1997 silverado factory ride height

1997 silverado factory ride height DEFAULT

Stock ride height


I am new to this forum and very new to these trucks, I had a Ranger previously that the rear end locked up in going down the road with no warning other than a clunk followed by tires screeching, not fun at all

SO now I have a new truck, 96 K1500 "Cheyenne" RCSB 5.0 5SPD, needs a little TLC, very clean underneath with no rust (Florida) and surprisingly appears to have never been in the mud, or at least cleaned thoroughly afterwords

my only real puzzling question, at least to me anyhow, is the stance, factory suspension no lift or anything, slightly larger than OEM tires but factory wheels, however it does seem to sit higher in the rear than the front, I am not sure if this is normal since I have never owned one of these trucks (or one similar) a friend told me to turn the torsion bars up in the front until it levels out, I was hoping to lower the rear rather than raise the front, I crawled under the rear ready to take a look at the coil springs and deice how much to cut them!.. you know what happened next

so, is there a way to drop the rear about an inch(I assume) or is the torsion bar suggestion the best idea, and is so.. will it adversely effect the trucks ride or handling?


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1988-1998 Chevy C/K 1500 2500 3500 2WD 4WD Stock Height | LevelTow Load Leveling System

LevelTow System 1988-1998 C&K 1500,2500,3500 2WD and 4WD Stock height

LevelTow kits are specifically designed for each vehicle application, and like most of our products, it is a completely bolt-on installation. Never has there been an easier way to improve the ride quality and load leveling of your pickup.

California Prop 65 Warning 

SKU: 81213006Categories: 1988-1998 GM C1500, LevelTow Kits, Load Leveling, Load Leveling, Trucks


LevelTow Systems are specifically designed to maximize the vehicle’s safe load-carrying capacity, stability, ride quality and brake effectiveness.   This system will come standard with a 30ft roll of airline and schrader valves with manual and auto-level compressor systems available as an upgrade.  Fox 2.0 Aluminum Montotube rear shocks are available as well. 

  • LevelTow Air Springs provide load support through the use of air pressure that can automatically adjust for changing loads. The No Drill installation is designed specifically for this application unitizing existing holes and mounts between the frame and suspension.  The include a 30ft. roll of airline and manual inflation valves.   
  • The Auto-Leveling Compressor System is a revolutionary product that turns this kit into a true hands-off unit.  Just plug it in and let it do all of the work, the Smart Sensor ensures an exact ride height without touching anything.   The unit also includes a manual control for additional convenience.  The wiring harness makes installation a breeze with weather tight connections.
  • The Manual Compressor System is an economical way to provide on-demand air supply at the touch of a button.   
  • Aluminum Monotube Shocks are also included and feature custom tuned valving for maximum ride quality, even under the most adverse conditions. These shocks feature a 1,000,001 Mile Warranty and will be the last set of shock absorbers your truck will ever need.  Matching front shocks are also available below. 



Sours: https://www.ridetech.com/product/1988-1998-c-and-k-1500-2500-3500-2wd-and-4wd-stock-height/
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Aldan American Coil-Over Kit, Chevrolet Corvette. Front/Rear Set 1997-2004 Stock Ride Height Chevrolet

FOREVER GUARANTEE: We guarantee our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship as long as you own the car. We will repair or replace, at our option, any Aldan product found to be defective, subject to our inspection and approval. Proof of purchase necessary.

Purchaser understands and recognizes that shock absorbers manufactured and/or sold by Aldan American are subject to varied conditions due to the manner in which they are to be installed and used. Purchaser further recognizes and agrees that suitability of any part sold or manufactured by Aldan American for a particular application is the purchaser's decision and that the purchaser is not relying on the skill or judgement of Aldan American regarding suitability of any product or service. Aldan American makes no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, oral or written to purchasers. There is no warranty of merchantability made to purchasers. Liability is limited to repair or replacement of defective parts to original purchaser. Aldan American is not liable for any consequential damages, expenses or injury arising from the use, misuse, or improper installation of any product manufactured or sold by Aldan American. Aldan American reserves the right to make changes in design or add to or improve their product without incurring any obligation to install the same on any products previously manufactured. This warranty shall not apply to any product which has been repaired or altered in any way so as in our judgement to affect its performances; nor which has been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence or any other occurrence beyond the control of Aldan American.

Installation Instructions

Click to view the Installation Instructions here

Warranty Information

Click to view the Warranty Information here

Sours: https://www.vividracing.com/aldan-american-coilover-kit-chevrolet-corvette-frontrear-set-19972004-stock-ride-height-chevrolet-p-152630614.html

1988-98 Chevy C/K Lift Kit Buyer's Guide

40 ways to get some height under your '88-'98 GM pickup

In 1988, General Motors introduced a brand-new Chevy/GMC pickup truck line. A collective gasp went up from truck enthusiasts when they learned that GM had defected from a leaf-sprung solid-front axle to independent front suspension (IFS). Over the course of time, IFS proved itself viable in real-world use and GM used this system through 1998, when a similar but non-interchangeable system was introduced. For those of you who have opted to not torch this smooth-riding and well-handling suspension from under your '88-'98 Chevy/GMC truck in favor of a leaf-sprung solid-axle system, we have good news. There are many manufacturers offering lift kits for the '88-'98 Chevy/GMC K1500 (11/42-ton with 6-lug wheels), K2500 (31/44-ton with 6- or 8-lug wheels) and K3500 (1-ton with 8-lug wheels) pickup trucks. What follows are some of your options if you're looking for a bit of altitude adjustment.

So, What's Involved?
Clearly, the GM IFS is a bit more complicated than a standard solid-axle/leaf-spring setup, and this is driven home when you look at what's involved in installing a lift. Mechanics who do these kits frequently tell us that once you do a few, it's possible to hustle through an installation in about six hours. The common man, one who works on his truck in his driveway, will find that the first-time installation will take well over the 10-12 hours that most manufacturers indicate. Of course, this depends on which kit you're installing, how the manufacturer has approached the design, and the number of required components.
Depending on the kit, you can plan on having to torch off frame brackets or differential brackets to make way for the new parts, and you may have to do some exhaust modifications to make way for the lowered IFS components. After the installation, those vehicles equipped with the Autotrac transfer case may encounter driveline vibration. Some manufacturers have eliminated this problem in the design of their kits' geometry, while others have solved the problem by offering optional CV driveshafts. Is the time worth it? Owners of these vehicles say that it is, pointing out the improved off-highway performance created by the larger tires and improved ground clearance. The choice you have to make is whether or not you want to tackle the installation, or whether you turn it over to an experienced installer.

BDS Suspension
Kits available:1
What it fits: K1500, K2500 (6-lug wheels only)
Inches of lift: 6 front, 5 rear
Maximum tire diameter: 35 inches
Kit details: Included are one-piece lower crossmembers that increase frame rigidity while reducing installation time, a "No Flex" drop drag link that helps retain factory alignment settings and reduce bumpsteer. The kit retains the factory upper and lower control arms, which eliminates a ball-joint change. The rear is lifted via blocks and add-a-leaves, and the kit includes shock absorbers.
Optional accessories: Aluminum skidplate, lateral compression strut, rear bumpstop extension.
BDS Suspension
402 Jay St., Coldwater, Michigan 49036
517/279-2135, www.bds-suspension.com.

Explorer Pro Comp
Kits available: 5
What they fit: K1500, K2500 (6- or 8-lug wheels), K3500
Inches of lift: 4 to 6 inches front, 311/42 to 4 inches rear (depending on kit)
Maximum tire diameter: 32-35 inches (depending on kit)
Kit details:Pro Comp offers a number of kits. The company addressed the Autotrac option by creating a kit (PN 51098) specifically for vehicles equipped with this system. It differs from standard systems by incorporating changes for proper front pinion angle for use of a CV driveshaft, and eliminates the slip-yoke at the transfer-case output shaft. Standard features of all Pro Comp kits include one-piece upper control arm drop brackets, rear crossmember compression struts that increase chassis rigidity and four shocks.
Optional accessories: Traction bars, stainless steel skidplates, triple-shock system.
Explorer Pro Comp
2360 Boswell Rd., Chula Vista, California
619/216-1444, www.explorerprocomp.com.

Fabtech Motorsports
Kits available: 1
What it fits: K1500
inches of lift: 6
Maximum tire diameter: 35 inches
Kit details: The folks at Fabtech offer this comprehensive kit that includes one-piece cast steering knuckles, high-arched 1 1/4-inch thick crossmembers, integrated 1 1/4-inch-thick steel differential plate, steel billet antiroll-bar end links, tubular impact struts and one-piece torsion-bar mounts. The rear is lifted via a 4-inch block and add-a-leaf system. The kit increases caster for more control with oversized tires and it retains the factory steering centerlink and upper control arm in the stock location.
Optional accessories: Multiple front shock system, steering stabilizer, rear-axle traction bars.
Fabtech Performance Suspensions
4331 Eucalyptus Ave., Chino, California 91710
909/597-7800, www.fabtechmotorsports.com.

RCD Suspension
Kits available: 2
What they fit: K1500, K2500 (6- or 8-lug wheels), K3500
Inches of lift: 6
Maximum tire diameter: 33 inches
Kit details: RCD kits include replacement cast-iron steering knuckles for precise steering geometry. The kits also feature fully machined T-6 billet aluminum axle spacers to maintain proper axle lengths, a heavy-duty two-piece lower subframe assembly and polished stainless steel "Twin-Link" anti-compression struts to ensure structural strength and durability, CNC-machined zinc-plated billet steel antiroll-bar links with oversize urethane bushings, powdercoat finish, Grade 8 hardware and four Bilstein monotube shocks. RCD says that no optional items are needed for Autotrac-equipped vehicles because its kits relocate the front differential to eliminate potential vibration.
Optional accessories: Front multiple-shock system, front skidplate (T-6 brushed aluminum or polished stainless steel), RCD "Trac-Link" rear traction-arm system, front lightbar hoop (powdercoated or polished stainless steel).
RCD Suspension
3552 Fowler Canyon Rd., Jamul, California 91935
619/588-4723, www.racecardynamics.com.

Kits available: 3
What they fit: K1500, K2500 (6- or 8-lug wheels), K3500
Inches of lift: 2 to 4 front, 1 1/2 to 4 rear (depending on kit)
Maximum tire diameter: 32-33 inches (depending on kit)
Kit details: The 2- to 3-inch kits for the K1500 and K2500 6-lug-equipped trucks come with new upper control arms, longer front brake hoses, all required hardware, drop-down bracketry to retain the factory geometry and a rear add-a-leaf kit to raise the tail of the truck. Also available is a 4-inch kit for the 6- or 8-lug K2500. It lifts the 6-lug rear by 4 inches and the 8-lug rear by 2 1/2. The kit for the K3500 1-ton offers a 4-inch front lift and a 2 1/2-inch rear.
Optional accessories: Steering stabilizer.
Rancho Suspension
One International Dr., Monroe, Michigan, 48161
888/GO-RANCHO, www.gorancho.com.

Kits available: 8
What they fit: K1500, K2500 (6- or 8-lug wheels), K3500
Inches of lift: 2-6 inches (depending on kit)
Maximum tire diameter: Up to 36 inches (depending on kit)
Kit details: The 2 1/2-inch kit includes new differential brackets and A-arms to relieve wear and tear on the upper ball joints, full-length Softride rear add-a-leaves and four Softride shocks. The 4 1/2- to 6-inch kits include new differential brackets and A-arm drop brackets, center steering stabilizer link and stabilizer arm, lower differential skidplate, stainless steel brake lines, Grade 8 mounting hardware, poly bushings, four Softride Nitro or Hydro shocks and your choice of either complete rear springs or kit with rear blocks.
Optional accessories: Polyurethane cab bushings, Autotrac driveshaft, 2- or 3-inch body lift.
P.O. Box 1678, West Monroe, Louisiana
71294-1678, 318/388-0816, www.skyjacker.com.

Superlift Suspension Systems
Kits available: 9
What they fit: K1500, K2500 (6- or 8-lug wheels), K3500
Inches of lift: 2-6 inches front, 0-5 inches rear (depending on kit)
Maximum tire diameter: 32-35 inches (depending on kit)
Kit details: The 2-inch front lift kit for the K1500 includes new replacement upper control arms (with greasable urethane eye bushings) that restore proper alignment and factory ride quality, brackets to lower the front differential to relieve CV angles and Superide shocks with boots. The 4- to 6-inch (pictured) and 5- to 7-inch kits for light-duty 6-lug K2500 trucks and heavy-duty K2500 and K3500 trucks with 8-lug wheels feature full-width differential/control arm crossmembers, crossmember kicker braces, skidplate and dual centerlink stabilizing links. Superlift says that all of its GM kits retain the factory ride quality, steering geometry and CV angles, offer increased wheel travel and allow for fitment of larger-diameter tires.
Optional accessories: For the 2-inch kit you can choose either blocks or add-a-leaves to lift the rear, while for the remaining kits you can choose from a steering stabilizer kit, idler arm conversion, front dual-/triple-shock kit or speedometer recalibration.
Superlift Suspension Systems
Dept. FW, 300 Huey Lenard Loop Rd., West Monroe, Louisiana 71291, 800/551-4955, www.superlift.com.

Trail Master Suspension
Kits available: 3
What they fit: K1500, K2500 (6-lug wheels only), K3500
Inches of lift: 4, 6
Maximum tire diameter: 33 and 35 inches respectively
Kit details: The 4-inch kit for 6-lug K1500 and K2500 trucks retains the OE lower control arms and torsion bars, includes differential drop bracketry to maintain OE CV joint and driveline angles and features heat-treated, ductile-iron knuckle adapters. The 6-inch kit for the same vehicle consists of just 12 pieces to simplify installation, and includes Trail Master's original centerlink design that reduces leverage on the pitman and idler arms. It also utilizes the factory upper and lower control arms. Also available is a 4-inch kit for the K3500 1-ton 8-lug trucks, and, like the others, it comes with your choice of Trail Master N7, SS or SSV shock absorbers.
Optional accessories: Steering stabilizers, Dual Cardan driveshaft for Autotrac-equipped models.
Trail Master Suspension
395 Smitty Way, Suite 200, Corona, California 92879
909/736-8686, www.trailmastersuspension.com.

Tuff Country
Kits available: 4
What they fit: K1500, K2500 (6- or 8-lug wheels), K3500
Inches of lift: 4, 6
Maximum tire diameter: 33, 35 inches respectively
Kit details: Tuff Country says that all its kits were designed with the installer in mind, and to this end, the company uses a one-piece integrated subframe and new spindles to simplify installation. The one-piece lower subframe incorporates numerous brackets into one sturdy unit, and this helps eliminate squeaks and rattles, while the new spindles help retain stock driveline geometry. Other components include upper-differential drop brackets, torsion-bar drop blocks, shock absorbers, rear blocks, U-bolts and add-a-leaves.
Optional accessories: Dual shock kit, front driveshaft for Autotrac-equipped vehicles.
Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension
4165 West Nike Dr., Salt Lake City, Utah 84088
800/288-2190, www.tuffcountry.com.

Whiplash Suspension
Kits available: 4
What they fit: K1500, K2500 (6- or 8-lug wheels), K3500
inches of lift: 8, 10 inches
Maximum tire diameter:36, 38.5 inches respectively
Kit details: Whiplash has had these kits (8-inch kit shown) on the market now for three years. The company says they are computer-engineered and laser-cut for the best possible fit. Whiplash says that its cross-braced design allows for superior strength and quick and easy installation with no welding. Rear lift is created by a combination of 8-inch leaf springs, block and U-bolt and add-a-leaf kits. For vehicles equipped with the Autotrac transfer case, Whiplash offers complete front driveshafts.
Optional accessories: Triple front shocks, dual steering stabilizers, traction bars.
Whiplash Suspensions
2686 N. Clovis Ave., No. 107, Fresno, California 93727
559/294-8404, www.whiplashsuspensions.com.

Rough Country
Kits available: 3
What they fit: K1500 6-lug
Inches of lift: 2 to 6
Maximum tire diameter: 2- to 3-inch kit up to 285/75, 4-inch kit up to 33x12.50, 6-inch kit up to 35x12.50
Kit details: The 2-3-inch kit includes front upper control arms, differential drop bracket, torsion bar adjuster keys, front brake lines, front shock relocation brackets, polyurethane bushings, Hydro 8000 shocks, rear add-a-leaf. The 4- and 6-inch kits (6-inch kit pictured) are newly redesigned and feature front and rear crossmembers, differential drop brackets, drop torsion bar brackets with RCX laser-cut logos, kicker brackets, upper and lower control arm drops, massive steering link coupled with heim joint-assist link, front and lower skidplates with RCX laser-cut logos, Hydro 8000 shocks, rear lift blocks, add-a-leafs, and U-bolts.
Optional accessories: 2- to 3-inch kit: Single steering stabilizer, Performance 2.2 shock upgrade, Nitro 9000 shock upgrade, shock boots. 4- & 6-inch kits: Steering stabilizer, Autotrac driveshaft, rear sway bar links, shock boots.
Rough Country
1400 Morgan Road, Dyersburg, Tennessee 38024
800/222-7023, www.roughcountry.com.

Crank Up the Torsion Bars? - Don't Do It!
If you're thinking of skipping a suspension kit, opting instead to just crank on the torsion bars to generate lift, there are some things you need to know. Trent McGee at Superlift Suspension points out that by doing so, you may get an inch or two of increased ride height, but the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. As the ride height is increased, the distance between the bottom of the upper control arms and their extension travel stops becomes smaller, and this results in a rough ride. The reason is that with no extension travel, the suspension cannot fully cycle to soak up bumps and dips. Over time, this topping out causes accelerated upper balljoint wear, front-end alignment problems and CV axle-boot wear, all the result of increased operating angles.



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Height ride silverado 1997 factory

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Re: 88-98 Ride height question

Mine is 31.6" from the ground to the center(flat area) of the wheel opening. I have 255/70x15 on factory aluminum 15x7 wheels. These are original springs (far as I know) and 260,000 miles. Normally if they cut 1 coil you will get a 2" drop

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Service Suspension System Message - GM Ride Control Diagnosis

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