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Nerf Zip 22 (April 2021) Let’s Read The Whole Details! >> Please read this article to explore a pistol found in the Phantom Forces and reveal its pros and cons.

There are many games and modes launched to serve the targeted customers and have added hundreds of items in them, about which people out there are constantly searching out to get the details.

 In this article below, we have mentioned details about the pistol found in the phantom forces.

We will discuss all its uses, where and when it will be found, relevant information about the game, and all the other facts. This Nerf Zip 22 is most searched over google in the United Statesas a significant number of players for phantom forces are there only.

What is Phantom Forces?

Phantom Forces is also a video game launched with the theme of a first-person shooter game. It was launched and developed by StyLiS Studios, and the game took its inspiration from Litozonnamon older projects like Call of Robloxia 5 and Battlefield 4.

The game is loved worldwide with mostly positive reactions; the like-dislike ratio of around 15:1 and Nerf Zip 22 is also related to the game. The player has to get the most kills within a limited time frame, for 15 minutes. Or the one who scored 200 kills before 15 minutes is declared the winner of the match.

 This game has seven modes, Flare Domination, King of the Hill, Kill Confirmed, Capture the Flag, Infection (Halloween 2019), Gun Game and Hard Point. All these modes offer different obstacles to the players making it an interesting platform.

What is Nerf Zip 22?

Now that you are familiar with the platform, Zip 22 is a pistol found in the game. It is a Modern American Pistol with Abysmal damage, a high headshot multiplier and deep reserves. The weapon is so strong that it holds the capacity to kill a million-dollar company.

This pistol is unlocked at 61 levels in the game and can also be purchased with credits. It is designed by Zip factory, known for the quality revolvers and a subsidiary to United States firearms.

This Nerf Zip 22 is rectangular and uses the 10-round rotary magazine. The weapon is required to aim for the headshot against enemies. It is not too easy to use and can only be handled by skilled players.

Benefits of the Gun:

It has minimum recoil and also has the fastest reload times. The gun has the highest total ammunition of all secondaries and has a semi-automatic fire rate cap.

Drawbacks of the Gun:

This pistol held only the small number of magazines and also has no too good penetration in-game. It has low muzzle velocity and also holds the lowest base damages.

Final Verdict:

In this article about Nerf Zip 22you have read about an American Pistol found in Phantom Forces. We have mentioned all the game basics for the new players and have mentioned all the related facts of the pistol.

Have you unlocked it yet? Please share your comments in the section below for better clarity, whether we have missed out somewhere or not!

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Nerf Zip 22 {April} Get Information Of Roblox Pistol!

Nerf Zip 22 {April} Get Information Of Roblox Pistol!>> Are you a Roblox GamePlayer? Have you come across with new Pistol in Phantom Forces? Then, this writing is for you to give you all the information about the new weapon.

Roblox game has got wide popularity globally, and many are trying different games in the Roblox and different in-game weapons to play the game in full spirit.

Zip 22is one of the Roblox guns found in the Phantom Forces. Zip guns are firearms, you can call ‘pistol’ with headshot multiplier. The news about Nerf Zip 22 is treading all over the United States. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What is Phantom Forces in Roblox?

Phantom game is also a video game. This game is the first-person shooter game; StyLis Studios released it. Zip 22 is in the game and is a weapon, which kills in a limited time, like just 15 minutes. Phantom Forces has seven modes. They are Flare Domination, Kill Confirmed, King the Hill, Capture the Flag, Infection, Gun Game and Hard Point. There are many tasks to complete throughout the game.  

What is Nerf Zip 22 In Roblox?

Zip 22 is 7SK, and a 9SK (Shot Kill) are the maximum amount of shots to kill an enemy in the game. It has a fast reload time and headshot multiplier of 2.8x. Aiming to the head target is required and should have pinpoint accuracy because it cannot kill the target with body shots. Zip 22 is used as an emergency weapon in the final rounds. The user should be skilled. Otherwise, it will not help players in a firefight. The pistol is unlocked only when you reach 61 levels in-game, and you can also purchase it with credits. 

Nerf Zip 22guns are available in Roblox games like in Adopt Me!, Phantom Forces, Arsenal, The Bees!, Plus Blaster and more. Nerf Micro shots and the new Pistol set have come in 2021 in the new series of Phantom Forces. You can buy Nerf Blasters or Mod Materials in-game store. For the gamers, Zip 22 is the best Sniper in Phantom Forces with two shots. It is so easy and good to kill and headshots to be more accurate in the game. 

People’s views:

People in the United States enjoy the gun in the game and say Nerf Zip 22 is the best gun and highly recommend it to get it. And few say it is not good as it requires accurate shots and target. There are a lot of memes over the media because of gun looks. Zip 22 turned into Nerf gun, which looks funny, and now the Nerf gun works well, but it shoots small bullets and has low penetration and base damages. Nerf Zip 22 is a rectangle and required a 10 round rotary magazine. 

Final Verdict: 

After discussing Nerf Zip 22, we found that Phantom Forces of Roblox game got a spawn sponsorship deal or collaboration with Nerf, and players can get Nerf gun in-game store. Have you purchased Nerf Zip 22 in-game and played with it? If yes, do share your viewpoints and experiences with us.

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A modern American 'pistol' with questionable quality. Abysmal damage, but with deep reserves and a high headshot multiplier. A weapon so bad it killed a million dollar company.

–In-game description

ZIP 22


Weapon Type

Weapon Class



Head Mult.

Torso Mult.

Limb Mult.


Hip Accuracy

Aim Accuracy



10 + 1


Fire Modes

Fire Rate


1000 RPM

The ZIP 22 is an American Pistol. It is unlocked at rank 61, or it can be bought with credits.


The USFA ZiP .22 LR, more commonly referred to as the ZIP 22, was an American pistol designed by ZiPFactory, a subsidiary to United States Fire Arms (USFA), most well known for their work on quality revolvers. The ZIP 22 is chambered in the .22 Long Rifle cartridge and takes Ruger 10/22 rifle magazines, most notably the 10 round rotary magazine used by the rifle. The firearm itself has the appearance of a rectangle with a barrel sticking out of it. The ZiP 22 was also designed to be used as an attachment itself–it may be attached on the underside of a barrel, where a grip would usually be.

Common complaints about the ZIP 22 often include it double feeding when firing and the general ergonomics of the weapon, often being referred to as "weird." The gun is also unsafe when reloading since a user would need to put their hand in front of the barrel when reloading the weapon. The weapon has the tendency to jam due to its chamber being so long that when a round is ejected, it is unlikely to completely clear the gun before the bolt closes, resulting in a failure known as a "stovepipe". Additionally, the awkward ergonomics combined with the small caliber ensured that it could neither function as a target pistol nor a weapon of self defense.

USFA, the weapon's manufacturer, had to sell off production equipment for their more profitable weapons (like replicas of historically significant revolvers) in order to make the ZiP 22. This was a terrible mistake, as the pistol's release was met with bad reception. USFA shut down three years after discontinuing the ZiP.


General Information

The ZIP 22 is a seven-shot kill (7SK) up close and a 9SK with its minimum damage, the highest amount of shots required to kill an enemy in-game. The ZIP 22 makes up for this low damage with minimal recoil. It also has the fastest reload time in the game. In addition, it has a headshot multiplier of 2.8x, one of the highest in game and allows it to achieve a 3SK at any range. In addition, the ammunition reserve is ridiculously high and is the sixth highest in the game. The reserves of the weapon are so deep as to nearly match even LMGs with how much ammunition the weapon has available. Running out of ammunition with the weapon should never be an issue.

Other than these notes, the ZIP 22 otherwise acts like a normal pistol, featuring pistol handling characteristics, pistol muzzle velocity, and pistol reloading speeds.

Usage and Tactics

The ZIP 22 requires aiming for the head when going against enemies. Unless the user has pin-point accuracy, it is quite hard to kill a target with the ZIP 22 in one magazine with body shots alone. Even with headshots, the ZIP 22 still lacks the necessary strengths up close that guns like the M9 or G17 have to make it a functional sidearm; to deal raw high damage and have a higher magazine capacity. 

The ZIP 22 is often best used as an emergency weapon, good for dealing the final blows on enemies where one's primary weapon has failed. It is a good choice if one wants to have plentiful ammunition, especially on maps like Mirage, where scavenging ammunition can be difficult.

The ZIP 22 relies heavily on the element of surprise. While it will not effectively take care of players in a fair firefight unless the user is incredibly skilled, the ZIP can lend itself well with surprise attacks. For anyone new to the ZIP, try to stay out of head-on firefights as much as possible, and instead take the enemy by surprise. Flanking is highly recommended, as is attaching a standard Suppressor. 

Optics may need to be used to help make it easier to aim for the head, although it is not required. There is no need to use any recoil reducing barrel attachments since recoil is already minimal. Suppressors may come in handy so that the user does not attract attention to themselves while firing, essential for a weapon that can take a while to eliminate a target. Like the Henry 45-70, the Suppressor can be either extremely crippling or surprisingly useful as the normal suppressor maintains the ZIP's 3SK headshot at any range.

The VCOG 6x Scope is available for those who need the higher zoom to aim for the head at longer ranges, and is surprisingly effective at medium-long ranges as well, assuming the user has enough skill to aim for the head. If one has taken a liking to the magnification level of the iron sights, but wants a clearer sight picture, the half- and full-ring sights are viable on the ZIP 22.

Something to note is that its visual recoil is greater than its actual recoil, meaning that the actual shots don’t vary in landing spots as much as it would appear, making it easy to spam click as long as the target hasn’t moved, as the player’s shots will almost always land in the same spot, despite the gun's visual recoil indicating otherwise.


The ZIP 22 is a very difficult gun to use, however, more skilled players may find a way to effectively use the weapon, as its minimal recoil and 3SK with headshots at any range make the ZIP 22 very deadly in experienced hands. However, as a functional sidearm or backup weapon for the average user, low damage barring headshots results in the ZIP 22 failing to deliver. Because of its (relatively) high headshot damage and low recoil, it can be effectively used to train to go for headshots.

Pros & Cons


  • 3SK to the head at any range, even with a suppressor (excluding the R2 Suppressor).
  • Minimal recoil.
  • Fastest reload times in-class.
  • Highest total ammunition of all secondaries (190 rounds total).
  • Very high RoF, with the highest semi-automatic firerate cap.
  • Has access to the Pro Mag.
  • Access to Rat shot, thus making it the fastest firing shotgun in the game at 1000 RPM.


  • Small magazine capacity.
  • Worst base penetration in-game.
  • Lowest base damage in-game.
  • Extremely fast range drop-off—ending at 60 studs.
  • Low muzzle velocity.
  • Rat shot further worsens the damage.


  • The .22 LR caliber has in fact seen military service.
    • The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WW2 used suppressed .22 LR pistols, mainly concealed as pencils or pens.
    • Ruger MKII pistols with suppressors were used by the Navy SEALs in the 1990s.
    • The Israelis have also used the Ruger 10/22 rifle for riot control.
  • The weapon's description references how awful the ZiP 22 was and how it killed its company.
  • The ZIP 22 may be compared to the Kolibri from Battlefield 1. Both play practically the same roles in their respective games: an incredibly weak pistol that can be used effectively by skilled players, but for the most part serves as a joke weapon to have fun with.
  • The ZIP 22 is one of two bullpup secondaries in the game, the other being the Arm Pistol.
  • The ZIP 22 has the fourth highest headshot multiplier in the game, behind most sniper rifles (excluding the Dragunov SVU, Dragunov SVDS, and the WA2000), GB-22 and the M1911/M45A1 using the dart conversion.
    • As such, it can out-damage both 9×19mm semi-auto secondaries with headshots.
  • The VCOG 6x Scope on the ZIP 22 had the same reticle as the VCOG on the Hecate II and 1858 Carbine before the optics were updated.
  • Being a very small weapon in real life, the ZIP 22 has one of the smallest weapon models in-game.
  • The ZIP 22 has been subject to a variety of tests in the test place:
    • When the ZIP 22 was first in the test place, the Laser was attached to the magazine, meaning that it would be thrown away with the magazine.
    • During testing, it also had an incorrect 2x hyperburst mode, similar to the AN-94's.
    • The ZIP 22 used to have an attachment called the Spring Mod, located in the Other category, allowing the ZIP 22 to fire fully automatic. However, it never escaped the testing phase.
  • Prior to the Halloween update, the ZIP 22 had the third fastest RoF in-game at 2000 RPM.
  • Prior to update 4.2.0, the ZIP 22 was in the Other category of the secondary weapons. It has since been relocated to the Pistols category.
  • A golden version of the ZIP 22 is used in the Gun Game gamemode, named La Rata. It is a ZIP 22 with Pro mag and Rat shot, though unable to aim down its sights. It is the last firearm a player will use before they must melee an enemy to win.
  • A stock was added to the ZIP 22 as part of the Canada Day Update.
    • It will appear on the ZIP 22 if a high power optic or set of replacement irons are equipped.
  • On April 13, 2021, Hasbro announced their official partnership with Roblox and released a Nerf blaster similar in appearance to the ZIP 22.[1]
    • A game update was released on the same day to "nerf" it, giving it a 300 stud/sec muzzle velocity and a color scheme to match the Nerf toy.
    • The Toy Gun melee was made in advance of the announcement. It remains to be seen if the model will be updated to match the Nerf blaster, as the coloration happens to be the same.
  • Equipping the Pro mag does not change the amount of reserve ammo to a number that's divisible by 50( the amount of rounds the Zip holds with the attachment equipped). However this can easily be fixed by equipping Rat shot alongside the Pro mag as it decreases the amount of reserve ammo to a number that can.


3.1.0 Introduced
3.14.1 RPM reduced to 780 (was 2000)

Walkspeed increased to 15 (was 14)

RPM reduction seems to have been aimed at stopping auto-clickers.
4.0.2 RPM increased to 1000 (was 780) Unknown reason for RPM increase.
4.6.1 Weapon description added
4.7.0 Animations changed Prior to this update, the ZIP 22 was using animations from the G17/G18.

Mag-in and mag-out were replaced.
Bolt cycling animation now properly depresses the charging handle.


ZIP22 angled

The current ZIP 22 gun model.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.01.50 PM

The current ZIP 22 equipped.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.01.51 PM


Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.01.54 PM

Inspecting the current ZIP 22 #1

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.02.02 PM

Inspecting the current ZIP 22 #2


The ZIP 22 in real life.


The Zip 22 in real life with the Pro Mag.

Nerf ZIP 22

The Nerf blaster released by Hasbro based on Phantom Forces' ZIP 22.


Zip 22 nerf

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