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Finding Your Lost Pet

If your pet is lost, follow these steps:

  • Submit a Lost Pet Report. We&#;ll use that information to help make matches with other reports and share your lost or found pet on our Lollypop Spotters Facebook page to help spread the word. If you have questions, please contact us at () or email us. (If you call, please email us a photo of your pet.) Filing a report does not guarantee that we will be able to notify you if your pet is brought to the shelter. Please call us weekly with updates, and let us know if/when your pet is found.
  • If your pet is microchipped, call the microchip company. All pets adopted from Lollypop Farm are microchipped through 24PetWatch.
  • Come to the shelter in Fairport to view the stray animals, as you are the only person who can identify your animal. Visit every day or every other day, if you can. State law requires us to hold strays for a minimum of 5 days before making them available for adoption. View hours and directions.
  • Search your neighborhood thoroughly, and tell people about your lost pet via word of mouth and social media. Ask neighbors, mail carriers, bus drivers, and delivery people to keep an eye out. Try these tips:
    • Search underneath porches, in basement window wells, and other places your pet might hide or become trapped.
    • Leave food and water in your yard, as well as something with a familiar scent.
    • For cats: At dusk, shine a flashlight in bushes, tall plants, and wooded areas to look for the reflection of your cat&#;s eyes. Place a used litter box outside. Cats often come home in the early-morning hours when you may be asleep, so using a baby monitor can help you hear them.
  • Put up &#;lost&#; posters in your neighborhood and get permission to post flyers and posters at vet offices, groomers, pet-supply stores, supermarkets, and libraries. Make them easily readable, use a good photo of your pet, and include &#;LOST DOG&#; or &#;LOST CAT&#; in large letters, along with &#;REWARD&#; if applicable. For signs along the street, make sure that drivers can read them; a large poster board works best. Look for &#;found&#; posters and flyers, too.
  • Post a &#;found pet&#; listing on social media, online lost and found sites, and in the local newspaper. Include the pet’s appearance, breed, sex, age, and date found, as well as your contact information and a good photo. Make sure to read the “lost” postings, too.

Don&#;t give up if you don&#;t find your pet right away! Pets have been reunited with their families after being lost for days, weeks, or months. Expand your search in case your pet has been found and transported out of your immediate area.

More tips and resources:
General Pet Search Tips

Sours: https://www.lollypop.org

Animal Shelters in Monroe County, New York

There are 16 Animal Shelters in Monroe County, New York, serving a population of , people in an area of square miles. There is 1 Animal Shelter per 46, people, and 1 Animal Shelter per 41 square miles.

In New York, Monroe County is ranked 46th of 62 counties in Animal Shelters per capita, and 9th of 62 counties in Animal Shelters per square mile.

List of Monroe County Animal Shelters

Find Monroe County, New York animal shelters, puppy dog and cat shelters, pet adoption centers, dog pounds, and humane societies.

Animal Rescue Team, Inc. 82 Bloomfield Place Rochester, NY

Animal Service League 10 Dubelbeiss Lane Rochester, NY

Brighton Animal Control Division Elmwood Avenue Rochester, NY

Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue 30 Wheatstone Circle Fairport, NY

Genesee Valley Canine Welfare 53 Oakcrest Drive Rochester, NY

Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets PO Box Rochester, NY

Greece Town Animal Control Maiden Lane Rochester, NY

Hilton Animal Control 62 Gorton Avenue Hilton, NY

Humane Society at Lollypop Farm 99 Victor Road Fairport, NY

Pet Adoption Network Culver Road Rochester, NY

Pittsford Animal Control 11 South Main Street Pittsford, NY

Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions Latta Road Rochester, NY

Rochester Animal Control Titus Avenue Rochester, NY

Rochester Animal Services Verona Street Rochester, NY

Scottsville Veterinary Hospital Scottsville Road Scottsville, NY

Webster Animal Control Ridge Road Webster, NY

About Monroe County Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters in Monroe County, NY are responsible for providing temporary care, housing and adoption services for unwanted, owner-relinquished, and lost pets including cats and dogs. Shelters provide a variety of services that promote the humane treatment of animals in Monroe County.

Interested parties may contact Animal Shelters for questions about:
  • Lost dogs and cats in Monroe County, New York
  • Fostering dogs and cats
  • Monroe County pet adoption fees
  • Spaying and neutering pets
  • New York animal control and welfare

Animal Shelters near Monroe County

Other Monroe County Offices

Sours: https://www.countyoffice.org/ny-monroe-county-animal-shelters/
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Lollypop Farm launches ‘Lost to Found’ text tool to reunite missing pets with families

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Lollypop Farm launched a tool to help people find their lost pets or report a pet they’ve found and help return it to its owner. The new tool is called &#;Lost to Found.&#;

&#;It&#;s really meant to help people go through those steps to help them find their pet or reunite a pet they may have found with its family. We know how stressful and how challenging that time is,&#; said Ashley Zeh, the communications director at Lollypop.

If you’ve lost or found a pet you can text LPF-LOST. You’ll be asked to specify lost or found then fill out a lost pet report.

&#;Hour by hour you’ll get other things like, &#;have you checked in with other shelters in the area,&#; pets can travel. &#;Have you gone through steps to check if your microchip is up to date?'&#;

The texts are automated, but if you have a question you can text back and a Lollypop employee will respond. Zeh said even if the pet and family aren’t reunited right away, that doesn’t mean hope is lost.

&#;Only about 2% of cats who are not microchipped and about 22% of dogs who are not microchipped find their way back home,&#; she said. &#;If we can find that family that already cares for them that would be the ideal world because pets are family and we want to make sure we’re keeping them together.&#;

They will also post the lost pet on the Lollypop Spotters page which includes people in the community who help find pet owners.

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Sours: https://www.rochesterfirst.com/pets/lollypop-farm-launches-lost-to-found-text-tool-to-reunite-missing-pets-with-families/

It is heart-breaking if your pet either runs away or becomes lost. It can be particularly difficult for an older, deaf or visually impaired pet to find its way home, and this is made more difficult in the winter when banks of snow and snow-covered ground cover familiar sights and smells.

The majority of dogs found wandering or lost do not carry any form

of identification, which is a requirement of section , Article 7,

New York State Agriculture and Markets Law. Therefore, be certain

your dog carries identification at all times. Cats too.


​register & keep your information up to date. ​​

Also, as per New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, Article 7,

section , any unidentified dog, lost or roaming shall be held for a

period of 5 days, or an identified dog for a period of 7 days, by an

impoundment agency, e.g. Humane Society, DCO, whilst efforts are

made to locate the dog’s owner. After the time specified, an owner

who fails to redeem his dog, forfeits ownership and the dog may be

made available for adoption or euthanized!

The following is a list of actions to take, without delay, if your pet is lost, or runs away:

(Please print and save)

1. USE SOCIAL MEDIA - With today's technology, you can spread the word of your missing pet quickly. Post on your social media pages and ask your friends to share. Post on the several missing pet Facebook groups. Search Facebook to find these groups in your area. Search Facebook for dog control, humane societies and rescues. They often will post found pets. 

A few Facebook missing pet groups & websites are below (be sure to search for others):​​

Allegany County Missing Pets​​

Cattaraugus​​County Missing Pets Alert

Missing Pets Rochester, NY

WNY Lost & Found Pets

Pet Alert of WNY​​​​

​​​Lost Pets of Buffalo NY WNY Missing Pet Finder Alert



(Amber alert your nearby area)

​​2. ​​Inform your town/village Dog Control Officer and all area Dog Control Officers. (Dogs can roam a great distance) You can obtain the Dog Control Officer’s telephone number from the town/village clerk.

3. Inform and visit (if have open hours) your local SPCA/Humane Society and Rescue Groups as well as the SPCA and rescue organizations in surrounding counties.

4. Place a large sign in your front yard about your lost pet. Many people who find a pet will drive around the area looking for the owner or to see if the dog reacts to a house.

5. Make copies of a recent photograph of your pet with your telephone number and email address and distribute them locally, in neighboring towns, veterinarians offices, animal shelters, public notice boards, shop windows, laundromats, social networking sites, etc.

6. Contact your neighbors, friends and relations, delivery men, truck drivers, postal carriers, etc. and enlist their help.

7. Walk or drive around your neighborhood often while calling your pet's name - take another dog your dog is attached to if possible. Wear sweaty, dirty clothes that would have your scent on them. If you must set a live trap, leave such items of smell in the cage.

DO NOT STOP SEARCHING, do not give up. Repeat steps frequently. Remember, pets have been found weeks, months, even years after leaving home.

Sours: http://www.joyfulrescues.com/find_a_lost_pet

Cats ny lost rochester


Keller's Kats Rescue, Inc. is a not for profit (c)(3) animal rescue organization that was formed in October and is completely volunteer run. We are a dedicated group of individuals who work tirelessly to find suitable homes for abandoned, lost, and surrendered animals in jeopardy of euthanasia in and around Rochester, NY.

Keller's Klubhouse: Meet our adoptable cats in a cage free environment. Curl up on a couch, help us chase mice and teaser toys, scratch our butts, rub our bellies, or simply spend time in our space, playing a game or putting together a puzzle. Make your reservation to visit our adoptable cats by clicking on the link in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

- or donate using the form below -


Gifts from our followers and supporters are critical to our mission. We work tirelessly to find suitable homes for abandoned, lost, and surrendered animals in jeopardy of euthanasia.

Other Ways to Donate

About our Organization

We are a small non profit rescue that works directly with local shelters to rehome friendly adoptable animals. We do not have a shelter facility, we operate with a network of foster homes which provide sanctuary for our rescue animals. We work on limited resources so the number of animals we can help depends on how many foster care parents we have.

Since we are a no-kill organization, unless medically warranted, no animal in our program is ever euthanized to make space for any other animals. We provide all necessary medical care before placing animals in permanent, loving homes.

If a foster home is not available then we are not able to accept any animals. We can provide a list of possible resources. If you have found a stray pet please contact you local Animal Control Department. If you can find room in your home please consider adoption or becoming a foster parent. You can find more information about adopting, fostering, donating, and adoption information here on our website.

Mission Statement: To rescue, save and promote the adoption of animals, and to provide support and education to the community regarding animal rescue and adoption.

Fosters Needed

Many volunteer opportunities are available, but our greatest need are fosters. We do not have a shelter, so animals are fostered in residences. Fosters Animals are usually isolated in a separate room away from other family pets. They can be integrated into the home if desired. Fostering can be short term or long term. Fosters must bring their foster pet to the adoption events periodically.

When you foster, you agree to take a homeless cat into your home and give him or her:

  • shelter
  • food
  • water
  • litter
  • care
  • attention
  • toys
  • and lots of love either for a predetermined period of time or until the cat is adopted.

We provide all medical care, and a support team to help you with any questions you may have during the foster period. Foster homes are an important stepping stone for cats or kittens. It is through foster homes that animals are given the second chance at life they deserve.

Sours: https://kellerskatsrescue.org/
How to Find a Lost Cat

The Town of Greece Animal Control Department is responsible for the control and protection of common domestic animals in the Town of Greece. They enforce chapter 89 of the code of the Town of Greece as well as related State, County and Town ordinances that pertain to the care, control and licensing of domestic animals with the priority to protect public safety and animal welfare. They are also responsible for organizing annual Free Rabies Immunization Clinics, assisting residents with stray pets, and providing residents with advice and resources on wildlife and domestic animal safety.

Contact information:

Maiden Lane

Rochester, NY


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monday:  am -  pm

Tuesday – Friday:  am - pm

Saturday:  am - pm

Sunday:  am - pm


For emergencies, please call

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Town of Greece Animal Control Department is to contribute to the public welfare and good order of the people of the Town of Greece by enforcing Animal Control Laws, educating residents on wildlife in their environment, and ensuring residents are aware of their responsibilities as pet owners.


What happens to stray pets that the Town of Greece Animal Control Department picks up?

  • Stray dogs and cats are taken to an offsite secure environment. The stray will be released to the owner once proof has been provided that the animal has a current rabies vaccination and license. Also impound and boarding fees must be paid prior to release of the animal. Animal Control Officers must be contacted to facilitate the release of the animal.


To view the Town Dog Ordinance of the Town Code, please visit https://ecodecom/

For information regarding dog licenses, please visit the Town of Greece Clerk’s Office page at https://www.greeceny.gov/departments/town-clerks-office

For questions regarding rodent control, please visit the Monroe County Department of Health page at https://www2.monroecounty.gov/eh-housingrodentcontrol.php#RodentControl

For information regarding coyotes, please click here.

In general, it is recommended to leave wildlife alone. However, the Town of Greece Animal Control Department does assist with sick, injured and aggressive wildlife as well as a variety of nuisance wildlife situations that may arise for residents.

Town of Greece Lost and Found Pets Facebook Page:

The Town of Greece Lost and Found Facebook Page serves as a community board for residents to post pictures and descriptions of lost and found pets in the Greece area. Note that the Facebook Page does not serve as a place to submit formal lost pet forms. In order to submit an official lost pet report and to have it correctly documented, please fill out the following form(s) and e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call

Download Lost Dog Form: Form

Download Found Dog Form: Form

Download Lost Cat Form: Form

Download Found Cat Form: Form

Link to Town of Greece Lost and Found Pets Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Town-of-Greece-Lost-and-Found-Pets/?modal=admin_todo_tour.

Sours: https://greecepolice.org/divisions/animal-control

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