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43'' Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor ('' Diagonal)


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I have a M1 MacBook Air with a Thunderbolt 3 compatible USB-C cable.  PbP does not display the correct resolution. Do I need a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter?  Full screen displays x as it should.  Side-by-Side does not.  Thank You!

Asked by: VinnB

In PBP mode on the LG 43'' Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor ('' Diagonal), Model # 43UDB you are running two external video input sources simultaneously on the screen using your preferred choice of inputs so you are not going to get the full 4K ( x ) resolution for each screen. A vertical split will give you two x pixel screens (i.e. the horizontal pixels are cut in half for each screen, which is divided by two which equals pixels and the vertical pixels remain the same which is pixels)^Ivan

Answered by: Ivanf

Date published:

I have this monitor and it is only refreshing at 30hz. How can I get it to display at the 60hz listed in the specs? I lost the manual and can't find one online.

Asked by: jackie

Please visit the support page at https://www.lg.com/us/support/product/lgUDB.AUS to access the Owner's Manual. To achieve 60Hz with a resolution of x the HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color should be set to ON. If you need further assistance, please reach out to our support team on Twitter via @LGUSSupport or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LGUSA. ^Daphane

Answered by: LG Electronics

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My PC has a quad card with 4 DP outputs. I'm reading that there are problems with dp to HDMI cables being used. Does this mean I need to have a video card with 4 HDMI outputs?

Asked by: Gpk1

The LG 43'' Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor ('' Diagonal), Model # 43UDB comes with a DisplayPort cable as an included accessory. Regrettably, we are not aware of the problems of using DP to HDMI cables and cannot comment on that without knowing what the specifications are for those DP to HDMI cables. The monitor also has a USB-C port on it in addition to the 4 x HDMI ports and the DisplayPort. Two of the HDMI ports are HDMI ports and the other two are HDMI ports^IFV

Answered by: Ivanf

Date published:

Can you tell me the dimension in inches of the recessed x VESA mount space? I need to ensure the adapter I buy will fit within that space & will not overlap that space so I have a solid mount that won't crack the plastic case

Asked by: xpert

Regrettably, specifications for the recessed area where the VESA Mount bolt holes are located on the LG 43'' Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor ('' Diagonal), Model # 43UDB are not listed in the products specifications nor in the owner's manual. Please contact our Support Center at () to inquire if they have access to CAD drawings for the monitor that might have the pertinent information^IFV

Answered by: Ivanf

Date published:

I just got this monitor in and need to connect it to my MacBook Pro. What exactly do I need to buy in order to make this happen? I'm not tech savvy so basic terms will be more helpful.

Asked by: Jan

For assistance with using your monitor, please give our computer specialists a call at

Answered by: ChrisPSM

Date published:

I just purchased a 16 inch MacBook Pro and want to connect it directly with the Thunderbolt 3 cable. Will Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 3 work? Or Thunderbolt 3 to USB-C? I’m a bit confused with what the right cable I’ll need. 

Asked by: jg

The LG 43'' Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor ('' Diagonal), Model # 43UDB is not a Thunderbolt display. The monitor has a DisplayPort, USB-C and HDMI Ports on it. You can use a Thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort 4K @ 60 Hz Adapter or find a dock that you can make the appropriate connections with if you do not want to carry adapters around. The Thunderbolt 3 ports in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air work with USB-C devices, which have the same connector shape. If you want to use a USB-C device, you can just plug it into one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports. No adapter is necessary^IFV

Answered by: Ivanf

Date published:

Presently I have a TV as my monitor and I have a marantz receiver using one of the HDMI ports. I use that for my sound and my XBOX and PS4 are also hooked into it. Would I be able to replicate that setup using this monitor?

Asked by: JVAL

The LG 43'' Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor ('' Diagonal), Model # 43UDB has a native resolution of x , a native refresh rate of 60 Hz, it features 4 x HDMI ports (ver x2, ver x2).The HDMI ports are all HDCP compliant^IFV

Answered by: Ivanf

Date published:

What is the procedure for using one keyboard and mouse connected to the 43UDB USB ports to access any of the four HDMI connected thin client computers?

Asked by: Frank

You will need to download and install LG's Dual Controller software to all your computers that you will be connecting to the LG 43'' Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor ('' Diagonal), Model # 43UDB, Dual Controller for Windows or Dual Controller for Mac from the support page on our site, https://www.lg.com/us/support/software-firmware-drivers. Dual Controller is an application software that lets the user control multiple Windows and Mac systems using the shared keyboard and mouse attached to one computer. It is designed for the people who often use more than one system which are placed near to each other. With Dual Controller Software, the user can share a single keyboard/mouse across a set of systems (Windows/MAC). The software is packaged as an Install Shield installation package^IFV

Answered by: Ivanf

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Sours: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lgUDB-4k-uhd-led-monitor



Impeccable 4K Ultra-high Definition Visuals

Phenomenal Pixel-perfect Detail

Open your eyes to breathtaking levels of detail with the ASUS PBQ True 4K ultra-high definition (4K UHD) monitor. The ASUS PBQ features a aspect ratio WLED display that delivers next-generation 4K UHD visuals, with resolution up to by With a pixel density of pixels-per-inch (PPI), the PBQ provides over 8 million pixels, four times the pixel density of standard Full HD displays for astonishingly detailed visuals &#; allowing you to experience more onscreen real estate and stunning image clarity that have to be seen to be believed. The PBQ also delivers an impressive 1ms GTG fast response time and a 60Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth gameplay.

Conventional Full HD Monitor
= 2,, pixels

ASUS PBQ True 4K UHD Monitor
= 8,, pixels

When 4K Means Seeing and Doing Much More

With % more onscreen space than similar sized Full HD displays, the ASUS PBQ gives you more space to spread out your various work windows for more productive multitasking. Capable of displaying billion colors, the PBQ delivers outstanding color reproduction and saturation thanks to its cd/m&#; brightness and a ,, ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR).

Conventional Full HD Monitor
Shows less detail and spacing with less room for
work bars on the side. Images are relatively blurrier.

ASUS PBQ True 4K UHD Monitor
See more detail and spacing with more room for work
bars on the side. Images are much more crisp and detailed.

Conventional Full HD Monitor
Show only one p FHD video.

ASUS PBQ True 4K UHD Monitor
Show one p FHD video, play game, and work on PowerPoint
and Excel spread sheet all at once &#; fits everything in just one screen.

Welcoming Prosumers and Gamers Alike to the 4K UHD Club

Impressive bit Colors and 1ms Response Time

bit colors means the ASUS PBQ provides smooth color gradations for a more natural-looking transition between hues. The PBQ also delivers an impressive 1ms (gray-to-gray) fast response time and a 60Hz* refresh rate for fluid and responsive visuals needed to experience today&#;s games to their fullest.

* PBQ can support true 4K UHD content at 60Hz refresh rate via DisplayPort



Fluid movement with ASUS PBQ &#; world&#;s leading 1ms (GTG) response time , the fastest available, and 60Hz refresh rate for true 4K visuals and gaming.


Blur motion scenes with slower response time and only 30Hz refresh rate.

Everything You Need. Built Right In

Running True 4K UHD at 60Hz* When Others Simply Can&#;t

The ASUS PBQ features extensive connectivity options that include DisplayPort for true 4K UHD content support at refresh rates of up to 60Hz, HDMI and a second HDMI port that supports MHL**. You can also use the MHL with HDMI connection to view content from your mobile device on the PBQ while simultaneously charging the mobile device.


*PBQ can support true 4K UHD content at refresh rate via DisplayPort
**For a full MHL-enabled product list, please see www.mhlconsortium.org.

One Display, Two Sources

Build-in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) functionality let you view content from two different sources simultaneously, with the ability to switch video between sources easily. PiP mode places the second input source window in one corner of the display, while PbP mode splits the screen down the middle.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode places the second input source window in one corner of the display &#; you are allowed to place the second input source window in either top right or bottom right.

Picture-by-Picture (PbP) mode splits the screen down the middle to display content from two separate sources side-by-side to view images from different signals and easily switch between the main and PbP source, including audio.

Innovations That Raise the Bar

ASUS-exclusive Technologies for Stunning Image Quality

We&#;ve raised the bar by incorporating some of our proprietary technologies into the ASUS PBQ to give you a truly vivid visual experience. The PBQ features the new SplendidPlus&#; Video Intelligence Technology that optimizes videos and images by enhancing color brightness, contrast, and sharpness. SplendidPlus&#; features two new modes &#; Reading and Darkroom &#; in addition to the Scenery, Standard, Theater, sRGB, and Night View modes. Low-blue Light and Flicker-free technologies also reduce the strain on your eyes after long-time usage.

ASUS SplendidPlus&#; Video Intelligence Technology is built upon a color engine that provides 8 preset modes that allow you to adjust your display accordingly to ensure color accuracy and image fidelity to give you colors that best suit what&#;s showing on the screen. You can access different modes via a designated hotkey.

Protect your eyes with ASUS Eye Care technology

Flicker-free Technology

It's time to say goodbye to those tired, strained eyes. PBQ features ASUS Flicker-Free technology to reduce flicker for a comfortable viewing experience. This technology helps minimize instances of eyestrain and other damaging ailments, especially when you spend long, countless hours in front of a display watching favorite videos.

Conventional monitors without the ASUS VividPixel Technology

PBQ True 4K UHD Monitor with the ASUS VividPixel Technology

ASUS VividPixel Technology adds to the PBQ&#;s crystal-clear and detailed visuals by enhancing image outlines and reducing noise bars.

ASUS QuickFit Virtual Scale&#;s onscreen alignment grid overlay also helps you align and preview actual-size photos and documents on screen prior to printing, thereby adding to the overall flexibility and productivity aspects of the PBQ display.

Support Formats:

  • Document: B5, A4, Letter,
  • Grid: Alignment
  • Photo: 8&#;x10&#;, 5&#;x7&#;, 4&#;x6&#;, 3&#;x5&#;, 2&#;x2&#;


Say Hello to Extraordinary Comfort

Your Viewing Experience Matters

The PBQ features a slim profile and an ergonomically-designed stand with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments so you can always find that ideal viewing position.
The PBQ is also VESA-mountable, enabling wall-mount capability.

Sours: https://www.asus.com/Displays-Desktops/Monitors/Business/PBQ/
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ASUS Computex inch 4K IPS Hz Gaming Monitor

ASUS 4K Hz gaming monitorASUS revealed some interesting displays at Computex , including a Hz monitor, a Hz monitor (first of its kind ever) and we have also gotten information about a 4K Hz gaming monitor with IPS panel, which is also the first of its kind. There&#;s not much information out yet regarding this particular monitor, but we&#;ll make sure to update this post once we receive information from ASUS or other reliable sources. This monitor is apparently the world&#;s first Hz 4K monitor. The size of the display is inches.

What we do know about this monitor is that it has an amazing maximum native resolution of x , also known as 4K, p, Ultra HD or just UHD. This will put some heavy weight on your graphics card as it requires a lot of computational power to render such high-quality graphics at a high frame rate. With the release of the upcoming AMD RX and NVIDIA GTX , you can most likely get higher frame rates than 60 frames per second in high-end games at UHD resolution and therefore take advantage of this monitor. Whether or not you can reach FPS is up for debate.

The maximum supported refresh rate for this inch 4K Hz IPS gaming monitor is Hz at 4K resolution, so you can enjoy a smooth and stunning gameplay even with amazing visuals if your graphics card (or cards) have enough power. The panel type is IPS, meaning that the UHD visuals will be even more stunning with great color quality and viewing angles. The panel itself is from AU Optronics (AUO) and according to ASUS&#; down description, the screen will deliver stunning photo-realistic visuals.

We have not yet received information about Adaptive-Sync support yet, so we can&#;t say for sure if this monitor supports G-SYNC or FreeSync, or perhaps none of them. It is also uncertain whether or not the monitor will join the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand.

The monitor stand itself has full ergonomic features including tilt, height, swivel and pivot adjustment options. As previously mentioned, we will update this article as soon as ASUS reveals more information about this prototype gaming monitor.

ASUS Hz 4K Monitor
Screen Size27"
Resolution x
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio
Refresh RateHz
Response Time4ms (unconfirmed)
Adaptive SyncUnknown
Sours: https://wwwhzmonitors.com/monitors/asus-computexinch-4khz-gaming-monitor/

LG 27UDP Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync


The clarity and details with 4K Ultra HD resolution will amaze, even up close. With over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum this LG monitor is a great solution for professional photographers, graphic designers or anyone looking for highly accurate color.¹

On-Screen Control

On-Screen Control puts a host of essential monitor settings into a handy window for quick, easy access. Volume, brightness, picture mode presets, Screen Split and Dual Controller and more can now be adjusted with just a few clicks of the mouse, instead of hard buttons on the monitor.

Screen Split

Customize your monitor layout for multitasking with the latest version of LG Screen Split. Resize and display multiple windows at once, with 14 options including four different picture-in-picture (PIP) choices.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/LGUDPInch-Monitor-FreeSync/dp/B01CH9ZTI4

2016 4k ips monitor

27'' Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor (27'' Diagonal)


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HDCP compliant?

Asked by: Kyle

HDMI is HDCP compliant just fyi

Answered by: jday

Date published:

Does it have anti-glare

Asked by: Blindperson

The LG 27" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor (27" Diagonal), Model # 27UDP has an Anti-Glare 3H screen^IFV

Answered by: LGJoel

Date published:

27UDP - is this HDCP compatible

Asked by: juna1

The HDMI ports on the LG 27" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor (27" Diagonal), Model # 27UDP are HDMI and are HDCP compliant^IFV

Answered by: LGJoel

Date published:

Do this have speakers? If it doesn't then witch speakers would y'all recommend for console sound?

Asked by: JinxMania

The LG 27" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor (27" Diagonal), Model # 27UDP does not have built-in speakers. It has a headphone jack ( mm port) in the back that you can attach active or passive desktop speakers available and we recommend that you visit your local Consumer Electronics Retailer for assistance in selecting the ones that best suite your needs since LG does not make desktop speakers^IFV

Answered by: LGJoel

Date published:

2 questions, can I control the brighness directly from my macbook pro, and is it wall mountable?

Asked by: Ishan

NVIDIA and ATI video cards or motherboards containing either video chipset both have control panels that will allow you to adjust the brightness on the ENERGY STAR® Qualified LG 27" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor (27" Diagonal), Model # 27UDP and you can also adjust the brightness from within Windows. Check your owner's manual or contact its manufacturer for advise on how to achieve this on your PC. The monitor is a VESA compliant monitor that has an A x B Vesa Wall Mount Pattern of x (mm) and can be Wall Mounted with the optional LG Wall Mount Bracket, Model # RW or any other Vesa Compliant Wall Mount from another manufacture that has the same Wall Mount Pattern^IFV

Answered by: LGJoel

Date published:

Does it support mac for 4k?

Asked by: JayD15

I use it on my MacBook Pro with mDP to DP cable and it works great.  Image is crisp and beautiful.

Answered by: LanceK

Date published:

Does the lg 27udp support hdr10?

Asked by: Roachamon

The HDMI port is only a is required for HDR, so it won't support it.

Answered by: smill

Date published:

The native resolution of my laptop is x Will the output on this monitor (27UD68=P) be blurred or stretched? How about with a laptop with a native resolution of x?

Asked by: joeshab

I have an Asus laptop that have x resolution. After i installed the CD, provided with the monitor, it made upscale and now i use it with a resolution of x without any problems.It dosen't stretch or blurr the immage. Hope it helps!

Answered by: BobbyC76

Date published:

Sours: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lgUDP-4k-uhd-led-monitor
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