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Municipal Court

Municipal Court
E. Jackson Road, 
Carrollton, TX  

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday:  AM – PM 
Friday:  AM – AM

Class C misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations for which the maximum fine upon conviction does not exceed $, and for which no jail term may be assessed, are tried in Municipal Court.

Cases involving violations of City ordinances are also tried in the Municipal Court. The Municipal Court judge is appointed by the City Council. 

Persons receiving traffic citations may be eligible to take a Driving Safety Course and/or Deferred Disposition (probation) to have the charge dismissed. This request must be made in writing on or before the appearance date on the citation.    


Fines may be paid by cash, credit card or money order at the municipal court clerk's office  unless the citation is in warrant status, at which time only cash will be accepted*. There is a 2% service fee added to credit/debit card payments. In addition, fines may be paid online.

  • Payment of Fine.

  • Request a 10 Day Extension for a citation.  

  • Warrant lookup system.


*A City Marshal MAY approve a credit card payment for a warrant. 


Carrollton Warrants in Carrollton Municipal Court

If you have Carrollton Warrants in Carrollton Municipal Court, talk to us about helping you. Call . Don’t try to go it alone. We have over twenty years experience in handling traffic tickets in local courts, including Carrollton Municipal Court. This includes other non-traffic violations like assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, public intoxication and so on. Carrollton has a very active police force when it comes to issuing tickets. Those who don&#;t handle their tickets will surely get Carrollton Warrants in Carrollton Municipal Court.

Why is it wise to hire an attorney on your tickets and warrants? Because we can keep you from making mistakes that will cost you time, money and major stress. If you think paying tickets off is a good idea, think again. Paying tickets gives you convictions and convictions give you consequences. Your insurance will go up, points on your license can add surcharges or lead to a suspension, and you may be paying tickets that a lawyer could get dismissed.

We can take over your traffic tickets and work out your Carrollton Warrants in Carrollton Municipal Court. We can take them to trial if needed. We can even advise you on more unconventional options.

But the bottom line is, be very careful with your tickets. Just walking into the courthouse and paying them off is a bad deal. You’ll pay the most money and get the worst result. Call us and we’ll explain.

Call 24 hours.

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Options For Resolving Tickets

Please Note:  Paying your fine results in a final conviction in your case, waiver of your right to a jury trial and waiver of your right to review the evidence, if any, in your case.
  • IN PERSON – You may appear at  E. Jackson Road between a.m. – p.m., Monday – Thursday and a.m. - a.m. Friday.

  • BY MAIL – Check the appropriate plea on the reverse side of your copy and sign your name.
    Mail your copy along with your MONEY ORDER for full payment to:          
  • Carrollton Municipal Court
  • P.O. Box
  • Carrollton, TX

  • ONLINE – You can make your fine payment online.


Note: A 2% service fee is added to credit/debit card payments.

If you request a day extension to pay, you will NOT be eligible to take the Driving Safety Course.


In a hurry? If you choose to plead guilty or no contest and simply want to pay the fine,  get a receipt and go, there is a convenient hour payment kiosk located outside the court's main entrance. It accepts cash or credit cards.





Carrollton Municipal Court

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E Jackson Rd
Carrollton, TX


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Tx carrollton municipal court

Local Traffic Tickets
Practice Details

There are many reasons to hire an attorney if you receive a Carrollton traffic citation. Unfortunately, most people don’t. In fact, only about 5% of people who receive traffic citations hire lawyers for assistance. Of the 95% who don’t hire lawyers, the overwhelming majority simply pay their ticket. Although it seems like the easiest thing to do, simply paying a ticket can have disastrous results; Paying the ticket means that you are pleading guilty, and are therefore, convicted. That can cost several hundred or even thousands of dollars in fines, increased insurance rates and Texas Department of Public Safety surcharges.

Have You Received a Carrollton Traffic Citation?

You only have a few days from the day you received your Carrollton traffic citation to either set it for a court hearing or pay it.  If you don't, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.  Don't just pay your court fine. Instead, pay the law office of Todd E. Tkach a small fee to try to get your citation dismissed and protect your driving record! 

If you simply pay the fine for your citation, you are pleading guilty. If it is a moving violation, that becomes a part of your driving record and could raise your insurance premiums. In that event, you end up paying the full amount of your fine several times over the next few years.

Our goal is to have the Carrollton charges against you dismissed. If we cannot get your citation dismissed, we will aggressively negotiate with the prosecutor to achieve the best possible result for you. A large percentage of our clients' citations are dismissed and will never appear on their driving records.

You only have a few days to either request a court appearance or pay your fine. If you do nothing, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. Don't wait! Hire us now to take care of your citation.

Has a Warrant for Your Arrest Already Been Issued?

No problem. If you hire us, we'll post a surety bond to lift (remove) the warrant and have your case set for a hearing. Then, we'll fight to have your citation dismissed.

We Cover All DFW Metroplex Jurisdictions and Most of Texas

We cover all jurisdictions and courts in the DFW Metroplex.

The DFW Metroplex is one of the USA's "mega-places" as measured both in physical size and population. It contains 13 counties and cities and towns

Each city, municipality and Justice of the Peace Court throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex has its’ own unique procedures and fine amounts for citations. Each court has its’ own procedures and guidelines. Knowing each court’s procedures and guidelines is crucial to achieving a favorable outcome.

We cover all DFW Metroplex jurisdictions and most of Texas

We also cover most jurisdictions in Texas.

In addition to the greater DFW Metroplex, we also can cover almost any other jurisdiction in Texas. The only ones we don't cover are those in Harris County (including Houston Municipal) and Bexar county (including San Antonio Municipal.) If you have a question about if we can help you in the jurisdiction where you have a ticket, warrant, CDL issue or other legal matter, please call us.

How to pass a Carrollton Texas DPS Road Test!

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