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Thick Paint: An Oil Painting Brush Set for Procreate

Thick Paint: An Oil Painting Brush Set for Procreate is the most accurate experience you can get to painting with oils in Procreate. With an exceptional collection of brushes carefully made from real oil paint on wood boards and canvases, and a fantastic library of real textures, this is the ultimate tool for fine artists that want to turn their iPads into their portable easels.

This package contains:

–40 incredibly realistic and versatile oil brushes.

–A large collection of textures that make the whole oil painting experience complete: 3 canvas textures, 3 naked wood boards, 5 primed wood boards, 15 real oil color bases and 7 real oil texture sheets.

–"How to use Thick Paint", a 28 page PDF in English and Spanish, with a look at all the tools included with information about how to use them, and a step-by-step painting process of a full painting with in-depth explanations. I walk you through my specific painting process so that you'll have everything you'll need to master these brushes and tools!

–A Procreate file example with one of my paintings, where you can check out the layer structure as it is explained in the PDF.

–3 Timelapse videos of paintings I've done with this brush set, including the same painting from the step-by-step tutorial so you can see it come to life.

–07/20/21 update: How to go extra thick, a new PDF tutorial added! (In English and Spanish). I walk you through how to go even further during the painting process to achieve thicker brush strokes.

–Free updates: any future updates with more brushes or tools to this set will be free for you!

If you like this product, make sure to rate it! This will help me to continue making more amazing brushes and tools for you :)

Disclaimer: This brush set is only guaranteed to be fully compatible with Procreate 5 and above, please make sure that you have the correct version before purchasing.

****07/20/21 update: New PDF tutorial added****


10 Options for the Best Procreate Chain Brush, Free and Paid

10 Best Procreate Oil Brushes (Free & Paid Brush Packs)


Oil painting, and art more broadly, is a form of self-expression, relaxation, and enjoyment for many people.

However, producing beautiful oil paintings aren’t as easy as it seems. 

It requires a laborious dedication of painting on every single brushstroke, washing and taking care of delicate brushes, purchasing canvases and paints, and replacing materials every other week. 

Digital art has offered an alternative, where you can avoid these inconveniences but produce equally breathtaking artworks.

Today, we’re going to examine the oil painting brushes available for Procreate, one of the most popular digital art platforms for aspiring professional or leisure artists. 

The most Procreate offers for oil painting is a “wet blending” option, but you’re going to need paintbrushes first before you start blending anything.  

Navigating the vast market of Procreate brushes can be overwhelming, so to help you make the most out of Procreate and its wonderful oil painting studio without getting lost on the web, this article is going to cover the 10 Best Procreate Oil Brushes, both paid and free.

We will examine each of their pros and cons, what you can expect to get out of them, and what to be careful of.

1. The Painterly Pack

    This brush set contains 17 custom brushes.

    Price: $8-10

    Purchase here


    If you want to paint realistic portraits, this brush set is for you. 

    All the tools needed to create a realistic piece of art are included in this brush set, ranging from wet oil brushes, large rollers, and dry block-in brushes. 

    Some brushes are designed for you to cover large spaces with paint, while others allow you to work on the small details that bring your painting to life.

    Sadie Lew, the creator of these custom brushes, has also offered a free sample of the “Bristle Brush Linen” brush included in the set.

    You can download it for free here.

    Additionally, two specialty brushes mimic Impressionist art, which uses small, thin, but visible brush strokes, and the style of American artist Jackson Pollock, who embraced the complete opposite technique by splashing large quantities of liquid household paint onto his canvases.  


    These brushes are only compatible with Procreate versions 4+, so if you have an older version, you’ll be unable to use it.

    Some online reviewers say it was easy to download and install this brush set, but others say they had a hard time.

    “Why can’t I download these brushes? It’s so freaking difficult.”, wrote one review. 

    Guerilla Craft’s 52 Oil Paint Brush Set 

    This brush set contains 52 oil paintbrushes.

    Price: $18-20

    Purchase here


    To contrast the first brush set we looked at, this brush set takes on a more light and fun vibe. 

    Its color options are vibrant and rich, such as the golden yellow background shown in the picture above and a beautiful ocean blue. 

    This brush set offers a large number of brushes for a reasonable price as well. 

    Within the sphere of oil painting, this brush set offers a variety of textures for different purposes,  including a dry flat brush, a thin oil canvas brush, a linen oil canvas brush, a gritty oil brush, a spatula brush, a rough oil canvas brush, and a great oil brush amongst many others.

    Although these brushes are designed for oil painting in particular, their use is not limited to just that one particular style. 

    You can use these brushes as texture brushes for your illustrations or add a splash of color to your backgrounds. 


    The diversity of brushes can be handy for experienced Procreate artists, but for new digital artists, it might become hard to navigate. 

    Some of the brush names distinguish their purposes quite clearly; however, they appear the same; most notably, the round drying brush and wet oil canvas brush, both of which you can view in the product display in the link above. 

    Finally, these brushes will be difficult to use for creating realistic paintings as it’s less detail-orientated and aims for a style that blends realism and fun abstract art.

    Sometimes if you want to switch up your painting style and try some portraits, these brushes will most likely be a letdown. 

    Sargent’s Oil Brush Set 

    This brush set contains 14 custom brushes. 

    Price: $6-8

    Purchase here



    These gorgeous brushes are inspired by Impressionist painter John Singer Sargent’s art style. 

    The creator of these brushes painted on an actual canvas, then scanned the brush strokes at high resolution, so the brush strokes are guaranteed to look like it was painted on a real canvas (since it technically was). 

    All brushes also feature the same fabric canvas texture, ensuring that each of your brush strokes feels like it’s being painted on the same canvas and that it maintains consistent texture throughout your work.  

    The canvas texture mimics the canvases that Sargent used as well. 

    Online reviewers have written that these brushes helped them add more depth to their paintings and that they have an excellent feel.


    These brushes are geared towards Sargent’s art style, so it might be difficult to use to portray other painting styles. 

    As with many other brush sets, some users have had difficulties installing this brush set too, have ended up with empty files with nothing left to extract, or being unable to download each brush individually after purchasing the set as a whole. 

    Moreover, these brushes don’t work well with the newly updated Procreate 5 engine.

    Online reviewers have asked for updated versions of the brushes to keep up with the new software, but the creator has avowed that there will be no more updates to the brushes. 

    In response to a comment, the creator of the brush set wrote, “It’s more about how you use them to get a Sargent look. Technically any brushes can be used to paint like Sargent, so if that’s the look you’re after, I definitely recommend studying Sargent and his painting methods!” 

    Whether these brushes can help you achieve a Sargent style is ultimately dependent on you. 

    Gold Oil Paint Background Set  

    Although not made up of brushes, this bundle contains 68 gold oil paint backgrounds. 

    Price: $8-10

    Purchase here


    This product isn’t a collection of brush sets, but it deserved recognition in this list due to its sheer beauty of rich golden oil paint backgrounds. 

    The set includes 68 300 JPG files that are 3600 x 3600 pixels (high resolution), which can be added to your paintings as backgrounds, as well as other crafts such as scrapbooks, graphic projects, or textiles. 

    In most other brush sets, you won’t be able to find such unique colors that give off elegant, classy, and luxurious feels. 

    Each background appears to be made up of hyper-realistic strokes, using thick oil paint lined with glints of shiny gold in every stroke. 

    This set of backgrounds is also ridiculously cheap, considering how many pictures you’re getting in one pack. 


    Of course, this set is still composed of background JPGs, not brush strokes. 

    Although the colors of these oil paint backgrounds are exquisite, you won’t be able to use them in your regular oil painting. 

    This set won’t supply you with the basic tools needed for painting, nor will it be fitting for every painting, but it will offer you something to make your paintings dazzle from time to time. 

     Oil Paint Brush Set by Artwork by Gabrielle

    This set contains 18 brushes and 17 canvas textures.

    Price: $9

    Purchase here


    This brush set has a simple design, even with straightforward names such as streaks, paint glob, and 2-ounce paint tube. 

    Its simplistic design makes it easy to use for new artists, especially while still preserving the quality that more experienced Procreate artists expect. 

    To accompany the standard brushes, there are also two smudge brushes in the set: one that smudges the brush strokes completely, and the other slightly blurring the edges and mixing the overlapping colors of strokes. 

    The product display in the link to purchase only features one color, turquoise, to highlight the differences in texture, tone, and vibrancy of the brushes, but the set contains more colors that you’ll need for your paintings. 

    This set is great for realistic portraits. 


    You’re going to need the latest version of Procreate to use this brush set. 

    Its number of brushes is also quite limited if you want to paint larger landscapes and abstract art. 

    Georg’s Paint Brush Bundle 

      This brush set contains more than 150 brushes.

      Price: $10-12

      Purchase here


      This brush bundle is arguably the best deal you’re going to find online for Procreate paintbrushes.

      In total, for only $10, you get more than 150 brushes, including not only oil paint brushes, but also those for watercolor, acrylic, ink, glaze, marker, pencil, pastel, natural media, and for blending in general. 

      You also get more than 55 bonus color swatches.

      To seal the deal, the package comes with free updates and brushes after you’ve made your purchase (without additional costs).

      For instance, the “Sir Ripples Knight Oil Brushes” was added to the brush bundle (that you would’ve already have downloaded) later after its initial launch.

      The creator has attached more sample images and brush demos here.

      If you want to check out a similar brush bundle that includes even more brushes in a set, check out the megapack of 550 brushes sold for only $15-18 by Georg’s paintbrushes as well. 

      It’s available here.


      It’s hard to pin down exactly how high-quality each of the individual brushes is, given the sheer amount of them included in the bundle. 

      The entire bundle also doesn’t have a particular style it aims for, since it has so many different kinds of brushes, from watercolor to ink, making it messy to sort through. 

      You shouldn’t purchase this bundle unless you’re the kind of artist that loves to experiment with different art styles. 

      If you’re looking only to do oil paintings, this bundle is going to give you a headache with its flood of brush options. 

      Classical Oil Brush Set 

      This brush set contains ten brushes.

      Price: $14-17

      Purchase here


      This brush set is perfect for a more traditional style of an oil painting. 

      As shown in the picture, this is perfect for capturing real-life objects, fruits (lemon) in particular, and scenery while demonstrating your skillfulness in every brush stroke. 

      Unlike many other brushes, this set seeks to portray realism while also making it visible that it’s a painting, so it’s extra impressive for your audience.

      These brushes will help you preserve the depth and texture of your overall painting.

      Finally, the set also includes a canvas image that will give your final art piece a canvas look.


      This brush set is priced relatively high for a small number of brushes: around $14-17 for only ten brushes. 

      It also has a very limited color palette, only featuring palettes titled Lemon Still Life Glass, Lemon Still Life Lemon, and Lemon Still Life Background. 

      The names are quite ambiguous. 

      Essentially, the colors are basic shades of yellow, navy blue, brown, green, and white. 

      These gloomy colors are limited to basically only painting lemons beside glasses of water, but if you’re not a big fan of that, then this brush set will bore you quickly.

      This set is good only for those who want to stick strictly to traditional painting, without the vibrant colors of other artworks.

       Oil Paint Brush and Stamp Set 

        This set includes ten oil brushes, five splatter stamps, and one canvas texture. 

        Price: $13-16

        Purchase here


        The creator of this brush set says you can use it for both realistic art and abstract art. 

        It’s worth listing what each one of the brushes are since it’s a short list, but they each have clear names that describe their purpose: a detail brush, tapered brush, bristle brush, old bristle brush, brush strokes, dry brush, flat brush, pallet knife, canvas texture brush, and oil blender brush. 

        What’s great about the canvas texture included in this brush set is that it’s in the form of a brush, instead of a JPG or some other kind of image, so you can paint on the texture on detailed spaces you want or simply in a more controlled manner. 

        This set also includes five different splatter stamps that are great for creating a real-life oil paint effect that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to create using normal brushes. 

        The splatter stamps include a fine dot splatter brush, a blob stamp brush, a splatter stamp brush, a spider stamp brush, and finally a splatter drip stamp. 

        In particular, these stamps will help you create a modern feel to your painting, with elements of abstract art mixed in. 


        This brush set is quite expensive: you get only ten brushes and five stamp effects for $13-16. 

        The product description doesn’t say what kinds of colors the brushes come in. However, the images displayed show only very vibrant colors. 

        For instance, in a painting depicting mountains, the brushes were sky-blue or, at the very least, not the deep color arctic mountains typically are. 

        The other sample images also only used vivid colors. 

        If you want to do more traditional painting or more realistic paintings, the limited colors in this brush set might be difficult to work with.

        Oil Paint 2018

        This brush set contains five oil painting brushes.

        Price: Free

        Purchase here


        The brushes included in this set are based on brush strokes painted on canvas using high-quality Winsor Newton, primed with gesso. 

        Winsor Newton paints are one of the best paints on the oil paint market, and the gesso gives the perfect finish for brush strokes on a canvas. 

        So it’s incredible for you to be able to get that effect while only having to work on your iPad at home. 

        Not to mention, it’s also completely free to download online!

        It contains the “traditional brushes,” including the Small Liner brush, the Tue Oil brush, the Bristle Brush, the Super Wet brush, and the Legacy Smudger brush, all of which will give you natural bristle and color blending with every stroke.

        The same creator also put up another brush set for sale in 2019, available here if you want to check it out. 

        Though, the brushes in this free brush set are already more than satisfactory. 


        The set includes very few brushes (only five different types), which will definitely not be enough for more complex works of art, such as realistic portraits. 

        You’re likely going to end up spending additional money on brushes needed for your paintings. 

        Painter’s One Brush Set 

          This brush set includes one multi-purpose brush.

          Price: $4-5

          Purchase here


          In this “set,” you get one multi-purpose brush that’s single-handedly enough for you to create a beautiful oil painting, as shown in the picture above. 

          You can adjust the thickness of your brush strokes through the included pressure-sensitive settings and through tilting your Apple Pen (preferably) or drawing device as well. 

          The brush also lets you soften the edges of your strokes, smudge or blend the colors, and adjust the opacity of them as you wish. 

          Additionally, you can also access a Lettering version of this brush by turning on the Streamline setting, which will give you smoother curves for calligraphy writing.


          After all, this “set” only includes one brush. 

          Although the brush is multi-purpose, if you’re not familiar or experienced with adjusting the settings on the brush, you may find it difficult to access its different functions.

          Moreover, brush strokes may be inconsistent since it relies on your control entirely. 

          For newer Procreate artists, you should stick to a brush set that separates the different uses for different brushes for you already.

          To Wrap Up

          Oil painting is one of the most breathtaking art styles there are in the art world. 

          To the joy of many, Procreate has made the art form more accessible than ever before, by bringing the canvas and oil paints to a small device that you can slip into your backpack wherever you go. 

          Don’t forget to slip these brush sets into your bag as well, to unlock more of the digital art world’s oil painting studio. 

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          25 Free Sets of Brushes for Procreate App

          Procreate is an app designed for artists that makes it easy to create paintings, drawings, illustrations, and other works of art while on the go. From quick sketches to animations, this app is truly versatile and is marketed as a mobile art studio. Though it comes with over 200 brushes, you can still add more to further add to the complexity of your work

          That’s why we’ve put together a collection of brush sets that you can use in Procreate. And the best part about these brushes is that they’re free, so there’s no risk to you for trying them and you can feel that little bit freer to experiment.

          Though we’ve researched these brushes and found them to be free, it’s still a good idea to read any license agreement or terms and conditions before using them in your commercial work. Better to be safe than sorry!

          You can download Procreate here, and you may also like our round-up of Procreate tutorials.

          The Procreate Toolbox

          Unlimited Downloads: 1,000,000+ Brushes, Addons, Mockups, Illustrations, Actions, Presets & much more!

          Explore All Procreate Brushes

          Procreate Grain Brushes

          Procreate Grain Brushes are pretty much exactly what they sound like: brushes that add a graininess to your work. These speckled, dusty-looking brushes can be used to add texture or age to a project.

          Procreate Grain Brushes

          Comics & Halftone Procreate Brushes (Envato Elements)

          The Comics and Halftone Procreate Brushes offer up those brushstrokes that have become so synonymous with comic books. They can be used to add the look of real paper or real brush strokes — like hash lines, for instance — to a drawing.

          Comics Halftone Procreate Brushes

          Stippling Brush Set

          This Stippling Brush Set consists of 17 brushes in all: 9 stipple brushes, 3 liner brushes, and 5 texture brushes. These brushes are multi-faceted and can be used for just about any project you work on.

          Stippling Brush Set width=

          Oil Paint Procreate Brushes

          This set of 5 oil paint brushes are made to look and function just like real oil paints. The set includes True Oil, Small Liner, Bristle Brush, Super Wet, and Legacy Smudger.

          Oil Paint Procreate Brushes

          Pencil Brushes for Procreate

          Another great free Procreate brush are in these Grain Pencil and Copic Marker sets. They mimic the look and feel of real pencil strokes and real lines drawn with a Copic marker — the latter of which manages a level of buildable coverage that is stunning.

          Pencil Brushes for Procreate

          Beauty Brushes for Procreate (Envato Elements)

          This collection of beauty brushes for Procreate were largely inspired by vintage beauty ads of the past/ The 20 brushes in this set were made using real cosmetic products, so maintain the dustiness, blend ability, and softness you’d expect from real makeup.

          Beauty Brushes for Procreate

          Collection of Procreate Brushes

          Here’s another small collection of Procreate brushes that will add texture and personality to your artwork. This set includes 6 brushes in all, including 2 Gouache, 2 oil paint, and 2 watercolor brushes. Each perform beautifully and are solid brushes to have in your kit.

          Misc. Procreate Brushes

          Flora Vegetation Brushes for Procreate

          The Flora Vegetation Brushes is a massive set that includes a whopping 91 brushes! All of these brushes are designed to mimic the textures, weights, and tone of things you’d find in nature. A must-have for creating nature scenes or even drawing backgrounds.

          Flora Vegetation Brushes for Procreate

          Very Dry Gouache Brush for Procreate

          The Very Dry Gouache Brush lives up to its name. This brush offer a super dry texture that makes every single brush stroke visible. This can be a great thing if that’s the artistic style you’re going for. Plus, it reveals different texture depending on how hard you press.

          Very Dry Gouache Brush for Procreate

          Natural Brushes for Procreate (Envato Elements)

          Here’s another set of brushes for Procreate that center around nature. This natural brush set includes 20 brushes in all and consists of pencils, chalks, and shaders.

          Natural Brushes for Procreate

          Free Floral Stamp Procreate Brushes (Set of 5 Brushes)

          The Free Floral Stamp brushes consist of 5 different brushes that help you to capture the look of petals, leaves, vines, and more.

          Free Floral Stamp Procreate Brushes

          Procreate Ballpoint Pen Brushes

          The Ballpoint Pen brush mimics the look of a real ballpoint pen, offering fine strokes that you can layer to build shadows and contrast by applying greater pressure and through the use of hatching.

          Procreate Ballpoint Pen Brushes

          Art Brushes for Procreate (Envato Elements)

          This collection of art brushes includes 21 different brushes for imitating real painting techniques. They have naturally for both wet and dry looks.

          Art Brushes for Procreate

          HairBrush Set for Procreate

          If you want to draw realistic hair in Procreate, you’d benefit greatly from using this HairBrush set. With them, you can create straight or curly hair and achieve a variety of textures.

          HairBrush Set for Procreate

          Stripe Procreate Brush

          Stripe is a single brush that’s well worth the download. It’s simply a smooth calligraphy or lettering brush and it responds to pressure and layering. A fantastic choice for adding script to your work.

          Stripe Procreate Brush

          Geometry Brushes for Procreate (Envato Elements)

          This collection of geometry brushes includes 34 different brushes that make it easy to add shapes, design motifs, and patterns to your work. They could even be used creatively for shading.

          Geometry Brushes for Procreate

          Cardboard Procreate Brush

          The Cardboard Procreate brush has a semi-streaky look that can be used for a variety of lettering projects, from signs to business cards to logos.

          Cardboard Procreate Brush

          Anime Bokeh Procreate Brushes

          Here’s a collection of 7 anime bokeh brushes that are certain to add flair to your next drawing. And they can be used in a number of ways to achieve different effects depending on the layer style you use.

          Anime Bokeh Procreate Brushes

          Comic Ink Brush Set for Procreate

          The Comic Ink Brush Set for Procreate includes 16 inking and SFX brushes for creating comic books from scratch. From fine liners to gradients, you have everything you need here to get started.

          Comic Ink Brush Set for Procreate

          Procreate Swatches (Envato Elements)

          This collection of swatches aren’t brushes per say, but they are still extremely useful for creating artwork in Procreate. With these, choosing colors should no longer be an issue.

          Procreate Swatche

          Lettering Procreate Brush Set

          This is a nice collection of lettering brushes that are a bit unusual and that’s honestly appreciated. There’s shrub brush, a wood grain brush, and even a worm brush!

          Lettering Procreate Brush Set

          Wet Media Brushes for Procreate

          Here’s a collection of 48 (yes, you read that correctly) brushes for Procreate that let you mimic wet media. There’s too many watercolor effects to name here, so you’ll definitely want to download it for yourself.

          Wet Media Brushes for Procreate

          Marker Brushes for Procreate

          Need marker brushes? This set offers 2 options: one is an opaque marker and the other is a variable opacity marker. They offer irregular coverage that looks more natural.

          Marker Brushes for Procreate

          Procreate Texture Brushes (Envato Elements)

          This collection of texture brushes mimic the look of sand. This set consists of 6 brushes that can be used to add texture to just about any drawing.

          Procreate Texture Brushes

          Bristle Brush Linen

          This free Procreate brush features a natural bristle brush for creating the look of brushstrokes on a linen canvas. It also makes use of the wet blending feature in Procreate to mimic a realistic painting experience.

          Procreate Texture Brushes

          Matt’s Painting Procreate Brush Set

          Matt’s Painting Set is described as an all-purpose brush set for those using the gouache painting style. Add a fine lines, texture, grit, or even airbrush effects with this free set.

          Matts Painting Procreate Brush Set

          Cheap Fine-Liner Brush for Procreate

          The Cheap Fine-Liner Brush is a recreation of a 0.6 technical pen. It’s precise and allows you to create fine line drawings or to fill in tiny details. A great addition to any brush collection.

          Cheap Fine-Liner Brush for Procreat

          Snow Brushes for Procreate (Envato Elements)

          The Snow Brushes for Procreate is a set of 16 original brushes that offer a quick way to create snow effects in your art. From fine flurries to full blizzards, each brush makes it easier to create a snowy scene.

          Snow Brushes for Procreate

          Pencil, Inking & Painting Basic Brush Set for Procreate

          The Pencil, Inking, Painting Basic Brush Set consists of 7 brushes for creating comic art from scratch. It’s got all that you need to conceptualize a piece from the sketch phase through painting.

          Pencil Inking Painting Basic Brush Set for Procreate

          Now that you’ve had a chance to browse this collection of free brush sets for the Procreate app, hopefully, you’ll have either already downloaded a few or have put together a nice shortlist to revisit. These free brushes make it easy to add precision or texture to your work without creating designs from scratch. Plus, they add the dimension your work needs without having to add cost. All in all, this is a solid collection of Procreate brushes that can be used in various types of art. Happy creating!


          OIL ON CANVAS

          This could be one of my fav brush packs I've ever worked on. The Procreate 5 update is remarkable, and has been the catalyst in the creation of this pack of Oil Painting brushes. I've leveraged the new "Combination" of brushes in a way that makes it super easy to get gorgeous canvas texture but also still keep the smudgy smooshy oilyness of a wet media brush.


          The pack consists of 5 separate brushsets.


          • The first is a set of really intuitive oil brushes in their uncombined form. Plus two brushes for adding a Thick Paint look afterwards.
          • The other four sets are those same brushes, except they're designed to pair perfectly with their respective canvas textures, which are provided in the form of a Canvas texture brush in each set, enabling you to work on whatever size or ratio format you choose, and also maintain consistency of texture throughout.


          In total you will get 5 brushsets, the plain Oils set has 14 brushes, each of the 4 Textured Oil sets has 12 brushes, 62 brushes in total.


          Oil brushes procreate

          35 stunning Procreate brushes

          The best Procreate brushes will allow you to get the most out of the powerful painting app. There's an almost unlimited range available online, offering pretty much every style and stroke imaginable. They can enhance and elevate your projects and broaden your creative possibilities.

          Procreate is much more than a simple illustration tool – it can turn your iPad into a drawing tablet that's capable of rivalling your desktop, or the expensive graphics tablets used in digital design projects. The vast array of Procreate brushes available makes it the first choice sketchpad for both professional and hobbyist designers.

          There are so many Procreate brushes out there that it's hard to know where to begin, so here we round up the very best free and premium Procreate brushes. All you have to do is download them. To expand your brush selection for other programs, check out our rundowns of the best Photoshop brushes and Illustrator brushes.

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          34 stunning Procreate brushes

          01. Sargent's Oils

          These arty Procreate brushes will help you achieve the style of the master realist painter John Singer Sargent. Their creator used actual paintbrushes to paint on canvas, and then scanned the results at high resolution. You get a description of how to use each of the 12 brushes in the product images.

          02. Dry Marker

          Everyone loves the effortless scribe of a dry marker. Latin Vibe's collection of brushes gives you 12 different marker pens to choose from. These allow you to channel a diverse range of styles within one brush texture.

          03. Procreate Watercolour Kit

          This watercolour brush set gives you everything you need to paint beautiful and realistic watercolours. The 12 brushes have a wonderfully authentic texture and even come with video tutorials and mockups to get you painting digital watercolour art like a pro.

          04. Procreate Smudge Brushes

          This set includes 18 brushes that have been tested for use with the Smudge tool in Procreate. The brushes can be used to create colour blending effects and varied textures. Note that the brushes were created and tested using an Apple Pencil. It can't be guaranteed that they will behave as advertised with other styluses.

          05. 68 Gouache Shader Brushes for Procreate

          Get rich gouache effects in Procreate in minutes rather than the hours it would take to find the right textures and mask them in. This mega pack from creative resources site RetroSupply offers a whopping 68 gouache Procreate brushes. They work brilliantly with an iPad and Apple Pencil, and are especially well-suited for poster designs, books and vector illustrations, among all kinds of other uses.

          06. Neon Brush Kit

          Milo Garret's brush kit is ideal if you want to create realistic handwritten neon signage. It comes with everything you need to get that brilliant glowy look, with 12 neon writing brushes, an effects brush and three bonus light pen brushes for livening up photographs. The pack also comes with a set of 19 ready-to-use background images.

          07. Texturrific Bundle

          Featuring 30 shaders, 14 liners and 14 pastels, Lisa Bardot's Texturrific bundle is packed with wonderfully textured brushes that can help you create all kinds of effects and art styles without having to go near a pen and paper. All 58 brushes are fully pressure-sensitive and made with a variety of high resolution, handmade sources of textures.

          08. Procreate lettering and paint brushes

          This collection from Petra Makes of StudioBurg is an essential package. It includes a selection of brushes that should cover most basic illustration and graphic design needs. Petra covers various pen and pencil styles as well as paintbrushes, making it easy to choose the signature style you're looking for.

          09. Flat Brushes

          We all have that favourite brush that we go back to for lettering time and time again, and this collection was directly inspired by artist Ian Bernard’s personal old faithful. The brushes are varied from solid to textured, offering plenty of variation for your own work.

          10. Comic Ink Brush Set

          Georg’s pack of Procreate brushes is a tribute to American comic book illustrator Will Elder, who helped launch MAD comics back in the '50s. It includes both inking brushes and SFX additions. It's the perfect addition to any illustrator's Procreate repertoire and a must for budding comic illustrators.

          11. Pencil and Charcoal Procreate Brushes

          Swiss designer Kim (aka MiksKS) has a whole bunch of brilliant brushes to offer. Her pencil and charcoal collection makes it easy to sketch on the go, whether that's with clients or just to capture a moment in a coffee shop without wasting paper.

          12. Dearest Dotty

          Designer Missy Meyer has myriad free Procreate brushes, all of them brilliant for creating graphic script. Dearest Dotty stands out thanks to its versatility and the unique retro vibe it helps give off when used for hand lettering. 

          13. Flora: Vegetation brushes

          Matthew Baldwin's vegetation brushes are great for concept artists, enabling them to instantly set a scene and master the painterly effect digitally. Baldwin has captured every style of stroke used by the concept masters, and his brushes make light work of scene setting.

          14. Gouache brushes

          Bardot has a few brush packs available on her site (see the Texturrific bundle at #7), but her gouache pack is especially unique. Another excellent gouache brush pack, this one can help you emulate Mary Blair's classic Disney magic digitally. These Procreate brushes can also add depth and personality to your graphic design caricatures. 

          15. Brushes and foil textures

          If you're designing event flyers or wedding invites, Summit Avenue has you covered with this set of 12 confetti brushes and 24 foil and glitter textures. These are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to designs for special occasions.

          16. Procreate Paint Box

          Ben Lew’s paint box has an excellent selection of brushes, from wet pencil to bristly brush and his go-to watercolour 'gwosh'. Lew has updated the set with four pastel brushes from his 'Pastellesque' set making it even more complete/.

          17. Nitty Gritty

          Jamie Bartlett's Nitty Gritty texture brushes are fantastic for adding a fine-grit texture and an instant ageing effect to your designs.

          18. Bistro Marker

          As demonstrated on her Instagram account, Leftyscript’s (aka Megan AF) brushes are capable of creating really beautiful hand lettering that speaks for itself – no further illustration needed! Her bistro marker is a brilliant freebie pen that allows you to capture a hand-written signage typeface.

          19. Splash Vol. 1

          Artist Matthew Baldwin describes his Splash Vol. 1 Procreate brushes as "so splashy you'll have to have a towel handy!" The bumper set of 48 wet media brushes injects a splash of wet and watercolour effects that go beyond the usual Procreate sets. The author asks for donations where possible to help fund future brush projects.

          20. Vintage Engraving

          Another Procreate brush set from MilksKS, this one allows you to capture the look of a black and white engraving. You can combine a few for a classic crosshatching effect, and you can pick from a worn-out or clean-cut style. This can add an extra special touch to illustrations or design projects.

          21. Shape and Ornament Brushes

          There are more than 100 brushes in Calligraphy artist Nicole Mauloni’s Hand Drawn Ornaments Procreate Brush Kit. Designed to adorn digital calligraphy, these brushes are perfect for creating a design stamp with flourishes, shapes and motifs.

          22. iPad Lettering Set

          Get back to basics with this freebie set comprising three essential brushes: original calligraphy, rough edge calligraphy and round edge calligraphy. Sometimes simplicity is beautiful.

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