Oversized anywhere chair insert

Oversized anywhere chair insert DEFAULT

Pottery Barn Chair Insert Instructions

  • Unzip the the slipcover using the zipper located on the bottom of the cover.

  • Pick up the largest foam insert; it will be labeled "Backrest." Insert the foam upward into the slipcover with the words "Backrest Front" facing forward. This will be the back of the chair.

  • Reach into the slipcover at the point where the backrest meets the bottom of the slipcover and locate two flaps of fabric. These flaps will tighten around the base of the backrest and hold it in place.

  • Insert the round arm inserts into the slipcover. The slipcover is cut to accommodate the armrests, so push the inserts into the slipcover to fill out the fabric arms. Once you've inserted both arms into the fabric, locate the fabric flaps for both arms, wrap them around the insert and tighten.

  • Place the final foam insert labeled "Seat Top" into the area between the armrests. The words "Seat Top" will face upward.

  • Zip the slipcover closed. Adjust the cushions if needed to remove any wrinkles.

  • Sours: https://homesteady.com/howpottery-barn-chair-insert-instructions.html


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    1. Join Date

      Default Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      We were at a playdate yesterday and my 1 year old daughter's friend had this and she LOVED it. I know she'll outgrow it eventually so I didn't want to spend too too much on itany ideas? Thanks

    2. Join Date

      Default RE: Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      There is a vendor on ebay who sells the inserts fairly cheaply -- he/she puts them up on a daily or near-daily basis and if you are patient for a week or two, you can usually grab one at the opening bid price. Just search "Pottery Barn anywhere chair" on ebay and you should see the vendor I mean (and if you do a completed items search, you'll see what they've gone for recently).

      The covers go on sale at PB's website periodically, too (if you do a search, there was a long thread about it the last time that some of the patterns were on sale).

    3. Join Date

      Default RE: Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      Ditto buying the insert on ebay. That's what i and many people i know did, and they're exactly the same.

      And fwiw, we got the chair for my son for his first birthday, and now at , he uses it more than ever with no sign of it getting too big any time soon. In fact, i was noticing how old the kid in the anywhere chair on the website (or catalog pic) was the other day, thinking that it's a purchase that will have a long life!

    4. Join Date

      Default RE: Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      ebay: although if you read the feedback, there is some question on whether the chair is really PBK
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      Default RE: Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      I got my DD the oversized chair for her bday. It was pricey, but it's really big. I can even sit in it! I did purchase the insert on ebay and didn't really get a big discount but I saved enough that it was cheaper than PBK with their shipping charges. DD loves her chair and I know it was an investment that she will use for many years. Altogether it cost $

      DD 2/04
      DS 10/5/10

    6. Join Date

      Default RE: Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      We also have the oversized PBK chair and love it. In factthat is our reading chair at night. I sit in the middle and the boys each sit on an arm and snuggle in.

      Mom to 3 sweet kids
      ~ ~

    7. Join Date
      SC, USA.

      Default RE: Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      This isn't exactly like the PBK chair, but I just got one for my daughter 2 weeks ago and she's in love with it! Plus, it's very sturdy.

      We've been very pleased with it, and it's only $40 so not a big investment.


    8. Join Date
      Atlanta, GA, USA.

      Default RE: Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      We also purchsed the Target version of this chair. I bought it on E-bay for $48 including shipping (Insert and Cover). My DD loves it and we are very pleased with it.

      There's some discussion about it on the Around the House forum.


    9. Join Date

      Default RE: Looking for a Cheaper Version of the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

      Yep, we have had this Target knock off one for 6 months or so and DD Loves it. She's in it/on it/over it all the time and still loves it. It has held up really well and was a much better price. She'll be in it for a long time to come.

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