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REST API in JavaScript- GET & POST Request | 2 Speedy Ex.

Example POST Request

“message”: “Hello
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This has the POST method which is usually used to create things through a REST API. POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests can have a body. In this case, the body is: 
"message": "Hello World!"
Okay, now we'll dive into the code!

Introducing the JavaScript Fetch Library

The easiest way to call a REST API in JavaScript is to use the fetch library. It is built into the standard JavaScript library and can be used to make all sorts of HTTP calls. Documentation for the fetch library can be found at Moz but we will cover everything you need to interact with a REST API in this tutorial.

When running JavaScript in the browser there is no need to import anything. Simply use fetch like this

This will make an HTTP call to In the next chapters, we will learn how to display the data and how to make different types of requests.

Making a GET Request in JavaScript

Now that we know the basics about GET requests and the fetch API, let's make a GET request in JavaScript!

For this tutorial, I have created a mock API using a tool called Mocki. You can use the API URL that I use in the examples, create your own mock or use a real API of your choosing.

Since the default method in fetch is GET we don't need to specify it in the function call. We simply need to do the following: Below is the example of REST API in JavaScript by Mock API.

.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => console.log(data);
This should log the following to the console:
"berries": ["strawberry", "blueberry", "raspberry"]
Now we can fetch data from the server.

Making a POST Request in JavaScript

This is an important part of REST API in JavaScript, Now learn to make a POST request in Javascript. Time to try our hands-on making a POST request. Since this is not the default method in the fetch API we need to add it in the fetch() call. We also need to add some data to our request, in this case, we will pass an empty object ({}) as the body. 

fetch('', { method: 'POST', body: {} })
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => console.log(data);
This time the following should be logged to the console:
"status": "OK"
The same structure can be used for PUT, DELETE and PATCH requests. Just use the correct method in the call to fetch().

Adding Headers

In many cases, we need to add headers to interact with a REST API. Typically you need an API key that is usually passed as a header to the API. In this example, we add an API key as a header when making a GET request. In adding the header please keep in mind the method and response to using REST API in JavaScript.

fetch('', { method: 'POST', headers: {
'x-api-key': '9ff709f9-a598-4934-9f9b-cbb889ecbc03' } })
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => console.log(data);
Using the fetch library is a quick and easy way to interact with REST APIs in JavaScript. While there are more advanced libraries out there fetch supports all types of HTTP requests and should cover everything you need to use a REST API as a beginner.


In this using REST API in JavaScript, tutorial we have learned:

  1. What parts an HTTP request consists of
  2. How a couple of common requests can be structured.
  3. How to make API requests in JavaScript including data in the body as well as headers.

Thanks for reading and good luck integrating towards your next REST API.

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1) Explain what is REST and RESTFUL?

REST represents REpresentational State Transfer; it is a relatively new aspect of writing web API.

RESTFUL is referred for web services written by applying REST architectural concept are called RESTful services, it focuses on system resources and how state of resource should be transported over HTTP protocol to different clients written in different language. In RESTFUL web service HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE can be used to perform CRUD operations.

2) Explain the architectural style for creating web API?

The architectural style for creating web api are

  • HTTP for client server communication
  • XML/JSON as formatting language
  • Simple URI as the address for the services
  • Stateless communication

3) Mention what tools are required to test your web API?

SOAPUI tool for SOAP WS and Firefox “poster” plugin for RESTFUL services.

4) Mention what are the HTTP methods supported by REST?

HTTP methods supported by REST are:

  • GET: It requests a resource at the request URL. It should not contain a request body as it will be discarded. Maybe it can be cached locally or on the server.
  • POST: It submits information to the service for processing; it should typically return the modified or new resource
  • PUT: At the request URL it update the resource
  • DELETE: At the request URL it removes the resource
  • OPTIONS: It indicates which techniques are supported
  • HEAD: About the request URL it returns meta information

5) Mention whether you can use GET request instead of PUT to create a resource?

No, you are not supposed to use PUT for GET. GET operations should only have view rights, while PUT resource is used for updating a data.

6) Mention what are resources in a REST architecture?

Resources are identified by logical URLs; it is the key element of a RESTful design. Unlike, SOAP web services in REST, you view the product data as a resource and this resource should contain all the required information.

7) Mention what is the difference between AJAX and REST?

  • In Ajax, the request are sent to the server by using XMLHttpRequest objects. The response is used by the JavaScript code to dynamically alter the current page.
  • REST have a URL structure and a request/response pattern the revolve around the use of resources.
  • Ajax is a set of technology; it is a technique of dynamically updating parts of UI without having to reload the page.
  • REST is a type of software architecture and a method for users to request data or information from servers.
  • Ajax eliminates the interaction between the customer and server asynchronously.
  • REST requires the interaction between the customer and server.

7) Mention some key characteristics of REST?

Some key characteristics of REST includes

  • REST is stateless, therefore the SERVER has no state (or session data)
  • With a well-applied REST API, the server could be restarted between two calls as every data is passed to the server
  • Web service mostly uses POST method to make operations, whereas REST uses GET to access resources

8) Mention what are the different application integration styles?

The different integration styles include

  • Shared database
  • Batch file transfer
  • Invoking remote procedure (RPC)
  • Swapping asynchronous messages over a message oriented middle-ware (MOM)

9) Explain how JAXB related to RESTful web API?

JAXB stands for java arch for XML binding.

10) Mention what is the difference between PUT and POST?

“PUT” puts a file or resource at a particular URI and exactly at that URI. If there is already a file or resource at that URI, PUT changes that file or resource. If there is no resource or file there, PUT makes one

POST sends data to a particular URI and expects the resource at that URI to deal with the request. The web server at this point can decide what to do with the data in the context of specified resource

PUT is idempotent meaning, invoking it any number of times will not have an impact on resources.

However, POST is not idempotent, meaning if you invoke POST multiple times it keeps creating more resources

11) Mention which markup language can be used in restful web api?

JSON and XML are the two markup language that can be used in restful web api

12) Mention what is the difference between RPC or document style web services? How you determine to which one to choose?

In document style web services, we can transport an XML message as part of SOAP request which is not possible in RPC style web service. Document style web service is most appropriate in some application where XML message behaves as document and content of that document can alter and intention of web service does not rely on the content of XML message.

13) Mention what is JAX-WS and JAX-RS?

Both JAX-WS and JAX-RS are libraries (APIs) for doing communication in various ways in Java. JAX-WS is a library that can be used to do SOAP communication in JAVA, and JAX-RS lets you do the REST communication in JAVA.

14) List out the tools or API for developing or testing web api?

Testing tools for web services for REST APIs includes

  • Spring REST web service using MVC
  • Jersey API
  • CXF
  • Axis
  • Restlet,

15) Mention what is the difference between SOAP and REST?
  • SOAP is a protocol through which two computer communicates by sharing XML document.
  • Rest is a service architecture and design for network-based software architectures.
  • REST supports many different data formats
  • SOAP based reads cannot be cached
  • SOAP is like custom desktop application, closely connected to the server
  • A REST client is more like a browser; it knows how to standardized methods and an application has to fit inside it
  • It runs on HTTP but envelopes the message
  • It uses the HTTP headers to hold meta information
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