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How to choose a Schwinn adult tricycle

By Courtney Love


Oct 08, at AM

Schwinn made history in when cyclist Major Taylor rode one of their bikes and became the first African-American cycling pro to be named a world champion.

What is the best Schwinn adult tricycle?

If you’re in the mood for a low-key activity outside of walking or are just trying to pick up a new hobby, you might want to consider getting an adult tricycle. While tricycles conjure up images of kids learning to ride a bicycle, there are actually some adult-sized versions that are surprisingly comfortable and fun to ride.

Since they can be a bit of an investment, it’s always best to go with a trusted brand that manufactures durable and long-lasting bikes. And when it comes to adult tricycles, the Schwinn brand, founded in , is just that. Schwinn’s sturdy adult tricycles give riders plenty of stability and come with cargo baskets, making them ideal for a trip to the store or farmers’ market.

What to look for in a Schwinn adult tricycle 

While there is currently only one Schwinn adult tricycle on the market, named the Schwinn Meridian, you can get it in three different speeds (1, 3 and 7), two different wheel sizes and nine different colors. Made with quality in mind, whichever option you decide on, rest assured you’ll be cruising in style and safety.

When it comes to speeds, it’s not about how fast a tricycle can go, but about how many settings and gears the trike offers to help you tackle the easiest of flat routes to those with tougher terrains. The more speed settings you have, the more uphill and downhill terrains you can conquer.

To decide which speed option is best for you, think about the terrain you’re going to be riding and what you might need. If you know you’ll be going uphill, downhill, through mud or difficult terrain, opt for a 7-speed. If you’re just going to and from the grocery store on a flat piece of land, a 1-speed is sufficient.

Since there are only two different wheel sizes, it’s easy to decide which one is best for you. The inch wheel is best for adults or anyone 5-foot-4 to 6-foot-2, whereas the inch wheel is best for children between the ages of

Touted as America’s favorite full-size tricycle, the Schwinn Meridian cargo trike is made with an aluminum frame. The low frame makes it easy to mount, while the swept-back handlebars give it a stylish look with a relaxed and comfortable grip. The adjustable springer seat also ensures you stay comfy throughout the entire ride.

The Schwinn Meridian comes with a large rear-folding basket to help you lug around that haul of groceries or even a picnic basket for a trip to the park. Just note that the trike's basket is not suitable for carrying pets, kids or other passengers.

The best Schwinn Meridian adult tricycles 

Schwinn Meridian One-Speed Adult Tricycle: available at Amazon
Our take: It's easy to ride in confidence and style with this tricycle. Not only does the stylish design give you a classic but fashionable edge, its low frame also offers the right stability to help you mount, dismount and ride with ease.

What we like: Thanks to the inch tires, you can enjoy a smooth ride. This single-speed trike is perfect for those who just want a leisurely ride for fresh air, preferably on flat terrain. This tricycle is the easiest to ride as you don't have to think about switching gears.

What we don't like: The larger frame can often feel heavy, making it a little difficult to transport in your car without disassembling it first.

Schwinn Meridian Deluxe Three-Speed Adult Tricycle: available at Amazon
Our take: The three-speed Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle is a great upgrade to the one-speed. You'll look stylish and be able to ride comfortably in this slightly upgraded model.

What we like: The classic Schwinn Meridian gets a little bit of a facelift with this three-speed tricycle. Features include an extra-large elastomer saddle and oversized Schwinn cruiser seat-grip that offer you the ultimate comfort on your cruise. With this three-speed tricycle, you can be a bit more aggressive on your ride — whether you're weaving in and out of traffic or cruising safely downhills. You'll be able to accelerate and tackle uphill terrain with more vigor and speed when compared to the one-speed.

What we don't like: The tricycle does require some assembly before you can use it, so if you're not a DIY kind of person you may want to ask a friend to help you put it together.

Schwinn Meridian Seven-Speed Adult Tricycle: available at Amazon
Our take: For those pros who are always on the go, especially if you're unsure of what type of terrain your tricycle might encounter, the seven-speed Schwinn Meridian is the most versatile option.

What we like: The seven-speed Schwinn Meridian features a front linear pull-brake and rear expander brake to keep you safe even on your fastest rides. Get even more speed and gears with this tricycle and traverse any kind of terrain, no matter how rocky or bumpy. You can go fast, cruise downhill or climb up them while feeling at ease and comfortable, no matter your setting.

What we don't like: Just like the one-speed and three-speed versions, this tricycle is a little heavier than most so you may need to exert a bit more energy when cruising down the streets.

Courtney Love is a writer for BestReviews. BestReviews is a product review company with a singular mission: to help simplify your purchasing decisions and save you time and money.

BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. BestReviews and its newspaper partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

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I chose Volante in the price category because of the awesome components

The Firefox Volante’s frame is very lightweight and the components are awesome with 27 gears and easy & quick shifters.

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Never had a breakdown since I bought Firefox Bike

My experience with Nuke has been really rewarding. Since I have bought this bike, I have never had a breakdown. Nuke has contributed in making me fitter and more fun.

Amroj Sandhu

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The pedal mode helps me exercise and the battery throttle mode helps me commute quickly without getting exhausted

It is great bike for fitness and commute. It has zero emission which doesn’t hamper the environment and saves the money you spend on fuel.


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My Experience with Firefox Mountrail has been wonderful

It has beautiful components with very smooth gear shifting, lightweight frame and the KENDA tyres are too good on off-roads. The overall experience has been too good.

Harcharan Singh

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Firefox has the best components at best price

Firefox Stravaro is a beauty. It has a very aggressive geometry and has helped in excel in every competition I have participated in.


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Tarmak Geometry and design is the best

Shimano SORA Shifters gives quick response. It has the best geometry and design. The internal cabling increases the life of cables.


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Shimano Certified Technicians

Firefox Bikes Technicians are well-trained and Shimano certified.

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Firefox Bikes has a pan India network, so no matter where you are, you can purchase a bike or get it serviced.

First Bike Service is on us

When you buy a Firefox bike, your first service is on us which you can avail within the first 3 months of purchase.

Firefox Opens Grand Store in Delhi

Jan 31,

Firefox Opens Grand Store in Delhi

Where there’s an enthusiastic rider, there’s a Firefox Bike! Not once have we budged from this in all these years. But this time, we at Firefox Bikes took it a few steps ahead. While staying true to our motto – ‘a bike for every rider and every terrain’, we brought cycling to Pitampura, Delhi, with the FIREFOX BIKE STATION in January

EverydayAbility campaign

Oct 07,

Firefox Opens 3 New Stores in September

In keeping with our motto of ‘a bike for every rider and every terrain,' Firefox Cycles has opened three new stores in New Delhi, Noida, and Mathura in September.

EverydayAbility campaign

May 26,

Firefox Bikes Rekindles #EverydayAbility Campaign To Showcase The Potential Of PWDs

Firefox Bikes organized a wall-climbing activity at Arun Samant Climbing Wall in Goregaon, Mumbai.

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November is a busy month: Feast on Thanksgiving, head to the big-box stores on Black Friday and the local shops on Small Business Saturday, then click away on Cyber Monday. But don’t forget to donate on Giving Tuesday (November 30)! An occasion designed to encourage generosity, Giving Tuesday ( calls on people to kick off the holiday season by making monetary donations to worthy causes of their choice. In honor of its 10th year, here’s a list of 10 great Chicagoland nonprofits to consider donating to, including three with novel volunteer programs. The changing landscape of the COVID pandemic means end-of-year needs and fundraising specifics (like everything else) are subject to change — but all of these organizations could use your help. Visit their websites to donate.

Volunteers working in a food bank


Thinking outside the instant-mashed-potatoes box is how Care for Real (on the North Side) and Market Box (on the South) help reduce food insecurity for many Chicagoans. A mutual aid organization in Woodlawn, Market Box has delivered 8, bags of groceries to South Side kitchens since starting in April  — including fresh produce from the region’s small and midsize farms, thereby bolstering Midwestern businesses.

Edgewater-based Care for Real, founded 50 years ago by a rabbi and a reverend, has met record demand during the pandemic. In addition to distributing food and in-season clothing six days a week, it helps needy families keep their dogs and cats with its pet pantry, which supplies food, treats, and litter. In lieu of (or possibly in addition to) its annual holiday toy drive, Care for Real plans to distribute Target gift cards this year.,



An arts agency devoted to social justice, Collaboraction tours all over the city, particularly in underserved neighborhoods. For Peacebook, its annual festival, the company teams with community artists to call for societal change through music, dance, and spoken-word performances. The Light, a new program, pairs young performers with adult mentors to produce art with an activist edge.



Based in Edgewater, GirlForward pairs teen girls displaced from their home countries with local female mentors. Refugees receive tutoring, job-hunting assistance, and an all-important sense of sisterhood in their new city. Specific offerings include English vocabulary and conversation classes; SAT prep; distribution events where girls “shop” for school supplies, clothes, and personal hygiene products; and exploring the mentee’s home neighborhood together. During the pandemic, it provided Chromebooks for the girls to use at home. GirlForward expects increased need this year, helping to resettle evacuated Afghans as well as families from around the globe.


The good deeds of Whiskers & Tails Rescue Foundation could get any curmudgeon purring. Its trap-neuter-return program focuses on humanely catching free-roaming cats to vaccinate and sterilize them to prevent further overpopulation. After that, they’re returned to their outdoor “homes” (which are monitored to ensure there’s adequate food and shelter) or, whenever possible, placed for adoption. By managing populations of outdoor community cats, Whiskers & Tails keeps them healthy, which enables the cats to reduce the city’s rodent population — win-win! The org’s programs are slowly rebounding after the pandemic brought donations to a halt.

Working Bikes


Working Bikes believes everyone deserves a trusty two-wheeled steed of their own. From its 35,square-foot warehouse and shop space in Little Village, the nonprofit sells refurbished bicycles (and bike parts for home mechanics) at affordable prices. Those funds power its mission to reduce waste, lessen pollution, and promote personal wellness. Working Bikes also donates approximately 1, bicycles annually to local kids and adults and ships an estimated 7, bikes and tools abroad, providing transportation options to people in the Americas and Africa.


While there’s no simple answer to the city’s gun violence problem, Chicago CRED offers a multipronged plan to reduce the toll and ultimately break the cycle. Its name is an acronym for Create Real Economic Destiny; to that end, it deploys street outreach teams, life coaches, and mentors to reach citizens of economically disadvantaged South and West Side communities. Participants study the effects of trauma in their lives, learning how to respond differently to stressful stimuli through cognitive behavioral intervention. After people complete gun violence prevention programs, particpants can enroll in CREDWorks, a six-month session focusing on job readiness skills and employment.


If you’re looking to donate time rather than money, check out these volunteer opportunities.

Sit Stay Read


Unless you’re misanthropic comedian W.C. Fields, Sit Stay Read has a hard-to-beat angle: Kids plus dogs! Once the humans complete training and pups earn temperament certifications (no breed or size restrictions), they visit K–3 classrooms in Chicago’s public schools to help students improve their reading comprehension. The org transitioned to video sessions during COVID, expanding its reach considerably.

Chicago Tool Library


Borrowing over buying, repairing over replacing: These are some of the goals of Bridgeport-based Chicago Tool Library, which has the civic-minded aim of empowering people to DIY. This unique library lends everything from power washers to sewing machines to table saws for projects that run the gamut: home repair, gardening, cooking, camping, you name it. The library needs more long-term volunteers to join the roster. Tool experience is not necessary, but craftspeople can help repair used items. Remote volunteering opportunities also exist, and virtual orientations are held every two months.


Connections for the Homeless stepped up quickly during the pandemic, doubling its budget to prevent more evictions, add shelter beds, and secure housing for individuals in Serving northern Cook County, the Evanston-based organization allows families and high school students to participate in many roles, including volunteering at Hilda’s Place, a drop-in center with a clothes closet and lunch program.

You can find more service opportunities at Chicago Cares (, which connects volunteers to many local organizations.


&#;India to achieve crore vaccine target on October 14, Centre plans big event&#;

India is all set to touch the target of crore vaccine doses on October 14 and the government has started preparing for a `mega event`, a top Health Ministry source said.

The source told IANS that the target of crore vaccine doses will be achieved on October 14 and the feat will be celebrated as India`s triumph over Covid `evil spirit` much like the `Vijayadashami` festival, which signifies the victory of good over evil.

"The day will be celebrated as the victory of India over the evil spirit of Covid," the source said. The government is pushing its boundaries to achieve the target of crore doses by that day, he added.

See Zee Business Live TV Streaming Below:

The Health Ministry has planned to celebrate this in a grand manner on `Vijayadashami` to symbolically register the victory over Covid. All the concerned departments have been instructed to be prepared in advance to disseminate the achievement via media to make people aware about it. The mega celebration will involve frontline workers, healthcare staff and Covid warriors, who died of the infection playing a pivotal role in achieving the target of crore doses.

The world`s largest vaccination drive against Covid is being conducted in India, "and it will be a special occasion to celebrate when we complete administering crore doses of vaccines", said the source.

"It is most likely that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may address the nation after the country achieves the remarkable feat of crore doses," the source further said, adding that the Prime Minister may also make an announcement for the Covid warriors, who died while fighting the pandemic and saving lives.

So far, India has administered 1,03,75, first dose of vaccines and 90,36, second doses of vaccines to the Healthcare workers. The frontline workers have received 1,83,59, first dose and 1,53,98, second dose vaccines till Tuesday morning.

In the age group of years, the first doses have been given to 38,68,20, people and 10,40,73, have got both doses.

In the age group years, the first doses have been administered to 16,61,56, and 8,38,76, have got their second dose as well.

For the elderly people over 60 years, 10,48,69, vaccines have been administered as the first dose and 6,00,12, vaccines as the second dose, as per the data shared by the Health Ministry till Tuesday morning.

Till Tuesday morning, India has administered over crore doses of the Covid vaccine with lakh being inoculated during the past 24 hours.

Till now, six states and union territories have completed administering at least the first dose to all 18 plus population that includes -- Lakshadweep, Chandigarh, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and Sikkim. Total 12 states and union territories have administered the first dose to at least over 80 per cent of the adult population as per the latest data shared by the health ministry.

Meanwhile, India continues to show the declining trends in the daily trajectory of Covid caseloads.

India on Tuesday reported 14, fresh Covid cases in the last 24 hours, lowest recorded cases in the days. Total deaths have also been reported in the same time span, pushing the death toll to 4,50,, the Union Health Ministry said.

The active caseload is presently 2,14,, which is the lowest in days. The active Covid cases presently constitute per cent of the country`s total positive cases.

The weekly positivity rate at per cent remains less than 3 per cent for the last days now. The daily positivity rate has remained below 3 per cent for the last 43 days and below 5 per cent for consecutive days now, as per the data from the health ministry.

With only three days left and to achieve the momentous feat, India will now speed up the action to administer the remaining doses of the vaccine.


Bikes target adult at

Mountain bikes for kids can range from $ Walmart specials to $ bike shop best-sellers, or $8,+ mountain machines. That&#;s because a &#;mountain bike&#; serves different purposes for different riders.

The best kids mountain bike really depends on how and where your child plans on riding. Do they just want a cool, rugged-style bike for the neighborhood, or are they interested in tackling beginner dirt trails?

A $ girls or boys mountain bike is not equipped or designed for trail riding, even if it has suspension! A high-quality $ kids mountain bike, however, is overkill for a child riding mainly around the neighborhood.

side by side image of a boy on a recreational kids mountain bike, and another boy on a true kids mountain bike

As a result, we have grouped our best kids mountain bikes list into two categories &#; recreational mountain bikes, and true mountain bikes. This page will mainly address recreational mountain bikes.

To see our favorite hardtail mountain bikes for developing kid shredders, head over to our Best Kids Front Suspension Mountain Bikes article.

Kids Mountain Bike Categories

Recreational Mountain Bikes

Best for kids who want to the look of a mountain bike, but don&#;t need the high-end components.  Riding mainly around the neighborhood, including basic dirt paths. Cost &#; $ &#; $.

Recreational Kids Mountain Bikes: Comparison Chart

When selecting a bike for your child, try to be generous with your budget. In general, the more you spend on a bike, the easier the bike will be for your child to ride, the less maintenance it will require, and the longer it will last.

Decent recreational mountain bikes typically start around $ True mountain bikes with quality components start at about $

Boys vs. Girls Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes for boys and girls on 20 and 24&#; bikes are typically just differences in color. A few models on this list have differences in frame design with the top tube of the bike being lower on the girls model, but all other components are the same.

side by side comparison of the schwinn ranger boys mountain bike and the schwinn ranger girls mountain bike

Quick Tips about Recreational Mountain Bikes:

  • SIZE: Many parents mistakenly purchase the wrong size bike. 20&#; bikes typically fit 6 to 8-year-olds, 24&#; fit 9 to year-olds. Using your child&#;s inseam is the best way to determine fit. Budget bikes are also typically larger than more expensive bikes.
  • GEARS: While many cheaper bikes offer a lot of gears (up to 18 or 21), more gears are not better. Bikes with 6 to 8 gears are best. Bikes with more gears usually require 2 derailleurs (one for the front wheel and one for the rear), with a shifter for both the right and left hand. These are more challenging for kids to use, require more maintenance, and add unnecessary weight to a bike.
  • WEIGHT OF BIKE: Be cautious of weight &#; some recreational mountain bikes can weigh up to 40 lbs! Shoot for a bike between 20 and 30 lbs. &#; the lighter the better.
  • SUSPENSION FORKS: Suspension forks on recreational bikes are designed for casual riding only. They are not designed to take the beating from real trails but rather for basic dirt trails and small jumps around the neighborhood. They also tend to be very stiff and heavy. They can add up to 5+ lbs. of unnecessary weight, especially on low-end budget bikes.
  • COST: Quality bikes that are durable enough to last several years without major maintenance start around $ &#; $ When possible, increasing your budget will save you a lot of hassle in potential maintenance, along with improved quality and overall performance of the bike.
  • ASSEMBLY: Even if a budget bike comes assembled, we highly recommend taking it to a local bike shop to have it properly tuned. Brakes and derailleurs are notorious for needing a tune-up even when the bike is new.
  • MAINTENANCE: To ensure the longevity of a geared bike, make sure your child doesn&#;t rest their bike down on the derailleur. Always place a bike on the ground with the derailleur (or chain side) up!

Budget Recreational Mountain Bikes

These bikes are typically sold at big-box stores or on Amazon. While they have a very family-friendly price tag, they are typically very difficult to maintain due to poor components and overall low quality of construction.

Weight is typically an issue as they can often weigh up to half of a child&#;s weight (close to 30% is recommended). For motivated riders who are willing to power through the &#;clunkiness&#; of these budget bikes, they work for around the neighborhood.

When possible, spending an extra $ or $ can get you a much better quality bike that is not only easier and more enjoyable for your child to ride, but will require much less maintenance.

Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys and Girls

Cheap, but problematic

stock image of a black Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys mountain bike



WEIGHT: Girls model &#; ~27 lb., Boys model &#; ~30 lb.

GEARS/SHIFTER: speed, dual grip shifters

SUSPENSION: Yes, but very stiff

We get the appeal of a $ bike for a kid. But just about every component on the Roadmaster Granite Peak is as basic as it gets, and it shows. From brakes that never quite work right to handlebars that always seem to be misaligned, the Roadmaster is a true budget bike. What you save in dollars, you also sacrifice in riding experience and maintenance hassles later on.

The frame design of the 24&#; Roadmaster is particularly problematic. Several parent reviews have commented that their child&#;s foot hits the front tire of the bike during a turn. The taller the child is on the bike, the more drastic the issue.

This problem could be caused by the front fork being installed backwards on a bike by an inexperienced employee. But with many budget bikes (this issue appears on several of the bikes on this page), it&#;s due to an improper frame, fork, and crank arm combination that places the pedal too close to the wheel.

Another concern with the Roadmaster is its two derailleurs (the shifting mechanisms on the front and rear wheels). Considering derailleurs are the most finicky part of a bike, two low-quality derailleurs are sure to require a lot of maintenance and produce choppy shifting.

Huffy Scout

A good looking 24&#; budget option

stock image of a gray huffy scout mountain bike




GEARS/SHIFTER: speed, Microshift dual grip shifters

SUSPENSION: Yes, but very stiff

Out of all the budget bikes we tested, the Scout is by far the best-looking bike in person. Its clean designs and color combinations really give off a true mountain bike vibe. But weighing in at an insanely high lb., the Scout&#;s performance certainly doesn&#;t match its cool factor.

Although Huffy boasts about its Shimano components, this really doesn&#;t mean much. Its two derailleurs are entry-level Shimano while the shifters are not Shimano at all. The shifters worked well on the bike we tested, but they were a bit stiff and difficult to twist, making them best for kids who will only need to shift periodically.

The overall frame design of the Scout is better than the Roadmaster, so if your child can handle its extreme weight, it will offer a better riding experience than the Roadmaster.

Basic Recreational Mountain Bikes

These bikes are considerably better than the budget bikes listed above. While their components may be the same or only slightly better than the entry-level bikes, their overall quality of construction is improved.

From cleaner welds on the frame, more precise fitting components, and lighter weight construction, these bikes are worthy of their higher prices but certainly aren&#;t top-notch.

Btwin Rockrider ST

Great geometry, quality brakes and 1x drivetrain

MSRP: $ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 20&#; &#; &#;; 24&#; &#; lb.

GEARS/SHIFTER: 20&#; &#; single speed, 24&#; &#; 6 speed

SUSPENSION: No, but suspension available on higher-end ST and ST models

The Rockrider is hands down the BEST bike you can buy under $ Only available through Decathlon (the popular international sporting goods now in the US!), the Btwin Rockrider offers great geometry and quality of build for its low price.

While the Rockriders are heavy, they stand out from other budget brands as they don&#;t feel heavy in use, and they actually perform more like a mid-range bike than a budget bike. The brakes on the Rockrider are exceptionally responsive as is its grip shifter. The tires also include plenty of tread for use on all-terrain surfaces.

The 20&#; Rockrider, however, is a single-speed. It still features the same responsive brakes and knobby tires as the 24&#;, but is less ideal for those tackling hilly areas.

Schwinn Ranger Boys and Girls

Quality built frame with true decals instead of stickers

stock image of a Schwinn Ranger boys mountain bike


SIZES AVAILABLE: 24&#; (boys and girls models)

WEIGHT: 24&#; girls &#; 29 lb.

GEARS/SHIFTER: speed Microshift grip shifters

SUSPENSION: Yes, but very stiff

Available in boys and girls models, the Schwinn Ranger is a great looking bike that is usually readily available at local Target stores. The Ranger is available in 24&#; and 26&#; wheel sizes, but not in 20&#;.

While the Ranger isn&#;t significantly lighter than the &#;entry-level buys&#;, its overall quality of build is better. It features an aluminum frame (versus a steel frame on the budget buys), a three-piece crank (for easier repairs), and also has true decals versus the stickers that easily peel off on cheaper bikes.

On reviews of the current Ranger models, several owners experienced issues with pedal simply falling off. This is more than likely due to the pedals being installed on the wrong crank arm. Considering bikes at big-box stores are not assembled by trained technicians, the pedals were more than likely installed incorrectly upon assembly. As result, with the Ranger and any budget bike, we always recommend the bikes being checked out by your local bike shop before riding.

Quality Recreational Mountain Bikes

These quality bikes feature lightweight frames and are built with increased precision and better components. The brakes on these bikes are more responsive and take less effort to engage.

Wheels are built stronger and are less likely to bend or become out of true when riding down stairs or going over jumps. These bikes are also built with derailleur hangers to protect the bike&#;s frame, which makes fixing &#;broken gears&#; easier and cheaper.

If you&#;re looking for a solid quality bike that can take a beating from your ambitious rider and their siblings, these bikes should be your minimum starting point.

Raleigh Rowdy

Lightweight bike with great geometry

green raleigh rowdy mountain bike

MSRP: $ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 20&#; &#; 21 lb.

GEARS/SHIFTER: 6-speed/Shimano Grip Shift


FULL REVIEW: Raleigh Rowdy 20

Our kid bike testers have LOVED the Raleigh Rowdy! It&#;s an amazing bike for kids ready to tackle whatever the neighborhood has in store for them. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, Shimano shifter, and responsive v-brakes, the Rowdy is the perfect mix of quality, simplicity, and ruggedness for neighborhood riders.

Unlike other recreational bikes on our list, the Rowdy does not have a front suspension fork. The Rowdy&#;s rigid fork helps keep the weight down, and certainly didn&#;t inhibit our kid bike testers from getting aggressive. Our testers happily rode the Rowdy everywhere from basic dirt trails to up and over homemade jumps in front of the house.

The Rowdy is available in 20&#; and 24&#; sizes, but be warned that this model has been discontinued by Raleigh. Once the current stock of kids bikes are gone, they won&#;t be coming back :-(.

Polygon Ultralight

A quality, lightweight bike for paved and basic dirt riding

polygon ultralight lightweight kids mountain bike

MSRP: $ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 20&#; &#; lb., 24&#; &#; lb.

GEARS/SHIFTER: 7 gears with Shimano Tourney grip shifter


The Polygon Ultralight is hands down the best kids&#; bike you can get in its mid-tier price range. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame with a Shimano drivetrain, the Polygon&#;s quality of build is on par with many kids&#; bikes found in bike shops. Lightweight and nimble and a great option for neighborhood cruisers or kids tackling longer paved bike trails.

How is Polygon able to keep their prices down? Polygon Bikes are one of the few bike companies that own their own manufacturing plant (out of Indonesia) and also sells consumer direct (via Without several middlemen, Polygon can provide top-quality bikes with a lower price tag.

Available in 20&#; and 24&#; sizes and several options, the Ultralite is a great recreational mountain bike for boys and girls.

Btwin Rockrider ST

Killer quality and components on a budget

stock image of btwin rockrider st 24" mountain bike

MSRP: $/ $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 24&#; &#; lb.

BRAKES: Mechanical disc brakes

GEARS/SHIFTER: 6-speed Shimano Altus

SUSPENSION: SR Suntour XCT coil fork w/ 80 mm travel

With a trail-rated suspension fork, a lightweight aluminum frame, and mechanical disc brakes, the Rockrider ST offers a lot for its price tag. While not as fine-tuned or lightweight as the more expensive bikes on our true mountain bike list, the Rockrider is certainly capable enough for beginning mountain bikers who are hitting basic single-track trails. At the same time, it&#;s also quite at home blasting around the neighborhood.

With an upgraded Shimano Altus derailleur for responsive shifting, lightweight aluminum components (including frame, crankset and seat tube) and mechanical disc brakes, the Rockriders is spec&#;d better than many higher-priced bikes!

For those young groms who love hitting jumps or curbs or singletrack, the Rockrider&#;s Suntour XCT stands ready for action offering 80mm of travel.

Trek Precaliber

Nimble bike for neighborhood riders who love to catch air

red trek precaliber mountain bike

MSRP:20&#; geared model &#; $ ; 24&#; models &#; $, $ (with suspension)

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 20&#; geared model &#; 24 lb.; 24&#; models &#; 25 lb. / lb. (with suspension)

BRAKES: V-brakes

GEARS/SHIFTER: 20&#; geared model &#; 7-speed Shimano Tourney; 24&#; models &#; 8-speed with Shimano Tourney

SUSPENSION: 20&#; &#; Casual use fork with 35mm travel; 24&#; &#; Causal use for with 45mm travel

FULL REVIEW: Trek Precaliber 24

Whether your little rider is convinced that a mountain bike MUST have a suspension fork, or they love doing bunny hops or wheelies around the neighborhood, the Trek Precaliber with suspension is an awesome option! Built with the look and feel of a true mountain bike, but with basic components to keep the cost down, the Precaliber is our favorite recreational mountain bike.

The Precaliber is available in 20&#; and 24&#; models, with and without suspension. The Precaliber 20&#; without suspension is a single-speed model and also has a coaster brake. As a result, we don&#;t recommend it for riders who want some of the functionalities of a mountain bike. The 20&#; model with suspension is geared and does not have a coaster brake.

The 24&#; Precaliber models are essentially the same, except one model has a suspension fork and one doesn&#;t. The weight difference between the two is under 2 lbs., so unless you plan to only ride on paved surfaces, we recommended the suspension version.


Great geometry, mid-fat tire without a hefty price tag

rei co-op cycles rev plus recreational mountain bike

MSRP: $ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 20&#; &#; lb.; 24&#; &#; lb.

BRAKES: Mechanical disc brakes

GEARS/SHIFTER: 20&#; &#; 6-speed Shimano Tourney; 24&#; &#; 7-speed Shimano Tourney

SUSPENSION: None &#; but cushioning provided by plus size tires


From its clean and modern matte paint job to its cool, yet functional &#; wide plus-size tires, the REV Plus performs as great as it looks. Designed for adventurous kids ready to tackle the neighborhood jungle, as well as basic dirt trails, the REV&#;s plus size tires, provide plenty of traction as well as extra cushioning when traveling on uneven terrain or over jumps.

The mechanical disc brakes on the REV Plus provide extra stopping power for mild trails, but they are not quite up to par for tackling more advanced trails, especially on the heavier 24&#; model.

As an added bonus, the REV Plus can be shipped to your local REI for assembly. Simply order the bike online and they will give you a call once it&#;s ready for action! Better yet, with REI&#;s hassle-free return policy, you won&#;t be up a creek if the Plus doesn&#;t end up being a great fit for your child.

Specialized Hotrock

Fast bike with lots of color options for boys and girls

blue specialized hotrock girls and boys mountain bike

MSRP: $ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: Not provided

BRAKES: V-brakes

GEARS/SHIFTER: 8-speed Shimano Tourney

SUSPENSION: SR Suntour XCT coil fork w/ 50 mm travel

While the Specialized&#;s Riprock series is designed for kids hitting true trails, the more affordable Hotrock line is designed for the recreational rider. Equipped with a trail-rated front shock on a lightweight frame, the Hotrock is more than capable of tackling basic trails and jumps for young riders looking for adventure.

However, the Riprock has wider tires, and better suspension and brakes that make it better suited for real trail riding.

Compared to other bikes on our list, the Hotrock stands out for its wide range of color options. Available in six different colors, the Hotrock can be ordered online or through your local bike shop where assembly and tuning are included in the price.

Entry Level True Mountain Bikes

While many of the recreational bikes on this list are certainly capable of riding on basic dirt trails, we wouldn&#;t recommend purchasing them specifically for mountain biking. Based on our experience with our own kids, a true mountain bike needs powerful and reliable disc brakes and upgraded drivetrains paired with a responsive shifter. For more aggressive kids who need a suspension fork, the fork on these bikes are less for show, and all about performance.

Due to their expensive components (good suspension forks can easily cost hundreds of dollars), true mountain bikes for kids can range from $ to $5, + dollars. For those who want a trail-worthy bike, but aren&#;t quite ready to buy a high-end two wheeled machine, here are our favorite entry-level true mountain bikes.

**For a complete rundown of our favorite trail-worthy bikes, be sure to check out our Best True Mountain Bikes for Kids article.**

Vitus Plus

Hydraulic disc brakes, upgraded shifter, and plus size tires

silver vitus plus boys mountain bike

MSRP: $ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 20 &#;&#; 22 lb.; 24&#; &#; lb.

BRAKES: Tektro Hydraulic Disc

GEARS/SHIFTER: Shimano Altus Rapidfire 7 speed (Trigger)


With upgraded Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Altus trigger shifters, the Vitus series steals the show by offering a killer component set with a budget-friendly price tag! Although the Vitus Plus has a rigid fork, its &#; wide Vee Crown Gem tires offer a good amount of cushioning for trail riding.

For those who want a suspension fork, the Vitus Nucleus line has additional upgrades to the Plus and also comes with a Spinner Grind Air fork for just $ What&#;s the catch?

While our kid bike testers have been big fans of Vitus bikes, and we parents have loved their low prices, shipping can be quite expensive. Shipping from the UK, we&#;ve seen rates as low as $40, but as high as $

Cannondale Trail

Quality disc brakes with a trail-worthy suspension fork

green cannondale trail boys mountain bike

MSRP: $ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 24&#; &#; lb.

BRAKES: Mechanical Disc

GEARS/SHIFTER: 8 speed / Shimano Tourney grip

SUSPENSION: Suntour XCT w/ 63mm travel

The Cannondale Trail kicks is up a notch for true trail riders by offering mechanical disc brakes and a more advanced front suspension fork.

For increased stopping power at higher speeds, the Trail&#;s mechanical disc brakes allow a rider to stop faster and with more power compared to standard v-brakes that are offered on most recreational mountain bikes.

The Suntour fork on the Trail also offers more cushioning with 63 mm of travel (versus the 50 mm on the Specialized Hotrock).

The Cannondale Trail is available at some local bike shops, but also at REI. Either way, you shouldn&#;t have to worry about assembly.

Trek Roscoe

Lightweight and nimble, plus-size tire bike

red and black Trek Roscoe mountain bike

MSRP:$ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: 20&#; &#; lb, 24&#; &#; lb.

BRAKES: Mechanical Disc

GEARS/SHIFTER: 8 speed / Shimano Altus trigger

SUSPENSION: None, mid-fat tires

Built to inspire confidence on and off the trail, the Trek Roscoe has the styling of an adult mountain bike in a pint size package. With &#; wide mid-fat tires, the Roscoe offers plenty of traction for a wide variety of terrains, and when the psi is lowered on trail, they also offer a good amount of cushioning. (About equal to a basic suspension fork!)

To help Roscoe&#;s mid-fat tires come to a quick stop, the Roscoe comes equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brakes with mm front and rear rotors. The brakes on the Roscoe really differentiate it from the similar-looking, but cheaper, REI Co-Op Cycles REV Plus. The REV also has &#; wide tires, but it doesn&#;t have the stopping power of the Roscoe. The Roscoe is also 4 pounds lighter.

Specialized Riprock

Modern geometry with plus-size tires and a suspension fork

red specialized riprock boys and girls mountain bike

MSRP:$ / $

SIZES AVAILABLE: 20&#; and 24&#;

WEIGHT: Not provided

BRAKES: Mechanical Disc

GEARS/SHIFTER: 8 speed / Shimano Tourney grip

SUSPENSION: Suntour XCT w/ 70mm travel

The Riprock also runs &#; mid-fat tires but takes it to the next step by pairing them with a Suntour coil fork with 70 mm of suspension. If your adventurous little grom is ready to hit some drops or higher jumps, the suspension of the Riprock will certainly come in handy. As a trade-off, the suspension fork does add to the weight of the Riprock.

Compared to the Roscoe, the Riprock also comes in more traditionally &#;girl&#; colors.

Bike target

Joe Phaahla: We are almost halfway towards reaching 70% Covid vaccination target

Cape Town - Health Minister Joe Phaahla says the country was close to reaching the target of vaccinating 70% of people by the end of the year, with almost half of the estimated people getting the jab.

Phaahla said on Friday, during the launch of the digital vaccination certificate, that the only way to reduce cases of Covid was to vaccinate.

He said the figures show that there has been a decrease in Covid cases in the last few weeks.

Phaahla said the death rate has dropped by 51%, the infection rate dropped by 33%, and the positivity rate has declined from 5% to 3%.

The country has passed the third wave, said Phaahla.

“It is a deep sense of relief that we have exited the long-drawn third wave. This third wave lasted longer than the previous waves,” said Phaahla, adding that it lasted more than days.

Phaahla said they have now vaccinated % of the people, and they want to ramp up the vaccination programme to reach the target of 70% by the end of the year.

He said this was possible because, with the launch of the Vooma campaign last week, there has been an increase in the number of people getting jabs.

He said more than doses were administered a day since the launch of the Vooma campaign.

Phaahla said, in total, 19 million doses have been administered, and 13 million individuals have received the jabs.

This is % of the adult population, said Phaahla, adding, “this brings us close to half of 70%.”

“More encouraging is that 70% of the vulnerable groups are within reach,” said Phaahla in reference to those who were 50 years and older.


Political Bureau


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