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Mirrors don't auto-fold anymore

I have this strange issue where when I lock my car, the mirrors don't fold anymore.

If I go to settings, the fold option is checked. If I un-check it and check it again, next time I lock the car, the mirrors DO fold.
However subsequently it fails again.

Its as if the car is not remembering the setting.

I tried rebooting the iDrive system, when it came back up, the fold mirrors option was unchecked (it was checked before the reboot). But even if I checked it, the mirrors folded once successfully but then stopped on subsequent locks.

I think the issue started happening since I used the Valet mode feature once.

Anyone experienced this issue before?

I might try a factory reset but its a bit of a hassle.


If you truly enjoy driving, BMW is one of the few car brands that will put a smile on your face.

Known for making high-performance and comfortable vehicles, nearly all models from this brand offer driver an exceptional experience.

From these vehicles, you can enjoy excellent handling as well as the prestige that is enhanced by the style and look of their vehicles.

However, not all cars are perfect even BMW. Today, we are going to focus on some of the BMW side view mirror problems. The issues we are going to list below, are those that are commonly faced by most BMW owners.

And we are also going to provide solutions to these problems, so that should you encounter them, you can know what to do.

bmw side view mirror problems

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This is a very tricky yet annoying issue that affects several BMW models. Several owners have complaints that their side-view mirrors fail to re-adjust in normal position after tilting down when the gear is put into reverse.

This forces car owners to have to re-adjust on the switch, instead of this occurring automatically.

When BMW introduced this feature, it was meant to improve driver’s experiences when reversing. The problem of getting your clients used to such a crucial feature for it to stop working, later on, is annoying.

If you have encountered such in your BMW, know that you are not alone, and there are a couple of things you can do to remedy this issue.

The first option you have is to take it back to the dealer. This feature is usually controlled by a program that is stored in the key you used to set it up.

If this feature is malfunctioning, there should be a reset option in your manual. Setting up this program by yourself may be complicated and that’s why we recommend taking the car back to the dealer.

Using their expertise, the technicians there should be able to resolve this issue in a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you can wait for the service for this issue to be fixed.

In the meanwhile, to ensure the mirror doesn’t tilt when reversing always keep the mirror selector switch onto the other side.This will force it to stay put and you won’t have to readjust the mirrors.

For a while, this has been a common problem and as much as BMW has tried to upgrade and update this software, it seems to keep on coming back.

Fortunately, the guys at the dealership can fix it for you. And you can have the feature disabled if it doesn’t please you.

Another issue that commonly affects BMWs is when the mirrors do not auto-fold to the correct position. That is, when they are unfolding, one of the mirrors may not fully stretch to the correct position.

This can happen on either side view mirrors. And you may not realize this problem right away, but it is dangerous as it can hinder your sight.

If your side mirrors are not folding correctly, there is a simple hack for this problem. You have to manually reprogram your side-view mirrors.

Press the button that automatically unfolds them. Wait for the mirror in question to reach its incorrect position.

Physically push it back to its folded position and then press the switch in your car that folds the mirrors. Press it once more and your side-view mirrors should automatically unfold to the correct position.

This has worked for many BMW owners and if you are experiencing the same, it’s worth giving it a try. However, in some cases, the above trick may not work.

If there is a broken clip inside the mirror, it could be causing your side mirror to unfold in an incorrect position. The best solution is to open the side view mirror and inspect for damages.

Should there be some damages, you will have to fix it. Though rare, you may have to replace the motor in the side-view mirror so that it can fold perfectly.

The electrical and mechanical components of your car are expected to malfunction after a while.

So, if you have recently noticed that one of your side-view mirrors is not responding when you press the auto-fold button, there could be a problem with the motor on that mirror.

As mentioned earlier, most side-view mirror problems can be fixed easily at the dealer. So, you can take it there and have the side view mirror examined.

If the problem lies with the folding program, then it should be reprogrammed. However, if the motor is dead. It will have to be replaced.

4. A Failing or Bad Mirror Control Switch

All drivers can agree that the mirror control switch in BMW plays a crucial role. Often located near the driver’s side of the dash, the mirror control switch can at times fail or stop working.

In most cases, the mirror control switch doesn’t stop working immediately, but it starts to show signs of failure which include;

  • Mirrors not adjusting up or down and left or right
  • Mirrors adjusting only on the master switch but not on the slave switch
  • The mirrors failing to adjust at all

If you come across any of these problems, your side view mirror could be dead. It will require mechanical inspection which you can perform by yourself or have an expert take a look.

Don’t always rush to replace the switch because dirt behind the buttons may affect its performance. Clean and test it first. It’s also important to look for a blown fuse as this may affect the controls of the side view mirror on your BMW.

The above are the most common BMW side view mirror problems. As promised, we have given solutions to these problems so that you can fix them as soon as possible.

If you are researching BMW side view mirror problems, chances are, you are a careful driver who understands the importance of side-view mirrors.

All car parts are vulnerable to malfunction and damage, including side mirrors.

These mirrors play a pivotal role when driving on the roads. They help you see blind spots as well as objects on the side. They complement the view you get from the rear mirror.

BMW being a premium car brand, they have introduced automatic features to their side-view mirrors and this has significantly improved the experiences their drivers have on the road.

Even though some of these issues such as side mirrors not unfolding in the correct position can’t land you on the wrong side of the law, they can be annoying.

You need to have a properly functioning side view mirror at all times. And even if these issues can’t draw the attention of a police officer, they can put you in danger.

First and foremost, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you fix your BMW side view mirror problems.

Whether it’s a simple or complicated issue, the sooner you fix it, the more comfortable you will be when driving. Maintenance is also crucial as it helps you save on repairs and replacements.

Some of these BMW side view mirror problems are unpreventable, especially those that are software-related.

To ensure your mirrors operate properly, stick to using the auto-controls.

Avoid closing side mirrors manually as this may damage the motors in the mirror or affect how they have been programmed to work. It also pays off to always fold the side mirrors whenever you step off from the vehicle.

Whenever most BMW owners encounter an issue with their cars such as side-view mirrors, the first person that comes to mind is the dealer.

To date, BMW does offer free maintenance for up to 36, miles. The coverage of this maintenance program may differ, so you must confirm with the dealer who is going to cover the costs.

Anyway, the dealership is the best place for you to have your side view mirrors fixed.

If the issue is with the programming, the experts there can reprogram the side mirrors for you. Thanks to their experience with BMWs, the job should be quick and fast.

If the side mirror issue requires replacement, the dealer may take longer to replace it, but you can be assured of getting genuine BMW parts.

You can also visit an auto shop near you. Here you will have to pay for repairs and replacements. But the good thing about them is that they are fast and you have many options to choose from.

At the end of the day, the goal should be to have your side view mirrors fixed. Irrespective of where you get the service from.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Alex, I'm new here.

I'm also the new owner of a bmw e90 d, my first car , and I absolutely love it

I bought it with 40k on the clock.

Everything works like a charm, except for power folding mirrors.

They fold in ok, but when they fold out, my left mirror doesnt stop in the right position and goes all the way forward and stops with a nasty click.

I usually stop it by hand midway so it can be used but when i lock the car or unlock it, it starts moving forward again.Having to do this every time you get in or out of the car is killing me.Sometimes it starts moving even when i flash my lights.

Has anyone had this problem before and did you manage to fix it?

I tried searching google but nobody seemed to have an answer.

Please help me out

Thank !
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How to fix Mirror misalignment

So I had just picked up my new to me e92 and after a few days noticed that the mirrors did not align properly. Being anal about stuff like this, it bugged the hell out of me. I posted the question in the General forum and Malek came to the rescue. There seemed to be a ton of people who had this same issue, so I figured I would put this out in the DIY so others might stumble across it.


Originally Posted by [email protected]View Post
Mirror Re-Alignment Procedure:
  • Push folding mirror away from you all the way. As in push mirror toward front of car, do not fold in.
  • Push mirror folding button on drivers door.
  • Mirror will fold all the way inward, bind and then "pop".
  • Press mirror button once more to unfold mirror.
  • Mirror should be realigned.

Folding mirrors problem bmw

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BMW E46 Coupe - Problem with Mirror Folding

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