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Star Traders 4X Empires

Take command of humanity’s last survivors and rebuild an empire among the stars. In this immersive turn-based strategy game, you must lead the refugees of the great Exodus to a new home in hostile space and build a new galaxy-spanning civilization. To survive in the dark reaches of space, you will have to fight to protect your people, control rival factions, and unlock lost technology.

This challenging civilization-building game expands upon the universe of the original Star Traders RPG. As the leader of a splinter group who have fallen behind the main fleet, you have no choice but to settle nearby habitable worlds, stake your claim and try to prosper.

Your forces will face hostile aliens at every turn and your fleets will do battle in a challenging tactical conflicts across the solar systems. As the waves of stellar conflict wash across your empire, you’ll face invasions, devastating planetary bombardments and need to exact the same on alien infestations to expand your empire.

Within your own imperium, you must manage your economy, political realm, and technological research. The squabbling factions vie for power, unable to lay old rivalries to rest. Only your deft political maneuvering can build treaties and harmony over discord and war. From the helm, you must also construct a mighty economy, one capable of surviving the devastation of war and the attacks of political adversaries. A sprawling technology tree lies before you and your choice of technologies will determine the strategy of your galactic civilization. To survive, you’ll need to overcome some of these challenges, to succeed you must master them all.

Take control through the strategic use of spies, economics, politics, technology and advanced weaponry in the most engaging, expansive and intense turn-based sci-fi title. Rebuild the human civilization from the ashes of interstellar war to become the galaxy’s ultimate leader in Star Trader 4X Empires.

* Grow a ragtag band of survivors into a new galactic empire.
* Protect your colonies of galactic refugees from alien attack.
* Employ devious political and economic machinations to expand your domain.
* Use spies and espionage to get the upperhand on your enemies.
* Research and build incredible new ships, weapons and technologies.
* Trade with a vast universe full of rich, dynamic characters.
* Explore the galaxy and uncover its many secrets.
* Multiple difficulty levels and customizable map sizes.
* Risk everything to rescue refugees and keep them safe.

The Star Traders 4X Elite experience allows you to:
* Play on more than twice the maps, including large and huge Quadrants
* Play the Great Houses & Clans - Thulun, Javat, and Steel Song
* Unlock the Elite tech tree and gain access to hundreds of new upgrades
* Battle against twice the alien enemies and AI types
* Research 180 Technologies, 100 Weapon Types and 9 unique Hull Variants

Get ready for the fight of your life in Star Traders 4X Empires.

Star Traders 4X Empires is on Facebook:

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Don't Miss These 8 Android 4X Strategy Games

Looking for deep, challenging games, with a dose of complexity and strategy? Then you're probably looking for a 4X title, where the objective is to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate in order to dominate and win the game.

Many 4X titles can be played on desktop computers, but they're less common on mobile. We've previously taken a look at the choice of 4X strategy games for iOS, but what has Android got to offer?

1. Civilization Revolution 2

We'll start with the most popular name in the world of 4X, Civilization. This mobile version is the first time any title from the Civilization franchise has appeared on Android, although the original Civilization Revolution was available on iOS and even Windows Phone in 2012.

Released in 2014, Civilization Revolution 2 brings a slightly simplified version of Civilization V to your Android smartphone or tablet, with the turn-based 4X strategy game challenging you to take command of a famous civilization in human history and lead it to greatness.

The game is won via one of these four strategies: Domination (capture all enemy capitals), build the world bank and collect 20,000 gold pieces (Economic), convert 20 cities (Cultural) and Science (build a spacecraft and launch it to Alpha Centauri). How you achieve victory is up to you, but there is no set path.

Compared to Civilization V, this mobile version is almost a different game. It probably feels closer in depth to Civilization II, but this is no bad thing. What might be a problem is the price: $9.99 could be considered a bit steep for a mobile game, but on the other hand, there are no in-app purchases.

2. Rebuild

Most 4X games are set in the past, or in space. They almost always feature a randomly attacking enemy horde, such as the Barbarians in Civilization.

Rebuild is different.

Rather than placing you at the head of a tribe in the distant past or a group of colonists in the present, Rebuild drops you straight into a whole lot of trouble -- think Dawn of the Dead (or Shaun..., if you prefer!) and cross that with the typical elements of a 4X game and you're pretty much there.

There's no need to build your empire in the usual way, as your main aims are to gather the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, defend your fort, and expand your defensive unit by recapturing one building at a time. Killing zombies is a priority, as is rediscovering technology, but you'll have to be on your guard as rival bands of survivors can prove challenging, as well as disease and crime.

Available for just $2.99, Rebuild is an entertaining spin on the 4X genre. It doesn't try to copy Civilization, and in a genre full of Civ clones, that is a very good thing indeed.

3. Star Traders 4X

This RTS game is a strategy take on the Star Traders RPG, which is set in the same universe; and challenges you to protect your people, manipulate rivals, unlock technology and build a galactic civilization. If you can manage the economy, realm, and scientific development, you have a chance of success, but only using espionage and diplomacy to gain an upper hand.

A useful tutorial helps you to get started, although you can easily skip it.

Like free 4X titles? Check out Star Traders 4X and get lost in it!

4. Imperium Galactica 2 [No Longer Available]

Available for $5, this 4X RTS is a classic game brought back to life on Android.

Three playable campaigns are available for you to build massive, universe-spanning empires, with the option to use diplomacy or military force to dominate your enemies.

Renowned as a genre-defining 4X game, Imperium Galactica 2 features space and land battles, economy and population management, and customizable military units, among many other features. Forget about this being a paid title and give it a few hours of your time!

If you want more like this, check out our roundup of the best war strategy games.

5. Freeciv

This one has been around for a while, and is an open source clone of Civilization II, the 1995 sequel to the 1991 original. The similarities are stunning, and while Freeciv is perhaps more widely played on the desktop, it has its band of supporters on Android.

It's hardly a surprise. Back in 2014, this was the only Civ-like game for Android, unless you were prepared to run the original in an emulator.

There is one aspect to the game which might put you off, however. Despite the game being available for over five years, the developers have struggled -- or completely ignored the need -- to develop the user interface. The result is a slightly clunky experience that tries too hard to replicate the original desktop version, overlooking the needs of a mobile user.

But if you're prepared to overlook this, you'll get the full Civilization II-style experience, right there on your Android phone or tablet!

6. Populus Romanus

Think yourself as a Roman emperor? Populus Romanus puts you straight into that role, with a choice of 14 scenarios recreating various real-life scenarios, such as the First Punic War. Styled like a tabletop board game with hex-and-counter gameplay, this is an advanced strategy war game -- with a bit of Civilization mixed in.

You're thrown into the action immediately with the built-in scenarios, so you'll need to be quick-witted to work out what is going on, how to move, and how to engage in combat. Once you've got this worked out, however, and your cities are creating more units, the game becomes more strategic.

Populus Romanus is pretty addictive once you get over the slightly odd graphics.

7. MyCiv Alpha

Still in the development stage, MyCiv Alpha has a long way to go but marries polished graphics with Civilization-style gameplay -- as you'll gather from the title!

The game has quirks -- it's not entirely stable, the menu screen is portrait while the game itself plays in landscape mode (and neither will switch when your device is oriented) -- but it also makes use of the touchscreen to add some useful gesture support, such as pinching to zoom in and out of city view.

But there's a problem with pace, and a lack of movable pieces following the first turn means you're sat hitting Enter until your first piece is ready, a problem fixed by various other 4X games long ago.

If you're somehow still looking for your Civilization fix on Android despite Freeciv and Civilization Revolution 2, then MyCiv Alpha is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

8. Birth of the Empires

Think Microprose's Master of Orion 2 or Star Trek: Birth of the Federation, and you've got a good idea where Birth of the Empires is coming from. This turn-based 4X title puts you in charge of one of six different races, including humans, aiming to win by gaining diplomatic or military supremacy over the galaxy.

It will take some time for you to get going with this traditional, static-screened 4X classic, but once you've got started -- as with all of these titles -- you'll find yourself hooked, and falling back on the old "just one more turn" catchphrase at three in the morning.

For additional strategy games as well as other game genres you might enjoy, check out our suggestions.

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The best Android games 2021

The best strategy games for Android

Our favorite Android real-time strategy and turn-based games, board games, card games and map-making games.

Civilization VI

(Free + IAP)

Civilization VI isn’t some cut-down version of the famous PC turn-based strategy game. It is the famous PC turn-based strategy game, squeezed onto your Android device. This means effectively limitless empire building, from humble beginnings, through brutal battles, and eventually to a space race to the stars.

If you’ve not played Civ before, this is a deep game. It’s reasonably accessible, but designed to eat into hours of your day as you figure out how to keep your citizens happy, research technologies, and give your enemies a thorough kicking. There’s also the thorny issue of it being extremely demanding in a hardware sense.

However, if you’ve got a compatible device, the nimble fingers to deal with the complex interface, and the brainpower to conquer the world, you won’t find a better strategy title on mobile.

Note: Civ VI is a turn-limited free download. Unlock the main game for $19.99/£19.99/AU$33.99. Other campaigns are available as separate in-app purchases.

Kingdom Two Crowns


Kingdom Two Crowns is an Android game that pits your monarch and their subjects against the nasty Greed. Things start with you finding a campground and bribing the locals to do your bidding by lobbing them a few coins. Before long, they’re hunting nearby wildlife for food, and erecting fencing to keep out undesirables.

At nightfall, the demonic Greed rock up, stealing tools from leveled-up peasants (meaning you need to dig deep into your purse to retrain them), and – if you’re not careful – your crown. Losing your fancy headpiece means game over, and giving your heir a chance to beat the Greed.

This one’s very much about the long game, but it’s also an approachable slice of mobile strategy that rewards exploration, experimentation, and a certain amount of risk. That it looks gorgeous throughout and works wonderfully on a phone makes it unmissable.

Maze Machina 

(free + $1.99/£1.99/AU$3.59 IAP)

Maze Machina is an Android game that squeezes complex turn-based strategy into a shoebox-like four-by-four grid, packed with surprises. The premise is that the evil Automatron is testing tiny robot creations in a constantly evolving battlefield. You’re a mouse, desperately trying to survive.

The aim in each round is to grab a key and get to the exit, but every tile on the board imbues whatever’s standing on it with a special power. This might be a bomb to lob, a weapon with which to get all stabby, or the means to encase a foe in a block of ice.

Further complicating matters, every object on the board moves when you swipe. This transforms Maze Machina into a brain-smashing chess-like affair where every decision must be carefully weighed up before proceeding. It’s clever and compelling, and does an awful lot in a tiny space.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition 


Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a real-time strategy game in a shoebox. Rather than sprawling battles found in the likes of Total War, scraps in Bad North are confined to tiny islands your squads defend from invading Vikings.

As you win battles, with the hordes always just one step behind, you gradually acquire new skills. Squads can become archers or pikemen, the former being useful for ranged attacks, and the latter for keeping enemies at bay during the time it takes infantry to arrive.

Although originally for PC, Bad North comes alive on a touchscreen, as you direct your armies by taps, and spin an island with a finger. The bite-sized battles are great for scratching the RTS itch when you’re on the go – although completing the entire campaign is something that will require plenty of grit and experience.



Tropico puts the classic PC dictator simulator right in your pocket – which, given world events, might be a bit too on the nose these days. Still, if you fancy controlling a Caribbean Island with an iron fist (or, more often, quite a bit of bribery and populism), this is the Android game to go for.

It has quite an open nature, meaning you gradually learn the ropes, and how to get the most from your adoring public. Scant resources must be used carefully – you need to make money, but also keep the population happy and healthy. If they get a bit angry, you must deal with that, too.

Note that the Android system requirements are high, and so you need a powerful device to play. If you’ve got the kit, though, this is a solid mobile take on a classic desktop title.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion


Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion is – like the similarly impressive Rome: Total War – akin to time travel. A classic real-time strategy title, it originally arrived on PC in 2005. Well over a decade later, you can give those barbarians a kicking on Android as you seek to shore up a declining Roman Empire.

Make no mistake, this is a complex game with an awful lot going on. In-game advisors can assist, but before everyone gets a bit stabby, you’ll find yourself immersed in diplomacy, figuring out how to win the world to your favor without bloodshed. 

The combat is the prize, though, with you co-ordinating hundreds of troops across colossal battlefields. Daunting? Sure. But if you want full-fat PC-style strategy in your mitts, this is your game.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance


Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is a tower defense game with a twist. Rather than fending off evil attackers, you are the evil attacker – a wizard out for revenge on those who’ve previously thwarted his cunning plans.

This involves plonking down towers, unleashing special attacks, and directing a gigantic hero in order to wipe out waves of enemies. The logical oddness in you using tower defense to attack foes isn’t addressed; presumably, you advance off-camera once you’re done pummeling the enemy.

Still, this is all good stuff. The animation is superb, with dinky characters darting about. There’s plenty of variety and scope for shaking up tactics. Sadly, there’s also a slice of actual evil in the game hiding some tower and hero types behind IAP, but Vengeance nonetheless ends up a best-in-class title.



Twinfold takes the basic tile-merging mechanic of mobile puzzling classic Threes!, adds a massive dollop of dungeon crawling, and then drops the result into a procedurally generated maze. This mixture shouldn’t work, but it’s fantastic.

As you move, so do golden idols and enemies. Munch idols and they replenish your energy, but merge them and they grow in value – all the better for your XP when they’re finally eaten. But removing both in either case causes the entire maze to be redrawn.

With regularly spawning monsters and the very landscape being upended on a regular basis, Twinfold certainly keeps you on your toes. And although it can grate when the randomness leaves you in a terrible position, the potential for devising strategies – not least when you roll in regularly supplied power-ups – and longevity is immense.  

Concrete Jungle 


A massive upgrade over the developer’s own superb but broadly overlooked MegaCity, Concrete Jungle is a mash-up of puzzler, city management and deck builder.

The basics involve the strategic placement of buildings on a grid, with you aiming to rack up enough points to hit a row’s target. At that point, the row vanishes, and more building space scrolls into view.

Much of the strategy lies in clever use of cards, which affect nearby squares – a factory reduces the value of nearby land, for example, but an observatory boosts the local area. You quickly learn plonking down units without much thought messes up your future prospects.

Instead, you must plan in a chess-like manner – even more so when facing off against the computer opponent in brutally difficult head-to-head modes. But while Concrete Jungle is tough, it’s also fair – the more hours you put in, the better your chances. And it’s worth giving this modern classic plenty of your time.

Mini Metro 


There’s a disarmingly hypnotic and almost meditative quality to the early stages of Mini Metro. You sit before a blank underground map of a major metropolis, and drag out lines between stations that periodically appear.

Little trains then cart passengers about, automatically routing them to their stop, their very movements building a pleasing plinky plonky generative soundtrack.

As your underground grows, though, so does the tension. You’re forced to choose between upgrades, balance where trains run, and make swift adjustments to your lines. Should a station become overcrowded, your entire network is closed. (So...not very like the real world, then.)

Do well enough and you unlock new cities, with unique challenges. But even failure isn’t frustrating, and nor is the game’s repetitive nature a problem, given that Mini Metro is such a joy to play.

Hitman GO 


The original and best of the GO games, Hitman GO should never have worked. It reimagines the console stealth shooter as a dinky clockwork boardgame. Agent 47 scoots about, aiming to literally knock enemies off the board, and then reach and bump off his primary target.

Visually, it’s stunning – oddly adorable, but boasting the kind of clarity that’s essential for a game where a single wrong move could spell disaster. And the puzzles are well designed, too, with distinct objectives that often require multiple solutions to be found.

If you’re a fan of Agent 47’s exploits on consoles, you might be a bit nonplussed by Hitman GO, but despite its diorama stylings, it nonetheless manages to evoke some of the atmosphere and tension from the console titles, while also being entirely suited to mobile play.

Card Thief 

(free + $2.99/£2.99/AU$4.99 IAP)


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eXplorminate's Top Ten 4X Games of All Time List

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