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A unique take on a monogram ring, this piece draws on the tradition of stone set rings and makes it modern with a sharp, bezel-set square diamond inlay in bloodstone.

We love a design that pulls together a life story. This ring brings together the family history of the coat of arms with the naval service of the wearer and uses an oxidized finish to create a rustic, masculine look.

Featuring a traditional crest design cast in 14K gold, this design is mirrored so the ring can be used for its intended purpose: creating wax seals.

Combining the symbols of three universities, this ring tells the story of its wearer's academic path to his PhD.

Crafted in 14K gold, this set of monogram rings represents the couple that designed it and will be passed down for generations to come.

A design created for a team of 5 firefighters, this oxidized silver ring is masculine, rugged, and unforgettable.

A beautiful example of a traditional crest ring, this 14K gold design features highly polished surfaces with textured design elements to make the design really stand out.

With raised elements against a textured background, the collection of unique design touches on this monogram ring are sure to catch a lot of eyes.

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Family Crest Jewellery

Family Crest Jewellery, featuring your Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest ensures your custom made item will be handed down for generations.

Handcast from your Family Coat of Arms, each piece of Jewellery is custom designed with our Jeweller, who has been creating our unique Heraldic pieces for over ten years, and has over 40 years creating bespoke jewellery pieces and designs. He resides on the Gold Coast.

Your unique Family Crest Jewellery item can be made from Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold, Titanium or Sterling Silver.

Some designs have a combination of different metals to give it a two or tri tone effect. This is great if your Coat of Arms has multiple colours.

Family Crest Jewellery Rings are made specifically to your finger size, so it is important to get your finger measured at a local jewellers.

All family crest jewellery items must be individually quoted and require the correct ring size at the time of making the request. Prices displayed are indicative only.

The design process can take a few days or a few weeks to get it just right. The entire process is done via emails, photographs and phone calls, with detailed CAD drawings employed in some situations to ensure no detail is left out.
You chose from the Top part of the Family Crest, The Main Shield or your full Coat of Arms. Select the design style and ensure to have your finger correctly measured at a local jewellers.

All of our handmade coat of arms rings and family crest jewellery pieces are marked with identifiable stamps. These marks identifies the Jeweller who created the piece and that it is Australian made. The Guild mark identifies that the item was made in a workshop. The marking system provides full provenance of the item in the marketplace, often with subsequent valuation. The marking system enables the owner to trace the jeweller in case of repair or maintenance.

There are a few options to reduce the cost of your family crest jewellery ring – such as a Hollow Back or Flat back finish. The Hollow Back uses less metal, and reduces the overall weight of the piece. It doesn’t look or feel as finished as a Flat Back, but may help in aligning the finished item with your budget.

If you are serious about having your very own piece of family crest jewellery designed and made, we can talk about an interest free payment installment plan, without the need for credit cards. There are many options available to you to help acquire your item. Please ask and tell us if you would like to pay the item off over an agreed time frame. family Crest Jewellery will be sent to you once you’ve paid for your item in full.

Call us to talk about your desired family crest jewellery piece, and to see how your Family Coat of Arms can adapt to suit your fingers, ears, cufflinks, bracelets, brooches, tie and money clips. If you can think of it, we can create it. If you have a special family crest jewellery request, please let us know.

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What are family crests?

Family crests date back to the days of knights in shining armour. They were a component of the heraldry emblazoned on their armour, shield and flags to identify them at jousting tournaments or on the battlefield. Overtime they developed and became beautiful, symbolic artforms to represent the family name.



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What is Heraldry?

Heraldry evolved in the Middle Ages to identify the wearer of armour in battle and flourished with the popularity of jousting tournaments. Heraldic markings started with simple colours and shapes and became more complicated over time. The descriptions of the various heraldic markings were recorded in Norman English as "Blazons"(see Glossary). The rules which developed under the presiding officers of the tournaments still form the basis of heraldic law.

In the 15th Century the presiding officers formed the College of Arms which is run by the Garter Principal King of Arms. Its members, known collectively as Officers of Arms, have historic names dating back to the origins of heraldry such as Garter, Clarenceaux and Norroy, Apart from the ceremonial duties at important state occasions the main duties of the Officers of Arms are the granting and matriculating of arms and the dealing of all matters to do with ceremony, peerage law, succession to titles, heraldry and genealogy.

Ireland had its own version in the Ulster Office but since 1948 the post of Ulster King of Arms has been combined with Norroy. Wales is represented by the Wales Herald Extraordinary. Scottish heraldic matters are managed separately by the Lyon Court in Edinburgh presided over by the Lord Lyon King of Arms who forms part of the Scottish legal system. The heraldic system used in Scotland is much more complicated than in England. A Scottish Clan badge is usually the Chiefs crest surrounded by a buckled belt bearing a motto.

What is a Coat of Arms?

A coat of arms is the entire heraldic device including the mantling, a helmet, a crest, a motto and, in the case of peers and clan chiefs, a coronet and supporters. They are displayed on a shield and together they identify the owner who has been granted the right to bear arms. A son will inherit his father's arms and quarter them with his mothers and so on making some coats of arms very complicated.


What is a Crest?

The crest sits on top of the coat of arms, often above the symbol of a helmet. This reflects its medieval origins as a means of identification during combat when an emblem would be attached to the top, or crest, of the combatant's helmet. Unlike a coat of arms, the crest can remain the same across generations and different branches of one family.

Sometimes a family's crest is a play on the surname (e.g. the Trotters have a trotting horse) or an emblem of its occupation or trade. A ducal coronet may be added to the crest of a Bishop while a mural coronet can signify a military distinction and a naval coronet a naval one.

However it is not unusual for branches of one family to develop different crests to distinguish themselves. If they are not accompanied by a coat of arms, crests are usually shown on top of a twisted band (a wreath), coronet or cap (called a chapeau) reflecting their historic origin. Traditionally, only crests were engraved on the family's silver in the United Kingdom as the full coat of arms was reserved for larger and more ceremonial items


Family Crest Jewelry, military rings, brooches and the like, are all pieces of jewellery (spelled “Jewelry” in the United States). Jewellery can be made out of just about any material known to man, from very expensive to very inexpensive. The list of possible materials includes precious metals such as gold, sterling silver and platinum. Base metals such as silver plate, brass or pewter can be used. Precious and semi-precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies make jewelry affordable.

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Fashion & Costume Jewelry

Family Crest Jewelry has existed since prehistoric times. Often persons of importance during ancient times were buried with their jewellery. Most probably jewelry originated as a form of pinning clothes together and as a way to store and later display wealth. Although it can still be used for those purposes, jewellery is now used almost exclusively for personal adornment or as a fashion accessory.

Jewellery can symbolize membership in a group, such as a Masonic ring or a Christian crucifix. It can be used to denote a particular status, such as a papal ring, a royal signet ring or even a military ring indicating that the person wearing it is married. High-quality jewelry (known as fine jewelry) is made of precious metals and sometimes precious gems. Costume jewellery which is often quite flashy is made of base metals. Synthetic simulated stones such as cubic zirconia or rhinestones are used most of the time.

Custom Family Crest Rings

Family Crest jewellery can be extremely expensive and, since it almost always retains and even appreciates in value. It can be looked at as a form of investment. Goldsmiths, silversmiths and lapidaries are the most common jewellery makers. The methods that they use include forging, casting, soldering or welding, cutting, carving, and a technique called “cold-joining,” which uses adhesives or rivets to assemble the jewelry components. Family Crest Rings are a fine example of fine jewelry.

family crest jewelry

Gold Military Rings

Most American and European gold jewellery is not made of pure gold, but rather of an alloy of gold – a mixture of gold and some other metal. The purity of the gold used in a ring or other piece of jewelry is identified in karats. American gold jewellery must be at least 10K (a little more than 40% gold in the alloy) and is typically no more than 18K (75% pure gold). Higher percentages of gold are much less common, more expensive, and usually considered to be too soft for jewellery use. Gold military rings are mostly made of 10K gold, as it’s very durable.

Body Jewelry

Jewellery can be used to decorate just about any body part. Most typically these include fingers, wrists, ears, arms and necks, but recently there has been a huge increase in the popularity of “body jewelry” that adorns navels, tongues, noses and other more unusual parts of the body. Jewellery can be a gift for someone you love, a gift that perfectly symbolizes your affection.

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Jewellery family crest

Plantagenet Style Arms

This arms is a popular design, similar to a style originating in this later high medieval period. Graced by the bold imposing ‘great helm’. This style of helmet was used in the 12th century and became a symbol of the crusades.

Example Shows Engraving 'For Show' - Enlarged Image 'Traditional Seal / Reversed'

  • Williams Plantagenet Style Arms
  • Johnson Tudor Style Arms
  • Tudor Style Arms

    More decorative mantling and helm styles became popular at the time of the renaissance, when artistry became synonymous with, and a symbol of learning. This versatile style of arms allows for plenty of space to incorporate an ornate crest.

    Example Shows Engraving 'For Show' - Enlarged Image 'Traditional Seal / Reversed'

    Habsburg Style Arms

    Ornamental, ornate and imposing style or arms with choice of decorative supporters. Popularised throughout Europe C15th - C16th, originating in Austria where this ruling family dominated Europe. Have some fun choosing your own combination of helmet and supporters.

    Example Shows Engraving 'For Show' - Enlarged Image 'Traditional Seal / Reversed'

  • Fitzpatrick Habsburg Style Arms
  • Strobel Family Name / Valois Style Arms / Elevated Engraving
  • Valois Style Arms

    Reminiscent of the style of Early 16th Century. The arms features a typical French style helmet which was considered advanced military equipment of the age. This bold masculine style arms offers plenty of room for the key features of your shield. Works well used with or without name/motto banner.

    Our Example Shows Elevated Style Engraving of Shield & Name

    Louis XIV Style Arms

    Exemplifying everything about the ornate style of the baroque era, this ornate and decorative style of arms will suit a larger ring head to depict the details of your shield and crest, although space can be saved by choosing not to have a ribbon.

    Example Shows Engraving 'For Show' - Enlarged Image 'Traditional Seal / Reversed'

  • Smith Louis XIV Style Arms
  • Kenney Lombardy Style Arms
  • Lombardy Style Arms

    Across Europe, but particularly from the regions of what is now northern Italy, on town walls of forgotten principalities, you can see examples similar in style where the shield is decorated just with a helmet and simple decoration. This feminine style of arms suits a smaller signet ring favoured by petite hands. It allows the key details of the shield to be seen clearly even on a smaller ring head.

    Example Shows Engraving 'For Show' - Enlarged Image 'Traditional Seal / Reversed'

    Union Arms

    A simple idea that has been used through the centuries, when two families are joined the shields are depicted together. This has been done in countless different ways, we have tailored this style to incorporate 2 family shields onto the face of a classic signet ring to make the most of your coat of arms.

    Example Shows Engraving 'For Show' - Enlarged Image 'Traditional Seal / Reversed'

  • Union Style Arms
  • Davis Modern Style Arms
  • Modern Style Arms

    Today some heraldic artists choose to depict new arms in new ways. This style of arms exhibits clean flowing lines of the mantling and elegant minimal helmet allowing plenty of space for your shield and crest to be engraved clearly.

    Example Shows Engraving 'For Show' - Enlarged Image 'Traditional Seal / Reversed'

    Family Crest Rings - Coat of Arms Signet Rings

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