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In the social media age, a cake is a piece of art that’s meant to be shared with the world.

When a simple grocery store sheet cake just won’t do, why not try one of these five creative and delicious birthday cakes? After all, these bakers prove that desserts can be high art, too.

1. Roblox cake

This gaming platform just got a lot sweeter. Using a cake comb, a block embosser and a lot of frosting, TikToker Liz Nicolaou (@loveisbakeable) transforms a standard cake into a gamer’s dream. 

2. Mini sprinkles cake

This tiny cake is perfect for a one-person celebration! TikToker Lindsey (@lindseybakedthis) specializes in adorable cupcakes and mini cakes, and decided to make one for herself on her birthday! The chocolate center, sprinkle frosting and pink drip topping come together to make a tiny, perfect cake. She even topped it with a single candle. Happy eating!

3. Castle cake

Featuring fondant, ice cream cones and molds, this cake has it all! This castle takes a lot of time and artistry to create, and Mimo (@bakemydaymimo) delivers with an adorably delicious final product. 

4. Dino cake

This adorable red T-Rex cake took a lot of patience and tools to make. Baker John (@johndenim) was inspired by Jurassic Park but wanted his cake to be a smaller, cuter take on a terrifying, havoc-wreaking dinosaur. 

5. ‘Starry Night’ cake

This cake is the perfect treat for an art history lover. TikToker Sara (@artofsuga) really captured the Van Gogh painting. It almost looks too beautiful to eat. Viewers agree! Many TikTokers commented on the talent and artistry that went into this delicious masterpiece.

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With the explosion of the social media app, Tik Tok, you are bound to find tweens and teens asking for a Tik Tok cake for their birthday or special occasion.

We decided to compile a list of 13 cute Tik Tok cake themes/designs that can inspire or give you ideas for what the cake should look like.

The easiest way to nail a Tik Tok birthday cake is by just simply using the black, blue, pink colors and throw on the logo.

While it seems simple, when done properly, the end result is really something that will be perfect for your social media themed party.

To have a successful Tik Tok cake, you need to have a lot of color that pops. Blues, pinks and chocolate always work perfectly together for these types of cakes. Don’t forget glitter, A LOT of glitter.

The elements needed for a great Tik Tok cake is popping colors and any and everything related to music.

You can get really creative with different styles and the teens/tweens who get this cake will be pleasantly surprised.

Just having the Tik Tok logo is enough to bring the excitement with the birthday cake, you can however take it up a notch by throwing in some headphones.

Tik Tok is about the music and headphones is a great way to drive home that point.

A pink Tik Tok birthday cake is a cute way to bring the social media app to life in a baked form. If you have a teen or tween who loves pink, making the color the focus of the cake, along with all the colors of the logo, you are bound to have a cake that is going to be the highlight of all discussions.

A great way to bring the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ to the birthday celebration is a stacked Tik Tok birthday cake. These

While most people go with the TikTok logo when going with this themed cake, you do things a bit different by utilizing various elements associated with the social media app.

Hearts, emojis and just about anything else you can think of can all be used to make your Tik Tok themed birthday cake extra special. Everyone will love it when they see all those cute additions, especially if they are used to seeing it in the app.

You can always jazz up your cake, with embellishments related to music & Tik Tok. Microphone, headphones and a camera all work to give the cake some extra oomph and style.

If you want a winning cake, then make it colorful. Black, mint and pink seem to be the go to colors that win and by combining them together, you have a nicely designed cake, as the colors complement each other.

A great way to jazz up your tick-tock cake, is by throwing A pair of headphones on top. It will really highlight the musical aspect of the social media at

Be extra! Aside from having a really nice design, you can throw on some candy for that extra sweet touch. Be creative and sweet, remember sugar is your friend!

Tik Tok is social media that is all about the music. A great way to showcase that is by mixing in musical notes with likes and hearts. You can take it a step further by throwing in some popular hashtags, as well as the tweens/teen @.

While most people opt for fondant, you can have success with a buttercream Tik Tok cake. Really easy to pull off as you can just throw in some color, stars and candy. The end result is still a win, without a ton load of work.


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Are you planning a TikTok birthday cake for a Tik Tok party? Don’t worry, you’ll be right on trend with these amazing TikTok cake ideas!

A list of TikTok Cake ideas

Learn how to make a TikTok cake with recipes and instructional tutorials to make the perfect TikTok cake for girls, boys, kids, and teens who are in love to follow long with the latest TikTok craze.

This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for more details.

Download our free TikTok Cupcake Toppers and wrappers to easily create some homemade TikTok themed cupcakes.

You can't go wrong with a Tik Tok birthday cake by using the black, blue, pink color palette and add a logo cake topper.

Smile! Add a picture of the birthday girl or boy to the cake for an extra special surprise.

A custom Tiktok Cake topper is the easiest way to add the Tiktok Theme to any cake.

This edible TikTok Cake topper is another easy cake hack. Simply add this topper to a storebought cake and you'll be ready to go.

A cupcake pull-apart cake is always a great option for a cake. They are easy to make, look great, and super easy to serve at the party. This TikTok Pull Apart Cupcake Cake is sure to go down a treat with your guests.

If you are up for a little DIY - use these cookie cutters for some fondant music note and headphones cake decorations.

Whether you decide on a simple TikTok Cake a take one of the advanced options these TikTok cake ideas will be a hit with your party guest,

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