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Final Fantasy 14&#;s Character Creator Has Many Options, but Some Lingering Inclusivity Issues

By Andrea Trama


Final Fantasy 14 has a very deep character creation process that features many options, but it still lacks inclusivity in a few key ways.

Final Fantasy 14 manages to remain relevant over the years, in-part due to frequent updates and expansions by Square Enix including new races that become available. With the Shadowbringers expansion, Final Fantasy 14 saw the addition of two new races in the form of the cat-like Hrothgar and bunny-like Viera. According to Naoki Yoshida, these will be the last races added to the game due to how demanding the process can be. However, the Hrothgar and the Viera have limitations due to them being gender-exclusive races, with the former only coming in a male variant and the latter in a female variant.

Many players have been asking for female Hrothgar and male Viera for a long time now, and Final Fantasy 14 developers took the time to bring these variants to life with the next big expansion, Endwalker, launching this November. Still, this is not something new for Square Enix, as Final Fantasy 14 had the same issue on launch with the Roegadyn and Miqo'te respectively lacking a female and male counterpart. As such, despite all the options that the character creator and the character customization process in the game have, there are still lingering issues that mainly have to do with inclusivity and gender.

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Sexual Dimorphism in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 uses a concept called sexual dimorphism, which means sexes of a specific species end up exhibiting very different traits. This happens in nature with many species, but in Final Fantasy 14 the sexual dimorphism for the Au Ra race is a bit over-the-top in the sense that male specimens are extremely tall and have distinctive cranial projections, whereas females are tiny and more human-like. This is also partly true for the Roegadyn females, and the phenomenon can result in a less inclusive experience for players who want to adopt different body types for their characters, even if it is explained in the game's lore.

An example can be seen in The Last of Us Part 2, where Abby is visibly buff, whereas Ellie is smaller and more agile. The example is useful to understand the context because it shows how different two characters of the same gender can look. This ties to Final Fantasy 14's sexual dimorphism, because while players can customize a female Au Ra to be buffer, the game basically makes the choice for them that there could only be so much improvement as opposed to males, who can be even taller than the Roegadyn and very muscular as well. Abby's look shows that it should be possible for Final Fantasy 14 to reduce the impact of sexual dimorphism for the sake of better representation.

Character Customization and Inclusivity in Final Fantasy 14

One of the main selling points of the character creator in Final Fantasy 14 is that it allows players to customize a lot of big and tiny details so characters can be their best selves. Still, the fact that the character creator comes with height and body size options poses the question why Square Enix didn't allow players to select a preferred body type rather than a character's gender. This would solve many issues, such as having to differentiate characters between male and female variants, and it would make the game more inclusive because it would minimize a traditional, binary view of gender.

This is something the game is no stranger to thanks to all the inclusive options coming with costumes and the transmogrification process, which allows players to make their own outfits and customize characters in a unique way. As such, it would make sense if the character creator did the same thing on a deeper level.

Despite these issues, Final Fantasy 14's character creator does a good job at giving players enough freedom to customize their characters in a myriad of ways, including details like heterochromia and hair color highlights. Because of this, and because of how deep players can delve into the outfit customization process, Final Fantasy 14 remains one of the best games to play for RPG lovers and those who like to immerse themselves into a fantastical story.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.


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15 Of The Best Custom Characters Made In Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XIV’s free character creation benchmark has allowed all sorts of fans to indulge in this tool: RPG fans, character creation enthusiasts, artists and commissioners, and many more. Players can express themselves by crafting their own character to insert into the world of Final Fantasy. There are six unique races and multiple ways to alter their appearance.

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Naturally, some artistic players will use the character creation tool to its limits, crafting amazing characters to display to the community. Here are some amazing custom characters created by Final Fantasy XIV players!

Updated August 13, by Russ Boswell: Final Fantasy 14 is still going strong and has been steadily growing over the years, proving its worth in the MMO space. Players continue to flock to this impressive multiplayer fantasy release, thanks to its engaging combat, immersive story, depth of content, and detailed designs. Final Fantasy XIV character creation is almost as fun as the release itself, allowing players to come up with some truly inspired designs.

With the release of the Hrothgar and Viera in the Shadowbringers expansion, fans have even more tools to fiddle with in the Final Fantasy XIV character creator. Fans continue to craft and share their best designs from Final Fantasy XIV character creation, with players flocking to Reddit and other social media platforms to showcase their designs. Because of this, the following article has been updated to include some Viera and Hrothgar designs.

15 An Elegant Cat Man

The Hrothgar were a welcome and interesting addition to the world of Final Fantasy 14 with the release of Shadowbringers. Many players found themselves crafting brutish cat-like barbarians and warriors to wield heavy weapons and tear through the enemies of Eorzea. It's hard to deny that these hulking beasts possess a powerful aura, but that doesn't mean they can't look elegant.

Reddit user Lazybomber proves that even the mighty Hrothgar can look dapper with the right facial features and clothing options. The silk shirt screams elegance and although he's still imposing, Lazybomber's "cat man" looks refined, intelligent, and suave.

14 A Healer In Training

The Hrothgar weren't the only characters to show up in Shadowbringers. The fan-favorite Viera made their way to Eorzea and bunny-loving players couldn't get enough of their adorable designs. Many Final Fantasy fans will recognize the Viera thanks to Fran, one of the party members from Final Fantasy Although rather elegant in their design, Fran proved that Viera were very capable warriors.

It seems they make great Healers too, or at least aspire to. Reddit user kindcore posted this adorable look at their up-and-coming Viera healer, complete with "newbie healer gear." The glasses are a fantastic touch.

13 The Redhead

Reddit user Nanase created a fiery redhead female for their custom character. They screenshotted the character’s upper body, putting the default outfit on display. What’s great is that the default outfit totally fits the character, especially her red hair. The side-swept bangs and the specific hairstyle frames her face well. One should not overlook the piercing blue eyes and her interesting facial tattoo. Well done, Redditor!

12 Which One Is The Player Character?

This Redditor decided to be cheeky when posting their custom character. Futanalyst threw up a screenshot on the FF14 subreddit. A character in a bright yellow suit, white gloves and wearing a baby Chocobo head is standing among a group of people. There seems to be a serious discussion going on.

But one cannot help but laugh at the absurdity of the moment. The post is supplemented by its own title: “It's time to play the game of ‘guess who's the player character.’” The design itself is so simple yet so beautiful. Bravo, bravo.

11 Roegadyn Paladin

A warrior-based race, the Roegadyn are considered barbaric yet loyal to their kind. They are characterized by their burly appearances, large frames, and muscular builds. A Reddit user was not only able to create an amazing look for their Roegadyn, but the character looks like it would fit right into the race.

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DuckGod posted several screenshots of his Roegadyn character, who has a powder pale face, cyan eyes, and several braids throughout his hair. There is also a bandage on his nose, making him stand out from the crowd. There were also some screenshots of the character in Paladin armor taking on enemies; pretty badass.

10 A Mature Miq’ote Male

Ever wanted a cat boy or girl as a character? FF14 fits your needs with the Miq’ote race. They are territorial people who are defined by their cat ears and tail. Usually, depictions of cat people are seen as younger, but one Redditor managed to make a Miq’ote look more on the adult side.

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Ragnamar’s Miq’ote design seems more serious and rugged than other custom creations of Miq’ote. The Redditor accentuated forehead creases, simulating an angrier appearance. Unlike other creations, this Miq’ote also has fair facial hair cupping his jaw and chin. A great job!

9 The White Paladin

Redditor Veerh created a stunning female Paladin for their custom creation. The character has stark white hair like snow, and it appears to be glowing a bit (or maybe that’s the background illuminating everything…). Either way, she looks magical with the bright grey eyes. The character appears to be Hyur.

Complimenting her look is a majestic golden crown, which stands out from the rest of her pure white armor. She is dressed for battle and ready to serve!

Jurymast even complimented Veerh on their design.

8 A Very Modern-Looking Hrothgar

Final Fantasy 14 has always been a bit of an outlier when it comes to "design" aesthetics. Traditional to the series' roots, the world of Eorzea features both medieval-inspired architectures, as well as modern additions that make use of electricity and even magically-imbued items. It's a land where players can ride around on Chocobos or in cars (thanks to Final Fantasy

To better expand on this point, Reddit user loudmaus created a Hrothgar and decked him out in modern-looking clothes (with a pretty cool haircut to match). The end result is a fantastical-looking "cat man" that looks like he came straight from a photo shoot.

7 A Butterfly Mark

There is beauty in simplicity, and Reddit user Sapphoslyrica delivered it. The community member shared two creations on the FF14 subreddit: two female Hyurs. One had short black hair with teal highlights, and the other had a simple haircut that frayed out at the ends. They both shared a butterfly mark on the left cheek, which serves a storytelling role for the characters, according to Sapphoslyrica.

Sapphos originally posted it to choose which character she should use in her playthrough. Some commentators gave their opinions, suggestions for improvement and even useful tips.

6 Lumielle

Twitter user Lumielle recreated her OC in Final Fantasy XIV. The appearance is simply stunning. They evened out the light tones of the hair, Au Ra horns and skin so that they do not conflict with each other. The specific style of horns Lumielle picked really accentuates the character’s facial features and gentleness. The default outfit picked out also compliments the character’s personality and appearance.

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The character’s name is Lumielle De’aura from the world of Exodus, according to Lumielle’s Twitter post. Hopefully, Lumielle is still using her character to this day! She’s a work of art!

5 The Sly Guy

Doozer, or just Doozer, created an interesting male character for people to examine further. Some might be put off by the hair color. The overall design overshadows the hair color, though. Most custom characters have a rounded, softer face unless they are a Roegadyn.

Instead of going with the default full face, Doozer decided to angle his jawline and make the character’s face thinner. It gives a distinctive quality alongside the olive skin, sharp goatee and narrowed eyes – almost like a cartoon character. The hair also plays into the angular theme of the character’s facial design. Everything is consistent and just… works.

4 One Imposing-Looking Bunny

First impressions can be important and a lot of players would be forgiven for automatically assuming that Viera are "small and fragile bunnies reserved for hunter-based classes and magic-users." The reality is that Viera can look incredibly imposing, just as much so as any of the larger, more domineering races of Eorzea.

Reddit user Judge_Ravina proves this with their incredible Viera design, featuring a character that looks immensely powerful and definitely strikes fear into the hearts of her foes. This is easily one of the strongest warrior-like designs we've seen for the Viera in Final Fantasy

3 An Elegant Dancer

The Final Fantasy XIV character creator is rather in-depth and gives players a lot of freedom when designing their avatars. There's a lot to think about when crafting the perfect character, including race, backstory (for roleplayers), armor compatibility, and even future job. With a ton of "paths" available in Final Fantasy 14, some players may want to take their character's proposed class into consideration.

Reddit User Ayotamine put this practice to good use with their elegant-looking Viera dancer. The design looks spectacular thanks to the flowing armor and themed color-scheme.

2 Eibhilin’s Creations

Eibhilin, who also goes by Eibhilinhz on Reddit, presented several custom character creations in the FF14 subreddit. In the Imgur gallery they linked in the FF14 subreddit, Eibhilin provides all 25 of his custom creations, from Miq’ote and Hyur to Elezen and Roegadyn.

Their more notable creations come from the Miq’ote and Hyur batch. Eibhilin appears to have an understanding of color combinations, aesthetic choices, and restraint on embellishments.

1 A Master Of Character Creation

This Reddit user contributed a lot of creations to a thread in the FF14 subreddit about custom creations. They posted more than eight different creations, from Hyur to Roegadyn and Miq’ote. Four of those creations are going to be highlighted here.

First, Jury presented three variations of Roegadyn females of various and beautiful styles. One of them has interesting face paint, while another has a complex and pretty hair design. Very Final Fantasy indeed.

Jury also posted another set of three, this time being three different males with eyebrows. They did so because one commentator criticized Jury for not having eyebrows on their male creations. One really sticks out: a dark-skinned Hyur with braided hair, ornaments and a thick band of face paint across the eyes. Jury is truly a master at this.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers free character creator available for download

One of the most exciting things about the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers is the chance to play as one of the new player races coming with the expansion.

The Viera and Hrothgar races will become available when the expansion launches, but some of you may be already wondering: what will these new races look like in-game?

The good news is that you won’t have to wait until July 2 to find out - you can create your character right now and save that data to use at launch! We’ve just launched official FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers benchmark software - not only does it include brand new footage of the expansion, it also features the character creator tool!

You’ll be able to build your character, and see how they’ll look in game. Then, when Shadowbringers finally steps into the light, you’ll be able to carry your creations into the game!

The software can be downloaded here:

16 million Warriors of Light

The character creator and benchmark tool was announced during a Letter from the Producer LIVE steam, live from San Francisco.

In the stream, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida also revealed that the game now has more than 16 million registered users - that’s more than the population of Belgium!

He also gave some new details about the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers expansion, including:

  • Some battle system changes, including the addition of the charged action system
  • Updates to the FATE system, side quests as well as the addition of role quests
  • Some adjustments to job synergy - also many jobs will be rebalanced
  • Quality of life changes, and updates to the user interface.

You can watch an archive of the Letter from the Producer LIVE steam here:

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers is just a few short months away - the much-anticipated expansion releases July 2, We’ve already taken a look at what to expect - read that article here - and the game is available to preorder right now:

Preorder FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers


Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers receives a character creator tool allowing players to play with the two new races!

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is just around the corner but Square Enix is giving fans a treat by giving access to a free character creator, which includes the two new races &#; Viera and Hrothgar. Don&#;t forget Heavensward is also having a free-to-get run, ending just shy of the Shadowbringers release.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers character creator

The character creator is basically a tool allowing players to create characters prior to the expansion launch. This means access to the Viera and Hrothgar races customizations. These newly minted characters can be saved and stored to be used at the expansion&#;s launch. There&#;s also a few more tidbits regarding Shadowbringers:

  • There will be changes to the battle system, including the addition of charged actions.
  • Updates to the Fate System, side quests, and additional role quests.
  • Rebalancing of jobs.
  • Quality of life changes, and updates to the user interface.

The character creator tool will come with the new official benchmark program (used to assess how well your PC can handle the new content and adjustments). You can grab a copy of it here, remember, the expansion launches on July 2nd.


Creator final fantasy avatar

Character creation is a recurring feature in the series in which players can create the playable character. In the original Final Fantasy, the player can choose their characters from an option of jobs, but in the multiplayer games the player can customize various aspects of their character, such as race, gender, appearance, hair style and color, eye color, height, and weight.


Final Fantasy XI[]

The 5 playable races are comprised of 16 character models for each race and applicable gender for a total of character models. Each model can also be assigned the size of small, medium, or large for a total of unique looks.

There's quite a bit of freedom to choose whatever race best suits the players' personal tastes. While, the base stats vary for each race, most of the impact will be on the type equipment versus what job is chosen. Good equipment and player skill, as well as the Merit system, can overcome any racial shortcomings.

The Character Creation Process[]

In order to begin playing the game, players will have to create a new character. Creating a character consists of several steps, each allowing several options to customize gameplay experience.

1. Race → Gender (except Mithra and Galka) → 2. Face type → 3. Hair color → 4. Physical size (small, medium, large) → 5. Standard job → 6. Character name and world (server) → 7. Country (allegiance)

After selecting "Create Character" from the top menu, the character creation screen will appear. The player must first sign up for a Content ID on the Final Fantasy XI top page to create an open account. Players may purchase up to 16 Content IDs (in other words, create up to 16 characters). If the player already has 16 characters, they will be unable to create additional characters. They must select "Delete Character" to create an empty space first. Simply deleting a character does not cancel a Content ID. To cancel a Content ID, players will need to use the "Cancel" option for Content IDs on the top page.

After purchasing a Content ID to create the first character, there should be an open slot. Select the open slot with the pointer and press the |Enter| key to begin the character creation process.

Race & Gender[]

The world of Vana'diel is home to many different races. After beginning the game, the player will not be able allowed to switch races or genders. Gender, like physical size, is purely an aesthetic and personal choice; base stats will remain static in terms of gender and model size.

Hume (Male/Female)
Possibly the most numerous of the five races. Humes have spread from Bastok to live all over Vana'diel. In comparison to the other races, Humes are characterized by having a fairly equal balance of abilities. Hume males begin with the Hume Tunic Set. Hume females begin with the Hume Vest Set. Humes starting in Bastok begin with the Bastokan Ring.
Elvaan (Male/Female)
A tall, slender race famed for their swordsmanship, the Elvaan form the majority of the population of San d'Oria. Elvaan males begin play with the Elvaan Jerkin Set. Elvaan females begin play with the Elvaan Bodice Set. Elvaan starting in San d'Oria begin with a San d'Orian Ring.
Tarutaru (Male/Female)
The Tarutaru form the majority of the population of Windurst and are known for their skill with magic. Although they outwardly resemble small children, their physical appearance belies their true age. Tarutaru characters begin with the Tarutaru Kaftan Set. Tarutaru starting in Windurst begin with a Windurstian Ring.
A race of catlike humanoids, the Mithra live in Windurst and its surrounding islands. They are characterized by their large ears, long tails, and superior agility. There are very few male Mithra, and only female Mithra venture out into the world. Mithra characters begin play with the Mithran Separates Set. Mithra starting in Windurst begin with a Windurstian Ring.
The Galka are a physically imposing race, and are the minority population of Bastok. Characterized by their hulking frames, the Galka are renowned for their unsurpassed strength. The Galka reproduce through a form of reincarnation and hence have no specific gender, but are generally considered to be male. Galka begin with the Galkan Surcoat Set. Galka starting in Bastok begin with the Bastokan Ring.

Face Type[]

Each race allows the player to choose from eight different face types. Select a face type and press the |Enter| key to make the choice.

Hair Color[]

Players may select between two hair colors per face type.

Character Models[]

There are playable Character Models.

Physical Size[]

After choosing the character's physical features, the player must select a body size of small, medium, or large. Body size, like gender, is purely an aesthetic and personal choice; base stats will remain static in terms of gender and model size.

Main Job (Standard Job)[]

Player must then must select a job for their character. Each job comes with a certain set of proficiencies that are collectively referred to as abilities. Players can select from six standard jobs when creating a character. The player can also change their job at anytime by going to their Mog House.

The standard jobs are the six jobs that can be selected when beginning the game. Depending on the starting job, players also gain one free item or spell as a bonus.

Close-combat specialists capable of using a wide variety of weaponry. Have a high defense rating stemming from their ability to wear many types of armor. Poor at using magic. Begins with an Onion Sword.
Martial artists whose bodies are deadly weapons. Can turn even the weakest of weapons into a destructive force. Begins with a White Belt.
White Mages
Experts in white magic that specialize in healing and recovery spells. Weak in close combat, and prohibited from using bladed weapons. Begins with an Onion Rod and the Cure healing spell.
Black Mages
Experts in black magic, specializing in offensive spells. Cannot use heavy armor that would compromise their ability to concentrate. Begins with the Stone attack spell and an Onion Staff.
Red Mages
Capable of using both white and black magic; adept at swordsmanship. However, Red Mages take far longer to master powerful spells than White or Black Mages due to their broad range of abilities. Begins with an Onion Dagger and the Dia enfeebling spell.
Agile combat support specialists that excel at hindering enemies and stealing their items rather than attacking directly. Begins with the Onion Knife.

Choosing a Name & World (server)[]

Choosing a Name[]

The name chosen must be between three and fifteen characters long. Press the |+| key to generate a random name for the character.

Choosing a World (server)[]

There is a limit to the number of people who can use one server (or world) at the same time. Because of this, identical worlds have been created on different servers to ensure that the maximum number of people can play. As of the March 8th update players are able to select the world that they wish to play on, this applies for each new character the player creates. After creating a character and logging into the game, players will be able to go adventuring with other player characters (or PCs) that exist in the same world.


Players will then be prompted to choose a nation in which they will begin their adventure. After deciding, the game will begin.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

In Final Fantasy XIV, character creation can be accessed from the login screen by selecting "New Character." The character creation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Race, Clan, and Gender
  2. Appearance
  3. Date of birth and patron deity
  4. Starting class and city-state
  5. Home World
  6. Character Name
Race, Clan, and Gender

Players select from the following options to begin creating a character.

Race Clans Gender
Male or Female
Male or Female
Male or Female
Miqo'teSeekers of the Sun
Keepers of the Moon
Male or Female
RoegadynSea Wolves
Male or Female
Au RaXaela
Male or Female
The Lost

Players can customize the following options for the character's appearance:

  • Height
  • Bust Size (Females only)
  • Skin Color
  • Tail Shape (Miqo'te and Au Ra only)
  • Tail Length (Miqo'te and Au Ra only)
  • Hairstyle
  • Hair Color
  • Face
  • Jaw
  • Eye Shape
  • Iris Size
  • Eye Color
  • Nose
  • Lip Color
  • Facial Features
  • Tattoos
  • Tattoo Color
  • Face Paint
Character Creation \u0026 Job Classes [Beginner's Guide] FFXIV

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