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Bar Foot Rail Kit

Bar Foot Rail Molding

Our quality bar foot rail kits are made to order from sturdy American ash hardwood and will add the perfect finishing touch to your home bar. These solid ash brackets and foot moldings are designed to attach to any bar front and work especially well when used with our bar front trim kits and or bar front fluted columns.

  • The FR6 foot rail kit includes three (3) brackets and 6&#; of foot rail molding.
  • The FR8 foot rail kit includes four (4) brackets and 8&#; of foot rail molding.
  • The 6&#; base molding displayed in photos is not included in the kit.

All our bar foot rail kits come unassembled, unfinished, ready to stain and finish to match your bar. You can combine kits to make a longer foot rail or to miter your foot rail around a corner of an L shaped bar. We also offer bar front fluted columns, bar rails, radius bar rails, glass rails, and bar top kits. Perfect for the DIY bar in your home. Click here for installation suggestions.

  • Foot Rail Installation Options

    Foot Rail Installation Options For finished existing bars: Pre-drill the foot rail brackets and attach them to the bar front using trim screws and wood glue as shown. Be sure [Read More]

  • Bar Foot Rail Kits

    Our quality bar foot rail kits are made in the USA from sturdy American ash hardwood and will add the perfect finishing touch to your home bar. The solid ash [Read More]


Stainless Steel Bar Foot Rail

Whether finishing a remodel on a basement bar, man cave, or construction on a new commercial bar or restaurant space, stainless steel bar foot rail makes an excellent choice. Offering contemporary design and durable functionality, stainless steel bar rail offers many benefits for any residential or commercial project.

At St. Charles Hardwoods, we supply a wide selection of stainless steel bar rail and fittings including stainless steel bar foot rail. To learn more about our custom stainless steel bar foot rails and other metal pieces and fittings, get in touch with your local hardwood lumber company and ask about our custom designs and railing options.

A Wide Selection of Stainless Steel Bar Foot Rail & Fixtures

As a longtime local provider of hardwood, lumber, and metal finishes, St. Charles Hardwoods can help you find what you are looking for, whether it is stainless steel bar foot railing, or something else. Our talented team can take some of the guesswork out of the final stages of your project and ensure that you get the right pieces for your space.

It starts with selecting the highest quality material and working directly with our sources to maintain this top performance. From there, we will consider your project and design as a whole to make sure we supply all of the fittings that your project needs. Just tell us your requirements, and we can provide a stainless steel bar foot rail, or any other stainless steel fitting just for you. Or if you prefer to use another material, we offer additional railing and fixture options too including satin steel and brass bar railings in standard sizes and these can be custom cut as well.

Choosing Between Brass or Stainless Steel Bar Foot Rail

The two main options for bar foot rail include stainless steel or brass. While both of these can be great options, there are some differences. One reason that many go with steel, whether polished or satin, is that it lasts. If you have a space will see a lot of use or especially heavy use - like a bar or a hotel lobby - stainless steel is probably the way to go, especially for foot rails and other heavily trafficked pieces.

There is, however, one big reason to go with brass foot rail: it just looks great. Polished brass can create a distinctive look that stands out from the standard fare and might fit better with classic or rustic designs. So if your style requires a more classic look, brass might make sense over a stainless steel bar foot rail.

Shop Our High Quality Stainless Steel Bar Foot Rail in St. Louis

Whichever you choose, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a high quality product when you buy from St. Charles Hardwoods. With standard and custom cuts offered and a commitment to great materials, we provide elegant and well-made pieces that look great in any space.

To see more of what our St. Louis hardwood lumber company has to offer, come by our St. Charles store or give us a call at ()

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why settle for the tired old brass tube bar  foot rail in your commercial or home bar when you can have one of our classic custom designs in iron or bronze all hand forged by an artist blacksmith.  massive floor pedestals and 2 finials (if applicable) and matching fasteners are included at no extra charge. Supports are typically 4' apart depending on the layout. bar only or Bar/floor combination pedestals are $95 in iron or $ each in bronze if desired.  (sorry, we don't sell individualcomponents) we can even forge a curved bar rail to accommodate radius applications. curves and corners (changes in direction always require at least one additional mount) will cost more depending on the layout. our rails arrive complete and in most cases install in minutes. allow extra time to install anchors (not provided) in concrete floors

the iron and bronze rope rails come with rounded ends and are textured like the end of a rope. the hammered iron and bronze rails come with 2 finials included in the linear foot price.

bar rail is normally 8" high and 8" away from the bar but we can accommodate your preference. joints are hidden under collars.

hand forged iron rope bar foot rail @ $ per linear foot

hand forged bronze rope bar foot rail @ $ per linear foot

hand forged iron and bronze rope foot rails are $ per linear foot

Hand forged 3" iron rope bar foot rails are $ per linear foot

hand forged 3" bronze rope bar foot rails are $ per linear foot

hand forged 2" solid random hammered iron bar foot rail @ $ per linear foot

hand forged 2" solid random hammered bronze bar foot rail @ $ per linear foot

Due to the recent % spike in lumber prices there will be a $$ crate charge for any order that requires a wooden crate.

more styles are pictured below. we will also be glad to build a rail of your design

Patinas: we recommend natural patinas only due to the abrasive abuse inherent to foot rails. you can choose any shade of light to dark in iron or bronze and be assured that it will age well.

our bar foot rails are in upscale country clubs, restaurants, pubs, and home bars all across the uSA.

Bar Foot Rail Gallery

help create old world ambience and charm in your favorite place with one of our custom bar rails.

turn around time on most bar  rails  is generally weeks  

after a hard days work, bar foot rests have allowed patrons a comfortable way to stand or sit at the bar for centuries. when standing, it is much more comfortable alternating one leg up on the foot rail and when sitting, both feet up on the bar rail unloads the lower back.  (almost as therapeutic as your favorite libation!) let us help you carry on the tradition with style!


curved iron rope bar rail



solid 2" hammered bronze bar rail and 2 finials. $ per foot.



Smooth antique bronze rail $ per foot.



2" iron & bronze rope bar foot rail $ per foot. This is a unique, labor intensive process developed by our blacksmiths where two dissimilar metals are uniformly twisted featuring a stunning light/dark contrast.

combination pedestals shown $95 ea additional



3" Iron Rope Bar Foot Rail                $ per foot



three inch iron rope  shown next to two inch iron rope. 2" rope is hot twisted from three 1" solid iron or bronze rods @ 7 twists per foot and weighs lbs. per foot. 3" rope is hot twisted from five solid 1" rods with a " core @ 7  TWISTS PER FOOT and weighs 22 lbs. per foot. 3" iron rope bar foot rail  Supports are even more massive than those that support the 2" rail.





3" bronze rope bar foot rail   $ per foot



Iron Bamboo    $ per foot



visit the


Bar Foot Rail Gallery

hand rail page

Bar Top Brackets page





due to the recent % spike in lumber prices there will be a $$ crate charge for any orders requiring a wooden crate.







to inquire or place an order, please call:



 0r email:


[email protected]





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Bar rail custom foot

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