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Awesome Spring Themes for your Women&#;s Ministry Events

Spring is upon us! And with it comes the joy of serving the women of your church with exciting events, teas, and retreats. So to help you prepare, we&#;ve outlined 6 awesome Spring themes for your women&#;s ministry events this year based on Isaiah 55.

As we studied Isaiah 55, we realized it could be called the &#;Springtime Chapter&#; of the Bible. Its encouraging words and poetic descriptions are like warm sunshine and healing rain on a heart broken down by a long cold Winter.

We&#;ve laid this study out for you as a simple acrostic spelling S-P-R-I-N-G. Feel free to use all 6 of these Spring theme ideas as part of a whole women&#;s ministry events series/weekend retreat, or focus on the one that God puts on your heart for the women you serve. We pray that the seeds you sow and water will bloom and produce beautiful and lasting fruit!

6 Awesome Spring Themes For Women&#;s Ministry Events

S &#; Sow Seeds

The best season to grow a garden is also a great time to encourage the women in your church to sow in others the seeds of faith. In verse 7 of Isaiah 55, we find God&#;s desire to turn hearts away from evil toward Himself. And we have a part in that action by speaking truth with word and action so that people of every tribe, tongue, and nation can receive God&#;s pardon.

Sow the Seeds of Faith in:

  • Your Family &#; Model what it means to love and obey Jesus every day to plant faith in their hearts. (Proverbs )
  • Your Church &#; Speak words of encouragement and compassion into the lives of the women with whom you worship. (Titus )
  • Your Community &#; Like Jesus, don&#;t separate yourself from those who need to meet Him, be healed by Him, and find their faith in Him. (Matthew )

P &#; Practice Peace

It&#;s difficult sometimes to rest in the peace God has for us. Perhaps the women of your church need to be reminded of the spiritual disciplines which focus attention on Christ and the peace He gives that passes all understanding. Isaiah echoes God&#;s desire to communicate love and life to us in verse 3 of Isaiah

Rest in The Lord through:

  • Prayer &#; The two-way relationship God intends for us is only available through prayer. Fill your day with communication with the Father who never leaves your side. (1 Thessalonians )
  • Study &#; Receive the nourishment that comes from time in God&#;s Word. Join the Psalmist by hiding God&#;s Word in your heart (Psalm ).
  • Solitude &#; Jesus often got away to remote places to pray (Luke ). You too will find incredible peace when you actively seek alone time with The Lord.

R &#; Receive Refreshment

Like the April showers that bring May flowers, God&#;s Holy Spirit is ready to pour out beautiful refreshment if you will only open your heart to receive it. It&#;s such a beautiful promise of God, that if we will come, He will provide all that we need, and more (Isaiah )!

Let the Spirit Rain on You:

  • New Life &#; In this world that feels so dead so often, isn&#;t it refreshing to know that the Spirit within you raises you to life &#; an abundant life indeed (Romans )!
  • Needs Met &#; Watchman Nee said, &#;The meeting of need is not dependent on the supply in hand, but on the blessing of the Lord resting on the supply.&#; This applies to spiritual needs even more so than physical. We need only to seek first His Kingdom and all these things will be added to it (Matthew ).
  • Next Steps &#; The Holy Spirit is our helper and counselor. He will direct our every step if we are faithful to listen and follow (Romans ).

I &#; Invite Immanuel

Christmas comes just once a year, so it&#;s easy to keep it in a box until it&#;s time to decorate again. But when the angel said that Jesus would be called &#;Immanuel &#; God With Us,&#; it wasn&#;t just for 1 month out of the year. Jesus wants to be with us all year long. Isaiah shows us that when Jesus comes close, that is the time to seek Him. So invite Jesus to be Immanuel, God with you, every single day. You&#;ll be surprised how satisfying He can be when you open your door and welcome Him in.

Welcome Jesus and He Will Provide:

  • Comfort &#; Are you sad? Burdened? Afraid? Jesus asks you to come to Him and give Him your burdens so that he can comfort you and give you rest (Matthew , ).
  • Power &#; Jesus is not a genie granting wishes. But ask Him and He will grant you phenomenal power, as part of His body of believers, to vanquish evil and Hell (Matthew ).
  • Leadership &#; When you invite Jesus to be your leader, when you go where He calls you to go and do what He calls you to do, you may soon see others following in a spiritual train behind you. Jesus leads, you follow. Others see the fruit in your life, they&#;ll follow too (Matthew ).

N &#; Nurture the Nest

Mothers have an awesome responsibility. As it says in Proverbs , when we train up our children, they&#;re likely to hold onto the truth throughout their life. Isn&#;t it a comfort to know that what God nurtures, will become full-grown (Isaiah )?

God Helps Mothers To:

  • Feed &#; If God feeds the birds of the air, how much more will He provide food and shelter for your kids, even in times of hardship. (Luke ). This extends to all your family&#;s needs. If you need it (actually NEED it), God will be sure to give it to you.
  • Protect &#; It&#;s not easy to protect our kids from harm (physical, emotional, innocence, etc.). But God cares deeply about them and posts guard around them (Matthew ). When we can&#;t be there for our little ones, it is a comfort to know God&#;s in control (Psalm ).
  • Release &#; Today we discipline and lead our kids to become faithful followers of Jesus. It&#;s hard to believe that one day we will have to let them go. But your hard work will pay off as one day he/she will &#;give delight to your heart&#; (Proverbs ).

G &#; Grow in Gratitude

What&#;s the payoff of all this sowing, rain, nurturing, and pruning? Read deeply the closing verses of Isaiah 55 (v. ). Spring brings about beautiful fruit that changes lives (yours and others&#;) and lasts as God&#;s Glory forever. But it&#;s up to you to look around and recognize all He has done to stretch and grow you to where you are today. As Christ brings a fresh new Springtime to your heart, it&#;s good to celebrate the amazing things He has done in you and around you. Your growth is all because of Him! Don&#;t forget to thank Him.

Overflow with Thanks to God for:

  • Mercy &#; When you first came to Christ, you may have been laser-focused on the barrier of sin that kept you from knowing Him. What a joy it is to thank Him for having mercy on you and welcoming YOU into His Kingdom (Psalm )!
  • Relationships &#; Our friends and family are our most precious human relationships. And when we see that God is using our faith in Him to draw them also to Himself, how can we not overflow with gratitude (2 Corinthians )?
  • A Future &#; It&#;s been said that without hope we could not survive another day. But God gives us an eternal hope that includes a bright future, when all wrongs are turned to right, all wounds are healed, and God is on the throne (Jeremiah )! Let&#;s thank Him together because we know our future is secured.

At Ministry Gear, serving your ministry is our ministry. It&#;s not all about t-shirts. We hope this post has been helpful to you in coming up with ideas and preparing for your Springtime Women&#;s Ministry events. If you end up using this devotion as a whole theme or individual themes, please let us know. We&#;d love to celebrate with you all that God is doing through your ministry. Give us a call at .

Looking for T-Shirts for your Women&#;s Ministry Event? Browse lots of fun and meaningful designs ready to be customized for your ministry at no extra charge!

Sours: https://ministrygear.com//04/15/awesome-spring-themes-womens-ministry-events/

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Ten recurring, undergirding themes in my life/this ministry from the past ten years. Continue Reading …

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Sours: https://www.reviveourhearts.com/resource-library/topics/womens-ministry/
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29 Excellent Ideas for Women Ministry Leaders

02 Apr 29 Excellent Ideas for Women Ministry Leaders

Posted at h in Church by admin

All Christian ladies need a fun night out or a daytime get-together with many other Christian ladies just to have a very good enjoyable time of fellowship. The following are some suggestions to utilize with your local church ladies group.

1. Awareness Meeting
A. Feature giving support to organizations that advocate fighting against one of the many cancers (or several).
B. Walk together for different good causes which include Relay for Life.
If there are any good causes in your community that your ladies group can participate in, C. See.
D. October is a great month to plan an activity like this because it has been designated as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

2. Book Club
A. Read through a good book together.
B. Meet for discussion.

3. Camping Party
A. Camp outdoors or indoors.
B. Roast s&#;mores and prepare traditional camping food.
C. Share testimonies around a fire (or firepit on someone&#;s deck).
D. More of Jesus Devotional.
E. Give Me S&#;more! (of Jesus) Women&#;s Ministry Theme.

4. Church Clean Up Day.
A. Do some intense spring cleaning at your church.

5. Crafting Night.
A. Do a group craft project.
B. Have a couple crafty ladies do a project demonstration.
C. Do a Card Buffet. Have all the basics and embellishments for making a complete handmade or hand stamped card. Lay it out buffet style.
D. Do any type of Craft Buffet. Have everything laid out and ready to go.
E. Scrapbooking Night.
F. Quilting Night.
G. Scrapbook Memories Devotional.
H. A Few of My Favorite Things Devotional.
I. Scrapbook Memories Theme.
J. A Handmade Christmas Devotional.
K. A Handmade Christmas Theme.

6. Event Booth.
A. Is your community doing something special such as a Fourth of July Celebration or Holiday Celebrations with booths available?
B. Is there a place to have a Bake Sale Booth? A bake sale is a good way to get donations for your ladies group.
C. Do a booth as a group.
D. Have church cookbooks? A booth at a community event is a great way to get donations for them.
E. Give away your woman&#;s ministry pamphlets.
F. Perhaps give away something small such as a mini flag for July 4th, or any type of novelty such as a magnet with your ladies group info.
G. Christmas Craft and Festival Booths &#; Got some crafty ladies that want to join together as a group and rent a booth?

7. Exchange Meetings (or Swap Parties).
A. Plan a meeting around exchanges such as a used book, cookies, mugs, etc.
B. See the Exchange Ideas for more information.

8. Exercise Emphasis Meeting.
A. Use a fitness video together to workout.
B. Walk a local walking track or route together as a group (a great way to enjoy chatting together).
C. Meet up afterwards for light and devotional refreshments or have cold waters and protein bars waiting.

9. Fashion Activity.
A. Accessory Swap&#; This has been on my blog for a few years but just now putting the link here.
B. Hold a Fashion Show.
C. Fashion Show Skit (Humorous Styles).
D. Fashion Women&#;s Ministry Theme.
E. Fashion Devotional Starters.
F. &#;What Not To Wear&#; Devotional.
G. Thumbs Up! Devotional.
H. A Beautiful Woman in Christ Devotional.
I. What&#;s in Your Purse? Devotional.
J. Well-Dressed Feet Devotional.

Birthday Bash.
A. Celebrate all of your ladies&#; birthdays at once.
B. Serve birthday cake.
C. Make everyone feel special.
D. A good time to share testimonies about &#;second birthdays&#; and our personal salvation experiences.
E. &#;Worth Celebrating&#; Devotional.
F. Birthdays Worth Celebrating Women&#;s Ministry Theme.

Food Fellowships and Food Bars.
There are lots of great ideas for your ladies groups to gather around food. It can be as light as some snacks or a full course meal.
A. Biscuit Bar.
B. Coffee and Donuts.
C. Coffee and Praise Night.
D. Crepes Bar.
E. Chocolate Night.
F. Recipe For Friendship Devotional.
G. Chocolate and Friends Women&#;s Ministry Theme.
H. Fiesta Night.
I. Life&#;s Piñata Devotional.
J. Living The Grande Life! Women&#;s Ministry Theme.
K. Ice Cream Social Theme Ideas &#; (Ice Cream Tasting, Milkshakes, etc.).
L. Italian Dinner.
M. Pancake Supper.
N. Potato Bar. See the Spud-tacular Theme (on Blog).
O. Progressive Dinner &#; Great during the holidays but can be planned for anytime.
P. Smoothie Bar.
Q. Soup and Sandwich Supper &#; Great for a late fall or winter get-togethers.

Fruit Picking.
A. If you have places to pick fruit in your area such as strawberries, peaches, etc., go as a group and make it a fun day.
B. Meet up for fruit smoothies afterward.
C. Provisions Fruit of the Spirit Devotional.
D. Fruit of the Spirit Women&#;s Ministry Theme.

Garden Party.
When the weather is perfect, a. Hold during spring or summer.
B. Outdoors is always a great change of scenery for meetings and activities.
C. The Secret Garden Women&#;s Ministry Theme.
D. Seeds of Kindness Devotional.
E. Seeds of Kindness Women&#;s Ministry Theme.

Game Night.
A. Board Games.
B. Get Your Head in the Game Devotional.
C. Game Night Women&#;s Ministry Theme.

Healthy Women Emphasis Meeting.
A. Invite a nurse/doctor to come in for a talk on women&#;s health.
B. Serve healthy food.
C. Do an exercise video workout together.
D. Heart Smart Devotional.
E. Heart Smart Theme.

Hold Classes.
Here&#;s a whole list of things that would make great classes.
A. Homemaker.
B. Marriage.
C. Cake Decorating.
D. Budget &#; Financial Planning.
E. Coupon Craze.
F. Craft Class &#; Jewelry Making, Scrapbooking, etc.
G. Floral Arranging.

Ladies Tea.
A. Can be as formal or informal as desired.
B. Drop in for Tea Devotional.
C. Teapots with Character Event Theme.

Missionary Emphasis Meeting.
A. Make up missionary packages. Be sure to check ahead of time to see if there are any special mailing restrictions before mailing overseas.
B. Write Missionary Letters.
C. Do an outreach activity in your area, such as visiting the local nursing home.
D. Have a missionary speaker share with your ladies group.

Movie Night.
A. Show a great, inspirational movie.
B. Could be a drama or comedy or just one with some inspiration.
C. Don&#;t forget the popcorn (the movie theater buttery type and some healthier alternatives for those who won&#;t indulge).
D. Have snacks you might get at a movie theater such as goobers, peanuts, soft pretzels.

Photo Night.
A. Get your ladies together for some photos.
B. Make photo props. There are lots of ideas for photo props over on Pinterest.
C. Use a professional or amateur photographer. Have someone within your group that is great at taking photos? Let them use their skill.
D. Have a brochure, newsletter, or website. Use some of the photos for that. Get permission from the ladies in the photos first.

Planting Party.
A. Choose a community or park to beautify.
B. Beautify your church grounds with flowers and landscaping.
C. Plant flowers or small shrubs at the homes of the elderly and shut-ins.

Prayer Emphasis.
A. Prayer Stations (on Blog).
B. Change up the way you pray and the locations you pray in. Maybe meet at a park for a prayer emphasis meeting.
C. Prayer Clock Printable.
D. Prayer Helps.

Refresh &#; Renew Activity.
A. Do some projects around the church.
B. Paint chairs. Paint Sunday School rooms, Recover, renew, refresh.
C. A time to do all those odd jobs that always gets put off.
D. Finding Something Beautiful Devotional.
E. Thrift Women&#;s Ministry Theme.

Motorcoach Trip.
A. Load up a motorcoach and take a road trip together.
B. Visit a sister faith church in a nearby town for a special meeting, conference, or concert.
C. Go to a Christian Camp or retreat together.
D. Create a Coach Ready Devotional.

Scavenger Hunt.
A. Do a Service Project Scavenger Hunt. Discuss your &#;hunt&#; projects the next time your ladies group meets up.
B. Photo Scavenger Hunt. Everyone has cameras on their cell phones these days.
C. Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt.

Seasonal Outings and activities.
A. Valentine&#;s Banquet.
B. Sunrise Breakfast (Easter).
C. Mother&#;s Day Banquet.
D. Fall Foliage Trip &#; Depends on your location.
E. See all of the Fall Devotionals by Julia.
F. Falling in Love with Jesus Women&#;s Ministry Theme.
G. Christmas Parties.
H. See all of the Christmas Devotionals by Julia.
I. Christmas Caroling.
J. Baking Cookies.
K. Baking Gingerbread.
L. Sugar and Spice Gingerbread Devotional.
M. Gingerbread Wishes! Women&#;s Ministry Theme.

Self-Defense Workshop.
A. Enlist someone who teaches self-defense to speak to your ladies group.
B. Check with your local police department. They may have a female officer who could come in and give tips on self-protection for women.

Showers and Such.
A. Baby Shower for someone within your group.
B. Shower for the Church Nursery.
C. Bridal Shower for someone within your church.
D. Food outpouring for a newly married couple or a family in need.

Slumber/Pajama Party.
A. Hold at the church or someone&#;s home.
B. Have a make-up demo. If you have someone that sells Mary Kay Avon, enlist her help.
C. Do each other&#;s manicures/pedicures.
D. Tell funny or even spooky stories.
E. Share testimonies.
F. Share childhood slumber party memories.
G. Watch a movie.
H. Make popcorn.

Sours: https://www.firstclasstours.net/excellent-ideas-women-ministry-leaders/

Retreat Theme Ideas for Christian Women

As you begin considering what you want to accomplish with your next retreat theme idea, I’d like to help you by giving you some topics/titles to use. 

All of these ideas are available for you to choose and tweak in any way you see fit. I think it’s important that you make each theme unique for your women’s group.

image of women praying together with title text overlay - Women's Retreat Theme Ideas

My goal eventually is to create additional resources per theme such as scriptures, song ideas, prayers, activities, and crafts. Any that are linked (pink) have those additional ideas created already for you to use.

*Updated June with additional information/resources. Updated regularly with new extra resources.*

The additional ideas include scripture, songs, craft ideas, and more.

**Be sure to bookmark this page and come back for more ideas.**

Why You Should Choose a Retreat Theme Early in the Planning Process

It&#;s a good idea to choose your retreat theme right away. I&#;d even go so far as to say you should pick it first.

The only other task to consider before choosing a theme would be to decide on the date(s). You&#;ll want to ensure you have a clear date when nothing else major in your community has been scheduled.

Then, choose your retreat theme. You&#;ll need it for so many things such as:

  • creating promotional material
  • deciding on activities to support the message you want ladies to take away
  • informing speakers of the theme so they can gear their message to it
  • making giveaway items such as shirts, mugs, bookmarks, etc. with the theme and title of the retreat

Four Steps to Take Before Choosing a Theme

I mentioned it earlier, but I believe it&#;s important that you choose a theme that you can make unique for your ministry group and your retreat purpose.

While I give lots of ideas and supporting materials to help, use them as suggestions and tweak them to be exactly what your women&#;s ministry group needs.

Can you use them as is? Absolutely. However, before you do, please spend time going through these 4 steps:

  1. Pray by yourself, with your co-planner, and with your ministry team.
  2. Ask God for guidance when picking your theme.
  3. Discuss with your team and pastor ideas, current events, and purpose.
  4. Reflect and be still. Spend quiet time with God so you can hear Him speak to you.

Retreat Theme Ideas to Choose

Click through on any linked theme title, and you&#;ll find more resources including thoughts, scriptures, crafts, door prizes, discussion questions, and more!

Joy in Jesus

&#;Fall&#; in Love with Jesus

Where Friends Gather

Cast Your Burdens

Healer of Broken Hearts

It’s About Time

Whatever is True

Something Beautiful

Dare to Dream

God Speaks Still

Our Cups Runneth Over

New Beginnings

We are One

Beach, Bible, Belonging

Circle of His Love

Putting Pieces Together

Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving

Grateful for God

Thanks for&#;Nothing?

Just One Thing

Agradecida (Thankful)

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Created with Love

It Is Well With My Soul

The Loving Shepherd

Our Identity in Christ

The Love He Gives

The Gentle Shepherd

The Greatest Love Story

Time to Celebrate the Good News

More Like Him

Delight In The Son

Restored In His Image

Fruits of the Spirit

Our Purpose in Him

How Sweet He Is

Growing through Grief

One God

Restoring the Temple

Made to Last

After the Struggle

Delight In the Lord

Christ, My Redeemer and Friend

Facing the Cross


Knowing Him

Clarity in Christ

The Foundation of Faith

He Cares For You

Jesus, My Refuge and Strength

Hearing God

Strength to Overcome

What a Friend

Healed by His Love

A New Creation In Christ

Live Your Purpose

His Strength Is Sufficient

He is My Strength

Safe In Him

Safe In His Arms

Live Like Jesus

Christ, Our Confidence

Christ, Our Strength

New In Christ

Hope In The Lord

Only Believe

Create Yourself in Christ

Victory Is Yours

He Sets Us Free

Christ&#;s Love: The Way He Moves Me (Ask, Listen, Move)

Sowing Seeds of Peace

The Bridge Builder

His Love Makes Us Whole

Strive for Wholeness

A Reflection of Him

Forward With Christ

Mending Lives

Lives on the Mend

Wholeness in Christ

Moving Mountains

Living a Legacy of Love

Learning to BE in Christ

Focus on the Moment

Truest Love

Knowing His Spirit

In His Time

Journey with Him

Building Relationships – God, Self, Others

Ocean of Possibilities

Going the Distance

Awakening Your Potential

Path to Purpose

Discovering Purpose

Following His Path

One in the Lord

Commitment to Christ

Your Place in the Journey

Healing Journey

Foundation of Faith

Jesus Completes Me

Hope and Healing

Whew! There you have it, ONE HUNDRED AND ONE ideas for your next women’s retreat theme. Don’t forget to Favorite this page and come back to find more specific ideas for the themes.

What Should You Do after Choosing a Retreat Theme

After choosing a retreat theme, you&#;ll want to move forward with your planning. I have many resources to help including customizable templates for promotional flyers, registration forms, menu planning, exit surveys and more.

Check out the links below to find some of the resources here on Loving Christ Ministries. If there&#;s something you&#;re looking for but can&#;t find, be sure to email me or comment below.

Start Here &#; 5 Practical Retreat Planning Forms

How to Plan and Organize a Women’s Retreat

Our Most Popular Retreat Crafts

Planning Food for a Women’s Retreat

7 More Teams for Retreat Planning

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Sours: https://lovingchristministries.com/retreat-theme-ideas-for-christian-women/

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Women's Ministry Event Ideas - How to Plan Fun Christian Women Outreach Gatherings In Your Church

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