Framed floral wall decor

Framed floral wall decor DEFAULT

(Set of 2) 16" x 20" Framed Floral Sketch Framed Wall Art White - Threshold™


Piece 1: Framed Poster Print: 16 Inches (W) x 20 Inches (H)

Material: Wood Composite (Frame)

Frame Display: Sawtooth Back

Includes: 2 Framed Wall Poster Prints

Color Tone: Black and White

Artwork medium: Lithograph



Item Number (DPCI):

Origin: Imported


This Framed Floral Sketch Framed Wall Art White - Threshold brings modern flair to your interior. A must-have addition to any room, this framed wall art features pretty florals — giving your wall a little personality without overwhelming the decor in the room. This decorative wall art is encased in a sleek wood-like frame that offers clean style. Additionally, the neutral design seamlessly blends with any decor, making for an easy addition with plenty of flair to match.


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Decor wall framed floral

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