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Best Electric Cello & Best Electric Cello Brands

Best Electric Cello & Best Electric Cello Brands

For hundreds of years, acoustic designs have been the basic standard when it comes to string instruments. Whether for solo players, orchestra musicians or such other players, acoustic instruments have always taken the center stage. They offer users at all levels a unique way to learn and master the basics of melody and rhythm, together with the ability to realize the physical nature of things.

It also offers people a resounding and skillful way of interacting with their surroundings and the outside world in an operational fashion. They always feature meticulous craftsmanship while bearing the player in mind. The cello is one of the best acoustic instruments in the primordial era.

The unique feature of the modern cello

The advent of technology has impacted positively on the development of the modern-day cello, which can now be played electronically. It is now possible to connect cellos to external electrical/electronic devices like an amplifier, phones, deck or cassette players which allows for live usage and excellent live practice volume.

What are the Best Electric Cellos to Buy?

Choosing an electric cello

It is a great decision to make when it comes to buying an electric cello. These strings instruments are not only, cool, stylish but extremely fun and delightful to play. We know that electric cellos are not that easy to find at local stores and so the majority of them are bought online. This has informed our decision to review some of the best electric cellos in the market, and we hope your selection will be greatly simplified.

Buying a regular cello and shopping for an electric cello are two different experiences. For instance, what really matters is choosing a regular acoustic cello is the ‘sound quality’ it possesses. But in the case of the electric cello, the sound quality is not a major factor of consideration. This is because majority of the sound travels through electric wires and nodes, and which are amplified, to say the least. So choosing an electric cello can’t be based solely on sound quality and as result, we have chosen some important criteria in evaluating the best electric cello.

Evaluating the best electric cello

We took into considerations lots of different brands in the market and after preliminary reviews, we trimmed down our list to the best 13 electrical cellos under a relatively strict and elaborate criterion during and after our reviews.

Below are the factors we took into consideration:

Brand reputation​

You have to consider the brand’s popularity and how real-time users rate it across a selected range of online selling and reviews platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walnut, etc. But bear in mind that some products might just be hitting the market anew, so basing your choice strictly on this particular criterion, may deny you the chance of buying a solid and reliable cello. 

Features & options​

What options does the cello offer you? Do you have the necessary accessories such as tuners, strings, headphones, cables, etc., included? Will the cello allow you to perform confidentially? Do you have the ability to control how, when, where and what style or volume to play? Think of that.

Usability and feedback​

We check out the total output and end performance of each cello before we enlisted it as one of the best electric cellos in the market.We also consider how fast and reliable its customer care service has or will help in resolving issues arising from the cello’s use. These and more are issues you should critically consider when shopping for the best electrical cello.

13 Best Electric Cello Reviews and the Best Electric Cello Brands

1) Cecilio 4/4 CECO 1BK Black Metallic Electric Cello

When you talk about quality and reliability, you talk about Cecilio. The brand is remarkable for producing good and affordable quality strings instruments across all playing levels. This Cecilio metallic Electric Cello packs a lot of features for those who are performing on the stage, recording in the studio or simply practicing. This cello offers excellent functionality and stylish design for all players without disturbing the peace of their surroundings.

Measuring 4/4 in size, this electric cello features a maple wood and black metallic full-size body construction. It has four detachable fine tuners that lie around the mother of pearl inlay, all complimenting the ebony fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece construction. Some users have purchased this cello with the bridge installed. The elegant look and stylish design make this cello suitable as a Christmas gift.

In terms of performance, we found out that this cello possesses an insanely impressive quality. The sound is great and the instrument feels stout. It has the capacity to add a whole new dimension to your cello playing. The body is sturdy and the neck and pegs are very firm. The sound is simply unbelievable. For such a price, this cello is worth the taking.

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2) Yamaha SVC SK Silent Electric Cello Brown

If you are looking for something that will give you great acoustic sound, you can count on Yamaha SVC Electric Cello. Yamaha is a brand renowned for its quality designs in different types of musical instruments, which have sold thousands of products worldwide. The SVC features the smooth texture and highly compelling design that beat most of the competition in this class.

Featuring a traditional beige bridge, the Yamaha SVCSK is ideal for a cellist who wants to play in a quiet background. The sound that this cello renders far exceeds that of the other models. The instrument is designed in a classical functional shape, permitting high acoustic sound rendition.

The acoustic geometry is intact. Making it highly easy for the player to achieve a back and forth transition. The instrument is made from high quality and exceptional material, with full-bodied frame for the traditional feel.

It has four Wittner tuning with perfect adjusters plus a tailpiece that has fine tuning control. It also comes with piezo electric pickup aux embedded in volume control and comes powered with AA battery.

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3) NS Design CR6 Cello

NS Design CR6 Cello

This cello is an extremely beautiful instrument, with an incredible and stylish design. Ned Steinberger manufactures the cello and this model comes in 4, 5 and 6 strings. The NS Design CR6 Cello features active and innovative electronics and is capable of producing precise and delicate tones similar to its acoustic counterparts.

The construction of this cello allows it to create excellent and exciting new sound by virtue of its innovative polar piezo pickup system and geometry that shapes the tone.

The NS Design CR6 Cello features high-end tripod stand which can be adjusted to suit preferred positions, and is very compact and standard with the cello itself. You can easily take this instrument to anywhere you like because of the inventive and free-mobility shoulder strap carriage system. In order to achieve a traditional point of cello contact and position, this instrument comes with an end-pin stand that yields unbeatable result in that regard.

Overall, the NS Design CR6 Cellobody construction is solidly built, especially with the rock-hard maple body, neck, and peghead. The fingerboard consists of excellent ebony design, including note reference dots while the traditional amber strain bearing polymer topcoat defines the overall finish. You have superb toggle through volume controls, treble EQ, Bass EQ and a headphone more performance.

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4) Yamaha SVC50SK Silent Compact Cello Outfit

If you are living in an apartment and you want to start practicing on your cello without disturbing your neighbor, the Yamaha SVC50SK Silent Compact Cello Outfit is the ideal choice for you.

This cello is a silent electric type that features compact size body construction with detachable legs. The cello is very easy to hold and to play, especially with the chest support which gives the player a clear natural feel and comfortable resonance.

The Yamaha SVC50SK Silent Compact Cello Outfit features a slim, compact dimension that easily breakdown, coupled with the superb reverb section. This cello also comes with Line Out, Auxiliary In and headphone jacks into which you can connect your phones, external devices as well as the amp for better music support and play-along beats. You can also connect your deck, disk or cassette player for more external music playing practices.

The Yamaha SVC50SK is ideal for those who want to play quite and put aside the acoustic cello for a while. It is perfect for practice classes late at night and early in the morning. The instrument looks great, perfect construction and the sound is simply incredible.

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5) Yamaha SVC Silent Cello Pearl White

Yamaha returns with follow up on the SVC series, this time, featuring a complete pearl white design fit for silent cello practice lessons any time of the day. This silent cello has a unique hollow and high resonating chamber that offers amazing depth, warmth, and complexity and complexity of timbre to the instrument’s overall tone output. This Yamaha SVC series is one of the best and most reliable naturally acoustic sound cellos in the market.

When you play this instrument, it will never collapse into a smaller unit for easy storage or for travel, unlike its sister version, the SVC50, and SVC cellos. The Yamaha SVC Silent Cello Pearl White has superb studio-quality effect and onboard preamp, including a reliable built-in reverb that adds to the sound generation process. The quality of the instrument is never in doubt as it features a maple and spruce body construction.

Getting a desired tone and volume is easy by virtue of the standard and reliable tuning pegs that come with the SVC This cello has all the capabilities for a quiet and comfortable practice lesson anywhere in concert settings. It is the ideal choice for electric cellists and with the inclusion of a nicely padded gig bag, the SVC stand as a comfortable piece of instrument.

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6) AW 4/4 Full Size Electric Silent Cello

This is a full-size electric cello with all the required features of a student practical cello. The design of this AW Cello incorporates a silent feature that allows the player to practice discreetly without disturbing the peace of others. This cello comes with a headphone that you can simply connect to the LINE OUT jackhole and practice on a silent mode.

Weighing below 23 pounds, this electric cello is a lightweight option that fits the need of the practicing student. the cello features a hand-carved maple wood body construction, with an elegant metallic finish to compliment.

The neck, pegs, and fingerboard are also made of maple wood, which adds to the instrument level of resonance. The Jujube wood construction of the tailpiece offers comfort and ease of play for the player.

Additionally, the AW 4/4 Full-Size Electric Silent Cello features adjustable endpin that you can maneuver to get a suitable position that will enhance your playing comfort. This model is a complete package that is powered by the 9V alkaline battery and comes with a wheeled hard case, tuner, rosin, and bow, a set of backup strings, a tuner, headphone, bridge and operating manual.

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7) Bellafina Electric Chincello Outfit

Are you looking for a cello that won’t cost you much? Bellafina Chincello is an electric cello that is not just affordable but also comes with the right tone stylish design that will suit your needs. The cello tones and timbre comes in a compact size design that enhances comfort and playability. All that you need to do is plug this cello into an amplifier or any other instrument and enjoy the best of sound and practice play.

This instrument is great for peace performances, especially where you don’t have much of a space. It is also ideal for use when you are on the stage using a cable or you can simply attach a wireless unit for unrestricted mobility and comfort of play. With lots of functionality to play with, the Bellafina Chincello is a decent piece for the cellist looking for an affordable and yet reliable cello to play around with.

This cello package comes with a Chincello bow and a headway viola sized pickup that renders high sound projection, and which can be attached within seconds to the instruments without any need to undertake any modifications. This cello was the cynosure of all eyes at a concluded string teachers conference in America.

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8) Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello Black

Stagg is a famous brand reputable for manufacturing top quality string musical instruments for all playing levels. Coming from the heels of its debut, Stagg has continued to roll out high-end designs and the ECL- 4/4 BK Electric Cello represent one of their greatest brands. The Stag ECL features a solid and durable maple wood construction that renders great sound output.

The Stagg ECL comes in a beautiful color and shape that will draw the attention of people. The tailpiece, head, and fingerboard incorporate a black color design that makes this cello a unique piece of art. The beige bridge that comes with this cello is a standard one, which along with the fingerboard and tailpiece, makes it easy for people to recognize the instrument as a cello.

The Stagg ECL has a box on the side accessories like headphones can be connected. The instrument also has room for you to connect and stream music into an amp, using a quarter-inch cable connected to the output porthole.

You can now play your favorite music and tunes silently without disturbing the peace of your next door neighbor. The Stagg ECL comes with an active pickup and a battery cartridge that can be manipulated to charge the pickup.

And with the volume and bass controls, you can go places with this cello.

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9) Aliyes 4/4 Full Size Solid Wood Electric Cello Violoncello

The Aliyes cello is a full-size option for cellists who love the electric cellos. Aliyes is brand famous for manufacturing traditional styled electric cellos, with more beautiful personalized designs.

This cello provides cellists of all levels with comfortable ability to practice and play their instruments discreetly without offending or disturbing the peace of their neighbors. It doesn’t matter whether you are practicing at home; performing on the stage or recording in the studio, Aliyes cellos brings you the best in functionality and stylish playing.

This cello features a solid and lightweight body construction, which involves inches deep and durable quality plywood. The neck of the instrument features a maple wood construction and the fingerboard and fittings consist of ebony design. The tailpiece is made of aluminum while the German brand pickup system ensures you have the best of sound projection.

Playing this cello is easy because the player can get a better contact and position due to the stainless steel and ebony endpin that comes with it. The Aliyes Electric cello can be powered by a 9V alkaline battery, which you will have to buy separately.

It, however, feature a host of other necessary items such as a headphone you can plug to the instrument to play in silent mode, a cable for amp or external device connection, a rosin, a bow, cleaning cloth, tuners, strings, and a gig bag for safekeeping of the cello.

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10) SONG Electric Cello

This electric cello is a hand-made model that has good features. The built in quality and the instrument offers good sound and outstanding playability. The SONG Electric Cello features an AACAJOU solid wood body construction with a track record of durability and longevity. This cello comes in brown color design and the instrument is remarkable for the strong and powerful sound it produces.

Apart from the good workmanship that characterizes the SONG Electric Cello design, it also features a walnut framework and a maple neck construction. These allow the player to play from a comfort standpoint. The cello features an ebony part and fingerboard that enhances better playing process. The pickup that powers the sound of this electric cello is excellent as such that it projects powerful and reliable sound.

Overall, the SONG Electric Cello is a piece of instrument that will get the job done for those looking for the best and affordable cello. This model comes with a free case bow plus a bag that so soft for the safe-keeping of the instrument. It also includes cable and rosin for proper maintenance. The beautiful orange color design further adds glamour to this wonderful electric cello.

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11) New IRIN 4/4 M Marple Wood Electric Cello

This electric cello has some of the best qualities and features among the most expensive and high standard cellos in the market. The New IRIN 4/4 M Maple Wood Electric Cello is compelling in terms of appearance, with elegant designs that stand out in the crowd.

Featuring a 4/4 stylish design, the Ne IRIN Electric Cello has a black-colored metallic varnished surface.The fingerboard features an ebony wood material construction, which further adds to the glory of this cello. The tailpiece also incorporates ebony material construction while the bow is made of solid brass wood, including high-quality steel strings that blend with the overall wooden construction to produce a great and deeper sound.

On the side of the cello, there is a MIC and Phone interface and a LINE OUT, where you can connect your cello to the speakers and amplifiers and play your favorite songs or beat from your phone. Durable knobs allow you to adjust the volume to give you the precise listening sound or resonance you want. The New IRIN 4/4 M Maple Wood Electric Cello comes with parts such as a gig bag, tuner, strings, anti-skid pad, cleaning cloth, rosin, bow, cable, and headphone.

Overall, the quality is good and the all-around wooden construction is top class.

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12) Full Size 4/4 Silent Electric Cello

Here is another remarkable electric cello with outstanding design and features that fits the needs of players who want something nice without breaking the bank. This electric cello has a letter ‘H’ shape body construction, which is very appealing. The remarkable body shape is further made to appear elegant by virtue of the sparkle gloss finish which gives this electric cello a top-quality appearance and style.

The bride of this electric cello incorporates a maple wood construction, meaning more warmer and smooth level of intonation. The tuning pegs are made of ebony wood construction, perfectly set along a metal tailpiece that offers precision and balance. This cello comes with 4 fine tuners that you can use to achieve a precise and balance level of intonation, including one volume control mechanism.

This Harmonia cello is very pleasing to the eye. It has excellent sound with high-quality strings for such a cheap product. You can easily control the tuning pegs without damaging the strings while the entire layout is extremely comfortable and much easy to play. However, if you’re planning to play along with your favorite music, you might have to change or get a better headphone.

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13) Ammoon B 4/4 Solid Wood Electric Cello Violin

This is a complete size—4/4/ electric cello. Its remarkable features like most of its high quality based competitors. For the price, we can say this is a decent cello. But when compared to the likes of Yamaha SVC50SK, the Ammoon is just a baby in the bath. Notwithstanding, the cello’s body construction and the sound quality it offers put it up among the big brands.

The Ammoon B 4/4 Solid Wood Electric Cello Violin features a maple wood body construction that has an excellent black metallic varnish surface finish. The bow is made of Brazil wood and the springs are made of high-quality springs. The ebony tailpiece further adds to the high-quality design that has appealing looks.

At the sides of the cello is a MIC and phone interface which allows the player to connect and play favorite music and tunes while playing along. It features superb knobs for volume and tone adjustment and the entire package consist of the bow, rosin, strings, headphones, tuners, pads, cleaning cloths and a gig bag for adequate storage and transportation.

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Choosing the Best Electric Cello from the Best Electric Cello Brands

Although electric cellos are relatively new in the market, the confidentiality, ease of play and comfort they offered, make them highly sought-after instruments. While there are hundreds of brands in the musical instrument market, we only bring to you the best 13 electrical cellos in the market. The above listed electrical cellos come in various shapes, colors, and sizes—with lots of features and functionality that would suit any style of play and whatever type of music.

Factors determining the best electric cello brand

There are things you should look out for when shopping for the best electric cello brand. These are:


Since you don’t want a cello that you can’t play around, portability becomes a major point of consideration in selecting the brand with the best cello. In this criterion, the Yamaha electric cello with its exceptional compact body and excellent padded gig bag fits what you are looking for.

The version is the SVC, which has removable knee bouts that enhances easy carriage and storage. The NS Design CR is another portable cello, with a narrow body construction and collapsible tripod that fits snugly in the padded gig bag.

Electronics & pickups

Another way to ensure you can choose the best brand and the best cello is by considering what its pickup systems offer and the quality of the instrument’s electronic features and general control.

The Pickup system of any cello is what powers that cello, and this regard, Yamaha leads again. The entire Yamaha SVC cello series features a piezo pickup system that renders more resonating body vibrations while creating excellent overtones.

NS Designs also comes good in this area, but not so close to Yamaha. The NS CR series allows cellist to select the response direction, control the attack as well as the various characteristics that made up the bow response.

Sours: https://www.cmuse.org/best-electric-cello/

There are two main categories of electric cellos, one of which is simply a traditional instrument with an added pickup and preamp.

However, in our search for the best electric cello, we’re examining what are often called “silent cellos.” These are hybrid instruments that might physically resemble a standard cello to some extent but have no resonating soundbox. They produce very little sound without amplification.

Why play an electric cello?

Electric cellos offer several benefits over their acoustic counterparts. Primarily, you can practice silently, without waking your family or disturbing the neighbors. Also, they’re more portable, taking up less space and often fitting comfortably in an airplane overhead bin.

And you can go crazy with the sound, tweaking the tone and adding effects galore, just like an electric guitar. Finally, electric cellos look cool on stage. They’re nowhere near as common as electric guitars, and they will get you noticed.

Best Electric Cello Review

As a general rule, the more you spend, the better the cello you’re going to get. Less expensive the instruments have to cut corners to keep the cost down. Some of these compromises may be more important to you than others. So here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop around.

How Important is the Sound?

Less expensive electric cellos usually have cheaper strings that don’t produce as full a tone as a premium brand like D’Addario. Of greater concern is that they might not stay in tune as well, and they might even break. A new set of premium strings makes a big improvement.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much to improve a poor-quality pickup, usually a piezo pickup mounted under the bridge. And the preamplifier might have very simple tone controls. All of the cellos reviewed here have at least a decent pickup/preamp system, though the less expensive instruments can’t compete against the best models.

Traditional or Nontraditional Shape?

Without a resonating body, there’s no need for an electric cello to take the shape of a traditional instrument. Some models follow the contours of an acoustic cello at least approximately, while others are slender and bear only a cursory resemblance to their origins.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both design approaches. A more traditional shape feels more familiar and comfortable to an experienced cellist, making it easier to transition from one to the other.

On the other hand, the more radical designs save space, making them more portable and plane-friendly. Some can also be picked up and played while standing.

Do you need a complete package?

Many electric cellos, especially those targeted at students, include all the additional bits you need to get started. At the very least, this includes a bow, rosin, and some kind of “gig bag” soft case. Other accessories often provided include a set of headphones, an auxiliary output cable to connect the cello to an amplifier, and batteries. A few brands also include an extra bridge or set of strings.

For higher-end instruments, the manufacturer usually assumes you’ll provide your own bow, which can be quite expensive, and headphones.

A Few Words About Size and Scale

Cellos and other stringed instruments are available in several sizes. This is so children can begin studying at a young age, progressing to larger sizes as they grow. The standard system for labeling instrument sizes is in fourths, with 4/4 being full size, 3/4 the next smallest size, and so on. All of the instruments reviewed here are full size, or 4/4.

Instruments are also specified in terms of their “scale.” This is the distance from the cello’s nut at the top of the neck to the middle of the fingerboard (where a string sounds one octave higher), times two. All instruments reviewed have a standard scale length of approximately 27 inches.

So let’s dig in and compare an assortment of electric cellos you can buy today.

Best Electric Cello

Top 8 Popular Electric Cello Models In Review

Harmonia 4/4 Electric Cello w/a gig bag, bow, rosin, headphones, cable & battery &#; Best Basic Electric Cello

If you’re looking for a very inexpensive instrument for a beginning player, the Harmonia electric cello package includes all the accessories needed to get started at a very attractive price. The package includes a bow, gig bag, rosin, output cable, battery, and headphones, but no instruction manual.

The Harmonia has a slender shape, 49 x 7 inches, with a gloss black finish and a full inch scale. It features ebony tuning pegs, a metal tailpiece with fine tuners for each string, and a maple bridge. Preamp controls are just the basic volume and tone.

Obviously, you shouldn’t expect exceptional quality at this price, but it does the job. A new set of strings would improve the sound. A few users have reported receiving instruments with broken or defective parts.


  • Complete beginner package.
  • Low price.


  • Mediocre strings.
  • Quality control could be better.

Yinfente Electric Cello 4/4 Full Size Solid wood Violincello &#; Best Student Electric Cello

Yinfente is a long-time maker of stringed musical instruments, including electric violins, cellos, double basses, and guitars. Located in He Bei, China, their master luthier has over 40 years of experience. This full-size electric cello is an excellent option for a student or casual player.

Designed to suggest the contours of a traditional cello, the lightweight frame is made of hand-carved maple with a metallic black finish. The fingerboard, tuning pegs, and tailpiece are ebony, and the tailpiece includes four detachable fine tuners.

Play along&#;

Along with the usual volume and tone control and 1/8-inch output jack, the Yinfente electric cello includes a Line In jack for practicing with a backing track.

However, we have to mention that the headstock doesn’t feel very strong and looks like it could quite easily crack.

Yinfente also makes a more traditional electric acoustic cello made of spruce and maple, with a built-in pickup and preamplifier.


  • Low cost.
  • Contemporary, lightweight design.

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK Black Metallic Electric Cello &#; Best Beginners Electric Cello

Cecilio is a very well-known maker of orchestra and band instruments for students, including some electric cellos. The CECO-1BK is an excellent example, providing the beginning player with everything they need, including a well-padded soft case, a bow, rosin, output cable, and headphones.

Looks like the real thing&#;

The CECO-1BK is a full-size instrument with fully-rounded edges that define the outline of a traditional cello. It’s made of hand-carved maple with a metallic black or metallic mahogany finish and includes an ebony fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece, with mother-of-pearl inlay and detachable fine tuners.

Powered by a 9V battery, the CECO-1BK features volume and tone controls, headphone and line outputs, and an auxiliary input. It comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


  • Respected maker of student instruments.
  • Has the shape and “feel” of a real cello.
  • One-year warranty.

Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello 4/4 &#; Best Solid Wood Electric Cello

The Leeche electric cello is made by Shanghai Kinglos Musical Instruments by master luthiers from the Shanghai Conservatory. It’s also sold under other brand names, including Aliyes. Its unique, slender shape implies a traditional cello contour while looking very modern. The Leeche cello is available in a variety of finishes, including natural wood grain, black, and white.

The main body is made of finished plywood, with a maple neck, ebony fingerboard, and an aluminum alloy tailpiece. Its German-made pickup and preamp system provides volume and tone controls, line and headphone outputs, and a line input. A built-in white noise suppression circuit provides a very quiet output.

What&#;s in the box?

Included is a soft carrying bag, a high-quality bow with a brazilwood stick and ebony frog, an output cable, and an extra bridge and set of strings. Headphones are not included. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Unique modern design.
  • Includes an extra bridge and string set.
  • Excellent preamp.

Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello &#; Best Electric Cello for Bass Control

The Stagg ECL Electric Cello is a mid-priced instrument that’s suitable for beginners and advanced players alike. The solid body, 28 x 14 x 4 inches, resembles a very slender cello. It’s made of maple, with an ebony fingerboard and tailpiece and metal tuning pegs, and beautifully finished in gloss black or white.

Control the bottom end&#;

In addition to a volume knob, the preamp has a single tone control labeled “sub bass,” which boosts or cuts frequencies around Hz. The piezo pickup under the bridge produces a generally very good sound, although you’ll probably want to upgrade the strings for improved tone.

The supplied guideposts aren’t tapered the same as a real cello, which can be uncomfortable on the legs and chest. Also, while the kit includes a bow and a soft case, and rosin, there’s no output cable or headphones.


  • Excellent construction quality.
  • Good cello tone.


  • Limited tone control.
  • Guideposts can feel uncomfortable.

NS Design, 4-String Cello &#; Electric (WAV4CCOBK) &#; Best Value for the Money Premium Electric Cello

The NS Design WAV4CCOBK electric cellos takes us into the world of professional instruments, with a price tag to match. The Maine company was founded by award-winning instrument maker Ned Steinberger. All NS cellos are designed for outstanding performance in the music world of amplifiers, effects, and high-powered sound reinforcement.

Available in 4 or 5-string models, WAV is actually NS Design’s most affordable line of electric cellos, made in India.

Stylish and practical&#;

It has a unique and beautiful design, with a solid straight-grain maple body and neck that suggests an elongated electric guitar, and a detachable tripod support stand. A brass pin on the rear of the neck acts as a reference that corresponds to the heel of a traditional cello.

With a standard scale length of cm ( inches). The rosewood fingerboard is asymmetrically graduated, so every note is buzz free, and has inlaid dot markers to help with intonation. It uses a geared tuning system similar to a guitar. And the bridge height is fully adjustable.

Plus, it has some unique innovations&#;

At the heart of the instrument is its Polar Pickup System, which enables the player to control attack, sustain and bow response. In its normal mode, the pickup is highly sensitive to the strings’ lateral vibrations while rejecting vertical vibration. The result is strong dynamics with high bow sensitivity and sustained pizzicato. The preamp has controls for volume and tone (treble roll-off).

NS Designs cellos work with two available strap options. Their Frame Strap system is a lightweight frame supported by a guitar-style strap that provides the player with full mobility to play sitting upright or standing. And the Boomerang Strap system has a pivoting friction hub that allows the instrument to be played in virtually any position.

What&#;s in the box?

The WAV4CCOBK includes a padded gig bag with a bow holder and accessories pouch, a tool kit, and an owner’s manual. Other accessories, including flight case, bow, rosin, headphones, end pin, and straps, must be purchased separately.


  • Beautiful looking and sounding instrument.
  • Polar Pickup system.
  • Fingerboard with inlays for intonation.


  • Expensive.
  • Bow must be purchased separately.

Yamaha SVCSK Silent Electric Cello &#; Most Versatile Electric Cello

Yamaha’s SVCSK SILENT Cello is ideal as either a practice or performance instrument for musicians at all skill levels. With a shape that resembles a traditional cello, it has a small resonating chamber that helps deliver a superior tone. So the instrument is not completely silent, though it’s very quiet.

The spruce body and maple neck is highlighted by an ebony fingerboard and tuning pegs, a maple bridge, and a Wittner Ultra (hard plastic) tailpiece. It uses standard cello strings and comes with premium D’Addario Helicores.

Add a little reverb&#;

The preamp, powered by two AA batteries, has separate volume controls for the cello and the auxiliary input. A three-way switch controls an original Yamaha chip to select three preset reverb environments. No tone control is provided.

The SVCSK ships with a soft padded case. It does not include a bow or other accessories.


  • Resonant chamber provides a superior tone.
  • Built-in reverb.
  • Premium strings.


  • Bow not included.
  • No tone control.

NS Design CR5 Cello &#; Best Premium Electric Cello

If you’re looking for the very best electric cello available regardless of price, the NS Design CR5 is worth serious consideration. Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, this remarkable instrument is available in four, five, or six string versions. Physically, this model looks very similar to the WAV cello reviewed above.

But it offers several additional refinements&#;

For example, the Polar piezo pickup system can respond primarily to either lateral or vertical vibration, optimized for either bowed or pizzicato playing.

In addition, a dual mode preamplifier with individual treble and bass controls lets you choose between either a balanced, traditional cello tone or a full-blown electric sound. A three-way switch selects the desired pickup/preamp combination. The preamp runs on 18 volts for greater signal headroom.

As low as you can go&#;

Most notably, the CR5 has an additional fifth string, usually tuned to low F below the traditional cello’s C string. The instrument is also available on request with a high E instead. The six-string CR6 has both the low F and high E. All CR5 cellos also include premium grade tuners with full-enclosed worm gears.


  • Five (or six!) strings.
  • Dual-mode pickup system.
  • Active electronics.

Looking for more ways to go electric?

Then check out our in-depth reviews of the Best Electric Violins or the Best Electric Guitars for Beginners around.

Also, to get you as loud as you want to be, you may also need one of the Best Guitar Cables, the Best Solid State Amps or the Best Tube Amps you can buy in

And to get weird and wonderful sounds from your electric cello, how about one of the Best Flanger Pedals, the Best Phaser Pedals, or for some super exciting sounds, the Best Fuzz Pedals or even the Best Wah Pedals currently on the market.

So, what is the Best Electric Cello?

Well, to make things easier, we&#;ve split the winners into two categories, the first of which is&#;

Best Professional Electric Cello

This simply has to go to the&#;

NS Design CR5

This instrument is almost a work of art &#; beautiful to look at, a joy to play, and packed with innovative enhancements to the traditional cello design. If the cost is beyond your budget, consider the WAV4, which provides the same design and most of the features at a lower price.

Best Student Electric Cello

The prize goes to the&#;

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK

The Cecilio electric cello is an excellent, affordable instrument for silent practice or performance. Its relatively traditional shape is familiar, the company has a good reputation among teachers, and it’s backed with a one-year warranty. However, we do strongly recommend getting a better bow and upgrading the strings.

If you’re looking for a practice instrument that won’t disturb your neighbors, any of the electric cellos reviewed should fit the bill. But better playability comes at a cost, so you should splurge a little and get the best instrument your budget can afford.

Happy electric playing and silent practicing!


Sours: https://oldtimemusic.com/best-electric-cello/
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Yamaha SVCSK Silent Cello Review


Silent cellos are electric cellos that only produce an electrical output: there is no sound hole and no acoustic tone. They are ideal for practice, learning, or recording without disturbing those around you or interfering with your desired tone. The Yamaha SVCSK is an appealing electric cello that is worth a few minutes of time to review.

What To Consider When Buying A Silent Cello

Electric cellos are not nearly as reliant on the woods they are made of as their acoustic counterparts. Instead, they depend on their pickups and electronics to determine the sound. They can also vary by weight, size, special features, build quality, and other aspects. Choose one that fits your budget and your goals.


Yamaha is known for producing clean, versatile instruments that come with a few extra features to justify their slightly elevated price tags. The is no exception. It has reverb effects, collapsible bouts, and, among other things, a small resonance chamber that helps it create a quiet analog tone. This isn't loud enough to perform with, but it makes a useful guide for players who are experienced with the acoustic side of things. In fact, this is an excellent transitional cello for a player who has experience but wants to try out playing electric. As mentioned above, with headphones it's a perfect practice instrument, especially considering that it is smaller and lighter than a full cello. As an intermediate cello it has a solid tone at a comparatively affordable price; advanced instruments have essentially no upper bound on how expensive they can be and beginner ones need to be replaced soon because their quality is too low for performance.


  • Extra features
  • Clear tone
  • Good value


  • CD/MP3 connectivity feels out of date
  • Reverbs could be better
  • Limited ports

Check Current Prices

Features and Benefits


Yamaha SVCSK Silent Cello

This is a cross halfway between a minimalist silent cello and an acoustic instrument. The resonance chamber is small, but visible, and it fits well into the shape and direction of other elements like the bouts. The dark woods give it a classic feel and the bouts are well-positioned to assist you in balancing the instrument.


The 's sound is, in a word, even. Some pickups color the sound by emphasizing bass or treble, but the Yamaha-designed pickups in the pass the tone right through at the proper resonance. That leaves them ready to use as a clean tone or you can easily modify them with effects, pedals, and amps. Speaking of effects, the oboard reverb is not that great, so it would be a good idea not to rely on it too much.

Special Additives

Yamaha could have stopped with just the build quality and the sound, but they went beyond that. The bouts are easy to collapse and fit into a hard case so that you can travel with the It comes with a soft bag and a set of headphones, although you will want to upgrade these for the best listening experience. The option to accompany yourself with a CD or MP3 player is obsolete now that USB, Bluetooth, and other formats are more dominant.

Value for Money

The initial buy-in is high at $, but the quality of the instrument is good enough for it to last and not need much servicing or replacement. This is a long-term commitment, and you might well not have to buy another silent cello for many years.



NS Designs NS NXT4

NS Designs NS NXT4

NS Designs is one of the leading brands in electric instruments. The NXT4 is one of their intermediate electric cellos. It's less expensive than the Yamaha, sacrificing the MP3 output and collapsible bouts to save money. The instrument allows for play sitting down or standing up, which is live-play friendly, and an optional strap for carrying or an endpin for a classic feel. It has an innovative polarized pickup that can switch between arco and pizzicato modes.


NS Design NXT4

Price: $

Size: Full

Extras: Optional endpin and strap system, polarized pickups

Check Current Prices

Yamaha SVCSK

Yamaha SVCSK

Yamaha also offers the SVCSK, a different instrument. It has active pickups which require AA batteries, but have more power and better depth as a result. It also has onboard reverb effects, a headphone jack, and an aux in port to allow for accompaniment. This is a recording-friendly instrument that also has a pleasant tone that sounds similar to an acoustic cello.


Cecilio 4/4 CECO-4BK

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-4BK

The CECO-4BK from Cecilio is an introductory electric cello that comes with an array of beginner tools like a cord, headphones, bow, and soft bag. This instrument is a good choice for anyone who has never played cello before but is interested in learning, because it has everything you need in the box. The low price of $ is a major draw, although that also means the quality of the sound is lower than the more advanced models.


Final Thoughts

The silent electric cello is perfect for practicing or for traveling light, and it can also perform in a very different role from a traditional cello by loading effects onto the signal. Either way, an intermediate model will cost in the thousands, so it is worth doing research to learn about your options. Yamaha and NS Designs control most of the market, but there are other, smaller companies that also produce good silent electric cellos. Most electric cellos are expensive, we have compared all the 5 best electric cello for beginners to help you make a informed before you buy your first electric cello.

Stephanie Su


Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

What to Know About the Piano Keyboard Layout December 14,

Your Guide to Piano Scales December 10,

An Introduction to the Sharp Sign December 6,

Your Guide to the E Flat Major Chord December 3,

An Introduction to Treble Clef December 2,

Your Guide to the D Flat Major Chord November 29,

An Introduction to Primary Chords November 28,

Your Guide to Piano Chord Progressions November 26,

Your Guide to the A Flat Major Chord November 25,

An Introduction to Music Note Names November 24,

Sours: https://musicadvisor.com/yamaha-svcsk-silent-cello/

Yamaha SVCSK Silent Electric Cello Review


The electric cello is a fascinating instrument. It offers the ability to practice and play silently without annoying neighbors for those who play acoustic cello as well as a completely unique playing experience in its own right for those willing to experiment. The Yamaha SVCSK is a popular intermediate electric cello with some unique features.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Cello

Electric cellos can vary a lot in their form factor because some try to imitate a classical cello shape while others look abstract and original. There are other important differences as well: active vs passive pickups, the number and type of ports, whether there is onboard effects or EQ, and so on.

The Yamaha SVCSK

The SK is in the middle of the market as far as electric cellos are priced in general. It has a close balance between its features and the price tag, and it is well-suited to many different roles from performance to recording and home practice. This versatility is a large part of what makes the SK appealing, because regardless of whether you are looking to supplement your acoustic cello play or you are fully committed to going electric, the SK has an attractive feature set and a good base tone. The SK is lightweight and easy to transport. The parts and the design all began in Germany as part of their in-house production process. The makers incorporate items of good quality to ensure a pleasant play experience no matter the genre.


  • Versatility
  • Strong tone
  • Good value


  • Volume control not tight
  • Nontraditional design
  • Features could be better

Check Current Prices

Features and Benefits


Yamaha SVCSK Silent Electric Cello

It is becoming increasingly common for electric instruments to have a few different ports. The SK has three main ones: a headphone out port, master out for an instrument cable, and aux in for accompaniment or other needs. This is a generous and practical arrangement because it doesn't go overboard but it allows for several different uses for those who need them. The ports open up several different roles like recording, performance, and practice, and you have control over the quality of the amps or headphones you want to use for playback.


The base tone of the SK sounds highly realistic and accurate. This isn't always easy to achieve and it makes the SK that much better of a practice instrument. It's also comparatively easy to add effects if you want to modify the signal in any way. Speaking of effects, the SK comes with 3 different reverb effects to experiment with. A foot pedal or other source will probably have a better reverb, but those cost extra.


Although it looks like it is on the flimsy side, the SK is actually fairly tough. It doesn't have an interior soundhole for resonance, so it doesn't need to be fully hollow. The thin profile means it is harder to jostle and bump it, especially with a hardshell case.


The SK is a good-looking instrument. It has a beautiful finish, elegant curves, and bouts that are striking, yet still fit into the style of the cello. The thin shape emphasizes how long the cello is while drawing attention to the tuning pegs and the bridge, which are key areas because they mark the location of the tone adjustment and the pickup, respectively.



Yamaha SVCSK Silent Cello

Yamaha SVCSK Silent Cello

The best place to start when looking for an alternative is with another Yamaha instrument, the SVCSK. As the model number suggests this is a very similar cello. The biggest difference is that the form factor is somewhat different and the bouts are collapsible. This makes the SK significantly more portable and easy to pack up. For players who do a lot of traveling, this is a key feature that can preserve the lifetime of the cello.


Yamaha SVCSK

Price: $

Pickups: Active

Features: Aux in, headphones and main out, reverb, collapsible bouts

Check Current Prices

Yamaha SVCSK

Price: $

Pickups: Active

Features: Aux in, headphones and main out, reverb,

Check Current Prices

NS Design CR6 Cello

NS Design CR6 Cello

NS Design is the other major producer of electric cellos. The CR6 is one of their flagship models. It's packed with good features like an electronics system built by EMG that includes onboard EQ and a preamp, a headphone jack, a removable tripod, and a piezo pickup with vertical and horizontal modes. It's a great instrument but costs an additional $


NS Design CR6 

Price: $

Pickups: Active

Features: Headphones and main out, active preamp, EMG electronics, 2-band EQ

Check Current Prices

Yamaha SVCSK

Price: $

Pickups: Active

Features: Aux in, headphones and main out, reverb,

Check Current Prices

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-4BK

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-4BK

At the other end of the spectrum the CECO-4BK from Cecilio is a budget-friendly option that comes in at about $, a bargain among electric cellos. The sound isn't quite as good, and it has nothing in the way of special features aside from a gig bag, headphones, and a bow. It's an acceptable choice for the price alone but might need to be upgraded later if you want to continue with the electric cello.


Cecilio 4/4 CECO

Price: $

Pickups: Active

Features: Aux in, headphones and main out, gig bag

Check Current Prices

Yamaha SVCSK

Price: $

Pickups: Active

Features: Aux in, headphones and main out, reverb,

Check Current Prices

Final Thoughts

Electric cellos have a lot to offer and a surprising depth in their feature sets. Whether you are an acoustic player who needs a way to practice quietly or you want to try the electric cello on its separate merits, the instruments in this post all have something to offer. They also each fit into a different budget range, but they all represent good deals and a good investment. Make sure to check out our reviews and guide for electric cello. 

Stephanie Su


Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

What to Know About the Piano Keyboard Layout December 14,

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Sours: https://musicadvisor.com/yamaha-svcsk-electric-cello/

Cello review electric yamaha

Why Should You Choose the Yamaha SVC?

Yamaha has gone a step further when making the SVC electric cello by redesigning the resonating chamber to give it a more realistic string tone sound. This gives you a complete acoustic sound that is not found in other electric cellos, making the SVC replicate the sound of a traditional acoustic cello. Besides quality of the sound, the pure beauty of this Yamaha electric cello, with its elegant curves, is striking. Yamaha put a lot of thought and effort into designing this instrument.


High-Quality Material

Yamaha used high-quality materials while making the Yamaha SVC The instrument consists of the body, neck, tailpiece, and bridge. Each of these pieces is handcrafted to perfection. The body is durable and made from spruce wood, while the neck is made of maple.

The Wittner&#x; Ultra tailpiece, made from new-age composite material, is superb. The bridge is made from maple. All the wood used in the Yamaha electric cello is hardwood which gives you the best cello sound. Even the fingerboards and pegs are made from durable first-grade ebony wood.



  • Spruce wood body and maple wood neck and bridge
  • Fingerboard is made from first-grade ebony
  • Wittner&#x; Ultra tailpiece with built-in tuners
  • 4/4 size
  • Piezo sensor for pick-up
  • Onboard preamp is studio-quality and reverb is built-in
  • Input/Output: one for Aux In, one for Headphones, one for Master out with 3 presets for the reverb
  • Electric pickup Aux in volume control requires two AA batteries
  • Package includes: a soft case, headphones, auxiliary cable, a chest support, and AA batteries

What is included with the purchase?

When you buy this Yamaha electric cello, the package you receive includes a soft case to keep your cello safe while traveling, a set of headphones, the auxiliary cable, a chest support, and two AA batteries. Since this is a silent cello, you use the headphones to hear yourself playing and you have three different choices to play the instrument with the built-in reverb.

The electric cello has three onboard reverb presets to simulate the acoustics of a practice room, a recital hall, or a cathedral. On the other hand, you can even play it dry without the headphones. The strings included in the package are D’Addario&#x; Helicore, but these can be upgraded. Read our best cello strings guide to learn more about which strings work best.

The instrument comes in only the 4/4 size. Vibrations while playing are picked up through a Piezo sensor. Electric controls on the cello include the volume controls, Aux-In volume controls, and a reverb switch. For your headphones, there is an in/out jack and the power supply works with 2 AA batteries or an optional AC adapter.

Playing the Electric Cello

Switching to the Yamaha electric cello can feel uncomfortable compared with a traditional cello since you must rest the cello on your chest as opposed to resting the cello on your knee. The sound is superb, but if you have played acoustic cello before, the electric cello may sound unrealistic at first.

An advantage of this cello is that it is a great instrument to use for non-classical studio work since you do not need to mic it up. Additionally, you can use your MP3 or a CD player with the auxiliary inputs. You can even use it for spatial acoustic compositions with Dolby Digital surround sound.

The Bow and Tuner

While the Yamaha SVC includes all of the hardware you need to get started, it does not include a bow so you will need to buy one. If you already own a cello bow, there is no need to buy a new one. If you do not know which bow to get, read our guide on buying a cello bow.

Surprisingly, there is no tuner included as well. We recommend the Korg TM50BK tuner since it has the most features for the best price.

The Price

You can buy the Yamaha Cello from different online retailers and the price can vary from one to the other. When you buy it directly from Yamaha, you can pay from $3, to $3, If you are looking for a more affordable price, you can buy it directly from Amazon for less than $2, and receive free shipping if you live in the United States.

Sours: https://www.cellocentral.com/yamaha-svcsk-electric-cello-review/
Tina Guo - Meet my new Electric Cello, GHOST! (Yamaha)

The Electric Cello Buying Guide -- 7 Key Shopping Considerations

The selection among solid-body electric cellos is a bit more limited than that of electric violins but cellists nevertheless have several great options to choose from. There are several important factors to consider when shopping for a solid body electric cello, including:

We will outline these important factors and help you figure out which features are most important for your needs and ultimately narrow your selection to the best cello for your needs and budget.

Physical Points of Reference

Yamaha SVC lower bout

Collapsible lower bout of the Yamaha SVC

Given their seated playing position, cellists tend to require (or at least be more comfortable with) an instrument that touches all the same points of contact as an acoustic cello. These points include the lower bouts where the knees may touch, the base of the neck where the thumb rests in middle positions, the back of the cello near the base of the neck where it rests against the chest, and the upper bout/shoulder of the cello body.

Although these points of contact aren't necessary for all players and cellists can often get used to playing without them, generally speaking, most cellists will feel more comfortable the more of these points of contact their electric has. With that in mind, here is a list of cello models from most familiar to least familiar in terms of feel:

  • Bridge Draco -- full body with all traditional points of contact; traditional endpin
  • Yamaha SVC -- full-sized body outline with all points of contact; traditional endpin
  • Yamaha SVC -- compact design retains knee bouts, shoulder bout and chest rest; traditional endpin
  • Yamaha SVC -- compact design retains knee bouts, shoulder bout and chest rest; traditional endpin
  • NS Design WAV-series, NXTa-series and CR-series* -- slim body design has no knee or shoulder bout indicators; small pin in neck indicates thumb stop; uses included fully-adjustable tripod stand instead of a traditional endpin.
  • Wood Violins 'Cobra' (special order only--please call) -- designed to be played standing up using a proprietary adjustable harness, the Cobra cello is great for performers who want to be mobile on stage, but it lacks an endpin as well as all the physical reference points for seated playing.

*NS Design makes an optional endpin kit that provides a traditional endpin and points of contact for the knees and chest, plus a shifting indicator at the shoulder bout position. There is also an optional small wooden thumb stop that adheres to the back of the neck of the NS Design.

**NS Design also makes a shoulder strap harness that fits their cellos. It is an optional add-on that allows the player to comfortably play standing or even walking with the attachment resting stably against their torso and holding the instrument away from the body at a proper angle.


Yamaha SVC padded gig bag

Yamaha SVC padded gig bag

One major advantage of the solid body electric cello is that since it does not rely on acoustical properties for tone production, the body of the cello can be far more compact. The benefit here is keeping the instrument lighter in weight and more stowable in cars, planes, tour buses, or for home storage. Some cellos we carry are designed to be very small even while playing, while others break down or fold up from playing size to become smaller in storage.

Here is our ranking of cellos from smallest to largest (based on the cello being broken down and stowed in its case):>

  • NS Design CR-series and NXT-series -- narrow body design fits snugly in a streamlined padded gig bag with exterior pouch to hold the collapsible tripod stand. Note, the gig bag does not accommodate the optional endpin kit.
  • Yamaha SVC -- Yamaha's smallest travel cello has collapsable knee bouts and a fairly compact padded gig bag.
  • Yamaha SVC -- Shaped quite similarly to the SVC, the SVC has removable (but not collapsible) knee bouts that take up slightly more room in the included padded gig bag.
  • Wood Violins Cobra (special order only--please call) -- Smaller than an acoustic cello, but perhaps more cumbersome when considering the included bass drum-style harness system.
  • Yamaha SVC -- Not designed for portability the SVC is essentially the same size as a 4/4 acoustic cello, although it is a good bit thinner and less bulky in its gig bag than an acoustic cello and therefore saves at least some space.
  • Bridge Draco -- Comes in a full-sized fiberglass acoustic cello case, so zero space savings compared to an acoustic cello.

Pickups & Electronics

Yamaha cello pickup & resonating chamber

Yamaha cello pickup & resonating chamber

We've already seen the variety among electric cello designs, and the pickups that power their sound are no exception. Yamaha cellos have Yamaha's own pickups (with variations that are outlined below), NS Design cellos have their proprietary Polar™ pickup system, Bridge Draco cellos have the Bridge Violins pickup system and the Wood Violins Cobra uses the powerful Barbera transducer bridge.

  • Yamaha

    All three Yamaha cello models use a piezo pickup system embedded in the body beneath the feet of the bridge. In addition the SVC and SVC cellos both feature a hollow resonating space in the body beneath the bridge and pickup. This compartment is closed off and will not produce feedback even at high volume, but it does allow for greater body vibration that creates more overtones and lends a more complex, acoustic-sounding tone. We find the SVC to be the more acoustic-sounding of the two instruments. The SVC does not have the built in resonating space, but has a nice, convincing (if not as complex) cello tone.

  • NS Design

    The Polar™ pickup system, featured in both the CR-series and NXT-series cellos, allows the player to select the direction of response to control attack, sustain, and bow response characteristics. The result is powerful dynamics, rich, full sound, high sensitivity to the bow, sustained pizzicato and extended versatility.

    The CR-series cello includes an onboard dual mode preamp that allows the player to choose between full frequency response for a rich, full-blown "electric" sound or the more balanced frequency response of the traditional cello, for a more "acoustic" sound. A threeway toggle switch allows the player to select the desired pickup and electronics options. Additional controls include volume and individual bass EQ & treble EQ controls.

    The NXT-series cello is passive, meaning it has no onboard powered preamp. It does retain volume and tone controls, as well as the 3-position toggle switch for bowed or pizzicato sensitivity.

  • Bridge

    The Bridge cello pickup is a piezo crystal configuration integrated into the bridge and designed to pick up both the string vibration and the body resonance generated from the hollow composite body. The result is perhaps the richest, most acoustic-sounding cello tone among solid body electrics, making the 'Draco' worth the extra cost to any player for whom rich, luscious cello tone is of primary importance (the only tradeoff being its size).

Four Strings or More Strings?

NS Design electric cellos at Electric Violin Shop

4, 5 and 6-string NS Design cellos at Electric Violin Shop

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of an even deeper bass range or wishing you could just avoid thumb position to reach the high notes? Well, 5 and 6 strings cellos make one, the other or both range extensions possible!

5-string cellos can be strung with an extra low string (F-C-G-D-A) or an extra high string (C-G-D-A-E). The default configuration for most 5-string cellos is with the low F-string, but if you're purchasing one and would rather go with a high E-string you can let us know and we'll swap the strings.

But why choose lower or higher range when you can have both? A 6-string cello [!] can be strung F-C-G-D-A-E so you can cover bass through viola range while barely having to shift!

These cello models are available in 5-string options:

  • NS Design CR-series
  • NS Design NXT-series
  • Wood Violins Cobra (special order only--please call)

Only the NS Design CR-series comes in a 6-string version. You can shop by number of strings from the 'Cello' dropdown menu above.

Quiet Headphone Practice

Yamaha SVC heaphone jack

Yamaha SVC heaphone jack

A nice feature of solid body cellos is the ability to practice through headphones. While any solid body can be plugged into a practice amp, effects processor or headphone amp for use with headphones, these cellos have integrated headphone jacks and onboard battery powered preamps, making practice anywhere a convenient (and noiseless) affair:


NS Design fretted NXT-5 cello

NS Design fretted NXTa-5 cello

Frets are an important tool for intonation in high volume performance settings (e.g. playing in a rock band in large venue with PA and wedge monitors). The following cello models are available with fretted fingerboards at additional cost:

  • NS Design NXTa
  • Wood Violins Cobra

Non-fretted NS Design cellos still have a dot pattern on the fingerboard for visual reference.

>> Shop fretted cellos <<


NS Design WAV4 cello

NS Design WAV4 cello

Budget is usually one of the most important considerations in any buying decision. Entry level for quality solid body electric cellos starts at about $ with the NS Design WAV-series. While you can certainly find electric cellos on the market that are priced more affordably we strongly recommend against these makes. If we felt we could endorse the tone, build quality and reliability of cheaper instruments we'd be carrying them. Instead, if spending upwards of $1, is not currently an option for you we would strongly recommend investing in a good quality cello pickup--you will spend less and be more pleased with the sound you get than with a bargain electric cello!

The NS Design WAV4 and WAV5 are priced below $1,

The Yamaha SVC is priced below $2,

These pro-level cellos are available for between $2, - $3, (price ascending):

  • Yamaha SVC
  • Bridge Draco (standard)
  • Yamaha SVC
  • NS Design CR-4
  • NS Design CR-5

These custom built or hi-spec models cost more than $4,

  • Wood Violins Cobra (special order only--please call)
  • Bridge 'Dragon' model

Despite there being a fairly limited number of models on the market there is a good variety of shapes, features and tones across a wide price range. We hope this guide has helped you in making a determination. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or to get our personalized assistance in finalizing your cello purchase.

>> Shop all cellos <<

Sours: https://www.electricviolinshop.com/blog/buying_guides/the-electric-cello-buying-guidekey-shopping-considerations

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Since the acoustic guitar was converted to an electric guitar, other instruments have actually been pretty slow to catch up. Nowadays, a lot of orchestral instruments are coming out in electric versions and in this article we’re looking at the best electric cello models for your needs.

The very best model is the Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello. It has great wood quality and is built to be robust, but also features “Shadow” advanced pickup system to help you to amplify the sound. It is a reliable and wonderful sounding instrument which meets all the criteria, meaning we’ve put it at the top of our list of 10 cellos. You can check these out in more detail below. Whether you’re looking for the best electric cello for beginners or you’re a true professional, the model we’ve reviewed are suitable for all kinds of needs and we’ve even nominated the strengths of the individual cellos.

So, what are some of the criteria we’ve considered when looking at the strengths of the cellos? Features include the size of the cello (is it full-sized or smaller for a beginner or young player?) The material is also important and the tonewood used to make the cello. We’ve also looked at things like the weight as it should be portable. Also, the warranty the manufacturers offer has been looked at in all of our cello reviews. Our reviews are presented as an overview table with nominations, full reviews and then a buying guide to help you to better understand the features needed when buying an electric cello.

Quick Summary

  • Editor's Choice:Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello

    "This model is suitable for both professionals and beginners. It features “Shadow” pickup system which is great quality and is designed to have no electronic noise."

  • Best for Beginners:Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK

    "This model comes with lots of different accessories, such as an aux cable, a case, a bow, rosin, even headphones for listening back, make it a very good choice for those just getting started."

  • Best Design:NS Design NXT4ACOSB

    "This cello is as tiny as possible, and this gives a huge level of freedom on stage, allowing the cellist to move about with ease and is designed more for the professional players."

  • Best Yamaha Electric Cello:Yamaha Silent Series SVCSK Electric Cello

    "This model has some very cool features and functions and even comes with a reverb built-in so you can add some effects when playing, plus 5-year warranty makes it definitely the best Yamaha electric cello."

  • Best Electric Cello Set:Cecilio Electric Cello Set

    "This model is sold as a set, it comes with everything you could need to get started playing and it is perfect solution for those who don’t know all the accessories they need with their electric cello."

  • Customer’s Choice:Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello

    "Good quality affordable instrument, very compact and with the active preamp which sits under the saddle, allowing you to use it with any headphones, not worrying about special adapter."

  • Best Acoustic Electric Cello:Yinfente Electric Acoustic Cello 4/4

    "This model can be used normally as an acoustic cello if you don’t want to hook it up to amplification, and also the looks are of a classical cello."

  • Best Cecilio Electric Cello :Cecilio 4/4 CECO-2WH

    "This cello is an affordable one and the top Cecilio model on the market and is available in multiple sizes."

  • Budget Pick:Cecilio CECO-4BK

    "Available for a low price, the novice player will get what they want, from a padded soft instance to bow, rosin, outlet, and cans."

Top 9 Electric Cellos Review

The Cecilio CECO-1BK has been named the best option for beginners, and with good reason. It has a lot to like, and though the sound is certainly professional enough for more experienced players, the fact that this model comes with lots of different accessories makes it a very good choice for those just getting started. This is the best electric cello for self-taught beginners and buying everything as a package is a plus point.

The black metallic finish is fantastic looking and the cello is made out of hand-carved maple, which is a very high quality wood. The ebony fingerboard also feels great, and there are detachable tuners.

It does need a 9V battery to work, but this comes included with the cello.

Loads of accessories come with this including an aux cable, a case, a bow, rosin, even headphones for listening back.

What makes it stand out?

  • One year warranty.
  • Quality wood.
  • Loads of accessories.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Requires a battery to produce sound.

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The NS Design NXT4ACOSB definitely deserves its place on our list, and it looks absolutely fantastic. The design is innovative and absolutely tiny. This instrument is as tiny as possible, and this gives a huge level of freedom on stage, allowing the cellist to move about with ease.

This cello is not cheap. It’s designed for the more professional end of the market, but it has some great features to justify the price tag. The NS pickup system has a fantastic tone and picks up all frequencies brilliantly.

It is a hand-made instrument made in the Czech Republic and it does come with accessories including a tripod style sound and even a gig bag.

The circuitry and wood are both fantastic and reliable, with minimal unwanted noise.

Why is it special?

  • Clever design and very small and portable.
  • Brilliantly made with high-quality components.

What are the flaws?

  • No specified warranty offered by the manufacturer.

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Whenever there is a list of the top instruments in almost any category, there is almost bound to be a Yamaha product on the list. The Yamaha Silent Series SVCSK Electric Cello is typical of the quality we’ve come to expect from the brand, and it is a reliable and well-made cello with a lot for beginners and pros alike.

The product has some very cool features and functions and even comes with a reverb built-in so you can add some effects when playing.

The five-year warranty is absolutely excellent, and not many instrument manufacturers are able to offer this. It’s not the most professional cello you’ll ever see but it is so robust and built to last for many years of use.

This has multiple outputs for both headphones and PA systems. It does need batteries to generate sound but this isn’t a huge problem.

This is further proof that Yamaha pretty much always have a good instrument in any category.

Why is it special?

  • Excellent warranty, five-year protection.
  • Quality piezo pickup for sound replication.

What are the flaws?

  • Needs batteries to generate sound.

The Cecilio is a little bit different to some of the other options on this list. It is sold as a set, so rather than just the instrument itself, it comes with everything you could need to get started playing. The brand may not be as well known as some of the others, but this product is still good enough to make our list. Also, for those who are a little lost and don’t know all the accessories they need with their electric cello, this could be a very good solution.

The cello is made out of maple, and has a high quality design with an anti-deformation technology to keep it smooth and avoid unwanted noise. The resonance is full and the bass sounds are present where they sometimes go missing in cellos.

This comes with a tuner, bag, cleaning cloth, strings, rosin, bow and even an aux cable. It offers an ‘all in one’ solution. Though it isn’t quite up there with concert cellos in terms of sound, the quality is good enough for most beginners and casual players.

What makes it special?

  • Excellent accessories, everything you need to get started.

What cons did we find?

  • Sound quality not quite as good as some other models.

Stagg is a manufacturer of a lot of different instruments and though we have no ill feeling about the brand, it is fair to say that they operate on the cheap end of the market. This means the products are often affordable, and this is no different. The Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello is well-made though. Just because it is affordable doesn’t mean it isn’t a good option, though.

Something we like about this cello is the active preamp which sits under the saddle. It’s good quality, but crucially it is active and this means you can use it with any headphones, and listen to the audio without having to worry about a preamp or any special headphone adapter.

It’s a very compact cello but it is well made out of maple. The cello comes with some accessories, however, it should be said that the bow included is not the best quality. If you want to get the most out of this instrument then you might need to get a better bow.

Overall, a good instrument for the price.

Why are we impressed?

  • Relatively affordable.
  • Compact.
  • Excellent pickup which is active and can be listened to through headphones.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not a very good bow, you will probably need to upgrade this.

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The Yinfente Electric Acoustic Cello 4/4 is a fantastic, affordable cello that can provide a lot of functionality that both beginners and pros are looking for. It is full-sized, and has more of a traditional look than many of the other cellos on this list. This is partially due to the fact that it is an electric acoustic model. It can be used normally as an acoustic cello if you don’t want to hook it up to amplification.

The spruce and maple woods are good quality and matured for 10 years before being used on the cello. All of this makes for a very good quality cello with hand made fittings, too.

It comes with some accessories including cello strings, a bag, bow and rosin cake.

The sound quality is very good, and for the price tag, you’ll struggle to find many cellos that rival this model. However, it is an electric/acoustic cello. This means it comes with some pros and cons. If you want to use it purely through an amp with no ambient sound from the instrument, this won’t be possible.

Why did it make our list?

  • Can be played as an acoustic cello.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Well-built with hand made components.

What is not ideal about it?

  • Sound can’t be isolated like with a fully electric cello.

This is the top Cecilio model on the market and is available in multiple sizes. The excellent quality is owed partially to the hand carving and the brilliant maple wood that has been used, along with a mother of pearl inlay.

This is an affordable cello, and within the price tag you get some added extras including a soft case, rosin, headphones and an aux cable. You also get a bow to start you playing if you’re new to the instrument.

A fairly generous one-year warranty is included. This is normally the case with products made by this manufacturer.

This isn’t a perfect cello and some people have reported the paintwork coming off on their fingers. Also, the tuners may rattle. Though it isn’t % professional, to get an electric cello this much under $ is a big selling point and has led many people to this instrument.

What are its best features?

  • Comes with lots of accessories.
  • Well constructed and durable.

What could be improved?

  • Strings aren’t the best quality.
  • Paint may come off.

Cecilio offers is an economical range of electric cellos in which the main difference is the shape of each of the models.  The electronic elements are the same in all of them, and the final decision, if you opt for this brand, depends on purely aesthetic tastes.

The Cecilio CECO-4BK is without a doubt one of the best from Cecilio’s range of electric cellos, thanks to its great quality/price ratio. You should also note that with this cellio, we are dealing with a cheap electric cello.

The use of D’Addario Helicore strings greatly improves the sound quality.  It’s a great option for getting started in the world of electric cellos. Cecilio is quite a very popular manufacturer of instruments for students. The CECO-4BK is a prime example. Available for a low price, the novice player will get what they want, from a padded soft instance to bow, rosin, outlet, and cans.

The CECO-4BK is a tool with completely rounded edges. It is carved in maple wood by hand with a great quality finish. It features a fingerboard made of ebony, as well as tailpiece, pegs, with detachable tuners and inlays.

With a 9V alkaline battery, it features controls for the tone and volume, line and headphone outputs, and auxiliary input, and includes a 1-year warranty in case of manufacturing defects.

What are our favorite features?

  • Includes a 9V battery
  • Hand-carved from maple wood
  • Lightweight and well-padded
  • Inexpensive and great for beginners

What could be better?

  • The pegs are not gripping well

Things to Consider

Even if you are a seasoned musician, you may not know everything there is to know about the electric cello. It’s actually a relatively new instrument, in the scheme of things. If you have never played one before, it is especially important that you familiarize yourself with some of the terms associated with cellos. You need to understand what the features mean in order to make the right purchase for your own needs. What is best for a concert cellist may be different to what is best for a beginner. Our guide can talk you through the features and how you can choose the perfect cello.

How to pick the best electric cello?

How can you choose the best electric cello? What are the features you need to think about? We’ve summarized the top features below, discussing what they mean and why they are important when buying an electric cello. As we’ve said, electric cellos are quite an unusual instrument so some of the features are well worth researching before you make the final choice.

Some features are more important for certain users. Think carefully about whether you plan to use your instrument for performance, private practice or learning. Make your choice on features accordingly.

9 Best Electric Cellos - New Sound Options!Cello size

Most of the cellos on the list are full sized. The 4/4 size means that it is full-sized and usually inches in total. This size is perfect for most adults, but sometimes a beginner cello is made in a different size, such as ½ or ¾ size. These are designed mainly for children or teenagers, people with smaller hands and arms who can’t play the full-sized cello as easily.

With an electric cello the rules aren’t quite as set in stone, but if you are used to playing full-sized, or you are a larger adult who needs fully sized instruments, go for a 4/4 size.


The materials of any instrument are very important. Though with an electric cello the tonewood isn’t as important as it would be with an acoustic cello, it is still key to the design. Just like with an electric guitar, it is vital that the wood and other materials are sturdy but also help with the tone.

Our editor’s choice, the Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello, is an example of a product using good materials. The wood is maple and ebony. These are sturdy tonewoods. This is combined with high quality electronic components which ensure there is minimal buzz or electrical noise.

Cheap and poor quality electronics could ruin the sound just as much as poor quality wood. There’s no point in getting a cello made out of the best wood in the world, but isn’t wired well and has low-quality electronics. This will cause electronic noise which could totally ruin the sound. This is why people pay extra for very good quality pickups!

9 Best Electric Cellos - New Sound Options!Weight

The weight of the cellos can vary a huge amount. This is worth paying extra attention to if you are looking to buy a cello for portability. The lightweight design might be one of the key points you are hoping for in a cello, so if you then buy an electric cello that still feels big and bulky you might be disappointed.

The Yamaha Silent Series SVCSK Electric Cello weighs just 8 lbs, this is very lightweight for a cello so it is a good choice if you are looking for something that is flexible. Sometimes, the light weight is not just about taking your cello to band practice or lugging it around in your band’s van, it can be about moving around stage. Some cellists like the freedom to move while performing and not be stuck in one part of the stage.

Heavier electric cellos can weigh up to 20lbs or even more. This can be a bit more restrictive. Cellos are quite large instruments and this means they are bulkier and heavier than, say, a violin. Most people in the market for an electric cello want something flexible and light.


Naturally, you can’t play a cello without a bow. Electric cello bows are no different to those used on acoustic cellos, but if you are a beginner, you probably won’t have a bow. In fact, most of the cellos out there come with some form of bow. It can really let an electric cello down if the bow it comes with is low in quality. It can also mean you aren’t getting the full amount out of the cello.

Even the Cecilio CEVN-1W, our budget pick, comes with a bow, and this is actually pretty good quality with real Mongolian horse hair.

If you already have a bow then this may not be your number one priority, but for a beginner, it is worth getting a cello which has a bow with it.

9 Best Electric Cellos - New Sound Options!Strings

The strings of an instrument tend to only ever be noticed if they are bad! The strings of your electric cello need to be good quality. They are the final step before the pickup, which takes the sound and amplifies it to the desired level. Strings need to be hard-wearing, but they should also add something to the sound.

The Cecilio CECO-4BK is an example of an electric cello that is a bit let down by its strings. This isn’t terminal, though, the cello can be greatly improved if you replace the strings. You can either do this yourself (with some difficulty if you are a beginner) or you can take it to a store to have someone install new strings for you.

All of the cellos on the list come with strings already included. Some are better than others, but generally this shouldn’t be the main thing that drives your purchase. You will need to replace the cello strings eventually anyway once they break. There’s nothing wrong with just buying some extra strings to install as a bit of an upgrade if you need to.

9 Best Electric Cellos - New Sound Options!Rosin

Rosin is a form of resin that is applied to the hairs of a bow for electric cello (or any cello, for that matter). These can change the friction and the tone, and help to aid the vibrations to give a clear sound. Rosin comes in different darknesses, and a light rosin is usually suited to violins, however, cellos usually use a darker rosin. If you play in cold or dry areas you will find rosin especially helpful for keeping the instrument producing clear sound and vibrations.

The rosin is included as a cake or rock. This is then used to slip along the hairs of the bow. It’s another feature that is a nice bonus. If your cello comes with rosin then it is certainly not a bad thing. However, it isn’t a deal breaker if it does not. You can buy rosin separately.

9 Best Electric Cellos - New Sound Options!Carrying case

A carrying case is a vital piece of kit. it may not be the most glamorous equipment a musician owns, but it is one of the most important pieces of gear. A lot of the electric cellos on the market are sold with carrying cases. These make them easier to transport from place to place, but the most vital feature of a carrying case is the protection it gives your cello. In truth, some cello cases are not worth bothering with. Don’t buy a $ cello with an amazing design such as the NS Design NXT4ACOSB, and then fail to protect it properly with a quality case. This is an investment you should definitely make.

Though soft cases can do the job, make sure they have plenty of padding. If you are worried about the cello getting knocked around a lot and being at risk of damage, you should buy a hard case to give the utmost in protection.

Extra features

Naturally, the marketplace is getting more competitive, more and more brands are vying for your business, and one of the ways they try to stand out from the competition is to introduce extra features and choices you can make when you are buying your cello.

One of the extra features is a range of different colors. Loads of manufacturers are starting to give some extra choices when it comes to the colors on the cello.

Other features that are often included are stands (these make it easier to store your cello) and things like tuners. A tuner is essential. We all need to know how to tune our instruments, so you would have to buy one of these eventually.

A lot of the cellos also come with headphones. These aren’t always the best quality, but they’re a good addition. One of the key benefits of an electric cello is the fact that you can listen to what you are playing privately, and headphones will allow this.

Acoustic cello vs. electric cello

You might be wondering whether you should buy an acoustic cello or an electric cello. In an ideal world, you may eventually want to own both. However, if this isn’t possible, there’s a decision to be made.

Acoustic cello – Advantages

A more classical sound.

You can play anywhere with no need for amplification.

Acoustic cello – Disadvantages

A good acoustic cello costs a lot of money, much more than a good electric cello.

Not as easy to amplify or record your cello.

Electric cello – Advantages

Some of the budget options have a very good sound.

Can be used with effects pedals and loop pedals, and more.

You can listen in private so you don’t have to annoy others with your practicing.

You can turn it up loud to be heard among other instruments.

Electric cello – Disadvantages

Not quite the same classical sound, which is hard to replicate.

Needs power and an amplifier.

Sometimes needs a battery in order to work.


The price of an electric cello can vary hugely. The budget pick on our list is well under $, this is a bargain price for an electric cello as they are usually more expensive. They go up to around $ on our list. Acoustic cellos can be much more pricey than this.

It is likely that you will have a budget in mind, we don’t all have an endless amount of money to spend on cellos! Much as we would love to splash out, it is worth being cautious and only spending what you can afford, and what you need to spend to get a good quality electric cello. An example of a product that doesn’t cost a huge amount but is a compromise between price and performance is the Yamaha Silent Series SVCSK Electric Cello. This isn’t the priciest model but it feels very professional. It isn’t at the cheap end of the market.

Is electric cello difficult to assemble?

No, most electric cellos will be shipped to you set up and ready to go. You may have to learn how to replace strings at some point but it is unlikely that you will have to do any assembly.

How can I tune my cello?

Cellos are tuned with the pegs that the strings are wound around. An electric cello is no different to an acoustic cello in this respect. A tuner is needed, this can automatically pick up the pitch of the string and tell you whether you need to tighten or loosen. There are some excellent YouTube videos that can talk you through the whole process of tuning a cello.

Our Verdict

The Leeche Handmade Professional Solid Wood Electric Cello is our top rated cello with a /10 rating. We particularly like the pickup which is excellent quality, and is backed up by the build quality and wood used to make the cello.

The Cecilio 4/4 CECO-1BK is a brilliant option if you need something with a lot of accessories. It has a /10 rating and comes with a case as well as many other accessories. It’s suitable for beginners as well as more experienced players.

The NS Design NXT4ACOSB has a rating of /10 and though it is more expensive it has an exceptional build quality and innovative, slimline design. The sound is fantastic and this is a very well built cello.

Sours: https://primesound.org/best-electric-cello/

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