Aesthetic outfit ideas

Aesthetic outfit ideas DEFAULT

Everyone uses the word "vibe" these days, but an "aesthetic" is essentially the same thing. There's soft girls, baddies, cottagecore and gorpcore gals; we rounded up a whole list of the types of aesthetics here. And then there's the indie one, which, according to my research of watching countless TikTok compilations and YouTube vids, features largely Y2K trends. Shocker, I know. Hallmarks of this vibe include baby tees, oversized cardigans and/or sweatshirts, lace camisoles, chunky shoes, mini skirts, bright colors, and baggy denim. Major emphasis on the latter. You won't find many logos or brand names in the mix either, just a lot of eclectic, nostalgic-inspired pieces that look like you could've picked them up from a thrift store. If you're having trouble putting an indie outfit together, then scroll on down for 15 cute ensembles to get you inspired.

If you want even more outfit inspo and ideas, click the links for how to style a bralette with your ensembles, all the different ways you can wear an oversized T-shirt, and some cute beach looks to soak up the last bits of summer. Enjoy!

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a sweater vest and printed jeans

One Flower Knit Sweater Vest, Green/Creme


Sweater vests are key for this aesthetic. Same goes for unique denim. Complete it with colorful sunnies and a graphic tote. 


a fruit cami and cardigan

Lace Crop Top


A bow-adorned strawberry-printed tank paired with a pink cardigan and relaxed jeans is SO the vibe. 


a crochet top and jeans

x Sofia Richie Francie Top


Hello to this cute top and light-wash jeans! Finish it off with sandals and a simple woven bag. 


a pleated skirt and polo

Essex Polo - Court Side Green


Yes, this skews preppy, but pleated skirts fall into the "indie" category too! A polo shirt and chunky white sneakers (and an oversized sweatshirt thrown over) will finish it off. 


a lace-trimmed slip and cardi

Sexy Lace Floral Dress


Get a lace-trimmed mini that looks like it came outta the '90s and then add a roomy cardigan or sweater over it. Easy. 


a crop top and wide-leg pants

Bralette Tank


Cropped tanks and bright colors fit the look. Wear this top with loose-fitting jeans and flip-flops or chunky boots, depending on the weather.  


a baby tee and tennis skirt

Love to Love Rib Tee


A ribbed tee with multicolored bottoms make for a playful outfit.  


a floral skirt and cropped tank

Floral Mesh Overlay Elastic Waist Bodycon Mini Skirt


A cute rhinestone tank with a floral skirt is the perfect indie-outfit formula. 


a bra top and baggy denim



If you're prepared to bare skin, go with this bandeau and boyfriend jeans. Cold outside? Throw a solid-colored zip-up over it. 


a skirt and argyle sweater

Venus Skirt, Grass Green


Mix standout colors with this vivid skirt and patterned sweater. White boots tie it all together, natch. 


a tank with loose jeans

Balloon Ultra High-Rise Curved Taper Jeans


If you Google "indie outfits," baggy jeans are a constant, so you'll definitely fit the look with this curved AGOLDE pair. Add a simple tank top and you're set. 


a matching set

Cheri Terry Cardigan Sweater


Co-ords (especially ones that include cardigans) are also a must. Try out this cute set from Frankies Bikinis with the platform flip-flops to really turn heads. 


a delicate camisole and denim

Aroma Of Rose Cami Top


A spaghetti strap floral tank and mid-rise jeans is an outfit combo that won't steer you wrong when it comes to the indie aesthetic. 


a printed mini and crop top

Coordinating Mini Skirt in Leopard Print


How cute is this mini skirt and black tank together? Add a baguette bag (also a staple) and lug-sole boots to really deliver on the assignment. 


a knit dress and chunky boots

Cypress Hockney Spiral-Print Knitted Dress


Wearing a midi dress with these colors and statement black boots ensures you won't come across anyone else with the same outfit as you. 

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Ever wanted to pick a different type of clothing aesthetic? Pick among these aesthetic clothing ideas to help yourself in choosing your own style.

aesthetic clothing ideas

If you’re having trouble in finding your own style or just wish to learn more about different fashion aesthetics, then this post is here to help with just that. Learn and scroll through different aesthetic clothing ideas for inspiration!

Whether you like streetwear or a chic fashion style, these fashion aesthetics range from all different types from popular trends in the past couple years to old fashion styles that are still worn to this day. 

Some aesthetic clothing styles you’ll read about are vintage, chic, edgy, pastel, grunge, streetwear, and more! Hopefully you learn a thing or two by the end of this post and gain some inspiration on different styles.

This post is all about aesthetic clothing ideas that will inspire you.

Aesthetic Clothing Ideas

1. Streetwear Aesthetic

grunge fashion

image via Instagram/@pribyltomas

The first aesthetic to be on this list is the classic Streetwear Fashion Aesthetic. This type of style and aesthetic just speaks everything from graphic tee shirts, Nike & Adidas, ripped jeans, skater looks, and more!

This first example above, we have @pribyltomas in an acid wash graphic tee shirt and styles it with black pants which holds a paint splatter design. He finishes the look with black accessories and Mocha Jordan 1s.

gothic fashion

image via Instagram/@fiorella.del

Another style that’s popular in the streetwear fashion scene are cargo pants and utility clothing. Utility clothing consists of usable and helpful pockets and compartments that are not seen on any other type of clothing.

In the above image, Fiorella (@fiorella.del) wears a black pair of cargo pants with a matching black utility zip-up and shoulder bag. She completes the look with Jordan 1s, black accessories, and jewelry. 

aesthetic outfit ideas female

image via Instagram/@robaczywa

Another type of outfit where cargo pants were put to good use is this next outfit example. This next outfit also features a popular staple known as the varsity street jacket.

In the above image, Ola (@robaczywa) wears oversized beige cargo pants with a purple varsity jacket. She matches the varsity jacket with purple Nikes and finishes the look with some jewelry.

2. Monochrome Aesthetic

aesthetic clothing brand name ideas

image via Instagram/@remyshn

Another popular aesthetic that’s not talked about a lot is the Monochrome Fashion Aesthetic. The Monochrome style and aesthetic consists of outfits with all the same matching colors. This means that the outfit is all one color.

In the above outfit example, Shana (@remyshn) wears a Chic type of outfit which consists of a beige colored skirt with a matching beige cropped suit jacket. She matches this set with a beige bucket hat and completes the look with a black bag.

aesthetic clothing name ideas

image via Instagram/@amrit_bilkhu

Here’s another look at a monochrome style example but with a sweat suit and/or sweat set. What’s great about the monochrome aesthetic is that any type of clothing piece would look amazing in an all, same color, outfit.

In this outfit example, Ami (@amrit_bilkhu) wears a light colored crewneck sweater along with a matching pair of light colored sweatpants. She continues the monochrome outfit with the Dior x Converse sneakers.

cute aesthetic clothing ideas

image via Instagram/@kadir_eren1

Continuing with the monochrome aesthetic, this next example is another perfect representation of a monochrome outfit. Mixing along with a graphic tee shirt and Nike sneakers, this outfit brings Monochrome with the Streetwear Aesthetic.

In the above image, Kadir (@kadir_eren1) wears a pair of cream white/beige colored dress pants with a matching beige colored graphic tee shirt. He adds a hint of green with his Nike sneakers and green “Arizona” logo on the graphic tee.

3. Soft Girl Aesthetic

aesthetic clothing ideas 2020

image via Instagram/@zelinacasa

This next aesthetic is for the ladies who are looking to add a soft touch to their wardrobe and style. Combining streetwear with a little bit of fuzzy, this next aesthetic is known as the Soft Girl Aesthetic.

In this first outfit example, Zelina (@zelinacasa) wears a pair of white denim pants and styles it with a brown cropped, cardigan style, shirt. What’s amazing about this aesthetic and style is that you may not even need to add layers at all!

clothes aesthetic types

image via Instagram/@savanna.owens

If you’re the type who’s all about layering and wants to make an outfit look complex yet stylish, then this next outfit example is right for you. Layering in the soft girl aesthetic consists of button up shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and crop tops.

In the above image, Savanna (@savanna.owens) wears short grey shorts with an oversized colored shirt. She layers a grey sweater vest on top of the collared shirt and finishes the look with a matching pair of Jordan 1s.

4. Vintage Aesthetic

punk fashion

image via Instagram/@swanandsunrise

A popular aesthetic and style that has been around for years is the Vintage Aesthetic. What’s so amazing about this type aesthetic is the affordability and availability of the pieces and clothes.

This first vintage outfit example is from David (@swanandsunrise) who wears an all denim outfit. His outfit consists of a pair of dark blue jeans and a white tank top. He wears a blue denim jacket on top of the tank top and finishes the look with black boots, beanie, and jewelry.

soft girl aesthetic outfits

image via Instagram/@mocean__

Since vintage clothing is known for it’s availability, you can find vintage pieces almost anywhere from retail stores to vintage stores and thrift shops. You can find local thrift shops near you where clothing prices are usually super affordable.

In the above image, we have Natacha and Melanie (@mocean__) wearing nude tone outfits which consists of custom made graphic jeans, graphic crewnecks, turtlenecks, and a flannel jacket.

aesthetic clothing ideas gacha life

image via Instagram/

We have another vintage, full denim outfit from where she styles blue jeans with a blue denim jacket. She wears a white tank/crop top under the jacket and completes the look with classic Converse sneakers.

aesthetic fashion styles

image via Instagram/@onlymakmill

Continuing with vintage outfits, this next example comes from Mak (@onlymakmill) in his corduroy and graphic tee style. He wears dark green/brown pants with brown sneakers, a white graphic tee, and a beige corduroy jacket.

5. Pastel Aesthetic

aesthetic outfits female

image via Instagram/@j0zereal

A rare, but trendy aesthetic that grew in popularity in the past two years is the Pastel Aesthetic. This aesthetic and style consists of pastel colors and vibrant/bright clothing. If you don’t like colorful clothes then this aesthetic may not be for you.

In the above outfit example, @j0zereal and @unejudith wear the color Lilac and/or light purple. Their outfits consist of matching sweats suits/sweat sets which are lilac sweatpants and lilac colored hoodies.


image via Instagram/@elliotcolesmall

If you love the color purple then this next outfit may also be the one you will get some inspiration from. This next outfit is of a pastel type of style which consists of two different shades of purple.

In the above outfit example, Elliot (@elliotcolesmall) wears a dark toned, purple colored dress pants along with a lilac purple corduroy shirt button up. He styles this outfit with bulky white sneakers and shades.

aesthetic outfitsgirl

image via Instagram/@casoperdido

Heres another type of pastel outfit that includes a sweat set. This outfit example by Olaf (@casoperdido) consists of a bleached style pink crewneck with a matching pair of bleached style pink shorts. He completes the look with a bucket hat and brown sneakers.

6. Chic Aesthetic

casual wear

image via Instagram/@missjamiefirth

This next aesthetic is another one for the ladies which consists of high-end luxury clothing. This fashion aesthetic is known as the Chic Aesthetic. Some clothing pieces you’ll see in this aesthetic are blazers, suit jackets, dresses, skirts, jewelry, and more!

In the above image, Jamie (@missjamiefirth) wears a full monochrome outfit. She wears a pair of green dress pants and matches it with a green blazer/suit jacket. She completes the look with a matching green shoulder bag and white Balenciaga sneakers.


image via Instagram/@smyue

This next example incorporates another monochrome look with a pant buckle and knee-high boots. While this aesthetic incorporates high-end luxury fashion pieces, not all of these types of pieces have to be on the expensive side!

In the above image, @smyue wears a beige-colored blazer/suit jacket with a black pant buckle just under the chest area. She completes the look in her knee-high beige heels.

7. Grunge Aesthetic

aesthetic clothing ideas gacha club

image via Instagram/@wissmisfits

Speaking of the vintage aesthetic, this next fashion aesthetic incorporates a little bit of streetwear along with a little bit of vintage. This fashion aesthetic and style is known as the Grunge Aesthetic.

In the above outfit example, Wiss (@wissmisfits) wears a pair of distressed denim pants and styles it with an oversized, fuzzy brown sweater. She completes the look with black sneakers, a black cross-body bag.

aesthetic clothing ideas roblox

image via Instagram/@sry.will

What categorizes the Grunge style in it’s own aesthetic is its timeless fashion pieces. Timeless fashion means any type of clothing that always remains on trend and never goes out of style. This includes basic sweaters, jeans, cargo pants, etc.

This next outfit example is from William (@sry.will) where he wears a pair of oversized cargo pants in the color beige and styles it with a white tee shirt and an oversized dark green hoodie.

8. Edgy Aesthetic

aesthetic outfit ideas male

image via Instagram/@josiliza

The last aesthetic we have in this aesthetic clothing ideas list is the Edgy Aesthetic. The Edgy style includes a little bit of grunge with chains, fish nets, boots, and anything along the lines of the color black or dark tones.

In the above outfit example, Josi (@josiliza) wears a pair of oversized black jogger pants with white Air Forces, and a white tee shirt. She matches the pants with a black flannel shirt and bucket hat while completing the look with necklaces and chains.

aesthetic outfits ideas

image via Instagram/@kaylakane

In this next and last outfit example, we have an Edgy look from Kayla (@kaylakane) where her outfit consists of a black skirt and a matching black graphic crewneck. She wears a white turtleneck underneath along with black leggings, black boots, and a black beanie.

This post is all about aesthetic clothing ideas that will inspire you.

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5 Dark Academia Outfit Ideas For Your Fall Aesthetic

It’s just about that time of year when the dazzle of summer begins to dull and is replaced with the desire to swap sunny days and floral frocks for a crisp chill in the air, cabincore, and impending holidays galore. Plus, moving away from a mostly digital year, many are finally returning to campus or the office this season. So we’re taking the beloved dark academia aesthetic and its outfits with us as we transition back to IRL.

Nothing says back-to-school style like dark academia. This style revolves around the pursuit of knowledge with a gothic twist; think Greek mythology, the arts, and existential poetry, for example. Although dark, this aesthetic has an unconventional romantic influence, too, per Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf novels, and ranges to the novelty of heritage schooling a la Dead Poets Society and an Ivy League influence. (Though, if you’re looking for a something a little more bright and cheery, might we suggest its polar opposite, light academia?)

When it comes to social media, the aesthetic has driven over 1.2 billion views on TikTok under the hashtag #darkacademia and 22.2 million views on #darkacademiaoutfits, specifically. Over on Pinterest, which has become a source for outfit inspiration among Gen Z, the image-based platform has noticed its Pinners swapping comfy, WFH-friendly clothing for dressier ensembles. Searches for “academia fashion” have skyrocketed by seven times on Pinterest ahead of the school year and fall season.

There are plenty of ways to channel the look in a modern and stylish way. Most notably, dark academia outfits are being driven by classic pieces, like tailored trousers, pleated skirts reminiscent of a prep school uniform, plaid or tweed separates and a sharp pair loafers — just to name a few. Plus, a moody color palette in dark neutrals and deepened shades of red, olive, and navy is key.

So, while you’re beginning to compile your fall shopping list, scroll through for outfit inspiration and the fashion items to stock up on, ahead.

We only include products that have been independently selected by NYLON’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfit No. 1: Romantic Blouse And Trousers

To embody the moody yet romantic side of the dark academia aesthetic, choose two juxtaposing pieces like a puffy-sleeved blouse and tailored trousers. Punctuate the look with gothic-feeling jewelry, like a pendant necklace that doubles as a talisman.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfit No. 2: Prep-Inspired Accessories

In true academic fashion, don’t forget about the details. Highlight classic prep-inspired pieces in dark hues, such as black tights, chunky leather boots, and a nostalgic beret in a bold red.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfit No. 3: Tailored Vest And Plaid Skirt

Whether you wear it as a top or layering piece, nothing says Ivy League like a tailored vest. Plus, a plaid skirt and loafers is an automatic A+ when it comes to styling this aesthetic.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfit No. 4: Plaid Suit Set

Suiting separates — preferably in plaid, tweed, or a dark neutral shade — are the ultimate way to channel the dark academia aesthetic. Wear them together for a literal approach or style them on their own with pieces that fit to your personal style. Achieve the look by teaming your suit with a structured handbag to store all of your thought-provoking reading and writing materials.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfit No. 5: Sweater Vest And A Button-Down

For the utmost classic approach to academia, start with a staple white button-down and layer it under a sweater vest. Whether the sweater vest is fitted or oversized, it lends collegiate a feel to any outfit. Feeling extra bookish? Add a blazer and a pair of smart frames.


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