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Are you fed up with your old bathroom layout?

What if you can’t come up with any fresh design ideas? Are you dealing with a lack of an interactive and up-to-date bathroom planner tool? Forget about all inconveniences as we have developed special online software for quick and convenient virtual design.

This modern software provides you with numerous capabilities starting with an opportunity to create a floor plan, change the room shape, or pick a particular room element ending with the professional layout of your bathroom in a 2D and 3D format in the online mode.

Thus, this app will help bring fresh experiences to your everyday life. Besides, work formats can also vary. You can easily use a bathroom planner to create a remodel of the current design of your bathroom. Alternatively, you might be interested in making slight modifications to your existing layout. At the same time, you can start by developing a completely new plan.

All of these variants are available and extremely simple to turn into a reality with the online bathroom planner.

There is no longer a need for huge paper plans and endless discussions with a designer. You will not have to suffer tiring hours of trying to agree on the design you really would like to see in your house. Modern technologies let us do everything online.

The thing that makes this bathroom planner stand out from all other offers is the simplicity of its use. Even if you are on formal terms with computers, you will not face any trouble creating your bathroom plan. Here we provide a short sequence of instructions that will facilitate the planning of your future personal oasis. The example implies instruments for shaping design from scratch, but it can also be applied to remodeling or other plan changes to your bathroom.

To make the shape of your future bathroom, you should use a drag tool to draw the floor plan and establish walls. You can always make the space smaller or bigger by dragging lines to the position you need.

Furthermore, at this stage, you should select windows and doors. They are all available at the special library of design elements. It means a bathroom planner gives you a chance to actually build the bathroom room you’ve always dreamt about.

The second step implies choosing various elements and fixtures for the design plan of your bathroom.

Similarly, you select them from the library and place them into your bathroom planning. You have an opportunity to resize design features, move them, delete them, and arrange them as needed for your layout.

Finally, you can change the format of your bathroom. The bathroom planner lets you change the plan to a 3D format.

Get started

In fact, it is quite challenging to come up with an inspiring design. However, it is the planning structure that is even more complicated. You need special equipment that will help you achieve a professional result. But with Planner5D things, become the opposite of frightening as we take care of everything for your comfort. This is what distinguishes us from other design and room planners on the market.

Planner5D is a perfect planning system. This bathroom planner consists of modern electronic items that significantly ease the process of design. This is explained by the fact that this planner allows you to create a bathroom both in 2D and 3D formats.

It leads to visualization looks that are extremely realistic, and you will hardly find any differences when you see the completed plan with your own eyes.

The 2D bathroom is essential when planning a design. You can see the space and arrange it properly. Furthermore, automatic measurements pose assistance in avoiding mistakes in the plan. A 3D bathroom is needed for the visual clarity of your project. In addition to that, using these methods, you can compare different versions of the design of your bathroom and pick the one that fits the most at any moment you want.

Planner5D is an ideal decision for those who appreciate the professionalism and effectiveness of the design platforms.

Our firm aspires to create a pleasant bathroom planning process for you. That is the reason why we make our application process both easy and fun.

In order to create an excellent bathroom space, you will have access to well- developed yet simple elements.

Our company can assure you that you will be able to start creating your bathroom straight away. There is no need to wait for the program to load or render.

With us, you will be able to understand that the project of creating an ideal bathroom is something you can manage.

This program is very good because it helps you create your own 3d model of an architectural project.

I like this app so much! You have got so many choices to pick from(for room decoration and other stuff)

The app is easy to use. Even a newbie can come up with nice designs. It’s very stable and rarely crashes.

Is it free to create a bathroom using your service?

Yes, it is absolutely free.

What if I struggle with using the tools you have?

You can always apply to our support service, and we will happily assist you.

Will your project be similar to the real one?

It will be absolutely the same. Our plans are displayed in a realistic style.

How can I create a bathroom?

To create your bathroom design, you can look up the detailed instructions we provided above.

Have any more questions? Don't hesitate.

Ask us


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When you're thinking about a bathroom remodel, the design you choose for the project can make a big impact on your budget, as well as in the functionality and beautiful appearance of your updated space. So how do you decide what your bathroom design should look like? How do you come up with your vision? Well, lucky for you (and lots of other people who are in the same boat), the digital world and the variety of available design apps make this process much easier.

To help you get started, we've created a list of five of the best bathroom design apps to get your bathroom remodel project underway, including:

  1. Virtual Bathroom Planner via Roomstyler
  2. Planner 5D
  3. Bathroom Design App
  4. Easy Planner 3D
  5. Budget My Reno

Now, let's discuss each one a little more in-depth so you can decide which bathroom design apps will be most helpful for you, starting with:

1. Virtual Bathroom Planner via Roomstyler

roomstyler icon - bathroom design apps

The virtual bathroom planner is a free software via Roomstyler that is specifically tailored for bathroom remodels. It allows you to create 3D bathroom plans using their templates. You start by editing in a 2D format. Then, switch to a 3D view to see what it would look like in reality. You can then furnish your bathroom with simple drag and drop capabilities. Featuring a well-organized material library, you can choose from a wide range of materials and  finishes such as tiles, bathroom fixtures and a wide range of other options as well. Wouldn't it be awesome if remodeling your bathroom were this easy in real life? 


2. Planner 5D 

Planner 5D - bathroom design apps

Do you want to simply redesign or redecorate your existing bathroom? Are you looking for inspiration? This free app allows you to do both of these things! You can create your own project, or browse a collection projects and concepts by over 40 million users. To create your own, you simply start with the layout and design, then furnish and make edits, and finally, visualize your end result and share. It's that easy!


3. Bathroom Design App

Bathroom Design app

Feeling a little stuck? Not sure about your vision for your updated bathroom? Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to start planning your bathroom remodel project. With the free Bathroom Design app you can view hundreds of bathroom design ideas. When you stumble upon a design you like, simply save it as a favorite. Then, once you've collected a good amount of inspiration in your favorites, go back and see if any of them are perfect for your bathroom remodel. Or pick and choose aspects of different images that you want to incorporate in your final remodel project. 


4. Easy Planner 3d

opun planner - bathroom design apps

Easy Planner 3D, also known as Opun Planner, allows you to create unique interior designs directly on their website, including bathroom remodels. You can quickly convert a 3D drawing into a 3D experience, making it simple to get a view of what your final bathroom design will look like. It has a super easy-to-use interface and is simple to navigate with most commands displayed right on the screen.


5. Budget My Reno

budget my reno app - bathroom remodel design app

A beautiful bathroom design is great, but staying on budget is important too. Well, guess what - there's an app for that! The Budget My Reno app is free and user-friendly. It allows you to categorize the expenses of your project for easy viewing, track payments and make sure the invoices you receive are correct, plus store your contractor and other service providers' contact information. That way, you never have to go digging for that misplaced business card. 


Ready to Get Started with Your Bathroom Remodel? 

bathroom remodel 

All of these bathroom design apps are great for planning and budgeting for your bathroom remodel project. But what if you're not quire sure how to make it all come together or need some help with the execution? Our team at Tilghman Builders is ready to help! We handle the planning and design process for you, and then build it to reality.  Contact us today to get help planning your bathroom remodel project for an exceptional quality build every time.


Looking for a little more inspiration for your bathroom remodel? Click the button below to take a look at our portfolio! 

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Bathroom Design

In this modern world a builder faces a lot of challenges in the construction of a house or buildings to complete. Now a day’s a modern house or a building which is eco friendly, energy saving and low cost etc .Such sort of problems are creating much stress to builders.

Construction solution provides Interior & Exterior Architecture Designs such as:
 3d Home & Building Map Designs
 Wall Decoration ideas
 Floor Design Ideas
 Ceiling Design
 Gate Design Ideas
 Door Designs Ideas
 Bedroom design ideas
 Bathroom design ideas
 Complete home Furniture design and ideas

Housing associations are now encouraging the housing societies to use new ways of construction known as Modern Methods of Construction for new developments.

You can get 300+ ideas of Bathroom Design Ideas from this application.
The prominent features are:
-User friendly
-Attractive layout
-Categorized Designs
-High Quality Image
- You can share all images to other social media.
- You can save all pictures to sdcard.
- You can set all pictures as wallpaper.
- Easy to use: press menu to save, share, and set as wallpaper.
-Zoom in and Zoom out option for clear image
-Share Designs ideas using Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
-Save Design Ideas to your favorites list

This App Bedroom Design Category:
- Traditional Bathroom Design
-Double Vanity Bathroom design
-Modern Bathroom Design
-Simple Bathroom Design
-Colorful Bathroom Design
-Contemporary Bathroom Design


With bathroom remodel software you can choose your own floor plan, create your perfect layout, add materials and visualize your finished bathroom project. These bathroom remodel programs are inexpensive and now easier to use than ever before. Below are 10 of the best bathroom remodel software programs you can use to quickly create a design that’s right for you.

With the advent of modern technology, finding sources and guides in remodeling your bathroom is just a click away. Space planning and 3d modeling have also become an easy task as most applications and 3D design software is already available for use online. This eliminates the need of tediously drafting floor plans manually. Bathroom remodel plans can be completed with accurate measurements, different material finishes and textures with just a few clicks. It also gives you a visual representation of how your space will look like in reality.

Here is a list of design and planning software which you can use in preparing drawings for your bathroom remodel project:

1. Virtual Bathroom Planner/Room Styler (Free)

Virtual Bathroom Planner is a free bathroom remodel software which you can use to create 3D bathroom plans. You can choose from their templates, edit it in 2D plan then convert it to a three dimensional view. Furnishing your floor plan is as easy as “drag and drop”. It has a well organized material library which shows a broad spectrum of material finishes you can choose from, including tiles, bathroom fixtures and other fittings.

They have recently (2020) made their website even better. Now a user can submit a rough sketch of their bathroom with measurements and images of their existing layout and decor. One of our their designers will then create the perfect design completely free of charge and send it to them so all the work is done for the user by a qualified interior designer.

You can use it for free at:

2. Room Sketcher (Free)

This software has the features of a decent 3D application without damaging your budget as it can be used in the web for free. With this application, you can create a 2d plan based on the actual measurements of your bathroom, add select color, assign finishes, textures and visualize it in 3D. It also offers bathroom inspirations and ideas which you can adapt as you remodel your own.

Use it for free at:

3. Tile 3D Bathroom Designs (Paid)

Tile 3D Bathroom Designs is a paid software for creating tile pattern layouts and bathroom plans. Aside from the working drawings and realistic perspectives which you can create, it also has a “tile cover calculation” feature which easily helps you to compute for the number of tiles yu need for your project.

It has a free demo version available for download at:

4. Bath CAD by Articad (Paid)

Bath CAD offers photorealistic drawings and detailed plans with accurate measurements. It is specifically designed for bathroom professionals providing list of items that you need to purchase and order to complete your remodeling project. It was developed by Bathstore, a UK-based company which retails bathroom products.

You can request for a free demo version of this application at:

5. Easy Planner 3d (Free)

Easy Planner 3D or Opun Planner is a free online interior design application which enables you to create plans and photorealistic designs for all types of rooms including bathrooms. With just a click of a button, your 2d drawing is converted instantly to a 3D drawing. It is easy to navigate around its interface as most commands are already displayed.

You can try using this web based tool at:

6. Autodesk Homestyler (Free)

Autodesk Homestyler is a free easy to use Interior Design software. It is web based, with all of its features ready for use in their website. Creating a floor plan in Homestyler is as easy as inserting furniture, doors, windows, fixtures, etc. into your plan then converting it into 3D.

Autodesk Homestyler is available for use anytime at its website:

7. Smart Draw (Paid)

Smart Draw is a 3D software which may be used to design all sorts of plans and layouts. Although it costs $197 for the standard pack , it offers a free demo. It has hundreds of available templates to choose from including floorplans. Sample plans for bathrooms may be edited online or if you prefer you can aso create your own. Smart Draw is also integrated with other common applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Dropbox and allows you to send your drawing just by a single click.

Smart Draw is available for download at:

8. Space Designer 3D (Free)

Space Designer 3D is another free web based space planning software. It is user friendly application that enables you to create 2D and 3D drawings for rooms or even entire houses without the need to download the software . Furnishing your floor plan is as easy as a simple “drag and drop” action. Its material library includes more than 1500 furniture to choose from.

You can check out Space Designer 3d at:

9. Room to Do (Free)

Room to Do is a cloud based software which enables you to create 2D and 3D drawings easily. It is an online service for space planning and interior design which works in your browser. It also features “walk view” mode which allows you to walk through your project giving you a full visual of it. It has unique drawing tools which allow ease in drawing walls even with complex shapes. Room to Do also has a wide array of available material finishes such as ceramic tiles, carpets, wood, stone and wallpaper.

You can use it for free at:

10. Home by Me (Free Trial)

Home by Me is a free downloadable room planner. It is a 3D planning tool which provides realistic renderings of your space. In using this software, you can start with quickly sketching a 2D plan by choosing a ready made template for the room lay-out and shape. Other elements such as doors, windows, floor or stair can then be added from their library. From the floor plan, you can now view it as 3D drawing. It also allows you to easily add decorations and home furnishings.

Download Home by Me at:

If you would like more ideas for home and bathroom remodel software, check out our post on the best interior design software.

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App android design bathroom

Top 10 Bathroom Design Software for your Home (Free&Paid) both 2D and 3D

According to, homeowners stand to gain big benefits from re-designing and remodeling a bathroom that includes an estimated 102-percent return when the house sells.

double sink bathroom

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The right software can go a long way to helping you achieve a clean, stylish, new look. Replace inefficient features. Turn your bathroom into an eco-friendly oasis.

But before the labor-intensive work begins, you need bathroom design software to launch your project. One of the following 10 bathroom design software options could give you exactly what you need to get your bathroom remodel off to a good start.

Although some of the tools below can help you design many other rooms of the house, some others are dedicated to bathroom design so they are pretty good on what they do.

Table of Contents

1) SmartDraw

smart draw tool

SmartDraw can make you look smart. Marketed as an easy way to approach your bathroom redesign project, you can use any device capable of linking to the Internet to browse basic shapes, symbols and features that take you from blank slate to blueprint.

Your starting point is a template, then you stamp, drag and drop icons directly into the layout to complete the design.

Output your work in PDF or PNG format or send it to your Microsoft Office or G Suite application.

Interface your project with sharing apps like Dropbox®, Google Drive™, Box® or OneDrive® to send files to anyone you please, from the contractor you plan to use to Uncle Fred!

Try before you buy. If you like it, you’ll pay $9.95 per month as a single user to lease this software.

2) Room Sketcher

room sketcher

Employ the website’s drag and drop tools to draw a floor plan. Next, click and drag windows and doors from the company’s product library and then “furnish” the room by dropping vanity, cabinets and fixtures into the layout.

Room Sketcher’s 2D bathroom floor plan views help you double check measurements expressed as square meters or square feet.

Use 3D bathroom floor plan tools for a more sophisticated result that delivers high-quality 3D photos. A free trial gives you a taste of Room Sketcher and then you will be asked to choose between the VIP, Pro and High-volume versions of the app with pricing that begins at $49 per year for individuals.

3) Villeroy & Boch Planner

villeroy and boch

Villeroy & Boch (V&B) ceramic products have been around since 1836. For centuries, the company produced ceramic art and tabletop products until it expanded into bathroom culture and hygiene.

The V&B planner program is relatively simple: you select from a choice of standard room templates or use the free-form one if your space is an odd size, add windows, doors, electrical and plumbing connections and select V&B products to fill the bathroom.

View the finished design in 3D. Upload your layout to the V&B website and they will send you information you need to shop for materials, hire contractors and start work.

There is no charge to use this online tool, but keep in mind the fact that V&B wants to sell you everything you need to furnish your bathroom.

4) DreamPlan Home Design

According to the home page on this website, DreamPlan can take anyone from neophyte to room designer, taking the project from idea to schematic in a relatively short amount of time.

The process starts when you download the program at no charge and start drawing. You’ll trace a blueprint and add fixtures to achieve the layout you seek by importing icons representing appliances, fixtures and decorating elements.

Your completed design can then be produced as a blueprint, 2D or 3D design. Save your work to your hard drive or print it out.

You can expect DreamPlan to take up around 26.1 MB of space on your hard drive, but it is intuitive, fairly simple to use and as long as you meet the system requirements and work on a Windows PC, it won’t cost a cent to use it.

5) Planner 5D

If the prospect of designing a bathroom makes you feel insecure, visit the Planner 5D website homepage and read this headline: Created for Amateurs. Like other apps in this review, Planner 5D promises an advanced, easy-to-use 2D/3D home design tool.

Available in 9 language versions, Planner 5D supports iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows platforms.

Use the visualization and home design gallery to browse floor plans and design options, access the Interactive 3D/2D Blueprint feature and digitalize your floor plan.

If you need help, take advantage of Planner 5D design school tutorials. Users are invited to participate in a weekly interior design battle that comes with prizes if your bathroom design is declared a winner.

Get started for free; there is no mention on the website about whether there’s a cost to continue.

6) Tile3D

Tile3D is marketed as a professional program produced for people engaged in the “retail sales of ceramic tiles.” According to the manufacturer, users can “quickly create a realistic 3D project with layouts of any geometry and complexity.”

There are video lessons available on the website to help you with bathroom’s layout and design. Access the company’s vast library of fixtures and furnishings and virtually install each element to complete your bathroom.

Marketed as one of the most affordable bathroom design programs on the international market, the home version of this made-in-Russia software costs $49 for a one month license.

You must upgrade to either of the company’s two professional versions thereafter. They’re priced between $328 and $558. The company recommends at least 2GB of space to install Tile3D on your system so you have enough capacity to complete your bathroom design.

7) artiCAD


Headquartered in the U.K., artiCAD was founded in 1992 by IT entrepreneur Richard Turner. Flagship products are ArtiCAD-Pro and BathCAD.

The company’s kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design softwares, online room planner, online room styler and design presentation features are popular with retailers, manufacturers and designers, but if you’re a savvy DIYer you can request a demonstration by clicking on the website home page tab to see how it feels.

Alternately, go directly to the BathCAB page where everything is explained in such detail, you can lay the room out in minutes and then choose from desktop or cloud-based options to save your design.

Use the program offline on a desktop or laptop or work online from any device. If you decide this program is for you, it’s not inexpensive.

You’ll be offered three options: buy a license outright, lease the app or qualify for the monthly payment plan.

8) Room ToDo

Described by users as “simple and playful interior design software,” Room ToDo is an online-based resource offering intuitive interface and powerful tools that allow the user to achieve “professional results without any professional skills.”

Using interactive tools, users are guided through wall placement and floor plan stages before decorating and furnishing the bathroom interior.

At this point, the “walk view” lets you tour the bathroom you just designed so you can see how the wallpaper, ceramic tiles and fixtures you chose look.

Take screenshots and publish anywhere you like. This program is free to use so you don’t have to buy, download or set up a thing, yet you get state-of-the-art renderings that are so realistic, you will be impressed.

9) DIY

diy software

This simple, straightforward, easy-to-use bathroom design software offers you a planning experience that is so efficient, you could complete your design in minutes.

DIY helps you calculate your bathroom’s measurements and parameters and then work in 3D mode to insert items from the website’s library of bathroom products.

Take advantage of how-to articles, furniture buying guides and advice on choosing electrical and plumbing systems.

If you live in the U.K., you can patronize stores that carry the products you chose for your layout.

10) American Standard

You know the brand. Now you can try American Standard’s virtual free interactive room designer tool.

Created with North American trade professionals in mind, this app might not be your first choice if you are a novice.

The design process includes downloading a room layout approximating the your bathroom size and working within the Virtual Show Room that fills the room with products.

Save your work or download 2D and 3D images. For professionals, it takes one click to calculate scheduling, cut sheet generation, construction figures, owner presentations and the documentation professionals need to write an estimate.

While American Standard wants you to fill your bathroom with their products, you don’t have to pay a cent to make use of their design software.

Filed Under: Design Software

Bathroom \u0026 Tile Design Software - Pera 3D

Bathroom Planner

Looking for an easy way to plan a bathroom remodel? Try an easy-to-use online bathroom planner like the RoomSketcher App. Create bathroom layouts and floor plans, try different fixtures and finishes, and see your bathroom design ideas in 3D!

Whether you are planning a new bathroom, a bathroom remodel, or just a quick refresh, RoomSketcher makes it easy for you to create a bathroom design. Unlike other bathroom planners, no CAD experience is necessary so you can get to work on your bathroom design straight away with this easy-to-use bathroom planner.

” A great program that is easy to learn and use. ”
Marthe Høyer-Andreassen, Interior Designer

Plan Your Bathroom

Planning a bathroom can be challenging. The space is often small, but packed with functional requirements. There are a lot of great bathroom planning ideas out there, but it is hard to know which will work in your bathroom. One of the best ways to figure that out is with an online bathroom planner.

The RoomSketcher app is an easy-to-use floor plan and home design tool that you can use as a bathroom planner to plan and visualize your bathroom design. Create a floor plan, try different layouts, and see how different materials, fixtures, and storage solutions will look.

Bathroom Planning Made Easy

Create your bathroom design using the RoomSketcher App on your computer or tablet. Draw your floor plan, choose your furnishings, and see your bathroom design in 3D – it’s that easy!

Draw Your Floor Plan
Draw a floor plan of your bathroom in minutes using simple drag and drop drawing tools. Simply click and drag your cursor to draw or move walls. Select windows and doors from the product library and just drag them into place. Built-in measurement tools make it easy to create an accurate floor plan.

Furnish Your Bathroom
Select bathroom vanities, cabinets, fixtures, and more and simply drag them into place. Resize items easily, experiment with different finishes, and save your favorite design options to review and compare.

See Your Bathroom in 3D
Use the camera to take instant Snapshots of your bathroom design in 3D. Use our interactive Live 3D walkthrough feature to view your design as if your actually there. When your design is ready, create high-quality 3D Floor Plans, 3D Photos, and 360 Views to show your ideas.

Create Bathroom Floor Plans and Images

RoomSketcher makes it easy to create floor plans and 3D images of your bathroom design – like a pro! Here are just a few examples of the types of floor plans and images you can create using as a bathroom planner:

2D Bathroom Floor Plans
2D Floor Plans are essential for bathroom planning. They help you to layout your bathroom correctly, to know what will fit, and to get more accurate estimates. Show measurements, the room size in square meters and feet, the locations of bath fixtures, and more.

RoomSketcher Bathroom Planner 2D Floor Plan

3D Bathroom Floor Plans
With RoomSketcher, you can create a 3D Floor Plan of your bathroom at the click of a button! 3D Floor Plans are ideal for bathroom planning because they help you to visualize your whole room including the cabinetry, fixtures, materials and more.

RoomSketcher Bathroom Planner 3D Floor Plan

3D Photos
Create high-quality 3D Photos of your bathroom design from your camera Snapshots. See how your new bathroom will look including colors, textures, and materials. They are the perfect way to see and share your design ideas!

RoomSketcher Bathroom Planner 3D Photo

Create stunning 360 Views of your bathroom design instantly. View the entire room as if you are standing right there!

Get Started, risk free!

With RoomSketcher, every user can access many of our features for free so that you can start planning your bathroom straight away. Just draw your floor plan, furnish and decorate it, and see your design in 3D – it’s that easy!

For more powerful features, such as stunning 3D Photos, high-resolution 2D and 3D Floor Plans, and Live 3D walkthroughs – simply upgrade to a VIP or Pro subscription at any time.

Get started planning your bathroom today using the RoomSketcher App!

” RoomSketcher helped us build the home of our dreams – we drew our floor plans online, showed them to our architect and could plan out everything from room sizes to furniture. ”
Andreas Johnsen, Homeowner


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