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Most businesses have to choose between making a lot of money or making a big impact in the world. Next Door Photos (NDP) is a rapidly growing real estate photography company that partners with impact-driven entrepreneurs to create businesses that serve realtors locally, while growing sustainable and scalable jobs for vulnerable, rescued, and at-risk populations globally.

With 300+ team members in the Philippines, Kenya and Nepal, NDP is on mission to create 10,000 jobs over the next 10 years while building the largest network of real estate photographers in North America through a unique business model that drives impact with every single listing.

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To certify as a B Corp, a company must achieve a minimum verified score of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment. The B Impact Assessment asks questions about how the day-to-day operations of a company create positive impact for the company’s workers, community, and environment. Additionally, companies can earn further points if their overall business model can be shown to create positive social and environmental impact as well, qualifying the company for specific Impact Business Model points.

Scores for Certified B Corporations are verified by the non-profit B Lab.

The questions in the B Impact Assessment are organized into five Impact Areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers. Click into a Impact Area to see topics covered in each. Topics in blue are Impact Business Models associated with that Impact Area where the company has earned additional credit. Due to rounding, displayed totals may not add up exactly.

The B Impact Assessment is customized to a company's size, sector, and geographic market.  However, within those parameters, there are still questions included in the B Impact Assessment that might not be relevant to a particular company. In cases where a question is not applicable, the potential points available for that question are instead earned based on the performance of the company on the other topics relevant to the stakeholder and summed up as "N/A points." Likewise, a score of N/A for Workers means that the company is a sole proprietor or partnership with no full-time staff, and a score of 0 or N/A for Customers means that the company does not have a specific Customer-focused Impact Business Model.


Next Door Photos Employee Reviews

My favorite company to ever work with.

Photographer (Former Employee) - Melbourne, FL - August 25, 2019

Next Door photos is a regional real estate and (depending on your regions manager) occasional event media solutions company. They provide stills, video walkthrough, drone; and Matterport. Depending on the demand, and size of the region, you can expect to have anywhere between 1-4 shoots or more in a day. While most all of the assignments you will receive are a one man job, communication with teammates and managers is only a text away. The company seems to honestly care about their employees, even though you are only contracted. The location that I was in would have monthly get togethers, where we’d all catch up on both business and life. On top of that, once a month we’d have a one on one meeting over either a lunch or drink with the manager. NDP’s editing team is a Malaysian editing group who hires women at risk or recovered from trafficking. This works in two ways. Alongside providing jobs for those in need, it also expedites assignments. While we here in the US are asleep, they edit all of the days shoots. By the time we wake up in the morning, the clients have their media ready for upload. NDP has a basic principle- service before self. Never in the entirety of my time working with them did I see anything but. Overall one of the kindest and forward thinking companies I have ever known.

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Business Operator for a real estate photography company


Next Door Photos is a growing network of local B Corp Certified real estate photography companies that empower realtors with industry-leading photography, videography, aerials, 3-D models & floor plans. Operating under the tagline, 'Next Door, Next Day,' all completed media is delivered the very next day-providing an incredibly quick turnaround at an affordable price.


Each NDP is locally owned and operated which makes for a highly personalized experience each and every shoot. We are proud to live and work in the communities we serve and love building relationships with our customers, photographers & community members

Business ownership with a measurable impact...

We’ve all been there–caught between having to choose a career that makes a positive social impact, or one that makes a lot of money. We created Next Door Photos to provide an opportunity to do both.

Next Door Photos has spent 5+ years building the workflows, processes, and systems for owners to be successful and allowing them to scale their business. We are a group of like-minded high impact people who want to not only be financially successful but make an impact with our work and through our work as well.

Our growing network (partnerships) consists of 30+ successful B-Corp certified real estate photography businesses launched through a shared ownership model that generates wealth and empowers freedom. We believe in the value of excellence in product and process, meaningful local relationships, and stewardship. Each Next Door Photos has a direct link to employing people rescued from human trafficking or at severe risk of exploitation through our media editing operations.

We continue to grow and see the scalability of our business linked closely with the incredible team of people joining the company.

The gig

Next Door Photos is looking to continue to grow nationally by launching more Next Door Photos locations. Each location is locally owned and operated by highly driven individuals who want to work for themselves but not necessarily by themselves.

You must have grit and the desire to own and operate a business, not just dream about being an entrepreneur one day. We look for people with experience in business development, sales or communications.

You do not have to be a photographer or creative type to own a Next Door Photos. We have successful Next Door Photos owners who have looked at their current career path and decided to jump ship and find freedom and passion in building their own business while plugging into the community and culture of Next Door Photos.

Not everyone is cut out for fast-paced business ownership in a technology-based startup, but if you’re a Linchpin and are looking to level up in your career then we would love to meet you.

Head to to get more information.

We also offer a referral bonus for anyone you pass our information along to that partners with us!


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