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Fox Tattoo Meaning and 20 Best Fox Tattoo Designs

Fox tattoo meaning designs: Artistically, the fox is a beautiful creature of Nature. It is a famous animal as we read stories about foxlike ‘The grapes are sour’ and many more. By seeing her actions, the fox is a clever and intelligent animal as the fox gets out of any trouble and has a wright solution for any ambiguity.

Symbolism and Meaning of Fox Tattoo

It is totally up to humans how they define or think about it. As some people think or consider wise or intelligent people like a fox. Additionally, mastermind people who like tattoos and want to design a tattoo on his body like a fox tattoo design to draw or pierce on his body.

Different religions have different concepts regarding fox tattoo. According to Greek, the fox is, so cleaver and they banned to hunt a beautiful animal because they consider fox as important to God. The fox is a respected animal and becomes a synonym for intelligence.

fox tattoo meaning

The fox is a symbol of warfare, according to the ancient Peru fox is the greatest fighter as it has a fantastic mentality and thinking power to sort out of any problematic situation. Also, it’s a great source of learning for children, and especially, they can learn problem-solving techniques.  By reading exciting stories about the fox, our children learn how to tackle different hurdles in their life and get an appropriate solution to many life problems.

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Chinese thought a fox tattoo on a human body defines luck and is a good sign for business. Additionally, it symbolizes prosperity. Indians think fox is a master of survival in any encounter and hurdle. While in Korean culture, it is a sign of good sex power and attractiveness.

Common Fox Tattoo Meaning

  • symbol of unity.
  • Courage
  • Femininity
  • Intelligence
  • Prosperity
  • Wisdom
  • Survival

Fox tattoo meanings depending on its color

Though people have fox tattoos in different colors and sizes because the color of fox tattoo design has different meanings and thoughts. Below is the list of different colored fox tattoo designs with meanings.

Red fox tattoo designs show the confidence and power to do any task.

White fox or arctic fox tattoo designs have indicated transparency or clarity.

Grey fox tattoo designs specified creativity and confidence.

Brown fox tattoo designs signify the ability to familiarize themselves.

Silver-colored fox tattoo has the meaning of uniqueness and success.

Black-colored fox tattoo shows luck in every matter of life.

Types and different variations of fox tattoo

Just like any other tattoo, fox tattoos designed in different sizes and colors. This forest animal is a sage one, and various folks used it in different ways.

3D Fox tattoo

3d fox tattoos

Three Dimensional views are perfect to see things as in the real world. Fox tattoo designs in 3D have a more unobstructed view and used by most people who love wild tattoos. Artists create fox tattoo designs by drawing shadows from different angles or by increasing or decreasing the size of different parts of the wild animal or any other object in the tattoo.

Watercolor Fox tattoo

watercolor fox tattoo

Watercolor fox tattoo designs are desirable ones because it looks like an illusion of different colors. Often people include other wild animals, birds, and lavender flowers tattoos with a fox. In these tattoos, a fox between pink and red flowers looks distinct.

Sketch style fox tattoo

Sketch style fox tattoo

Just like a sketch of any other animal, fox sketch tattoo design has great looking tattoo looks like a toon character. The sketch lines look like unbalanced led pencil lines. Everybody needs to stick their eyes to understand what the symbol is. Mostly, sketch fox tattoo designs are eye-catching.

Geometric fox tattoo


Geometric for tattoo designs are perfect for festivals or parties and feels excellent. All geometric tattoo designs are crisp and impressive, but when we come with wild geometric tattoos, then a geometric fox tattoo is a good option for us.

Fennec fox tattoo

Fennec fox tattoo

The fennec fox looks glamorous & cute so that every woman would like to have it on her body. Especially a small fennec fox design looks pretty enough on the girl&#;s neck, arm or on hand. It shows the stress resistance and elegance.

Nine-tailed fox tattoo


Nine-tailed fox tattoos look pretty with big tail appeared in this tattoo design. It symbolizes wisdom and intelligence; also Japanese consider it very close to the spiritual sphere.

Grey fox tattoo

Grey fox tattoo Designs

Mostly, wild tattoo lovers use grey color in their tattoo design. This fantastic animal (fox) tattoo looks great in grey color. My like Ouroboros tattoos with meaning

Fox head tattoo

Fox head tattoo design

As we recognize any animal by seeing its face so, the face of any animal represents its unique identity. Therefore, like other animal tattoo, lovers use fox heads in their tattoos, which gives their tattoo design a unique and simple look.

Arctic fox tattoo

Arctic fox tattoo idea

The arctic fox (white color fox) tattoo designs are famous because of their excellent meaning purity.

Black and white fox tattoo

Black and white fox tattoo tattoo meaning

Some tattoo lovers love to draw a colorful tattoo design; on the other hand, other people would like black and white tattoo designs. So, still, the black and white wild tattoos are popular.

Celtic fox tattoo


Celtic fox tattoo design is rare, and Celtic fox tattoo means the changing in shapes like a human to a fox or vice versa. A Celtic fox symbolizes wiseness.

Tiny fox tattoo

Tiny fox tattoo designs

Like big and 3d fox tattoos, the small fox tattoos are looks cute, especially wild animals tattoos, and tiny tattoo designs look attractive. People have more options to select their body parts to draw a small tattoo like a tiny fox tattoo on hand, neck finger.


Fox Tattoo Meaning

  • Transformation
  • Shapeshifting
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Health
  • Vitality
  • Skillful
  • Sexuality
  • Cunning
  • Femininity
  • Prosperity
  • Adaptability
  • Survival

What do you know about fox tattoo meaning? What comes to mind first? Cunning, wisdom, sex, temptation? Meanings of the fox tattoo design may be controversial. Each culture has its own associations. Let’s look closely at some of them.

First of all, the fox is a shape-shifter. Like many animals in their habitat, it adapts perfectly to any circumstances to escape any harm. As for the meaning associated with this feature, it’ll be intelligence, adaptability, strategy and rationality.

Fox tattoo may also symbolize sexuality — like the word “foxy” itself indicates alluring beauty. Really, in Chinese culture fox testicles, tails, teeth and claws were believed to contain aphrodisiacs. Nowadays you shouldn’t buy these talismans, you just need to ink a fox tattoo!

As for European culture, fox has always been a symbol of tricking, cunning and wiliness. This creature is able to turn any situation to its advantage. In Greeks the Teumessian Fox believed never to be caught — due to its outstanding cleverness. And the other interesting trait when it comes to fox tattoo is its color. Red fox is a symbol of sexual powers — maybe because of the associations with red color as primal energy. In some cultures the fox is also a solar symbol, thus revealing such meanings as life, vitality, birth, health and prosperity. And of course we should consider some of the most popular fox tattoo designs and their meaning.

Because of the variety of the fox roles in different cultures, meanings of the tribal fox tattoo design also vary significantly. For most cultures, this tattoo is a symbol of wisdom, trickery, cleverness and magic. Fox animal totems believed to give their spiritual powers to the tribe and certain people. Like all the tribal tattoo design, fox tattoo are deeply connected to the particular culture and main features of the animal.

The most popular fox in the world is the red one. There are a plenty of legends and tails about red foxes. Moreover, red foxes are the most valuable for fashion industry. All this makes the red fox tattoo combine features of a trickster, a fashionista, a sexy vixen and a spiritual leader in one pattern. This tattoo is the most feminine, representing sexuality, passion and temptation. At the same time, running fox or the inclusion of other patterns that symbolize sunrise/sunset makes this tattoo a spiritual guide.

Maybe the most notable part of fox’s body is its tail. Legend of the nine-tailed fox emerged in India and then was spread to Japan, transforming into legend about Japanese goddess of fertility and prosperity, Inari. In Japan, Korea and China foxes are believed to be Inari’s messengers, masters of transformations that can possess human soul. When those foxes, Kitsune, become older they also become more powerful, wiser and grow additional tails — up to nine. At the final stage, when Kitsune have nine tails, its fur changes color to silver, white, or gold, and it gain infinite wisdom. Nine-tail fox tattoo designs pay homage to this legend and symbolizes great wisdom and intelligence, deeply connected to the spiritual world.

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What Is The Meaning Behind Fox Tattoo

Have you heard the idiom, ‘as cunning as a fox’, or ‘as swift as a fox’? Well, things are about to get as cunning as ever with these fox tattoo meanings and types. Fox tattoos are quite common. These tattoos look great on both men and women, and come with a variety of different interesting designs.

Little Fox Tattoo

Fox tattoos come with some deep meaning that is quite realistic to the world we live in. Many of us can see a few fox traits in our personalities. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on fox tattoos. If you plan to get one soon, you must learn more about the meaning and types of fox tattoos. You can easily do that by reading further below.

The Meaning Behind Fox Tattoo

As mentioned earlier, fox tattoos come with various meanings that many of us can relate to. One of the biggest characteristics that fox tattoos represent is cunningness. Fox is one of the most cunning animals on the planet. However, at the same time, they also enforce powerful instincts. Other common characteristics that fox tattoos symbolize are skill and trickery.

Fox Tattoo on forearm

Getting such a tattoo with this meaning showcases how to use your tricky nature at the right moment.  If you emphasize the tricky characteristic of a fox tattoo, you will portray a very powerful meaning. This meaning tells others that foxes are quite tricky, but at the same time, their trickiness helps teach us lessons. Life is a journey about learning new lessons.

Fox Tattoo for men on chest

North Americans and Asians give a lot of importance to them, especially through folklore. Japanese see foxes as their spirit animals that are able to transform into humans due to their smartness. This is a good meaning to interpret if you want to include some supernatural instincts in your tattoo.

The color schemes in fox tattoos also hold different meanings. If you go for a fox tattoo that includes red, silver, or white ink, it represents cunningness, craftiness, and intelligence.

Small Fox Tattoo on shoulder for woman

Since there are so many meanings attached to fox tattoos, the best way to portray the meaning you’re going for in your tattoo is by designing it according to the meaning. If you’re focusing more on the cunningness of a fox, you can portray your fox tattoo in a way that runs across something. This makes your tattoo look more personalized and meaningful.

Fox Tattoo Placement

Placing your fox tattoo on the right spot is important. You must select the placement according to the design and size of your tattoo, as well as your comfort level. If you’re going for something bold and big like a running fox tattoo, then you should consider getting it tatted on your back, chest, stomach, or thigh. Your arms are also a good place for descriptive fox tattoos. You can consider your legs, hands, fingers, neck, and collar bone for something small and subtle. A plain fox tattoo face would look striking on your thigh, helping you achieve some fantastic body art.

Fox Tattoo on neck for men

Types of Fox Tattoos

1. Geometrical Fox Tattoo

Make your fox tattoo more creative by trying out this geometrical fox tattoo look. This tattoo includes the face of a fox giving out a bold look and made from different geometrical shapes, including different styled triangles. The tattoo artists have used different colors and filled out each triangle that comprises the foxes. The colors used in this tattoo help you achieve a vibrant tattoo look that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Geometrical Fox Tattoo on hand

2. Tribal Fox Tattoo

If you want to achieve some ancestral traits in your tattoo, you must go for a tribal fox tattoo. These tattoos include a fox made from different tribal designs usually inked in black. The design depends on the tribe you’re going for. Foxes were given importance in many North American and European tribes. They believed that foxes have mythical powers that could transform humans. You could concentrate more on the design if you cant relate to the meaning.

Tribal Fox Tattoo on wrist for woman

3. Jeweled Fox Tattoo

If you’re looking for a feminine feature in your fox tattoo, you must go for this jeweled fox tattoo. This tattoo includes a howling fox inked in orange and white, surrounded with two black outlined roses and jeweled chains all over. The chain and jewels help bring out that feminine look in the tattoo. These tattoos usually symbolize femininity and how powerful female foxes can be, so don’t bother messing with them.

Jeweled Fox Tattoo on hand

4. Watercolor Fox Tattoo

You can also go for this watercolor fox tattoo and achieve some striking body art. This tattoo consists of foxes face inked in orange and white, and the tattoo artist ahs used the watercolor tattooing technique to extend the fox’s face by creating a dripping effect.  To achieve such a tattoo, you must go to an experienced and talented tattoo artist who can successfully get this watercolor effect.

Watercolor Fox Tattoo for men

5. Floral Fox Tattoo

This floral fox tattoo is another feminine tattoo that includes some interesting details. This tattoo includes a simple orange and white inked fox standing against a background of cherry blossoms inked in ink. Cherry blossoms are known t make a tattoo more meaningful and aesthetic; however, you can choose any type of flower that would go well in your tattoo. This tattoo would also go well on men.

Floral Fox Tattoo on thigh for woman

Other Types

3D Fox Tattoo

Beautiful 3D Fox Tattoo on leg for women

Red Fox Tattoo

Fox Tattoo for men

Curled Up Fox Tattoo

Curled up Fox Tattoo on leg

Cartoon Fox Tattoo

Cute Cartoon Fox Tattoo

Nine Tailed Fox Tattoo

Nine Tailed Fox Tattoo on shoulder for women


After reading this article about fox tattoos, you can surely say that fox tattoos are the most meaningful animal tattoos. By now, you should be able to choose your first fox tattoo with ease. Make sure you go through all the meanings properly so that you can have a deeper connection with your fox tattoo while achieving some impeccable body art.

Fox Face Tattoo on foot

Fox Tattoos

Quick quiz - what comes to your mind when you see or hear the word 'fox'? Sex? Intelligence? A Trickster? A sexy Vixen?In human society, foxes represent all these traits and more, but have you ever stopped to wonder why we respect these animals for their minds and not their muscles?

Like the Coyote, the Fox has a reputation for being a clever trickster. The word 'shenanigan' is believed to be derived from the Irish phrase 'sionnachuighim' which means I play the fox. The Dogonpeople of Mali see the Fox as a clever trickster that has remarkably thrived in the harsh desert thanks to its wit and intelligence. In the European context, it's no wonder why many of Aesop's famous fablesfeature the mentally astute fox that is always able to turn any situation to its advantage. To the Greeks, the Teumessian Foxwas so clever, that the animal destined never to be caught. In the Middle Ages, Reynard the Foxwas a popular figure in children's stories that spent his days outfoxing those around him. To this day, Reynard is still a childhood favorite for kids across Europe. Even Judaism and Christianity make reference to the fox. In Ezekiel , false prophets are likened to foxes and they are rebuffed for not having earned the right to speak in the name of the Lord.

The Fox became known for its wisdom and mental strength. To the Mochepeople of ancient Peru, the Fox was a fierce warrior, not because of its physical strength, but because of its ability to master the mind. The Fox is a symbol of psychological warfare and outfoxing a fox was believed to be a sign that you had the mental fortitude to withstand any challenge. This idea is also seen throughout Finnish mythology. The image of the Fox was, and still is, used to teach children that cunning and wit can be used to overcome even the most difficult obstacles in life.

In the Native American context, foxes are seen as master survivalists. Many cultures speak of the fox's ability to shape-shift and adapt to any circumstance, earning it a reputation for being a revered creature of the land. It is the constant companion of the Coyote, but the Fox had the tendency to be a bit of a mooch, stealing food from his dear friend. This is in sharp contrast to the animal's reputation as an industrious being. The Tswana peopleof Botswana speak highly of the noble fox who isn't afraid to get muddy in the pursuit of his dreams. For them, the Fox does what needs to be done, regardless of the circumstances.

It is also an animal infused with the primal magic of Earth and Mother Nature, as such, it is a provider and caregiver. In Achomawifolklore, the Fox and the Coyoteare the co-creators of the Earth. The Apachesbelieve that the Fox stole the gift of fire and brought it to the people and the Choctaw Indianssee the Fox as a symbol of Family and Unity.

Many early European and Asian cultures viewed foxes as totems of Fertility and Prosperity. For the Shinto goddess of Food and Rice, Inari, foxes are her messengersand farmers across much of China, Japan, and Korea still leave offerings to foxes in the hope of winning favor from Inari and having a good harvest. The Japanese see these beautiful animals as extensions of the rain spirits that give life-giving water to the world.

Foxes were often depicted as being feminine creatures and seductive temptresses, which accounts for their association with Femininity. It's no coincidence that a female fox and a sexy woman are both called a 'vixen' and why we say that an attractive woman is 'foxy'. Foxes were also the messengers for the MesopotamianMother goddess, Ninhursag, and it was her milk that nourished the great Sumerian kings. There is an Inuitstory about a fox that shape-shifter into a beautiful woman to seduce and trick a fierce hunter to marry her. After the hunter fell madly in love with his wonderful wife, she returned to her true nature and left him. As a result, the hunter stopped preying on foxes for fear that he would kill his beloved wife.

For the Celts, foxes were revered for their ability to navigate the thick undergrowth of the Celtic forests and, because they were only seen at the time of day known as the Between Time, they were seen as guides to the spiritual realm and the land of the Faeries. To this day, many cultures believe that the spirits of their ancestors roam the world at dawn and dusk (the Between Time) and that animals that most visible during these sacred hours act as guides for the dead. In an effort to commune with the natural elements, foxes shape-shifted into witches and vice versa, as such, they were important symbols in the pagan world.

Sadly, with the dawn of Christianity in Europe, pagan symbols were regarded as emblems of the Devil and many foxes were hunted and burned in an effort to rid the world of the Devil's soldiers. It is highly possible that the tradition of fox huntingmay have been born out of this belief. Although the practice of hunting prey with dogs dates back to ancient Egypt and Babylon, in Celtic Britain, preying on foxes was considered to be blasphemous and sacrilegious. However, by medieval times, Christianity had taken a firm hold in Europe and foxes were reduced to the realm of lowly animals and prime targets for hunters. In modern times, the tradition is seen as being barbaric and there have been increasing calls to end the practice.

Very few animals have had a long and complex history with humanity like the Fox. It is both a being of spiritual significance and a fashion statement for Parisian and Italian runways. It is not only an animal with a rich history, but also one a bright future that reminds us to be creative and encourages us to see Nature with fresh new eyes.

The Meaning of Fox Tattoos

Foxes have become the embodiment of a variety of human traits, including:

  • Intelligence and Cunning
  • Wisdom
  • Sexuality and Fertility
  • Femininity
  • Deception and Trickery
  • Wealth and Good Fortune
  • Communication (Messenger of the gods)
  • Adaptability and sharp survival instincts
  • Sorcery and the Devil (Christian belief)

Fox Tattoo Variations

Although Fox Tattoos come in a variety of sizes and colors, they very rarely depict the animal in a position of power.That is because, in many cultures, foxes are respected for their mental abilities and keen survival instincts. To outfox a fox is a sign of your mental superiority; they are almost always never seen as animals that will tear you to shreds, but rather as animals that can outwit you.

Nine-tailed Fox Tattoos

Of all the physical features of a fox, the most prized is its tail. In fact, the stem wordfrom which the word 'fox' is derived is from a Proto-Indo-European word puḱ which was used to refer to the animal's tail. Even the Welsh word for fox, llwynog, pays homage to the animal's bushy tail. The Nine-tailed Fox legend isn't something that anime cartoons, like Naruto, cooked up overnight. Although the legend originated in India, with the migration of Buddhist monks, the tale of the Nine-tailed Fox became a symbol for the Japanese goddess of Fertility and Prosperity, Inari. Foxes, known as Kitsune(Japan), Kimiho(Korea), and Huli jing(China), are believed to be Inari's messengers who are masters of transformation and trickery with the ability to possess peoples' souls. As the Kitusne age, they become stronger, wiser, more powerful, and grow an additional tail. Legend has it, that Kitsune over the age of years have nine tails and undergo a transformation in which their fur become silver, white, or gold, and they gain infinite wisdom. Nine-tail Fox Tattoos pay homage to this Japanese legend and represent Wisdom, Intelligence, Cunning, and closeness with the spiritual world.

Tribal Fox Tattoos

Foxes appear in many cultures, as such, the meaning associated with tribal depictions of foxes can vary significantly. For the most part, in many indigenous cultures across North America, Asia, and Europe, the Fox is an ancient symbol of Wisdom, Trickery, Intelligence, and Mysticism. Tribal Fox Tattoos are usually done in indigenous regions with the belief that doing so will infuse tribe and community members with the spiritual powers of these animal totems. Depending on the style of the image, Tribal Fox Tattoos represent your link with a particular culture and pay homage to the mental ability and keen survival skills of these adaptable animals.

Red Fox Tattoos

Red foxesare, by far, the most popular animals in the fox world. Many of our folklore stories and traditions speak of the Red Fox with high regard or utter mistrust. Many of the urban legends and traditional folklores refer to the Red Fox and it is their image that springs to mind when most people talk about the animal. When it comes to animal pelts, the Red Fox is one of the most valuable pelts in the fashion industry. The Red Fox is an odd combination of a trickster, a fashionista, a sexy vixen, and a spiritual leader rolled into one, as such, it is the context or feel of the tattoo that tells you which trait the artist is trying to represent. A Red Fox Tattoowith a curvy vixen speaks to your Femininity and Sexuality and is an expression of your passionate, fiery nature, whereas one with a running fox or elements that depict sunrise and/or sunset (known as the Between Times) makes reference to the spiritual world and the Fox is seen as a spiritual guide.

If you are a free spirited trickster at heart, then a great Fox Tattoo can channel your wayward personality.When it comes to your design, the sky is the only limit to your vast imagination, so dream big! Bear in mind that each element added to the design changes the overall meaning of the piece, so be sure to think careful about the message that you're trying to send to the world with your piece and where your new artwork will be placed on your body. Tattoos are more than just ink sketches on skin; they are the embodiment of your personality, style, and personal life experiences. Creating a unique design can be a daunting task, but if you need help, our team of artists is more than happy to lend a hand. Visit our design page at and take advantage of our Custom Design Service.


Meaning tattoo red fox

Fox tattoo

Tattoos → F → Fox tattoo

Fox tattoo design, idea, image

Tattoo fox - it's definitely a female version . Its value can be interpreted in different ways, because the fox is associated with many features , it is a mysterious and varied . For all the nations belong to the animal in its own way : someone worships her , and someone despises the animal for some quality .

Take, for example , the Chinese proverb ,where it is believed that where there are no foxes , can not be based village . Proverb expresses thus a good attitude to the residents of the fox . This is a truly elegant , graceful animal . The very image of the fox is associated with wisdom , cunning , capricious and sexuality .

In some cultures, the fox was given special importance .Tattoo with a fox is considered a strong talisman , providing longevity. This animal carries a double meaning , generally positive with a small proportion of negativism .

Forest resident in China was a symbol of longevity and rebirth. According to legend , after fifty years, it can turn into a beautiful woman , and after a hundred years - in a gentle young girl ,after thousands of fox becomes a heavenly creation - Chien -hu , which is able to transform at will into a woman or a man.

In Japan, white fox is associated with prosperity and abundance , previously clung clay figurines in the form of a fox , which put at the entrance of the temple and the house that he would bring a good harvest , and the house was always well-being .Today, the image of the fox is associated with the business, so they often make a tattoo with the animal to develop the qualities of a business person. It can also talk about self-improvement and development of education in themselves the inner strength and observation .

But in ancient Rome it was the messenger demon , hellish creature .In the Scandinavian peoples fox called Loki , god it was disobedience and deception . Ukrainian and Russian fairy tales describe the fox as a symbol of deceit , trickery and seduction .

Fox - a very powerful and a cautious predator, which is almost never fall into the trap , so it is compared to the wiles of the devil . The ancient Egyptians also believed the fox cunning ,vicious and hypocritical , somewhat disbanded . Quite often, a tattoo can be seen on the body of women who consider themselves sexy and playful .

It is understood that tattoos are very popular among the fairer half of humanity , but in the body of solid , witty man she will never be superfluous.Even in ancient times the fox was associated with two elements : fire and earth . She was mysterious and intelligent , independent, more ambitious . Even today there are many people who like the habits of a fox , so they want to portray the image of her body .

At the same time , we must pay tribute to the elegance of the fox . Choosing a tattoo with the image of a fox ,remember that this is a sign of frivolity and prudence at a time. This will characterize you as a person and as an image of the whole .








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Wolf Tattoo Meaning

Throughout history, literature, movies, and cartoons, foxes have always been depicted as sly and cunning.

However, they were also depicted as resilient and intelligent animals, so the juxtaposition between the numerous symbolisms has made a fox a rather mysterious animal, to begin with.

Because of this, many people tend to choose a fox design for their tattoo. For one reason or another, foxes have become a mainstream design choice, and the tattoos depicting foxes always look incredible.

If you&#;re considering getting a new tattoo, that is also meaningful and symbolic of something related and close to you, then you&#;re at the right place. In the following paragraphs, we&#;ll explore the meaning and symbolism of foxes, fox tattoos and take a look at the best fox tattoo designs for this year.

So, without further ado, let&#;s get started!

Foxes and Fox Tattoos – Meaning and Symbolism

Foxes Throughout Cultural History

When we talk about fixes and their cultural meaning and symbolism throughout history, it is important not to generalize. Not every culture and society has seen foxes as cunning or sly, even though this symbolism is the more prevalent one when it comes to these wonderful animals.

For example, in Classic Antiquity, foxes were a major part of didactic fables. A fox would symbolize the appearance of wisdom and intelligence, but also cunningness. However, in these fables, the aspect of cunningness wasn&#;t purely negative; it was also seen as a positive trait. Nevertheless, didactically, the fables did warn against a fox&#;s cunning tricks and ability to deceive.

A similar interpretation of a fox could be found in Celtic culture. Celtic people and their mythology feature foxes as a symbol of cunningness, which was more like a form of intelligence and resilience rather than a negative trait. Foxes were also seen as being able to easily escape and overcomes obstacles due to their intelligence and wisdom.

During the Medieval period, foxes were still attached to the traditional cunning interpretation. Such interpretation was sealed with the work of Geoffrey Chaucer and his &#;The Nun&#;s Priest Tale&#;, where the fox is seen as a master deceiver.

Foxes Throughout Cultural History 1

However, during the Early Modern period, thanks to Machiavelli, foxes were presented as cunning, where such a trait has only a positive connotation. Machiavelli thought that people can learn a lot from foxes and their &#;cunning nature&#;; this is what he thought people need in order to become successful. Generally, foxes were seen as smart, intelligent, resilient, wise, and cautious.

Nowadays, foxes are not seen as animals to be distrusted. They are more surrounded by the mystery and flattery of what we think foxes are. They are appreciated for their cleverness and wisdom, as well as their beauty and ability to connect to humans, like dogs or cats.

So, What Do Fox Tattoos Symbolize?

From the previous paragraphs, we can draw a possible conclusion on what fox tattoos might actually symbolize.

If a person gets a fox tattoo, they either appreciate this animal&#;s character or beauty.

The positive fox tattoo symbolism would be;

  • Wisdom
  • Intelligence
  • Cleverness
  • Resilience
  • Ability to overcome obstacles
  • Charm and beauty
  • Protection
  • Passion
  • Guidance
  • Fertility
  • Prosperity
  • Commitment and fidelity
Foxes Throughout Cultural History 2

However, we cannot simply forget the negative traits assigned to foxes. Therefore, the negative fox tattoo symbolism would be;

  • Cunning
  • Slyness
  • Danger
  • Warning
  • Trickster
  • Scrutiny

In regards to tattoos, we have noticed that some types of tattoos feature a peculiar fox design, to emphasize a positive or negative connotation and symbolism. For example;

  • If the fox&#;s tail is exaggerated or emphasized, it symbolizes intelligence and wisdom
  • If the fox&#;s snout is centralized and emphasized, then it symbolizes curiosity
  • If the fox is depicted with a cynical grin on the face, or the expression is cunning, then it symbolizes trickery
  • If the fox is laying, and the body is curled up, then it symbolizes vulnerability and fragility
  • If the fox&#;s eyes are narrowed, then it symbolizes caution, distrust, and ingenuity

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The Best Fox Tattoo Designs for

Floral Fox Tattoo

Floral Fox Tattoo 1

A fox surrounded by flowers is a surely feminine design. And, we do have to say that the majority of the fox tattoo designs are intended for females rather than males. A floral fox tattoo emphasizes the beauty and vulnerability of this animal, as well as the ethereal and mysterious energy of a fox.

The floral fox tattoo can be colored, of course, but in the majority of cases, it is done in a black & grey style. When done like that, the fox appears almost like a cartoon or drawn character in a didactic fairytale, which further emphasized the idea of mystery and ethereal.

The best placement recommendation for such a tattoo is the forearm and bicep area. The tattoo can also expand into the shoulder and upper back area for a more dramatic appearance.

Floral Fox Tattoo 2
Floral Fox Tattoo 3
Floral Fox Tattoo 4

Japanese Fox Tattoo (Kitsune Tattoo)

Japanese Fox Tattoo 1

Kitsune is a Japanese word for fox. Japanese fox tattoos are part of the traditional interpretations and rich history of tattooing. In ancient Japan, foxes were seen as these immortal, mystical creatures and messenger of the gods. This interpretation is especially related to the beliefs of Shintoism.

Kitsune or Japanese fox tattoos are traditionally very bold in both design, execution, and color. They&#;re rather eye-catching and bigger in size than the regular fox tattoos. They can be done in different styles as well. Some Kitsune tattoos feature a Kitsune mask, or a mask depicting a fox&#;s face. Other tattoos simply depict a fox done in a traditional Japanese tattoo style.

The best placement for a Kitsune tattoo area surely the forearm, the bicep area, upper back area, or upper thigh area. For the more daring ones among us, we&#;d recommend the chest as a good placement choice as well.

Japanese Fox Tattoo 2
Japanese Fox Tattoo 3
Japanese Fox Tattoo 4
Japanese Fox Tattoo 5

Nine-Tail Fox Tattoo

 1Nine-Tail Fox Tattoo

Originating from ancient Chinese legends, the nine-tailed fox is an iconic and globally-known depiction of a fox. It is believed that a fox can grow a new tail every years. Each tail is filled with power and wisdom, which makes the fox an incredible beast with each new tail it grows.

Generally, in Chinese tradition, the nine-tail fox is a symbol of prosperity and peace, not only in China but the whole world. But, beyond this initial meaning and symbolism, the nin-tail fox also symbolizes a good marriage, love, an abundance of children and grandchildren, and general happiness in life.

The best placement for a nine-tail fox tattoo are surely the larger body areas, like the back, thigh, chest, abdomen/rib area, etc. The reason for this is because this design requires space to properly depict the nine tails. However, you can always opt for a smaller version of this design if you&#;re looking for a more subtle and easy-to-cover placement.

Nine-Tail Fox Tattoo 2
Nine-Tail Fox Tattoo 3
Nine-Tail Fox Tattoo 4
Nine-Tail Fox Tattoo 5
Nine-Tail Fox Tattoo 6
Nine-Tail Fox Tattoo 7

The Curled Fox Tattoo

The Curled Fox Tattoo 1

A curled fox is probably one of the sweetest, cutest things ever. A tattoo depicting a curled fox symbolizes all of its vulnerability and fragility. It shows that a fox is much more than cunningness, slyness, and other negative connotations. It is just a cute little furry friend of nature, that wants to stay warm and feel safe like any of us. Such a tattoo shows that there are humility and fragility in even the most negatively deems creatures.

The Curled Fox Tattoo 2
The Curled Fox Tattoo 3
The Curled Fox Tattoo 4

Geometric Fox Tattoo

Geometric Fox Tattoo 1

Geometric tattoos of any kind aren&#;t known as the ones carrying some deep meaning and symbolism. However, they can certainly tell a lot about the person with the tattoo. The combination of a fox and geometric, straight, and detailed lines and patterns show that the person is detail-oriented, peculiar about the order, and finds it in nature and animals like foxes.

Foxes are known to be a big part of the order in nature. Moreover, their appearance, lines, body shape, and behavior are also in incredible order and quite detailed. So, the combination of these two isn&#;t as peculiar as one may think. Geometric tattoos are also incredibly artistic and creative and look good on anyone.

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Geometric Fox Tattoo 2
Geometric Fox Tattoo 3
Geometric Fox Tattoo 4
Geometric Fox Tattoo 5

Naturalistic Fox Tattoo

Naturalistic Fox Tattoo 1

With a naturalistic, real-life-inspired tattoo, the focus is always on the beauty and the energy of a fox. There no better way to depict this incredible animal than by going for a design that showcases its true beauty, without any kind of exaggeration.

A naturalistic fox tattoo features soft lines, natural colors (characteristic of a standard fox fur), neutral expression, and some additional elements from nature, like flowers, water, moon, etc.

Some of the naturalistic designs are often done in a form of a painting, as the colors and lines sometimes seem done with water coloring technique. Other designs are done using soft linework to depict the real-life fox shape and fur.

Naturalistic Fox Tattoo 2
Naturalistic Fox Tattoo 3
Naturalistic Fox Tattoo 4
Naturalistic Fox Tattoo 5
Naturalistic Fox Tattoo 6

Simple/Minimal Fox Tattoo

Minimal Fox Tattoo 1

If you&#;re a fan of simple and minimal artistic expression, then you should like our recommendation to get a minimal fox tattoo. Minimal tattoos are a great way to convey your creativity and love of this wonderful animal, without going overboard with a bold, huge and colorful design.

The message and the symbolism can all be conveyed through a few lines and a bit of shading. There is no need to do an overwhelming design if it doesn&#;t fit its purpose or your own style

Minimal Fox Tattoo 2
Minimal Fox Tattoo 3
Minimal Fox Tattoo 4
Minimal Fox Tattoo 5
Minimal Fox Tattoo 6

Red Fox Tattoo

Red Fox Tattoo 1

The red fox is the most popular fox species. It is well known for its incredibly beautiful fur and kind nature. Because of its behavior and lush appearance, the red fox often symbolizes seductiveness and femininity. The luxurious fur and fluffy, full tail make the red fox a breathtaking sight for anyone.

Because of the symbolism, the red fox tattoos are very popular among the female members of the tattoo community. To emphasize the symbolism of seductiveness and powerful femininity, the red fox tattoos put a special emphasis on the color, the fur, and the tail.

In regards to placement, you will want your red fox tattoo to be seen. So, we&#;d recommend areas like the forearm, thigh area, ankle area, upper back or back of the neck area, etc. Depending on the size of the design, you can place this tattoo wherever you want at the end of the day.

Red Fox Tattoo 2
Red Fox Tattoo 3
Red Fox Tattoo 3
Red Fox Tattoo 4
Red Fox Tattoo 5

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Fox Tattoo Ideas and Fox Totem Meanings

Fox Tattoo Ideas: The symbolism of the fox has tricky connotations. In fact, the fox tattoo ideas can be connected with the trickster archetype, Loki in Norse myth. Native American mythology of North America indicates the fox as a trickster too – but of a morally neutral position – ambivalent to consequences too.

In truth, the fox is incredibly intelligent. 

It gets its tricky symbolism because it’s astoundingly adept at escaping traps, evading predators and moving around (particularly at night) in its environment. 

It also the black feet and legs that are symbolic of the sneaky nature I’ve been talking about here. It conveys a feeling of being able to shadow about, and obtain things in a cloaked manner.

Symbolic Fox Meanings

Some keywords to think about while researching your fox tattoo ideas…

  • Guile
  • Clever
  • Lucky
  • Playful
  • Focused
  • Health
  • Skillful
  • Secretive
  • Sexuality
  • Vitality
  • Resourceful
  • Shapeshifting

“There are no limits on growth because there are no limits on intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”

~Ronald Reagan

Symbolism of shape-shifting comes into play from Chinese symbolism as well as Japan, Native North American Indians, Eastern India, to name a few. These and other various cultures recognized the fox’s ability to adapt to its environment and escape from harm by seemingly supernatural means.

Fox tattoo ideas in this light will indicate: Intelligence, adaptability, strategy – and a stealthy (but lovable) way of moving in social circles.

As a symbol of sexuality, we think of the term “foxy” as an adjective for sultry beauty. Indeed, Chinese lore indicates various fox parts (testicles, tail, teeth, claws) were used as aphrodisiacs. Thankfully, we have tattoos to convey sexual prowess- no need to go chopping up fox parts. Sheesh.

fox meaning and fox tattoo ideas

In European folklore the fox is symbolic of stealth, cunning and slyness. The red fox is particularly symbolic of sexual prowess (red being a symbolic color of the root chakra, or primal energy). The red fox is also associated with the realm of solar animals and carries meanings of: Vitality, Life, Energy and Health.

Check out more tattoo ideas about the fox by clicking on the links at the end of this page.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope this article on fox tattoo ideas and fox totem meanings was as inspiring to you as it was for me in the writing of it.

Happy, foxy tattooing!

Mighty brightly,

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