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Skunk Fu!is an Irish animated series featuring a young skunk (Skunk) who wants to learn martial arts. He is helped by his friends Rabbit, Fox, and Pig, who are — wait for it — a rabbit, a fox and a pig. Skunk also learns from a wise leader named Pandanote guess what he is. They defend their home valley from Dragon, who used to be good until he was punished by Heaven for his arrogance. He blamed the valley dwellers. Now trapped in his icy mountain lagoon, he plots to destroy the valley with the help of Baboon and his army of ninja monkeys only to be thwarted by Skunk and his friends every time.

The series lasted from September 22, 2007 to September 29, 2008, with 26 episodes in a single season. The series was created by Cartoon Saloon and aired in the United States on The CW Saturday morning block before moving to Cartoon Network in May 2008; unfortunately, it got Screwed by the Network and has not been seen on American television since March 2009.

Tropes used:

  • Badass Boast: Rabbit manages one when Baboon asks the classic "You and what army?" Rabbit's response? He flexes one arm, then the other, saying, "This army over here, and this army over here.
  • Because Destiny Says So: Skunk is destined to defeat Dragon.
  • Bee Afraid: The Killer Bees. Though they are a confusing version of this trope given how they'll attack anyone (good or evil) that provoke them but in some episodes they will help alongside the Valley Animals to fight the Ninja Monkeys.
  • Buffy Speak: In "The Art of the Crush":

    Rabbit: Dragon has a dangerous... kinda... weapon— thingy.
    Skunk:(gasp) A dangerous-kinda weapon thingy? Oh no!

  • Butt-Monkey: A lot of the characters fall victim to this:
    • Rabbit is probably the most prime example. Though most of the time he brings it upon himself due to his large ego and arrogant behaviour.
    • Skunk also gets moments like this. Half of the time its his own fault (like in "The Art of Being Lazy") while other times its for others' gain, namely Rabbit (like in "The Art of the Stink").
    • Baboon and his Ninja Monkeys are a literal example, to the point where they come off as harmless villains.
  • The Chosen One: Skunk was given to Panda when he asked for help defeating Dragon.
  • Camp Straight: Baboon; despite his sometimes effeminate actions, he obviously has a crush on Fox.
  • Cool Big Sister: Fox to Skunk. She was taken in by Panda when her father was killed, and seems to view Skunk as a little brother.
  • Cowardly Lion: Tiger.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Pig becomes "Master Pig", thanks to Rabbit's "octopus arm" weapon (a plunger attached to a rope, which Pig excels in using).
    • Pig going nuts over truffles. It's amazing how much ass he can kick for the things.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: How the series begins. Heaven sends a drought to the valley and Dragon solves it with his power of water, but Heaven ends up punishing him for it, even though he believed he was doing good.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": The entire cast.
  • The Dragon: Baboon. Ironically, his Big Bad is a Dragon by the name of... you know darn well what.
  • Expy: Skunk can be considered this in comparison to Po from Kung Fu Panda and Goku from Early Dragon Ball.
  • Fallen Hero: A rather tragic case of it. Dragon used to be a heroic guardian of the valley, but after failing a test from Heaven, he was punished. This caused him to turn into the monster he is today.
  • Fartillery: Skunk, natch. Though unlike many examples, he can only use it when scared or embarrassed and has no real control over it otherwise.
  • Foxy Vixen: Fox is notable for having a far more feminine, curvaceous physique than the other female characters. It's no surprise that at least two of the guys in the series have a huge crush on her.
  • Get Out!: Dragon screams "AWAY WITH YOU!" to Baboon after chiding him for being easily beaten by Skunk in "The Art of the Nose Blow".
  • Great Offscreen War: The Great and Spectacular Super-Battle happening in "The Art of Being Lazy".
  • Humanoid Female Animal: Fox has a physique that's much more curvy and humanoid than most of the other animals.
  • The Messiah: Skunk, being a gift from heaven to save the world, could be interpreted as that world's version of Jesus. If Jesus was an ordinary kid who wasn't wise, and preferred goofing off and having fun, and just being a kid.
  • Misplaced Wildlife: Skunks in real life live in burrows or dens, but this Skunk lives in a tree for some reason. Skunk does actually ask Panda if he can move into a burrow upon seeing Rabbit's, but Panda insists he's not ready for one.
  • Mooks: Baboon's army of ninja monkeys.
  • Never My Fault: Dragon's reason for his scarring and him blaming it on the Valley Animals and wishing to destroy the Valley in general. However, given what his punishment was, it can be mildly justified.
  • Ninja: Ninja monkeys, of course!
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed:
  • No Ending: Although Skunk was built up to be destined to defeat Dragon someday, the series ended its run and no resolution became of Skunk's destiny. There have been rumors early after the series's completion that a movie was in the works to properly conclude the series, but after many years of no new info, it is most likely assumed that the idea was canned.
  • Paper Fan of Doom: Fox. Also, the other girls and Skunk, as part of the Art of the Fan-Fan.
  • "Rashomon"-Style: "The Art of Remembering" has Rabbit, Skunk, and Fox all telling Duck how Panda was kidnapped by Baboon, with Panda later telling Duck the truth. Each of the first three's tales have a unique visual style.
    • Rabbit's story is Deliberately Monochrome (Limited Palette, with the red sky) and tells how the three of them were escorting Panda to negotiate a truce with Baboon. It also has Rabbit with a huge straw hat and wielding a sword (a Shout-Out to Usagi Yojimbo perhaps?), and it's always raining.
    • Fox's story looks like oriental scroll drawings, having Fox a beautiful ninja and involving Panda and the Silver Sword, useable by Only the Pure of Heart, being stolen. Although they win the sword back from Baboon in basically a round of DanceDanceRevolution, Baboon escapes with Panda.
    • Skunk's story is an 8-bit video game where Panda is captured by a lure of food, along with each of the three of them after parodies of famous video games, including Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros..
    • Panda reveals the truth: they were on a nature hike when Panda starting talking enthusiastically about bamboo, causing the others to fall asleep and dream up their individual stories.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Rabbit's love poem to Fox in "The Art of the Crush".
  • Say My Name: In "The Art of the Nose Blow", Baboon screams Skunk's name when he hears the rumor that Skunk beat him up.
  • Shaped Like Itself: One episode was titled "The Art of Art".
  • Ship Tease: While he denies it, Rabbit has a huge crush on Fox, which is much demonstrated in "The Art of the Crush". The feeling seems to be mutual.

    Skunk: Rabbit likes Fox! Rabbit likes Fox!

  • Shout-Out: In "The Art of the Stink", Rabbit, Pig, Ox and Bird form The Stink-Team.
  • Smelly Skunk: Surprisingly, this is zig-zagged. While the titular character, Skunk, is able to skunk, he has admitted that he's not able to do so on cue. He usually sprays when he's startled or embarrassed, although it's averted in a handful of episodes. He has also admitted that he usually feels embarrassed when he skunks.
  • Species Surname: Species Full Name, actually.
  • Stylistic Suck: One episode had Skunk create statues of... dubious quality, but whenever he'd get into a fight with the Ninja Monkeys they'd be damaged and turned into masterpieces. Near the end, the Monkeys capture one statue and give it to Baboon, who invokes this trope and likes it because it looks abstract.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Poor Dragon has to rely on the incompetent Baboon and his dimwitted Ninja Monkeys to do his bidding.
  • "Take That!" Kiss: Invoked and Defied at the beginning of "The Art of The Crush" where Fox defeats Skunk in a sparring session and pins him to the ground, he fears that she's going to do this to him but she denies it and tells him to relax.
  • Those Two Guys: Ox and Bird.




Panda's student


To help Skunk and others to protect the valley

Type of Hero

Martial Artist

Fox is a major character of the Skunk Fufranchise. She is a female, Chinese red fox who is the source of many crushes from the boys in the series. She is the main and beautiful female character of Skunk Fu!and a graceful, respected warrior of the Valley.

She is voiced by Patricia Rodriguez.


According to the official site, Fox is the daughter of a male fox never mentioned in the series. Her father is said to have been the soul casualty of Dragon's rampage/war. Fox wants to be a great warrior like him in order to regain her family honor. She has lived most of her life as an orphan reared by Panda and Duck, which is why she is very sympathetic towards Skunk and treats him like a brother. She is roughly around 18 to 19 years old.



Of all the Valley inhabitants, she is perhaps the one that cares most about him. Fox acts as an older sister figure (and at times, crush) to Skunk, and in return, she loves Skunk like a little brother. Whenever Panda is unavailable, she will often act as his mentor. In addition to being a sister figure to Skunk, she can also be considered a maternal figure to him as well, often being protective of him against potential threats, or defending him if Rabbit insults him.


Fox (Skunk Fu)
Fox and Skunk
Fox and Skunk2


  • She is one of the most favored characters in the Skunk Fu! fan base.
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Version 1
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Voiced By

Patricia Rodgeniz

Foxis a Chinese green-eyed red fox (a vixen) who is respected warrior of the Valley, a beloved student of Panda, and the source of many crushes. She is the heroine Skunk Fu!. She is one of the most popular characters in the fan base.



According the official site, Fox is the daughter of a male fox never mentioned in the series. Her father is said to have been the soul casualty of Dragon's rampage/war. Fox wants to be a great warrior like him in order to regain her family honor. She has lived most of her life as an orphan reared by Panda and Duck, which is why she is very sympathetic towards Skunk and treats him like a brother. She is roughly around 18 to 19 years old.


Fox is a very good-natured maternal character and one of Panda's greatest warriors. She is usually patient and wise, but she does have a strong tough side underneath her exterior which drives Rabbit wild leaving him madly in love. She is a very attractive person indeed and will usually use her looks to get the better of enemies like Baboon. She is a talented Fan-Fan warrior and has a very swift kung fu style able to defeat easily Skunk or Rabbit on sparring . This is much like the Korean art of Tai kwon do that consists of a lot of jumping and high kicks with the occasional punch. She also has a bit of a hot temper.


Rabbithas a crush on Fox, though it is unknown if she returns these feelings for him. When the Ninja Monkeys steal a drawing from rabbits burrow that is a picture of fox which makes him the laughing stock of the monkeys. Fox doesn't know if rabbit drew it or not. According to the official Skunk Fu! website, Fox secretly likes him.

Baboon also has a crush on Fox, but she isn't interested in him at all. Some fans even dictate that Skunk likes her. But the official site says that he and her follow more or less of a brother to sister relationship. She probably likes Rabbit back as shown in the art of the crush where there relationship is mostly shown and in the art of lightning where she addresses him as handsome and kisses him.

Skunk-Fox usually gives Skunk advice whenever he has trouble with something. At the "the art of the crush" she taunts him a couple of times and kisses him. but on some episodes they worked together (and sometimes with someone else). Skunk views her as a sister figure. Like Rabbit, he secretly like her, though it is unknown if he happens to have an awkward feelings for her.



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Fox skunk fu

Skunk Fu!

Irish-British animated television series

Skunk Fu! is an animated television series featuring the fables of anthropomorphic animals protecting their valley using martial arts. The show chronicles the adventures of young Skunk, training with his Kung Fu master, Panda, with the support of Rabbit, Fox, Turtle, and others, who directly, or inadvertently, also help Skunk grow.[1] The show won the IFTA award for "Best Animation".[2] In addition to an English soundtrack, Irish-language,[3] French-language, Japanese-language, and Dutch-language soundtracks were initially produced.


Skunk and the other valley animals led by Panda thwart Dragon's efforts to overtake their valley with Baboon and the Ninja Monkeys from their lair in the Mountains. Historically Dragon and Panda were friends, but since Dragon was punished by Heaven for his arrogance, he perceives the valley residents as the reason for his downfall (displacing the responsibility of his own actions) and seeks to destroy them. Panda sees Skunk as crucial to saving the valley and endeavors to teach Skunk who often tries to circumvent laborious Kung Fu training, only to learn the value of the initial lesson from the consequences of his actions with Skunk ultimately saving the day, usually by himself or with the help of his friends.


  • Skunk (voiced by Jules de Jongh) – The main character of the series. Skunk is the youngest of the Valley dwellers and wants to be a Kung Fu master, but he has to learn his Kung Fu moves with Panda first. Skunk can sometimes be lazy and impatient. However, when he puts his mind to it Skunk can accomplish a lot going through a lot to achieve the goal he is set. Skunk is very trusting of his friends, even Rabbit who doesn't always treat Skunk with respect. Rather than concentrating on his lessons Skunk tries to find the "easy way out". However, these plans usually backfire forcing Skunk to figure a way out of his problem and learning the lesson he was initially trying to avoid. Despite being lazy and sometimes mischievous, Skunk is an overall good individual who cares about his friends and usually tries to do the right thing. He also has a unique defense mechanism in which he sprays a green and smelly gas, unlike an actual skunk which sprays a stinky amber-colored liquid. This usually happens when he is embarrassed, scared, or suddenly surprised. Though it is effective Skunk himself is greatly embarrassed by this power. He has also stated that he's incapable of doing it at will unlike real skunks; though this is contradicted in later episodes, such as when he purposely sprays a monkey (pretending to be a skunk) in the face, believing that a fellow skunk would be immune to the stench of his spray. Sometimes Skunk goes on missions that don't need him, which causes disaster. He usually calls himself "Princess Prettyhead herself" when he is bigger than his enemies or when on a large contraption. He was given to Panda by Heaven when Panda asked for help against Dragon, hinting he has a larger destiny than he's aware of. He also seems to be the only one aware of Rabbit's crush on Fox.
  • Rabbit (voiced by Paul Tylak) – A violent, ill-tempered, egotistical, smart-aleck hare (despite his name) who is always on the lookout for conflict. He has a major crush on Fox but will go great lengths to hide this. Sometimes Rabbit has dreams of her. He calls his fist Mr. Fisty and he considers himself the strongest animal in the Valley. He sometimes fights with Panda about it. He also desires to become the leader so he can fight Dragon right away instead of waiting like Panda orders. He creates plans to attack the ninja monkeys, but they always backfire. He has a soft spot for Skunk, calling him "squirt". He also enjoys picking on Skunk and often takes advantage of him, but he cares and loves him as a friend. He even taught Skunk the art of attitude, which Panda said was an art Skunk was not ready for.
  • Dragon (voiced by Rod Goodall) – The main antagonist of the series. Many years ago, Heaven made Dragon a Guardian Animal to protect the animals of the Valley. In order to keep his natural Fire in balance, Heaven gave Dragon the power over Water. Back then, Dragon was kind-hearted and was a great friend of Panda's. To test Dragon's loyalty, Heaven sent a drought to the Valley. Dragon asked Heaven if he could use his power over Water to end the drought, but Heaven remained silent. Despite Panda's warnings, Dragon (believing there could be no harm in using his powers to help) went ahead and used his Water powers anyway. As punishment for his impulsive actions and apparent disobedience (both referred to in the opening as his "arrogance"), Heaven stripped Dragon of his ability to fly and made his once beautiful golden scales turn dark and blackened. Horrified by his punishment, Dragon swore revenge. Flying into a great rage, he chased the animals from the mountaintop with his Fire. During his rampage, however, Dragon burnt the mysterious Lotus Flower, a blossom that somehow connected Heaven and Earth. With this act, Dragon lost his powers over Water, the only thing that was keeping his Fire in check. As a result, Dragon was severely burned and had to retreat into the freezing waters of a subterranean lake in Lung Mountain to soothe his burns. Now he must constantly be immersed in water or his Fire will reach unbearable levels. Twisted and embittered by pain and seemingly doomed to stay forever in the icy lake, Dragon plans his revenge against those whom he believes are the cause of his predicament. In his evil, bitter mind, Dragon blames the animals of the Valley for his fate and devotes much of his energies to destroying them, dispatching his second-in-command, Baboon to carry out his plans. Despite his hatred for all of the Animals, Dragon seems to respect Panda for his intelligence and Kung Fu abilities and possibly still for the friendship they once had. In addition to his Fire, he has knowledge of many powerful spells.
  • Panda (voiced by Paul Tylak) – Panda is the very wise 80-year-old leader of the Valley who spends his time training Skunk in the various arts. He was Dragon's best friend before Dragon was punished by Heaven and became evil. When he asked Heaven for help, Skunk came down and the Panda raised Skunk in the way of Kung Fu. He and Dragon still respect each other despite Dragon having turned evil.
  • Baboon (voiced by Paul McLoone) – The secondary villain of the entire series, Baboon is also the head of Dragon's Ninja Monkey army and is also the one usually dispatched to carry out most of Dragon's own plots. Baboon is very dominant over the Ninja Monkeys and often mistreats them to the point of physical abuse. Baboon has even used some of the Ninja Monkeys as punching bags or guinea pigs. However, despite mistreating the Ninja Monkeys, Baboon has sometimes expressed concern for them, implying that he cares for their well-being at times although this is very rarely shown. Baboon is mostly something of a lackey to Dragon with Baboon harboring both a strong sense of loyalty and fear to Dragon. Baboon is also an easily angered and very intimidating figure who is in love with Fox but she does not feel the same way, although she is in fact more than willing to use Baboon's crush against him. He speaks in a Cockney accent. Although he attempts to beat Skunk, Baboon's own stupidity and that of the Ninja Monkeys often results in both sides being regularly defeated with Baboon regularly incurring Dragon's wrath which often sees Baboon getting burnt by Dragon's flames. Despite that, Baboon is more than capable of holding his own in battle and has proven that he is a dangerous enemy to the Valley. His catchphrase is "Wasabi!" which he usually says mere seconds before he's defeated in battle.
  • NinjaMonkeys (voiced by Tony Acworth) – Dragon's soldiers, who are usually dim-witted and ineffectual. There is a potion that can make Ninja Monkeys become invisible, but only someone with the No-Mind skill can see them. Panda says the Ninja Monkeys are funny to watch, which is often true. Ninja Monkeys, though well-trained, are easily defeated. What they make up for lack of skill, they make up for with numbers and a large group of them could even take down Panda. Even though they are usually shorter than most of the Valley dwellers, they were shown to be the same height as Fox in "The Art of Hospitality". Baboon commands the Ninja Monkeys and can even understand what they're saying with Baboon even acting as a translator as well.
  • Fox (voiced by Patricia Rodriguez) – An effective, graceful fighter, Fox is the leading lady of the story and the only dog family member in the Valley resistance. Like an older sister to Skunk, she helps him with her sound advice and is very level-headed. She loves Skunk like a little brother and is often protective of him, like getting mad at Rabbit and repeatedly smacking him behind the forehead when he made fun of the young skunk while he was playing with ants in "The Art of Small Victories". Beneath her demure exterior, she has a hot temper and a warrior's spirit which drive Rabbit wild. Although it's unclear whether Fox is annoyed or flattered by Rabbit's affections, she is attracted to Rabbit, although she does consider him too much of a pest. Like Rabbit, she also gives Skunk pet names like "squirt", "little man", or simply "kid". She often uses her allure to escape enemies (especially Baboon). She also mastered the art of Fan-Fan and did the four winds attack with Crane, Duck, and Skunk.
  • Pig (voiced by Tony Acworth) – Despite his name, Pig is in fact a wild boar. Pig is a simple-minded character who spends all of his time bathing in mud and often presented as stupid and lacking much memory. While he rarely helps in battle, he assists in the battle against Dragon in other ways, such as eating all of the truffles during the Year of the Pig so that Dragon can't use them for a lotion to temporarily break free from his icy prison for, according to Panda, two or three weeks. While Pig is a mostly likable character, he is easily influenced by Rabbit to mirror his thoughts. However, he is shown to be a great warrior such as when he was convinced he was a Ninja Monkey. He was easily able to defeat Skunk, Rabbit, and Mantis at the same time. Pig wishes to be treated like a grown pig.
  • Ox and Bird (voiced by Tony Acworth) – Bird is the brains of the duo. They both like nothing better than to relax and accept the fact that they are "nobodies". Ox once was considered a huge hero since he could perform the art of "No Mind" allowing him to see invisible Ninja Monkeys. Ox can understand and speak Ninja Monkey while Bird often considers himself to be great.
  • Dr. Turtle (voiced by Tony Acworth) – A wise old Kung Fu master. Turtle is the physician of the Valley and helps to teach Skunk. Dr. Turtle is always happy to help Panda and Tiger. He also is a talented kite-flier and performs a kite display every New Year.
  • Ms. Duck (voiced by Jules de Jongh) – A wise old bird with a few moves up her feathers. Like Panda, she knows the back story of Dragon. She also is gifted at making food and Dim sum Fu. She seems to have a horrible singing voice. Duck, Fox, and Crane taught Skunk how fans can be used in battle.
  • Tiger (voiced by Rod Goodall) – An old friend of Panda's. Tiger claims to be a great warrior and once fought Dragon. Since that apparently disastrous battle, he has been a tremendous coward, though he fights ferociously if he is angered. He appears to be a WhiteSouth China tiger.
  • Frog (voiced by Tony Acworth) – The master of jumping. Frog appears to be a silly character who likes making people laugh. In "The Art of Giggling", he even helps Skunk conquer a case of the giggles by forcing the young warrior to play leapfrog every time he chuckled.
  • Snake (voiced by Paul Tylak) – Snake enjoys inflicting pain (especially on ninja monkeys). He is the Valley spy. Although Snake speaks in an Australian accent, cobras are not indigenous to that continent though he could be another species of snake.
  • Killer Bees (voiced by Tony Acworth) – A full nest of bees who tend to be extremely short-tempered and will attack anyone regardless of whether they are friend or foe. They talk in a "hip-hop" style of dialog. Working together, they can form into different shapes such as nunchucks.
  • Crane (voiced by Jules de Jongh) – The general town gossip. Crane is often used for aerial missions and was part of the Fan-Fan Quartet with Fox, Duck, and the newly anointed Skunk.
  • Mantis (voiced by Tony Acworth) – The valley's lookout bug. When he speaks, he makes brief pauses every few words (a nod to actor Christopher Walken). He seems to be a masochist constantly looking to put himself in harm's way in hopes of a tragic outcome. He even expresses disappointment when a battle is going favorably. Despite his desire to see himself harmed, he is noted to put up an honest fight. Though much to his delight, he often just ends up being squashed and left aside.
  • Mr. Fish (voiced by Tony Acworth)- He's the underwater head honcho and has feelings for Ms. Duck, asking Skunk to make him a statue of her. He teaches Skunk the "Art of No Lung Fu" (underwater fighting) and carries a fishbowl whenever he needs to travel out of water.
  • Blinky the Firefly – In "The Art of Responsibility", Blinky was Skunk's friend and his pet in the past, though the fireflies view it as Skunk being his pet. He cannot talk, like mature fireflies, so he communicates with a series of beeps, which Skunk used to his advantage in games. He helped end the Ninja Monkeys' night raids by lighting up the Valley as a defense. He made cameo appearances in later episodes.


Home media[edit]

In region one from 23 November 2008 to 12 May 2009, NCircle Entertainment have released only three DVD volumes for the series, totaling eighteen segment-episodes.

Title Episode count Release date
Region 1
The Art of Rivalry6 23 November 2008
Contained "The Art of Rivalry", "The Art of Tunneling", "The Art of Turtle Watching", "The Art of Being a Pebble", "The Art of Influence" and "The Art of Strategy".
The Art of Monkey Launching6 23 December 2008
Contained "The Art of Monkey Launching", "The Art of Revenge", "The Art of Patience", "The Art of Initiation", "The Art of Art" and "The Art of Sneaking".
The Art of Kung Fruit6 12 May 2009
Contained "The Art of Kung Fruit", "The Art of Responsibility", "The Art of Stealing", "The Art of Dim Sum Fu", "The Art of Wushu" and "The Art of the Tea Ceremony".

Broadcast and production[edit]

Skunk Fu! was produced by Cartoon Saloon and premiered in May 2007 on ABC Australia.[4] The series was broadcast in Ireland and the United Kingdom on 9 July 2007.[4]Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah performed the theme song.

The series was shown on ABC Rollercoaster in Australia and BBC and S4C in the UK (under the Welsh title, Drewgi). TG4 broadcast Skunk Fu! in Irish.[5] The series made its U.S. debut on 22 September 2007 on the Kids' WB! block on The CW and had reruns on Cartoon Network.[6] The series aired on YTV in Canada and ANN in Japan.

Reported feature film[edit]

It was reported that Cartoon Saloon was working on a feature film based on the show after the Irish Film Board supported increase in production of Irish programming.[7]

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Skunk Fu! - The Art Of The Crush

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