a distance rod. As we moved our casting distance back, we had to slow down our casting stroke to maximize performance past 50 feet. Once we did, the rod was accurate and powerful, especially for a medium-fast build.

The 5wt version of the 7X comes in two flex profiles (fast and medium-fast) but we didn't get to cast the two rods side-by-side. My guess is the fast action model encourages a faster casting stroke at longer distances and is more powerful than the medium-fast model. If you're a long-distance kind of angler, I'd go with the fast action model (again, only available in a 5wt).



The accuracy of the 7X is astonishing. In fact, this is the most accurate rod we've ever cast. Which is really saying something.

The heptagonal blank design allows the 7X to recover insanely fast to keep the angler in charge of directing the fly. We hit the target repeatedly at 30ft, 45ft, and 60ft and this rod is truly accurate when cast off of the tip at short distances or deeper into the rod at longer distances.

The quick tip recovery of the 7X is obvious and noticeable but it's not the only thing that makes this rod accurate. The heptagonal design allows energy to be more efficiently transferred from the hand of the angler to the fly line. Increased energy transfer means the angler doesn't have to work as hard to put the fly in the zone. It also means more power, more control, and never-before-seen accuracy.

Flex & Feel

We reviewed the medium-fast version of the 7X. The rod is a pretty true medium-fast and is soft enough for short-range accuracy but can be pushed for long-distance power.

We noticed right away how lightweight the 7X feels in hand. Which is weird because it's not the lightest fly rod we've ever cast. It's really well-balanced and comfortable in hand. And the rod's comfortable construction translates to smoothness during the casting stroke. This rod is really a pleasure to cast at all distances.

We found ourselves having to slow down our casting stroke at longer distances to take full advantage of the rod's powerful butt section and energy transfer capabilities. We were a little surprised by this because of the rod's power profile and tip-flex design. But after we slowed down a bit the 7X was buttery smooth at distance and flexed and recovered beautifully.


Loop One Year Unconditional Warranty, Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Outside the one year unconditional warranty, Loop charges a nominal service charge presently $60USD to replace parts.


The 7X retails for $950.


Wow, what a breakthrough. Loop has indeed changed the game forever. The heptagonal design of the 7X is more accurate than anything we've ever seen. Add top-notch componentry and two flex profiles and this rod is one of our favorites of all time. Whether you're chasing Bonefish on the flats, Trout on a tailwater, or Redfish in the southeast, this rod is going to help you catch more fish. It's as simple as that.

Watch Our Review


  • Lightning-fast recovery speeds
  • Improved energy transfer and rod tracking capabilities



Drop us a comment below, phone us at 888-413-5211 or email us any time at [email protected]

Sours: https://www.tridentflyfishing.com/blog/loop-7x-fly-rod-review/
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Loop Q Rod Review: A New Fly Rod Series w/ Incredible Feel

The Loop Q Fly Rod is an incredible piece of fly-casting technology at a price point you won't believe... but that's not the point of this review.This review is about taking the rod out in the field... from Montana to Mexico, and seeing how it plays out against a wide variety of fishy species while competing against the weather of all places.

Here's what we found.

January 1st 2017 - The Loop Q Debut in Wolf Creek, Montana

I made my first cast of the year with a Loop Q 4 wt.... and I caught my first trout of the year on a Loop Q 4 wt.

Review? So far, so good. It was smooth and perfect for midging with 5X tippet. Then I tried the 6 wt. A bit faster, the 6 was perfect in the nasty Montana wind. Caught fish on it too.

I liked them both. "How much are these rods selling for?" Was a question that floated around in the back of my mind after this initial test.


February 16th -  The Loop Q Goes Inner-city Carping

Calvin Fuller and I went down to the Missouri River on a windy winter afternoon to cast the 8 wt. Q. Calvin kept pulling more and more line off the spool and sending casts far into the river despite the wicked winter wind.

He looked at me and said, "How much are we selling this rod for?"

...Then he hooked a carp and things got really interesting.

March 7th - The Loop Q Tackles Tarpon in Mexico

A tarpon rolled at 90’. I looked at my guide. He shrugged his shoulders. I pulled off some more line and let it fly. The fly landed right where the fish had rolled. While the tarpon did not eat or was no longer there, my thought was this:

This Loop Q rod is really good. How can it be priced so low? I’d fish this stick any day.

For the next two hours, I took every shot I could as far away as I could. It was simply fun to launch line.

You can order your Loop Q rod from us online right here.

Eventually, I got a tarpon to eat. He was at 40’. That’s how it usually goes, but at least I got to feel him on the Q. No problem there either. I put the rod to him hard and the Q was up to the task.


What the Pros are saying about the Loop Q Fly Rod

I messaged Loop Pro, Eoin Fairgrieve, in Kelso, Scottish Borders to get his take on the Q.

"As you know, the single handed rods are all 9’ and cover a range of freshwater species from light trout to heavy predator fishing. The Q series rods offer excellent performance at a highly competitive price point."

I messaged Loop Pro, Stuart Foxall, in the U.K. and he said,

"To me, the Q stands for quality. It’s better than a lot of other rods far more expensive. In fact, the word among many of the Loop crew is that the rod was under-priced."

I messaged Loop CEO, Gordon Sim, in Iceland, and he simply said

"The Loop Q is too good."


It looks like we have a recurring theme here. A really good rod at a really good price. This is truly a high performance fly rod series. I believe the Loop Q rod is going to up the game for many anglers just getting into the sport.

The Q is a great option for anglers looking to fill a niche in their quiver without breaking the bank.

Looking for a Loop reel to match up with your rod? We reviewed the top Loop reel we carry, right here. Check it out. 

The Q is also an excellent choice for the traveling angler looking for a spare. In my case, I brought the Q along to try for baby tarpon and I ended up fishing it every day.

The Loop Q Single Hand Series

Each Loop Q rod was designed independently to work for its line class. The Q series rod profiles match their common range of use.

  • 9'0" #4 weight MEDIUM/MEDIUM FAST
  • 9'0" #5 MEDIUM FASTThe go to fly rod for the trout angler. The 5 weight excels at all forms of modern single hand fly casting to present dry flies, nymphs and streamers with ease.
  • 9'0" #6 MEDIUM FAST +
  • 9'0" #7 MEDIUM FAST/FAST
  • 9'0" #8 FAST
  • 9'0" #9 FAST
  • 9'0" #10 FAST

There are currently two Spey models in the Q series. A 13’2" 8 wt. that Stuart Foxall really likes and a 15’ 10 wt. for big water and large anadromous fish. I’m told that more models are in the works.


Why Loop Tackle Design?

Many fly fishing anglers are familiar with Loop, though the brand is still new to some. Loop was an early sponsor of some young fly fishing pioneers, as they traveled the world and brought us insights and entertainment through video and film tours.

Do you remember the Trout Bum Diaries?

Loop was founded in Sweden in 1978 with the goal of making fly fishing tackle better along with educating and bringing more people into the sport. Today, Loop has grown into a global brand with a passionate following.

Did you know that Loop designed the first large arbor reel in 1984? That was almost ten years before everyone else was building large arbor reels.

Check out our selection of loop rods, reels and gear online here.

Since the beginning, Loop has pushed forward with rod, fly line and gear design concepts that make fly fishing better. When you choose to purchase Loop tackle, you are joining a passionate worldwide fly fishing community... plus we can tell you from experience that their gear is truly top of the line.

A Final Word on the Loop Q Fly Rod

I believe the Q is going to be a great gateway rod for getting anglers into the Loop brand. If you have any questions about the rod, use the form below or reach out to us on Facebook.

We will work to get your questions answered within 24 hours.

Sours: https://flyshop.north40.com/blog/loop-q-fly-rod-review

Finding a fly rod with enough versatility to justify a new purchase is often difficult to attain given the vast array of rods available. The Loop Q series of fly rods possess the all-around qualities most anglers desire in their equipment, casting power, fish fighting finesse and a pleasant price point. Deciphering the admirable attributes out of most rods can be taxing and hard to accomplish. Most fly shops carry a minimal amount of fly rods on their shelves making it difficult to “test drive” enough variety. The Loop Q series of fly rods eliminates some of the task for you by presenting a very easy casting, smooth loading, friendly-tipped fly rod.

The Loop Q, 6 weight

Loop fly fishing has been around since the late 70s. A company based in Sweden the Loop label carries a hefty amount of respect in the fly fishing industry. Pioneers in large arbor reel design and innovators in rod construction, Loop fly fishing deserves the reputation they have acquired.

The best way to describe the Loop Q 6 weight fly rod is user friendly. The 6wt carries enough backbone to push large, heavy flies through the wind while laying down enough finesse to tame the smallest dry flies. Versatility in motion would be a good description too.

As a high quality package the Loop Q rod and paired up reel combine to make a pleasurable fishing outfit. Versatility, power, finesse great words to have in a rod review and they are all here and then some. The added convincement anglers may need to commit to the Loop Q can be found in our shop, Vail Valley Anglers, where the Loop Q rods have been chosen as our rental fly rods, a testament to their quality, performance and durability.

The Extras

The Loop Q series possesses a lot of little things usually found on rods at a higher price point. Alignment indicators are a small but significant addition when it comes down to rigging your rod for the day. The smooth, gray-steel color is very inconspicuous on the water with hardly any flash of reflected sunlight like you find on glossy models. A subtle but meaningful attribute when chasing spooky, highly pressured fish. The engraved reel seat has a wide foot gap allowing for a variety of reels to fit easily and securely. Included is a rod tube with individualized sleeves for each rod section, protecting the stripping guides and rod finish when traveling. These are but a handful of little things that the Loop Q is doing right.


The Loop Q is an ideal bass fishing rod for still waters too. With enough backbone strength towards the cork handle, the angler can feel the rod load under the strain of bushy, deer hair flies. Swinging Mouse flies along the bank under the full moon is easy with the Loop Q 6wt. The flexible tip provides enticing action to a variety of rodent patterns when swimming across the surface. The same fish attracting action provided by the tip of the rod can be employed to streamers fished below the surface too.

Remarkably enough the Loop Q in 6wt can present dry flies with a fair amount of precision. Smoothly presenting dry flies when the hatch appears and the fish begin to rise is an advantage this 6wt possesses giving added appeal to this rod. It is not often you can get away with a 6wt rod throwing dry flies on a trout stream but the Loop Q 6wt does the job. It is the efficient transfer of energy from handle to tip that gives this rod the admirable casting attributes anglers are seeking.

Fish Fighting

When fighting a fish the Loop Q 6wt helps turn the heads of large streamer eating brown trout that are taking the battle into the fast water. The friendly tip flexes to protect light tippets and to control bursting runs from any fish, a unique combination of strength and finesse that can only be felt when fighting a fish.

Whether looking for a rod to fill a gap in your arsenal or for a trip planned in the near future the Loop Q series of rods has a model designed for your casting style and chosen quarry that won’t break your bank. The versatility of the Loop Q 6wt rod is impressive with the ability to deliver nymphs efficiently, cast weighted streamers into the wind and softly push dry flies into bankside pockets.

Try One for Yourself

Stop into Vail Valley Anglers to test cast a Loop Q rod in our riverside casting area or check one out of our rental fleet for a day or a weekend to see if the Loop Q 6wt is a tool you need in your boat. Adaptable for streamers, nymphs and dries the 6wt is a rod many anglers will want for all around fishing or when traveling restricts you to only one rod the Loop Q can cover a lot of water and applications.


Like this:


Sours: https://blog.vailvalleyanglers.com/loop-q-fly-rod-review/

Review loop fly rod

Loop Q best inexpensive fly rod

#16 (tie)      Loop Q     9 foot #8        $229.00

Loop Q fly rod
Loop Q fly rod
Buy Now

George’s Notes:

We were delighted with the performance of this new rod from Loop, considering its crazy low price.  The Q is a medium fast action rod with a slightly softer tip than the Cross SW, and this helped give it more feel and accuracy in close.  But at longer distances the Cross SW and the better rods blew it away. 

The Q is a good-looking rod, with much better components than we expected to see in this price range.  Another thing that impressed me was its extremely light swing weight that matched some of the best rods.  This will be a very pleasant rod to cast and fish all day.

The blank itself is finished in a medium matte gray, with lighter gray wraps trimmed in red on the butt section.  Loop uses a full wells cork handle with contrasting cork rings at top and bottom.  The cork handle had more filler than I’d like to see – the quality of cork used was not nearly as good as on the Cross SX.  Its matte gray anodized double uplocking seat matches the color of the blank.  The rings were fairly large and pretty easy to grip.  The bottom ring has a thin nylon insert on the top, which helped give a positive lock up with a heavier reel.  A short fighting butt is used that has a wide composite cork on the end for comfort while fighting fish.  The guide set up is only one SiC stripping guide, followed up with large size hard chrome snake guides and an oversize tiptop.  This rod is designed by Loop in Sweden, but produced in Korea.

Performance at 35 feet:  19 points out of 20

The softer tip gave me pretty good feel and even better accuracy than with the Cross SW.  Shorter distances are the sweet spot for this rod.

Performance at 60 feet:  18.5 points out of 20

Decent, but not nearly as good as the Cross SW or the DXF.

Performance at 80 feet:  18.5 points out of 20

The lack of stiffness hurt at long range.  As good as the Aetos, but both the BVK and SKY were much better.

Performance at 100 feet:  18 points out of 20

The lack of guts and butt section power compared to the Cross SW made it difficult for me to hit the 100-foot mark.

11.   Loop Q   9’#8  4pc   $229

Loop Q
Loop Q
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James’ Notes:

The Loop Q was another pleasant surprise in our Shootout.  The Fenwick Aetos (at $189.95) now faces some real competition when it comes to the best inexpensive 8-weight.  I was really impressed with how this rod performed at 6o and 80 feet, especially considering the price.  If Loop gave us a nicer cork grip, I could see the Loop Q being competitive at the $350-450 price mark.   

Look out TFO, Redington, Mystic, and Fenwick – there is a new player in town!

1st impressions:  The quality of cork feels cheap compared to other cork handles.  Otherwise, amazing performance for the money.

Performance at 35 feet: 17.5 points out of 20

The rod feels light and the fast action feels just right! But I’m not getting the same accuracy and feel I got with the top rods.

Performance at 60 feet: 18.5 points out of 20

With a nice blend of power and feel, at 60 feet the Loop Q feels more and more like an expensive rod.  I was tempted to give this rod a 19+ score but the other rods were still a tad more accurate.

Performance at 80 feet: 18.5 points out of 20

The Q is much softer than the Loop Cross SW, so you’ll want to take your time and slow down your casting stroke. Punching it hard doesn’t work well. Just take it easy and let the rod do the work for you.

Performance at 100 feet: 18.5 points out of 20

Difficult, but doable.  As long as you have your timing right this rod won’t buckle, but if you punch it too quickly, expect tailing loops.

#20.  Loop Q    $229.00

Loop Q
Loop Q
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Logan’s Notes:

The Loop Q is a very nice 8-weight rod.  If it weren’t for the longer distance performance, the Q would have been one of my favorite rods in the Shootout.  If you are looking for an inexpensive streamer rod, the Q is a winner.  The Q has a nice soft tip, making it a pleasure to cast at 35 and 60 feet.  I also really like the cosmetics of the Q.  The cork isn’t the highest quality, but that’s about the only downside to the Q’s appearance. 

Performance at 35 feet: 19 out of 20

The Loop Q was a great rod at 35 feet.  It has a nice soft tip and was extremely accurate.

Performance at 60 feet: 18 out of 20

At 60 feet the Loop Q dropped a point.  My accuracy wasn’t very consistent with the Q at 60 feet.

Performance at 80 feet: 16.5 out of 20

This is where the Q really struggled.  If I needed to cast 80 feet there was no problem, but I sacrificed accuracy when I laid into it.

18.  Loop Q   56/60    $229.00

Loop Q fly rod
Loop Q fly rod
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JG’s Notes:

I thought the Q was a smoother casting rod than the Loop Cross SW.  Looking at the huge difference in price- over $600.00, the Q has a lot going for it.  The Q is not quite as stiff as the Cross SW, and little lighter in both overall and swing weights.  I did notice a lack of feel and accuracy and this is what cost this rod a better score.

Performance at 35 feet:  18.5

The Q wasn’t bad at short range.  I liked the flex and feel, but the accuracy was not as good as I had expected. The Q felt heavier in hand than some, which I would say, hurt my accuracy more than anything.

Performance at 60 feet:  19

I liked the Q the most at mid-range.  The accuracy improved and it still had good flex and feedback.

Performance at 80 feet:  18.5

80 ft. was about the max distance for this rod.  Accuracy dropped off too, but wasn’t terrible.  Being a little softer than some rods in the test probably hurt it most here.  There were many other rods like the BVK that were much better at long range.

Performance at 100 feet:

This was one of the rods that I just couldn’t get 100 ft. from.

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Loop Cross S1 Fly Rod - Product Review by Tony Spacey from Game Angling Consultancy

Loop Q Series fly rod review

Loop Q Series fly rod review
Loop Q Series fly rod review

Picture copyright © Fly and Lure

Loop Q Series fly rod review

LoopFly rods Estimated reading time 9 - 14 minutes

What is the Loop Q series fly rod?

The Loop Q Series is Loop's recently introduced entry-level fly rod range of single-handed and double-handed fly rods. Although they're priced well below most other rods in Loop's lineup, the Q series rods look great, feature well made and stylish fittings and cast really well for the money so represent great value.

The Q rods all have a four-piece design with a smooth dark matte grey blank which looks stylish and understated, without being too blingy. There are nice whippings which have outer bands of black, an inner section of grey and some accent stripes of red, which look really nice. Everything is very neatly put together.

The blank is black and has a matt finish.

What models are in the Q Series range?

The Q Series range includes seven single-handed rods and two double-handed rods. The single-handed rods are all 9' in length and range from a 4wt up to a 10wt, so cover a whole breadth of fly fishing applications. The double-handed rods include a 13'2" 8wt and a 15' 10wt to cover salmon and sea trout.

The 4wt is ideal for trout and grayling and is said to flex deeper into the blank during casting. The 5wt is aimed at fishing dries, nymphs and small streamers for trout, while the 6wt can handle larger flies. It's this model that's probably best suited to most stillwater trout fishing, I think.

The 7wt will chuck bigger flies for trout and can be used for single-handed salmon fishing, as well as sea trout, while the 8wt and 9wt rods have a faster action and are aimed at pike and other large species, such as muskie and bass.

Loop Q Series single-handed rods

ModelLengthLine weightActionWeight
LQR490-4MF9'4wtMedium to Medium Fast96g
LQR590-4MF9'5wtMedium to Medium Fast97g
LQR690-4MF9'6wtMedium Fast +97g
LQR790-4MF9'7wtMedium to Medium Fast116g

Loop Q Series double-handed rods

ModelLengthLine weightActionWeight
LQR8132-4MF13'2"8wtMedium Fast +272g
LQR8132-4MF15'10wtMedium Fast +329g
There are loads of rods in the Q range, including both single and double handed versions.

How do their weights compare to other rods?

As you'd expect from an entry level rod range with a lower price tag, the Q Series rods are slightly heavier in most sizes than the more expensive models in the lineup, but not significantly so. In some cases, they actually weigh in at less than the more expensive models. They're also substantially lighter than the last generation Loop Evotec which comprise most of my rod collection, which shows how much rod technology has moved on in recent years.

They also compare well weight-wise to similarly priced rods from competitors. In the smaller sizes, such as 4wt, 5wt and 6wt, there's only a gram or two of weight difference between the rods, so they're all pretty light. Similarly, there's very little weight difference between the 8wt and 9wt rods. Importantly, they feel light when being used, which is more important to most people than the weight number alone.

Line weightLoop QLoop Evotec CastLoop Cross S1Loop Evotec (last gen)

What are the actions like?

Each Loop Q rod is designed for a specific purpose, so the actions differ from rod to rod to allow them to perform well in their intended application. The actions range from medium to medium fast and fast. Much of how the rod feels, though, will at least partly depend on what line you match it to. The 6wt I've been using is described as medium fast and this description is spot on.

The medium fast label on the 6wt is a good reflection of the rod's feel.

How good is the cork handle?

The 4wt, 5wt and 6wt all use the usual reverse half wells handle common to this size of rod, while the larger 7wt, 8wt, 9wt and 10wt models use a full wells handle, which has a wider area at the front to give you extra grip when handling a heavier fly line.

The Loop Q Series rods are made from "AA" grade cork and have cork mix reinforcement bands in the key spots to help give a harder wearing grip. Cork is expensive stuff these days, so cheaper rods tend to have a bit more filler than the expensive ones, and the Loop Q is no different, really.

The cork quality is much the same as other rods at this price point, though obviously lower than on Loop's premium rods, like my Cross SX, as you would expect.

The cork handle is soft, comfortable and of decent quality for the rod's price.

What is the reel seat like?

The rods come with a round aluminium reel seat with a pale grey matt finish and the Q logo on each side. There are two locking rings with a rubber edge to provide a tight grip on your reel foot to keep things from working loose. It's quite a good looking real seat, I think, and goes well with the minimalist colour scheme of the rod.

The reel seat has a smart matt finish to it.

What are the rings like?

The exact rings provided differ according to the size of the rod, but the 6wt Q I have been testing come with a stainless steel hard chrome stripping guide on the second section and uses the usual chrome snake rings on the others. The larger Q Series rods in the 7-10 weight range use American Tackle titanium stripping guides. Whippings are pale grey with clear varnish.

The grey whippings are visible beneath the clear varnish used.

What are they like to use?

As with any rod, its feel and action can be hard to put into words. I've been using the Loop Q 6wt fly rod, which is said to have a medium fast action. It feels light in the hand and slightly crisp but the medium fast label is a true reflection of its action. It's not as fast as the Cross SX nor the Evotec, so those used to faster rods will need to slow their stroke down a fraction to get the best from the rod.

The Q is several hundred less expensive than the top of the range Loop rods, so as you would imagine, it's not quite in the same league. There's a little less feel in the tip and a bit more noise from the guides, for example, but it compares very well to other rods at the same sort of price point and is still a great piece of kit. It's two or three times less expensive than the other models, but it's not two or three times worse to cast or use.

It's a very capable rod. It's got a good amount of power in the blank and copes very well. When fishing on a day with 30-40mph gusts, I was able to cope without issues and get decent distance, even when double hauling my line straight into a headwind. It coped admirably with the conditions. You can feel what the line is doing so controlling your loop is easy and the rod worked well at all distances. I was impressed with how well it coped with distance casting too. Putting out a whole line and a rod length of backing was fairly effortless.

The Loop Q rod is provided in the Loop Q fly fishing kit along with the Loop Q fly reel.

How much do they cost?

Loop kindly lent me this one for review and it's not one I've bought myself, though I do own loads of Loop rods. It sells for £173 across all of the single-handed models, while the double-handed versions cost £273 to £304 depending on their size. Each one comes with a Cordura tube and cloth bag. I'd certainly consider one of these myself. You get a decent rod for the money and their casting ability belies their relatively low pricetag.

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oregonsteel said:

Exactly. A rod that is made in China/korea that is almost the cost of the highest price US made. You do know loop is made in China/korea, right? Korea I am sure. Go to castaway fly shop page, the spey rods go for
$740 - $1,050 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

That is MUCH MORE than what a custom made Meiser costs, or a sage z axis. Heck, it is about the same as the G loomis NRX which has the best warranty in the business.

Look at the reels. Their made in South Korea reels are $850, $995

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Yes, they are made in Korea, rods and reels. The reels have significant components made in Switzerland. In Korea, this is not a "shipped overseas" for manufacture. They own and operate the factory in Korea. I did my research.

So yes, they are made overseas. Yes they are not made in the USA. But neither is my Audi and I wouldn't trade it for a Ford or a Chevy.

I bought both of my rods under $400, which is $350 less than my Z-Axis and $300 less than my GLX. I bought a Loop Opti Creek reel that was $350 on sale. Definitely would not pay the $600 list for it... but it's the nicest reel I own, and I own Galvan, Lamson, Orvis.

Not sure why the hate or why I feel the need to defend a product I simply said I like and that if you're in the market, you should check out....



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