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John John Florence was steamrolling through the 2019 Championship Tour when he suffered a tragic, season-ending knee injury at the Oi Rio Pro last June.

With a torn ACL and his shot at a third World Title dashed, he underwent surgery and the long, painful process of regaining his champion form, and ultimately, qualifying for the inaugural U.S. Olympic Surf Team.

Florence's new film, "Tokyo Rising," tells the story of this journey and how the two-time World Champ has dealt with it ever step of the way.

John returns from blowing out his knee to out perform Kelly Slater at the 2019 Pipe Masters thus qualifying for the Olympics.

"It's been a couple interesting years for me in my life," Florence told the WSL's Chris Cote on this week's episode of World Surf Weekly.

"From being injured to coming back onto the tour and having a really good start, and just being injured again, and then trying to come back to qualify for the Olympics … There have been so many people in my life that have inspired me to go and make a goal and go after it, and so I hope I can inspire anyone who's got an injury or anything like that. Things are still possible," continued Florence.

And now, with the announcement that the 2021 Championship Tour will kick off with the Billabong Pipe Masters, Florence will have home court advantage as he makes his return to full-time competition.

"I'm always working on making my mind better, I've found that, for me, my mental area in my life is the most important for competitive surfing, and just really getting into a good mental space before competing," Florence continues. "I think last year before i got hurt I was really in that good mental space where I was having fun competing."

"Tokyo Rising," produced by Florence's production company Parallel Sea, is now available on Amazon Prime Video. And you can hear more from him on World Surf Weekly.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth conversation with Florence coming in the days ahead.


The Inertia

Qualifying for the Olympics is tough in any sport. It can be a slog. It can be a grind. It can be damn near impossible if you’re injured. This is what John John Florence faced last year as he pushed to qualify for the 2020 Games (which have since been pushed back to 2021 thanks to the pandemic). In 2019, after starting off the year better than he ever had at any point in his career, he suffered what was thought to be a season-ending knee injury.

Now, a reminder of the context: the top two American qualifiers at the end of the CT year would represent the Stars and Stripes in Tokyo. This would also be the first time surfing would be included in the grand spectacle that is the Olympics. Everyone wanted a piece. John John and Parallel Sea released a trailer today for their new film, Tokyo Rising, which will essentially tell the behind-the-scenes story of Kelly Slater chasing down John to try and overtake him to qualify, and Mr. Florence’s unprecedented return from ACL reconstruction. Spoiler! He would return to competition five months after surgery to compete at Pipeline to block the King from taking his Olympic spot.

The saga will definitely make for good (and hopefully spicy) viewing. The film drops on Amazon Prime November 12.

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ASB MAGAZINE: Two-time world champion surferJohn John Florence, in partnership with Clif Bar, has released a new documentary film Tokyo Rising,  through Amazon Prime Video.  Tokyo Rising chronicles Florence’s 2019 professional surfing season and quest to earn a position on the inaugural Team USA Olympic surf team. With Kelly Slater on his heels, Florence is faced with a high-stakes decision five months after reconstructive surgery on his ACL. The battle for Olympic qualification comes down to the Pipe Masters on Oahu’s North Shore.


“2019 was an interesting year for me, filled with a lot of excitement through event wins, my best ever start to a competitive year, and then a set of major challenges in overcoming a torn ACL. In hindsight, to have experienced both the highs and lows was certainly difficult, but what came out of it in qualifying for the Olympics and creating this film felt like great positives to take away from the experience. I’m looking forward to being a part of the USA Olympic Team after all of the hard work. Thank you to all of my family and friends for their support throughout the year, and to the surfers, and my team for making this film a reality. I hope this film brings some positivity to anyone going through an injury, and excitement to everyone watching at home,” said John John Florence.


Tokyo Rising is available to watch through Amazon Prime Video in the following territories: United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom via the Documentary and Sports genre verticals. Tokyo Rising was produced by Florence’s production company PARALLEL SEA, with footage courtesy of the World Surf League. The film follows critically acclaimed releases VELA, Twelve, Crossings and more.





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John John Florence Tokyo Rising: CLIF Exclusive Extended Trailer

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